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Seto, moto Kuma rahmatullah wa barakato.

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In the hamdulillah Hina don't wanna start

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In one istockphoto when our auto belay Manchurian fujinami say Dr. Medina, Mayor de la vida de la mejor del

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y shadow

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Illa Illa long y de la sharika where I showed you an Mohammedan abdomen or a solo. I'm about to fire in the cul de sac eater Buddha.

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Buddha Buddha Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wasallam was Shara Lumo remove de to her wakulla Desert invader wakulla bit Arjun Bala lateen wakulla Bala that infinity

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of the praising Allah Subhana Allah and sending humans greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam continuing a collection of ahaadeeth looking at the remembrance of Allah Subhana Allah

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from the corner of a llama, then how to come close to Allah Subhana Allah. And then the final result,

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what is the gesture? What is the reward for people who remember Allah Subhana Allah, or make that intent or make those steps to come close to Allah Subhana Allah.

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As we find, as we mentioned, we concluded upon that it is nothing less

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has just recently elation, for goodness have been nothing less but goodness we given to those individuals. And that's Allah Subhana. Allah wants to see the effort of the believer, the efforts of the believers, and then begins to multiply the action of the believer, the believers.

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And also we find in this Hadith, that Allah Subhana, Allah actually multiplies or gives reward, for even just the intent. Even the person doesn't carry out that action. Allah Subhana Allah writes it down, was written down as a good action for that individual.

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Everything is by the league with the permission of Allah Subhana Allah, that Allah Subhana Allah grants the individual that trophy can ability to come close to him. That's the moment when a person does good deeds, that is a sign of goodness, at Takeru Illa. Allah, that Allah opens up ways and avenues and paths and formats of a bare dirt to help that person to come close to Allah Subhana Allah, that is a general rule. That doesn't mean that a person who may be carrying out good throughout their life may not be punished or may die upon something other than that, but in general goodness leads to goodness because Allah subhana wa mirrabooka people are merely lobbied Allah does

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not oppress His servants, gives you seven ample opportunity and time and space and life upon this dunya to begin to recognize the blessings of Allah Subhana Allah, the intent of the individual is the content, the content of what they have to carry out upon this dunya that's what Islam is.

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This will be Daya, Katya configura person, a beginner just a thought in the heart or the mind of the individual that thought becomes something which is

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a strong resolution a commitment to make that change to carry out that action that is even otherwise it just becomes a term many becomes false aspirations and hopes that in the heart and the mind are individually I want to do this that you find an AMA Eman, bilgileri and even the snake will pulp what Billy Cerny will am will be jawara an email is firm affirmation inside the heart Why not listen to utter your belief your conviction Ushahidi detain? Because some people think that one can concede the mandate is only in certain periods very rare elements in Islamic history that we find no exceptions to the rule. There are certain individual are to conceal the man

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or woman Muslim mean, the rest of the masses of people have to declare their Shahada certain their rights are given to them when they live up on this earth And likewise, when they leave this dunya will he run amok with Java action via your limbs? To show that you believe to show that conviction? Duck tacos and Anthony Amina Bella, say I believe in Allah, welcome to Sally. And you don't pray? And then how can your conviction be true? How can your Eman be true? And you don't pray? You don't fast. You say you believe in Allah. Allah todo Basilica and in harem, you don't know your gaze from her arm. You don't stay away from how long rather you commit hold on for a moment.

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Notice by if your email is weak, your email is weak is deficient is not complete. There's discrepancies inside your email and the all of us we have discrepancies, all of us have weaknesses. But a person needs to overcome those weaknesses. To reach the reach a level of email, which is constant, which is pleasing to Allah Subhana Allah and to stay away from a cupboard or stay away from the major sins. What is the Quran say Allah wipes out your mind and since stay away from the major sins, some people they don't think that staying away from Salah is a major sin.

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Acapulco for bakufu belay Subhana Allah the greatest offer in gratitude towards Allah after a shift is Turku, Salah is abandoning the prayer, leaving the prayer, belittling the prayer, minimizing the prayer, not giving importance to the prayer. All of this is Cofer beliefs with Hannah Diana leads towards disbelief in a lost battle adventure person becomes complacent or becomes habitual or they may have concluded a person tariku Salah our careful person who leaves the prayer continuously repetitiously on a daily basis leaves the prayer for caterpillar. Now your Mirabella doesn't believe in Allah Subhana Allah masala comfy soccer columna chameleon Musa Li Allah talks about Seaford

