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The importance of learning to express one's opinion is emphasized, especially in the face of criticism. The need to act upon one's knowledge and establish a strong connection with Islam is emphasized, especially in the face of criticism. The importance of religion in Islam is also discussed, citing examples from past events and emphasizing the importance of following missed opportunities and opportunities for personal reasons.

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In the

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one I will show all the unforeseen, yada yada

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Mohammed Abu al Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira Yeah. Xena I'm an otaku. Maha Takashi

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the moon? Yeah, even this

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lady Kanaka coming

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Dida Luciana

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philippou Welcome.

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walkerville Howdy, howdy Mohammed in San Diego Santa

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pokuna in beta wakulla, beta chain bola bola

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Maji. Brothers and sisters, I want to take you back into history during the time of a miracle.

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And the Miracle Morning and he's on his way to eloquence. He's on his way to Jerusalem. And he's writing with his close companion of Aveda.

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And he looks at me, and he says, Yeah, we are moving in. I met the rulers of the Byzantines, I went to the emperor of Rome. And I've seen the luxurious lifestyles that they live. And then I look at you. And you can imagine a male

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dog and it's simple and humble clothing, clothing that he sold his own patches on.

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And he says I've seen them and I look at you. And I think to myself, you as the leader of this oma, you as the leader of this nation. Are you not more deserving of this luxury, more deserving of this wondrous lifestyle?

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At that time?

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He has coined the phrase meaning that when this phrase was said it was knew that it was

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he said, Yeah, well, there hadn't been anyone other than you that said this, I will have chopped their heads off and from the mercy of Allah because he never acted upon it. But he went on to say something so profound. It is the essence of our understanding of honor and dignity. He says not no going on.

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as long as

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there were people that are less pilots are honored, and granted dignity and granted respect through our Islam. And when we see that honor, dignity and respect through other Islam, that is when Allah subhanho wa Taala humiliates us and describes us. You look at the plight of the oma today, you know, Muslims suffering all over the world, either from poverty, either from tyrants, rulers, or either from amongst themselves, they're oppressive towards one another. And you think, you know, what is going on? Why are the Muslims in such a state?

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The crux of the matter is, is that people have turned away from their Deen, that is the reality of the matter. Now, if you look at Revelation, when it was sent down to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it was a very daunting task to find the process of setting up. And what we mean by that is that it was one man who was saved to a whole entire nation, not in the entire nation, all of creation. And he had to stand up and warn people against the things that they used to do. And he was just individual individual. So it's very important to look how the US pilots are allowed to change and cause change through the officer center. And the way they did that was through revelation. And

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that's why you see that revelation when it came down, what Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed was of the utmost significance and importance, and that is why Allah subhanho wa Taala, when he says down revelation, for the very first time, he started off with Accra read, enlighten yourself, increase yourself in knowledge, and that is where change begins, knowing where you want to go and knowing what you want to change. So increasing yourself in knowledge. That's where change begins. That's where honor and dignity stems from increasing oneself in knowledge of what is of the utmost importance, and we'll discuss this discuss this later on, in terms of what we as Muslims actually

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need to increase our knowledge of the look at the second revolution that also kind of went down this and down. It was sort of the

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mudassir and in these verses I was fine with Allah commands upon the Civil War while he was alone with coal forenza. Stand up and warn the people. A lot of people understand this verse demean the importance of giving Dawa. But there's a greater message behind this verse, that query message behind this verse is that we first gave you knowledge, now stand up and act upon it. So now that you have this knowledge, you have to act upon that knowledge. And if you're not acting upon that knowledge, that knowledge becomes a proof against you, not only in this world, but in the hereafter as well. And then you look at the third revelation that Allah subhanaw taala set down, so little

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wisdom, and a certain wisdom in Allah subhanho wa Taala commands the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam calling later in

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that standard the whole entire night, except for a little bit of it. And the greater message behind this verse is establishing a strong relationship, a strong connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Because there is no light and no power, except with Allah subhana wa Tada. So if you're ever going to try to create change, not only will love yourself, but within the community around you, as well, you need the help and support with a lot of data. And if that isn't there, you're not going to be able to change. So now let's take a bigger reflection on these three verses. When the lesson commands, the properties are set up with echo. What is the command you the processor with? What is

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he commanded to recite and to learn and to know, the first and most fundamental thing that we need to know as Muslims is that we do not worship anyone for anything besides Allah subhana wa Tada. And this is what makes us so unique from all the other religions from all the other ways of life is that we worship the Creator. And we're proud of this. And that is why it is very important that when we talk about a PSA, and we talk about proud to be Muslim, it starts off with this very concept itself, that we are proud that through our faith, almost piloti, you will enter into paradise in the year after that almost

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in the DNA in Islam, that religion, Allah

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wishes for the people.

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Then what receives a religion other than Islam, Allah subhanaw taala will not accept you for them. So be proud of this fact that almost Allah will cause you to go to Paradise, not because of your skin color, not because of your age, not because of your wealth, but because of the religion that you consciously chose to follow. Secondly, almost without that he talked about the Koran Why? So that he could see the example the prophets before him. Similarly for us, we need to take lessons from history. Look at the people that came before us and see how they work. See how they work. So if you look into our history, who do we find? What do we find? We find examples of great profits

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starting off with UC filing center. We learned from UC Irvine a salon, we learn to forgive and deploying, she looked at the story of use of violin, he said Are these brothers plotted against him. And then he put them into a well he was taken into slavery. He was accused of something and justly he sent him to prison. The prisoners Forget about him, he stays there for the long gated period of time. And then there's a paradigm shift, all of a sudden, everything changes and things start going in his favor. Now. The plussing almost to Allah is now further upon him. And then he meets his brothers again. And at a time when he can seek revenge you can have it executed in prison. How's the

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eggs out? How did you find this alum? actually treat them? He tells them that everybody come on Yo, yo,

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Mama spaniel, Dinah have mercy upon you. And there's no blame or approach upon you. For Indeed Allah subhanaw taala is the Most Merciful of all those that show mercy. Now when was this repeated again, it was repeated again by the prophets of Allah while you said them, when he entered into Makkah, those very people that persecuted him, killed his companions, humiliated him psychologically abused, and traumatized him and his companions. Again, when the Prophet says could have done what he chose to do. He didn't prosecute them, he didn't kill them. He didn't imprison them. He didn't punish them, but he told them again, there's no blame or reproach upon you know, Allah subhanaw taala

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forgive you. And that is why you see the people making choices because they saw that this is how it's done. Transform departments are set up at the time of the Jamia Arabs, if someone looked at you the wrong way you chop their heads off, and here the publisher is coming into my

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And facing his persecutors and the processor has the ability to forgive them. You look at other examples from our history,

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examples of philanthropy, examples of charity, you take the example of an imbalance of Saudi Arabia law one.

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Study was from Chicago. So for

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the poor people used to live in the question of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And these people were so poor, that when he would ask money from the people who asked them to give, these people could only give the clothes that they had on them. And this is what happened one day, the professor said, I was asking for money. And

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you know, I only have these two quotes, these two garments, my offer for garment and make over garments, I would like to get my offer garments for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and he did so. And he sat down next to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in hopes that someone would come inside the masjid and give him some charity, so he could give it for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala, to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he waited and waited, and person after person came into the lesson, but they gave it directly to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu It was said that, at that time,

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he stood up, and he walked away with tears in his eyes, almost to preserve this moment in the Quran, as a lesson for all of us to tell us why you feel omega demony highs and

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lows recall that he stood up and he walked away his eyes fully with tears. Why was it because he was annoyed at the fact that the Messenger of Allah was asking to give, No, that wasn't the case. He was upset at the fact that he was asked to give for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. But he has nothing to give. And this bothered him to the degree that is isolated with the tears that he saw other Muslims doing so it's good, and he was unable to do so. This made him upset. You look at examples of courage. Look at the example of ability to love one of the living without food during the time Obama, he was captured by the Roman Emperor, him and a group of Muslims. And the Roman

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Emperor had heard the stories of the companions as if they were these great superheroes. And this Emperor, he wanted the superheroes to be a part of his lineage.

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So we tell us, it was up to the leader of the Muslims, I want you to marry my daughter. And this is a great thing to marry the daughter of the Emperor. According hodaka, he knew that if he married the daughter of the enemy armor would have his head on the point. He said no, right away. You didn't even have to think about it. The Emperor This is the first time he's ever hearing. No, he's always people bending over backwards for him always say yes to Him. He is shocked at the fact that he said no.

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So at this time, the Emperor goes back to his chambers. He called the police, he comes back.

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He says not only will I let you marry my daughter, but I'll give you half of my kingdom as well.

