Omar Suleiman – Angels In Their Presence S2 #24 – When the Devils Flee

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the use of shiny figures in the Bible to portray the presence of shiny figures in the Bible. They explain that shiny figures are not just a representation of the presence of shiny figures in the Bible, but also something that is a reflection of the spiritual presence of shiny figures in the world. They also mention that shiny figures are not just a representation of the presence of shiny figures in the world, but something that is a reflection of the spiritual presence of shiny figures in the world.
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There's a very famous incident with the Prophet sly, some and ubiquitously political outside on where apobec It'll be a lot of time and who responds to an insult and the prophets lie some leaves and then he informs apobec It will be allowed to Allah I know that before you respond it, there was an angel that was responding on our behalf. And then once you started to respond, the angel left and a shape on came and stood on the profit slice them said, I didn't want to be seated in the presence of the shape on

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now that's when overcoming someone else What about when you're overcoming your own knifes and so this is where I want to segue into almond ricotta, it'll be alongside, there's a general rule that you can extract that anywhere the shape on or not, there is an extra amount of angels and where the angels are present the shale clean or not. And so they cannot both be in the same place. And it's ultimately going to be our actions that determine who's where how many angels are around us or how many Shayateen are around us. So when we act like the angels, then we are surrounded by the angels when we act like Shailene or we give into their whispering then we're surrounded by Shailene so why

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is this significant to Ahmed Pablo the allowance Allah annual particularly when it comes to them Annika all model the Allah Tada and who is a man who was known for Kalamata Olia. He had so many miracles things that happened to him that were seemingly super natural. And it actually has to start from this point where the prophets lie Selim says to him, ma luckier cache Ponyo, to Sadie convergeone Illa, Salah cafesjian, hydrophobic that Shavon does not see you take a pathway or Alma except that Shavon flees you and takes another pathway shape on is so distant from you. He's so afraid of you. You have such power over yourself to where he can't penetrate that Shavon will not

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even be seen on the same street as you Oh model the outside I know. And so that's where you know, with that authentic narration you have other narrations that show up in the books of virtues that are narrated that the prophets lie Selim had said in the shaytaan Allah al Ahmad Mundo Islamic Illa Haleiwa chi that shaytaan does not find or model the law of town and who or has not come across Omar from the day that Omar will the law town who became Muslim except that he was humiliated. Or another narration that math is somehow Malecon Illa well, who you work with or ometer that there is not an angel in the heavens, except that that angel supports our model, the allowance I know and love is

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our model the law and well enough and oddly shaped on in La Jolla, federal minima Omar, and there is not a devil on the earth, except that they flee from Almighty if the devil flees from Allah, then what does that mean in terms of the angels being in his presence? And so that's where you see a man who was so dedicated, so committed, that these miracles were natural in the way that they would come to him are they allowed to and hold, because if the shayateen are never around him, then that means that all model they allow Tada, and who is always under the influence of who he's always under the influence of the Malayaka under the influence of the angels. And so from the moment that he becomes

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Muslim, the angels celebrating his Islam, the angels being taught to love him in the heavens, the angels surrounding him on Earth, because he doesn't do anything that would warrant the presence of the shaitan. And so that's where you find that hadith of the prophets lie Selim, where the prophets lie, Selim says that there were people in the Omen in the nations that came before you that were had the throne. They were spoken to. And when you say they are spoken to that means that they're naturally inspired towards good, they're naturally inspired by the angels. There's something divine about their Adham about their inspiration. And if there's anyone in my OMA like that it's all

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modeled the Allah Tada I know, and one of the explanations of that titsa Kelemen melodica to Allah rissani It says, if the angels are speaking on his tongue Subhanallah imagine a human being, that is so in tune with righteousness with the good part of their souls, with the obedience to Allah subhanho to Allah, that when they speak, they are so divinely pushed towards good naturally because of what they are seeking, that it's as if the angels are speaking on their tongue. And that is why, with almost all the allowance out I know, he was so divinely inspired because of the amount of angels he invited around him, that it was as if angels were speaking on his tongue, and indeed,

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there would come times where God and His salaam brings the revelation from the heavens in the form of Quran and the way agrees with the Adham of Allah the revelation agrees with the inspiration of all model the Allah Tada I know, because the one who sends you but here it has Salam surrounds

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amo the Allah Tada Anhu with angels and all model the Allahu taala. And who is inspired towards righteousness and all model the Allahu Anhu has committed towards righteousness and that gives him perception and gives him an environment where when you're interacting with this human being of our model, the Allah Tada and who you're interacting with a man that is surrounded by and has within him angels, right, that are inspiring him towards good. And that's why when you read the narration, of all model, the law, no calling out to Saudia, you know, miles and miles away 1000s of miles away hearing something, seeing something miles away, that a miracle like that is given to all model the

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loads on and on because as some of them are not mentioned, the angels caused his voice to be heard in those places that were so far away. And that is not something that was randomly given to all metal, the Aloha and who just like none of the Sahaba randomly achieved these things. But that is something due to his sincere pursuit of truth. When you sincerely pursue truth that you are surrounded by the soldiers of truth and they are the angels of ALLAH SubhanA wa

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