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wa Salatu was salam, wa salam ala Nabi Avada

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shaytani r rajim, Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, yeah.

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Sarah kala, hula,

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my dear respected elders and brothers. Normally from time to time we speak about Sahaba we speak about great personalities of the past, with the intention of gaining lessons from the life. Today I'm going to speak about a Sahabi who has a very unique Sahabi a very great savvy and we get many lessons from his amazing life. And that is as a hobby by the name of veva veniamin who verify veniamin as he as he Misha Shawn Sahaba kibarim A Bianca Machado insha Allah. And in this particular regard, his father was from MCI karma.

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However, he had killed a person in Macau, prior to Islam, the days of ignorance that used to happen many times because of which he used to and he took refuge

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in Medina

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and he became an ally of the bunny.

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So he was from Makkah, he was a monkey, but because of his circumstances, he migrated to Medina well before the migration of our beloved Maria Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and with a father. That was the same situation with him. He was a monkey because his roots was in the cup. But he grew up in Medina. So this was Was it me Amanda, viola,

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maka, Sita, Nikki Sica.

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Medina, Jana

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acel assumpta Makita Nick in Medina.

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So in this particular way,

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there was a fella viola, who grew up in Medina

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and he became a Muslim without meeting our beloved

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missionary. So he became a Muslim in Medina

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without meeting

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him, and he had this whole desire to meet

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him and Libya Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam came to Medina and then he met Jose for the Toronto when he met as it was a fun

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day for us. Arsalan Mahajan Anna and Sarah Am I part of muhajir ohana and sorry, because my roots are from Makkah and I grew up in Medina so I am

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from Macau and sorry for Marina

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Aslam said in Terminal margerine when she took on terminal answer, if you want you can become a martyr if you want you can decide to get Ansari sarana Ansari when a person can give a Panama camiseta or Teresa Medina

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one Sorry, sorry, but no person kept himself slim gave him the option and he said, I would like to be an emissary. This was how he grew up. Now at that time, there was an amazing incident that took place and that is we need to learn from this incidents

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as it was a father and his father. were traveling. They were going to Medina from one place and they met Abu Jamal was on his way to the Battle of Budda Budda Jara

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on the way he met, who is a father and his father Yemen, and he said

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they said we going to Medina. He said, Are you going to meet him? He said no, we have grown up in Medina. We went to Medina. He said, okay, we are about to go and fight. And we are about to enter into a war with the people of Medina with Maria Muhammad.

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And if you are going to Medina, who will only let you go if you give me your word you will not take part in this battle.

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You must give me your word. You are not going to take part in this battle that we are going to fight with Muslims. So who's a fan his father gave them the word.

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This is an amazing thing has happened.

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Don't simulate

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his brother

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or his mother or may

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not get to He gave His Word. So when the when was a fire his father met him Salah when he was selling himself since we are you coming from what happened here as soon as this happened, despite the fact that in better you need every person you need at the health of every person. We are Kareem Sallam said, who's a Father and your Father, you gave your word to Abu jandal you can take part in this batch,

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you gave your word.

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You can not be fat in this person. This is how a Muslim is that he keeps his word. He keeps his commitments.

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And that Allah says, oh, believe us fulfill your commitments. You gave me a word for your commitment. You give me a word, you keep your word. This is how a believer is. Even in such an occasion, many times you and I will say

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by force, he made us made a commitment. We don't have to worry about it. But look at our beloved maybe

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you gave a weapon or enemy, you will fulfill that word. That is why I've been able to maybe

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one day was asked if Japan

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can be a coward.

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Can you be a coward? Yes, he can be he is a human being a human being has got certain weaknesses. As a human being you can have a weakness of being a coward. It's not a good quality, but you can be a coward.

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Not a good quality, but you can be a miser is possible.

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the acronym Some said never.

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You can have other weaknesses in you that you can never be Elia What am I have written. And I've read this about me. It says that other weaknesses only impact upon one aspect of your character. Other weaknesses only only effects one aspect of your character. But being a liar, and being dishonest, it impacts upon your entire character. That's a woman can never be an iron.

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Man, he must strive to become a true person, then he can be a true believer

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under the IDEA.

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And as he has written, he said three things, there is no difference between a Muslim and non Muslim. Three things is no difference between a Muslim in a non Muslim. One of them is if your parents and your relatives are Muslim, or non Muslims, you must be good to them.

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And the second one, one of them is whether you made a commitment and a promise to a Muslim or non Muslim, you must fulfill it.

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See that? Yeah, if I make a commitment and a promise to a Muslim, I must keep it to a non Muslim. I don't have to keep it.

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Where do we take this woman has written that she has no differences between a Muslim and non Muslim when we give you a word and you give you a commitment. So this was an amazing thing in the deathless, who had an amazing incident takes place. Amanda

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was a first father, he was put in charge of looking at the back because he was elderly. So during the course of the skirmish, because

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his father was killed by what we today known as friendly fire hazard.

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muscle man okay.

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Because when, when he was taking him because he was so much confusion in the better, they could not sometimes distinguish between the enemy and the people who are from your home. So here's

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a hint of a Muslim. And then when they came to

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us, he started shouting that is my father. It's my father but was too late. So then he came in and wanted to give him blood money, the time there was blood money if you are Muslim by mistake, so you have to give great money and was a part of the lotto and said I will not take blood money. This was done by mistake. This increase is respected. And then he went to the VA Kareem salsa, let us who live very worried. My father was killed in such such circumstances. He had the intention of becoming a Shaheed in this situation when he

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himself said hey intention of Shaheed he died in the situation.

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He is a Shaheed I give evidence that he's a Shaheed he died at the hands of the Muslim but he was a Shaheed because of the situation that was found for this in particular happen now as it was I

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had certain very amazing qualities he had some very amazing quality

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Deanna dari

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has done

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a nice job

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at him, okay.

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Three things that

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was amazing, he had three great qualities, one was his intellect. One was his capacity to keep secrets, capacity to keep secrets and I will make mention with regard to this, there is why

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used to relate to him secrets. And he came to be known as the

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awesome secrets. So he was simply Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. And the third thing is that amazing quality, it is the The quality of being able to do the right thing at the right time, on spontaneity. Now, please

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take some time and tell you, you know, this is a very amazing thing people don't realize it. Many times people say you should have done this.

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One year ago, the trustees or the message should have done this.

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By you must remember one thing, intelligence is not to make a decision on hindsight.

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Intelligence is to make a decision for sight now we must make a decision. After one day you say I'm here.

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That means nothing. We should

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never ever say no, don't ever say if I had done that, because it means nothing. It actually impacts upon your human

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intelligence is to make a decision on the spur of a moment. And then you make a decision in that capacity to make the right decision. And that is the intelligence of a person that is the middle of a person not to say after one year I should have done this it means nothing. The ability to do the right decision in that particular aspect requires not emotionalism. It requires a person to be cool headed, thoughtful, and then he makes a decision. Otherwise people who make decision on emotions most of the time that goes to sleep, most of the time they go to sleep. And this is why you will find this aspect of Asan Jose for a lot of his life came to the fore in the Battle of Hunter Hunter

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chemo Kappa Kareem sallahu alayhi wasallam na kisi

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the schwannoma

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artisti openness

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is the openness

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Aslam wanted someone to do an intelligence mission to then find out what is happening to the enemies. So let me show you the qualities of

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Who's ever come here? I will send you to admission. Oh, look at this.

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For me, I was very afraid. I was I was I was shivering. It was very cold. That particular time it was very cold in Medina. You know, the incident at the Sahaba used to used to be freezing at the time of the Battle of conduct in a time of maybe salsa. He said I was feeling very cold. So when we saw Sam called me I was rather reluctant to be occurring Sourcelink put me in his shown and I started feeling warm and then he gave me this Allahumma fers woman Bain he had a woman healthy, where Yemeni Juan shonali amin fofi Lamine taty overlap, protect this person from the right from the left from from in front, from the back from the top from the bottom garrison Yala protect mesabi.

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And then

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he went on this mission and look at the spontaneity. He said when he went he saw he was very, very bad mood. Because everything was going according to plan. All whatever he had done agreements with the Jews in Medina

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nothing was coming to pass, nothing was working. And there was great amount of winners great amount of gold. So he told the people for the hill, I'm leaving from here who also live with me here but he said I don't want

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to come to know about this. I don't want the Muslims to come through about this. Therefore, every one of you as the person next to you who is identify the person next to you, so that we know that there is no spine within us. So you don't see anyone who's aspiring, Athena is going to first identify the person who is next to you. So if you

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Is anyone suspicious, we'll be able to take him out of our ranks and then we'll be able to make the decision. So who safer if you started worrying What does I do? Now, this is the spontaneity This is now making a decision on the spur of the moment

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as the person next to

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me put the person under pressure that person identified himself has always ever got out of the mix.