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have to think about it. He says no.

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The king is frustrated. He gathers all the Muslim prisoners, he brings them out to the courtyard. And at that time, he presents a hot cauldron of boiling.

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And I want you to think about that last time. Maybe you were cooking on Friday, or someone in your house was cooking a fried egg. And you put that hot oil on that hot pan. What was the sounded me that sizzling sound. Now imagine that same sound amplified and magnified 100 times larger than the past pots and pans that we have in our house. The King asks him again, will you marry my daughter and I'll give you half of my kingdom.

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And he says no. The king, he takes one of the Muslim prisoners. And he throws him into the hot culture. And you hear the sizzling.

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And at that time, you just see the volumes rise up to the top with no skin on top of it. Everything disappeared except for the points.

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Above that it begins to cry. The King thinks that he's one of those people that over that he's gay gained his victory.

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So he goes out the window laughing He says What do you submit now? And I'm voting for him? He says no. So we asked him, Why are you crying? He says because my brother. He went through a few seconds of pain to have an eternity of paradise. And I wish that I could relive that moment on his behalf according to the number of hair that I have on my head, meaning doing it over and over and over again for the sake of illustration.

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Final Exam.

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Again, the king. He's shocked and amazed. Where did these type of people come from? He goes back to his chamber, contemplate some more, how can I get him to submit? He comes back out, and he tells me that I know I'm not going to get you to marry my daughter. So, I will let you go on one condition. This, you know, giving a kiss on my forehead.

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And he still says no, he says, I will do so with my condition that you like to me and all the Muslim prisoners.

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King, the Emperor, he says yes, you know, go ahead and take it, you know, get out of here. He kisses him on the forehead, and the Muslims are free.

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A messenger from amongst them goes back, Dominic acaba de la Mondo narrating the story, what happened.

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the last one we get some remember it says that today, one man saved the whole nation Thoreau case. So when I'm looking for that for comes back, I want each and every one of you to kiss him on his forehead. And then as they entered into Medina, Amina macatawa de la hora, who was the first one to kiss up on his forehead, and all the Muslims followed suit as well. This is the legacy of our predecessors. These were the great Muslims that lived before us. And these are the people that are spying on data center before us, so that we can emulate and imitate them in hopes that a great legacy of Islam can really exist today. And the second part of the hotpot, I want to share some

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practical steps with you in terms of what we can do to restore and respect and dignity to this oma barakallahu li walakum. Khurana loving when I first

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from Delhi Linda wa Salatu was Salam I know that while he was talking the woman was

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in terms of bringing it back to the soma. You see, one of the things that distinguished our predecessors from us, is the role that the intention played in their lives and our lives, how much attention do we actually pay to our intention? When we go to eat? Do we actually think about a greater purpose when we go to sleep? Do we think about a greater purpose when we spend time with our brothers and sisters? Do we think about a greater purpose? We don't, but our predecessors have the past everything that they did, they somehow found a way to tie back to Allah subhana wa Tada. So eating was for the sake of gaining strength to worship Allah sleeping was for the sake of waking up

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to praise a lot of budget, spending time with the family was time to cool down and calm down from the worldly affairs so that one can vigorously go back into a binder. So intention is of the utmost importance and you want to try to find a way that everything that you do, you may be for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala not only your activity binder, but your living. Polina Salatu, WA Suki

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it mean that say indeed my sacrifice and my prayer, my living and my dying are for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala alone. So pay attention to your intention, what is the reason behind you doing things? What is your motivation? Make it Allah subhana wa Tada. Number two, everything that you do, doing it with excellence, especially in your soul, love, it was said that he tells us cuttable love with the accent

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35 signals that Allah subhanho wa Taala has commanded excellence and proficiency and everything that we do. Whether you are a taxi driver, whether you are a butcher, whether you're an investment banker, whatever it is, have excellence and proficiency in everything that you do. Don't look for ways to cut corners and find shortcuts, but rather to look for ways that the job and tasks that you do, there should be no one better than you objects, you should be at the top of your game at its Pinnacle, and you should be the epitome of proficiency. This is the commandment of Allah subhanaw taala. And the companions took this very seriously. They took this very seriously. The third and

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last thing I'll mention is that living a life of with Muslim principles and ethics. The values at the core are the values that the pastors that have taught us, and I'll conclude with one last story to manifest this. During the time of homonym acabo de la there was a young boy that was dragged into the room, and two men were dragging him in Oman was shocked by the dragging in this young boy

