Musleh Khan – Tafseer Sura Ar-Rahman #1 Introduction & Verses 1-2

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The importance of the "monster sword" on the internet is discussed, as it represents the physical appearance of the Prophet Ali's surah. The struggles with Islam and Muslims across the globe, including misrepresentation and prideful language, are also discussed. The importance of repeatedly preaching the message in Arabic and relaying it in the language is emphasized. The importance of repetition in the Bible and theics in the context of life and health is also emphasized. The importance of learning from the Bible and theics is also emphasized.
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We'll be learning in a shingle Bhanu Rajiv Bismillah

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smilla Hawkman prima hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah it here of total slaughter woman while at my barracks and Mr. Lee Kuan Bharata, Lucky wallbottle keratin, and brothers and sisters welcome. This is the beginning of our journey through pseudo ramen, which is the 55th surah of the poor end. And this is part of a or at least the second part of our series. So we started off with sort of the scene. And now we are in sort of men. And I've linked these two suitors together simply because these are the two most popular, most recited studied sources of the entire poor and, and some of the scholars argue that suta ramen is perhaps one of the most beautiful sutras of the entire

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poor and the rhythm of the sort of the subject. And all of these wonderful things that we're going to discover and learn about is all found under this beautiful chapter of the horn. So there are lots of introductory points that we're going to get into today. So which is why we're only going to do the first two verses. But prior to getting into those two verses, I want to talk to you a little bit about this particular sword on what it represents and why it's important. You first and foremost, according to the majority of manifests your own sort of thought, Man is a mechi surah. Some of the scholars have differed on this, but for the most part, the majority of the sutra itself is mechi

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Sora, which immediately tells us that the students and the audience of this surah are actually the poor Ah, and the Meccans themselves. This particular surah was also revealed closer towards the hedgerow period. So closer towards when the Prophet Ali's salt was set up and his companions migrated towards Medina. why that is important is that lots of time had passed by where the Mexicans have received a chunk of the Quran. they've received a lot of the fundamentals of the poor and they've been taught a lot of this stuff. And for whatever reason, well there are several reasons mentioned in the Quran. The first is when they first heard the poor and they called the Prophet

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Alayhi salat wa salam, the names they called him Majnoon, they call them a sahale said he was a magician, this was their way of saying, you know, he's such a nice guy. But look at how he messed himself up. And now he thinks he's a prophet. Now he thinks that God is talking to him. Now he thinks that he's gotten this exclusive information that only he's received, no one else can get it. Now, he claims that angels talk to him, poor guy, he's gotten really crazy. So they call them the metronome.

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The point is here in that first scream of criticism, and hatred, the prophet Ali's subtle cillum continues, he continues to preach his message. And the lesson for you and is really simple. The challenge of just being Muslim, the names that we're going to be called, and we constantly get called, you know, the things that are portrayed about Islam and Muslims across the globe. That is no different than what had started and happened during the second phase with the companions of the Prophet it sort of set up like it's the same trend that continues till this day, the dynamics are a little bit different, the approach is a little bit different. But the concept of, okay, you know,

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these people, they're miskeen they're poor, they're so messed up, feel sorry for them, that ideas still exist till this day. When that didn't work. The next phase that started in terms of criticism to the Prophet is up to them as they call them a liar. So they literally would say to him, okay, look, we don't feel sorry for you anymore. Something is definitely wrong with you. You know, you're just making up stuff. You're a complete liar. You don't know what you're talking about. So you need to stop this. So obviously, the tone the language that you use the approach all of that became more and more aggressive. And the lesson for you weren't I with that is also really straightforward. Till

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this day, although there might be some that feel sorry for us. There are still many that would literally come to our faces call us all the worst names tell us all the worst things. misrepresent our religion, write books about it, make tons and tons of videos and documentaries.

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about Islam and Muslims, and the misrepresentation just continues to explode, misinterpret information about the religion take verses of the poor and quoted out of context, misuse and abuse had the one after the other that continues to this day. And constantly Muslims, particularly teachers, and leaders will find ourselves constantly in battle, because of the amount of misinformation brought out there. Now, when that didn't work, the prophet it is subtle, Sam still continues to preach his message, he doesn't stop he holds on and a lot gives him more and more I am telling him that look, your job is to continue to do your job, which is to preach and teach this

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message, all of the other stuff that comes along with your job, all of the hardships and the pain that's associated with your journey towards delivering this message, I will take care of that I will protect you. But you own Mohammed Salah Hollywood send them all Malaika lol Bella, the only thing that you can do, and that she should continue to do is continue to teach and preach this message in the color demon, that your job is not to physically guide people but to relay and relay and relay this information. That's what your duty is, obviously, for some for many of the metcons. That didn't work either. So what was the next phase? The next phase now was

