Haitham al-Haddad – The killing of Shireen Abu Akhleh how to see it

Haitham al-Haddad
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the deaths of various women during the Israeli occupation and shooting campaigns, including the woman killed by the Israeli occupation forces and the whole world. The Turkish military and the United Nations recognized the loss of women and the perceived racism faced by Muslims during the conflict. The speakers emphasize the importance of belief in all prophets and the need for people to believe in their respective leaders. They also express sympathy for a woman named Jana and encourage others to not interfere in her rights.
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You mean she didn't know about UCLA that we were talking about? Okay. Bismillah salat wa salam ala Rasulillah. First of all she didn't about UCLA is a Palestinian journalist. She was born in 1971. So she is on her 50s. Now 51, something like this. She was an icon for Palestine. Yeah, for Palestinian journalism. She was known for Palestinian journalism. And she was, she was working for Al Jazeera for almost 20 years. Plus, all she was covering the Palestinian situation. And she was really

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struggling, and she was doing a fantastic job in terms of journalism. And they said that she was not married. Okay, she's 50. And she did not get married. She is from a Christian family. And she is a Christian as well, even though their hair janazah procession took place in the church after after President Mahmoud Abbas kind of

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what is it

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offered the Tribunal's to her and put her you know, the flowers etc. On have janazah. And then she they had a she had a Christian janazah. Did you see the janazah? Yeah. Yeah, yeah. See, this is, first of all, first of all, she was killed by the occupation forces, the Israeli occupation forces. And it looks like until now that she was targeted by the occupation forces, because she was wearing the press, you know, shield, and she was wearing a helmet as well. And she was with some other

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journalists. But there is a special occupation forces, I think they call it Darfur or something like this. They targeted her in the head. That's why she died spontaneously. And they said, even the the bullets that went to her skull is from a special type that kills immediately. And

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they, of course, there was no terrorism around her to claim as they are claiming now, she was just covering the occupation forces. When they were attacking the camp of Janine, or the small city of Jeannine. She was covering that. And then they killed her. Of course, her colleague also had a shot. And then the other colleague had another shot. This shows that

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this shows to the whole world who is wrong, it is they are not just apartheid estate, they are worse than apartheid state. They are, they are terrorists. They are terrorists, and they don't want anyone to report what they are doing to the Palestinians. And what they did to her is just a small example of what they are doing to the Palestinians. And subhanAllah. We thank Allah, Allah Allah, that they were exposed. Even these people, they don't care about human rights. They don't care about values.

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They don't have values. They don't have any mercy. They don't have. They don't have sense of, of, what is it reason, even today, they attacked the janazah. And everyone saw the janazah when it was attacked until the Janaza fell down. Not now, you know, all nations when it comes to death, they just humble themselves down and there was this janazah going I don't know what is it called in Christian? Okay, but I'm using this word janazah because this is the term that is used in Arabic

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cheese, okay. They use it for Christians for Muslims. Anyway, and as I was moving and then the occupation forces, it started to attack them and they were trying to defend themselves until the janazah fell down. Now, tell me, how on earth

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can this happen? I was saying to some brothers, imagine if Shirin or UCLA or a journalist was killed by the Turkish forces.

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What will happen to Turkey you will see the whole NATO you will see the whole world not just of course, now, they are condemning it because they were put in a corner, but you will see the whole world maybe launching maybe

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a military campaign against Turkey and they will put sanction etcetera, but nothing has done and they they occupation forces they just say to that yeah, we will do some investigation etcetera. Anyway, this is now they are exposed and we are

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As Muslims all over the world, we need to use that x a day the exposure and how they were exposed

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in the favor of the Palestinians not because because they have rights, they are human beings to live. Yeah, that so far they have been neglected the rights have been neglected. Their children are now suffering their women are suffering. During Ramadan, they were suffering during their eat, they were suffering, but this is one of the incidents that should be shown to the whole world and how they treat treat, as they say, journalism is protected by by by by human rights and by United

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Nations etc. This expose this to this state.

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There is also

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you know, another discussion about Shireen about UCLA and some Muslims they say, oh, may Allah have Rama on her. She is a granted Jana, and all of this.

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Yeah. Should you respond to? Yeah, all of this debate? See, she was a Christian. First of all, we respected her from you know, from day one, we knew what she was doing. And that's why we give really condolences to her family, we give condolences to the Palestinian community because they were badly affected. I'm telling you because of my Palestinian background, no Palestinian, except was talking about women, men, elderly, young people, Muslims, scholars, nun scholars, everyone felt that pain

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because she was an innocent person that was killed while she is struggling against this occupation is stateless. Is this terrorists this state?

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Anyway, I tweeted that we really lost her but our loss has increased because we lost her before we offer Islam to her. Yeah, so she can join us in Ghana and no need brothers and sisters to you know, keep on giving about okay, is she in Ghana? No, Allah will have mercy on her, etc, etc. Because the Christians are not working for Ghana, maybe they are doing for maybe for for other reasons, and by the way, most likely that she was doing it from a humanitarian perspective. And this is really

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thankful for her. She was not doing it in general so this is something another discussion she became an icon for for the Palestinian resistance and for the Palestinian journalism.

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The matter of Jana we know it is the Prophet sallallahu Sallam made it clear to Allah Allah is my OB who do not own Nasai some law you may know Bhima j to be at Hola, hola, Hoonah, Yanni a no, the Jana a the Jana will be entered by those who submit fully to Allah, Allah, Allah Allah believe in the alpha and believe in all of the prophets, that Allah Allah Allah has sent me another sutra demandes de la la he one more minute and Kelowna and Avila Who am I likely to be virtually. So so we have to

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believe in all prophets. And we have to believe that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sahbihi wa sallam is the final prophet. This is Jana made for those people. Of course before the the before the advent of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the believers who did who believed in their prophets, yes, but now the Prophet of the entire humanity is Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and we have to believe in Him. We really feel sorry, I felt sorry. Really, I felt very bad angry when she was

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killed. First of all, because of this injustice, and this killing and and, and murder that took place, baby

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by those forces. And the second thing I really felt sorry that she did not accept Islam. And anyway, condolences to her family condolences to the Palestinians. Condolences to everyone who liked her. And, and and we hope that what she has done will contribute towards the Liberation of Palestine and the liberation of the Palestinian people until they take their own rights arguing Well, is she in Jana or not? The we Yeah, the matter is clear. And we don't need to create

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create what is it a fight between ourselves while the matter is clear, and we do not need to deal with this matter in an emotional way.

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because she has done this and that no, she is a Shahid and she will go to Jana and she is better than those scholars who are quiet and those who did not say the truth, etc. No need to go into extremes, no need to become emotional. And also, as she is Christian, no need to ignore what she has done. No need to deny that. No, we have to acknowledge what she has done. We have we send condolences to her family with some condolences to the rest of the Palestinian, the Palestinian

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community. And we ask Allah Allah, Allah Allah to help the Palestinians in general. And by the way, brothers and sisters, I say to the brothers, just a quick point. Oh Allah, Allah, Allah is more merciful. Please listen to this. Yeah, Allah, Allah, Allah is more merciful to every single human being than ourselves. Yeah. And he is more just to any human being than ourselves. So let us not interfere in Allah's rights. We should not say oh, yeah, and is he going here and there but how

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Allah is just, it is up to Allah. Allah told us certain things that people who go to dinner have to have to believe in Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that's it. Allah is more just than us and maybe if there is something other than that, it is up to Allah's justice. We cannot interfere, interfere in that and He is the Most Merciful. Don't worry about that. Allah will not deal with anyone. Allah will not deal with a with sharing about Aquila. unjustly Allah will not deal with

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shading of color without mercy. That's it.

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Thanks so much.

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The unsavoury head in Santa Monica Kenny, my mother

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