How the Quran teaches us what to do #21 Handling Trouble Makers

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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. So today it's about dealing with troublemakers and it doesn't matter. In what way shape or form, as long as people, generally speaking, look to cause trouble to stir up drama to create problems. There's a verse, there's actually many verses, but today's verse inshallah Tyler will help us to not just cope with that, but how to respond and handle troublemakers in general. So I want to bring your attention to suta number four, which is suited to Nisa. In this particular suitor, there's a large chunk of it that's devoted to the hypocrites or the mafia Poon, which are the are at the top of the list of

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troublemakers in society in communities. And I'm not saying that every single troublemaker in your life is like a monastic or a hypocrite. We're talking about the principle of just people who cause problems and across cause problems just for no reason. Or they make something they make something out of nothing. They make your life difficult. They might create rumors, they might create drama, they'll talk about you, just in whatever way shape or form and the worst of that is the Mona Lisa cone. And in Salton Nisa, it's in this surah out of all the suitors of the poor and the talk about the Mona Poon. This particular sort of soda tin Nisa has some of the largest amount of verses in one

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chapter that discuss them one by one, which is really interesting. So you can go to Soulja tell mafia Cohen, you can go to sort of Bukhara you can go to sort of earlier in Milan, you could go to various sutras. But if you want the biggest conversation of the most verses on the subject of monesi opponents so that in Nisa has roughly close to 20 verses, and depending on how some verses are even interpreted, it's even higher than that. Anyhow, so let's get to this verse in sha Allah. To give you some context, Allah subhana wa Taala called out the Mona Lisa cone and set to them that look, way the appeal at home Toronto, lm Angela level, what you load your soul, whenever it is said to

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them to come to Allah, and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So here is the first hint, whenever you respond, or you talk to a troublemaker, and you're trying to tell them, stop doing this, stop acting this way, stop behaving like that stop with the attitude. It's creating problems. It's breaking up relationships, it's creating problems with families. You gotta change your ways. Whenever you confront somebody this way, part of the characteristics of more nasioc or neofolk. The hypocrisy is that they'll say to a certain bucket that says, well, either p let him lead to C to fill or whenever you tell them don't cause any problems. Don't create mischief. Don't be a

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troublemaker call to indemand know, mostly when they'll say actually we were just being good people. We weren't actually doing anything. So the first trait of Mr. Neff is that they take themselves out of a problem immediately with no accountability. So it kind of sounds like I didn't do nothing. You know, you'll confront a couple that have marital problems. It ends up in divorce. You ask one side, what's the issues? They give you all detailed stories and relate to everything about the marriage that were problems? You go to the other side? person says no, I didn't do anything. It's all his or her fault. I wasn't a troublemaker. I was just innocent, and I didn't do anything. So pulling

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themselves out of a situation is one of the first hints towards the fact. So that happened to the Prophet it selected was set up when they were told, come to Allah and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, or a telephone FEMA, also donor uncles who do the you would see that the Mona Thea would literally ignore you walk away. And that was an insult to the Prophet it sort of someone is talking to somebody and he's trying to encourage them that they would turn give that they would give them his bat. They would give the Prophet early start with some of their backs, turn away and completely ignore his message, his presence, his honor, his status as you continue, Allah subhanho

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wa Taala says, Willa, he can lead the ruler he can lead the year animala Matthew kulu Bm. Allah knows what's in the hearts of those mon afia. So when you're talking about the troublemakers, what do troublemakers like to do? On the outside? They'll probably show you you know, hey, I wasn't doing anything. They'll smile. They'll laugh they'll shake your hand. They'll say sometimes they'll do all of these wonderful things right? in their hearts. However, I can't believe I have to talk to him or her. I can't believe that I had to sit beside them. God that was so grueling, god that was so painful. You know and even for some, I mean lots of Muslims. Unfortunately. They do this when they

