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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim in Alhamdulillah in

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panaro builder in Manchurian fujinami Dr. Medina nyfd Hello, fellow Mugler woman your little feather dealer.

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Wash had your

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Isla de la la de hula Shetty Keller wash had you and Mohammed Abdullah solo

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America in North Dakota DC Kitab la Well hi Ron who the Buddha Muhammad in Salalah he was he was selling them what Shara Moreno to her wakulla Desert invader or collaborate at in Bala that in wakulla. Voila.

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After praising Allah so panda under sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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we find that the journey of the Quran

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and the journey of the Sunnah

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primarily revolves around crusher to lie supernova either fear of a loss of panduranga or taqwa of Allah Subhana Allah.

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Indeed numerous are yet inside the Quran. The beginning or the middle of the end of this year,

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is always pushing the individual to fail muscle panatela to consciousness and devotion towards the loss of panaderia. to such a degree that even when the Quran begins to talk about Homura dunya via the word begins to talk or the Quran begins to talk about worldly affairs. The Quran still begins to return to that journey towards Hara

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and this is the manager of Quran the methodology the Quran, even if it's talking about mundane affairs, worldly affairs of a teacher

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or era of divorce, marriage, buying selling Riba interest worldly things, still, the Quran begins to return the message back to fear and consciousness towards Allah Subhana Allah

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and thus we find that whereby Allah Subhana Allah

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has mentioned what is known as a a today in the longest verse inside the Quran is known as a two day inside sort of Baccarat takes up a whole page if you begin to read this ayah you can't read one or two lines and stop you have to read according to Earth manuscript you have to read all the way to the end of the page is classified as one if this is an ayah which is talking about the taking of loan the paying of debt and having witnesses etc. Before this we find the

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talking about a river

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you're letting cooler weather rumor back Yamuna River, or you believe a loss of data and stay away from anything remains of any contact or any dealings of a river of interest. So the whole context towards the end of the conclusion sort of Baccarat in general, the old context

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is talking about the worldly affairs, about business transactions about the taking of loans of debt staying away from interest.

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Inside these if you find certain

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which we're trying to highlight, whereby the message is talking about consciousness towards the loss of panduranga what the coma while you are in limbo, coma law, many people always asked this question castable in how does one gain knowledge? Are you familiar in understand knowledge? The answer is de inside the Quran. Because for many of us, our

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knowledge just becomes reading studying that's what some of us we think that the more that you read and you study Islam is very spiritual. There's a great element spirituality inside al Islam and had the answers given here what law what you are limo como la, you say Allah Subhana Allah and Allah Subhana Allah will teach you will open up the doors of alhfam. of understanding of implementation, beginning to understand Ayat of Allah Subhana Allah and prophetic traditions of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam that's the key, there is no other key element present could be rigorous inside the life of reading for many hours, many days many months many years. But the hidden affair is that few

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moments, few seconds few minutes of taqwa Lai Subhana Allah open opens up doors whereby you spend many years of your life trying to understand those ideas and those ideas and you're returning back to the mobile that we find a between these ideas then you find

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What mmm Cod, a menu of aluminum Koran. Inside the Imams duties work and it can be aluminum or an menu element alumina Khurana concluded that the final idea of the Quran that was sent down to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is placed in between these areas we're trying to understand about this world. The final verse what Taku Yeoman told Gerona fee in a law firm to work for coluna Casa but we're home Lego moon. So here the context before it's talking about labor to talk about interest. Talk about usury. Talking about business transactions. The after, as we mentioned, talk about loan talk about debt. In between these if you look at the management plan, that even though

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you're dealing with this dunya what tacoman told your owner fee law fair that day, whereby you return back to a loss of parenthood arena, this ayah is classified as the final verse of the Quran mmm so you dimensions that after this verse, the prophet alayhi salatu salam only live for some nine days. For some nine days he lived as for many people, they think the final verse inside the Quran inside so till May at the fifth chapter, verse number three, and yo McMurray will accompany in a commitment to Allah come near Mati, what are the two love Muslim Athena? These two have perfected my favorites upon you and chosen for you Islam as your way of life? This is partially true that this is

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classified as the last verse of the Quran partially true, the real meaning lemma or an element of diversity dimension. This is the final verse of the Quran from SoTL metaverse number three, this means embed will come in terms of halal and haram. No other verses ever came after this verse inside sort of either the fifth chapter, verse number three, the prophet alayhi salatu salam, he lived for some 81 days 81 days after this verse was sent down. This is another evidence amongst new dimensions and various list of evidences to prove the point that this verse from sutil Matt ADA is not the final verse inside the Quran. The final verse is some sort of Bukhara with taco Yeoman toda una Fie

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in a law. And this is the context of the Quran as we began with it begins with a journey of the Muhtar cane, a journey of the pious individuals. And that's it concludes with the end journey of pious individuals that say that day whereby you have to return back to Allah subhanahu wa Tada. It does define numerous other is inside the Quran, when it talks about a phase of fear or whether it be fear of cm that we find are on once again Yeah, you will let me know quotevalet camassia mocha makuti bhatinda dinniman publikum Ladner comm that code in it fosamine has been prescribed for you, as it is prescribed for the people that came before you that you may attain that consciousness