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random people random masala comfy soccer. What made you end up being inside soccer or soccer? If among the seven names of jahannam the Hellfire documented soccer and why are you inside soccer? I will suffer first descriptive nature of these individuals call them nakoma mousseline we never used to offer the prayers

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Baden Albania masala fermenter aka pocket copper, the covenant the distinction between us and people who disbelieve is a Salah from Antara kosaka Farah who believes the prayer has committed disbelief in Allah subhanaw taala. And as a person needs to make that effort inside their life, that if you believe in Allah Subhana Allah then fight one's desires, one one's whims, the temptations around us, the world around us that you find that most people most people don't want to carry out conviction and belief towards Allah subhanaw taala and they find it difficult because why they email is not tuned. They're not tried to search that a man in belief in Allah Subhana Allah, ya know Allah

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copywritten illa Allah Kashi Allah mentions at the beginning of sorted Bukhara seek a resistance inside the prayer. We're in Allah Kabira to Illa Allah shipwrecked kosher in, it's going to be something difficult, something hard, except for people who are devoted to Allah Subhana Allah or Buddha to movement when you hire when

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a seller, the beginning and the end of the believer is the prayer. In non-marketable has sanity was

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indeed a lot as written down the good deeds and the bad deeds had these it could see as narrated by Abu hurayrah.

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Allah Subhan is written down the good deeds and the good bad deeds that we carry out upon this earth. All this is documented with Allah Subhana Allah in kulesza in kalapana will be covered.

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Everything has been created with destiny has been tested by Allah Subhana Allah, Allah subhanaw taala comes in 50,000 years before the creation of heavens and earth, created a column created a pen and said to the pen October, right. The pen said What should I write? Write what will take place from now all the way until the end of time until Yeoman Kiana. The pen comes in 60,000 years before the creation of heavens and earth. Everything has been documented written by lots of Diana Diana that's defined as to answer the unknown well kalami one is Tarun Amir to the enemy, while kita will have the noon while column Eva Maria stood by the pen by the pen and what it scribe that it writes

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down. Are you doing enemy bill kita Betty as Elena made the fear codify your knowledge by writing it down putting it together. Everything has been written by the pen tested what will take place upon the face of this earth will calusa hero kabiri Mustafa, every small thing, every great thing, every big thing has been scribed put underlines that you find many of us if not all of us will say in a day judgment. Man you had the kitabi now you have the Russa here and voila copywritten illa. I saw her well what do you do?

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marami Lu Hamad Al dura Vallejo de Moura buka

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malahat the keytab per se What is the matter with this record with this book? Now you have to do sorry Ratan Wanaka be written in a saw her what was the matter with this book, every small thing, every big thing, except for it's been documented, everything will be presented on that day person cannot escape the record has been placed there for the individual and your law does not oppress any individual. It does we find that the beginning and the end result is known with Allah Subhana Allah, Allah. Then Allah Subhana Allah this hadith could see, describes or mentioned What is the meaning of in the marketable Hassan it was say, Allah has written the good deeds and bad deeds for men

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Hammurabi has adapted from Yamaha who has the intensity of good deeds and carried out Kata biloela, who has an attorney Kameelah 10 or has a Latin word I hate that term. Whoever intends to do a good deed, but doesn't carry it out. Allah subhanaw taala it is infinite mercy writes down one good deed person intends to do a good deed isn't carried out Allah writes it that is one good deed for the individual in the who has written Kameelah 10. One bad deed or sorry one good deed is written for that individual. Does he find that one good deed? You know, sometimes we find it trivial. Just one bad deed one good deed. It's only one bad deed. It's only one good deed that Kieran Domino Murphy

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say, don't despise any any deed. don't despise any matter of any form of goodness, don't despise it. Because that small element could be a form of success could be a form of irradiance on that day. As you find a dead Yama Yama Tapia Do you? What does what do we do? on that I even find some faces are radiant, glowing. And some flaky faces were black and on that day, dark face in that day. And so those faces are black and on that day,

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covered by the mannequin. Have you disbelieve after a man came to you taste the punishment of jahannam now because of disbelief after a man has presented to you one ballerina be at the tomb? For fee Rahmatullah whom fee her Holly tone. And for those individuals whose faces are glowing radiant on that day, they are under the mercy of law, they're going to be entering into Jenna. Now those are the real smiling faces the radio flavor faces. Just as we began, people, people may laugh today, and let the Muna be sooner people focus on the sun nines or their life to grow debates, who dress according sooner we pray, who first who lower their gaze who stick to the hell and avoid the heroin

