Unplugged – He Just Exposed His Secret Project with Ammar Alshukry

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For the first time

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we have

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a beautiful brother from America who has come to Nigeria

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and he is originally from Sudan

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and today is almost Nigeria. Now, today he he is from Maiduguri.

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But he is originally from Sudan

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and his name is Amara Shoukry. So I want to him to say a few words.

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Because like I said earlier everyone has a unique style.

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Sometimes you listen to the style, ah, it changed your life. Well Allah He we have all succeeded. So inshallah I will just ask him to share any words he would want to share with you. And you will find a beautiful approach that is uniquely American. So Danny, may Allah bless.

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So now I got a lot of guys who

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Hamdulillah this was my first trip to Nigeria. Some of you who have been at the one on one conference, you've heard, I've been fantasizing about coming to West Africa for a long time and hamdulillah and I had high expectations and it exceeded my expectations that hamdulillah

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what I'll do

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as far as

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uniqueness, Chef Mufti mink, I'll tell you, I have a secret project that I've been working on.

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And it is poetic Tafseer of the Quran.

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And so if I could have a cider

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to recite Surah teleclass we'll do a poetic theater sorta class inshallah Tada

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Nina Shavon, you're worthy.

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Bismillah your manual three

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who Allahu Ahad now there are five chapters of the Quran that with the word say begin and follow up a class NAS Alkaff your own and a gin. Now the word say decrees the Prophet upon who be peace did it alter the revelation received not in the least and Allah had in description exceeds but to be brief, the one and only with uniqueness indeed that doesn't cease.

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Allah whose son Samad Osama is the master who none can speak after and the one you asked for in need and disaster but he needs no one no partners and no sun no internal organs no nutrition is needed. It's not a notion. Lamb nearly Do you know I have a question for you. Were you born first or did you have children first which one?

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You were born first right so why does Allah say let me edit while I'm you look, he did not have children and he was not born from anyone. He begets not nor was he begotten. And the meaning of the garden has long been forgotten. It means he has no children and no one has ever had him and he negates children first before parents even though the circle of life is obviously oppositely apparent because most tracks to shake that shaytaan brings is by associating to Allah not parents, but offspring.

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Who Khufu and had and there is none like him. He has no partners, no equals no updates, no sequels, no angels, no people to think so is lethal to all those who are seeking God. He alone is the one to be feared and odd. He alone is the one to be revered and sought. He alone is the one and he loves the odd.

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Thank you very much.