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towards that muscle panel to enter

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with when the Quran mentioned certain advices when God was saying alladhina or tokita women kubla Khan Maria comb, and it takubo Indeed, we gave this legacy this advice the people that came before you be Marana Hello kita the People of the Book and people came before that. What was the advice given generic teachings that was given to the people that came before us? And it took a law, you should fail a lot. So parents gather that is the crux of the Quran. That is a message of the Salah to Los Alamos and engineering to come to instill within people to fail Allah Subhana Allah to develop that inside their lives. And as we find that Allah mentioned that what is the benefits for

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those individuals who have that consciousness towards Allah Subhana Allah, the Quran mentions in alarm or Latina taco or Latino, masino Allah, parent dialogue with those people and Maria horsea home, especially specific being close to them, a lost parent that is with those individuals who fail Allah Subhana Allah, and then that fear of Allah Subhana Allah that devotion leads them to carry out righteous and good actions. in a state of perfection. There are more sin, Machina those individuals who carry the burden in a state of CERN, and you find a hadith that you buried under a pseudonym, Melissa, what is the lesson lesson and darboux de la haka and Nikita who fell into control in Iraq,

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you worship Allah Subhana Allah, as though you are visualizing seeing Allah Subhana Allah, even though no individual can see a lot of Pantheon, this dunya it is from the blessings that we give into an Asana Hara, that faces will be gleaming on that day beaming on that day, whereby one of the ultimate blessings for the people of Arizona will be with people who go against the creative ahead of sadhana, human Kiruna. They reject the step.

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People will not see Allah Subhana Allah inside the Amana who Allah soon it will Gemma as for our creed in our belief is on the Day of Judgment those people who believe and have the right creed and the right belief for them the ultimate blessing will be to see Allah soprano Donna on that day and as the person tries to perfect that upon this dunya you carry out your embedder in a state of devotion and commitment towards that muscle panel Darla in the Lower your head Budokan Indeed, Allah Subhana Allah, He loves the pious individuals, those who are exerting themselves to stick to the hell out and to avoid the Hara. Likewise, the Quran mentions in memory at a low minimum. Indeed,

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last pan Darla accepts the good actions of the pious individuals who present them in front of a loss of parenthood earlier. Likewise, this consciousness towards a loss of panadapter begins to bring a way out of the individual begins to protect the individual begins to create within the individual that the actions will never go to waste. In domani Taki while you're in law, holla you the Roger almasi need, whoever phase Allah Subhana Allah wa your spear and his patient upon that, Indeed, Allah Subhana Allah will never ever let the actions of the believers to go to waste. This is a key secret that many of us have forgotten. She has some even taymiyah he mentioned that via a cyber

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warrior Queen Turner, Mr. Murphy Dean, while your certainty and your patience you eventually become a Murphy Dean, you become leaders inside the deen leaders inside society when a person develops that patience inside their life. Patience is a long journey towards Allah Subhana Allah, ma ma ma Josie you mentioned an email newness to Sabri one is for shoukry Eman is half patience and have gratitude towards Allah Subhana Allah, there is no quick route. There is no quick journey that some of us young individuals we get frustrated and tried to get to the end results. The end result will not come about swiftly. It's a long journey towards Allah Subhana Allah Wa serapi mustafi man for

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tiberiu This is a long part of Allah Subhana Allah follow that path. Persevere upon that path until you meet Allah Subhana Allah and at work Buddha Rebecca had yet to clean the end of subtle hedges that we find the 15th Chapter The Quran, where Buddha burka continuously worship Allah subhanaw taala worship your Lord until it comes to be man a note until death comes upon you that may find a moment in your life. That's the only time that many of the LML pose this question, don't you rest? Don't you have a time to rest long enough in covering there is no rest for the believer for the moment, except for inside the crave. The believer is continuously in a life of striving and

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struggling and making this effort will levena gehad rufina then the unknown super learner, whoever strives inside our past we will open up our paths for those believing individuals. That is insane. Continuously striving and struggling trying to gain the love of Allah subhanahu wa tada and as we find that what is duck Allah subhana wa tada quite simple terms that we find faith and devotion towards Allah Subhana Allah is to stick to the Hillel. And to avoid avoid the hair on that check Sammy potamia he mentioned every single Motoki for when you lie supernode Erica, every single person who develops that inside their life becomes a friend of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah will you lead in

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Manu? Allah Subhan Allah becomes the friend the ally the protector of individuals, who believe in Olia, la isla hopefulness la mala Mia has renewed and

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what can we call indeed god of Allah Subhana Allah no fear, no grief is upon them. Here comes the secrecy of a person becoming the friends of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Dena eminonu those who begin to deliver and find the right Eman, the right devotion to the Lord spandana levena m and what can we own and those who fear Allah Subhana Allah for these individuals, they will be Bushra, Phil hayata dunya glad tidings for them. Inside this dunya the chef Samuel Tamia, he mentioned Bella Mia the whole genital dunya la mia congenital era, whoever doesn't enter the paradise of this world will never enter the paradise inside. There is no paradise upon this dunya what is the paradise of this