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when you hear repetition in the Quran, what's the first thing that pops into your mind what that means what that represents, represents emphasis. But in Arabic, as well as in the poor n repetition is more than just emphasis. Sure that's an important component. That's an important indication that when you see the poor end repeating itself over and over, it represents Okay, this is how important this concept is. This message is this point that we want to get across. This is how important it is. So I'm going to constantly repeated. But another pattern. Another point towards repetition in the Quran is that this is the stability in the message. In other words, ever notice like a parent, when

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they're trying to tell the children to do something or to discipline their children, they'll say, I've told you once, and they tell you again. And this is the last warning. And you tell them again, you know, make sure your room is clean before you go to school before you go to work, make sure you clean your room. And days go by and before you know it, they leave the house, the room is dirty, then you come back a third time and you say you know what I just I give up. I don't know what else to tell you. So I'm just gonna keep repeating myself over and over. So there's that stability in the sense. Another example of that is prayer. You know, you wake your kids up for fudger. And you

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literally like, it's like, it's like waking up the dead literally, you're trying to bring life back to them by waking them up for failure. And every single day it's the same battle. And at some point, no matter how many Heidi's and no matter how much you tell them that this is good for you. Islam requires this, this is part of our Deen. At some point, you know, you're with the same battle over and over. And you just say to yourself, Well, you know what I can't give up. I've got to just keep doing this, I can't give up and I have to keep on preaching the same thing. I've got to keep telling them that Look, you've got to wake up, wake up. And as a parent, I'm going to continue waking up my

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kids every single day until they get accustomed until they understand it. And if they don't, if they never open up and embrace fudger and embrace Sala for what it is, then I'm going to leave it with Allah subhanho wa Taala there's just so much I can do. With that being said, that's the prelude now to this sort of this surah has the most repetition in any sort of the entire portal and 31 times a love repeats himself in the Surah 31 times. Now just keep this in mind, okay 31 times the last panel without it has to say not the same thing in a different way. The exact same sentence. What does that mean? Some of the relevant now here's a third understanding of repetition in the Quran. It's also an

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expression of Allah's anger. You know, it's like this is the final straw. I'll give you one last final time to get this message. So I'm going to reveal a surah I'm going to repeat myself once twice, or in this case 31 times. And that's it after this. Live the band now who is a bit shady that Allah says that he will

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punish them with a punish that is severe. They let worthy boohoo we've never punished anyone like epidemiology been nothing like it in the history of mankind. That's like the final straw. You know we saw this with Esau early he sent him he started in Islam was challenged send down the Last Supper as we call it the poor man's version of the Last Supper. Send down a table spread from Jenna so that we can see and we can eat from it. So you know at first he didn't want to he told them pata tupple line contain the meaning have Taqwa of Allah, what are you asking me to do? Like fear a life You really are true believers. Don't do this. That continued and they persist it. No, no, ask your God

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or whatever. Ask him to send down this table spread. So he sent it he Sam, he asks a lot all nzlr Elena Matt, either 10 minutes mm or less send down from the heavens, a man into a table spread, you know, a dinner a platter that's filled with all of the delights the sweets and the cuisines so that these people could see your miracle. alive. So which well does it. But then Allah gives a warning, supine alone, there is no a that I can think of that expresses ullas anger more than his response to the people who asked for this table spread. There's no verse I can imagine I can think of you know what I'm going to do.

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I'm going to pull it up here, from Sudeten, madam. And I'm going to just read it to you, you know, just you know, the actual response to the luggages I'm gonna read it to you. So Allah says, This is verse number 115. Paul, Allahu in the morning, Zillow ha la calm. Allah says, okay, fine, I'm going to send out your requests to you femaie yet for a better domain calm, whoever disbelieves after even after I've done this, if you still disbelief in me in my message, look what Allah says fit in the that's one in the means. This is very personal to a lot. A lot doesn't say fair enough. Fair enough. We fell in the eye.

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So Allah says, number one, me personally,

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are the people who are out there.

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I'm going to punish them a lot didn't say no. I the people who I Thibault this Elif, again, it's only from Allah, Who are the people, me personally, I will punish them. Let white people who have had them in an island mean

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a punishment that nobody in the history of mankind had ever received.

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You know, that kind of response subpanel love like this here. This response is nothing like it in the whole Quran. Nothing like it is basically subpanel a tireless saying that he will give down a response for people who disbelieve after he sends down this platter or this cuisine or this table spread. After he's done this and you still don't get it. I will prepare something that is exclusive just for you. If and because you still disbelief that no one else in the history of mankind will ever receive some kind of love. May Allah protect us from ever being amongst them and love them that I mean. So now with that being said,

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human beings. Here's the next point. Now as we introduce the sort of, with us human beings, there's only so much we would say, there's only so much we would do. We have limits to repetition, don't we? At some point we give up, we'll just say like, you know what, I can't do this anymore. I've told you so many times. I've been working with you for all these months, all these years and you still don't get it you know what? Forget it. I'm done. I just I can't.

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Not a lot.

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This is why in our previous episode, episodes, we said

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to underestimate Allah's mercy. The level of Allah's forgiveness and his mercy is a direct violation of Amen. It is a direct violation of the fundamentals of our Deen because we are not more superior than a lust, forgiveness and love, mercy, mercy. And so with that being said, Allah says in the first a

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man, the exceptionally Merciful One that's the title of this video right?

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approximate. This is the first word the opening sentence the introduction, of a pseudo in which

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Allah will repeat himself more than he's ever done in any other surah of the entire portal. And the first thing that he says, I am the exceptionally Merciful One. You know what that entails? This is the first word of this sutra is what makes the entire sort of beautiful a lot didn't say, a law, I live in a poorer because if Allah says his name first, if he says Allah, then that would encompass all of the names of attributes and attributes of Allah subhanho wa Taala. But when he specifies one of his names, and symbols out of ramen, then you know, now it's very specific, in the sense a lobe wants you to concentrate on one thing about him as he is going to repeat himself. So what do we know

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so far about the sutra, the repetition is there, it's more than just emphasis now, this is a love really last and final straw with the Porsche with the machine Kuhn and the Meccans. And the last thing is that out of his own exceptional level of care and mercy to mankind, he will take the extra step, as you know, by his will, and He will reveal this one final chapter to emphasize just how much he wants you to get this message. And how does the last panel with how to do this? Now, by the way, you know, for those of you that study Arabic, this is a cumulative Izmir. Right. And what that means is that when a love begins with a name, okay, in this case of men, he starts off a sentence or a

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chapter report with his name, it means that his mercy is continuous, it never stops, it never ends and his level of mercy, there is no comparison to it. Meaning when Allah subhanaw taala says, alright, man, meaning, I am going to now show and explain to you a divine list of things that illustrate and represent my exceptional mercy to all of mankind. So suta Top Ramen is a list divine list of all of the things that are a reflection of here's mercy. So this is a less list. You want to know how Allah is merciful? Go to pseudo ramen. Why? Because the sooner is called sorted or radnet Okay, fine. But secondly, it starts off with other men. It starts off with this name. Now I've done

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a whole episode about All right, so you can go back it's on the YouTube channel when we did sorted to know you'll see that there's a video there about the mercy of Allah you can go and you can listen through it and I talked about how you know translating merciful ramen or Rama as just merciful just does not do justice. It does not do just it doesn't even come close. I don't know what the word that's most appropriate that really captures at least a good image and a good understanding of Abrahamic I don't know a word in the English language to do that. That's why I just called the ron paul ryan I have a lot anyhow, so a Rodman so now we know that the reason why this sort of began

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this way, is a loved one suit to focus on his exceptional mercy that he has no human being can have it like him some kind of weird odd number to remember the audience of this sorta It is important for you to understand why the suit plays out the way that it does. When you consider the audience it's talking to. It's talking to a really stubborn audience and audience that human beings would give up with a loss not giving up. Now, here's the last and final part of this episode, which is the second as I lemon.

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We taught the poor and

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you know, this is so beautiful.

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It's so beautiful. It is so remarkable. Because why?

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying,

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the direct reflection

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of mine mercy. My role

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is that I taught you this book, the poor and I gave you the poor and you notice, I didn't say I'll talk and poorer, I gave you the poor and fat hammock, Michael Porter Am I made you understand the poor? No, no. Allah says Allah, Allah, He taught it to you, which means that every time you will

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learn something about the poor and who is the ultimate teacher who's the one that's actually bestowing that knowledge of the poor and to you.

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It's a lot.

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You know, right now, as we're doing this live,

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I'm not the one teaching you, according to this verse, everything that I relate to you is by Les permission, Allah is allowing me to relay this stuff to you, because he wants to teach you, He wants you to have this knowledge. So we are actually being taught right now this very second we are being taught by him so patentable with art. It's amazing. How could you not want to be a student of this Quran? How could you not want that? How could you struggle to make time you ever hear how some Muslims like I just I don't have time, it's really difficult. Really, unless your teacher, it's really difficult for you to accommodate a lot himself.

