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The speakers discuss the importance of symbols of Islam's kingdom, including the symbol of a beast, the symbol of a beast's wings, and the symbol of a king's light. They emphasize the significance of these symbols for the culture of Islam and the western world. The history of Islam's kingdom is discussed, including its ability to protect its citizens and its unique laws. The importance of learning the concept of "married" in religion and political settings is emphasized, as it is used to inform one's behavior and create a holy person. The segment emphasizes the importance of learning the Quran to become a part of one's life and offers resources for Muslims to study it.

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What does Allah say is an ayah. In the Quran, history is an iron. The mountain is an iron, the sky is an iron. The animal is an iron, my body is an iron. What's going on inside my chest is an iron.

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All lived experience is a set of what? Ayat and each one of them becomes valuable because they are i Art of the king.

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Allah is so powerful, he doesn't have to become visible in how he exerts his power. Latif only Maya Shah, he is subtle in how he does things, delicate and how he does things nearly unnoticed and how he does things. You know, in some things, it's very obvious and some things is very delicate and invisible. And that's actually one of the great manifestations of the might of Allah azza wa jal now, monuments and wealth that, you know, Allah says about himself, Allah says Gallica nudie Ibrahim Ahmed ACOTA. Somehow it will. We wanted to show Ibrahim Ali Salam, the symbols of Allah as Kingdom show him the signs of Allah's kingdom. Allah asked the question to the disbelievers. I'm long Nasi

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will mineral milk.

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Do they have any signs of their empire? I'd like to see what what portion of the Empire do they have? What control do they have, and if they had something they wouldn't give it to anybody else. I was also thinking about how symbols of kingdoms are really important. You remember the story of use of a Saddam when the cup was taken? Why was the cup important? It could have been any cup, like from a water cooler, wouldn't have been a problem. It was a King's Cup. It was so I had Malik nafti do so I've Malik because now that represents you know something very high value because it's associated with the kingdom. So you know why this is an important thing for Quran students. The cup is a symbol

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of the kingdom, which is what gives it a lot of value, isn't it? Now, that means the word for symbol in Arabic is either I'll say that again. The word for symbol is what I so it has value because it's the it's an idea of the kingdom.

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What does Allah say is an ayah. In the Quran, history is an idea. The mountain is an ayah the sky is an ayah the animal is an IAM my body is an iron. What's going on inside my chest is an iron.

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All lived experience is a set of what I got. And each one of them becomes valuable because they are Ayat of the king. So there are two kinds of eyelets. In the Quran, there are Ayat all around us and they are Ayat of his revelation. But they both go they are valuable because they are Ayat of the king. Just like the king of the the cup of the king and the surah. Allah says below antemortem Licona Hausa Matera be the second question. And in fact, if you owned the treasures of Allah's LACMA, if you had any authority over them, you would have held them back. Meaning Allah's Kingdom is so vast, you know, when you see a prosperous kingdom, everybody's living well. You know, some

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nations in the world are so wealthy, that they just give money to just everybody just wealth upon wealth, nobody's poor. And everybody's living large because the Kingdom has just too much to give. And they just given given give, right, some small nations of the world that have massive natural resources and things like that, they do that. Right. So the idea is a kingdom that has the ability to give is more generous and just in the way that Allah provides a disk to all of his creation is a manifestation of Allah's kingdom. Okay?

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It's also interesting again, symbols of Kingdom. I'm highlighting this because it's one of the most important things that tell us about a kingdom. Allah even mentions a woman who was a queen. Who was that

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Saba Shiva. What did you say about her in The Witcher two Emirati anthem Liko home, I found a woman that that rolls over them, you know, and what is she? What did he say about her? He said what Ooty had been called the che in WA should have him she has all kinds of things and she has a great throne. What was the symbol of her kingdom?

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So you notice the theme now in the Quran. When Allah mentions kingdom, one of the things you notice about kingdoms are its symbols, the marks of that kingdom, okay, the right to rule who is the rightful king. In the story of dilute and dilute, the Israelites came to their Prophet and said we need a king because we need to fight in the path of Allah who will be the rightful king. Their Prophet told them in the IATA Mulki and yet Yakama taboo to fee Sakina to mirror become the sign of him being the legitimate King is discard will come back that's a long story but it

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It's a really fun story actually in Jewish history that Allah refers to in the Quran because the Quran is actually very full of Jewish history. There's a lots of accounts of Jewish history in the Quran. And there's a lot of interplay between the Old Testament and the Quran. Right? So, but anyway, I won't go there. But I will tell you one thing about Allah subhanaw taala, as I told you, Kings often have to claim why they are the rightful king. And they have to be declared the rightful king. And there has to be some kind of inauguration ceremony that makes it official that this is the rightful king, you understand. And if that doesn't happen, then they haven't earned the right to the

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throne. Or if somebody challenges their right to the throne. Is there anyone that's going to challenge Allah's light right to his knowledge? Allah says Fatah Hola, hola, Maluku and Huck. How great how Allah Hi, Allah is the rightful king. Meaning originally, Allah has the ultimate right of kingdom, that he didn't get it from somewhere, and no one can take it from him. That is originally his.

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Then, of course, another piece of his important symbolism that has to do with kingship is the history of a kingdom. Like for example, a great empire always talks about its monuments and what they did in the past and their victories and their, their great ancestors and all that kind of stuff, right? Well as a now Homolka Alima, Allah says, We had given them great empire, this idea of reference to going back every nation talks teaches their children about its history. The Empire must teach about the history because they have to know where they what greatness they came from, what they belong to. And of course, every nation tries to tell their children and they're next

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generations, a soft version of their history. Right, a stronger version of it, even if they have bad chapters in their history, or embarrassing moments in their history or losses in their history. They'll try to cover that part and highlight the juicy good parts in their history. So you get the the history you learn in school, doesn't matter which country you come from. The history you learn from in school is different from actual history, because it's more propaganda than history, action, right? But history is a really important part of understanding kingdom,

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of course, has Allah in the Quran describes the history of his kingdom. He has actually, from the very beginning, how he created the skies in the earth, how he brought other monies around to this world, and how he has ruled over humanity from the beginning. You know, and it's centralized power, you know, kingdom cannot be considered a kingdom if power is in centralized. And of course, Allah mentions Via de Mallacoota. Konishi, in his hand alone is the kingdom of everything. Its ability to protect those in its realm. I love this I actually this is all one idea. How can you be a kingdom if you can protect your people? You can't? Well, who are you? Gee, he's the one who offers protection.

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And then how can you protect your people, not only should you be able to protect your people, when you go after the enemy, the enemy cannot protect themselves, whether your child will either he and when this kingdom attacks, nobody can fight back, they can stay, they can withstand the ability to put down rebellion. Like you know, in the in the case of little Carmine who was a king. In his story, Allah azza wa jal mentions that when he saw people that he was going to rule he said, whoever does wrong, we're gonna punish them. We're going to deal with them, you know, Allah himself then describes himself how he deals with rebellions. I'm Lahoma. Kusama watever will not be the Houma

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failure. Taco Phyllis, Bob, do they own the kingdom of the skies in the earth and whatever's in between? Are they going to try to climb up through the ranks of the skies? John Doe Maharlika Maha zoom Minella

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how many armies have there been? That I've already annihilated of people who thought that they can compete with me? Like Allah has put down rebellions in history before we call them ruins of ancient nations. Right? That's Allah putting down rebellions, the ability to take care of its subjects like Sana kulula Woman Amrita useless Allah says Coolio men who have the you know the iron cola yo man who have he shun every day he's everybody's asking him for something. Yes, I know manifest Allah to Allah is very imagery of the king. You know, the King used to have a court and people used to walk in oh great king. I haven't had a chicken sandwich for five days. Please give me a chicken sandwich.

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And they would come and beg the king and the king would give them this land and give them this chicken sandwich or whatever you give them. You know, people coming back the king of the king gives and then the king is running out of money. He's already got the budget is bad. Now the king is not giving the king is taking he's like oh collect tax or

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We already collected text click text again

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the this you know change the season click the text again take more from the people. So actually, people think the king is the one that gives in this world the king does mostly what? Taking the king does more taking them giving. Allah says in the Quran he says about him so yes and no one for some it will everyone in the skies in the Earth is constantly begging him.

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My heart is begging him for the next beat. My eyes are begging him for the next moment of moisture in the eyes so they don't dry out. My veins are begging him to remain you know, to keep blood coursing through them. Every cell is begging him. Every every atom is begging him for its existence constantly begging across all of existence. And every day he's responding to those needs called like yo man who officiant so this is the ability of him to take care of his subjects. But of course, a kingdom is known by its laws. Any Empire any government is known by its unique laws. Like I don't get enough of mentioning this example because I'm traumatized by the example. I went to Singapore

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one time and Singapore is really interesting country.

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You can't chew gum in Singapore on the street. You get arrested

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Yeah, catch your gun. Don't do it. Don't do it. Just don't do it. Okay. Anyway, so what happened was it was summer it was very moist. So I had some bug spray you know the bug spray and a little bit of bug spray with me and a cream and when we landed the plane Singapore the you know the flight attendant that says you can take your seatbelt off bla bla bla bla and welcome to the Singapore if you are found in possession of any illegal drugs you will be given the death penalty enjoy your stay in Singapore

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I took my bug spray there was one of my employees was working with me I was like you carry this

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kingdom is known by its what was the government is known by its laws, its unique laws. Right? Does Allah also give us laws? Yeah. And a king like like even the story of kingdoms in the Quran, like Yusuf Alayhi. Salam wanted to he was a minister, but he wasn't the king. He wasn't the king. So he wanted to keep his brother. But his brother didn't have the proper paperwork. He didn't have a visa for the kingdom. He didn't he didn't have any citizenship or anything. He was actually he was visitor visa, you know, refugee status, so you couldn't keep him. So he had to come up with a way of getting him arrested. And Allah says makan Hola Hola. Hola who forgive me by the key it was there

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was no way for him to keep him in the law of the king. Because according to the law, he couldn't keep his brother. Right and but the law is not being made by use of release and the law is being made by who? The king that's the higher authority.

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Kings also engaged in war.

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Kings kingdoms engage in war. And when they engage in war,

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Sheba makes a commentary about kings and what they do. She says no maloca Hello Korea 10 of sedusa when kings come into a town, they violate that town which I do Eisah Isotta Alia Villa and they take the noble people of that town and humiliate them

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they do that tactic engage in oppression basically, Allah the King of Kings he also does war going to be held women Allah He also does he does war but he never goes after anyone who is not what London

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he's the only people Oh, have you a local in the Como volume? Oh no. But Is anyone going to be destroyed except the wrongdoers? Except the criminals? No one but the criminals when kings take over do only criminals get killed or civilians standby innocent people everybody gets killed in fact if you were loyal to the previous government you get killed

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that's who Allah Salam takes over MCCA

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what's the policy kill everyone?

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Kill all the people who fought you it bother if you meet someone who met you in battle before take their head off that the policy now I will say to you what my brother used to say to his brother that the three BareNaked Will Young no harm will come on you today.

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Allah is a different kind of king and he sends his messenger so I said I'm to execute Allah style of Kingdom, not the style of Kingdom that happens in the earth, but a heavenly kingdom. Okay. Anyway, so I'm going to have to stop here. There's so much to do, but I will leave you with one juicy thing because they're gonna do juicy stuff.

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The next name of allah we're going to study is what?

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I'll put those.

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I'll put those has two layers of study. The two layers of study are what does the word mean in here?

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Arabic And how was it used in the Arabic language and the how is it used in the Quran? So Arabic and Quran that's one layer of study. But the other layer of study is actually this word is very important in Biblical studies. So in the study of the Bible, in the Hebrew Bible, this word is really important. And we're going to have to look at why it was important to them. Also, why is it important to study that or know that because the Quran is actually speaking to multiple audiences, and one of its audiences is actually Jewish scholarship.

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May you may not know that now, you know, one of the direct audiences of the Quran is who

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not just the regular Jews, even Jewish scholarship, it was actually communicating with them directly. And a lot of the language in the Quran, we understand it from the Muslim perspective. But when they heard it, they heard it from a background they already had, you understand. So if we understand the background that they had, and then hear what the Quran is saying, it gives us deeper perspective on what's being said, but since we talked about politics today, I will leave you with the following concept. In kingdoms in the world,

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there will have there's always been this idea that when a king takes power, that he must have done something wrong to make that happen. He must have killed somebody, they must have bribed. There's some corruption behind the scenes because you don't move up unless you get your hands dirty. You have to have some blood on your hands to get there. Right? Either you came and you, you know, assassinated the current king, and you took power that way you seize power, or you tried to climb up the ranks by way of treachery and lying and cheating and scheming. Basically politics. Right. And that's how you made it all the way to becoming kings scheming, scheming, scheming until you get to

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the top. So when you think of people with power, you think of corruption. It's been the history of the world, right? So power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Right. That's always been the history of the world. So what and kings know that rulers know that. So what they do then is they say, well, we don't we can't keep our power if everybody thinks we're corrupt. Because eventually people will rebel. They're not going to stay under our government, we have to find a way of making ourselves look good. No matter how dirty we are, we are. So kings, since ancient times, came up with a formula, we are going to use religion to make ourselves look good.

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So in ancient Egypt, they're going to have the priests and the monks and the sages, they're going to say, The gods have told us this is the king.

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And since the people follow the religion, now it's their religious obligation to acknowledge the King, the Roman Empire, once it adopts Christianity, the Catholic Church is going to endorse the king. The Pope has an awkward conversation at the inaugural ceremony that you may have seen the United Kingdom recently, who's becoming loyal to who? It's a little confusing. But the idea is, this is a kingdom that is endorsed by God Himself, through the church or through the priesthood, or through the temple. Right. This happened in ancient Indian, you know, kingdoms, Buddhist kingdoms, right? The Chinese emperors, they'll have some sages or somebody that acknowledges them endorses

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them, because they get the religious people that follow the religious leadership. When the religious leadership endorses the king, then it becomes the religious thing to do to follow the king. And then in many of these kingdoms, they have prayers for the ruler.

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They'll pray for the rule. You know, God, save the queen God save the king. Right? They'll have those kinds of things. So what happens is, there's the world of politics and there's the world of religion and the religious people, they're considered holy. They're considered I'll say that again, they're considered what holy and the word for holy people is mocha does the word is what is mocha. So, kingdom's stay stable, because they use the Mocha this class to declare themselves pure because they themselves are corrupt. They need them aka this class to become legitimate, you understand? And these MacArthur's class this these sacred people, these holy people, these saints, these people,

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they're actually also behind the scenes. What did they say, Hey, we're going to endorse you but we're going to need a sizable donation feasibility

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feasibility as

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you understand it,

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Behind the scenes, it's a backdoor deal. So actually, it's not just one is corrupt. The truth is what? Both of them are corrupt. What is this surah going to do? It's actually going to highlight the corruption on the Mocha side. It's going to do that too. What is Allah telling us by these two names together and Malik, Al produce? Allah is the ultimate King, human beings when they think of a king, they think of someone who is dirty, corrupt, and then they need to be cleansed by some other religious entity. And Allah says, No, Allah is ultimate King. And Allah is ultimately pure all in one. And what did that teach the Muslims in their understanding of the world? It taught them that in

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this religion, it's not that is a different world. And this is a different world. This is these people, these MacArthur's people, these holy people, they stay inside the monastery, they worship and pray. They think about God and the angels and heaven and hell, but they don't know what's happening in the real world. They don't know matters of government, they just know matters of God. Right? That's the Mooka does class and then the Kings know the matters of politics and what's really happening in the world. Right. So these are the pure people. And these are these are the people of the summer a lot. And these are the people have a lot of you see, you said behold Ilahi, Murphy,

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Swati Well, LD, Malik

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credible, like how everything is tying together now. And Allah is teaching us actually in this religion, to become a holier, to become pure. It doesn't mean you don't know what's happening in the real world. And just because you're engaged in politics, and the real world, doesn't mean you have to become dirty. Both of those things coexist, because our God is both a medic, and I'll produce all in one, you know, this idea, leave to God, what is to God leave to Caesar what is to Caesar, not Allah is Malik. And I look at this, you see, so it's these few words. They're so profound in the in the in the social philosophy, the political philosophy, the outlook, that it creates an image

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sophisticated believers. Now these people are revolutionary every religion before this, basically used religion as a tool to advance power, the holy right the divine right of kings. And the Quran comes along and says no, purity only belongs to Allah. And absolute role rule only belongs to Allah, everyone besides Him is going to be imperfect. Everyone is going to be impressed how Allah as many can produce.

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