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world is an image inside one's heart. Thus you find those people who have the image and you carry that righteous actions, whether they're male or female, for no fee and no higher labor will give them a good life. We'll give them a good life good life it can be meaning the world as well, but the real inner meaning of a good life

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is a corner is that contentment is that peace is that tranquility is the Eman is hello to Eman. We will find these three elements of hello to email inside their heart, find the inside their heart, you cannot purchase it ever you can sell the whole world all the treasures of this world to try to gain that you can never ever gain it and you never ever want to lose it if it's developed inside your heart that you love Allah Subhana Allah and then his message more than anything else. That's all that concerns you inside you like to become simple for an individual sometimes we want to force feed people that this is hella This is haram do this, do that stay away from this when a person

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develops love towards a loss panduranga hope towards the loss bandanna hopefully so Canada fear of a loss becomes very easy and simple for the individual to begin to make that journey towards a loss of panatela above hurayrah de la Toronto, Canada used to describe what is taco likes to parent and he said that Have you ever seen a thought infested path? How does a person tread upon that path? person is trying to avoid that lest any Thorn go into their foot begin to prick them? Yeah. This is this dunya that believer is the one that is vigilant of what they're doing upon this dunya the careless individual, the Muslim that doesn't care and unfortunately have many average Muslims who don't care

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what they're doing inside their lives. They're not to worry whether this step here this step there. Wherever they step they don't really mind. But the Motoki the pious individual is the one that is always fearful, that even they begin to make those things which could be just like and inside this dunya they even begin to avoid them Why? To reach that extra diraja of takuro in Allah Subhana Allah of trying to gain that higher level of proximity of closeness towards Allah Subhana Allah that sometimes you may give up, give up Hello things to get close to last pandadoc but the basic average level that we find is person is begin to look at the Hillel and the harem sticks to the healer. And

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avoid the harem. Even heavy use used to mention taqwa Allah Subhana Allah a description of that that we find is a taekwon tamela be party late. So tanto de la Subhana. Allah is to carry out obedience towards Allah Subhana Allah, Allah new remain Allah Subhana Allah a new word, which comes from a loss of parent, guiding you showing you bringing you towards the consciousness and the devotion towards a loss and director of youth awaba Lisa panatela and you begin to hope and aspire for that reward from a loss parent. And likewise, the opposite and mercy Allah subhana wa, ala ala neuroimmunol remain a line of work about liceu panadapter you begin to leave disobedience new from

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Alice Panda and that gives you that new that insight that ability to stay away from disobeying a law spandana and you begin to become you fear the punishment of Allah subhanahu the anger that you find to develop that light terrain that we find is Quran mentions in sha Allah hominy Ribera de Allah,

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those individuals who fit Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, Allah be a manner people who understand the text of the Quran and the Sunnah. And also it means that they try to make the equilibrium they try to implement the knowledge that they are developing inside their life. That is real crusher to play Subhana Allah wants

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to learn he prays in individually, some of the students they pose this question that perhaps this individual, so I will feel free also I will have easy maybe this person understands feel deeply has a deep understanding of Hadith or other Messiah and that we find that doesn't exist inside this individual. Why is Imam Ashman Rama Lally praising such an individual that's what many of us we become? We become academic, academia, rhetoric, theology speech. Kalam, that's what we become this and that ILA will call this is really irrelevant. This individual carries some or

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he carries the fruits of this individual carries Hachette Allah subhanho wa Taala. This individual carries fear of Allah Subhana Allah does mean a man whom Kathy Newman who is an omen that some amongst the general masses, they're better than some of us religious clerics far better than us because they smooth knowledge is small implementation, small practice immense reward, some of us immense that we carry, but we can't get muscle memory.

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Like donkeys books on our back, has no real impact inside Allah light. You don't see any thoroughly in Luffy killer me him when a female bc him one of the lucky him. Don't see any etiquettes of that l in this speech in our dress in a behavior and etiquette.

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Being good individuals as the Quran describes those individuals a bad man or a bad rap man a lady named Shawn and allowed the homeowner either hot or muggy Luna call himself a bad man they walk upon this earth in a state of humility tranquility, devotion towards a lots of Canada ignorant individuals what you heard Luca see a group individuals were in canula muslimeen normal care theory where the beef amongst the Muslim disbelievers who travel them to harm them colusa mine dental work we don't have time for these things to waste. Try to obstruct us from our journey towards Allah Subhana Allah, rap man they drink from the Quran of Allah Subhana ganda, they begin to develop those

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etiquettes will tell the mean and how you will our feanor and the nurse will blow your head will masini believers are those individuals who swallow the anger literally they swallow the anger while our feanor and the nurse and their pardon people will blow your head will mazzini in de la luz panda love the duels of God these are etiquettes of flow, character behavior that some of us we don't seem to understand it all of our life just becomes textual reading texts and pondering that this and that and there is a shadow Subhana Allah leads the individual works in commerce and about LA, show goodness towards people like last month or so, goodness towards you. Allah spandana begins to

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shower, whether it be unwell will learn when they are ill me wealth, children, possessions, knowledge whatever it may be, then they come to him and that is the blessings of Allah and Allah virtue from Allah and Allah He bestowed upon whomever he wants, all if it belongs to Allah Subhana Allah does that knowledge a brings one closer to Allah Subhana Allah that you will be asked on the day judgment shahidullah nollet illa Illa one mela aka what we'll call him umbilicus in a while as these will Hakeem shahidullah Nola in a no, indeed it looks probably makes that testimony. None has the right to be worshipped except for lots of bandana. One minute Allah aka the angels world will

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end and likewise people of understanding of knowledge, they recognize Allah Subhana Allah is wider Nia is oneness and they begin to live a life of servitude servitude. In a free healthy summer walk you will walk the laughy lady with her. Lead Al Bab alladhina Karuna love em and waka rude and viola you know been waiting for Karuna sama what you will out Robin Emma Hanukkah heard about Allah subhana wa kina

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those are really individuals who look at alternation and night, the day the sun and the moon. Robin Amma Hanukkah heard about the law, you know created is in a state of vanity. There must be a purpose in the creation of all of this Subhana Kakinada been glorified Are you save us from the punishment of the Hellfire for her septum Mahatma Kumar Bertha Wanaka Milena

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of assets Amanda McCulloch na komagata do you think we created you in vanity they do need Costin will acquire. There's no purpose in creating the human being fat there are a lot of molecule hoc, Glorified is Allah Subhana Allah what some of us individually begin to think are placing the insert upon this dunya inside has been placed upon this dunya to recognize Allah Subhana Allah to serve Allah Subhana Allah and Obadiah to terminal la Subhana Allah, the ultimate servitude, of gratitude of obedience ninja he should handle the Allah that is the intent of placing the individual upon this earth. Whoever discovers that inside their life, people may not discover that individual. Now we

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discover the individual but our individual discovers the reason being placed upon this earth is being placed to serve Allah Subhana Allah then that person is neuron main ally so counter neuron Allah Nur, light upon light begins to disseminate upon the individual. they've understood the intent of being placed upon this dunya does we find among the fruits upon the individual, while another Cora man what tako la de la Baraka, Mina sama, he will work in cancer, boo. If these people once again the people a village, this Omar this nation once again, they believe and they say Allah Subhana Allah, we will open up the heavens and earth for those individuals does you find taco liceu

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panda opens up many, many benefits for the individual on this, this dunya many of us we may get worried about what may begin to take place upon this dunya that's the Quran mentioned by that person. Whoever fears Allah Subhana Allah or many tequila, Aloma Raja was when you're looking at a sip or mania tawakkol Allah, boo. Whoever phase Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, Allah provides a way out for the Indian

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vigil while you're in high school,

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and begins to give provision and welfare to the individual where the individual can never ever imagine such a life. Whoever places their trust with or upon Allah Subhana Allah, for who has boo, then Allah Subhana Allah suffices is sufficient to protect and to take care of the individual. These are the fruits of the faith and devotion towards Allah subhanho wa rahmatullah levena home. Tierra became your hub boon for those individual you find your subwoofer Allah Subhana Allah, they earn the hammer, they earned the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah, then he can even harsh yarrabah who that gender Paradise is for those individuals who fear Allah Subhana Allah, and that's the holy series,

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this journey has been that bird, the main body, the bird is many animals, understood or described that love, hope and fear. This is a crux of it, the sooner that we find this and go to one aspect that life just becomes love, that is also a form of zendikar becoming a God that everything is based upon Allah Subhana Allah or just becomes hope or life just becomes the end the sufia if it just becomes fair, it is all of these three elements the main body is love towards a loss of panaderia that then the two wings that alternate that make that journey is the wing of Fe and a wing of hope person tries to balance that in their journey that's some of the early adopters skier have mentioned

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that during the time that a person is young person take goes toward the focus of hopefully Subhana Allah so when a person is young, they make extra emphasis or trying to develop fear to the loss primarily because we know when a person is young that they're hurries the share what the temptations are very high. So when a person begins to develop fearfulness, Candela begin to abstain from disobeying Allah Subhana darna. When a person comes towards while enjoying the lifespan that was the end of their life, it become an elderly individual, then a person begins to lead to Roger begins to lead towards the concept of hope that my sins will be forgiven. And Allah Subhana will pardon me,

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that is the journey of love, hope and faith of the believer, towards Allah Subhana Allah say, doesn't need you to run away from Allah Subhana Allah fulfill rule in a law fair leads you to flee back to a loss of talent Allah does provide relevant batch and he will fear something runs away from it. But he who feels a lot stupider to Allah run towards him so paired with Allah, that's real fair, we'll say leads you to run closer closer towards Allah subhanaw taala he says Allah subhanaw taala will be guided by the sphere towards all God statement goes back to all four days a year. He feels that most of the Allah will be guided by wattpad and that was all good. In a Latino minha Shetty

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Ravi mushy for those who out of the fear of Allah, Allah, Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, Dino big Robby moon, those individuals who believe in the Ayat of Allah Subhana Allah, wa levena, whom bira Bhima you recall those individuals who never associate partner with a muscle panel and those individuals who give from their wealth? waka Lubumbashi Latin, and their hearts begin to quiver and shake and now Miller have been brought here on that day, they are going to return back to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah aroona for the hierarchal homeless,

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these are individuals who are excelling, racing towards doing good deeds. And these are individuals of for most individuals, and carrying out these good deeds. When our isharo dlo Donna when she heard this generator she asked that is our desire to care about those individuals who may have drunk intoxicants inside their life, who committed adultery, who stole something inside their life, maybe the context is is talking about those individuals who done something wrong, and then they repented it become good individuals that the context of the ayah that's just a general understanding. However, the prophet Elijah Swami, he explained in a meaning, he said no, it is those individuals

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who maintain regular fasting and prayers, who gives the care and say that the good deeds will not be accepted. These are ones who hasten every good work. That's the real meaning of a believer. So there is that our external meaning those people who have done bad deeds they become worried about you know, the real inner meaning is a person begins to think that maybe my actions are not being accepted. I need to excel even more further to Saku Saku Allah movie money taco. Don't claim sanctity, purity for yourself last time there are no those individuals who fear him somehow no danda that you find tamangs Moran you have Dakota bison. hamdallah is taken from the root verb waka which

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means to create a barrier

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to shield yourself to protect yourself, the believer is trying to create a barrier to protect themselves from the punishment of Allah and Allah to protect themselves from the hellfire. That is what a person is trying to shield themselves inside this dunya as you mentioned, you avoid the the obstacles avoid the Hara, you create a barrier, and the last pandeiro create that barrier will protect you from the entering inside the punishment of Johanna. What this we need to check for Sammy with me, he mentioned that hopefully Subhanallah it burns the forbidden last. So real fear of a loss of bandanna. It burns the lust within the individual the commendable hope. The hope which is

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praiseworthy is what restrains you from the prohibitions of Panda Panda. So real fear of loss panda Allah isn't a lip service, is it upon the tongue real fear of a loss panda Allah, it takes you to burn your lust and your desires and it takes you away from entering into the prohibitions of Allah and Allah entering into that which is held on that which is forbidden. That's really helpful lifespan and Allah that it takes you away and begins you to help you to control your lust and your desires. Fear begins to tame the body and fills the heart with humility and submissiveness towards Allah. So panduranga the person who knows fe is not the one who weeps and wipes his eyes, but the

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one who abandons whatever I bring punishment upon the individual. So certain moments a person may weep inside their life and that is a good sign, especially in a state of solitude, confinement, solitary confinement, being all alone that we find a person whose eyes shed tears for the sake of a lost bandana. Those tears are those eyes will never enter to jahannam to eyes, those eyes that stand God for the Muslim Omar was in a state of jihad that we bind those eyes and those eyes that weep and Luca maharsha today Subhana Allah the fear of loss pandeli those eyes have never touched the fire. That is a promise of Allah Subhana Allah, that the person finds moments inside their life obviously

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sometimes in a gathering, when a person hears the ayat of loss panduranga when the head is

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too wide or too late, early Mariya to email and Demeter collude, does individual hair diverse have a lot of data? What do you like Polo boom, their hearts begin to quiver and begin to shake. And if not Candela recited upon them increases them an even wider Amitabha Cologne and the increase in a tawakkol Allah subhanho data. So in a gathering some data increases that hope of life's apparent and some hope. But the essence of hope is, when you're all alone, when you're all alone, you begin to ponder, you begin to reflect, you begin to think about your life, about what's happened inside your life, what may have taken place, or your shortcomings, or your hardships, or your disobedience, or

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your job, or your hafla or your business, or lack of awareness towards Allah Subhana Dinah, and you begin to shed tears, and you begin to become worried about that, that is really hopefully Subhana Allah, that in that solitude, and begin to awaken, you begin to, to reflect. And especially in this world, that we live at the moment, many of us we are doing ourselves externally, with the sun and live a life of it, whatever it may be, this is high, this is good, but a real piety that we find cinco lubaina, is inside our hearts that we need to develop inside our hearts. When those moments you are all alone, all alone, and is an opportunity for you. That's a Subhanallah opportunity for

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you to disobey Allah Subhana Allah to visualize something that you know is Hara, to look at something which is haram to enter something which is haram to do something we just have, at that moment. You think about it, you reflect upon it, and you think

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how can I disobey Allah Subhanallah well, who America in America? Well lo be maritima Luna Basia, Allah Subhana Allah is with all of us, wherever we happen to be, what history will attorney in the open on a hidden affair, person reflects upon that begin to understand that how can I disobey Allah Subhana Allah No one is here at the moment. No one is here, except for a loss of parent Allah visualizing me. That is

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that is the essence of Allah Subhana Allah person retracts themselves begins to make Toba makes it stick third, begin to remember lots of panda for brushing up sick. If you found that Yeah, you atellica wala Howard, if you found that inside your life, that in that moment, you've attracted your soul, you remember that? Lots of panatela then give yourself glad tidings gave you so glad tidings that you found the real hope towards Allah Subhana Allah give yourself those glad tidings. Don't worry about the external dunya that what is the glad tidings or what is hopeful nice and down. If you found that at that moment in your life, then you can give yourself those glad tidings inside

