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The speakers emphasize the importance of memorizing sick people and reciting Prophet's words in narratives, and the negative impact of worshipting "will" and "willow" on actions and values. They stress the need for more information on names and avoiding mentioning certain names. Additionally, the speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding mentioning certain names and false or inaccurate information. The study on the smell of Islam focuses on the negative consequences of the loss of habitat and the use of "will" and "will" to describe its negative consequences.

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So this is

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the drive visiting the sick is something

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that each one of us should memorize because we all know somebody sick to visit at some point. I mean it's not hardly a month goes by if that long before you hear about someone who's sick that we should be visiting

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and again, these are certain parts of the

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Sunnah of our Prophet it is selected with Sadam that unfortunately get lost when we

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we focus on so many other things that are not even fundamentals of our Deen

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we lose the little things they say. Sometimes we get lost and we forget that the this is a slam

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Hadeeth that has been graded as Hasson Orissa, he by many of the scholars have Heidi

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mentioned that if you visit a sick person in the morning 70,000 angels pray for you until the evening. You visit a sick person in the evening 70,000 angels pray for you until the morning. I mean is actually a loss. So we have to be concerned about implementing every part of our Deen to the best of our ability Natasha

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all right sapan I'll be

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allow them some hanabi allow them when do you say that?

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record what do you think is the significance of saying so Pamela be allow the

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when you record?

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Yeah, go ahead.

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Loving doesn't mean Hi.

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Now what does it mean we've we've covered what it was? What is

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magnificent and Tavi means to do what so this is considered to be from Tallinn. When you say Subhan Allah be Alavi. What is Tallinn,

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to show to venerate to show that respect and honor? And so when you say Suppan or be Alavi.

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I mean, besides the obvious meaning, which is that you are exalting the laws of Howard's Allah, you're declaring him free of all imperfections. When you say Subhana Allah be and you're saying allow them,

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you are giving yourself an indication that you will not bow you will not lower yourself for for anyone other than Allah

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subhanho wa Taala.

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For those who bow, you should feel that when you bow in your saliva.

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And this is this is a lie. This is part of what what indicates the strength of a true believer.

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They're not down for anybody else. They're not, they're not bending for anybody else. So Allah subhanaw taala reminds me one of the stories of scholars of the past when he went to one of the some times.

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you know, he was basically even though he had his whole army around and everything like that, he was telling this whole time how things were going to go down, how it was really going to happen. And how can you do this? How can you allow, you know, commerce to be sold? How are you going to answer to lost parents out of school? Some of them ask them later? How'd you even get the courage to talk like that in front of this whole time? Because you know,

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we all have it we we talk tough on the side.

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But if you really got to that point where it was really one of those things where you actually could be killed or imprisoned or otherwise, you make an excuse for yourself why you can't say the truth.

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No, no, Allah doesn't want that for me. No, we, you know, we come up with something nice, you know, to get us out of the situation. But no, he said, because when I thought about Allah, and Kabir Alavi he looked really small to me.

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So it's that idea to really know to know that Allah subhanaw taala is Al Kabir to know that Allah subhanaw taala is Alavi. And then even this so tired or this guy was this you know ability to do a lot of things he has his own kingdom

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seem really small to you.

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Because you put things in perspective, and you're not gonna do anything that's displeasing to Allah hands on, so please other than Him,

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followed by best reported

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I've been forbidden to recite the Quran, in the state of bowing and prostrating

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Now in other words, where do you recite Karina Salah

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standing only, and record Institute you don't recite the Quran and then the Prophet gave the order

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except your Lord, mighty and majestic when when bowing he says, for Mr. ruku, file the mu fee or rub exalt Him at nauseam, exalt your Lord.

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And then the Muslim gives the command and why prostrating supplicate earnestly for It is fitting that they use applications Yes, no. Yeah, that just applications being answered. So, in another Hadith, Hadith of the verb and on the men of the Allahu Tana and we said that when he prayed the night prayer with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam one time he said, the prophets I saw them started reciting bacara

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and he said,

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after 100 is he'll he'll make rocor prophecy song kept going.

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said then he recited

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Sora to Nisa.

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So if he was like, he knew he was in for a long pm at that point,

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paddle birkirkara and he said, right away like he didn't stop, he recited Bukhara fully, and then sort of to Nisa

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And then he went

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and read Alia and right in that order bacara Nisa and then Allium la as we know the most half is Bukhara. And Ronnie then he said, the power sorry salams Rebekah, Nisa, and Allium, right, and then which is five plus Jews,

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then he Raka

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point of the story is, so who they are set by the Aloha line, and then he was saying in his record, sapan bl AVI files the movie arrupe just so that we know how do you do talim of a lost parents data, you say soup ham of a beat, allow him to Pandora be alive when he said not one minute PME similar to his pm. Now, though some of the scholars understand that to mean similar in time, that is highly unlikely.

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And what seems to be more correct is the interpretation. It says similar in proportion.

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So when you recite the Quran

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proportionately if you say Subhana Allah be allowed in three times, for example, proportionate to your residence. So your recitation though, for example, half of Jews, of course,

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then you're not going to say so Pamela vilavi, the time that it would take you to rebbeca the SAT and Allium, right.

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And that's why I'm saying that's highly unlikely, is because that was only one record. And if the prophecy sell him, how long do you think it takes to read? Six Jews? Of course.

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Not our issues.

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For alpha, Marvin.

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Yeah, but the way that the problem is how you sell them read the Quran, from all of the reports that was trying to he wasn't he wasn't going through a quickly. Even if you said, even if you said a half hour, it's almost two and a half hour doesn't it doesn't seem likely that he was in record for two and a half hours and then into June for two and a half hours and doesn't seem like

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Example of true

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in the sense that in the sense that it felt shorter than it was, is that what you mean?

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I'm sure I'm sure it could be. But the reality is the time is still time. So if it took seven and a half hours for one record, for example, that just wouldn't work considering that the nights in Medina are never longer than 12 hours a night.

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Hello, hello. Hello, I

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does that go okay? So some people say Allahu Akbar. Is that correct? Listen again. Allahu Akbar.

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Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar.

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Allah who

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Allahu Akbar. only reason I'm saying is a lie. I hear a lot of people say Allahu Allahu Akbar.

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Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. If you don't say Allahu Allahu Akbar, the you're saying Allahu Akbar, which is different.

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All right? Allahu Allahu Akbar.

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Subhana Allah.

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You sent you said it, right, shalom. Okay, so, this is this is actually

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one of the things, one of the statements that a Muslim makes most of the day

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or hears most of the day. So you're going to say hello, Echo one

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for your Salah. To start the salaat you have to say, according to majority of scouts, you have to say Allahu Akbar, you cannot say Allah who out of them is another. One of the Yanni proves that the shape of Assam Tamia him a lot out of mentions to show that Kabir is actually

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encompasses the meaning of Alavi and not vice versa. So we choose the the greatest, to begin our prayers and to move throughout the prayer. So you say Allahu Akbar to start the site. If you said Allahu Allah

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your Salah doesn't start

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you say any any anything else? Allahu Allah, which is true. But you can't start to select that way now that Hanafi madhhab

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they say that any, any of the last pentile is names that are indicative of Tallinn or magnifying the last time and exalting him that you can use that to start the slot but that opinion does not seem to be strong and we only know the profit it is a lot to Sadam tab ever used tech before.

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Speaking of tech B it

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just came to my mind with as I said tech B

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when somebody accepts this lamp

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What do we normally hear people say take me Where does that come from? Anybody have any idea

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now then the reason why I'm saying it is because it has become

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it has become a no forget a norm it's worth it's not worth it's beyond the norm it's big it's such to the point that if you don't do what people look at you like it's strange Why didn't you say tech they're

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supposed to be said after what

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you said people know that or people think that some people think oh okay

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where did that come from?

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It came from the

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I don't think so. Is it

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you can't go from Egypt to Lebanon like that. You need you need a plane

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you got to pay you got to pay to get the region we also rejected

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any comments a corporate missile attack me

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was the issue was that is it okay to say Allahu Akbar. Nobody is talking about saying along with the issue is for crowd control.

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Another word is to keep the crowd of a tip in a low Aqua tech. It's like to get people's attention you like there I have never ever read anything

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in the Sakowski. I read everything, obviously. But that's why I'm asking. I have never seen anything that mentions at any time historically that that was something that was done and it seems very specific to to American Islam or Western Islam. I don't know that to be the case and

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even even overseas when people accept Islam I don't know that that

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were in Philistine or here, here in America. There's a reason for that in the last month. It knows best but it seems like I just said it seems like it's an American bitter. Yeah. Good.

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That has been the that's been the exclamation of gratitude and

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praise, but but there's no basis for it so too many hobbies. Yeah, that have no basis but have been urban legend urban legend well

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the idea is this saying Allahu Akbar is one thing commanding others to say Allahu Akbar is what I'm talking about here. So if I if if I, exclaiming my, you know happiness about something, or even surprised with something because there are some narrations where

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the Sahaba they asked the Prophet sallallahu wasallam to make Jani they were new to Islam. That's the problem. So I saw him during the battle make for us that too, and mountain Yani a tree, where we can hang our weapons on the same way that they have to unlock to get the butter cut from the tree and prophesied Allahu Akbar in as soon as and but but in some other narrations who panela in the hair, as soon as I need the process, and I was surprised that they would ask that and saying Allah azza wa jal is greater than that. You can't say that. This should be less than they know, obviously. And that's a whole separate issue, but they were new to Islam.

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So, the idea is that saying Allahu Akbar, on certain occasions is fine. The issue is commanding others to say Allahu Akbar.

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Crowd Yes.

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No, no, I don't. I have my own ideas of where it came from. So somebody might have him I'm guessing. Anyway. So in select, we start off with Allahu Akbar. What does that mean?

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Because right because Allah being Kabir Allaah being Kabir Eliza with gel is the grant is the greatest subhana wa tada Allahu Akbar. And he has a carries the same, it carries the same meaning.

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Even though eco design is a superlative, so great, greater, right? And it's basically it's basically

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allowing us at from the very beginning of our salon to tell ourselves to reaffirm what we should already know in our hearts. And that is that no matter what are the distraction we might have going on Allahu Akbar.

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It's time for salaat now it's time to reconnect with my lords of Hannah, who was Allah and Allah azza wa jal is equity, anything else that's going on? No matter what else is going on? Allahu Akbar. Period. So so that's the one that's a lie. That is for every salon as well, including the for tetapi right. So last Pentatonix Mercy on us and those who have died from Muslims.

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even even after you say like, well,

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maybe Oh my God allow China and he mentioned that. One time they were praying with the prophet Isaiah SelectUSA lamb and a man said hello abajo Kabira Well, hamdu lillahi wa Subhana Allah He booklets on wa sila, so the prophets I send them after the Salah. He said men and chi, who was the one that said said those words. And the man said, he said I did or messenger of Allah.

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The Prophet sallahu wa sallam said that I liked those words. I'd love to laugh at Hadleigh.

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alchemical interviews later somebody said that the doors of Paradise or the doors of the heavens were open for those words of the alongside and Who says so? I haven't left off saying them since I heard them since I heard the man say those words.

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When did he when exactly did he say that? There's a difference of opinion amongst the scholars but he meant no mo lo Tada.

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And many of the other scholars they say that it's actually between the tech bereits L. Ron and the Kira.

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Okay, Alo activador Kabira al hamdu Lillahi kathira Subhana light book called atoma lc la namshi. Yeah.

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Kira the recitation of fattier

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couple of times.

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Then how many times is a low effort suddenly then?

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Oh, wow. Yeah, then is balton

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And then and then to be honest with you I've had a lot i really i think that

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i think we miss out on so much because we don't hear anything here.

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But but that repetition repeating after more than that how it gets your mind ready for prayer, Allahu

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Akbar I mean just call us anything else that's going on. That's that's the beginning right there because you start this you get into the thinking that Allah really is greater than anything else that's going on, but the donkey on the back your hands and throat a lot like about

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a go away? A lot of like,

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you know, so it really isn't and I mean, it should be an encouragement for us to try to get to the masjid earlier, so that we can hear the other day. Not to mention, I need that, especially when weather permits.

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We should

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we should strive to do the Sunnah of our Prophet alayhi salatu salam, which is the color then on the roof of the masjid or outside.

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Let it be heard. Allahu Akbar. Let everybody hear

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everybody hear

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the cops cry again. Listen, no, here's the thing. This is Philadelphia, well hum de la. Hey, the things that we can do here as Muslims for the sheer volume of Muslims from the reputation of that will have the last some of our, our predecessors in this city, you know, have done some things that made it easier for us to practice Islam.

00:21:47--> 00:21:48

We have to take advantage of that.

00:21:50--> 00:22:02

You have to take advantage of that. Now again, that might not be right. That might not work everywhere. I don't know how it works in Iowa or North Dakota. But this is Philadelphia. And you know, we really should

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we should get back to

00:22:06--> 00:22:13

Tajima sin you know, magnifying the Sunnah of our Prophet alayhi salatu salam holding it in high esteem. Now

00:22:15--> 00:22:16

how do you start off to all

00:22:18--> 00:22:21

Bismillah Allahu Akbar or just Allahu Akbar.

00:22:23--> 00:22:31

Because actually, this will land was not narrated on a prophet it aside from some of the Sahaba, they would say Bismillah

00:22:32--> 00:22:42

in addition to Allahu Akbar, but the prophet Isaiah is allowed to say that I'm aware and from an authentic hadith, this is probably Sunnah we'll start off to off with just a low Ekberg

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For example, will allow Aqua comes in many different at cost of the primary sides of Sam In fact, the best speech is the probably some of

00:22:58--> 00:23:10

the most beloved statements to a last pantile are for sapan allowed hum de la la la la la la Aqua. And after salaat how many times you say Allahu Akbar 33 times

00:23:11--> 00:23:13

five. So I mean, the point is that

00:23:14--> 00:23:23

Allahu Akbar is a part of our lives daily, you know, and we really have to

00:23:24--> 00:23:30

internalize what that means for us, especially when it comes to our salon.

00:23:31--> 00:23:44

Especially when it comes to slack really internalize Allahu Akbar, that there is nothing that is magnificent, there is nothing that is great, there is nothing that has eminence, there is nothing that

00:23:47--> 00:23:52

in comparison to a loss of habitat for long Akhbar. Now

00:23:57--> 00:24:12

after sabana benefits, those who know that Allah is Al Kabir, and out Pauline will worship will serve none, but a lot.

00:24:14--> 00:24:17

And that kind of goes back to what we what we covered

00:24:18--> 00:24:19

in I

00:24:20--> 00:24:21


00:24:22--> 00:24:30

the 34 chapters or on the 22nd and 23rd is that we cover it from the beginning. Why would anybody worship other than last?

00:24:32--> 00:24:34

What is it? What is it that they

00:24:35--> 00:24:38

Why do people worship other than love? For what reason?

00:24:40--> 00:24:49

Because because they believe that that thing that they're worshiping is going to either bring them some kind of benefit or repel some kind of harm. So let's go let's go a little deeper.

00:24:50--> 00:24:50

Let's go a little deeper.

00:24:54--> 00:24:55

Right now.

00:24:57--> 00:24:59

Why would a person

00:25:00--> 00:25:01

Show off

00:25:08--> 00:25:15

should be seen to be seen recognition to be praised.

00:25:16--> 00:25:17


00:25:18--> 00:25:20

So what does that mean? What's happening here?

00:25:22--> 00:25:23

When you want to be praised,

00:25:26--> 00:25:31

it satisfies a feeling a satisfies a feeling.

00:25:33--> 00:25:34

Type is that a benefit?

00:25:36--> 00:25:38

No, it is, it is a benefit.

00:25:40--> 00:25:42

That to feel good

00:25:43--> 00:25:44


00:25:45--> 00:25:47

but they seeking to feel good.

00:25:49--> 00:26:00

They seeking to do what get instant gratification instead of delayed gratification. So they, they believe that there is some kind of benefit.

00:26:01--> 00:26:07

And maybe there is maybe there is a benefit and immediate benefit maybe this guy

00:26:09--> 00:26:11

because you've for three months straight.

00:26:14--> 00:26:16

You know, you came to the masjid early, you're trying to marry his daughter.

00:26:19--> 00:26:29

And you know, the only way you know he's a pious man, you're not getting her. And so you you you come to the man that you got come to measure early, because you want reward from the last minute that

00:26:31--> 00:26:38

you count. Exactly. So maybe you get it. Maybe you get that reward that you're looking for mechanic

00:26:39--> 00:26:41

dunia you see why I'm writing and key whoever,

00:26:43--> 00:26:55

whoever is he drives for something that he's going to get from the dunya for some woman that he wants to marry, because he goes for that night, not getting a hedger the reward of digital with the last metadata.

00:26:57--> 00:26:58


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00:27:02--> 00:27:29

Now, yes, it is it is negative to do something that should be solely for a Lost Planet Allah for other than a lot. That is negative. In fact, you know, a believer has to strive such so that all of his deeds, even those which benefit other people become solely full of spending time. I'm not feeding them because of the joy that I see in their faces when I feed them.

00:27:31--> 00:27:33

There's that there's nothing haram about that by the way.

00:27:35--> 00:27:43

But I need to get to another level as a believer where whether they are happy or not, whether they show me gratitude or not.

00:27:44--> 00:27:45

There are still do it.

00:27:47--> 00:28:15

Because as for Allah Landry domain comm Jessa. And what are we not doing this because we want to reward from you or because we want thanks. So we want you to show any kind of gratitude with one it because in the manual, so he will come and watch Hilah we were doing this because we seek in the face of a loss and that the face of any of his creation. So the reality is, is that once you recognize that Eliza gel is le Kabir and l Avi

00:28:16--> 00:28:30

and you actually have internalized that it really becomes impossible to worship other than Allah subhana wa Tada. And anybody that goes off of that is because they have a deficient understanding of a laws.

00:28:32--> 00:28:35

puberty yet and his arguments panel without it.

00:28:37--> 00:28:39

They have a deficient understanding of his supremacy.

00:28:40--> 00:28:43

His Greatness

00:28:44--> 00:28:45

is honest with him without

00:28:47--> 00:28:51

those who know that Allah is Allah Kabir and

00:28:53--> 00:28:59

will be humble. Well humble themselves to a lot and have

00:29:00--> 00:29:06

and the creation and guard themselves against arrogance.

00:29:08--> 00:29:10

Right. So

00:29:11--> 00:29:16

So Eliza gel is the only one that has a right to Cuba

00:29:18--> 00:29:27

and the rest of his creation, every other human being has no right period to be arrogant

00:29:29--> 00:29:29


00:29:31--> 00:29:39

And the only exception to a stick bar and where a person actually can show some type of pride

00:29:41--> 00:29:43

would be during the time of battle.

00:29:46--> 00:29:59

And that would take a long discussion so we're not going to talk about it. But the point is here, that a person has to humble themselves to Allah subhana wa tada and humble themselves to the truth you

00:30:00--> 00:30:10

Humble yourself to Allah subhanahu wa tada by believing in Him by following his commands his prohibitions not putting yourself above that.

00:30:13--> 00:30:45

Meaning what? Meaning that even if our deficient understanding does not grasp the greatness of what a loss of hematol is commanding us to do, even if our deficient understanding does not allow us to grasp the magnitude and the gravity of that thing that he is preventing us from doing that, we still do it. We're not going to be arrogant. And think that we are, you know, we've reached the epitome of intelligence and understanding

00:30:46--> 00:30:57

and logic and rationality and therefore we have the ability to reject what Allah subhanaw taala is teaching does Humble yourself, humble yourself to a last minute that is d

00:30:59--> 00:31:03

Humble yourself to the truth and that means no matter where it comes from,

00:31:05--> 00:31:06

and this is a problem, some people have

00:31:08--> 00:31:17

the problem that some people have, they will not accept the truth unless it comes from the person they want it to come from in the form that they want it to come from.

00:31:19--> 00:31:28

And this is this is arrogance. This is not recognizing that Eliza gel is Al Kabir Eliza gel is the only one that has that that right.

00:31:29--> 00:31:37

And for this reason, we find that some people will not humble themselves enough to study the deen of Allah azza wa jal

00:31:38--> 00:31:40

because that requires, see.

00:31:41--> 00:31:47

You're never going to learn a lot of Deen until you taste the humility of learning.

00:31:50--> 00:32:00

It's It's humbling to sit in front of someone who has learned the deen of Allah subhanaw taala, who otherwise he wouldn't, you wouldn't give them the time of day.

00:32:02--> 00:32:47

And now you have to sit in front of this person and learn the religion of Allah Subhana Allah from them. And so what you'll find is that in the circles of Yani, even even our scholars that we set, you will find that there are some segments of the population who wants it. They want their own special class. They don't want to be seen sitting, you know, when we we first started learning Core i didn't have you know, halaqaat low key bar which which is like the the circles Quranic circles for older people. No, we, we had to sit with the little kids, four years old, five years old. And if that,

00:32:48--> 00:32:54

you know, it's humbling, because this kid is sitting up there now, but guess what?

00:32:55--> 00:33:02

Allah azza wa jal is Al Kabir. And if you try to make yourself be unhappy if you're going to get squashed like

00:33:04--> 00:33:11

you know, you really you have to humble yourself and so humbling oneself to the truth is part of recognizing that Eliza Joseph kibby

00:33:13--> 00:33:21

and thank you humble yourself to the creation of Allah subhanaw taala as the primary select was sent in, you know, toward us what the definition of Cuba and kibou

00:33:22--> 00:33:28

bottlenecks were, bottle we'll have to humbleness. It is to

00:33:31--> 00:33:32

to look down on people

00:33:33--> 00:33:39

and to reject the truth. So this is actually what it is to look down what

00:33:40--> 00:33:47

how do you look down on on Las Vegas hours creation and not know what their status is in the hereafter?

00:33:51--> 00:34:08

Well, Latina, Latina, taco pho calm, yo malkia, those who have Taqwa they are above them or your middle tier, those who fear loss. Those who are conscious, constant awareness of a lost fans out there above them.

00:34:11--> 00:34:17

And so what what scale are we using to judge people such that we look down on them?

00:34:20--> 00:34:26

And if they're younger than you, they're children, you think you know more than them. But guess what? They don't even have sense.

00:34:27--> 00:34:33

Sense yet. You're walking around carrying baggage. You don't know what the last pantallas forgiving you are not.

00:34:34--> 00:34:42

You look at somebody older than you maybe they don't know as much as you know, maybe they haven't learned as much but they've been practicing slang for a long time.

00:34:43--> 00:34:45

And you think about that Hadith

00:34:48--> 00:34:52

of the man who passed you know, five years before his brother

00:34:53--> 00:34:56

or a year before his brothers as mentioned in the Hadith

00:34:58--> 00:34:59

and he died

00:35:00--> 00:35:02

fighting in the path of a loss

00:35:04--> 00:35:20

his brother lived after him and the province I sent him said Didn't he live a year longer than he prayed this many Salawat longer than the fastest Ramadan more gaining the opportunities of forgiveness and gaining good deeds that this person has. You know, so don't

00:35:21--> 00:35:37

this has been a huge problem for those who have studied the deen of Allah subhanaw taala and then that knowledge has made them arrogant towards the other believers

00:35:38--> 00:35:58

is what is happening here and is happening in other places and then the reality is is that knowledge to humble us make us realize that there's so much more to learn that now I'm more accountable even for what I do not and maybe that person doesn't even know now follow those who know that Allah is Allah Kabir and

00:35:59--> 00:36:07

will be proud will be very highly satisfied respectful and happy of their Deen. Before we get to that,

00:36:08--> 00:36:09

I want to read to you something

00:36:11--> 00:37:05

shake lisanna Take me out on him a long time he says fine, even Okay, you know for why about the issue of being humble. Okay. Look, I am says I'm an alum of volumi well jelly and Tableau but Tao vema with Tokyo Dalek, Amina ness, will call you buka Harlan mentality Mila he was okay. He, he said from the greatest forms of oppression and ignorance is to expect people to request that people hold you in high esteem and that they respect you while your heart has his abs while your heart is Harlan is empty. From the magnification and respect for last Hamlet's Island holding him in esteem for in the catwalk to MK Luca to G Lu and urography happen to work. You're lying. You're not Kalia because

00:37:05--> 00:37:14

you have this type of respect and hold this creation of a lost parents Island and such esteem

00:37:15--> 00:37:26

that you don't want him to see you or her to see you in a situation while you allow last pantalla to see you in a situation that shows you don't respect a lot.

00:37:28--> 00:37:51

You respect the creation more than you respect the last fantana Carla Todd Amanda comme la tele June la la carrera, a lead to Iommi Luna, who Mamata mentor Kiruna Who? Why is it that you don't end here a project they say means code, why isn't that you don't have proper respect for loss of habitat meaning that you do not

00:37:52--> 00:37:57

interact with the last planet out of the way that you interact with those whom you truly respect.

00:37:58--> 00:38:28

What Tokido lava woman who kolu talent in a free column has American led telephony les houchen. While touche Karuna who. And the point is here, that it's important for us and it is it doesn't make sense that a person wants to be respected by the creation we should I mean, there's nothing wrong with wanting to be respected. But that is going to come by the respect that you have for lost parents Island is de

00:38:31--> 00:38:32


00:38:34--> 00:38:34


00:38:37--> 00:39:13

be proud, highly satisfied. Right? Very happy about and very respectful therefore of their team. Right. So we should be proud of our D because Eliza was jealous of COVID and he has allowed him and we shouldn't be obeying anyone else in in disobedience to Allah subhana wa Tada. And this is what we should have pride in. And we shouldn't and we don't need to apologize for it. That's the point. No need to apologize for our Deen there's so many situations where people, you know, get in, for example.

00:39:16--> 00:39:36

Let's just, I mean, I'll break it down to a issue that that is very common because of the society that we live in. Right? The issue of shaking hands with the with the opposite sex. All right. And you say no, I just, I'm that's not something I'm comfortable with. I don't believe that. My deem permits that. For example.

00:39:38--> 00:39:45

Don't if that's if that's what you that's what you hold to don't go Oh, no, I'm sick. I can't shake your hand.

00:39:47--> 00:39:48

Or one of these.

00:39:50--> 00:39:52

I don't wanna say can I just sneeze?

00:39:53--> 00:39:59

No, no, really. People make up all types of excuses outside of because we're not proud.

00:40:00--> 00:40:09

We're not proud of who we are. We're not proud of the fact that Allah Subhana Allah has guided us to this Deen the straight way.

00:40:10--> 00:40:16

You know? So, I mean, people make up all type types of excuses.

00:40:17--> 00:40:21

Some, somebody offers him a drink a drink

00:40:22--> 00:40:25

in this context, they say,

00:40:27--> 00:40:29

you know, I got all sorts I can't, you know?

00:40:31--> 00:40:36

Not today. She'd be hamdulillah Muslim. We don't drink.

00:40:38--> 00:40:56

Don't drink hamdulillah I mean, he's the things that again, I mean, these may seem like filed examples, but they're not. And that is the stuff that happens. And so reality is whatever part of it you know, even for Salah sometimes people sneak away to pray,

00:40:57--> 00:40:57

you know,

00:40:58--> 00:40:59

can you just give me a minute?

00:41:01--> 00:41:04

You know, I need I need to take care of something.

00:41:08--> 00:41:14

I need to pray. It's part of my day. I mean, the reality is, I truly believe that, that

00:41:15--> 00:41:17

if we show

00:41:19--> 00:41:27

a Tolkien little Kabir, we respect Elsevier, and we respect his Deen they put that respect in the hearts of the people for us.

00:41:30--> 00:41:30


00:41:31--> 00:41:33

those No, hold on, hold on.

00:41:35--> 00:41:35


00:41:37--> 00:41:39

Many African Americans

00:41:43--> 00:41:44


00:41:45--> 00:41:47

ah, Uh huh.

00:41:48--> 00:41:50

Yeah, go ahead. Just finish a question. I got you

00:41:56--> 00:41:59

know, the history. And

00:42:02--> 00:42:05

in many cases, it brought about a sense of pride.

00:42:09--> 00:42:10

Not going overboard.

00:42:12--> 00:42:14

Having pride in oneself and being Muslim?

00:42:19--> 00:42:35

Well, I do think, you know, and this is this is a, I think this is actually a deep issue. And I can't answer it in one sentence or two sentences, I think it needs quite a bit of I think it needs different minds at the table to really talk about it. But this is what I will say.

00:42:37--> 00:43:06

That is that being proud stops with obedience to Allah subhanho wa Taala. In other words, anything beyond that is not something to be proud of. We're not proud because of our lineage, or proud because of our ethnicity, or proud because of our nationality and a passport I have. So I'm American, I look down on other people, or I'm this particular color. So I look down on people who are darker or whatever, no. So, but to be proud to be a Muslim.

00:43:08--> 00:43:23

And as and to express that, to express that pride because of coming from a from a society where as you mentioned, you were demeaned. And this is not this is not unique to America, by the way.

00:43:25--> 00:43:28

And you see this type of reaction.

00:43:30--> 00:43:32

And I'm sure some of the brothers here could talk about

00:43:33--> 00:44:13

inferiority complexes and other places. So again, this is not it. This is not a uniquely African American thing. And Pakistan, or what was India at the time with British rule, many of them saw themselves to be inferior to to their colonizers. And that's actually something that, you know, some of the early scholars of Islam talked about, that the colonized tend to magnify and want to emulate the colonizer. And they feel that if they were better than the colonizers, then they wouldn't have been colonized.

00:44:15--> 00:44:39

And so we find this inferiority complex is not something that is specific to people in America who have faced oppression, but it's a it's been faced by colonized people all over the world. And since the colonizers happened to be the British, then why it is right. And people begin to you know, hold those who are white and higher

00:44:40--> 00:44:44

or or actually internalize that they are better because they are white.

00:44:48--> 00:44:49


00:44:52--> 00:44:59

Well, yeah, there is a difference but pride actually if you look at it linguistically, it it actually does mean to have it

00:45:00--> 00:45:04

sense of self dignity. That is a definition of pride. So in that sense,

00:45:05--> 00:45:12

I mean, if dignity makes you feel better, like using the word dignity, then yeah, then that's what we're talking about here. We're talking about pride that stops

00:45:13--> 00:45:36

at the fact that a lot of tada has guided you to Assam and being happy with that be having a degree of self worth, because Allah spirit Allah guide you, but giving that recognizing that that is from Al Kabir Subhana, who was added, and it's not of your own doing. And so, I do think that that what comes out of that is what you will find, especially in this in this country,

00:45:38--> 00:46:18

you have such a great dichotomy, because what you're talking about is an African American population has been dealing with oppression for a very long time, but very comfortable in their Americanism. Whereas the Muslims who came from other places, were not comfortable as, as Muslims, excuse me, were not comfortable as Americans. And so they felt the need to water down a lot of their Islam, so that they could fit in to mainstream America, because peer pressure is real, you know, no matter how old you are, especially when you start talking about that peer pressure on that on that scale.

00:46:19--> 00:46:34

So, yeah, I don't know. I don't know if that helped at all. But I do think that what we what we have to do is be able to balance that to recognize that we shouldn't have any shame at all.

00:46:35--> 00:47:16

And practicing rd period. Now, if that is going to put us in a situation of harm, then we need to modify certain things accordingly. It does not mean and I mean, it was certain times in this you know, in recent history, you know, that praying in public, for example, you know, could cause us some great difficulty. And so we need to just find another place to pray we're not going to pray out in the parking lot like we may have at one time. But you know, again, that varies from time to time and that expression of pride in our Deen you know, should be to obey the commands of Allah subhanaw taala open and in secret

00:47:18--> 00:47:19

photos you

00:47:20--> 00:47:22

know, know that Allah

00:47:25--> 00:47:44

will venerate a law holding in a high high standing and regard and hold in high regard, this command and from his commands, is that which he taught the Prophet it is Salatu was sent in and those commands and prohibitions though those

00:47:45--> 00:47:48

the idea that Eliza was ls l COVID.

00:47:49--> 00:48:03

Knowing that allows trans out is uncovered, knowing that he is allow them should push us to tau Lima loss of habitat to venerate him to venerate His commands, how do you respect the commands of last minute? What does that even mean?

00:48:05--> 00:48:07

What does that mean to venerate His commands?

00:48:09--> 00:48:24

Exactly, that you act upon them, that you adhere to them, that you don't deem them to be insignificant, and that part right there, if you venerate something, it cannot be what it cannot be insignificant. Now

00:48:25--> 00:48:51

what why is that important? I think it's important because again, when we look at our situation as Muslims in this country, we look at the or look at the situation of Muslims in the world as a whole. Right? A lot of times we say all this is you know why you worry about straightening rows and salons Why are you worried about somebody whether you got a beard or not? Why are you worried about this or that we got these big issues we need to deal with?

00:48:52--> 00:48:58

Okay, the opposite logic can be used if we can't do the small things. How do we ever get to the big things

00:49:00--> 00:49:14

let's use a oneness of overcome only Holly from the low vainikolo because a lot of the process Some say straighten your ranks or loss mentality is gonna cause your hearts to be divided. What straighten a rank in the salon How are we supposed to straighten the oma?

00:49:16--> 00:49:16


00:49:17--> 00:49:46

I'm supposed to straighten the world right? Now. So the reality is, is again there has to be a balance and we can't fall victim to what some of the scholars of the past like legit Rahim Allah Tada. He talks about a water and cabinet. Yani a false piety. In other words, this is the person who has known you for for 10 years they know you'd be a Muslim. And when they come to your house, they ask you where did you buy your meat from? Like how long

00:49:51--> 00:49:54

I want to make sure is the beha which is

00:49:57--> 00:49:59

really the same, but this is the same

00:50:00--> 00:50:06

person on Friday he every Friday, he does Juma ama club.

00:50:08--> 00:50:19

This is a false piety. You're not that guy, you you're not that person that that's that deep. To really. So again, what's the point?

00:50:20--> 00:50:22

The point is that

00:50:24--> 00:50:36

there has to be, you still have to strike a balance, you can't give too much weight to some things. And, and not the same way or more weight to things that are more important in the slam.

00:50:37--> 00:50:59

I mean, we have broad concepts in Islam, like speaking good or being quiet. Like being good to your neighbor, by visiting the sick hackle Muslim, Arab Muslim. And so we get real detailed about the length of somebody's garment. Very, I'm talking about very, you know, detail, you know, down to centimeters,

00:51:00--> 00:51:06

but not the same attention to the very clear teachings of Islam.

00:51:09--> 00:51:31

And again, it's not to say that any of it is insignificant. How do you prioritize How do you balance? But all of us parents out is Dean has to be venerated. We have to do Tallinn because Allah Subhana Allah is Alavi. And so we have to venerate him somehow with Allah and part of that is respecting his deeds, which I know.

00:51:32--> 00:51:44

Those who know that Allah is Al Kabir. And I'll be concentrating better in prayer. Yes, they will concentrate better on prayer. You know why? Because you realize that a lot.

00:51:47--> 00:51:54

And what Allah has to do is ekwa Listen, cabbie. Now we talked about kaboodle. Co, we say the one who is

00:51:55--> 00:51:59

considered to be the esteemed amongst his people.

00:52:01--> 00:52:02

The President,

00:52:03--> 00:52:04

I'm not sure about ours.

00:52:06--> 00:52:10

I'm just saying, the president. I'm not saying one thing. You can

00:52:11--> 00:52:14

vote how you like it. Don't vote by

00:52:16--> 00:52:20

a president. A, a boss.

00:52:22--> 00:52:29

A person, you know, who you who you been seeking an audience with? Right? I mean, just think about, you've been trying to get with this person.

00:52:30--> 00:52:35

For six months, I finally tracked him down and you got their attention.

00:52:36--> 00:52:39

What you would you pull out your phone?

00:52:43--> 00:52:48

He's up there. You're supposed to be talking to him. Like this?

00:52:52--> 00:52:55

Would that would that be okay? wanna

00:52:57--> 00:53:00

wanna, but why is it disrespectful?

00:53:01--> 00:53:04

This person is covered by the laws and COVID

00:53:05--> 00:53:35

this person would not except for you to do that for him because nobody would do that in front of them. Because because of who they are. Because of the the status that they have. And the fact that you want it, you want it this audience. You want to stand in front of the last paragraph, he doesn't need your worship. He doesn't need your salaat you need the You are the one that wants to stand in front of a loss paradigm. And so when you recognize Allahu Akbar, you need to concentrate

00:53:37--> 00:53:41

on a last panel dad and let everything else go. Yeah.

00:53:43--> 00:53:44

an observation Yes.

00:53:46--> 00:53:53

We all are familiar with this. When people as soon as the testimony Yes.

00:53:54--> 00:53:55

Pull up the phone.

00:53:58--> 00:54:02

With that basically does what some people don't really understand is how it affects the

00:54:05--> 00:54:14

right and left behind behind that affecting the short the people to the right and left it means that during the prayer you were preoccupied

00:54:15--> 00:54:21

means you did not you did not fully internalize Allahu Akbar.

00:54:22--> 00:54:26

Alright, also a supernova be Alavi him

00:54:28--> 00:54:33

in record, I mean, knowing what these names mean. A lot and

00:54:35--> 00:54:45

I was just you ponder over the if and how many of the last names and attributes are mentioned in the Koran and then throughout your salaat

00:54:46--> 00:54:51

Allahu Akbar. Now think about this. Think about this. You're

00:54:52--> 00:54:54

for example your institute.

00:54:55--> 00:54:59

And you're saying supernova be an Allah right should not be an either

00:55:00--> 00:55:21

Subhan Allah, Allah, Allah, and you, no matter where you get to in terms of your veneration of Allah Subhana Allah and holding him in high esteem. Then what do you say next? Allahu Akbar because he's one of anything you're thinking of. Even about what you're thinking about him subhanho wa Taala even if what you're thinking is correct. He still Escobar.

00:55:23--> 00:55:32

Aquaman Derek, he's greater than that, because you can't possibly get there to really know who allows her that is.

00:55:33--> 00:55:47

And so, a low x bar is amazing. I mean, internalize it. And it really, you know, you think about many of the things we covered and from the names of Allah subhanaw taala. Man, what you are going to say in every slot, allow them

00:55:49--> 00:55:49

to be

00:55:53--> 00:56:05

spelled out, right how many times you say Rob and Salah, so just those meanings alone, those meanings alone will help to get one to the point of for sure and Salah

00:56:06--> 00:56:07


00:56:12--> 00:56:14

Reflect on his

00:56:16--> 00:56:32

great, right and as some of the Sahaba certificado de la Ilaha Latifah kuruvilla think about the signs of Allah subhanaw taala Don't think about Allah that is don't try to imagine how Allah Subhan Allah is because he's too great for that.

00:56:33--> 00:56:37

But if you if you think about his creation

00:56:38--> 00:56:43

Subhan Allah Subhana Allah, which is why we started with

00:56:44--> 00:56:49

looking at how small and insignificant The earth is, in the grand scheme of things.

00:56:50--> 00:56:53

Allah, Allahu Akbar, Allah

00:56:55--> 00:56:55


00:56:59--> 00:57:07

All right, you guys inshallah you got two minutes to work together. Work with a partner, but I bet reported that at times of difficulty

00:57:08--> 00:57:40

allowes messenger sallallahu wasallam used to say la ilaha illa La La veem, al Halim La la la la, la, la, la, la de la, la la la la personality horrible, all the horrible option Kareem there is no true God except the law the magnificent the forbearing there is no true God except the law Lord of the magnificent throne. There is no true God except the law Lord of the heavens and earth, Lord of the honorable throne. Discuss the possible reasons

00:57:41--> 00:57:50

that the prophet or reason that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was saying this Vicar at times of difficulty, not Do

00:57:52--> 00:57:56

not Do it in the sense of Allah give me this Allah give me that.

00:57:57--> 00:58:07

But this thicker here, which starts off with allies of a god named Allah who allow the move, why you are work with your partner now you got two minutes yellow?

00:58:08--> 00:58:10

You got the question? What's the question?

00:58:12--> 00:58:13


00:58:19--> 00:58:30

Right. Why would this ticket why would the Policy Center make this particular ticket at times of difficulty? Yo, you lost time? You got one minute and 34 seconds left.

00:58:33--> 00:58:34

Now do you need a partner?

00:58:36--> 00:58:37

Ramadan's your private

00:58:39--> 00:58:40


00:59:07--> 00:59:07


00:59:14--> 00:59:15

Do exactly

00:59:25--> 00:59:27

the opposite of what you said about No.

00:59:46--> 00:59:48

50 seconds

00:59:58--> 00:59:59

Five, four.

01:00:00--> 01:00:05

321 All right, it time is up.

01:00:06--> 01:00:11

Who's gonna give us that? That one answer we don't have to ask anybody else.

01:00:27--> 01:00:29

Anybody can answer this fella Father God.

01:00:36--> 01:00:52

Mashallah, Mashallah. He is great. Because these words when you when you say that Allah Subhana, Allah is that magnificent, that He is the Lord of the magnificent throne and his, his throne is the

01:00:53--> 01:00:55

greatest of all of his creation.

01:00:58--> 01:01:09

And that you that you know that Allah Subhana Allah is about to somehow it will after He is the Lord of the heavens and earth, so he is the greatest and he is in control. So what you said again, real quick, no, this is just say it again.

01:01:13--> 01:01:29

Right. So then you are recognizing that Eliza gel is greater than whatever difficulty it is you're facing, and that he is in control of it. Very well stated is ecolog head on and they say, fatale colombina. Kala doll. Yes.

01:01:37--> 01:01:38

thrown as mentioned twice.

01:01:42--> 01:01:56

Can I just say I'm so glad you recognized that? No, because it's, it's not because I didn't think anybody would see it. It's because this type of activity that we've been doing now for

01:01:57--> 01:01:59

20 classes perhaps

01:02:00--> 01:02:05

it starts to make you realize starts to make you look for those type of things. So yeah, go ahead.

01:02:28--> 01:02:36

And the enormity of all of it. And so as the brother was saying, calling on the one above even the throne, right,

01:02:37--> 01:02:38

His Majesty now.

01:02:40--> 01:02:42

And we really get into that.

01:02:46--> 01:02:55

That is the bottom line. That is the bottom line, which is that when you recognize that a lizer agenda is Alavi.

01:02:57--> 01:03:00

Your problems no longer seem insurmountable.

01:03:01--> 01:03:12

They, they shrink, they shrink a little bit for you because you recognize the loss mentality a lot is Alavi, you also say here that allows a haleem

01:03:14--> 01:03:14

which means what?

01:03:16--> 01:03:36

forbearance so you're not, you're not just going to react to every problem that comes up to every difficulty that you face, the promise I send them is even reminding himself here, that Eliza gel is L Holly and we should also try to take that that attribute of hitting to be to be forbearing.

01:03:38--> 01:03:42

To be deliberate, to not just

01:03:43--> 01:03:45

react haphazardly to things

01:03:46--> 01:04:23

the fact that Allah subhanaw taala mentions or that the prophesy Selim mentions the option of Allah subhana wa tada is now reminding us of the magnificence of some of the last pantallas creation again, that is beyond our ability to fathom the album of the ash, because the the arch is suck alma bluechart it is the cap of the creation. And it is the de courcey which extends the heavens and the earth.

01:04:25--> 01:04:34

The Prophet sallahu wa sallam described the court seats to the outer is being like a ring, which is thrown into the desert.

01:04:36--> 01:04:43

And is another word, it's insignificant. It's not even something worth worth mentioning. And so the opposite is our lead.

01:04:44--> 01:04:49

But but but Allah Subhana Allah also describes the outer she's being 13

01:04:50--> 01:04:52

which is why we say

01:04:54--> 01:04:54


01:04:58--> 01:05:00

because the artist can't be generous.

01:05:00--> 01:05:06

Right. Not in that sense, but it's honorable. So if this is Avi and Kareem,

01:05:07--> 01:05:42

then what about l Avi al Karim Subhanahu wa tada and he is Karim. He subhana wa tada is Karim. And he will honor you by getting out of that difficulty in the mile grocery use law and Omarosa use about with every difficulty, there's ease with every with that difficulty comes another ease on top of that, that first ease so that the idea though, I mean, with is, you know, kind of stares you right in the face, is that you have to remind yourself, when things seem difficult,

01:05:43--> 01:05:51

that there's something much greater, that will make that thing feel insignificant firefight. That is,

01:05:52--> 01:06:03

what was prepared for Al Kabir and Alavi though I will honestly say, that there's so much more

01:06:04--> 01:06:08

that can be said about both of the names of Kabir and Alavi him.

01:06:11--> 01:06:19

But everything has to have its its end, except for last panel, it's either. And so this, in fact,

01:06:21--> 01:06:30

is the the end at least for now, of our study, our in depth study of, of the names

01:06:31--> 01:06:42

of a lot, Allah subhanahu wa Tada, it is my intention, when we start back up the series in the summertime to deal with the human error.

01:06:44--> 01:07:16

And that is because of the importance of belief in the loss of data and the last day, and there are a lot of details that we need to cover are related to belief in the last day, and then after that loss, pensado knows best we may get a chance to revisit, you know, and do some more of the names of our last payments out of date, the intent, the intent, this whole time was never from the very beginning was never to cover all of the names of Allah Subhana Allah that we may know, as human beings,

01:07:17--> 01:07:23

or that a Lost Planet Allah has revealed, you know, to us through the messenger sallallahu wasallam.

01:07:24--> 01:07:25

It was to

01:07:28--> 01:07:57

cover some that would be an indication of others, a way of approaching the study of the names of a loss of Hamlet's data that hopefully others will benefit from and improve on, you know, take this style of, of teaching the names of a lot of parents out there because I mean, to my knowledge, we just have a lack of information in the English language,

01:07:58--> 01:08:37

or, you know, a lack of let's just say, systematic information related to the names and attributes that will last for hematol in the English language, I really think that something that will help us draw closer to Allah Subhana Allah will help us to worship him better, will help us to be better slaves will help us recognize that our honor in this life is actually through servitude. And it's it seems counterintuitive that a person actually the better slave you are the more honored you are.

01:08:38--> 01:08:45

You know, so so the we become better slaves. When we The more we know about our masters of Hana who were to add

01:08:47--> 01:08:59

and it is, it is through that knowledge, the knowledge of this Deen the knowledge of a lost parent it that we will be better servants that we will be

01:09:00--> 01:09:06

in a better place to venerate Allah Subhana Allah and His Deen there were some issues that

01:09:07--> 01:09:11

I mentioned we will cover so I'll go over them quickly since this is the last class in shallow time.

01:09:13--> 01:09:27

Two very quick issues in sha Allah, the first of what are known as the LS Ma and Muslim and E twinned names, the names of Allah subhana wa tada

01:09:29--> 01:09:29


01:09:32--> 01:09:42

much to say they are mentioned together. And many of the scholars of Islam say that they are not names of a lot unless they are mentioned together.

01:09:45--> 01:09:46


01:09:47--> 01:09:49

for example,

01:09:52--> 01:09:59

there's a book for those of you who read Arabic there's a book called marchuk Adana. chanology marfy alisma Fi

01:10:00--> 01:10:08

Smile al husana mortified Alison with Gemma vs Milan Hassan Mohammed halifa. To me, I have a lot to add

01:10:10--> 01:10:11


01:10:12--> 01:10:21

was one of my teachers when I was doing a coursework for the master's program and I've benefited tremendously

01:10:22--> 01:10:31

from the from this particular book was what he taught us at that particular time. So, let me just see if I can come up with some of the names inshallah

01:10:35--> 01:10:36

Alright, so,

01:10:37--> 01:10:54

from some of the names that he mentions are these Usman was Delta, which are the twinned names and then we go back and we talk about what that means an airfare a bar and navair a bar which What does nav hit me?

01:10:55--> 01:10:58

One who gives benefit what bar

01:10:59--> 01:11:00

the one who caught

01:11:01--> 01:11:04

the bar, the one who causes harm?

01:11:05--> 01:11:06


01:11:07--> 01:11:16

okay, and never a dog now, even okay am Rahim Allah Tada. He says that these type of names

01:11:17--> 01:11:18


01:11:19--> 01:11:22

are as if they are one name,

01:11:23--> 01:11:32

which you cannot remove any letter from. Like the name of the last one is Allah Al Kabir. If you remove the bat, what would it be?

01:11:33--> 01:11:34


01:11:37--> 01:11:40

That is haram to call a lot of IKEA.

01:11:41--> 01:11:45

Anybody know what I'm here is whereby I wasn't planning on some of this

01:11:47--> 01:11:48

was al qiyamah.

01:11:49--> 01:11:50


01:11:56--> 01:11:58

Matthew Sahaba

01:11:59--> 01:12:11

Julissa solubilizer su casa de Hamelin misc whenever IKEA was the key, it's a it's the the blacksmith. Navajo Kia is a blacksmith.

01:12:12--> 01:12:30

Anyway, you can call us penciler. Okay, if you remove the bat, you remove one letter. If you remove the Yeah, you would be saying a timber can't call a loss pantalla el kebir. Right. So the point is, if you don't say an F a bar together

01:12:32--> 01:12:37

if you don't say it together, then you are not saying one of the names of a lost parent at

01:12:40--> 01:12:48

a bar and never a bar. All right. I'm telling you one opinion. sliver Chi Rahim Allah Tasha.

01:12:49--> 01:12:59

From those names I'll move the Alamo read and move the Elmo eight so you can't be for example, in this opinion. I don't move the

01:13:01--> 01:13:02

Abdullah Mui.

01:13:05--> 01:13:07

Al more is Al Moodle.

01:13:09--> 01:13:16

Though those names have to be mentioned together more is this one who brings what honor and Moodle is one who

01:13:17--> 01:13:21

subjugates I like that. It's good. Mashallah. So,

01:13:23--> 01:13:25

again, there's several of these names from amongst them.

01:13:29--> 01:13:33

Al COVID Al Bassam what is Al COVID

01:13:36--> 01:13:39

withholding to withhold

01:13:40--> 01:13:41

and Bassett

01:13:42--> 01:14:31

to extend right. Now, the reason and it's not just a mental claim. The reason is because if you remember from the very beginning, when we talked about the rules for the names of Allah, Allah we said that all of the laws names are Hostnet. Yani they have reached the epitome of perfection. And the meaning here is only perfect when there is when when these names come together. That's the rationale behind however, however, it appears in the last minute Allah knows best and I take the opinion of other scholars who say that if the name is a name that does not indicate

01:14:32--> 01:14:40

any imperfection and it has come in the text. Then it can be used even if it is not paired.

01:14:42--> 01:14:48

Though one may be better off avoiding it, you know, not naming their children Abdullah Moyes for example, or Abdullah Bassett

01:14:50--> 01:14:59

because of the difference of opinion amongst you know the scholars on that, but still the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said in the Hadith Sahih allies were jealous and basil

01:15:02--> 01:15:43

He did mention he was a carpet as well. And he but it doesn't it doesn't seem to indicate any imperfection and it to say that a loss of habitat is Al Bassett without mention that he is well altana Allah and there are other names like that there are several names that are comments that I just want to bring your attention to that they are not savate that they are not the only the correct opinions that they're not names or last minute data. You can write them down if you want. I'll bet if you may hear some people names for that. You know I don't badmouth a bear if there's not from the names of Allah, Allah Allah knows best lnn

01:15:45--> 01:15:45


01:15:49--> 01:15:49


01:15:52--> 01:15:53

or Rashid

01:15:56--> 01:15:57


01:16:00--> 01:16:03

sheffey Abdulahi mature muscle

01:16:06--> 01:16:23

Nam Allah yada lacking like we talked about you can't extract the name from every from every verb. From every action of a lost mentality. We don't extract names. From every name, we do extract an attribute

01:16:25--> 01:16:28

alpha net from a last minute dial His name's

01:16:30--> 01:16:32

Alford alpha

01:16:35--> 01:16:37

l khadim.

01:16:38--> 01:16:39


01:16:41--> 01:16:44

l magit. l Majeed is imagined is not

01:16:50--> 01:16:51


01:16:53--> 01:16:54

and aluminum.

01:16:55--> 01:16:57

That's not uncommon.

01:16:58--> 01:16:59

And now, sir.

01:17:00--> 01:17:06

So I've done now, sir, no. Now the issue here is, what if somebody already has that name?

01:17:07--> 01:17:08


01:17:10--> 01:17:19

that's going to vary from name to name, because some of them there's great differences of opinion amongst the scholars like Emerson, for example. And Martin

01:17:20--> 01:17:23

is one Hadith. Some of the scholars

01:17:24--> 01:18:00

of Hadith say that the head is higher than other scholars of Hadith stated isn't that hasn't if they say is hyson, then they are going to say that the revelation is affirmed is the name of a Lost Planet, Allah, if they say it's inauthentic, then there's no, there's no nothing, you know, that would, would allow you to say that it is the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Unless you are of the opinion that you can take names from every every action. But again, as we talked about from the beginning, that is not the correct opinion, our point in this entire study was not to be super academic,

01:18:01--> 01:18:25

or to get very technical. But the point was, that we learn more about Allah subhanho wa Taala. So that we can increase our tawakkol upon Allah Subhana Allah, so that we grow in love for lost hands on that we grow in fear, that healthy reverence that we should all have ever lost parents either, because sometimes

01:18:26--> 01:18:32

the love is not enough. Sometimes, you need fear,

01:18:33--> 01:19:13

to prevent you from doing those things that are going to lead to your own destruction that are going to harm you in this life, or perhaps have a negative effect on your salvation and next life. So having that healthy reverence of Allah spent out of holding him in high esteem, loving him, hoping for his mercy for his forgiveness. When we do fall short that was the attempt of in the objective of our study of Allah Subhana. Allah His names and attributes, we asked Eliza Joe, to increase us and knowledge to benefit us from that which he has taught us, to make us from amongst his humble servants

01:19:17--> 01:19:19

have a very similar smile.

01:19:21--> 01:19:33

Because it'll have these they come with a raffia. I'll have it. Why because there's that that does, yeah. And he gives some indication of so what does that mean? Do you know?

01:19:38--> 01:19:40

The one who makes low

01:19:41--> 01:19:46

to say, Eliza gel is Al Horford. He's the one that makes other things low.

01:19:48--> 01:19:55

That doesn't that doesn't carry a meaning of perfection by itself. And so allies are generally who

01:19:56--> 01:20:00

haven't arrived. In that sense then

01:20:00--> 01:20:01

Ma'am Yes ma'am she

01:20:05--> 01:20:06

lie she'll

01:20:08--> 01:20:09

come Agia hoonah

01:20:14--> 01:20:16

I read you with what it says here.

01:20:22--> 01:20:23


01:20:27--> 01:20:30

Thai, you're cool. Mo la vida

01:20:31--> 01:20:48

tragedy alesse Mammon emoji lol Ishmael wa dilithium teneo fasco Bobby whovian bow for here when tied to the jetty, Ism ulduar head, or the daddy killer took a look at a Illa mK 13 attend. What's up with that again a commander may actually end up being the spring human on the moon we

01:20:49--> 01:21:00

need to learn what and why do you have Allah Jamil Asher? Then he goes on to say aloha COVID urara Here we go. The leader who colusa Laurie was one of the other law he met a

01:21:01--> 01:21:04

lady that I never saw her later now called

01:21:06--> 01:21:07

na Kala.

01:21:08--> 01:21:18

He will be Eddie Hill Ohara elemis en Yuk feederwatch you're fat. Oh, you're fat. You're fat. mobis heatherly What?

01:21:19--> 01:21:32

Best? Well, acfe keytab less data analyzer. Some man up so who else have it or Roger Whitney measure? Any net hate and who? Yep, I'll add Elijah.

01:21:33--> 01:21:38

For Elkhart, killer Chrisman, the left hand side Elias would

01:21:39--> 01:21:40


01:21:47--> 01:21:56

He said isn't it mentioned in the Hadeeth where where it mentions the 99 names of a law so how much I

01:21:57--> 01:22:06

know of a docile Oh well, a hudna an aroma Hadith Allah tala if you handle howdy Gianni and Elias put well I am

01:22:08--> 01:22:12

when Moscow shy mathcore but

01:22:13--> 01:22:14

it is not authentic.

01:22:18--> 01:22:19


01:22:21--> 01:22:26

na mo Lisa minerales man who's gonna have at least a minute less man man

01:22:32--> 01:22:37

let's have a good five Anna Anna says this mark Allah Gemma shala

01:22:41--> 01:22:42

Any other questions?

01:22:45--> 01:22:46


01:22:52--> 01:22:53

That's funny. So

01:22:54--> 01:22:59

I don't I don't have a YouTube channel. I don't have a YouTube channel. And

01:23:01--> 01:23:05

and wherever you find on Facebook even i don't i don't i don't run that either.

01:23:08--> 01:23:11

One day I'll catch up to the 21st century inshallah.

01:23:14--> 01:23:17

Allah Mashallah, so, any other questions?

01:23:18--> 01:23:19


01:23:23--> 01:23:23


01:23:26--> 01:23:40

April 2, inshallah, we'll start keytab cm. Messiah Buhari, and Elijah Booker fasting from soluble hearty, it'll be immediately after Maghrib she's going to be approximately 745.

01:23:42--> 01:23:48

Also, Tuesdays, yeah. The second may 16 23rd and the 30th inshallah Neela. Yes.

01:23:54--> 01:23:55


01:23:58--> 01:24:15

Okay, so, so the thing is, when when you when you can it is permissible to call upon a loss of habitat by mentioning something that is true about a loss parents Allah, even if it's not a name of a lost parents add

01:24:16--> 01:24:20

a description? Yeah. So you might say,

01:24:22--> 01:24:28

you might even say in English, certain things, you know, in do I, you know, Oh Allah,

01:24:29--> 01:24:37

you know, you know, what's in my heart, you know, this, oh, Allah, that the one who created me and created my mother and create, you know, you might use different

01:24:38--> 01:24:57

things or whatever comes from your heart at that particular time. It's not a name of a lost mentality, but it's still true. And so it is permissible to describe it in this sense to inform or to describe, you know, a lot of planets out, you know, with those things that are true about him as long as you don't believe that it is a name of a loss.

01:24:58--> 01:24:59


01:25:00--> 01:25:03

You mentioned that Muslims should not die.

01:25:05--> 01:25:05


01:25:08--> 01:25:13

In the past, I've been in the company of a Japanese, and they have that customer.

01:25:15--> 01:25:28

So Muslim should not return that. Well, the same way when a private is allowed to sit down. And as it comes in some of the narrations when he saw his companion, you know, makes Jude to him.

01:25:29--> 01:25:35

It was a customary, so Judah wasn't this Judah of, of a worship the same.

01:25:36--> 01:25:39

Leave that to the side and sort of use

01:25:40--> 01:25:42

what did his parents

01:25:44--> 01:25:47

hate when they prostrate it? Tim lost fantastic.

01:25:49--> 01:26:00

So the idea is that was not a prostration of, of worship, it was a it was a customary prostration that it was allowed at that particular time.

01:26:02--> 01:26:07

Once the *tier Mohammed sallallahu, wasallam.

01:26:09--> 01:26:36

came, then at that point, we follow his Sharia prophecy selling prohibited us from even that type of of greeting through prostration, ie prohibited. So likewise, this is not befitting that we bow or prostrate to anyone other than loss mentality, even if it's not worship, even if it's not worship, the Muslim avoids that. So, for example, the karate

01:26:37--> 01:26:43

or different martial arts and things like that, they shouldn't be that kind of, you know, bowing

01:26:44--> 01:26:49

shouldn't be bowing. Bowing is for last minute style alone. Period.

01:26:51--> 01:27:01

A nod is different than bowing by the way. Any nodding in here in the in the way you can look at it is from this perspective, to look at it from this perspective.

01:27:02--> 01:27:07

If you did that, if you did whatever we're talking about, would it count as a record and solid?

01:27:08--> 01:27:09

Or not?

01:27:10--> 01:27:12

Say, so you just

01:27:13--> 01:27:24

email me we'd read even just to acknowledge that somebody somebody says something, you know, that's that's a nod that is not called bowing. That's different. The minute you start moving your back.

01:27:39--> 01:28:01

Yeah, I mean, I know that there's this there's a lot of column one a, I don't know. I don't know. I'm not comfortable with either position to be quite, quite frankly. I mean, I'm not comfortable just saying it's okay period. And I'm not comfortable with those who make it like it's bound or prostrate. I don't think it says it is as extreme as that Allah spent Allah knows best. I really don't know.

01:28:05--> 01:28:07

Anything else related to LS

01:28:09--> 01:28:10


01:28:12--> 01:28:17

Type, again, again, I really I pray

01:28:18--> 01:28:40

that Allah subhana wa Tada. Allah blesses us to benefit from what he has taught us about himself. Allah azza wa jal, and voila, here, as Muslims, we have to recognize this blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala. This favorite that He has given us that he has preserved revelation

01:28:42--> 01:28:44

is this rd

01:28:45--> 01:28:55

is the only Dean that can claim to have a book directly the speech of a loss of habitat.

01:28:57--> 01:29:18

And I don't want to go into a lot of detail. But the point is, we have that that is a favor from a loss of habitat. And you cannot read the Quran except that you will come across a loss parents out as names you come across as attributes and the primary objective of the Quran. So that we know Allah subhana wa Taala and we know what it is that He requires of us.

01:29:19--> 01:29:27

And so this study, that is the study of the smell of Allah Subhana Allah has his perfect names.

01:29:28--> 01:29:42

Is is a study and drawing closer to him and really understanding better the Quran and understanding what it is that he has revealed. That is what what is revealed me

01:29:44--> 01:29:44


01:29:45--> 01:29:50

to make something known. Eliza Joe wants us to know him.

01:29:52--> 01:29:59

And he has taught us these names. So we pray that Allah subhanaw taala benefits us with what he has taught us to panic along with hunting.

01:30:00--> 01:30:01

shuttle airline and to stop recording