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Sheikh Said Rageah -The Middle Path

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Like you know, you know I'm sure a lot tomato cola you know I'm getting a degree and Allah knows he didn't even finish high school you know all this this is a lie she can't see.

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And for the sisters they also she says Mashallah I understand Mashallah, you know, I'm not like other girls who are emotional will cry for everything I can take like a rock Come on Sharla

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she also in half done Eritrea, she lies left and right, you know. And then the other group as I said, someone who will give you someone

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who's packaged about the hurt from head to toe. And tomorrow when you live the near cognisance of Hannah law for the new car back you

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both of them islamically

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we don't encourage

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what Islam is we need a middle path we need

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and the beauty of the beauty of it is it caters to the need of

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a lot of young people they said by the same and they said right here it's a brother three Look, the brother sitting Mashallah in the city on the east side of the building and the sisters are sitting Mashallah my camera behind the moon on the other side, how we how we how we would ever see them and how would they would ever see us

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you know, this is not right.

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And they complain and angry. young men and women that we should come up a wave

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that would cater to that need allow them to meet, talk see each other and this way when I say we need to come up, come up with a way it already exists, is already the son of Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam someone in the UCS system Mashallah Tabata Kala Sharia in Islam if your system

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and you Mashallah you think that's a good sister you see her in school, you see her

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you are allowed to go to the system?

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And what should you do when she wants you to do when you go to the system? Hey, baby, what's up?

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You look so fine.

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I saw you walking, I lost my mind. You know, you don't say that. You go to the system and say, Sarah Monica, I'm interested in you and you lower your gaze, you don't have to be X ray. Mashallah, from head to toe, you know, you lower your gaze, and he goes to the sister and say, Can I have your worries number.

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And she will giggle

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and then she either would give it to you.

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Or she will say my worry is how he died. And that means she doesn't want you just

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go away and find someone else.

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There are channels there are proper way of dealing with this. It's not open to everyone to you to your own desire. And when once and you know, and it is not bad Muslim, a door that you cannot come through. You cannot see the sister until you save the day of nica. There are Middle Way and the Sharia is calling. And that's why we call this conference, the middle path. There's always a middle path.

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The other thing, I will conclude I think I'm running out of time.

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The other thing that is in Islam,

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that we is

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what we call a Alyosha

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romance in Islam.

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A lot of people they think Islam has no romance. So we have two people in both groups. One group

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is a group and I'm talking about after the nikka not before I'm talking about nikka romance in marriage, not before marriage, there's nothing called romance before marriage, we talking about in marriage. Some of the Muslims, some of them they go all overboard, and they act like non Muslim. And you see them you know, kissing his wife in public places, you know, holding his wife in public places. You don't you may not see this in Africa, in East Africa, in Canada, Masha Allah, you see them everywhere, like McDonald's. Everywhere you go. You see this so kind of Muslims, and they will say, yeah, you know, why are you so rigid? She's my wife. She's not my girlfriend. I can hold her

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hand. I can you know, and we have the other side

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of Muslims.

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That if he if his wife

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Touch his hand in public places. He was a your divorce and your mother is diverse and your is diverse. And your whole family's divorce.

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He will go to the extreme.

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Amanda just held your hand No.

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and they consider, you know this is Milan is familiar with a jeweler that a man should not show any fashion should not his smile. His wife should not say anything nice to him in public should not say to him, you know a kind word to him. You need to be formal.

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In Islam is different.

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In Islam, they must be that

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they have to be that a Yo Yo, what is that a plague. It's not a you know, she's not a nice thing. She's not, you know, her arm thing. And your husband is not that.

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But you also have he can be and you should not be I should never be like that. There's a middle path.

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There's a respect that shouldn't be an accomplice between the husband and wife in public places.

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Even inside the house,

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we have those everything is Halla.

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Everything is Helen. And we have those who say you know, edifice Helen bar is haram. And assets.

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In Islam, we have to be in the middle.

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I shall be Allah Juana. When she was asked about the Messenger of Allah, how was the messenger overlord in the house?

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She said he is like any other man, but he was the most honorable of all men.

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She said he's like any other man salallahu alayhi wasallam but he was the most honorable man.

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Which means, you know, he never neglected that intimacy with his wife.

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When he was she was asked another Hadith. What was the first thing that the Messenger of Allah used to do? He used to use miswak some of the Rama they said because the messenger overlay used to be intimately involved with his wife and he did not one anything bad or any bad breath to come from him salamati he was

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him and his wife

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have six minutes.

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him and his wife I saw the yellow one. They used to beef together.

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And if you take a shower, what do you do you come with your jilbab masala and then he comes with the third one is a mama and you take shower together.

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What are you doing shower,

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a shower you leave everything out. And then you come like you were born the bay kolomela Bay

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So even though he was in the with with the highest respect for sewer lines on the long run, his wives are telling us that this is what they used to do. Some along the along.

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But some people even talking about this is f

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is F

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I told you I told him me if I told you last year, I told you when I said in one of the classes one of the halaqaat I said that

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I used to take a shower of Samadhi

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murder children say to buy a car

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and all ladies he said look I know Bye bye.

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And only I said the Messenger of Allah user take shower there was a she said oh, this is done. There is no hope for this

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lesson this different work America now

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you have to be on the middle path. You can be rigid, or you can be also lose a fee and do whatever you want to do.

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You know, please

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compare whatever we mentioned in everything in your life, the way we deal with our children, the way we deal with our spouses the way we deal with our business partners, the way we deal with our neighbors, you will always have those two in who missing the target. And you have the middle path that Allah subhanaw taala clearly showed the oma so in your life. You have to find balance. And this bounce is not according to your own conclusion and my own conclusion is not according to what we think is right. It's not a crime. What society wants us to see as a right and acceptable is according to the Quran and Sunnah.

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everything the way you eat the way you sleep

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The way you use and go to the washroom the way you're showered the way you you know, walk, the way you run the way you work, everything, there's a middle path.

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And that's why Allah subhanho wa Taala made this, the oma

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is always in the middle, never any of the extremes, the way we deal with the non Muslims

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none of some of us will go with this extreme.

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And they will say, you know, they are, you know, our brothers, you know, we should go to their church and go to the synagogue and we should go to the temple, you know, we should pray with them. We should we should do this. It's okay. Assume the man is here. You just just action is fine. You know, and there are other groups who are saying, you know, we don't want any of them any anything to do with them. We don't want to see them. We don't want to go to their church. We don't want to sit with them. We don't want to communicate with or want to do anything. We're done.

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But there's also a middle path Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. How did he receive the Christian delegation who came from Iran? How did he dealt with the other people who had other faith? That there is a way that we learn from our deeds. So what I'm saying conclusion is, you need to be on that middle path and do not go any of the extremes on Long Island, which is a common law Pharaoh salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato to bodoni nikoline Garnier.

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