00:34:49--> 00:35:00

your heart. I likewise define as bucur min cache delay so panatela doesn't take anything away from your radula man. Some people they think if a person weeps or they cry about

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

Allah Subhana Allah that this is taking away something about your devotion towards Allah bandanna. Look at the best example, the best example and no one can ever question his manhood when you would enter into a state of warfare. mm tirmidhi inicia el mohammedia. You mentioned that a prophet alayhi salatu salam was given a strength of 30 men. And when the warfare became severe, and became difficult, many of the companions would seek shelter behind him, behind the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in somebody who is that we find that they are weak that he had the strength of 100 men, but that which is acceptable 30 men,

00:35:40--> 00:36:16

that profit at Islam was no weak individual. He was no weak individual. Well, I can own the fee hierarchy. Look in his life, how many times he wept. He said, we will add me in a public domain in the state of secrecy. Happy that we find a burrow I've been here longer. Hades took about a journey to solve various require that we find the one day from a distance he saw people are gathered together. So you ask them what they're doing. And they say the person is being buried. So he rushed to join them. And he began to participate in taking off the grave.

00:36:17--> 00:36:31

On the ground. There were many tears like a puddle of tears. Tears of the Prophet Muhammad. He's dead. He said to his comrades, his brothers. He said, Yeah, you're sad. Yeah.

00:36:33--> 00:36:33

It's time to

00:36:35--> 00:37:25

prepare yourselves for this day. This is the end of every single one of you. Prepare yourself, equip yourselves for the day, or family been offered. When he was seen weeping at the grave. The people around him asked him there's many miners in this many stages of the Hereafter, which are far more fearful, more fraught, and far more worried, very simple as you become inside their life. He said in the old man's in min manners, Earth era. This is the first stage of the stages of the hero. Whoever is successful inside this first stage will be successful throughout the stages, his bed, tears running down his cheeks. his bed will be full of tears, those tears that we find. Another example

00:37:25--> 00:38:10

that we find is the prophet Elijah to Salah whereby he said when the companion mistakable laborers mustard, he said to him earlier, he said to read upon me CRO alakea Rasulullah Shura recite upon you your rasulillah and the Quran has been sent down upon you. How can I recite the Quran upon you in the Quran to be sent down upon you? He said I want to hear the Quran for other than my own self. I want to hear someone reciting the Quran. I want to feel that hello to earn the sweetness of the Quran. When a person finds hello to Quran sweetness of the Quran, inside their heart, finds that inside their heart finds that contentment when they hear the Quran Allah music related in Ruffalo.

00:38:11--> 00:38:11

Indeed, his

00:38:13--> 00:38:19

two hearts find tranquility and peace. So beloved Massoud began to recite from Sudanese

00:38:21--> 00:38:32

and when it came to the ayah How will it be on that day? We bring you as a witness as a shahida. We bring you as a witness over all of the nations.

00:38:33--> 00:38:52

He mentioned to him has spoken and sufficient is stopped there right now. And I looked at the profits of some I looked at his face and his eyes were shedding tears. His eyes were shedding tears sufficient is stopped there. This is the impact of the Quran. upon the Prophet Muhammad Allah seldom

00:38:55--> 00:38:58

standing inside prayer, people at the back rows.

00:38:59--> 00:39:17

You can hear him weeping excessively. In Nima scooper Theo's nee illallah wa la mina la Tana moon, a complainer, my grief and my sorrow only to Allah Subhana Allah. These iron would overcome him, Abubakar Siddique rhodiola

00:39:18--> 00:39:59

once again, you can question he's radula his manhood like Rama, who can question his manhood. But when he will begin to lead the people in prayer, people couldn't tell at times, but he was reciting, overcome with the fear of a loss of Penance and a weeping over the Ayat of Allah Subhana Allah. This is the way of the companion numerous companions that we find. When reciting the Quran pondering over the Quran, it would move them push them to read out of the fear of Allah Subhana Allah, does he find all these various synonyms inside the Quran of arabba Akasha affair of words that we find, say inside their hearts upon the actions in their life.

00:40:00--> 00:40:47

We find the Quran begins to discuss all of this, that they begin to develop that fear leads them towards Allah subhanho wa Taala likewise that we find what yeah yeah for her bone? Why yes, I could say only Allah Subhana Allah have the taqwa devotion towards Allah Subhana Allah. That is a teaching that we need to develop inside our lives. And that we find that a person should no fear mankind should not fear humanity not worried about people around them because you will never be able to please the people either for a camino Mashallah nasaka shatin Asha Asha, there are some people who fear people are afraid of people more. Whoever it should be fearing Allah Subhana Allah. That is

00:40:47--> 00:41:32

what a person should develop inside their life. Say towards Allah Subhana Allah. Yes. The hoonah meanness Yes, the food Amina nursing. What is the food? I mean, Allahu amerihome. People come over worried about people. What will people say? What will people's action be? Or what will their cabinets be? Yes, the food Amina Nessie. What is the food I mean, Allah Who are my own, they're not worried about loss of Hannah Diana, and a loss paradise with all of us. That's what we really need to develop, is to be worried about what will allow us to say to us, on a day, gentlemen, even before that, upon this dunya for a duck shovel NASA was shown don't say mankind, say only Allah Subhana