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in this modern world, and they find some people amongst McCool, Cairo muslimeen I'm not speaking about non Muslims. I'm speaking about a nooner about this on the Muslims, who make a mockery of a person who focuses upon upon Islam, who wants to live a life of being a good Muslim, they want to laugh at them. They want to make a mockery of them

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and let them laugh. Let them joke because we laughing and rejoicing will be way inside Jenna dahulu the eternal bliss, the turning home the internal enjoy enjoyment. A few few moments let people enjoy them for love upon the face of this dunya a few moments

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but inside the Hara Hollywood Abuja for eternity rejoicing and living day, what a great blessing it will be alone will make faces radiant on that day. And as if and when they return back agenda that we find markets inside Jenna, I want to return back to their families, you find their faces even more glowing, even more beautified their faces will be and as we find even these people who want to these modernistic concept now you saloon don't want to pray don't think what is a Salah what is what is all these actions that we find?

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faces that they will be reading and time and time again we mentioned to encourage ourselves as the

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person who performs they will do appropriately This is how the Prophet Allah Islam recognizes oma, that the arms for arms will be shining. ankles will be shining feet will be shining faces will be shining. Almighty Almighty will recognize this is my oma simple actions of Voodoo, performing it appropriately. He saw some companions not performing Budo appropriately while only na kabhi manana y la Camila nervo upon these anchors going to be paired inside Johanna as I mentioned in one small speck one fingerprint. It has not been washed appropriately. But we'll talk about yo boo boo is invalidated. It doesn't exist. Liana Mr. husana and Voodoo. The Key of Salah is it

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Voodoo is purity is ablution whoever is an ablution fella Sanatana who has no prayer at all? Does he find rocky musala preparation coming to Asana is to perform Moodle appropriately atoma Nina Sakina Allah Campbell whakaari what Tama Nina, when you come to the masjid walk in simplicity in peace and contentment is an Imam has begun the prayer

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finished a prayer with the Imam you'll get your object and near that you're not dragging your feet intentionally. Once again the near the intention individual is to follow the Imam but something prevents the Imam getting to the Imam on time The idea is still written for that individual and the Philippines and clearly met him inside the Quran that we find what is the word

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for hermit? be

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lonely or Abra Hannah Ravi inside surah Yusuf we find a lot of our users disclaimer for him might be he he had this deep desire, this deep conviction to what use of Allah Islam even though the opposite can apply to use of Allah so we can only use it and it's minimal meaning that he had some thought

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came up on the mind of use of look at the context.

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So the use of jumped up to Quran Wakata is Mahatma zuleikha the name of this woman the wife of the Aziz is zuleikha Ola debate about he has many elements deficit give this woman this name.

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And she was a beautiful woman. The wife of the Aziz use of La Salaam shuttle German,

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nice fungible half of beauty of this world is encompassed inside use of La Silla. That's use of La Silla. Now he's placed inside that environment is a knockout alpha. Extract the benefits of Docker and the context of the Quran is of the Quran that we could tap into for an explanation interpretation of the Quran able to understand what Allah is relating to us to extract the lessons. So this woman who sees the beauty of use of Alexandra hammock be she had a strong desire towards him, beautified herself

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and placed yourself in an environment to make herself to become temperatures upon use of NSF. wahama be her best use of advice. I'm just a thought came up on his mind. Lola Bronner, he is, but he saw the evidence of his Lord. Welcome to Sierra Mahabharata and Ravi, what is the evidence is

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an opportunity for the baby inside the room we spoke, he saw the depiction we saw the yaku spoke to him wound him Angel spoke to him or he heard the voice

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but all of them carry the same meaning. Something inside his heart led him to recognize that he's in a difficult situation.

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And deeper meaning that she had that strong desire that she believed in something she wants you to carry that by use of La Ceylon. He believes in Allah Subhana Allah and know when you're talking while your spirit for Allah God Roger masini will face Allah and his patient Allah never lets the reward of the good do do as patient individually ever go to waste. In a later locations I saw the use of

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una Naka in the huddle area we will not divert from this ayah to extract a lesson because many people they placed himself inside attempt just environment then they think they think well of me think has enough of me case how can you think well of an individual who surrounds himself with women who works with women who has who has relatives who are not there madam towards them who work for them? Who is the secretary who organizes their time who takes care of them? How can you think when are in a man mentioned you place yourself inside should place yourself inside a doubt there is some people may think well of you but the other half the people won't think well of you because you've