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And then he said an amazing thing he said then Abu Sofia and said we can't take it anymore, pick up your tents We are leaving. So that means the entire mission of bringing 25,000 people to attack Medina came to fail.

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And then was a first set an amazing thing. This is how he worked not on emotions on been following instruction. He said I saw Abu sufian alone the leader of

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the leader of the enemies, and he said I took out my I took out my arrow. I said he has an ideal opportunity for me to kill the leader of the of the tougher time as a leader. I pick out my arrow and then I remember him telling me Oh, who's only going to bring information don't do anything else. Only go and find out information and come in Tell me Don't do anything else. I put my arrow back. Sometimes you don't work on emotions you work on what is right. What is beneficial for the cause. And look at how Allah subhanho wa Taala works that same

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he became a Muslim. He became amongst those who had a great amount of achievements in the history of Islam.

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Nevertheless many respects one of the aspects was maybe a cream sauce lamb used to relate things to as to who was he for the ultimo. He told him the name of the of

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the one of the greatest difficulties of Muslims at that time. There are people who are hypocrites

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hypocrites, right because I told him you and I we cannot call anyone what certainty a hypocrite because we don't know we don't have way

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how many

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there are signs and we have to worry about the signs and stay away from it. But we have got no right to label someone with definity

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regard to it. But I will say for now one thing that you ask to people like Abubakar and Omar and Ozma and

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then tell them

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why do you

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tell them why did he tell someone like was

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how am I have written the reason Abubakar Omar Ali waco to become leaders and he's not good for a leader to know the weakness of his people is better for him to have a good expectations of the people that want to be himself some didn't tell

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you they were gonna become leaders. They were gonna become honey fast. Maybe a cat himself. Someone could ask me but I can give

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me a cream sauce as an as a father Viola. Now what what he tells you very important to three important lessons is I say today we've got over time. One is don't ever tell your secrets to anyone except the person whom you trust him.

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Very important. Yeah. Hey, Ross, Ross, kissy.

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kissy kohala karna. Don't ever make mention of your secrets to anyone except the person whom you're trusting, to give someone and to tell someone your secrets, it is equivalent to giving your respect and honor to someone and you don't give your respect and honor to someone except the person whom you trust them. Be very careful who your secrets to that is.

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You don't tell your secrets to anyone. You only tell the person the secret whom you got trusting that only you make mention with the gateway. That that's one aspect. Then the second aspect is we you and I we should not pry into the secrets of other people. Don't look for the fault of other people.

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Don't go Don't go and try and spy on people.

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What an amazing if someone

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stealthily go and look into your door, and he's not supposed to look at how you can secretly look inside inside your house and out of anger you take a stone in your room his eye, his eye is wounded. He can see that it normally is retaliation. Because you you throw a stone at him he can throw a stone back at you. In this instance when he saw some said there is no direct there is no cathedra Why did he look into your house he was supposed to look into your house. What was he trying to other people's affairs. Then the second thing of course is you must be very

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Refer? You know, it is Holly Gibran who has made mentioned that we got with, if you reveal your secrets to the women that don't blame the wind, if the wind reveals your secret to the trees, what do you expect? If you tell your secrets to the wind, the winds will give it to the trees. So be careful with regard to whom you make mention. They say that the only time three people can keep a secret if

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there's only time, people can keep a secret if you added the fullness, another lesson we learn from you is that very important lesson, if someone tells you a secret thing, it is your responsibility to keep it secret. Mr. Shah,

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I imagine this to be

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anyone tells you something, and he tells you keep it a secret. If you go into ideology,

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violate the

00:20:52--> 00:20:53

law, we don't regardless.

00:20:55--> 00:21:16

If someone tells you something, and when he's telling you something he's looking left and right. Is someone listening or not, that's a secret, you can go and tell another person is gonna tell another person because he is he has done such a thing with shows that he wants it to be a secret and you want to divulge a secret. You have created a

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violator trust. So these are things where our data is very, very amazing. So that was a fairly new the secret sauce

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whatever was a fact tells you, whatever they thought tells you then confirm it.

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whenever there was a genocide, anytime I

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used to ask the people is Jose for taking part in this janazah? He said yes. He used to take part in the NASA if not taking part in the janessa. He used to stay away from the janaza. One has a lot of money.

00:22:03--> 00:22:08

In my governance amongst my governance. Is there anyone who is a moon African?

00:22:10--> 00:22:11

He said yes, there is one when

00:22:12--> 00:22:22

it when Africa has allowed him to use his discretion to remove him. He allowed us to say he allowed us, you know, afterwards he

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was correct.

00:22:25--> 00:22:32

One day, he came to me he said, Oh, Jose, I can ask you to devise the name of the monastics.

00:22:34--> 00:22:36

But by any chance, did he take mining

00:22:37--> 00:22:40

Yala. By any chance? Did he take 19?

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tell us today we don't introspect. For us. Our introspection is that and others? Yes.

00:22:59--> 00:23:08

We only worry about other people, he's like this, he's like that he's like that he's a label, we pass labels on others, we're not prepared to look at our own spiritual condition has

00:23:09--> 00:23:22

to take account of your gifts before take account of your needs, take account of notice other people's needs, they will have to take a ton of notes. So these are aspects of as a matter of you

00:23:23--> 00:23:33

have to became very prominent in the conquest of the Persian Empire near highway one, Ray Ray's Nichiren he was amongst those who conquered and there

00:23:35--> 00:23:51

was a fire became any contact those places, and he became the governor of those places. And at the time of his death, you know, he said an amazing thing. Something that you I wonder sometimes if ever we can ever say something like this at a time of our death, he said you're not in the katana in me.

00:23:53--> 00:23:54

Or hit Brazil

00:23:56--> 00:24:10

is almost unheard of Allah, you know, throughout my life, I prefer poverty than richness. I prefer I prefer poverty over welfare. And now we can say that at the time of our death.

00:24:11--> 00:24:27

Can anyone say that this is the this is the character of the Sahaba and I preferred being less known than to be famous. And I prefer death over life. Oh Allah, you know, he was when he died. Let me end off with an amazing, amazing incident

00:24:29--> 00:24:51

in 1932 and this is mentioned in many many books. There is even a documentary that was made by a German TV station in 1952. The King of Iraq shall face at the time he was sufficient. He saw a dream. The two Sahaba approached him in a dream has a job even Abdullah was a Fabien young man approached him.

00:24:52--> 00:24:56

He said the water of the rivers is coming into

00:24:58--> 00:24:59

our cover. He's been

00:25:00--> 00:25:06

waterlogged. Therefore, please have a party somewhere else. Shuffle the

00:25:09--> 00:25:09


00:25:14--> 00:25:18

So then he saw it two three times he then think about it.

00:25:20--> 00:25:28

Then the Grand Mufti of Iraq saw the same dream. He went to the president. He said, Did you see this dream? He said yes, he said we need to do something about it.

00:25:30--> 00:25:40

So then they decided on the 10th, on the day of heat, they are going to transfer the bodies of this to sahab Sahaba to another place.

00:25:43--> 00:26:04

In fact, if you go and do a search on the computer, you will see pictures on that occasion. He said, they're going to remove them, you take the the bodies of these two people and they remove it. So then the people were in harsh. He said, they said wait another week, we would also like to come and see it. There were 1000s of people who came in when they removed

00:26:06--> 00:26:15

the bodies. two things. One is get a refund was as if it was the same time.

00:26:16--> 00:26:26

The bodies were like that. Same the bodies were dead. And another aspect that no one could see in the eyes of these two Saba.

00:26:28--> 00:26:32

No one could see in the eyes of this to Sahara. There was so much

00:26:33--> 00:26:38

in those eyes, that no one could sit sight on the eyes of

00:26:43--> 00:26:46

those two Sahaba was that those two eyes except Santa?

00:26:48--> 00:26:49

Where did you see them?

00:26:50--> 00:26:52

Those eyes It said so

00:26:53--> 00:26:54

we could you see them.

00:26:56--> 00:26:58

And then they were taken in they were buried in another place.

00:27:00--> 00:27:11

This was a Fabio mondovi Allah. Allah tala fully score was never the status. Allah give us the opportunity of practicing upon the great lessons that they have left behind for us.