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Musleh Khan
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah sal Allahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi intermarine Cinema alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakatu Let's continue this is episode number four on our journey through the Tafseer or the exegesis of sorta Tannahill the 16th chapter of the Quran. We are now at verse number 26. So let's continue. Allah subhanho wa Taala continues and he says pada Makoto la Zina middle papalii him. So those who came before you they had also planned, what did they plan? They planned many things, but they planned at the end of the day,

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to disobey the Prophet alayhi salatu was salam, so they plan against you. So if you plan against the Prophet, then in essence, you're planning against Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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To love woonona who may know power at 400 la hemos Suk forming healthy him. Allah says then Allah came to them from the foundations. Now, if you look like at a tornado or a hurricane, usually when it damages, a structure, everything about that structure is damaged. But what remains intact. It's always the foundation most of the times it's just the foundation. Allah says he attacks the foundation first. And if you look at modern demolition today, usually they'll put all the explosives at the bottom of the foundation and the entire building will collapse on its own. So Allah subhanaw taala says that he attacks the foundation for 100 early humans sub forming felt to him and all that

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is above them will collapse meaning that Allah will * them when they least expected to law when yet what a term will either born in haste solaia shorter than Allah so it just says that he will come to them with a punishment in a way that they would not feel nor comprehend nor understand from my own milk tm A to Z him fail kulu Aina Shaka el Latina Khun tone to share Puna Fie him, so then the day of judgment will come to them. And they will be asked and you know, where are the idols that you used to confide in that you used to worship and that you used to defend used to argue about to Shakuni Fie him you know, you've defended these idols. You did so many programs so many talks you

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wrote so many books you stood up because this we you know, you protected these things you believed in them. So where are they today? How come they're not protecting you? How come they're not talking on your behalf? That's what Allah subhanaw taala is addressing him call and let you know who told him but that's for those who were given knowledge in Sierra Leone was so our island caffeine indeed humiliation and disgraces upon those who have disbelieved. A Latina tower fell hormonal mela eco Vani me and the angels, they will be told to * away a volley Me and fusi him those who have wronged themselves. Now listen to it. And this is where I put the title of this episode, I got it

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from this a, those who were in the middle of the party, they were in middle of the city, they were doing something wrong, and they just went out with a bunch of friends and did whatever. And in the midst of that, Allah sends the angel to * them away. That's the angel of death. And what they ended up doing when they confronted Allah. So in one moment, you're sitting there, you're partying, you're having a great time you're doing whatever you want to do. And in a split second, you're already in the hereafter felco was set them, then they immediately submitted themselves to Allah. No, no, no, Allah, we were with you. As a matter of fact, that was just with my friends. It was

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actually my friends who were doing it. I was just standing there, or they they tricked me or it was the pressure I gave into the pressure. So I didn't know what else to do. You know, when two kids get caught doing something, what does one could do with the other? It was him. It's his fault. You know, I've got two kids, you know, a son and a daughter, young kids, one is eight, one is five 100% of the time, if they're both up to no good or they're doing something, they're not supposed to do an egg and they get caught. The first thing myself or mom will ask is, okay, Who did that? And they would just point at each other. All kids do that. So it's the same scenario, same imagery brought in this

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verse. So the individual will say, No, no, no. We'll sell them. Oh Allah, we submitted ourselves to you. You know why this is happening because now they were confronted. Now they realize there's nowhere to go. I can't run anywhere. I can't do anything. I am literally stuck right here at this very moment. And so it'll post selama couldn't enter medical Min Soo. We submitted your ourselves to you from any wrongdoing. Bella in Allah Halima be malcontent Cameroon. Allah says by no means in

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I had complete knowledge of what you were up to. So in other words, it's poor man's way of saying, who you trying to fool. You know, you're trying to tell me now that all of a sudden you were with me, I knew exactly what you were up to why you were doing it when you were doing it. No matter how you tried to hide from others, I had all knowledge of all things. So Allah confronts him, you know what's amazing about this area, there will be people that will literally be standing in front of Allah in the hereafter and still try to lie to him, still try to escaped still try to go somewhere and say, Oh, no, no law, we weren't like that. And it kind of gives you this gives you this