00:41:32--> 00:42:15

Allah does those individuals, while una Loma tele him, those individuals who don't say the blame of people, not worried about the blame of the people that sometimes a person has to order the good forbid the evil will say certain things which all of us we know sometimes they are bitter, or very difficult, or person has to bear the consequences of those words, even though may have tried their best to present them in a good manner. in a nice way. Some people may not accept those words, we have to bear the brunt of those words. And the only reason we have to take have to be held to task. Some people don't want to accept those words. But a person per service knows that this is part of

00:42:15--> 00:42:55

fearing Allah Subhana Allah person sometimes has to bear those hardships, bear those difficulties. At times, the person may need to go back and reassess themselves that may be there may not be presented in the best manner, but there will always be obstacles. So person doesn't say the blame of the people around them begin to become focused and committed towards the loss of bandanna that's before I mentioned alladhina you Bella hula rissalah today, those individuals who convey the message of Allah subhanaw taala. While Shona had an in law, worker belay has CBRE, they don't say any individual except for loss apparently. So the person developed that inside their life, that they

00:42:55--> 00:43:37

tried to take the fear of loss apparently Allah and then implement the upon their own self. And if at last fact Allah gives him tofik and ability, then they begin to become those individuals and Nigeria Marina, Bill Murphy and Holden mukha. They begin to order the good and they begin to forbid the evil This is all part of this Muslim Ummah, that we need to encourage the good and to forbid the evil, remind ourselves and remind our brethren, remind the society Edina see her being a sincere advice. remind people throughout Allah, that's all that we can do. Never ever living inside this environment, or living in any environment, take the law into your own hands, is not allowed for

00:43:37--> 00:44:19

Muslim to take the law into their own hands. The Muslim service and continues and reminds people about fearing a loss of Paradise Allah. If you enter in a kulu business, you enter into the hearts of people, you automatically enter into their mind into the mind thought that as we began with managing Quran as we mentioned, the whole Quran is talking about devotion to the last Candela. So just like the Quran talks about the worldly affairs, look today come in a nursery alone. Look today how many people are over worried about the word or enter into the worldly transactions are doing harm? Why? Because they don't feel about supernova. And that's how simple it is. Yes, we may need a

00:44:19--> 00:44:59

navab we may need $1 we may need a system. Yes, we may need that. But the system is futile. system is futile if at the same time. We don't have people who want to develop that system who want to live that system. How many times have you seen it even in recent years, people tried to enforce a system. People don't want the system. The general it sounds strange to us but the general the general masses don't want to in general while enjoying the lifespan dynafit Allah subhanaw taala because that is apparent in the way that we live our lives. People don't want to be told to fake Allah spandana the real meaning of fear as we tried to highlight takes you away from the Hara takes you to the

00:44:59--> 00:44:59


00:45:00--> 00:45:43

When does society begin to as individually begin to develop that fear of Allah Subhana Allah, of moving away from her arm to the healer, or the individual level, on a small machine level, on a society level or not on the level that we find in Allah lair you you may be comin Hector yoga you may be unfussy him, Allah and Allah will never change conditions for people until they don't change your own condition. That's really my I've concluded there's many reasons for the hardship of this Muslim Ummah that we're facing. But in that list of reasons, Top Reasons is a lack of confidence. Apparently Allah, Allah lack of fear of a loss of data. And entry to disobedience is leading us into

00:45:43--> 00:46:27

a plummeting state into a difficult state. This disobedience is taking away our strength, our power, our unity, our ability to be governing with the Quran and Sunnah. And likewise we find men Half Life sabana de la Fukuda, Shay, whoever phase Allah Subhana, Allah, everything phase that individual, no one asked for that living things begin to fit an individual. And that individual now you have a lot you have waifu lashay, wherever doesn't fail, those terms are like any small thing makes the individual become fretful becomes fearful, any small thing. So when the individual says Allah Subhana Allah, person doesn't ask for that. Externally, people begin to fear that individual, fear

00:46:27--> 00:47:04

the individual, they don't want to possibly meet that individual, or have a discussion with an individual or say something about an individual in front of them that's been talking about many of the many elements or the life that you find that people whether it be the people in authority, or people around them or other individuals, they were when they came face to face with these lemmer they were scared to say anything to them. Because they felt that say, because these individuals they fade Allah Subhana Allah, if you read through the life of shabby tamer, you find that many times inside his life, even sometimes the students when he came in front of the some of the people inside

00:47:04--> 00:47:44

authority, and he said certain words to them, harsh words, or he reminded them that even his students, they began to take their external garments, and they began to place it over his faces at any minute. He's going to be flogged, or the sword is going to come over he's gonna be executed and blood is going to be splattered all over us. But it never happened. Because this share was an individual if you read free Siraj read for his life, is an individual who fought with the pen and fought with the sword and fought with his tongue, that to this day that we find all the people who don't like him. You read freeze works cannot answer his works, whether it be under Sora, our yahood

