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Friday Sermon (04-28-2017)

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In Alhamdulillah

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no matter who want to start you know who want to stop hero.

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When are the Billahi min? Shuri and fusina women say tiara Medina? Mayor de la who philomel de la mejor glyfada hygena Why should one Isla de la la w hula Sri Cara what should one know Mohammed Abu water Sulu sallallahu alayhi wa he was heavy woman sellaronda and energy woman Stan obeso Nettie la yo Medina, buried. For taco la you will verb for the madrona subhanho wa Taala Phaeton xili Yeah, you're Latina Amman, tapa la hepco to quality, wallet, Mouton. Illa, one to musli Moon thumb buried. My brothers and sisters. First and foremost, we thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for the blessing and honor that once again, this oma has a meeting. The Muslims come to their weekly gathering of the day

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of jamara and we ask Allah azza wa jal to bless our gathering, and bless all of our brothers and sisters that continue to observe the day, the time and the moment of yomo Juma Allahumma Amin. Today I'd like to share with you two verses of the Quran in two separate sodas. And this hookah is devoted to the poor ends guide in how we thank and show gratitude to the creator to Allah subhanho wa Tada. So the first verse I want to share with you is none other than the verse that is found in sudut. Look, man. Now you might be thinking, Well, why this particular chapter of the Quran and not others, were very, very simple.

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Whenever you're thinking about gratitude, and showing thanks, whether it be to each other, to family members, to colleagues, people in general,

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the core and one of its central themes from cover to cover, is teaching the student of this book, How to Be grateful, regardless of what circumstances, regardless of what hardships and tests that they're being put through in life, how at the end of the day, they can still see the light at the end of the tunnel, they can still see the beauty, the beauty in whatever difficulties they go through. And as a result, they're able to look towards Allah and thank him. Sometimes we don't know the deeper wisdom as to why things happen. But yet, in the Quran, we're still commanded, be grateful. Now, when you turn your attention to the chapter of Look, man, you'll notice that as soon

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as you hear this surah most people they'll think immediately about the advice that look man gave to his son, the set of advices and guidance that he gives his child. But what I want to bring your attention to is how all of that began.

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Just because a child comes from a good family, doesn't mean that child is going to be raised and become good him or herself. Take the example of new holiday, his sudden, it's a good family. But do you remember what happened to his son, the son looked at his father, and said directly to his face, that I'm going to go up that mountain and I'm not going to listen to what you want me to do or what the creator told you to do.

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Then the opposite is also true. Just because a child comes from a bad family doesn't necessarily mean that that child is going to be raised and become a bad person. Take the example of Ibrahim alayhis salam.

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He comes up from a home where his father not only was a mushrik, not only was he worshipping other than Allah. But in addition to that he developed and he was in charge of an industry that created idols for worship. And look what his son became. His son left a legacy from that moment until the day of judgment.

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We bring our attention to sulit. Look, man, and if you ever want to know what true parenting is, in the end, this is the starting point. But listen to how the discussion began. The first thing Allah says to look man, is he says to him what are called the attina local man and hikma we gave local man wisdom. Remember, wisdom is very different from knowledge. Knowledge is just one ingredient for someone to develop wisdom. Another

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ingredient that helps us to be wise in decisions we make. And life in general, is experience and reflection, when you really take time to think things through, when you really take time to sit back and wonder why these events unfold, why our circumstance is what it is, only the one who is gifted with wisdom is able to do that, and able to do that in a constructive manner. So Allah says, I gave you wisdom, Look, man,

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what is he told man to do next? anish kuruvilla

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be grateful to your master.

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Listen to the relationship. A lot just blessed him with something. And he orders Look, man, I want you to be grateful. I want you to give thanks to me. What scholars say is that this is the peak of wisdom. The peak of wisdom is when you live a life that you show gratitude, for everything and anything, even though in front of your eyes, you can't see the good in it. You don't understand why it's happening this way. You made a plan that you wanted life to go in one direction. But it seems as though everything is unfolding in the complete opposite direction. The true believer of a law is the one that still remains in that state of confidence. You think positive, you're a believer in

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Allah. So you believe he's in charge. He's in control. He knows what he's doing. So I'm not going to question him. So I'm still going to be grateful to him. With the rise of Islamophobia, hatred, bigotry, discrimination, racism, in all forms. You know what the believers attitude is when you address these issues inside your heart, you're still grateful that Allah made you and put you alive in 2017? Because let's be honest, if our Creator wanted to, he would have put to you and I it alive in another generation, where if we heard the word murder, if we heard the word stealing or any other different crimes, if we heard those terms, we would be like, what's that?

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Why would somebody want to commit murder? Why would somebody even steal something? A law could put us in the most perfect generation. But no, you're here. I'm here in this day and age. Do you know why? Because the Almighty Creator sees you have what it takes to live in this day and age, despite in the face of all these different forms of hatred, all these different forms of discrimination. Still a lot told you be grateful. Still, Allah told you be Muslim, stay above a believer, be confident in this message. So that's what look man is being told. He's told by Allah that if you really want to see the beauty of the heart of your wisdom, be grateful to me. But also keep in mind.

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Also keep in mind, the conversation continues. And it could really learn or may Yes, score for innama Yes, coroutine FC, whoever gives gratitude. Just remember one thing, Allah doesn't benefit. He doesn't become more stronger or more powerful or more knowledgeable, because we show gratitude to him. Because at the end of the day, he doesn't need this gratitude from us. He orders us to do it because it's actually more beneficial to us than him.

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Woman cafard listen to the conclusion of the a a woman Kaffir of Imola, honey Yun Hamid, whoever commits coup for then realize that Allah is fully independent, and all praise and glory belongs to him. Do you see the correlation? Do you see the relationship? We're talking about gratitude? And then Allah talks about Cofer put it together. If you don't show gratitude, then you're actually committing Kufa. So panela now bring it back into today's time, and in our communities and our relationships with one another. This is a massive problem.

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Because usually, people in general, show gratitude when whatever requests they've made, have been fulfilled. So you invite a speaker to come and lecture the audience.

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And he does it but he didn't do it exactly the way you hoped he would. He still fulfilled his mn he's still fulfilled his trust. But you're not exactly satisfied. What are the let's say to do for you to do, be grateful, and thank him. And the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that the one who does not show gratitude to people is the one who does not show gratitude to Allah.

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You have to be grateful for each other. Even parents have this you know, when you do a lot for your child.

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At some point, even it's very natural for a parent to say, you know, I've done so much for you. The least you can do for me, is show me some respect. The least you can do for me is support me support what I'm trying to do. So even naturally, as parents without even thinking about it. You do so much for your children, but you look for something in return. Allah says that the starting point of this is you yourself have to show gratitude to others in order to receive it in return. Now, the big question here is, how do you show gratitude? How do we thank Allah. This is where I bring our attention now to the second verse, verse number 77. In the chapter of Hajj, sorbitol, Hajj, Allah

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says in this Surah Now keep in mind how the sutra began. Yeah, you had ness. It spoke to all of mankind. But the beginning of this chapter, Allah wasn't pleased. That's why the first a a warned people that in reality, Socrates shade on our limb, that the moment of when the hour meaning the Day of Judgment is announced, that moment is going to shake the ground, and it's going to be a profound moment an event in our lives. May Allah azza wa jal give us the strength along mean.

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So it began talking to everyone

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but as the sort of continued

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a love wasn't pleased with how they responded. So the attention turned towards you and I as believers, yeah, you know, all people have, amen. Now here is one of many verses in the Quran that teaches you how to thank Allah. Number one, Allah says, are careful. Number two, what do you do number three, what are boo Dora back home. Number four love Fido, the higher, Lala come to flee home. four things. Number one, Allah says, make sure you perform real core, the bowing position of prayer. Now, I want you to think of rocor and sujood, from the eyes of someone who doesn't pray, whether that be a non Muslim, or even somebody who calls themselves a Muslim, but they don't pray.

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Think about when you see someone

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and you watch them how they pray. Do you see how we do it, we fold our hands together. We're looking at the ground. And somebody who walks by and sees that you like Mike, oh, my goodness, these people are really humble.

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Look at them. They're looking at the ground and they're keeping themselves together. Then the next step is we go into the bowing position. And this observer is thinking to himself, wow, they're really humble. Because now they're bowing down to their Creator. And then when they see you and I going into prostration, we put our foreheads to the ground. Wow, these people are really, really humble. What does that tell you about prayer?

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The whole purpose.

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The umbrella that hovers over prayer is called the umbrella of humility.

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The more we learn, the more we pray, the more humble we're supposed to be.

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We're actually supposed to feel this sense of humility, and in slave bent with Allah's worship. You know, the greatest title given to us is that God Almighty calls us a slave. But that term is the most humiliating term in this world.

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That's the one thing you don't want to be called in worldly life, but in front of our Creator, we are so honored because that's the best title that we could have. And Allah even called his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he called him a slave Subhana let the SRR be Abdi Praise be to Allah who took his slave on the night journey. He didn't say Subhana Liddy sarabi Mohammed

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So this title of you and I being slaves and commanded to worship and bow down and prostrate to Allah, there's a couple things that are supposed to happen here. You know, when you learn something and you you increase your knowledge and experience outside in the modern world, in businesses in the corporate world, what happens to people like that is they're promoted, the respect is increased, their salary is increased. They're promoted their status and their position is honored. But in, in from a spiritual sense, from a religious perspective, the more you learn, the more you're supposed to feel humbled.

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So think about when you come to sell out, what are you thinking about? Are you thinking about?

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When is this email I'm going to finish? Is Soto's too long?

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Are you thinking about? This guy can't recite anything, somebody else should have led the prayer. Are you thinking about, I haven't prayed fudger on time for the last three months. Think about how we approach this, this, these prayers. And the second thing to keep in mind is from one prayer to another is supposed to improve and increase and perfect our attitudes and our personality. It's actually supposed to make us better people from the heart toss it your mindset and the way that you think is supposed to reflect that a lot of prayer until also comes then awesome. You reengage you restart, you reaffirm then from us certain mclubbe you're in a certain mode, you know, they say

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pillars hold up a structure. Well, pillars or Sala are the pillars of your day.

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They keep you balanced, they keep you calm, they keep you relaxed. So we're supposed to learn this. And another example of this in the Quran is remember the altercation between a police and Adam. As soon as Allah created a demonic he said that what did the police say? You just created him. And he also he already gets a promotion and a higher Minho. I'm actually better than him. So this mentality of a police even falls into our own communities within people. I've been a board member for the last 20 years. How come he's now the president? How come he's now the director? How come? He's now the MSA president? I've been the MSA president for two semesters. Why does he do that? Some of us have

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this attitude. Some of us have this attitude where if Allah gifted us with some authority or knowledge, we feel as though we can just kind of walk over others. I'm the one in charge. This guy doesn't know how to recite sort of back out of the way I do. Lots of young fans have this problem. I'm already starting to hear it. The young fathers that are starting to review for Ramadan. They're having conversations, some of them amongst themselves saying, should I pull up my suitcase this year? Should I pull up my machete, Russia this year, you're missing the point. If that's your attitude, when you pray,

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then I'm afraid to say that there could be a possibility or a potential that the thing you hope is rewarding you may actually be punishing you. May Allah protect us from this. And so brothers and sisters,

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over Carol, West studio, Senator, this is the peak of humility. When you bow down to a law and you submit yourself to Him and you put your forehead to the ground, you put your hands to the ground, doesn't matter how clean your clothes is, doesn't matter how much makeup you have on doesn't matter anything. You bow down to your Creator. That is the peak of humility. That is the moment where you should realize that this is how Allah is putting me in my place. It doesn't matter if I'm the president of the largest corporation, or the largest business or I make the most money. When I put my head to the ground, I am just as equal as everyone else.

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Now, when you finish prayer,

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we start prayer by saying Allahu Akbar, Allah is the Greatest. So Allah is happy with that. So happy to see that. Okay, you acknowledge that I'm the greatest in prayer. So let me see if you can acknowledge me as well outside of prayer. So what's the next thing if you want to improve your gratitude with Allah, then the third thing you should do? Wear a blue robe back home, worship your master. This is referring to everything outside of prayer. You did a good job in solder. And this is one of the very few times that we can be proud of as believers.

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We come together, we can coordinate, we can stand in a perfect line, we can do all of that great thing, all of those great things, until it's time to drive out of the parking lot.

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This is the problem. You did a great job here and Alice pleased with you. Now Allah says, Okay, can you do the same thing outside of prayer now? Can you do the same thing, worship me and be mindful of me and think of me and be grateful of me? When you're standing in line, when somebody cuts you off on the road, and don't escalate that problem, because it could be potentially dangerous, that could be a problem. If somebody else is given a position in charge of something, can you show that you're also grateful and you're humbled by that? Give somebody else an opportunity. You try? Well, Makoto mackerel, you're you're planning but Allah is also planning. Can you embrace a loss plan outside of

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Salah will Abu Rob back home

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doesn't stop there. Here's number four.

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When all of a sudden done when you're not in some form of worship, then Allah concludes and says, what are the height? Not? What are metal higher? What are the higher Florida is random, spontaneous action. I'm Ella, like I'm a little salty hat. I'm Allah is righteous deeds, with a righteous or sincere intention. There's a goal behind Amen. You do righteous deeds, because there's an ultimate goal. But something as random as just smiling and saying thank you, or you're welcome. Good morning. Hello. Shaking somebody's hand just showing little itty bitty tidbits of gratitude between each other. All of this falls under the umbrella of just Farrell of good action. So the least requirement

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Allah expects from you and if you really want to be grateful is at the end of the day, just be good to one another, just be good people. And I've said this before, if you want to be a great believer of Allah, a great Muslim of Allah, your starting point is you got to be a good person.

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If you want to be a student of the Quran, you got to have a good heart. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam got the revelation when he was about 40 years old, when he was about 40 years old. Then Allah said, here's the poor end. So what was he doing? Prior to that moment? He was known to be the trustworthy one, the most honest one, people looked up to him, he was still an example of brilliance. He was still a beautiful human being. Once he went through that phase of his life. That's when God Almighty Allah said to him, okay, now you're ready. Here you can have the color and now May Allah azza wa jal purify our actions. May Allah azza wa jal make us better people. Even if

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we are good, May Allah increase us in good And may Allah azza wa jal give us the strength and the knowledge and the understanding that we be true believers in this world so that we are rewarded with his paradise in the hereafter. Allahumma I mean, I'll hold him at this man was Sofitel la hollywood comedy Saturday Muslim equally them festival in the hall. Horrell Rahim.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while he was happy he woman was buried. What final higher, La La come to flee home. Here's the conclusion.

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You're making Moodle core sujood. Your life revolves around some form of worship. And in between all of that you're doing good. You're a good man, you're a good woman, you're a good son, you're a good daughter, you're a good student. You're a great scholar, whatever it is that Allah blessed you with?

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What's our ultimate goal? What do we want out of this? As long as we have the attitude of gratitude, we are champions in the hereafter listening to the conclusion of the verse, La La come to flee horn, la la, hopefully, may be in sha Allah. You'll be amongst those who are successful because we see them every day.

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Some people give you that to face attitude. They give you the fake smile.

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They shake your hand they smile they talk to you say great things in front of you until they get back into their whatsapp group and they start talking about you

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until they get on the phone. Did you see brother so and so did you see this? There's also

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until they get into private conversations.

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So people like this have this

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They don't actually go anywhere. Because on the one hand, the good deeds is they're smiling and they're kind, etc, etc. But they're burning out all of their good deeds, because they can't stop bashing this person on social media. They can't stop talking about this person in their private conversations with their private groups. These are the people that will not have success in this world and to hear after. And I want to conclude to just paint an image you're hearing this word constantly in the poor, no muffler, called a flat helmet. meantone la la come to flee Hoon feller, her actually refers to the farmer, that plants is seated deep in the ground. And a kid sees the and

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he asks the farmer,

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what are you doing?

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Why are you planting that seed in the ground, and then I see you, you're nurturing it, you're watering it, you're giving it plant food. Then once in a while you've got your tractor, you're going back and forth, in the farmland, and you're, you know, you're mixing the soil, you're doing all of this stuff, why?

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the muffler? The farmer looks at the child, this young person, and he says to him,

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you'll see,

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you'll see why I'm doing this. And after one year, what happens? He starts to see the fruits of his effort.

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And that's when he can tell the kid This is why I put all that effort throughout the year, because this is what I wanted. I wanted to see the plant sprout out of the ground, and I wanted to enjoy its fruits. Now I can relax now. I don't have to work on the farm anymore. That's us. In the era. Right now, all of us were spiritual farmers. We're planting our seeds right now. Our seeds are what good deeds. That's what you're planting. Right now you're planting a whole bunch of good deeds in your life. When do you get to see that spiritual tree as a result of that good deed? It's when you're in the athleta. And Allah says to you,

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oh, my son, Oh, my God. Oh, my Oh, this person that and he calls you by your name. And he says, look, look at your scale.

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Look how much you've planted on Earth. Look at the result. Look at how much goodness you have. That's what we're hoping for. And I hope that in sha Allah This is somewhat a precursor or something to tickle your appetite preparing you for the month of Ramadan. I want you to start to think about this. Think about what exactly is it that you hope to achieve and accomplish not just for the month of Ramadan, but all that comes before it and after it. We ask Allah azza wa jal to increase this in good deeds. We ask Allah azza wa jal to increase us in knowledge and understanding. We ask Allah azza wa jal that if we are accepted as good people, yeah, it'll be make us better people. We ask

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Allah azza wa jal to bless and honor all of our brothers and sisters who preserve and protect the message in their hearts and in their action of La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we send peace and blessings to our soul salewa Toby was Salam O Allah. Can amaura subhanho wa Taala feet NZD in Allahu Allah ecotour who you saw lunarlon nabee Yeah, you have Latina M and o solwara. They were suddenly able to sliema Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed Camus Lolita Ibrahim awada early Ibrahima innaka habido Majid Allah homophily Massimino one Muslim at me Nina one minute Allah here even 1am what in the Caribbean semi amo g bo dharwad Allahumma Inanna

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Luca Jenna Omar Cordoba, la Herman Colin Ahmed, when are also becoming a nod woman, Robert la Herman Colin alarma or abana Tina Fey dunya has Cena Warfield karate Hasina Joaquin or the urban now sapan Auto B Caterpillar is the TMA you'll see for now. wassalam on Island more Selena al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen