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smilla Rahmanir Rahim.

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mother who want to stay in or who want to stop Pharaoh will not only be there he may surely and fusina women say it amarena brothers and sisters,

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welcome to the show once again.

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One of the beautiful things that Islam taught me personally, and I'm sure you will also agree with me

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is when you know the truth is easy to sacrifice.

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When you know what are you fighting for?

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What are you struggling for? When you know the truth, it is very easy to sacrifice.

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And Subhanallah

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when the wife of Allah Aziz

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came to use of Allah, his Salatu was Salam. And you can imagine, use of young man,

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on the land that he has no significant

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no status in the house,

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of his master,

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and with a beautiful women,

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she comes to him.

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And she says to him,

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hi, Tilak I'm all yours.

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A lot in the Koran, he describes this in a way that if you speak the Arabic language, the picture becomes so clear, so vivid in your head,

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that you can almost see them both.

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Allah said,

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what I wanted to let you who were Phoebe at an

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wahana cotton,

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walk all at high tallac somehow know what I said.

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And the women that he was in her house, she approached them and she seduced him.

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And she closed the doors not only locked them, but he said was it as though she shield

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she feel

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all the doors. And then she said, Hi Tilak I'm all yours. Now use of either you set out to a salon.

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He understood that if he this obeys this women of authority, a woman of power, his master, the consequences won't be something easy.

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But he also knew the truth.

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That by disobeying a law is not something that we can play with.

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And then he refused to entertain your request. And use Valley Salatu was Salam he knew this woman is alone in the room, parliament, the law in the senate mathway he says Suhana law, how can I betray and into interpretation? So Panama My Lord,

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He is the best is being kind to me. Another interpretation. He said my master your husband was kind to me, how can I portray him

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in the hora de asanam with why

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now some Hana law.

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At that moment, when a moment in that situation, look how Allah will reward him. The messenger over law said, one out of the seven category of people who would be under the shade on the day of Yeoman pm or when there is no shade, but the shade of a law is a man who was approached by a beautiful, powerful women. And he said, in the upper half of law, I feel Allah subhana wa.

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Now knowing the truth with sustain

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something that was not achievable.

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And that is the man in the heart. And by knowing that you're going to meet a law and you're going to be held accountable than to sacrifice yourself your life. It would be nothing to sacrifice your life. For the sake of your deen for the sake of Allah. Then you will not be much. I'll tell you a beautiful story.

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such an amazing story. It happened at the time of Nabi sallallahu, alayhi wasallam

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when a man who's short

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not the best

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Looking for Harvey. Not the best among the Sahaba. In terms of locks, he comes to the sort of lies of the law while he was selling on from his tone. You can see he's hurt. And he says the auto sort of law

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our a summon an epic?

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We use zoom. What do you mean? He? He said O Messenger overload, isn't it? there when a man believes in you and the message that you brought to us? He will be from the people of Jenna.

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And he won't marry from the women of Jenna, as though he's saying my shape, the way I look does not matter. What matters is what I have in my heart. Because you're the one who told us all the messenger over law in the law holla young girl in a super eco scary. Aloha doesn't look at your shapes. Allah doesn't look at the way you look and your shapes, but he looks into your deeds into your heart into your man. And the law said in the Koran in a karamo commando movie at

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the best of you. Are those of you who have the most righteousness jasola law isn't this is the case. And the Messenger of Allah says absolute

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Then he said, then nobody was happy. Then what is wrong with your companions? who's sitting right here? Some of them?

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My bedroom, no user with us? Why would they not allow me Why wouldn't they allow me to marry their daughters? I'm a single man. I want to get married. Everybody's rejecting me because the way I look jasola law and this is July v. And the mission, your own law to see they do that? And he said, No. I thought it for Benny Fulani, you know so on so and he said yes. He so go to them

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and tell them to marry you their daughter. So Julie on excited. Finally he's gonna get married or happy. He went to their feminine he knocked on the door. He knocked on the door parlimen

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they said Oh, is it on a JV? And they said, welcome Julie v. And they open the door.

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Husband and wife.

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And he said,

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Listen, your own law is proposing to your daughter on before he finished. They said

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this is a great news woman then IV Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Who else could we ask for? Who's better than the messenger of the law? He's coming to marry our daughter, Allahu Akbar. This is a beautiful news. And he said,

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what I can know.

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But he's asking her for me, not for himself.

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And they were shocked.

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And they said, look for you.

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And he said yes. And you can see the suffering on their faces. And they said, Give us a second.

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And they moved away. And they said, Our aka buck

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omaka amo,

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Omaha Iceman

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coronation of ibaka to marry our daughter

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us, man, by him.

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And they were speaking loud enough

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that he heard them.

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And that really hurt and broke his heart.

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And he went down.

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And he walked out of the door. And he went to the messenger over law. And he said, You're a solo law. This is what the

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law says, This is what they did.

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But they came to talk to him. And they realize that his left is gone.

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But the young lady was in the house, and she overheard the conversation. So she said, What are you talking about?

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And they said, this is the request of the Messenger of Allah. She said some Hannah law.

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Guess what she said.

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Emerging what this young lady was saying to her parents was looking

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After her best

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I can imagine a lot of young ladies who are watching this

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and they thinking to themselves, what could this young lady say to her parents, a man came to propose to her

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and man who was sent

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by the messenger over law

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came to propose to her and the parents are realize that it is not the most suitable man for the daughter. So the young lady who is righteous lady,

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she said, What are you talking about?

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They Sarasota Law Center, Julie v. To marry you. And Suhana law. We are so confused.

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Couldn't he send someone better?

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Abubakar Othmani Omar and the young lady Sarah What are you thinking about? They said we're still talking about the situation. portraits of Hannah law.

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What would you say about what a law said? Women are kinda the moot meaning what Mina either en la hora suhu Amman, Annie acuna, Houma, theertham in me, woman yasi now what a sutra. Listen to this.

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She said What would you say to the ayah it is not for men, men or women, now female, young or old, it is not for them, if a law and His Messenger decide in a matter for them to have an opinion in that the audience of Hannah law

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snap for us, it is not for you and I

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to say Oh, let me think about the situation Let me think about what Allah and His Messenger set and a lot of people Subhana la they may not say this, but their actions are speaking louder than then statements are so noise of the law and he was sending a saying to us do this.

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And we say to the message of Allah Yasuda law, we love you. We respect you. We adore you. We believe in you. We want you to intercede for us on the day of human pm in case we need your intercession. However, let me ask Let

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me ask don't say any more.

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Ma'am. What do you think about what the messenger or law set and the man says, Don't do and say I'm sorry, out of solo law? My Imam disagrees with you.

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Or your email says yes. And you say Subhana Allah, my email agrees with you. Now what we'll do it

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this is how we deal through our actions with the orders of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And that is very dangerous. Very dangerous. If you ever follow us the Ramada Hema home Allah said follow a method if you desire follow or share if the share is from understood no one in your mind is teaching the correct D.

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But whatever you learnt

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from the method or from the sheer

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if there are contradicting statements of a pseudo law, then you should not listen to them. Because mmm Abu hanifa said, if my statement contradicts his statement of rasulillah through my statement or wonder fence over the wall, email Malik said

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each one of us there is statement can be accepted or rejected except the statement of the man of that grave the honor of that grave and he pointed to the grave of the Messenger of Allah. Eman Masha here is said

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in sahadi through four who were met heavy, if the heavy is authentic, that is what I follow.

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Mmm that said,

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Do not imitate other hanifa

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do not imitate Mr. Malik do not imitate mm schefren

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and do not imitate me he said, but learn the Sharia and get there and how they learn

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and follow those sort of lines of the law.

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So this young lady, she's saying to her parents, why not unto him? What would you say against this ayah one more can any more meaning what

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it is not for believing male or female when a law

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messenger decide in a matter for us to have an opinion.

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Let me marry the man,

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the Messenger of Allah requests that let us entertain this. And the parents that came to their senses that will lie Jazakallah hate. You're right.

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So the father left the house when after July baby.

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And he went to the mercy the Navy. And when I saw last saw him, he said, You the man who rejected my orders? He said, No, so the law, the law, forgive me, but we accept your proposal.

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So it was sort of law said to you, lady,

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I enjoy your job even this is my warnings. Go and find something for your wife go get her gift. Say hello Salama, poor man. I don't have anything. So the Sahaba of NIMBYs a long while he was sending them start giving him money, food, something to prepare for the wedding and some Hana law. And as he said, This young lady on the low Ana, because she accepted the order of Rosaura law,

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wealth, America was coming to her in abundance. Every time people giving your money. Everything that she touched is mobarak.

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on her wedding day,

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in some of the narration, Andrew lavey, he is ready to give whatever he has for his new wife and his wedding nights, or his wedding day. He hears a caller

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you're hiring lawyer coffee.

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Yeah. Hi, Illinois booty, a caller for the people to come out.

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Because the enemies of the law are approaching to defend the Dean of the law.

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Angela, we've said for a very long time was looking for a wife, shall I proceed on go ahead?

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Or should I leave everything that I dreamt about?

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And go and entertain the requests of Rasul Allah. And he chose to go with the order of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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and Subhana Allah, He loved his wife. And he went he had his civilian there.

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And when he went, and the battle was over the messenger over loss to the Sahaba, at the dawn, I mean, I had,

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are you missing anyone? They said, Yes, he had a solo law. So also is missing and so on. So is also missing. And then he said,

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Are you missing Anyone else? Under the Google say yes. So one source also missing. And the Messenger of Allah said,

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I am missing the lady that is Go on, look for a new lady.

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And they went

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and the search for him.

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And they found him

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After he killed seven, and he said Allahu Akbar,

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Allahu Akbar. He killed seven and they killed him. In no minihane Minh, he is of me and I am of him. He is of me, and I am of him is of me and I am of him. And he picked the body of Judah EV

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and he removed the dirt and the dust from the face of Julie beam. And he hugged him. And he squeezed him like a father may hug and squeeze his own son, his own child. And it says some Hannah law. Now Yeah, Julie v. You can marry from the women of Jenna. You can marry from online Tv

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nspt. Malik said,

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the Sahaba of an abuse of the law. He was sending them after the gap back from the battlefield.

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They were chasing each other. They were raising towards that young lady to propose to her. Why? of her Barack because she accepted what a law and his messengers said

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and she realize this isn't what Allah wants from us. Allah blessed her and everybody was able to see the blessings. So yeah. If what if you

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if you saw

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sacrifice and you know what it needs. If you're going through hardship, and you know, if you sacrifices you will receive better than this what a lot was giving you. And Allah subhanho wa Taala promised one thing that he will never waste your efforts. What am I can Allahu do via email? Allah will never waste anything that you do for him. Nothing that you do would be wasted. So brothers and sisters in Islam live like that. Be part of live your legacy, live with those people who pass before us. And remember what Imam Malik said his honor will never be restored until we go back and do what the early generation did. So I'm calling you to do what they did. And I'm calling myself first. And

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Allahu Allah, what was cellfood aloha in Peralta in Canada. Welcome faster funeral ceremony come to LA he was about to cut

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weight the patient