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have problems like you

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You'll say Samar, they come to somebody but your heart doesn't say this. Hello, you hate it, you hate that you have to talk to that person. And you're actually the one that could be most guilty of all the problems to begin with, you might be difficult to deal with. You might be the drama queen, or the drama King. You have problems with multiple people in your life. It's not just him or her. But multiple people in your life, you've got issues with what makes you think that you're still on the path of doing the right thing. If you've got so many problems with so many different people, I mean, just wake up and out of it says this is the troublemaker we're talking to, like, snap out of

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it for a second. And don't you see, the amount of people that are having issues with the same thing could be the way that you talk could be the way that you handle problems, it could be the way that you handle disagreements. I've met some people in my life hamdulillah very few. But the ones that I do have hadn't met. They, they they really present this persona about them that if you disagree, or you can't know or you can confront them about an issue, or you're upset about something, that's it relationships, friendships, you name it cut off, we will never speak a ticket ticket, we will never speak with each other again. You are my enemy until yomo pm. Like where does this attitude come

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from? Allah azza wa jal is telling us in the Quran, all of these traits, these behaviors are all part of nofap and hypocrisy. So how do you handle it? A lot tells us number one, our ideal diamond home. But before we get to that, actually, one more thing that I forgot to mention about this a LS is yalom. Aloha, Matthew kulu, being Allah knows what's in their hearts. So what you're trying to hide, so you might be fake, you might have a double standard when you're dealing with people, but in your heart, Allah is saying, that's what I'm paying attention to the most. So yeah, you could put on the fake smiles. You could have the fake personalities, you can go with the fake salaams, you can do

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this, and you can do that. But Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying, I am monitoring everything that you do, especially what's in your heart. What is neofolk hypocrisy, somebody who conceals some one thing in their heart, and it's the complete opposite, that's manifested through their actions. That's what NFL players, that's what munaf is, that's what a hypocrite is. And so what a lot says is goes back to the root of hypocrisy and says, I know exactly what's in that heart. So don't think that you can just continue and prolong this way, by showing people all the fake personalities and so on. I know what's really untrue and authentic in you. And that's what I'm going to bring out. That's

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what they'll be accountable for. But how do you and I, in the meantime, how do we cope with this area line home, so here are the steps number one area line home, that you try your very best

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comes literally means to kind of

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try to stay away, try to divert yourself from that negative presence and energy. Try. So in other words, this is por ends way of saying try to limit your involvement with the troublemaker as much as possible. And instead now so it's not saying to you to ignore

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does not mean to just walk away, ignore and say oh, okay, if that's how the way you're going to be that colossal. Mr. Lincoln, we don't have to talk again. No,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala. What's really being said here is try to avoid confrontation, try to avoid those kinds of problems. So if you can see the person's in a bad mood, you see the person giving you dirty looks, don't give them dirty looks back. Don't just be like, What's your problem? Now, try to avoid what is a less panatela telling us to do here, don't add more wood to the fire. It's already burning, don't make it bigger, don't add more heat, more tension to what's between you and that party? That person or that group? Then from that point, here's the next step. What info home so you have already gone home, wherever home, where is the home, wherever or more info, take some time to

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talk to them, and talk to them in a way that penetrates their heart. So in other words, you've got to think about what you want to say and how you want to say it. So what is Allah subhana wa Taala telling us to do next, confront that individual? And confronting does not necessarily have to be pure drama, shouting matches, back and forth. No, could just be a conversation, sitting down with the person and just be like, Hey, listen, man, let's just work this out what's going on? Like, why why is there so much tension? Why is there so many problems, whatever the issue is, is can we work it out, resolve it, put it behind us and move on? That's a wire is the home mower elfa is the kind

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of reminder that really causes somebody to think in

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reflective penetrates their heart. And that requires thought reflection. That requires for somebody to have a sincere heart, the area started off tackling the heart that didn't have any sincerity. And so Allah is reversing all of that unless flipping it now bring out a little bit of genuineness and sincerity when you confront the troublemaker, so genuinely try to confront the situation with the goal of resolving the issue, not fighting through more drama, resolve the issue. That's poor antics. That's the Quranic way of dealing with problems, particularly with troublemakers, then a las panatela continues, here's number three wakulla home fee and fusi himcolin ballyhoura. Allah adds to

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it. Now, if you can't do the whole reminder thing. So if you can be there to say, Okay, look, you know, and try to think and come up with a good, genuine way to have this conversation just because it's difficult than Alesis. The least that you should do is say, even if it's just one word or less is COVID. Not awkward. COVID. So for hula, hula, hula hoops, who will then say to them, at least one word, and you listen to listen to the language, the language is Alexis wakulla. Home, left home is plural. So if you're talking to one person, pretend you're talking to many. In other words, that one person is more than just that one human being in front of your face. You don't know what their story

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is, you don't know what they're going through, you don't know what their problems are. So it could be multiple issues. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is hinting to us to keep that in mind. But the bare minimum, which is number three is at least say something good. So whether that be a genuine Salaam or Hi, Hi, Hello, good morning, whatever, whether that means that just a nice text message, something but Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling us to break the ice. That's the most important lesson. So three things in this area help us to cope with confront and heal ourselves with people who cause trouble. Okay, not you. But when you're dealing with an issue, number one, alarm. So Joel

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says, I'm home. We're home wakulla home fi and foresee him Columbo. Lee Hall. Number one, try to stay away from the tension and the confrontation, the arguments, if they happen, walk away, get out of it, don't get involved in that stuff. Number two, try to have genuine conversations, conversations that penetrate the heart that really get to that person, let them see your sincerity. And number three, if that you can't do then at least just be kind. Just be kind, don't get into arguments. And even if it just means things that are more illegal, at least to do that, you know what a las panatela is telling us not to do. He's not telling us to just ignore them. He's not

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telling us to start talking to them and start talking about them on Facebook and social media and start bashing them online. Less not telling you to do any of them. allies, not just saying Okay, leave it a status quo and walk away. You got to do something. gotta try somehow, someway. Even if you're not saying anything, but your presence in the same living room in the same place in the same Masjid in the same area. Your presence alone is a starting point in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala. So what's very important is Allah is not saying to us to do nothing, but try to do something with wisdom, and at least some of these steps in sha Allah hoteller so I hope that helps. And I hope

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that that helps us to cope with the witch scenarios like this. May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us the strength, knowledge and wisdom to continue to keep learning that we become better people, better Muslims and better servants in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala always in forever, alone me. One last thing that I want to mention to everybody is that for the last few weeks since this pandemic began, I've been doing those Juma reminders every Friday I can the Fridays that you didn't hear from me It's because I was at msgid somewhere otherwise Alhamdulillah by Allah's grace, I've been with you every single Friday from my house here just doing some short tomorrow reminders. With that being

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said, two things I want to say to you, number one, may Allah subhanho wa Taala reward all of you for your support for listening to this poor miskeen servant of Allah doing whatever I can to remind and encourage and inspire people to be the best people that they can be so that they can be the best Muslims that they can be. So May Allah subhanho wa Taala reward bless and honor and protect all of you for your support. And number two, as you can probably, as you probably know, hearing on the news and so on that things are starting to fail

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back into normality. So slowly things are coming back to normal. And part of that is Joomla is now being restarted here in Toronto, Canada. So a lot of the massage would have already started to have Joe Mars again. So if I'm not giving hope to you, then realize that I'm actually there attending those as well. So I think for now, we're going to pause on the jumar reminders, I hope and I pray that inshallah it stays this way and that we can get those reminders together as a community in our local massages in sha Allah, Allah. But with that being said, let's see what the future lies and we will deal with it accordingly to the best of our ability in sha Allah, whatever Allah which is up

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from Allah will heighten May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless you all, said Mr Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh