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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of "has" and "will" in Arabic to describe actions and events, as well as the accountability process of Islam. They also discuss various aspects of Islam, including pregnancy, animals, clothing, houses, and the potential for humans to use them for transportation and clothing. The importance of understanding the history of Islam and pushing for change is emphasized, as well as the need for young people to register for a course on pseudo looking at the "medicals and message of La ilaha."
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te amo fini. Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah follows solid woman while Baron said Mr. Li Kumara to lucky water capital. So of course as you've probably just heard a recited just a short portion once we continue with the study and shall keep on reciting some more. So today we are going from verse number 15, all the way to verse 25. Okay, guys, so verse 15, to verse number 25. So let's get right into it because lots of really, really important things to talk about insha Allah, Allah, so some in the combat early kill me YouTube. So after Allah subhanho wa Taala talks to us about you know, how He created us the step by step stage of how you know, we develop, once we are

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born, a love puts Baraka in our lives, we talked about what that means, when Allah says that, you know, he expects Baraka or he places Baraka in human beings. And that refers to how we grow up the choices that we make, we develop all the things that we do, were involved with in life, all of that is a reflection of Allah subhanho wa Taala is bottlecap. So, my inner come some inner combat with a 30 kilometer after all is said and done, Allah says, Then after that, you all pass away,

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then after that thalma inner comio myopia matsubara soon, then after that, on the day of judgment, you are all resurrected once again. So Allah subhanho wa Taala, two things. First alum mentions and after all is said and done, you will pass away number two, after all is said and done. And extended period will go by, and you are resurrected once again for the Day of Judgment, while I put a hold up on our phone Pokemon we've created above you several bottle if seven levels or paths and scholars of Tafseer had differed on what the seven levels were referring to. So the seven levels of general are the seven levels of the sky. Allah knows best scholars differ tremendously on this, some of the LMS

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said that these are the pathways that angels use. Fatah is plural for buddy, buddy, it literally means a path or road or a gateway towards something. So some of the scholars said that each heavens is a path or a road to Allah subhanho wa Taala that angels us. So Allah knows best. Above us, there are these seven layers or seven levels or seven paths, one that could not only hunt the law feeling and we were not a people that when we created this that were heedless to this. So what is a lot of talking to us about here.

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You know, one of the most important lessons of life is that no one will ever get away from the levels of in justices and you know, wrong that we experience and we hear about or we might be involved in, nobody can get away from that. And in addition to that the flip side is also true. All of the good that we do. Those are the things that we can keep track of, and the things that we're unable to keep track of below urine and one two letter level. Another part of the Quran, Allah tells us that he knows what you don't know. So you might lose track of what you need to do, of all the little things in life, all the little acts of good that you do that a lot of people don't see or

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realize people don't see what you're doing. People aren't always there to appreciate that. It's reassuring for us to know that on the day of judgment that we will have both sides dealt with in a just and fair manner. So on the one hand, there's accountability, but on the other hand, we're being rewarded, and we're being blessed for even the things that you and I lose track of like we didn't realize, my goodness, all of these things counted for me. All of these things can be rewarded and blessed for and at the same token, all of these things counted against me. I didn't realize or understood that everything that I said and did even the bad things that I thought was not a big

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deal. Ended up being a pretty big deal. So what we're learning from it here is that

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process of accountability is very meticulous in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now one of the things that you'll notice right away with this particular video is I titled it how closely Allah subhanho wa Taala watches us. We'll come to why and where I got that title from in a moment. Next day one zelner mina semma, Emma and Bill Katahdin and we sent down from the skies water. Those of you that study Arabic, there are two words for water in the Quran, you have Matata or at least water from the sky, you have more power and you have man own. So you have Matawan. Now on this is just for you to to understand the usage of these two words. Every time you see multiple one, it's always

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related to the kind of rain that results as a punishment from Allah. Whenever you see Matt own, as we see in the area, this is raid that is a blessing and Baraka for mankind. So it's nothing with respect to punishment. So when Allah says that he sends a water from the sky, and he uses the word mount when, so here, Allah says I sent down for you mount when, because,

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you know, it's very precise, and it's calculated, you know, what's incredible about that guys, every single droplet that comes from the sky has 100 have a lot attached to it is it's a certain amount of water within a drop, and it has a destination and it has a speed and it has you know a point where it's going to land where it's going to come in contact with the earth so alone when he says because he's keeping track and he has control of every single drop of rain from the sky surprised a lot. That's unbelievable. And then unless is a scan net will fill out and once it finds a place on the ground, it settles there fill out over on the land. So what does water do it impregnates the ground.

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So our plants begin to flourish. And now we just talked about pregnancy amongst human beings and listen to Allah in the pre like previous verses in the same sort of talked about the fluid that impregnate a woman. Now he's talking about fluid that impregnates the land is beautiful imagery here on both sides, for a skin now who fill out what in our islands have been de la casa de Rouen, then a lot always gives you the flip side of things a lot always like don't get carried away, thinking that whenever rain is going to fall from the sky whenever you expect rain to fall from the sky, that it's actually going to happen. Here. Allah says Oh, the opposite is also true when in islands the hub we

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can also remove and pause and stop by our will by our puddle the water to fall from the sky. Yeah, a lot can cause clouds or drought whenever he wishes. A lucky pause the rain will you think you know it forecast that there's going to be torrential rain, and then all of a sudden it turns into a complete drizzle, all of that ulisses that's all part of my control. That's all part of my cutoff. So it's really remarkable to say the least that even every droplet not only has this color, but at the same token it also talks about that alecan pause and shut off the sky as He wills for me shutting Lacombe generate and also Allah has raised for you and designed for you gentlemen the theme

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gardens of palm trees

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and grapes and grapes as well. Let them fee her for our key who kathira for you you will have a tremendous amount of fruits fallopia remember fact he had to remember that we said that for a while key refers to the kinds of fruits that when you bite into it brings a lot of happiness and joy it really makes your day so Allah says that all the fruits that does this for you in this world. That's one thing. But there's also for work you will kathira woman has Kowloon so we created for you certain fruits that you already know but then on the other hand, there's other fruits out there you've never seen you haven't even discovered and in Jenna you'll never know until you get there

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Bismillah hytera wamena Taku in which you will consume. What should your Rotten Tomato tomahto designer and trees that will come from Mount torey Sanger from the amount of mountains of sight now or CNET demo to be done. You extract from it a yellow oil, yellow oil so do when is the kind of work

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Remember, we mentioned this in suta Rockman. So this is the kind of oil that has an A discolor to it, right? So Allah says that there are trees that you will extract from it this beautiful type of oil. So it's talking about olive trees. By the way, we'll see the little Killian symbol saw bad aha sada actually means when you take like cloth and you dip it into the oil, and then you see the the the oil on the cloth, and it starts to discolor the cloth. So it's like, similarly, Lil alkalete also refers to like a stew, like you dip bread or pita bread or what have you into the stew and you see how much of the stew soaks onto the bread. That's called signal.

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This is incredible.

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Because this is the area where I got the title of this video from, look at how Allah subhanho wa Taala how closely he watches us. He even watches us of how we dip our foods in stew subpanel lelaki li to eat. So Allah watches us even how you eat, how you have your breakfast, your lunch, your dinner, your snacks, what have you some heilala you know, on the one hand, it's, it might be kind of frightening but for me, it's it's really amazing. It's really amazing that a list panel with arella yet like this help you to appreciate just how much alar so it all watches us just how much things are monitored. These are some of the aspects of Islam that really brings life and truth to the

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religion. When Allah in the Quran looks at all of these fine details on things that normally you and I we would never look at twice, we would never even care we would never even think it would be a big deal. So Allah even watches when you're put your food into stew so proud of Allah.

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What in Allah configure an animal or a bottle and for you, our cattle, so much lessons of reflection and thought, how so mistakenly my feeble Tony Have you drink from what comes out of its stomach. But you know what's incredible, if you cut open the stomach of a cow or sheep or what have you, you're not going to find milk right then and there. A lot creates that. So on the one hand, you have blood, you have the filth, but in between all of that Allah create something that you and I can drink and find strength and health in it. So that's something to reflect on.

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Newspeak will mimic what a comfy ham NFL kathira. And then there's also so many other things that come out of these animals will mean ham. women had to go to and from which you can also eat. So it's like you know, the bedwin that's riding on the camel and account will become so old and frail. And we can you don't just leave the camel, you can now consume the camel. So you now you can eat it, dinner is served. But then the skin and other parts of the animal that you normally wouldn't eat. Oh, now you can use that to make clothing can make shoes, you can build a home you do so much. So all of these things that are placed into one creation. This is what a lab refers to when he says

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that there is a bot there is reflection, things that are thought provoking for human beings to look at and reflect on.

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What are they What are then freaky to him alone. And upon those animals, you can ride them. Just like as you ride on ships and vessels to metal you climb and you ride. On top of that even if you don't consume them, you don't drink from them. You don't use their material. You can use it even for transportation. So a lot of this we talked about when we looked at sort of the natural as well as salty as seen. All of those tough SEOs are on my YouTube channel so you can take your time and go through that. But we talked a lot about just the whole overall benefits of these animals, that they are more than just animals that graze our farms and that we nourish or we take from them their

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foods, while I put it over suddenly an ocean Isla comi now another shift in theme we send to the people of North

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la comida comi we sent to new to a people to a nation for called a poem and he said to them, they are Buddha Lucha worship Allah manga comin Ella Maha euro manga coming Isla Hinata euro there is none other than him a day to worthy of worship. If Allah Tatupu Don't you have any level of consciousness. So no highly celebrity center people this is one of the first sentences that he understood and he calls them to the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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for calling and mellow Olathe in a Kaffir we mean call me he then the leaders, the tribal leaders, the kings, all those who are in charge, whomever so these are like the government leaders at that time. These are the

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The people that are in charge of all the tribes, these are like the politicians that come together, and they make a decision that they feel is best for the entire city. So they all come together and mela or they all come together. And they say Madhava illiberal Miss Lacan, instead of who is this, except he's just another human being, like all of you,

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Muslims, Does this sound familiar?

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Whenever I come across verses like this, I think as though it's almost as if these verses were revealed to us today, like in this day and age,

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you guys are just like us. You Muslims, you're the same like anyone else. Why do you guys think that you know, you're the chosen one, you have this poor edits on touchable and preserved intact? Okay, fine. You're no different from us. So one of the same exact criticisms that we get, till this day, we're talking about the time of new island, his salad.

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And that's the first criticism that came about. So they officially came out with this verdict, all the leadership, they created this verdict and said, You know what, these people are just like us. So we don't need to give them any additional attention. No privilege is nothing that just like any one of us, so that's the first criticism. So keep track of this. You need to as a footballer at a club. Number two, he wants to be an present himself that he is superior that all of you he's better than you guys got the phone, but he's better than so. That's the second criticism. You Muslims think that you're better than all of us? Who do you think you are? One of the criticisms we hear a day and

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night. This is the kind of propaganda that's constantly perpetuated in the media and on social media and so on and so forth. What OSHA a lot and if our last panel What are your ones? lens, Allah, Allah, Allah says that if Allah wanted, he would descend down actual angels for you, if he wanted to, so he didn't have to send an actual human being he could have sent angels if he wanted to mess me and Abby has a fee about you know, a wedding. We never heard this from any of our previous generations, that some man would come forth and, you know, proclaim that he's a prophet of Allah, we've never things like that. So that's number three. The third criticism, we've never heard that,

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you know, we've got to stay away from pork. stop consuming alcohol. We can't have a boyfriend and girlfriend. What are you guys talking about? We've never heard these things before. All. So what are you trying to say? All of my generation, all of my grandparents and their grandparents and children? We all did the wrong thing. What do you Muslims talking about? So it's three criticisms so far right? In 1am. Let's keep going.

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In Hawaii, Laura juubi Jin tune photocurable sobey he had to him. So these three didn't work. Here's number four. Maybe he is actually, if he's not just a real person, he might be somebody who's possessed Jin Jin is crazy. So they said to him instead, okay, fine. You know what? You there's something mentally wrong with you. You've got some serious mental health issues. So they said photogra Basile will be terrible. So just leave him alone. He'll go away. Just like how you know, Jim's will come and go, don't worry. It'll this this guy who claims he's a prophet. Just leave them alone. They'll eventually get tired and realize nobody is listening to them. nobody's talking to

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them. They'll go away.

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Don't talk to these Muslims. Don't give them any rights. Don't give them no attention, put them at the bottom of the list. And eventually they'll realize that Islam is not the truth and they'll find something else to do. Again, it almost feels like these verses subpanel have been revealed now. And they're so just as relevant to us today as what they're referring to at the time period they're referring to and subpanel like it's these verses really speak to each and every one of us in a completely different way. Because all of us experienced this in our own way at work at school and just places in gym grocery store anywhere you become a target. In some one of these kinds of

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criticisms you're subject to just because of who you are fatahna Basu they leave them alone. It's a phase they're going through he'll he'll eventually be hacked at him for a certain time period he'll eventually give up less a partner have been sued or need be my tetherball No, Holly has Sam turns to a love for aid and health. He says Oh Allah, assist me and aid me and help me be medical that will further

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That they're telling against me. You know, Muslims what we learn here, you keep moving forward, in the midst of all that hate, criticism,

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scrutiny, propaganda,

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all of those vicious vicious attacks that happen each and every day just because of your faith just because of your religion. What we learn from New highly solemn is you have to put all of that aside and continue to push forward. And no highlight incidences piling on have been sorting and rely upon your Creator to give you strength, to give you the perseverance to give you the ability to continue to move forward.

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This is how the poor Ed teaches us to stand up against Islamophobia, against hate against discrimination in all of its forms, all of its forms. Continue to push forward. Don't let the haters the naysayers, the critics push you down, to stop you from practicing your religion. This is your God given right as a human being, that if you are Muslim, or anything else, that you have the right to uphold what your beliefs are. And Allah says, Allah highlights for us that that strength, that motivation, that focus comes once you continue to turn and rely upon him. subhanho wa Taala and that's what no highlight he slammed us. He holds on and he turns to his creator. Oh Allah, give me

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the strength and ate me from all the lies that they keep saying against me. Our version of them Oh Allah give me the strength to hold on to my Deen of all the lies they keep saying about Muslims and Islam. On the news on social media everywhere. So much garbage so much false misconceptions, ideas, false narrations, everything, misrepresentation of my religion and who I am. Oh Allah give me the strength so that I can overcome all of these blatant lies and propaganda against me and against my religion. That's what we learn from this whole verse here and all of the criticisms that came prior tomorrow inshallah What did a lot of them tell no Holly has set out to do. So a lot answered this

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Dora. So how did he answered the door? I have no hide a salon. What did Allah ordered him to do? And how did Allah guide him through it? That's what we're going to study tomorrow in sha Allah, Allah. Having said that, may Allah so it will preserve and protect the religion of Islam, in our Deen in our hearts and in our lives, love them. I mean, with that being said, we are at verse number 25. And so tomorrow as you can see, now guys, we're picking up the pace or tomorrow we'll take another set of verses in sha Allah hotel, Allah, may Allah subhana wa Taala, always and forever preserve and protect the message of La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in our

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hearts and in our lives, love them and me. So take care guys, and I will see you all tomorrow in sha Allah Butera, just like a local hero. Or by the way, by the way, you probably might have seen a video of me, I think it's like two or three posts prior to this one. I'm going to be teaching a course on pseudo lukeman. And I know what you might be thinking, Okay, it's just another Tafseer, it's going to be much more than just the Tafseer. And I'm starting this Saturday in sha Allah tutorials. So December, I believe it's the 2016. And it's going to run for about four days, and it's just two hours a day. And inshallah we're gonna do the entire sort of look, man, but it's going to

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be fun, it's going to be an interactive session, there's going to be a lot of cool little things that we're going to do within those two hours just to make it interesting and to make it fun. It's something for the whole family. But particularly if you have teenagers and even young adults and even parents out there, this course is for you. So what we'll do is not just go through a traditional Tafseer. But we're going to concentrate on how pseudo lookman addresses all of the day to day struggles of today. Now this time period, that especially young people go through all the questions and the doubts that concerns you know, the struggles that they face with. I know that

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there is content out there that either targets young people like you guys are the ones messed up and you need to change or it targets the parents. You guys are messed up your parenting style has to change and it turns

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have like a balanced approach where both sides can coexist and understand and communicate to one another. And in addition to that, our surroundings, our environment, all the fitness that we're constantly coping with, and our men is constantly put through a grind every single day sudah Look, man gives us all the tools to deal with this stuff. So I know for most of us, we're going to be on a winter break. So hopefully, even the timings and all of those things won't, you know, have the trauma, you won't want to impact your schedule or your routine. So please just take the time check out that link. It's just about two or three videos before register for the course register somebody

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you know, the course is limited. Okay, there's only so much there's only X amount of people that can register so once we hit capacity in sha Allah, the whole course will be closed. So we have about one week left in sha Allah, please take the time and check that out and register for it be a dilemma Allah subhanaw taala reward you on that just below Clara was cenomar alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato