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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh brothers and sisters and welcome to Ask Muslim. So today we're going to talk about how do you find a spouse. So there's two things that you want to consider there's a general way of finding a spouse. And there's a specific way to you and your own lifestyle that you can also find a spouse, we're just going to mention two points for each of them. When it comes to general ways, the first thing that you want to do is, go to your family, go to people who are closest to you, whether that means your mom, dad, your relatives, your siblings, or even close family friends, and go to them and say, Look, I'm looking to get married, can you help me? I'm ready

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to make this step. Do you know anybody that you know, inshallah might be interested with me, or I'll be interested with them. So the first thing is you want to stick to family first. The reason why I say that is very simple. Who else do you trust in your life besides your family, so these are the people that you will want insha Allah, to be able to help you make this important decision is huge decision in your life. So go to family first. The second thing when it comes to a general way is everything outside of the family. So this is your friends, this is your local Masjid, your scholar, your Mmm, or even going on a matrimonial site. So for example, like myself, I am part of the pure

00:01:26--> 00:02:05 website. It's a fantastic website, I am one of the local show you that monitor the website and make sure everything insha Allah is going correctly according to the teachings of Islam. So you might want to check out that website, register and see if that's something that fits what you're looking for. So that's the second thing is that you get into you keep things within the family or try to go outside of the family. Again, you're looking for people that you can trust, when it comes to specific things that you can do to find that Mr. or Mrs. Right. Number one brothers and sisters, is you have to understand or to really dig deep, what is it that you're looking for? What

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is it that you want in a spouse? Well, how do you know which culture does she belong? To? Which background do does he or she live? In? What social? What society? Do they belong to? What kind of family background? Do they have? Even the appearance? What is it that you're looking for, you're looking for somebody in your own culture, are you willing to settle for somebody outside of your culture, all of those little things, what that's going to do for you, it's going to narrow down the crowd that you can go to and inshallah look for a spouse. So right away, if you know you're looking for somebody within that university stage or still in college doing their studies, then you know,

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you're going to stick within the university crowd. If you're looking for somebody a little bit more mature than that, then you know, you need to look outside of that crowd. So it starts to narrow down that search wall for you. The second And the final thing that I will conclude with in sha Allah, this is actually for both specifically as well in a general perspective, and that is brothers and sisters. Always remember only allies. So Rachel knows where that spouse is. Your spouse could be somewhere in Australia and you're living in Japan, or it could be the other way around. You just never know when Allah azza wa jal is going to bring that spouse for you. Insha Allah, so keep that

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in your heart but at the same time, put that effort in sha Allah to try to find that Mr. or Mrs. Right to the best of your ability. I hope that helps guys may Allah azza wa jal grant all those who are looking for a spouse, a righteous spouse along mean, said Mr. Lee Kumar, Petula. He will look at

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