Musleh Khan – Tafseer Sura Maryam #3 Verses 27 – 36

Musleh Khan
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Some article marketing to you about a cartoon hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah warbird. So we are at verse number 27. Yeah, this is what we're going to start off at verse number 27. And we're going to verse number 3627 to 3016. Shot low Tyler. So what's happening in soda memoriam at this point, now that Maria Marley has selam has given birth to her essentially his solemn. Now she's going to return back to her community. And here's the first thing that they say to her to be here, Coleman had to middle she came back to them and she's carrying her child. And he said it he said him, call your mother Guillermo, they said, Oh, Madame la Carrera GT sheet and feria, you came with

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something shocking, something strange, because why they all know that she was never married. So you'll already understand where this is going. Now the lesson for you and I hear is very simple. When somebody gets married, or they're divorced, or they're going to have a child or she's pregnant. At the end of the day, that's no one's business. And unfortunately, you know, there are always pockets of families and Muslims. And this happens a lot in communities a lot in masajid, where they feel entitled, that they deserve some sort of intelligence report of what's happening in everybody's home. So when they see that the sisters coming to the masjid, for the first time, after a long

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period, she may have just gotten married, and all of a sudden, they've noticed that she's pregnant, or she's telling her that she's pregnant. And the response is, Oh, my God, how, how come you know you've been married? You know, so early? And how did you know? You guys are ready for a child like what's happened. And everybody's so concerned, at the end of the day, we've already talked about having children is a gift from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now the reasons behind why they're having a child or why they got married so early, or what happened to their marriage, etc, etc, is no one's business. That is between the family. And at the end of the day, all the speculation, all of the

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rumors, all of the backbiting This is what leads to poison in the community. This is what poisons relationships. And so it's happening to meridiem alayhis. Salaam, immediately she comes back. everybody's like, Oh my god, well, how did this happen? Blah, blah, blah, blah. And nobody is really taking the time to go up to her and just talk to her privately. Don't make it up. Don't make a big scene out of it. Don't make it the talk of the town. But unfortunately, it's just the reality. There's a culture always behind these sorts of things. And it's happening. So what does she say? Yeah. Oh, man can abou Kimora Assemblywoman candidate omake Bahia so the people ask Maria Marley his

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cinema they call her Oh, sister of how one now pause here for a second. Because if you don't understand what this is talking about, it doesn't make any sense. How can she be the sister of how to win because between their Isa IE his seller and how to gnarly sell him, you know, the brother of masala Sam, there's about 600 years. So it doesn't make sense that How is she the sister of Houghton? Now scholars had deferred what this was talking about. I've written down some of the opinions which I'm going to read to you that emammal claimed to be an other scholars have mentioned what was this referring to? Some of the scholars they said that they call her the daughter or the

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sister of how ruined because she worshiped a lot like how to win or lease them. So the fact that her worship was so intense, it was so dedicated, it was so sincere, she got the title of the sister of Houghton, meaning it attributed to the worship of how to win Ali Salaam. That's one opinion. The second opinion is that perhaps that she was part of the children of Houghton. So she's one of the kids of our own great grandkids of our own great great grandkids of her own. So in other words, the second opinion is that she was part of that lineage. This is an opinion. Third opinion is that this was the most popular name amongst Benny is sobre el. So you know, it was said that 1000s of people

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carried because how Allah has set them was such a profound individual in Benny is so da l culture that this was a popular name. So everybody at the end of the day was affiliated or attributed in some way to the name Houghton, because of how famous it was amongst Benny is soda, Eli. The fourth opinion that you'll you'll read about is that there was a very pious individual during the time of money Mr. alayhis salaam, and her father and her parents as well. And this individual he was very famous because of his piety and his

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Humility with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And when that men died, there was over 40,000 people that attended his funeral prayer, and all of them, their names were held on. So just to give you a glimpse, and an idea of just how popular this name was, so that's a fourth opinion that it said what this is referring to. So she was just part of that culture, you were just called brother of Hollywood autohide on going back to this famous individual known for his worship, and his massive funeral, and all those who attended with the same name, the fifth opinion now there's much more, but this is the most popular favored opinion amongst the scholars of Tafseer. And that is, she was named

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or titled, to how to win the sister of how to win based on tribe or affiliation. So it was a cultural practice that if you belong to a particular tribe, so if you were the tribe of hustler Raj, for example, you would be called the brother of hustler or the sister of hustler, meaning the one who comes from the tribe of hustlers. So the one who comes from the lineage of how one or the tribe of how do you understand so that's what it's referring to. And that's where the majority of scholars lean towards is the fifth opinion that this was just a title given to those who either came from a particular place, culture or tribe, or had some affiliation, and carried this famous name of how are

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they his setup? So it's not what other religions believe? You know, sometimes Christians will come across this verse and be like, this doesn't make any sense to have a sister of how to one contradiction in the Quran error in the quarter n. This is a fact that this is a completely wrong makes no sense. So at least you understand and can appreciate some context of what's really being addressed here. Matt can a bookkeeper or someone they said Your father was nobody that was shameful. never did anything wrong to this extent one that can at omake both he and your mother was never a person who was rebellious. So they're trying to piece together how in the world do you have a child

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when your father was respected in the community and your mom was known to never be somebody of dishonor? For a shout out to LA she pointed to her stomach or to her child? Okay, now remember you Sally Sam is born is born and she points to him. Because why? Remember she's fasting. She's fasting from speaking so she can't say anything. So she points to him they say call okay final Kennedy moment Cana Phil Matthew sabia, how is anybody going to speak who was once in the womb and now is a tiny baby is a tiny child of sabi. So everybody, the stage is set. Look what the response is called in near Abdullah, who's talking? Are you sorry, he said I'm begins to speak. Jesus alayhis salam

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speaks and the first words The stage was set. The first words that he says is I am the slave of my Creator, Allah subhanho wa Taala. Pon near Abdullah. So this is a miracle that's happening in front of everyone. Child is like still, you know, it's in our, in our culture, at least, the child is still in the stroller, it's still in the car seat. And all of a sudden, this tiny baby you expect would just be like Gaga googoo and just do the baby talk starts speaking eloquently. Paula Abdullah, I am the slave of Allah tanny Al Kitab. He gave me the book not he taught me the book, because earlier on zucchetti Oh, yeah, here it is. Selim was given the book what I tell you now will keytab

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hochma sobia. So he was given the book and he had to learn it and understand and unloved gave him wisdom and knowledge at a very young age. He said that he said, he already came graduated, he already was certified in the book. So he has knowledge of the total and the Injeel is flawless. This is why later on in his in his life. He debated with rabbis all the time answering their questions so that he could expose the manipulation that was made at that time with those scriptures. And so he came certified, his knowledge was flawless because why? At 10 el keytab Allah gave him this knowledge gave him this book. And so Pamela continues, well, Jared and Nina B and he made me a

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profit. Well, Jared, and he moved out rocker and he made me the Blessed One. It doesn't say

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Baraka, what Gianni Baraka, mubaraka It's a quality, it's the purpose of my existence, Allah created and designed me as a prophet, that everywhere I go, I am blessing and Baraka to all those around. These are some of the qualities that make Jesus or Isa early his said, I'm so blessed, and so honored in our faith. And this is why he is one of the greatest and most beloved prophets and messengers in Islam. This is why we love him. This is why we respect him. We just don't worship Him. We don't see him as the Son of God, we don't see Him as God, but we love him and these are some of the reasons why and this is just one chapter of the Quran, chapter number five and suta till met

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Yoda, it starts ironing out all the miracles that Theresa has said and performed. So he continues, which aren't any more belt or can am excellent wherever I am. Well, Sonny bisola T was a cat and he gave me the guidance and advice and direction that I pray and I give the Zakat meaning I help those in near need, or madam to higher as long as I'm alive and walking the face of this earth. well above rum BYD the team and I was also ordered to be kind to my doesn't say why the Dane, not parents were dignity, my mother, just my mom, because obviously he doesn't have a father right? And well, me and Johnny Jett, Baron shocky. Yeah. And Allah did not allow me to be overwhelming and intimidating and

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dominant to her to my mom. So he saw it he Salaam was born with bitterroot Valley Dane in him with respect for parents and especially his mom. He was born with that quality and if nobody had to teach him to love his mom and respect his mom and treat her well he was gifted with this quality this this this discipline in him directly from a lump was set up on an A and peace and protection upon me not sell him when I lay which we heard earlier on for yahia la Salaam yah yah was Salam when I lay protection was given to him here the shed that is added on what's said Mr. La, so Peace be on too long with protection. So the status and honor is elevated as well. Yo mo woollett to the day I was

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born way old mood to end the day that I will die meaning I will leave this earth why oh birth or higher and the day that I will return one more time or resurrected, that he carries seven or meldonium. That is he said the son of Maria alayhis salam. It's amazing.

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It's amazing the language, the detail, the style, the status that Allah gives a Sally some just by the way that he introduces Isa to the world. Poland help tailor the fee Tim total. And that's the truth based on the things that they used to argue about in dispute because why you had one group that elevated Isa to a status that didn't belong to him. But then you had another group that lowered and insulted he said to a status that didn't belong to Him. So you have two religions, two major religions and groups that are fighting each other on who they think a so truly is. And Allah in the Quran irons out that this is really and truly who he said it said him is he's the slave of Allah but

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he was blessed with so many beautiful qualities that were unique to him. That is the health of that is the truth about a Sara Lee Sanam Americana de la he a toughy though whether whether it's not befitting of Allah that He has a son Subhana far away is Allah from this either Pablo embrun if Allah wills something for in ma akula who confiar coin then Allah simply says Be and it is what in the la hora be what a boo comparable to her there sir autumns stuck in Indeed Allah is my master and the master of all of you. So worship him this is the straight and pure path I want to show you something. Listen to this. Okay.

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Let's go back to the beginning of the surah

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calf hi yah inside. Okay.

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The next day is a karate Robic Abdo Zachary Yeah. Next is no doubt about who NIDA and hafi yeah

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color have been the one allows more minimal style or sushi bar while I'm akun bidrar Arabic Sharpie next year ends up with Wally Yeah, are all the semi Yeah. At Yeah

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So we Yeah, I see. Yeah.

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I'll see. Hey, Shadow key. Yeah. So we took it as a key. bothy. mclubbe Lee. Yeah, posse men co sedi. Genie. Yeah. So beautiful. It's so rhythmic. And everything rhymes perfectly. But listen to what happened next. As we continue imagine to hire Jeb Bell when Sharpie, or birth or hi Yeah. And then verse number 34 alizee fee 10 total.

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There's no Hagia or a year anymore. It says if you know the rhythm goes on for some time, but when Allah wants to establish the truth about Jesus alayhis salaam, Allah cuts the rhythm, that pattern that you are accustomed to, and starts off a brand new rhythm in the surah. Why did this happen? This is the miraculous nature of the beauty and eloquence and the flow of liquids.

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This is how Allah separates two subjects, or at least one of the ways that separated in the entire course. So you'll have a sort of that starts off with a beautiful pattern. And then that pattern done next scene begins. And the next scene the pattern will change 100% completely. And that's your indication that even if you don't know the translation, you don't understand Arabic you know that this is something completely different. So what is Allah do just so that no one mixes up that he said it has some has anything to do or connected with Allah as a family member or a son or etc. A lot changed even the pattern of recitation, so that you know, that all the qualities and the beauty

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that we just described about Isa are the setup is one thing. Now this is the truth of who he is. This was the truth from Allah. So stop arguing about it. Stop affiliating these false attributions to are you Sally, sir, because now this is the truth. It's been clear it's been ironed out. Now the next phase, the next scene begins. It's absolutely beautiful. how Allah subhanho wa Taala does this. It's absolutely a miracle how the Quran is organized this way that even the rhythm of the A yet alone indicates to us that we're moving now from one subject. And because the change in rhythm is so drastic, like it's not just a vowel that's been changed, the entire wording has been changed, the

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style of the wording has been changed. Everything has been changed. You know that now we're jumping to a completely different chapter. So it's incredible. I just wanted to point that out so that you can appreciate and that's where now there's no more how you may or Oberto hi Yah, or Shakti or I'll see ya, no more of that in the soda. Now you're going to have em total Khun feiyr corn syrup to Mr. p. e, only now the fuel boiler the movie, the rhythm is completely changed because we're moving on to a different subject. So that's where I think is a good place for us to stop in shout Allahu taala. I don't know about you guys, man. But as you dig deeper and deeper into the story, it's so

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beautiful. And the connection is so beautiful. It's so intimate. It's so personal. That's what sort of muddy me is all about. Now, there's a great wisdom, actually many wisdoms, but some of them I will share at the end of the series. inshallah. Why is sort of muddy and why does it feel this way? You know, what, why don't I get that same feeling with other sources as well? What's what is it about certain chapters and sources of the poor and that just connect to you differently from others? There is wisdom behind that. That doesn't that just doesn't happen out of nothing and nowhere is it okay, it's just a fluke, because I can relate to that story or something. No, no, no. There are

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hidden gems and secrets behind sodas that do this for you and I and I'll share with you some of those. It's fantastic. It will literally blow your mind when you hear some of the things about why some sort of connect with you differently than others. I will do that at the end of insha Allah but what you just heard is a little taste or sample of the so the transition from one rhythm to another, but the context and what was being talked about it worked perfectly it synchronised perfectly perfectly. So in shallow Tyler we continue tomorrow, just like Camilla will heighten Allah subhanho wa Taala

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You all and protect you a lot man I mean Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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