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And he said that this young boy had killed their father. Someone asked the young boy, Is this true? Did you kill their father? And the young boy pleaded? Yes, I did. But it was a mistake. Someone asked him to explain. He said, their father, he used to own a plot of lions. And my camel used to graze on his land. And one day their father got upset. So he picked up a rock, and he threw it at the camel, and he hit it and it's fine. it lost its sight, and I saw it in pain. So in seeking revenge, I took it off, and they throw it at their father. But when it hits their father, it caused him to collapse on the floor, and he hit his head even harder, due to which that he passed away.

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So I'm going to ask the two brothers, it was an honest mistake, will you not forgive him? The two brothers said, No, we want retribution, we want our do and just do it.

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Someone says there's nothing that I can do except to grind it to you. So you ask the young boy is there any last wish that you have that we can fulfill, they are going says yes, my father left behind some gold for my family. Let me make sure that they get it before I pass away. Someone tells them you have three days to do so. But before you go find a guarantor for you. Meaning that if you are not back within three days, someone else will take your place. So this young boy in his time of need, in his time of desperation, he starts looking around, trying to make eye contact with people. And as he looked person to person, each person looked away or lowered their gaze. Until eventually,

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from the back of the room, a man raises his hand. And he says, I will be the voice guarantee. It was I will barely fit in on the last line.

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So the boy flees away. The first day goes by the boys nowhere to be seen. The second day goes by the boy is nowhere to be seen. We come to the third day, just before select the mother. And if you intimately know you know that just because the lotto mother is a cool breeze that comes through the city. So this cool breeze is going in the corner, this talent is very calm and very quiet. The community is anxious. And then the two men they go to the hospital without all the fighting. They said the young boy is not coming back. We're taking you to the courthouse. So they take up all that on a Friday. And as you walk into the courthouse, the whole city of Medina is falling behind them to

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the courthouse.

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Now, just before the adoption of mobile app is about to go off, everyone is dead silent, trying to see what will happen. Will this great companion now be killed for a crime he has nothing to do with just for the sake of trying to help his brother? What's going to happen? And just before the alarm goes off, you hear the huffing and puffing of a young boy as he's rushing into the courthouse.

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And everyone is astonished the head of them.

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Omar asks him, what made you come back? We didn't say the spine behind you. We didn't send anyone to follow you. Why did you come back. And the envoy says I did not want it to be said that a Muslim once gave his word and didn't live up to it was

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a young boy teaching.

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So although he then turns out without the five year old, the loved one. And he says Yeah, but you don't know this boy, you have no relationship to him. You have no idea if you can trust him or not. But why did you become this voice guarantee?

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value in the long run? No. He said, I did not want it to be said that a Muslim was once in a time of need. And there were no Muslims down.

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Armor then turns to the two men. And he asked them, this is your last opportunity. What is your final decision?

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The two men they said we will forgive the young boy. For we two do not want you to be said there was there was once in asking for forgiveness. And there was no one to forgive him. Well,

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this is the legacy of our predecessors. And we want to attain a certain level of respect that existed during the time of the predecessors of the companions of gullible and long it will only be achieved by following their way. So firstly, by making all of your intentions purely for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. Secondly, by doing everything that you do with the utmost of excellence and proficiency and thirdly, living your life with Islamic principles and values, I pray that Allah subhana wa tada restores as an honor to this oma and makes us a cause of it. And I remind you of a great commandment that I was

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panatela began with with himself when he says in Oklahoma he could

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able to scream at Allahumma salli ala Muhammad in Laila Ali Mohamed

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Ibrahim, it brought him in

00:25:17--> 00:25:20

Mohammed Mohammed came about

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in the middle, he

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was shot up now a lot. He was severely now likability now was not good enough.

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Whether he had Amina Islam

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for a while an email, a love of medicine is number one. They need a lot more eyes and

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they need a lot of eyes.

00:25:46--> 00:25:57

They need a lot of loans or acquire them mustafina frequently McCann alone one so one animal sold off enough he couldn't be McCarren Allah humans. Are they quiet animals? Enough? frequently, McCann

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adonia has an app with a 30 has an app working. Now to kind of come up with an answer. Jeremiah was alarmed when Elon Musk said he would come to the lab

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for so long.

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For more methodological