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encouragement, and it gives you an impression of the seriousness of lying, just imagine people will be lying in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala on the day of judgment in front of him. How if it's that serious then then this is one of the wisdoms and the reason why lying is wrong, even in this world. Don't lie to each other. Because if you do and it becomes a habit, and you don't see anything wrong with it. As long as you get away with it, it's all good. Then there's a good chance that that same habit will carry on in the next life in front of the master himself. And when you're in that situation, this is where Allah says Bella in the Lucha de Mogi McClinton terremoto and I had always

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known what you were up to and all knowledge of all things. So who are you trying to fool now? You may have gotten away with it with people, but you could never get away with it with Allah May Allah azza wa jal protect us fed to Hulu Abdullah jahannam. So Allah orders enter the doors of the jahannam Holly D that he had in where you will reside, where he has the lemon, Allah protect us from their fellow bits of methanol and water kabiri. And what an awful ending for people who were full of themselves will take a beer in pride, in essence, somebody that's just all about me, me, me, me, full of themselves. So here's the interesting thing about this. We are talking about someone that

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was lying to Allah, when they got confronted, they were snatched away when, unexpectedly from this rule, they found themselves in the photo. And then Allah confronted them judgment to place a lesson is fed whoever, whoever jahannam go into the doors of the jahannam that is, where your place will be, what an awful ending. And then Allah uses the word multicap bill went to kept better,

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of course, refers to somebody with pride. But what kept better the person with pride? And kibbled one of its meanings or connotations? Is that somebody that's just all about themselves full of themselves thinking only them them them. So it's a lot of selfishness is around this, this particular concept. Now, what does that have to do with anything? Well, that's the problem. That's the predicament you've got yourself in. That's what Allah subhanho wa Taala is addressing. You thought about you, you, you, and you were not concerned about the responsibility that Allah gave the instructions that have been put out the examples that Allah put the core and that Allah sent all of

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these things, you ignored it for so long. And unless sent more warning, afterwards, Allah gave time after time. And this is why some of them are limited. They said that every second that goes forward is an opportunity. It's an opportunity for change. It's an opportunity for improvement. It's our way that Allah subhanaw taala designed life, that as long as the clock continues to tick, then the opportunities always open there is you always have a chance to do something differently to change or to think differently. And all of that was taken away. So now it's your own pride that caused you to even stand in front of Allah and still try to deny and still try to go around, beat around the bush

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and still try to lie to him. subhanho wa Taala May Allah protect us from the low mammy, what Pilani Latina topo Meza insalata bukem then it was said to those who had taqwa what was sent down to you, mother and sell out of book what did Allah or Dora sent to you listen to their response, they mocked up a call to hire or they said it was something so good, you know, higher on here. It means that this individual for them to describe something was so good. It just was It was amazing. It was awesome. It means that they've experienced it, it means they tasted revelation. And this is the separation. This is the separator from two groups of Muslims, those who really engross themselves in

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learning and understanding and they worship and they do all of the things that they're supposed to do to the best of their ability, but the point is there

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constantly learning and with knowledge they're practicing, they're improving, then I try to twist and turn and modify their religion or upgraded or change it in a way that suits their own needs, their own principles, their own outlook on life, what they perceive is right or wrong, what they think is a reflection of religion or obedience or not. They're not doing any of that. They are similar, no will Alterna which is this, and that's the second getter that leads to the second category of Muslims that they call themselves Muslims, with a lot of pride, a lot of honor. They're proud of their identity, fine, but they've got their own sort of warped view of what they think a

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Muslim should be and how they should live. And so they'll pick and choose certain aspects of the Quran, if they can even read the Quran. You know, most of the people who do that, who kind of twist and turn some of the teachings and principles of Islam, they kind of just modify it in a way that suits their own needs 99% of them, you'll never hear about them that they can't recite a sutra properly, they can barely read Arabic, you're rarely will find them in classrooms. And so you have to now decide which category are you in. And what Ally's saying here is helping us to choose and steer us to the direction that he wants us to be. Those who have Taqwa. And we've already talked