00:47:45--> 00:48:25

our she she renewed order, she added, we find our raw food that we find extremely hard to share that we find Oh, as Sophia that we find he made against individual Oh, Amanda, you know, people use logic, all these individuals suite for his life and his works to this day. People cannot decipher him. Now, he cannot begin to give a rebuttal towards him to this day. Like what Nero inside could see his deep understanding of the fallacy that we find his writings, the Pharisees in the Hadees that we find deep understand his individually had that to this day that we find his work status, a testimony. Why? Because he had that whole for laser paradigm that he had that fear and that devotion

00:48:25--> 00:49:01

towards Allah Subhana Allah, that even those individuals who came around him look at it began to cluster around him. He's received a message in his letters from prison that he wrote, he sent out that he's called made inside the criminals who came inside there, if you read through his life, criminals, criminals inside there, when they came with him, these individuals became so reformed inside their life, they became some of his best students. And when it came, time came with these individual leave prison, they refuse to leave prison. They refuse to leave prison and want to remain with their share with a teacher. That's what a real she's a real teacher is not like some of us

00:49:01--> 00:49:36

individuals, we say certain words, we go to prison or whatever it may be. And as a side point, going to prison is a sign that your real scholar, let's make that crystal clear. Because I'm be we're trying to push the image a person who goes to prison must be a real scholar. That's not true. There's not a credential of being a scholar or being an alien. At times, it may happen, person may be prison may be prevented, may be put under house arrest, certain works may be taken away from that is not a credential to be recognized as an alien. That's not a credential zombie. We're trying to push that maybe you went to prison that proves You're a real scholar inside your life, a burden to

00:49:36--> 00:49:59

get that out of your mind. Likewise, we find that this individual, that when he went in these individuals, some of our brothers when they go inside a difficult situation, what happens to them in a state of frustration, some of them they come back and what happens to them they become far more vicious and worse than what they were before. Yeah, como una Allah nurse. You can feel the nurse begin to judge people, labor people.

00:50:00--> 00:50:46

As disbelievers will say this and say that it is not upon an average individual to enter into such concepts, fast a genuine hour is not for us to enter into such a discussion about making judgments about other Muslims. make a judgment about other Muslims just because a person may have oppressed you or paste pledges on incarceration or place hardship upon you even have to be non Muslims, as we mentioned that you had a great individuals a real rub Bernie a real teacher real early yesterday, while smear his patient is continuous in reminding people giving them no see how giving them advice, bearing the brunt of their words of the statements in Canada and perseveres and the fruits will

00:50:46--> 00:51:30

become evident. Fruits become evident, as the Quran mentions that never ever show hardship and difficulty. person should show kindness and goodness. And know what do you mean, the individual becomes a good friend, a close friend and Muslim is very, very intelligent. You may have heard that cliche that proverb never, ever love an individual so much, because the individual can one day become your clearest enemy. And never ever hate a man so much inside your life. Because that individual can become your most closest friend one time inside your life. So a person remains upon a life of tawassul a life of an equilibrium of a balance of their love and the man is balanced

00:51:30--> 00:52:12

throughout their life. That's what really mattered. And real taqwa is, the emotions don't override them, don't override them to make judgment upon other individuals. Or to say this person doesn't feel about this person is like that. We all have our obstacles we all have our difficulties, person should be worried about their own level of devotion towards Allah Subhana Allah, that we find this application in conclusion, Aloma indianised, local Buddha, what to call whatever for the winner. I also look for who they are for guidance and taqwa And likewise, preservation of one's chastity and richness, richness of the heart and possibly richness of this dunya as well. We asked you for Akasha

00:52:12--> 00:52:55

facility will under near fear of Allah, Allah in the open and hidden waffleh Habiba Shahada and the hidden affairs and external affairs. That is what a person should be praying inside the life will not give me that fear, fear in a state of secrecy, faith in external matters, in internal matters of purification of our heart and our mind, within ourselves, then it becomes easy for an individual to develop a life of fear towards Allah Subhana Allah. So May Allah give us all the topic and ability to make us among those individuals and Latinas? Tammy rudan. cola for your national, who don't just hear the words of Allah, Allah Allah is America is a deeper meaning for begin to implement, change

00:52:55--> 00:53:37

ourselves, and carry it out to the best of our ability inside our lives. Yes, we will fall short. We may fall short many of us and if not all of us will fall short. But every time we fall short, we begin to awaken once again, we begin to develop more fair, more devotion. Mr. josiane mentioned his works of modalities and again, that the pious individuals, that when they fail Allah Subhana Allah and even when they make a mistake, what happens to them, they jump up many levels, unlike us, that we may sin we make a mistake we come down many levels, we begin to despair. Now talk to me Rahmatullah don't despair from the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah, we believe those individuals who

00:53:37--> 00:54:14

jump up one step two step three steps many steps higher and begins to increase them emerge in comprehension become better individuals, so sometimes fooling short, there's goodness inside that this higher inside is immense Hickman inside that person falls short and becomes a better individual. So May Allah give us all the tofik inability to become better individuals to develop that hope towards a lost bandana, and to die in a state of fear to the last pound Allah, whether it be in the open or the hidden affair and to be resurrected in a state of fear and devotion to the last spandana Baku Kohli Harada was stuck through learning welcome when a geometric muslimeen of a

00:54:14--> 00:54:15

stock for winner will go for him.