Musleh Khan – Journey through Quran

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The importance of learning to speak Arabic language and identifying the meaning of COO in English is discussed, as well as the historical context of the cover story. The speakers also discuss the negative impact of racism and discrimination on society and the importance of giving gifts and fixing marriage. They emphasize the importance of finding one's own path and finding one's own way to achieve success. The speakers also touch on the concept ofteen time between a father and his wife and how it affects their behavior. They encourage people to share their emotions and share their own path to achieve success.
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Meadow who wanna start you know who won a silver medal winner who was a builder human Cerulean fusina woman CEO, Dr. Medina may end level for them. Linda. Woman you please shut up. Tiana. Why should one Isla De La Hoya de la sharika Why should one no more hamedan Naboo What are pseudo salovaara? Who are the early he was curvy woman songwriter an energy woman Stan levy suniti ido Medina. Barrett?

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Yeah, you're Latina, Armand de la hopko to khalti wallet, tune in to the moon, some

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my brothers and sisters.

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Indeed all praise and glory is due to Allah Silla Jen, and we praise Him and we seek His forgiveness. We seek His guidance and his mercy and His security. And we testify with full firmness in our hearts and in our actions, that there is no God or deity worthy of any type of worship, but a lot Estella Jedi. And we further testify that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is indeed his servant and final messenger. Hence the methodology that you and I we use to live our lives. My brothers and sisters, I invite you all to have Taqwa in your hearts and in your lives. And I invite you all to fear Allah, the fear that he is most deserving of you and do not die unless you

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are in the state of submission, unless you are in the state of Islam.

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Brothers and sisters,

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what I wish to discuss with you in sha Allah who Tara Today, on this blessed day of this blessing hour of the day of tomorrow,

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as I want to take an opportunity to give you all something to reflect about, and something to think about.

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Once upon a time, there was a time where companions of the Prophet salallahu it he was setting them, they used to travel months and months just to learn one verse of the quarter end, just one verse from the Quran. And if they heard that there was another companion that knew a surah, or he learned a chapter of the horror, and that that companion didn't know, you get on his horse, and he would travel, nothing would come in his way. Today, in our day and age, we have the opportunity were poor, and is accessible to all of us, we love it, and it's there. And we can access it at any time, and literally anywhere on the face of this earth. So I want to take you through a journey of some of the

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most heartwarming miracles of the poor and itself. I don't want to give you something a perspective to think about when you're looking at 114 chapters of this world and what each of them are really trying to say to you. We're not going to talk about the Arabic language, because I know and I was one of them, where the majority of Muslims don't know the Arabic language. And so that is that a barrier? Or is that something that's going to restrict you from understanding what Allah is trying to tell you? No, never was. Majority of companions of the Prophet peace be upon him, couldn't understand Arabic, they have to be taught how to understand this book. And so I want to show you

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with whatever language you speak with whatever background and culture you belong to this book in sha Allah is for you. Surah Fatiha, we all know sorbitol fattier. This is a sutra that is probably one of the first suitors we have ever memorized in our life since we were children. So total fatty has is so unique and the very first verse, Allah introduces himself to us. He doesn't need an introduction, but he still tells us who he is. And he starts off by saying Alhamdulillah Europe Elijah, he doesn't say that I am Allah but he says, All praise and glorification is for Allah belongs to Allah. The word that Allah uses here to describe this, as he says lilla there is actually

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the letter lamb that is attached to this

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word Allah, this letter lamb, it actually means it brings ownership to something. So if this book belongs to you, your name is Ahmed, you will say this book is Li Achmed, it belongs to you, no one else is allowed to touch it except by your permission. So Allah is really saying, All praise and glorification belongs to Allah He owns that and no one else is allowed to receive it except him. Then Allah says Robin are either mean, he is the one or the Guardian amongst all of mankind. He sets the stage of how you're going to live in this world. You live for a love, you sacrifice for a lunch your efforts every single days you wanted for a lunch so that alone will give you something in

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return. And that's just one thing that we want from him is we want a lot of make our lives happy in this world, and especially in that afterlife in the era. We ask Allah azza wa jal to make us happy in this world, and give us his paradise in the year alone. I mean,

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Sudeten 31 scholars they say that if you want to summarize the entire portal and understand so level 30 it's going to tell you every basic fundamental principle what the entire poor end is talking about. It starts off with love with a love of hamdulillah Europe Delilah me praise Him and worship and why? Because this is how you start to build love for Allah. What does that lead to a man of Rahim you start recognizing the beauty of Allah that He is most gracious and he's most merciful, is merciful to all of mankind, Muslim or not, Allah has a level of mercy and protection that everybody gets. There is a reason why a tornado doesn't come and just destroy everyone except the Muslims.

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Why? Because a lot put a level of mercy that is standard for all mankind. But Allah Rahim is a special type of mercy. And in sha Allah, that's for me and you in the era. It's a special thing. It's a special gift Allah gives. Now once you recognize who Allah is, and you know a little bit about him, Nana Rahim, Maliki only denounce time to strike fear in your heart. So Allah says, I am the Master of the Day of Judgment. I'm the one who's in charge. I'm the one that if you can't solve problems between each other, you can work out differences on the Day of Judgment, I'm going to be the master and I'm going to work out those differences for you. I'm going to show you how was that

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individual that was for real, and who was the individual that wasn't for real, was going a different direction all the way. That's what Silicon Valley had this for you. If you lean forward, we come to the longest chapter or surah of the Quran. Surah Al Baqarah sootel Bukhara scholars, they say that, if you want to know how to spread your deen, if you want to know how to give the Dawa, and spread the message of Islam, then sort of Al Baqarah is the surah that's going to teach you how to do that. Just listen to how it begins. And if not, I mean, three letters, no one really knows what it means. But we do believe there's a wisdom behind it. We do you believe there's a wisdom in what these three

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letters mean. Just because we don't understand it, it doesn't mean that Allah will reveal something just for no reason. So we believe that there has to be some kind of wisdom there. But our intellectual capacity doesn't allow us to understand, we'll look at the second verse and Islam meme 30 k key term without a burfi. That book means the Koran, there is no doubt in it. This word zedekiah is referred in Arabic to something that's far away, you have to go and put an effort to get it. The word has refers to something that's close to you, and you have it in your hands. But here in this context, it's actually referring to something that's within you. So my question here is now

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think about this. Why would Allah describe the book as valleycats? That Booker has no doubt in it? Why would he use the pronoun describing a last book, being far away when we have it in our hands right now? scholars they say.

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It's as if Allah is telling you, you may think you have the poor end, but you really don't. You may think that just because it's in front of you, and you're studying it every single day, you're never going to really grasp what this book is teaching you. So it's really like an in a way of looking at this book, something beyond how you and I can understand, we might think that I'll come to another port and it's here it's here to stay and we can access this every single day. But Allah is saying you're never gonna really, really have what this book is trying to

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Why does Allah tell you that in a in a surah that's supposed to teach you how to spread the message of Islam? How many times have you found yourself that you've been probably walking on the streets somewhere you meet somebody and they ask you about Islam, whether they're Muslim or not, and you start telling them about their religion. But then there's certain aspects that doesn't really go down very well for them. They don't want to accept it, they don't believe it until you're extreme or you're too lazy or you're to this or you to that what Allah is saying here is spreading the deen is difficult. But what you have to make sure is that you yourself, never doubt it. We live in a time

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where people will instill doubts about who you are. We live in a time where especially in the West, the system and the educational system that we're surrounded, our own children are growing up memorizing this book, but have absolutely no clue what it's talking about. And as a result, the influence around them causes them to doubt if this book is really real or not. So Allah sets the tone and says, The very first thing I want you to know is, don't ever deny that this book has any doubt. Then it continues. And it starts talking about the descriptions of who the machete are the one who fears a lot in sha Allah, that's all of us. We are all here sitting in this message right

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now because we have some taqwa some fear in our hearts that Allah is watching us we want to be here because we want a lot of give us his reward in return. So Allah describes how do you know if you're a person who has tough love? then it continues to the troublemakers the Mona Thea Coleman, the hypocrites. These are the troublemakers in all societies. Allah says that when you come across these people, what is appeal and whom law to see to fill on? When you come to these people? You say, Look, don't cause any trouble in this world. don't cause any trouble in our communities. Just be good people. Harlow international mostly on their responses. Look, wait, wait, wait, I'm a good person.

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And I'm not here to cause any trouble. That's usually the response of the guy who's guilty is that he might be wherever trouble is happening. He's uh, he or she is always there. But when you confront them a lot is saying the first thing that they're going to do is bring themselves out of the picture. I have nothing to do with this. I'm not part of this at all. That's sort of baccata teaches you how to deal with people. If you move forward. I want to skip through that earlier in moron and go to suit attorneys. Certainly, sir, is the chapter for women. Imagine the women have an entire chapter of the whole end with their title on it. The very first verse in that chapter, yeah, a

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Uranus it took all of that from the first thing Allah says is all mankind. Allah doesn't say Oh, beavers are all Muslims, Allah talking to every single human being on the face of this earth. And he's saying to them all mankind, which means that culture, religion, background, color, none of this matters right now. A lot just talking to the human being himself. All Mankind. have Taqwa of your master. have Taqwa fear your master, the one who's in charge. You know what's interesting about this verse, one of the first things that Islam came to destroy was racism, and discrimination. It was one of the first things that it came into destroyed it. Unfortunately, we live in a time right now,

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where the world is still sunk into this problem. A person who dies maybe in Africa or in one of the poor countries, somewhere in the world is not the same as a celebrity who dies. It's just the way things are. For a Muslim Allah is telling you don't have this in your heart, every single human being is has value has worth behind it. So have Taqwa of your master and treat each other equally. Certain nissa scholars they say this is the suitor that teaches you family values. If you want to build a strong society, if you want to build a strong community, if you want people to be united, you want hearts to be attached. Sugata Nisa is the one that's going to do that for you. That's why

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it starts off the throwing out any discrimination in a person's mind. Don't even think along those lines. Welcome everybody in your message and welcome everybody in your community. Throw that kind of feeling outside the window. have Taqwa of your master. Then certain Nisa

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also continues and starts talking about and we mentioned that this is a sort of further that's titled The woman or the women. Through written Nisa has a verse where Allah gives a gift to a woman. It's a special gift from Allah to her.

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As the males, we don't have this gift a lot doesn't give it to us, he only gives it to her. And in Arabic We call this the mahato. Or the dowry that's given to a woman, it's presented to her at the time of marriage. Allah says what add to Nyssa or father party him, give the women their solder pot set apart is another word for that dowry. For the pot comes from the word silicone silicone means to be truthful. So this is what it's telling you is that when the man puts an effort to get that, that gift for her, that is a sign of his commitment to that relationship. That is the truth of the marriage. That's his way of showing her that he's gonna be here and he's gonna be here for real.

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He's not just in it, because you know, she comes from a good family. He's not just in it, because there's a really bad time in his life. And he just needs some companionship, he is for real. And then Allah describes what this gift is like and calls it Nayla. Nina literally means that she is literally on cloud nine, she's just so happy with this gift. There is no way you could have disappointed her. So Allah is saying, Give telling them in give this nilla to her, give her a gift that she's never ever going to feel sad or upset or remorse or regret or complain about. She's gonna love everything about this. If you start off a marriage that way, a marriage who that leads to a

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healthy home eventually leads to a healthy community. A lot of things start fixing that home, how do you start fixing the home, start fixing that marriage. If you fix the marriage, you start bringing good children, you start being a building a strong unit, a strong family, when you build a strong family that the only natural thing that comes out of it is you start building a strong community move forward. Certain man either man either means the table, certain man either showed up to Lahore and one of the wives of the Prophet Sall Allahu RT, who was sending them, she described that suta 10 men he that is the sutra that teaches you Islamic law. That's why the first verse is a verse that

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talks about contracts and agreements on how to fulfill those agreements with each other. It's a fifth issue. It's all Islamic law issue. And the entire sutra talks about the then after when it talks about Islamic laws, then it goes into the meats and the foods that are halal and that are held on for you. Then if you're allowed to eat from the Jews and the Christians and when there are exceptions, when aren't there any exception, it starts going into all of these complicated HIPAA issues. That's what sort of the metadata does for you. So if you want to know all the do's and the don'ts of your religion, suit automatically, that is the sooner to go to and you see how it goes

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into chronological order. Get to know Allah first Surah Fatiha when you know and you establish who Allah is, then you can start to tell and invite people to ascend, but you're not throwing to them complicated issue, you're giving them the basics. This is Allah, this is the Prophet This is why we love them. This is why we obey them. Then it continues to specific areas. Once you finish with that, make sure that you've got your family intact. Don't forget who they are. Don't get caught up with just the outside world with Tao and spreading the deen. Don't forget where you come from. How do you do that? suitor Matadors gonna teach you how to build a family structure. So everybody knows what

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they're supposed to do and stay away from. Let me move forward to a very special soda. Soda out of out of literally means is the wall suited Aronoff has a verse in it. Well, he when I listen to this verse, it sends chills down my spine, that alone will bring that much attention to something so intimate. What is that verse? This is what I'm going to share with you in the second part of the hook about insha Allah, brothers and sisters, we ask Allah azza wa jal to shower us with knowledge or abana effort is Idina, we ask a lot terrain knowledge upon us rain patients upon us. We ask Allah azza wa jal to keep our hearts attached and close to one another Abou domantas maroma Sofitel la

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hudy what a Kumari sir. semana de them, first of Pharaoh in

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam Southern model rasulillah while he was telling me he woman why not buried? Alive soldier says

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when a woman and

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Men they get married.

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The first thing that they think about is that they want to start a family. They want to start a family.

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One day the woman starts to feel a tingling sensation in her stomach thelema to lusha. That's the word tissue is Tasha. I mean, something that has ambiguity in it, she's not really sure what's happening, she just starts to feel that something is taking place in her in her stomach, she doesn't know what it is. And

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when this feeling started to become heavier and heavier, what's happened to her? She's pregnant. She's gonna have a child now. So what happens to the husband and wife right now, the first thing that they start they start to think about is they want a lot to give them a healthy child. That's the only thing that we ever asked for. We don't care if it's a boy or girl, we just want the child to be healthy. So what does Allah say for them on it, there are a lot of them and they both start getting together and they start making dua, or Allah give us a righteous dhariwal la bella la in a Tito now Florida, they're asking a lot of money give us a solid, a righteous child, a good child, a

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child that's kind of fallen, that means a person that's just pure has good intentions. Always has a nice heart kind pleasant. Anywhere fall it goes people like him and accept him. That's what solid is. So they're saying give us a sonic give us somebody who's like this. So what's this all about Doom palom turbo masala.

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Allah gives it to them. They were begging for that healthy good child. So what did Allah to Allah didn't ignore them, or like gave them that healthy and that good child. for them. Tahoma saleha gyla Allahu Shoraka FEMA at home, they took that child, and they allow the child to grow up and do whatever he or she wants, allow them to make their own decisions, allow them to decide what they felt was good for them what they feel is right for them. So look what Allah said. So when they did that, they allow the child to go free. That child fell into a concept called schilke. It fell into the worst sin and crime that a human being could ever commit. They started to associate partners

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with Allah, they started saying that this individual is just like a lung, or this individual has qualities like Allah. So what did Allah so they'll do a love punish that couple. They either lost the child they went through hardship, the child grew up and was defiant towards their parents on aided them and this and that. What's really interesting is this most intimate time between a husband and wife, Allah azza wa jal actually describes it in the Quran actually brings it there for people to really think about it even the most special time in your marriage. When it's time for you to have a child even then you have responsibility even then you got to be careful. So what Allah azza wa jal

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is really telling us here is all going back to that one concept, come back to the poor and come back to the Quran. You know, when you think about problems, if you have problems with children, you know what the first thing that should come to mind, so let's use it. How you have Yaqoob is prophet Jacobi as his son usif on 11 Brothers, how did he deal with all of this children, all of his children, 11 of them were troublemakers. 11 of them were jealous because of one son, and they plotted against them. And it was all because of jealousy. Jealousy causes people to do crazy things. And that's what happened to them. How did he deal with them? Then if you have like a husband, who's

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not a good husband not treating you very well, the first thing that should come to mind is that woman called se out of the love or the wife of Finn around here we have one of the greatest human beings ever to walk the face of this earth. You have this woman Asya she is married to one of the worst human beings ever walk the face of this earth? How did she deal with that? Now if the husband has a problem with his wife, she's not a good person. She's not following her Deen. Then the first thing that comes to his mind is uh, you bodyslam louzada you sell him all of these other prophets and messengers that also had problems with their wives as well. How did they deal with those

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circumstances? The point is brothers and sisters is the court and is here in another verse in sorbitol for *, the Prophet salallahu it

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We'll send them we'll come in front of Allah. Kay, they'll come in front of Allah and he will complain to him. What hold on Russell.

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This prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is going to come to Allah and complain. And he's gonna he's gonna see Ya Allah, he's gonna see ya rubber, whenever you use the rubber in your door. This is a, this is a type of play and desperation that you have in your in your drive. If you're saying you're up, you're up, it's literally you're crying your tears, oh god, I need you, I really need your help at this time. That's why the door is in the corner and the door is from the profit. whenever they're using Rob in their door. It's always because of some kind of difficulty or pain they're going through. So the Prophet says,

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in pomi to huddle has an enema Jorah my people, my followers, they took this quarter and they abandoned it. The word that's used is Maduro. Maduro comes from the word hitron. I'm sure we all know what Hitler is when you say I'm going to make Hitler from one country to another. What are you doing? You're migrating hedger literally means that you're making an intention to leave a and go to B without having any intention of going back to a you've got your mindset that you're going to leave and you're going forward. So these people they took the Koran and they made his euro from the Quran. Can you imagine what that feels like? Making hits and often these people had no intention of coming

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back to it in the first place. Then the second thing Allah says this, the promises I was complaining, he says, has an this or am I remembering the beginning of this hope I told you that there was a verse that said that he can kitaen Remember, I told you that daddy can mean something far away. And Allah was describing the horror and that it was far away. Now in this verse, Allah says has that which is the head that is used for something in your hand. Allah is saying, Now, this door, this this pleases complained that the Prophet is giving to a lie saying, My people have the horror and in their hands. It's right here. It's on their phone, it's on their computer, it's on the

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bookshelves. It's everywhere. It's right here, and they still abandoned.

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Now ask yourself in your heart was the last time that I sat with a laws book and I just started reading for no reason. It wasn't a special occasion. It was just me and the book of a lion. I just started reading. I just started to have that moment between me and my Creator. Ask yourself when was the last time that happened to you? Do you want to be amongst those people that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam complains to Allah This is why I say to you brothers and sisters. Make sure that this book is everywhere you go it's with you. If you don't if you can't carry a core and and carry it on your phone, carried somewhere, have it with you have the Quran attached to you as a

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part of your life. The way to the core end starts off with its recitation, you start reciting and why is that so unique? Because reciting Quran in and of itself is an act of worship. Allah loves it when you do it. Every letter you recite Allah gives you a rewards for 10 rewards for every letter in the hall and how could you let something like that go ask yourself that question. How could a day go by that you don't recite at least one four or five minutes of the Horan. And the last point in sha Allah that I want to leave you with brothers and sisters, is with this continue to speak to your Lord, continue to talk to Allah. That in and of itself requires its own discussion of how to talk to

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Allah. When the Prophet au Bala who said I'm a prophet to you, he lost four things. He lost his health. He lost his wealth. He lost his family, him it was him his wife and 14 children and he lost the entire community. A lot took away everything that was valuable to him. What do you do? What are you but is that

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Allah tells his story in in the Koran and says that all I you decided to do is he turned to Allah and nemus send me a book. He says, Oh Allah pain has afflicted on me. Listen to his language. He doesn't say the worst of the worst fell on me. All of these problems are on my shoulders that I can control anymore. He uses the word.

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He doesn't use sail boat or he doesn't even use the plural form of the word. It's the singular form. He's just saying it's just like one little pain came to me. He lost these four things.

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He counts them as just one pain.

00:30:03 --> 00:30:11

And then he continues and he says one and two are hammered raw, he mean, you're the most merciful to all of mankind.

00:30:12 --> 00:30:58

You notice that a youth doesn't ask for anything. He doesn't say, Oh Allah cure me. Oh Allah returned my family. Oh Allah give me my community, Allah give me this Give me that. He doesn't ask for it. He just says that Allah, you're the most merciful. So what does Allah do? festa Jebin Allah, Allah gave it back to him. Because why even if you don't ask in your door, this alone know what's in your heart. Absolutely. Allah knows what you're feeling. So sometimes you might not have the time or the moment to actually ask but the fact that you're just have that consciousness that Allah is there is enough of a drive that Allah may respond to you. And the reason why I conclude with that brothers

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and sisters is I know life is difficult. I live in the West just like anyone else. I live in these circumstances just like you. I know it's difficult to find the time to do this and to do the to do that. What I've learned is that there isn't there is always an opportunity and an avenue for me to keep my relationship with Allah. And that is what I wanted to share with you today. Wherever you are, He who has no one will always have his creator. May Allah subhanho wa Taala strengthen our relationship with Him. May Allah subhanahu wa taala bring unity amongst this owner, may Allah azza wa jal bless and honor this community as well. May Allah so much have caused your community to grow,

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to become stronger to spread the religion of the truth and the religion of this Deen because you know, it is a beautiful religion. May Allah azza wa jal caused all of you to continue to see the beauty of this life so that you can share it with those around you, brothers and sisters. These are the words that we conclude with, we send peace and blessings to our profits on the lawani He will send them as Allah orders us to do so. When he says in the law, one mela ecotel who use a lunarlon be yeah you will Edina mn sandali he was suddenly motor smena Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed kemosabe Tada Ibrahim awada de Ibrahima innaka homido Majeed Allahumma Meanwhile, Muslim el

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Mina Mina, Allah here

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in Nepal even semi Mooji boo dharwad Allahumma in an anaesthetic agenda, Robert lamb Napoleon why environment one are also becoming another one Makarova, la Hermann cold environment to Coronado because they are a city and now your seafood was salmonella mursalin wa Shangri La Europe de la de me

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