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Oh, my goodness, if you can accommodate a lot, there is no hope for you. There's no hope. You'll never be able to succeed in anything in life if you can't accommodate a lot.

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And just keep in mind, Allah says, I am a porter and not LML keytab. I didn't teach you the book a lot calls out the poor and by its name, the poor and poor and from the word Cora is the book that is recited.

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So even if you don't understand Arabic, but you know how to read the Quran, that's a love teaching you recitation, you're learning from him.

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What more of an incentive does one want to at least pick up a less book once a day, at least, I've said this before, if you are not reading the poor end, at least at least once a day, at some point, you recite at least a portion of the poor end, you are spiritually dead that entire day. If you don't recite a large book, at least, even if it's just a couple minutes to three minutes recite something, you are spiritually dead that day.

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says if you're just a zombie, you just kind of scraped out of bed, went through your routine, and go to sleep. That's it.

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For and this is the bloodline This is the like, this is the heartbeat of our lives. And only the people who can connect with this book on a regular basis. I can tell you, I can't live without the Quran. I can't, there is no life in my day, even when I wake up, you know, you know, till this day, experts who you know, and and counselors, psychologists, you know, when they're sitting with you, and you know how you'll sit with these people and you're like, I just I feel miserable. I feel like there's no purpose to my life. I feel like there's no purpose to my day. And they'll try to talk you through these problems. You pay them 1000s of dollars. Sometimes they'll even diagnose you with a

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problem. You're going through this and you're going through that here's some medication just so you can start feeling good about yourself, take this vitamin, take, do this exercise. And you're like, man, I have the cure to all of this stuff right in front of me. Just read the Quran

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and see what happens to you. Those of you that are listening to this and you struggle with them. I'm going to ask you, I'm going to beg you, if you don't read the Quran once a day, just try it. Just like how we go on diets for a week or two weeks or whatever you want an exercise plan for 12 weeks. Go on a spiritual plan spiritual exercise. I'm going to read the core end from Monday to Saturday, just seven days, just one full complete week. And I'm going to read the poor end every single day for five minutes. That's it just five minutes.

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Just five minutes.

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And I promise you inshallah, I promise you, you by the time you get to Sunday, you will never ever want to leave a day off again in reciting the Quran. You will not want to do you will feel the spiritual pain and emptiness inside. Like if the next week comes along and you miss Monday you're just gonna be like, Oh my god, I can't believe I missed that one day. I need to recite, you know the hunger and the thirst for it will develop to such an extent. You will probably wake up in the middle of the night and you're like I missed today. Man. Maybe if I

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It's two o'clock right now but I'm just I'm gonna read for like five minutes. Just gonna read something just so I can feel satisfied. That's the core and calling that's all as mercies. Lauren Elaine just come to it, it's okay, you missed a day, my mercy will give you another chance to repeat and continue. I'm not giving up on you don't give up on me and I won't give up on you. So panela

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this is just the introduction guys so panela I lemon poor and so the next time you listen to a YouTube video about Islam, next time you study something about the poor and next time you read next time you do anything that connects you to Islam and allows book just remember, it is a law that is teaching you not Muslim icon, not any other instructor. It's a lot of Allah is teaching you and that is a reflection of Allah's mercy on you. He wants you to have or at least taste a little bit of His mercy. The last point I'm going to say to you is this, there are lots of ways for us to see and experience the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. The number one most beautiful and effective and

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delicious and sweetest way to do that is through the water and you will taste Allah's mercy when you're kind to people, when you help others when you donate when you give charity when you do all of these acts of worship, acts of kindness, when you are good to your parents when you help those in need. When you when you go and you volunteer, there are endless amounts of or endless avenues that you can taste and experience the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala none of them equate to the mercy of Allah that you will experience when you connect with his book. And the starting point for that is you start off by reading a lulzbot reciting his book because why he says, unlimited attach to this.

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I'm going to pause there in sha Allah, let this resonate and hope and pray that in sha Allah, Allah, it transpires into something or it can manifest into something that you can see an experience that's meaningful, meaningful, meaningful to you in your lives in shot along with Tyler. So with that being said, I'm going to pause here today, I hope that you guys can appreciate an A and understand the beauty of this soda. It's just two vs subpattern love but so many wonderful things to talk about with soda rock man. So that's our introduction today metal, this kind of metallic continue to give us knowledge, teach us, honor us, bless us and shower his Rama upon each and every one of us along

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them. I mean, just a level higher and everybody take care of yourselves and I will see you again tomorrow because de la niterider was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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