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placed yourself inside that temperature environment. That's if I call certain Dr. Atul Islamia alone, so called Muslim speakers, people devoted to Islam working for good causes of Islam case or antonym Antara Bernie, you're an early scholar. You studied a book of Allah you study the sadhana. Your secretary is a woman. How is that Hi, black women work for you inside an Islamic instinct so called Islamic environment teaching Quran and Sunnah case. Then you then things happen that you want people to think well of you. And Quran if it mentioned that use of La Salaam felt a feeling either Nabhi felt a feeling inside being placed inside

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pasture. How about the rest of humanity? That you place yourself inside the environment then you think that people should think well of you from Morocco and associati that my wife Do you think well of me, case that if something happened to come come in a Shabaab, how many people that their lives have wrecked how many people their lives have erect placing themselves inside? I was in an environment which is not conducive to Islam, and thinking that people should think well of them. We follow the teachings of Quran and the Sunnah. People may find that it's difficult is hard. We may think this is not the modern it's a modern one. He voted world to hardly buy modern world that you

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destroy your own destiny, commit Zina, I been

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exchanging messages with non Muslim women sending photographs of non Muslim women discussing with non Muslim women and say this is him bad looking for marriage for discussion. a boon blaming is about Muslims who studied the Quran and the Sunnah. Liana colonus. A Cardinal, even the most lowest of people understand and will soon understand what at Aqaba, Xena, no Coronavirus, and Sabina. Stay away from Xena these own modern forms of templates feelings and inclinations. Why are you messaging a strange woman alio took our MOOC ohana to kurama took your mother your art your daughter What is she to you? All in disguise of Islamic Hashanah, good deeds, while while Islam can establish and

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spread before without these formats and it still will spread because the end does not justify the means quite a de Islamia. The End does not justify the means that you speak and you engage the person and marry them and then say what is the end result was hired with goodness learn? assess is a Cana Haram, Boko Haram. The assess is haram everything is haram blah, Baraka. So we encourage ourselves to live pure life good wholesome lives, and live a period purity. Don't fall into a temporary environment that people are creating. And people are thinking this is normal. It is not normality. It is not normal, and normal for human being. Live egil wakulla Mini yahoomail I'm sorry.

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perusahaan surah. To me noon. What is normal for a human man a man is to lower their gaze, and to guard their private parts of the assassin region. That is a sign of chastity, a sign of manhood, not what the society teaches us of flirtatious behavior of haraam relationships.

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This is all the way of the people that we find around us. I'm a Muslim. So I have been one who look then this one Muslim is proud about a proud about that living, just live a good life, a pure life. The lesson is that everyone will be tempted by trying to control those temptations those desires. And when those desires come in a person follows those intuitions, follows those desires and carries them out. Then a person becomes blameworthy under Sharia becomes blameworthy in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala and that's required refine Phantom Yamaha person intends the good deed and isn't carried out, still gets one good deed How does a person get one good deed because why something an

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obstacle a genuine obstacle came inside their life

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and prevented him from carrying out that good deed. Just to remind your person walk into the machine something delays them, but the intent was to come to the machine on time. Or a person for example falls sick or something happens that you find when a person is traveling or person falls sick. Every single act they used to do in a state of goodness Allah writes it down for them.

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Oh, look at the birth of Allah Subhana Ghana everything you used to do when you was normal when you was fit when you was healthy. And before you travel Allah right Sit down. used to read the sunan used to fast you do good deeds. Everything is written down for you. Look at his Bushra nobody is glad tidings. One more can a person ask for something is stop the individual. I'm not still so Panthera still writes it down the good deed of good deeds that our individual does if I need to move when Hiram and Emily the intention of the believer is far better is action when the law in the law though just like you're like you're done Abdullah niyati Mela your family law gives according to

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intention more than what is given regarding his action, even as Hadith is buried.

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But mana Hussein is meaning it is straight. Inside he is authentic, the intention has as a big element of refined, authentic narration in the malamala beneath actually

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again to be judged by the intentions, and like was defined as our team in the mallamma URL how our team acted upon the ending the end life of the individual in between the person tries to purify this refined group by Rania tin

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to compete with Amazon. Perhaps and I write intention, a pure intention, it magnifies the action, small action gets magnified, and perhaps the person does a great big action, but the intention is corrupt, then the reward becomes minimal. A small reward is documented for the individual in front of Allah Subhana Allah for in Houma, Bihar, Amina her as a person intended a good deed and now physically goes and carries out a good deed. Kabbalah endo Astra has an acting as an Emirati dolphin, and Cathy Ra. Now the person physically does that action person will get either turned rewards are multiplied 700 times or many times over, as many times as lots of other ones. This is

