Musleh Khan – Jumuah Kuthbah 22-09-2023

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the importance of forgiveness and the need for everyone to do so. It also touches on the concept of a hidden hatred and animosity buried deep within the chest of billions. The speaker discusses the importance of forgiveness in a relationship with Allah, as Islam has a history of forgiveness, but rarely given to anyone. They also touch on the "has all" feeling of being the one who guided them and how it can carry on into the future. The segment ends with a discussion of the "ham seeker," a promise made by Jesus to Jana, and the media's claims that Jana is proud of her accomplishments and a woman who has been working hard to remove distraction from culture.
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know all

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know more

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Hi y'all

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Al Hamdulillah meadow and astera You know who want to steal federal when our will be la Himanshu Rudy am fusina Women si te Lena Mia the level for la moglie Lillah wa mejor glim Fela hurdia Why should one La ilaha illallah wa ala Shetty, Callum shadow Anessa you didn't know when a Vietnam War Hamid and Agda who also Salalah Torabi was morally Allah Allah Who tried a few mock me

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10 Zero BARDA builder humanists shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim you hold

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it up Allah hopper to party he wala termo tune in to mostly moving from buried my brothers and sisters Let me begin by praising Allah subhanho wa Taala and showing our gratitude and praise to Him that we thank him for this blessed the day an hour of Yeoman and tomorrow we ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to accept all of us from amongst his righteous and forgive us of our shortcomings and our mistakes Allah whom I mean for our brothers and sisters around the world that are suffering May Allah subhanaw taala give them and bless them with patience and strength through their difficult time both them and us alone. I mean, you have

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there is a verse found in SUTA to our off and it is verse number 42.

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And it sounds like this Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us when as Murphy also Lodi him men love

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to God men to him will unhealed we're called will handle it

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a lot he has he has warmer couldn't lean Teddy Hola Hola. Hola, la Codage Rusu Rabina bill

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when you do until como el Jana to oldest to Mojave man, tongue Tara maroon and before it gives you the translation

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to understand and appreciate the reminder in this verse.

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You have to go back one verse, the verse prior to this, Allah subhanho wa Taala said, well, Latina men, why AMILO slowly, we all know what that means those who believe and with that belief, they follow it up with righteous deeds. Learn who California Jephson Illa WUSA, they will never be burdened with anything except that they have the ability and the capacity to perform those expectations from Allah.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala continues and concludes that verse Willa Iike, US hub will Jana on fee ha ha they do. And these are the companions of Jana. In it, they will remain forever.

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I pray Allah subhanho wa Taala enters all of us in his Jannah of Lahoma.

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Now, with that being said, when is that enough for us to do the hem min.

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So we just we just made Dora for Jana.

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And Allah just reminded us, as long as you work hard, and you do the things that Allah obliges upon me and you instruct me in you and every instruction of a law, all of the expectations. The reason why we are reminded more than once in the Koran you will never be burdened with something above and beyond your ability is to remind you, you have what it takes to attain Jana Bismillah. Just last night, I talked to a student and he asked me about hope with Allah. He said like if I keep on doing the same mistake over and over and over, like Allah will really forgive me every single time and even if it's the same thing or it's a bunch of other mistakes, like I keep doing that every single

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day, over and over. Allah will actually forgive someone like like, like it's not somebody who's toying with the instructions of Allah, toying and trivializing their relationship with Allah like they're not taking it seriously. The first thing that came to mind

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was an interesting statement of the great scholar at Hessonite, or boss study or a mandala who once said, I don't believe that somebody who when they commit a sin, they seek forgiveness,

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that Allah will punish that individual.

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So student, the man that was asking, inquiring, it has another Buster about the subject asked him how so?

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He said, If you think about it, Allah told us every time you make a mistake, what do you do? Ask for forgiveness. Seek His forgiveness. And what does Allah say?

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Ask for forgiveness as much as you want. What can Allah who have fura Rahim? Allah is exceptionally forgiving, always merciful.

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Like Allah doesn't get annoyed or tired.

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To forgive you or me, one request, Allah has SubhanaHu just us just do that part.

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Because when you initiate

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this relationship by asking and cling to Allah for something, what are you indirectly already doing? You acknowledge that Allah is above and beyond

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that you're a slave and nothing more than just the slave to him. subhanho wa Taala you acknowledge this entity that is above and beyond anything else, no matter how powerful or strong or whatever status you carry, means nothing in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala you acknowledge all of those things, just by turning and asking him Oh Allah, I messed up, forgive me.

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And Allah's promise

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for the people who seek his forgiveness is Insha Allah, Allah His Jana. So you understand the state that now has to know the busty why he says that. If you're constantly doing that, then you put yourself in a great position where Allah subhanaw taala will forgive you may Allah count all of us from amongst them alone, I mean,

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now here is the area, when as that feels full duty him in the field, and we will surgically remove from their chests. Menzerna comes from the word nessa nuts, that means when you carefully move something, or you try to surgically remove something, and you do it with all care and caution, you're so careful that you want to remove this thing. That's called NESARA. Allah says when Zarina we will, meaning Allah subhanho wa Taala will

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remove from the chest of mankind, something called the loan.

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You know what the Jonas loan is a hidden hatred and animosity that is buried deep within the chest, and hearts of mankind. You know what this looks like? It looks like this. We will interact with people, whether it be other Muslims or just people in general.

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But either you or the person you're interacting with, there may be something in the heart for that individual. And it's nothing pleasant. It's the complete opposite.

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It is sometimes you may meet somebody and you know everybody's congratulating him or her everybody's acknowledging them of something they said or did they're getting all the attention. And then for whatever reason the heart starts feeling a bit of animosity, jealousy, hatred, like how come him and her that field that's called the loan. The problem with the the loan is that when it finds a place to settle in the heart, the old man say the loan becomes very comfortable. You don't realize you have it

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until you literally pause and you start thinking to yourself, Man, despite that when I meet him or her I smile I joke I shake their hand salaam Wa alaykum I embrace I do all of this. But the moment they turn away, or even during the Salem and those nice words that we exchanged in my heart, I can't stand them.

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I don't know what they're doing here. I can't believe we happen to walk in the same hallway. So I was forced to say hello. That feeling that's called the learning. Now what do we learn here?

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Allah says

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we will carefully remove

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which means the alumni they say the word nessa is used. Because some people will live with a little loan there in tire life and not to realize they have it will

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love protect us. What we also learned number two, no one will enter Jannah if they have an ounce of liloan in the heart.

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That's frightening.

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To me, that's scary. How many people do we meet and interact with on a daily basis? Like the probability the chance to delete a loon entering the heart of anyone is so high,

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but not even a miniscule amount of atoms weight of the balloon is permitted. But they say something interesting is also alluded into this area.

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Who is removing the loan here?

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It's Allah subhanho wa taala. Some of the dilemma, they say that there is a part of the loan you can't control only Allah can remove that.

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Which I think is really fascinating. There is going to be something in the heart, no matter how much you work at it, it's going to be a life long challenge to get this, whatever you want to call it, whether it's hatred, or it's just like this unpleasant feeling for someone else. Now that somebody else can be anybody. They don't have to be Muslim. They could be your family, that could be your spouse, it could be your children, it could be your relatives, they could be anybody.

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And there's this part of McAlinden that Allah will take it upon himself to remove metal Allah subhanaw taala give us strength. So what is the concept? What is the result? Now?

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Here's the lesson my brothers and sisters

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on the Day of Judgment, before we enter Jannah this has to be removed. But our profit are they heal salatu salam also encouraged us in not one but several ahaadeeth He warned us about the video, I warn you about harboring and getting comfortable with linen. No Muslim is a true Muslim in the sight of Allah. If you live comfortably with a hatred in your heart for someone else, let me say that again. You cannot be a true complete Muslim in the sight of Allah. If there is little loon and the heart and you can control that.

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Sometimes the loon needs to be removed with communication like you need to connect with the person let them know, talk it out. But sometimes that's not possible. The bare minimum scholars tell us is you remove that hatred from your heart. Every single day, at least bare minimum you do that you are not required to go change someone except yourself. May Allah give us strength. We can enter Jannah

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if there is real learn in the heart, especially the ones that we can remove and we have control over metal Allah subhanaw taala purify us love them. I mean, when is that an AMA fucile duty him in

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listening to the area to God Minh, to him will and how rivers will flow beneath them.

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Now wait a minute.

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Did you hear what this hotbed has been like? So far, we're talking about the loon gotta remove this from the heart. Now all of a sudden the area continues in touch talking about beautiful rivers, roaming or running beneath our feet. It sounds like the area literally jumped from one subject to another. Not quite.

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There is a profound lesson or alumna of Tafseer, tell us about this. Listen to it

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acts as a barrier between you and appreciating the joys and blessings of this world and in the era. That may give you an example. You ever find that maybe sometimes whether it's you or somebody else, you'll go to like the most beautiful place most beautiful, like you know, beach or garden, beautiful flowers, beautiful company.

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But you're feeling miserable. It's the worst day you don't want to be there. Everybody's having a good time.

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Everybody is happy except you.

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That's what the Zeeland does.

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Call clouds your appreciation for the beauty and blessings that Allah promised here and in the hereafter.

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So when Allah talks about these rivers flowing beneath our feet, after telling us we're gonna remove this, they Lunada the art. Now you can start appreciating all of these blessings that await us. And the reality even from a logical sense makes perfect sense even in this world. You know, when your heart is clear, your mind is clear. You could be in the most upsetting place and still be calm and relaxing. Go lucky. I'm good. Don't worry, I'm feeling fine.

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You start to appreciate the nice and wonderful things here in this role because why? You're able to have a clearer heart and a clearer mind may Allah azza wa jal give us strength. So tagit even tatty him will enhance listening to what the servants will say. In sha Allah this is all of us. In sha Allah will call to handle the law he Lizzy had done the has all

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What my Pune Lena today Allah Allah, Allah, they start sending hamdulillah for the one who guided me to this, nobody could have guided me to this except the guidance of Allah subhanho wa taala. What is the believer saying of Hamdulillah? About this moment?

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The Scholars say two things, either number one, they're saying of hamdulillah there is no more Szilard in me.

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Now I can actually enjoy the pleasures that await me. Now, I can actually appreciate that.

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Or number two, listen to this is really interesting, especially for Arabic students. Well, Paul Hamdulillah he lives he had Danna, Lee has, has

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is a word to describe something that is masculine.

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Many people think that when the believer say Alhamdulillah that Allah guided me to this, it means Jana.

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But Jana has a term or buta at the end you don't use

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for Jenna you use Havey. So, what is this referring to?

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That will tell us listen to how beautiful this is.

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They tell us has

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is referring to something greater than Jana

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these believers

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because the room is removed,

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they were able to appreciate something more beautiful then Jana itself.

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What is that? Allah knows best.

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But all I do know and this tells us, we are all candidates

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to be that moment. Maybe one day we will sit like this or stand like this and say Alhamdulillah we see something that we were promised.

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That's far greater than gender some of the men say that you know the see Tao the curtain is removed.

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And the same eyes that we look with each other we will see Allah in his true form that is greater than gender. Others they say no, it's just the fact that Allah is pleased with us. Allah's pleasure gives us more joy than everything in Jannah in and of itself. May Allah subhanaw taala make us from amongst those who will say of Hamdulillah this very moment Allahumma NBHM then the A concludes which is what we will conclude within the second part of the ultimate I pray that Allah subhanaw taala continue to give us strength to hold on to La ilaha illAllah Muhammadan rasul Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in a manner that He is pleased with Allahumma Amin Apolo Mantis my own

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stuff that Allah Allah will convert is a Muslim and I'm incredibly them for stuff who don't know who who will have photo Rahim.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah were buried him conclusion Laquanda rasuluh Rabina bill. Indeed. The prophets and messengers really came with the truth. What's really being said here, this is when the believer acknowledges and affirms

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in your life, however many years Allah gives you and Allah gives me

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it's on the Day of Judgment. At this very moment, the believer will say, Oh, my goodness, look at deja vu. Rabina will help these prophets and messengers, they really did come with the truth.

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The media was telling me was all false. my surroundings are questioning my beliefs. They were questioning my religion. They were like five times a day you got to pray you crazy. They have to hear that and live through that every day. Then our sons and daughters go to school and they have to listen and hear all sorts of things that are constantly bringing all of that confusion. All of that dealt on the Day of Judgment. They affirm.

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It was true.

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Those prophets and messengers when they said Jenna awaits, oh, my goodness, that's here.

00:29:41 --> 00:29:43

When they said that, I will be forgiven.

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I'm forgiven.

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This realization clicks that happens. What's the lesson here for you and I my brothers and sisters. Don't let go.

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That's the lesson. When you get out there

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Hold on

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when all of the culture and the surrounding is telling you otherwise hold on the time will come

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to loosen Europe Dena, they'll help. We're new to until como Jana to oh this to Habima quantum term. I love this ending this is what they leave you with. Then it will be called upon them the people

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go in Jana you inherited that this is what you worked for go Allah will say

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Be back Quinton time they don't because of the righteous things you used to do. There will a man they say this the style the language here. It's really what Allah is saying. Go

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I'm so proud of you. Can you imagine Allah telling us he's proud of us?

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You went for a mother of every day at the mess. I'm so proud of you.

00:30:59 --> 00:31:04

You worked real hard to remove the loan from your heart. I'm so proud of you.

00:31:05 --> 00:31:51

Everybody told you that Islam was wrong and you held on I'm so proud of you. Go into Jana. This is what you earned. This is what you inherited. All of the family and friends that passed away before your They're waiting for you go into Jana. May Allah entrusted his Jenna Allahu Allah. May Allah enter has in his Jana Tilford, dosa Allah, Allah who may Allah reunite us with our families, and our friends that have passed away before us, those families and friends that we think about that we cry over when we remember their names, when we remember their faces. We can't wait to touch them and to smell them and to hug them and to feel them again. May Allah reunite us with them and keep us

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together with them close to Allah in Jana to fit a dose still Allah Allah whom this is what awaits us. When you leave here today. Hold on to La Ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah give us strength always and forever alone. I mean, we send peace and blessings to our Rasul Salah turabi. wa salam can modernise Tara levy tansy in Allah her woman Iike turbo EUSA Lunarlon be your theta m in or so Laura Lee, who was suddenly Motus Lima Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed colossal Lita Ibrahim, while the Ibrahim in the middle Majeed Allahu Mfu Muslim ina will Muslim and will be Nina will mean that Allah here in him will carry Buscemi emoji

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with that word Allah Who Allahu Nana's a local Jana, Robert E Lee Herman colon our Mo when I was a became in and now we're Makarova la her name Colin.

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Joaquina as urban now Subhan Allah because Allah is the Tiana Yossi food I was salam when I learned more saline. What hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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lowline kabasele All like

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