The Dua That was Answered after 23 Years

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Imam Muhammad was beaten and tortured quite significantly in his life. Just like a lot of the great Imams and show us their go to prison the difficult rough lives the constantly targeted

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So Imam Ahmed there was a ruler during his time that targeted Imam Muhammad because of his influence. And so he Manpack med was thrown out onto the road in front of a bakery store and he's slept and was left there for many many days. The baker saw this poor man and said

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you know what, if you don't have a place to stay come and sleep in my bakery shop.

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Say Mama had slept in a man gave him food and so on. Imam Muhammad noticed something about this baker

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every single day this man is always making twice I mean the meeting the flower doing everything putting it on the fire pit or what have you. Just started alone that you don't remember who was watching all of this.

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So when they Imam admin asks him,

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why do you do that? Why do you make so much DUA and liquor the Baker says,

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I do it for a love but I also do it because my dream for the past 23 years was to meet the great Imam Muhammad, I hope that Allah subhanaw taala will allow me to meet him before I meet Allah.

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And he starts crying right in front of him.

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And he says

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med has come to you.

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And Allah has answered your device. So Baker looks at him and says, Are you email says yes, I am email Muhammad.

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That is just one of endless stories of how Allah answers the door. 23 years,

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not 23 minutes 23 years. And look, Allah sent Imam Malik right to his front door in his bakery shop. And he's taking care of this man. He has no idea who's with him.