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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah He of tolosa woman wala a mbarara. I know that you're not accustomed to see me at this time of the evening, and I don't know what time it is for all of you. But right now it's about almost 10, after 10pm here in Toronto. But nevertheless, as you probably seen in the previous posts, the promises have promised I promised myself I would speak to you tonight, just been busy with many other things throughout the day. So finally got a chance to be home to relax and concentrate. And with that being said, brothers and sisters, this is the final episode of a series that had gone on for 20 episodes

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upon a law called spiritual growth. That series was dedicated. And it was focused on trying to inspire each other, to be the best to believers and the best version of ourselves the best Muslims that we could be. And I wanted to do it in a way that didn't feel like there was somebody you know, on the screen telling you what to do, or making you feel like that if you didn't do certain things, or you didn't reach a particular level, or place in your life, that somewhat you were not as worthy as other believers, I wanted you to still feel good about yourself. I wanted you to feel inspired, I wanted you to feel like there was some zeal and energy still left in you that you could continue to

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progress and continue to,

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I guess you could say strengthen your amen and rise to a different place in a different level with respect to your commitment with Allah subhanho wa Taala that you never thought you could ever achieve. So these were some of the things that we tried to focus on in that in this series. And so with that being said, brothers and sisters the final episode, what better way to complete the series than to talk about the effects of Dora, particularly on us as Muslims and believers? How do I encourages us and how it inspires us? Here's the first thing understand that Dora literally means a follow up or to request something. And Dora as a result, scholars have categorized it into two main

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categories. The first type is of course when you request an SLA, you know, a follow up. When you're asking Allah for things and you're making certain requests, you want his forgiveness or you're trying to strive to reach a particular goal or to gain something or to achieve something. That's the first type of door you're asking Allah for that. The second type of course, is when you make sure you praise Allah subhanho wa Taala you thank him, you honor him by calling out by his names and attributes and continued to praise him. So when we say phrases Yahuwah Yun, lol coretec in the bill, bill illa Billah when you say these kinds of phrases sapan or bi z sapan Allah and tala hula in the

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end and 10 Honey, you wanna enfocado all these different phrases represent Praise to Allah azza wa jal, you're raising the status and authority of Allah subhanho wa Taala in you an in your life. Well, with that being said, brothers and sisters, what are the effects? Well, here's what these kinds of doors do to number one, understand that no prophet or messenger ever and no human being ever a believer or Muslim, was able was ever able to achieve something or overcome a difficulty or hardship without asking Allah subhanho wa Taala to help them. This is one of the wisdoms behind Bismillah and why we are encouraged to say the name of Allah in everything that we're about to do

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everything that we pursue. And so that way you are asking Allah by his beautiful name, Allah subhanho wa Taala to give you the ability to overcome or to achieve what it is you have intentions towards. So that's that effect that has that it takes on the believer is that you end up trusting and building this connection with your Creator, that no other human being can have unless they do the same thing. It's impossible to explain what do I does for you and I it's hard to explain that. But the more that you do it, the more you feel a connection, the closeness that you develop with your Creator, that trust that you have in Allah, that no matter what the books say, no matter what

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the rules are, no matter what people and culture have said, you know, at the end of the day, your destiny and your outcome lies always and forever in the hands of your Creator and you're able to trust that. So despite how the world and people would have intentions and plan and story

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strategize and try to put everything, all of their powers all of their knowledge into planning and developing a goal in mind, you know that there is no plan greater than the plan of your Creator, you can trust it, no matter how much people strive for a particular outcome, whatever it is, if it's the complete opposite of what you expected, you can still be happy, you can still be settled, you can still be content, because why you have a special relationship with your Creator. And this is one of the reasons why prophets and messengers before and after any task, or any hardship or any test that they were put through, they were told to ask a love for help. If they were if they ended up with any

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obstacles or hardships that, you know, made that journey difficult. They would Escalade, they would pray, they would lengthen their sujood they were lengthen their doors, and it would just keep that connection going. Because they knew they couldn't achieve without it. That's the first thing of how it affects you and I so we build that closeness with our Creator that nothing else in this world can give us. Number two, do I and when I was referred to doremi, I'm talking about the voluntary door that you initiate, you raise your hands, and you initiate that conversation or that call with your Creator. That's the door that I'm talking about. because technically, all acts of worship are some

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form of door. Because everything that we do, whether we pray we make had jewelry fast, we are expecting something in return. So I pray because I want a lot of bless me, I want a lot of Forgive me. So that request even if it's just an intention, it's still a request, it's a form of Dora the Hajj, all of the hardships, what's the ultimate goal behind the Hajj, you want a lot of forgive you and accept you and enter you in his gender. So there's another form of request, and such as the case with every act of worship. But when a believer literally just sits on their own, at any time of the day, or night and does this, they raise their hand and they just start talking to Allah or open

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whatever language they want to just start talking to Allah. That is a direct illustration, evidence and example that you have true amen in your in shot low Tyler, because why nothing made you do that. Except that there is something in you called a man who have faith in your Creator. And that is something to be proud about. That is something to say and hamdulillah about. Because you were able to do something that hundreds and 1000s of people like you, for whatever reason, just don't do. You know, we'll blame the doctor first and foremost, we'll you know, curse out the people that were involved, we'll do everything and anything to make sure that, you know, everybody gets what we think

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they deserve. And sometimes in that process, for whatever reason, some people just forget that Wait a minute, this is the outcome that Allah subhanho wa Taala willed for me, you know, I try to make the situation work. And it just didn't. instead of blaming everybody that was involved, I had a simple and I have to just tell myself that this was all from my Creator. And you know, that's how you start taking negative situations in your life. And even if they remain negative, you can internalize the lessons in a positive way. And so that's a reflection, that you actually have something great in you. And that's something to be proud about. And why I say that is that hopefully

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that would encourage you to just continue to do that. And to trust that. And finally, the third effect that Dwyer has on a believer is that the more you do it, the more you want to do it. The more you make, the more and specifically when you look at those two is the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to make throughout his entire life. They were very specific. The wordings were very carefully thought out. Now perhaps Allah had blessed him and inspired him to speak this way when he spoke with him. subhanho wa Taala. But the point is, every single door I just think about it. Have you ever read a door and you were like, oh, that simple? Well, that's pretty

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straightforward. Well, yeah, I was thinking that too. It almost rarely happens. Every Door that you read, you're just like, wow, look how beautiful and how powerful those words are. I couldn't have made up a paragraph like this even if I tried. But the way the Prophet Alayhi salat wa sallam worded it, the sincerity that came with just the perfect call, the perfect description. Everything is just perfect And oh, by the way, he did this

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The late hours of the night. That's perfect, because all I'm thinking about when I read this door, is I just want private time with me and Allah. And what better to do that, what better to have that then when the rest of the world is sleeping, and you're awake. And so you start connecting with this kind of information at a whole different level. So that third effect brothers and sisters is Dora helps to believe her,

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develop and preserve and maybe even increase and generate an appetite in you that you never had. It's just like reading the Quran. The more the more you read it, the more you want to read it. If you recite one surah you'll never be settled with that one sorta, you want to go on to the next into the next and every single half of the Koran that you can come across. I promise you in sha Allah just do this. Ask any single half of the poor and you've ever known or met, and just ask him or her when you memorize your first sorta Did you ever feel like you were happy with that? Like, okay, I'm good. You know, like one sort of thought because the longest chapter of the Quran, I'm happy with

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that. No, the thirst just came? No, I gotta keep going. Like if I did Baccarat, I can certainly do a shorter soda. So let me keep going. Do you ever think that you could just stop halfway and not a single half of the court and will tell you Yeah, I felt like stopping halfway because I was settled with that no, alleges blesses you with this hunger that you just want more and more. And even you finish reading the entire poor end. Now you want to memorize it, after you memorize it, you just want to keep reviewing it for the rest of your life. And that's what happens when you make a dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala. It's a big deal when you turn to him. It's a big deal that you were willing

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to take time out of your day and remember and talk to him in a way that no other act of worship can do. It's private conversation. You can do it in any language that you want. And you can ask or praise him for anything that you want, or you believing so with that being said, brothers and sisters, here's the next topic, our brand new series, we will be studying the prophetic Dora's of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, I will take you through every single door that he's ever recited, and what the scholars have gathered, I will tell you in shut low Terrell, I will tell you where each door can be found. So what is the source of each door so that you can at your own time,

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go back to some of these books if you want to read up a little bit more. I will also tell you what scholars have authenticated and what they haven't. So some doors you might think it's a prophetic Torah. But maybe it was and scholars had, you know, certain things that they said about the Hadith that narrated that Dora. And so maybe you want to shift your attention and your energy to something more authentic. And in sha Allah, Allah.

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I hope to share with you perhaps an insight of how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to use each of these derives. So I'll tell you what the door is. And I'll tell you when he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to use the door and for what and what did he expect in return. So for example, the door Allahumma Gylfi cobian overall, we're fairly certain you know what he sent me an order and so on and so on, or Allah bless me, that you bust my eyes. You bless my heart with light you bless my eyes with light you bless my ears with light and the door continues. It just so happens that when you think about light, light, light and you're asking Allah for light for nor, which is of course

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the light of Amen, the brilliance of taqwa and even the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam used to say that as he was walking towards the masjid, for every seller, so now you're sitting in your car and you're about to go to the masjid, you start making the surah. And then when you get out of the car, you park in the parking lot, walking up to the door door, you may choose to do with them. But the point is now you can fit a door, where the profit it is solace it salatu salam would fit that door. And so it would feel like you're walking in his shoes, and even more so even more. So. You start filling your entire day with Dora.

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That's where we want to be in shuttler you start filling your life with Dora. You'll you'll start to remember that this is the door for getting dressed, that when you look in the mirror, that door I will come and talk to you about when you look at yourself in the mirror. When you're going to the mall or to the grocery store, all of a sudden the door. It's just pre programmed in your head that as you're going there. Now you remember the doors of going into the marketplace. It's amazing. It's incredible. So I'm going to help you to do that inshallah hotaru

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And I have a nice PDF booklet that I want to share with you, it's got to figure out how to do this stuff. This is all brand new to me. So I'll figure out how to do this and share it with you online so that you can download it in sha Allah huhtala. But every single episode is the lab. I will recite the door in Arabic for you, then, of course, the translation and a short background of how to use that door in your life. So whatever the door was narrated for the Prophet Ali supposin, what was he doing when he said that Dora, I'll share that with you, and also help you and sort of guide you through to how, okay, that version once upon a time, how you can incorporate that version in this

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day in this era in sha Allah hotel. So at least you can make the doorbell relative in your own life in this day and age in sha Allah, Allah tala, so many wonderful things to come out of this brand new series. So stay tuned for that. And in shot low tide, it will be roughly the same setup and the same timing. So I'll go live. Usually it's in the morning, around maybe 11 to 1pm in the morning, Eastern Standard Time. So whatever that translates for wherever you are in the world, so just look out, I'll go on live during that period, for about 10 to 15 minutes maximum, we won't keep the episodes more than that, inshallah. huhtala. And yeah, so just let me know what your thoughts are. If you think

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that this is a good topic, if you have other topics in mind, please just put them in the comment section. So at least that way, I feel like we're talking with each other in sha Allah hota either. So with that being said, I ask Allah azza wa jal to accept from us this effort of spiritual growth 20 episodes to rugby, we did it for you. We listen for you, we talked and spoke and interacted for you. We ask Allah subhana wa Taala to accept it from us, and all the efforts that we have put forth as best as we could to put to please Him and to serve Him and to be counted amongst his slaves. Ultimately, Gabi we ask you for your agenda, and we ask you for your forgiveness and for your mercy.

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Oh, Allah, you know my situation, you know where I am, you know, my story, you know, which part of the world I am and where I reside? Yeah, it'll be you know, our struggles, you know, our hardships, both that is personal, that is embedded in our hearts, and those hardships and those stories that people can see and admire and never understand. You know, don't be we know that you understand. So we ask You for Your mercy and your forgiveness and give us the strength to overcome our struggles in sha Allah hooter, Allah, Allah whom I mean, may Allah Soto ease and bless mercy, strength and patience to all of our brothers and sisters around the world but struggle in their own way. May

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Allah subhanho wa Taala give them patience, strength and resilience and blessings to make their life easy in sha Allah hoteller Aloma mean just a level higher and everyone and I hope to see you tomorrow because they let Italia for Episode One of prophetic doers of the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah so Allah bless you all. With Salaam Aleykum what little Lucha Libre capital