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about taqwa consciousness of Allah. They've tasted what revelation was. They've engrossed themselves into it. They went to the massage. They looked like a Muslim talk like a Muslim. They lived like one in all aspects. Their only response was man, it was amazing. It was so good. I felt Islam I didn't just live it. I didn't just learn it. I felt I tasted the sweetness of human just like the Prophet already slept with Salaam described he man it has some has a flavor. It has a sweetness to it. I tasted that sweetness. You know, it's just like when you go to a park, and somebody asks you well, how's the park? Man? The breeze? The temperature? Perfect. How's the ocean? When as soon as I jumped

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in the water temperature? Perfect. How was the movie man best movie I've ever seen in my life. You've experienced something, you know what it's like you've engrossed yourself into it. That's what this area is all about. Those are the people that enter a less paradise. Those are the people that have honor, and they have status, and they get all the things that they strive for in this world. They get it on the Day of Judgment, pod Hira Lila, the it doesn't even stop there. So that's the first thing about the macduffie. They respond. Man is slam and submission and Revelation, everything. It was just good in every way. Then they say little Athena accent, he had the HID dunya

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escena. And they also say that in this world, everything was Hasler this world was became comfortable. You know why? Because they tasted revelation. So the worldly life became peaceful, it became a good place for them. They enjoyed their life here. They were able to experience all of the hassles around all of the things that were good, that were righteous that were meaningful, that was that were that was inspiring, that was loving and uplifting. They enjoyed their time in this world. And that's okay. That's part of being and looked at your content, Allah gave you life and gave you time on this world. living in this world is not a bad thing. It's just that you have to be able to

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maneuver the things that are corrupt and evil and bad. Stay away from that stuff. But there's still it's still a beautiful place to live. It's still a wonderful opportunity that we have that Allah gave us life and gave us a chance to be here. Then Allah subhanaw taala continues, well, I doubt we'll hear it higher. But the Hereafter is also good support Allah. They say the same thing about the Alfredo so they spoke about revelation. And now they speak about Farah, same thing. It's so good. Well, then aeromodelling looked up in what a beautiful noble ending for the tepee. Jana to add in, they will have gardens that will span that will become vast, luscious and beautiful. He had to

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hold her to remain tactical and how they will enter it and beneath their feets rivers will flow. So they will be in Jenna, and may male, so it'll allow us all to be there. They'll put their feet in the water and it was just like, Man, this is this is amazing. This feels so good. And they'll see this river flowing and it'll be joining to another level and be like, okay, I want to go there now. Because that river over there. Oh, there's a waterfall too. And it's not the kind of waterfall waterfall. If you jump into it, you're swept away. No, no. It's a waterfall that will attract you. You'd want to be there. You could touch it. You can be in it.

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The water of gender is not the same as this world. It's beautiful. It's different, its texture, it's clean, it's pure. It's everything that you could imagine, but never see or experience in this world. It's all of that and more. And they continue.

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Loan fee, her Maja shirt on, you know this part of the all of you students just memorize this, let him feed him a a shirt.

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For them they will have anything they want. It doesn't say let him feed him a a shirt or a home see her may upload one doesn't say whatever they request or may Yes. Or what they asked for, or may you read or what they desire. It's my issue, whatever they want. Anything you want agenda, anything. You know, some kids asked me is there? Is there going to be ice cream agenda? Yeah. If that's what you want? Is there going to be burgers and fries? If that's what you want? Is it going to be like a basketball court, I can just shoot around, if that's what you want. And here's the thing yet, when Sharon is when you have the desire for something,

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you have to start to work towards that to achieve it. Right. But show one is you have the desire and you make it happen. But in general, you just have to want something and boom, it's right in front of you. You know, you want a basketball court, boom, it's right there. One a nice couch or you know, you're sitting in front of your mansion in gender. And you're like, man, if only you had some, some nice couches here, only had four and had some nice furniture only had something here, I want to put something that funny had an entrance that took me out to the river here. You just have to want it or just think about it and boom, boom, boom, boom, everything is just it's placed. Everything is there

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for you. What ever you want. You have this verse here is actually mentioned as sort of protocol and other sources as well. For the inhabitants of Paradise you have what ever you want. Just think about what that feels like anything you want. Man, I just want to sit in a chair.

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Man, my favorite fruit in the dunya was an orange and it'll be nice to have an orange from genda the orange will come to you and be placed in front of you. You don't have to go to a tree like okay, where's the orange field? Oh, there it is. Let's go to no you don't have to do any of that. It comes to you. And as you know, I bested all the Alomar, in whom Ellen said Jen knows some of the similarities of the world is names. So it'll have the names of the fruits will be the same or at least most of them. But the texture, the texture, the taste, everything the appearance will be 100% different Nothing can be compared to it in this world. metalaxyl which will give us his gender and

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everything and all of the blessings in it alone me.

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Then Allah continues because Alec agency love we looked up in that is what the beautiful reward and blessings for them whipped up in a Latina totowa fell in my lap mela aka totally been and the angels will be ordered to take this them the motor pain. And here's one of the names of the mucked up team. They are called pi Eb and play ubm from eBay. It means something beautiful and something pleasant ballyboden is a perfume. So these individuals are like beautiful fragrances of perfume. That's what tequila does to you. It makes you attractive people want to be around you people want to sit with you. They want to talk with you Why? Because there's something about you. That's called tequila. So

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one of the titles that the medupi has is that they're from the tie up. They're just nice to be around just like a nice smelling bottle of perfume or cologne or a toad or what have you. nice fragrance. So this is like a beautiful human fragrance that you want to be around. Yoku Luna salaamu alaykum metallogenic my Quantum tarla moon, the terminal, the angels will take them guide them towards gender and they will say salaam aleikum there was he said Mr. They can enter Jannah because of the things he used to do, everything you used to say and do. Go Go genda is yours. Go take it. Just go. We've been told to you know the previous verse earlier on in this episode, the angels

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snatched the volume the wrong door in the midst of whatever they were doing and boom, they were in the theater, and they try to fool a line. Just be like, No, no, we're with you. Now. The angels are like we know exactly what you were doing. You don't have to explain anything to us. We were there. earlier. Phil Hyatt

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During your Philadelphia we were with you we were your guardians in the dunya, as well as in the alpha. So we have we know completely fully well, Allah gave us all the knowledge that we needed to understand and know what you were doing, not just going to Jenna, it's over. This is where you will be forever May Allah blesses to be there and shout low lahoma being alienvault Runa Illa. And to whom Allah ek, do they not see that when the angels come to we to immortal Arabic or the command of Allah is issued meaning death? because that'd be caffarel and Latina men, probably him. That is exactly what we used to do to those who came before you. In other words, don't you remember people

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who were alive and are not alive today? This is exactly what Allah did. Allah already showed you countless and countless and countless of examples, people who were here, and Allah did the same thing to them a lesson to angels, their souls were taken. And they were, they were gone. So that was a that was a reminder, because I had to get fired and Latina male, probably one male Viola Mullah, while our kin Colonel and for some elderly more or less, as I didn't do anything to you, I gave you all the instructions, all the direction, all the reminders. So you're the one that wronged yourself, which means that this message was in front of you and you chose to ignore it, you chose, I wasn't

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going to listen to it. I don't want this message. I want to party I want to live life. I want to just live it up in this world. And then it continues for all Saba, whom say, tomorrow Emmylou. So as a result, it came to them the consequences of what they used to do. Well, how could be him McCain will be he just as he won, and it came and it also along with that came the the consequences of the things they used to make fun of I used to make fun of the religion used to call somebody that would be in the masjid all the time. Look at them, they got no job, they got to like look at them used to say that just to poke fun at even your own fellow brothers and sisters used to poke fun of them. And

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unfortunately, this is such a common problem internally in our own math, that even Muslims are guilty of doing this to one another, just poking fun of laughing at at other Muslims that are trying to practice their religion. You know, one classic example I've seen this with my own eyes. I've heard with my own eyes, you know, somebody they think would never wear hijab One day, she walks into Masjid and she's wearing a complete t job. And she made that choice to do that. And some of her friends would be like you, you're gonna wear that. We were just at a party a couple a couple days ago. You were like smoking up, you're drinking. You were going crazy. And now you're, it's crazy

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man, you're going to do all of that. Now you're making fun of her, not realizing that Allah, that's the change. That's the point of her life, that everything turns around. And so what Allah subhanaw taala is saying is that those individuals that made fun of even their own and the people nearest to them, because they were trying to do the right thing, they were also punished. They were also count as wrongdoers, despite that they were Muslim or from any other faiths, for that matter. Here's the last verse and this verse is really, really important. So capture this last verse, verse number 35. We'll call that Latina Ashura colo Sha, Allah Matt, I bet Nam in duty, he means Shay in nanawall,

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about when

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those who they said, those who worship idols. So as for those who worship idols, they said that this shows that we worship and we enslave ourselves to so these idols that we worship, you know, these other gods that we believe in, we didn't do that on our own. This was a less will. alum wanted us to do this. And somebody could probably hear talks like this, like, okay, you know, our religion is the largest population on the planet, because it's God's will that we should be whatever Christian or some other religion, right. It was God's will. And I've heard this before, like, you can listen to talks, you can listen to other religions speak this way. And it was like, it's not our fault. It was

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God's will. And so a lot of dresses that there were some that would say this.

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Allah wanted me to be guided. Why would he put me in front of this idol? Why would he put me to bow down to in front of this person or belief or worship other than Him? It was his will. So if I'm under his control, and everything has already been predestined, then that's it. This is where I am. This is what I do. So so what are they saying? they're blaming a law not themselves. They're blaming a law for the Showtek and it's not their own as a result of their own choice. While I help them in duty human shape care their Lika ferula Latina male, cuddly him, here's how a low response to this. Allah says that's exactly what nations before

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You used to say, that's what they used to do

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for hella ilevel sweet little Bella whole movie. And here's how you respond to this. For Hello, hello, Rosalie lol Bella humulene wasn't upon every messenger, every prophet and messenger except that they projected the message clearly. So in other words, their jobs, all these prophets and messengers, and their job was just to come there and give instructions. You know, they went there to come and try to convince you and sit with you and be like, Listen, you know, and have these philosophical debates about who Allah is and how you can find them. And they had a clear agenda, which was to teach with the instructions that Allah gave them. And this is an important dowel point

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for a lot of us. You know, there's only so much that you can say our job as Muslims is to present the message as it's straightforward. Whether you accept it or not, that's not our problem, because that's a less territory. He decides who accepts what our job is to say, Yep, this is my religion. This is what I believe in. This is what it says, you know, don't worship Allah who Camila Wahid we heard earlier on in the surah. Allah is one and only one just That's him. That's what Muslims believe. The Prophet Mohammed Al De Soto seven. That's our example. That's what we follow. Done. No, sir. You know, it's just like a very famous example of Sandman. And finally, see all of your loved

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one, somebody came to me and wanted to make fun of the religion and be like, you're a prophet actually tells you how to go to the bathroom, how to squat down and do all that stuff. They wanted to make fun of him, said, Man and faricy, although the old man didn't say, you know what, you know, if you squat down a certain way, it's good for the digestive system, your back and so on. And everything works out and sign science has proved that he didn't go into any of that. You know what he says? He says, Yes, that's what he teaches us to do.

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That's it. Keep it straightforward. Keep it clear. And that's what prophets and messengers did as well. This conversation will continue and it'll get into deeper and deeper some of the struggles that prophets and messengers went through but hope you can appreciate just how important the the set of verses that we've gone through today are and how in sha Allah tala, perhaps it can encourage you to at least at the end of the day, our religion is simple, trust it. And there is so much that awaits us in terms of acceptance botica blessing and reward in sha Allah Tada. And there is no easy cop out with Allah. And death can find us at any given time, will not attend it enough soon be a

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intermode You don't even know where you're going to be standing, and death finds you. So that's what we're being reminded now in this set of verses today. And this beautiful chapter of sola. May Allah so it'll give us this jedna a male line. So we allow our words and our actions to reflect those who are deserving of his forgiveness deserving of his paradise alone, man, I mean, just like Milo Hayden and everybody, Episode Five tomorrow insha Allah who tarla as we continue with the Tafseer of sort of the novel, inshallah, tada those of you who have missed any episodes, everything is on YouTube, it's on my YouTube channel, it's organized Well, I've put all the A yet there as well so you can

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follow along. You don't even need to have an actual core and in front of you, because I've put everything on the screen not in this video, but when it's uploaded onto the channel. Everything is there. You just got to sit back and just take in what this sutra teaches us and I hope you can enjoy that in sha Allah sekulow hydromat Allah bless you keep you healthy and safe wherever you are alone. I mean, just like mellow hydrate everybody was Salam. alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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