Musleh Khan – Tafseer Surat-ul Jinn – Verses 11-13

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The shale team is protecting themselves from shale teenageers and shale teenageers by protecting their levels of goodness and weakness, and being mindful of their potential for harm. The team is not fearing shale teeners and is protecting themselves from shale teeners. The team is not a group of shale teenageers but rather a group of shale teenage boys and girls who believe in achieving the ultimate truth of living life upon. The importance of verse 12 in shale teenage auctions is discussed, along with the importance of not being afraid of achieving the ultimate truth of Islam.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ultramarine and buried. So let's continue in sha Allah with our Tafseer of the sort of gin Tafseer of soda to the gin. Just to recap a couple of things in verse number six, just to clarify one particular issue. Some of you were asking exactly that one of the lessons that we mentioned is that gins pretty much they take advantage of our weaknesses. How do we how do we derive this benefit from verse number six? That Allah azza wa jal says them what and what and who cannery gentlemen Alan's Yahoo, Luna berry jelly, min Elgin, faza, Dooku Morocco. So here's

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generally there's a bit of a historical point behind this verse. The Arabs before Islam, they used to whenever they used to come to a abandoned stream or abandoned lake.

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They used to say a particular if you'd like a particular Dora, that asking for protection for from the kings or the leaders are the ones who have authority over this wedding, or over this abandoned stream. So they used to ask for some sort of protection for the one who dwells in this area. What happened is that the shale teen who used to dwell in these abandoned streams and these abandoned areas, they took advantage of that, because what happens is that imagine that these men, they say, yeah, una bt jelly mean, Elgin, so the men amongst the human beings used to seek protection with the men amongst the jinn. What that means is the strongest of amongst the genes who were dwelling in

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these abandoned areas. But what in what happened in turn, Allah says, fuzz, do humara haka. As a matter of fact, it worked against those human beings, because as a result, a lot caused that the jinns became more powerful when they would seek protection from them, it actually worked the opposite does that do humara haka. So, Raka according to some scholars means fear. Other scholars have said other things have, you know, in terms of stubbornness, in terms of dysfunction in their minds and their mentality, but the the the key is that it causes some type of fear in their heart, and they started to become afraid of the shale teen, so it actually worked against them rather than

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for them. So this is how the shale team took advantage of the weakness of mankind. Because every time you fear the gin, the gin become stronger. That's the whole point of this, the jinns actually feed off of our fear. This is why one of the most strongest criterias or conditions to be an exorcist or to be out Aki is that you need to be strong both physically and even spiritually, you're a man has got to be tough. That's why when you see the guys or the men and women who are doing exorcism These are the people that their email is not just going to drop to the ground just like that. It takes a lot for their e meant to become weak. These are the people that are always praying

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tm, Elaine, these are the people memorize pour and and are fluent in the Quran. These are the people who are doing always extra acts of worship, they're praying all their sudden as they're always making door. They're doing all of these things. This is where the shale team he feeds off of the people who get scared of them. So what's the first rule in protecting yourself from shale teen don't fear them in the first place? Don't fear the shale teen in the first place because why? Unfortunately for a lot of full of people. It's been just a common common if you'd like a widespread misconception about the abilities of the shale team. Sure they have certain powers but we have the

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strongest power and that's our Amen. Sure the shell team can run through our veins and whisper to our hearts but we have the strongest shield towards that and that is we have the Quran and even the shell team they recognize that stem era is still steam era. And you know they listened to it and they adhered that knowledge how powerful this book is to us. We have this in our hands in front of us. So nobody should ever fear that if a shell teen were around you or the Shelton come and possess you, you are your best cure to the to these issues. You are the ones that can override and you are the ones that can fight off all of these Shelton engine.

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Just to recap where we left off we are at verse number 10. Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us what another entity showed one UI who will either be him

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Boom, Russia. As a matter of fact, it was actually the statement of a beliefs.

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It was recorded in some Tafseer books mm show candy or Rahim Allah mentions that here in his Tafseer books that it believes one said that we don't know we don't know who he's talking to. But he Perhaps he's probably talking to his followers, and the other shall Tianjin with him. And a statement of obliques. He once said that we don't know by this verse, If Allah actually wants protection, or punishment for the people on earth, because remember where we left off the shell team, because they always get blocked. They always get stopped whenever they want to steal news from the summer. They went in, they start questioning, they don't know why this is happening. And they're shelled, there

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are the angels that are hiding out in ambush waiting for the shale team to come. So they don't know if this is actually a good thing, or this is actually a bad thing. So apparently, in some of our history books, I mentioned that this is actually a statement of beliefs himself.

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So here in this particular verse in verse number, verse number 10, the shell team won. And now remember we're keeping track of verse number 10. They affirm their confusion. The angels are protecting themselves, and it caused the confusion for the shale team. It caused them to be confused, they don't know what's happening. This is all happening so panela all these 10 verses a result because a group of shale teen heard the core end, they just simply heard the Quran

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verse number seven, sorry, verse 11. Allah azza wa jal continues what Edna hear we hear we hear the word again what what Ming na saw the whole Noah min. Dune as a lick cannot borrow alpha beta data. So they shall tiene they speak back and forth amongst themselves. And they say to each other,

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that from amongst us, we have saw Li Hoon, you notice the verse doesn't say, one minute mean known. They don't say min Nell musli Moon, but they say solly hoon. They're very general on who the righteous amongst them are. They can specify if they're actual true believers or not. This concept is also a concept that we use in our own lives. We don't know if somebody is a true believer or a true Muslim or not. But we judge them as and categorize them as righteous people. We don't have the right to say, Well, look, you are righteous, but you're not at the level of our movement. We don't know that. This is something that we find out when Allah azza wa jal judges US based on our

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sincerity, and based on our good deeds, but at least one thing we do know is we do all have all of us, we have our level of righteousness, we have a level of goodness, we're amongst the solid home. What's interesting is that

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they say when the meanness solly horn, they don't say one minute and Muslim alone. Now Muslim is a different connotation of the same word. If you say solly hoon. They say what they're saying is that from amongst us, we have people who are righteous, with themselves and themselves only. That's why when you meet a person and his name is solid. What that means is that he's a righteous person for himself, when you meet us somebody whose name is Muslim, hence, that's my name.

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When you meet a person who's a Muslim, he's got both. A Muslim is a solid not only for himself, but he's also a solid for the people around him. In other words, the solid brings goodness to himself and himself alone. But the Muslim brings goodness to himself and the people around him. That is why I'm proud of my name. There was once upon a time I wasn't proud of my name, because I had no clue what it meant. But eventually, when I learned Arabic, I was very proud of my name, but I'm to the left. So what I mean Saudi hoon. Then listen to the wording of the next part of the verse, what may not Dune as Alec, it doesn't specify Allah azza wa jal doesn't spend a specified the rest of the

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shell team who they are. It just says that from amongst us we have righteous so Allah specifies it, but from amongst us we have the opposite, but we don't know who they are. This here is one of the most beautiful patterns of the language of the Quran, is that the Quran itself, it doesn't specify evil details. It doesn't tell you all the details about every evil little issue that happens or thing that happens with a particular person with a particular nation. One of the most profound examples that we find is in the story of Yusuf Ali, he said um, when music goes through all that seduction with that woman who throws himself to her, we don't know exactly what she did, but we all

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we do know is while halaqa till

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Well, we'll call it Hey, Turlock, that's it. The door was closed, she locked all the doors in the palace. And she said to use of high tech, which means take me Do whatever you want. But the verse doesn't specify what it is that she wanted from him. But what the what the incident does specify is that when later on when you look at that same story of the seduction, when you serve, and the wife is there, her husband walks in there.

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The first thing that she says is she says parliament, she says, men are audibly alakazoo. So what are you going to do? What is going to be the punishment for the person who wanted bad for you? Use Jenna, are the alien, the person who wanted bad for your family? Are you going to imprison them or give them some kind of punishment? The point here is she doesn't specify her crime. But look what you suffer says, Call a hero, a destiny infc, she was the one that tried to seduce me. So you see here later on in the verse when it came time for him to protect himself to protect his name to protect his honor, he specified a crime to get himself out of it. So the Quran is very, very

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specific about this issue. Don't get into details. This is one of the unfortunate issues when it comes to when you look at the news and you watch TV, and you see the news and they'll emphasize to you all the details, this person was decapitated, this person lost an arm, and all of these different things and you look at particular movies, and they're always showing you details of all of these crimes. What does that do? it instills it in the hearts of those who are listening and watching. And what do you think they end up doing? That's all we'll talk about in sha Allah in a moment.

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So what do they end up doing? What are these people, when they sit in a watch all of these details of evil, they end up falling into it. Or they end up doing the least which is the end of contemplating it. This is why even psychologists they say don't show your children evil things at an early age because it becomes embedded, it becomes breaded into their minds, it becomes a part of them. And then eventually This is usually a result when you look when you talk to psychologists, they usually tell you this, a lot of the people as a result of their lack of patience, their anger management and all of these violent issues about them. It's because they grew up with all of this

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around them in the first place. All of these details were plugged into their minds at a very early age so it become embedded embedded into them a little core and is the exact opposite. It tries to embed goodness into your heart and keep you away from the details of evil. So this is why a lot so a gel here mentioned women dude as Alec, but it gives us a hint could not borrow a car together. From amongst us we have taught all elk. Torah elk is the plural word for 30 which means a path. So from amongst the shell team, we do have some people that are not righteous. But we also have our own federal code we have different sects and different groups amongst us as well. Some of the elements

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say that here,

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different groups, what is it meant different religions amongst them? According to some scholars also they mentioned that from amongst the sheltering, there are Muslims. There are the hoodies there are the nasaga and there are also the Medusa different groups of religions as well. At hesson and basilea. Rahim Allah mentions that

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from amongst them, there are different groups, the Kataria, the Moto G ever offered a lovely Shira and all of these different groups. This is what the verse is talking about. point is we have different mixtures of religions, even amongst the shell clean. So the shell team have it all. They have all of it there as well. There's an interesting story about one of the great scholars of Sierra airmesh rahima, who loved you mentioned that one day he was sitting amongst us us habit just his companions. And Jin came to him and he spoke to this Jin and he asked the Jin what kind of foods do you Jin's love the most. So the gin says we love rice. So that's pretty horrible for like the

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biryani lovers and all that stuff. All right.

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So he he said rice, so what did he do? He went and he got a plate of rice and he left it there. And he narrates the story. Even kathira mentions his story in his tough suit and sodas. Mmm Michel panio Rahim Allah. So when he's sitting there, and he's eating this rice, he says, I witnessed that the rice was being lifted off the plate, but there is no hand and no person in front of me. And he witnesses this rights being consumed. So then he asks this gin. Do you have anybody who is righteous amongst you? The gin says Nam Yes. So

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Then he asked the gym Do you have anybody who are amongst the raphaela? So just the opposite of righteousness. So this is when it refers to this verse. And the jinn responded Yes. And he said most of us, most of us are from the people who are the opposite of the righteous.

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And then the Jin also continues and says, not only are most of us like this, but these are the worst of the worst amongst us, the worst of the worst of the people who are not or the ones who are not righteous from amongst us. So this clearly shows that this hear from this particular verse, this is the verse that proves that there are shale teen, that are good shale teen good in, you know, in how we would look at them and that not from that perspective, but good in the sense that they won't harass or trouble or get into the way or the affairs of mankind, they'll mind their own business because they fear Allah, but the ones who do have this problem, that's why when you do exorcism, the

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first thing that you do to get a jinn out is you don't try to kill it. You don't try to threaten it, you don't try to beat it. But the first thing you do is you give it Darrow and you tell it and you command it to fear Allah and you tell it to have Taqwa. And you tell them by Allah you get out of this person fear Allah because you will be judged on Yama, Yama, this and they start giving it Dharma, most of the time it works, especially if it was a believer in the sense that it's a jinn, who knows Allah. And most of the time it works and it comes right out. Only under extreme circumstances, it is the other one. And so verse number 11. Before we continue, verse number 11.

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Here, this verse emphasizes and specifies the good amongst the shell teen, but also emphasizes the bad as well. So it introduces us to two different groups of people. Now amongst these two different groups, there are many other groups who are now part of equal pay data. Amongst all of them. There are other groups as well. So this gives us a bit of a perspective of how vast and large the shell to our to have everything that we do probably even more

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verse number 12

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verse number 12, here What?

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What and now Vernon Allen norges Allah Phil aadl de whether or not Jesus who how to Alba. So here in this particular verse,

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Allah azza wa jal continues, and he mentions ANOVA. So here's a shout out to our saying, remember, we mentioned a banana it means knowledge or certainty. In other words, they did not have this knowledge or they did not have the certainty. Allah Nergis ALLAH hafiz Otto. We initially did not have the knowledge to know and we actually believe that Allah azza wa jal was unable. He was unable to take care of the affairs and have the knowledge of the people on earth. Orlan, Nora jeiza who harbor and we are We used to think that we could flee away from Allah but we can't flee away from him anymore. So when we are here on Earth, we are unable to get out of Allah has in his knowledge of

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our whereabouts. And at the same time, we cannot get away from Allah azza wa jal, we can't flee from him. We can't hide from him. He is always watching us. Again, here and now in this particular verse, the shell team, obviously they they recognize that they're always being watched. They're always being accounted for. Verse number 12, is the key verse when giving Dawa to shale teen. This is the key verse that you use. You're always ordering the shale team and you're always letting them know Allah is watching you. Allah is seeing Allah knows we can't see you but Allah is the one that knows you. And Allah is the one who created you a look and see this verse here is a very crucial verse

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when doing exorcism as well. So verse number 12. In other words, they can't run away. Allah knows where they are all the time, they always account for them. Now remember, I told you in verse number five, put a little star beside it because we will connect it with one other verse, verse number five is connected to verse number 12, in terms of meaning, in terms of some of the benefits that we get, because why verse number five deals with the past our history. Remember we mentioned that verse number five, here it mentions ANOVA in an takuna and insole gene or the law he Cassiopeia so they, whatever they thought, whatever they used to hear people would say about their history, they thought

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that that was the truth, but they realized it was nothing more than a lie. But then verse number 12, not only does it address that, but it also address the future. In our future. Allah is always going to know what we say what we do and how we're going to live.

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Are life. And what's interesting is that they both start off the exact same way. So they start off the exact same way but they mean two different opposites. They have two opposite meanings to them. And the last and final verse insha, Allah that we will conclude with,

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as we mentioned, what Ana lemma says, verse number 13, one lemmas, Myrna alhuda and be firm a human being Rob de falla, Johar fubo sung wala raha or So here, the shell team also, look what they say what an LMS marinello houda when we heard Hoda the guidance, you notice, they don't say what an LMS maternelle por and they don't call it by its name. They just call it the actual guidance itself. And of course, alhuda here refers to the poor end, but they have so much love and respect for it. They call it the ultimate guidance. This is the ultimate guidance for all of us. And be they affirm once again, that they believe in it and be meaning they believe that it is the ultimate truth. So they

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don't just believe that the poor n is the word of Allah. But they believe it is the ultimate truth that they should live their life upon. What I'm looking at them and they don't lie, or they don't have any lights against it or to say about it. For me, you mean by Rob be. So whoever believes in his Arab fella, you're half full, but somehow the word boxer, so don't be afraid of boxer, don't be afraid that Allah will decrease you or take away from you, while raha

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which is also a similar meaning to it. So some of the elements they mentioned, what are you what is what is it that he might take away from you. Some of the LMS said, don't be afraid of losing your good deeds and gaining bad deeds that half will buck someone out. Don't be afraid that of losing your good deeds and increasing in your bad deeds.

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So they also developed a sense of hope within the poor end, they developed a sense of pride and love for the poor end. And most of all, they developed a sense of respect and honor for the poor. And how did all of this start? It all started by simply listening to the Quran, anybody here including myself, anytime you want to increase your Amen, and affirm your amen with Allah azza wa jal and erase all of the doubts that might linger in your heart or in your mind of Allah's religion, the first way to eradicate and eliminate all of this is by starting to listen to the core and as much as possible. I guarantee you in sha Allah, the person who listens to pour n on a regular basis is the

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person who's going to start reading it on a regular basis. I guarantee you in sha Allah, the One who reads poor and regularly is the one who is going to study it, study it regularly. I guarantee you in sha Allah, the One who studies the poor and regularly will be the one who will practice the poor and throughout his entire life. All of this starts off with us listening to the poor end. So go ahead, brothers and sisters, and this is what I want to conclude with. Go ahead, if you don't have a core n in a CD, or iPod, whatever, go ahead and get one, go ahead and make sure that the core n is there, when you're cooking, when you're cleaning the core and is there when you're driving the core and is

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there when you're walking, anywhere you are just make sure that the core n is always there, you know, some of the orlimar they used to say, one of the ways that you can really know a person is that when you sit in their car, turn on their radio, and see what they're listening to. That's one of the ways to actually understand the character of an individual. Now, I tried to do this with somebody just soon I didn't I didn't like tell them look, I want to just check and see where you're listening to. I just kind of put my head towards the radio. What instead of me actually hearing what he was listening to the brothers like why are you touching my radio for so I couldn't touch the

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radio anymore. Point is though.

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Be proud of what you have insha Allah And may Allah subhanho wa Taala increase all of us with listening to the Quran and more so implementing the Quran in our life. So this is where we will conclude while filled with Darwin annual hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen

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