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for doing one good deed. Allah multiplies it why interco has certain data, well your email address outremer whoever does a good deed, then there is with Allah Subhana he multiplies it over and over again. That she finds that sootel Baccarat masala de una amalan feasability la parable is given about those people who spend their wealth in a way of Allah Subhana Allah is like seven grains seven corn that each go at the end of each year you find it spreads out 700 times. Well you'd like if we made your shirt. Well, lo was even early a lot expands the agenda as much as he wants. Does he find a day judgment one one dinner 111 coin will be multiplied many times over had eaten Bukhari and

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Muslim to become a mountain of goodness, a mountain of sadaqa. Why? One prime reason is the intention, the intent of the individual maybe that's the only point that they have. Woman you Casa Hana, FIFA, Allah eco Muslim, whoever removed the greed from the heart. And if you read it, the seed of the desire by the state of those companions, that family they had more need, but he spent it in the way of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And as we find, we find that is how can the reward be multiplied,

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rewarded multiple early math conclude? by various ways, I will as you mentioned,

00:32:31--> 00:33:14

the sincerity of the individual multiplies the reward magnifies the action of the individual. And he and l walked the time, the time when that person is doing the action for some of them I mentioned had incident get muddy after Lusaka Fie Ramadan, so many people come generous and giving sadaqa inside Ramadan for the time, that the time that month of Ramadan person wants, were right intention, start spending their wealth in becomes more multiplied by Allah Subhana Allah, like when you find the 10 days of the ledger that we find that days or Ramadan, in general that we find all of these are time spans, whereby Allah Subhana Allah can multiply the reward of the individual and McCann, a

00:33:14--> 00:33:31

cm that we find the Ramadan maka added in sort of a merger, even though there's some liakopoulos Hadith, but the blessings are there. That fasting in the land of Makkah, inside the harem being inside that environment, Allah can a location increase a Salah fit Masjid Haram, there's no doubt about that.

00:33:33--> 00:33:36

Praying its admission haram one prayer is equivalent to 100,000 prayers

00:33:37--> 00:34:02

100,000 prayers in Medina one phrase equivalent to 1000 prayers. That's what really matters concluded Illa as a person as a machine inside Medina which is close to the house, and the same time they can come to the masjid prophet alayhi salatu salam and catch the Juma day and maybe get slightly late was preference for an individual therapist should pray at the mercy of its close by or should I travel to the machine appropriate la salatu salam

00:34:04--> 00:34:17

ala lo and your health your Illa mercy Rasul Allah salatu salam to go to the masjid appropriate Islamic catch the JAMA day because one prayer is equivalent to 1000 prayers

00:34:18--> 00:34:44

kizu Amina Lucifer una omniverse we go there, we travel there and we miss a Salah Benjamin person you should feel it the whole earth has collapsed upon them because some of us may not even live to perform 100,000 prayers. One Salah in naka haramaki one Salah Benjamin, that makhanda place is equivalent to 100,000 prayers.

00:34:45--> 00:34:47

When I was there need

00:34:48--> 00:34:59

a balloon. Those individuals come and say led to Solihull for a man. don't pray behind the Imam don't pray the Imam of beyond the amount of the harem because he's afraid

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First he died bartylla. Case,

00:35:04--> 00:35:46

Manuka kita, who doesn't concern you with their belief of the Imam is is there? How could you miss spraying inside a locker? How could you miss that shows as we began with no sign of goodness, because sign of goodness is Allah drags a person towards goodness that a person pays their own jamara pays their own congregation refuses to pray inside behind the Imam that's placed there. That is a blame upon the individual. And we can even use words of wretchedness. That'd be the staying away from praying in such a blessing location. Likewise, we find that is multiplying of the reward of the individual among users inside the Quran, or Hadith, seven times 70 times 700 times some of

00:35:46--> 00:36:13

the elements added it doesn't really mean the actual number is just a figurative of speech. And the Quran the Quran has this numeric format inside there is one that is given by the URL. And the view that we take it literally that it means seven times. It means 70 times it means 700 times in advocacy right? Too many times over the allowable reward the good deeds are the people who carry out these good deeds for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah weinheimer BCE.

00:36:15--> 00:36:24

Person intends a bad deed and isn't carried out tshabalala window has an attorney Millikan person intends a bad deed doesn't carry it out.

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Allah subhanaw taala writes it down, not as a bad deed writes it down as one complete good deed. Another Hadith that we find for taraka biLlahi Subhana Allah de Angelica, personally for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. That's what they intended, they may be added tend to carry out some how long somebody reminded them. They read a verse from the Quran, someone spoke to them, they saw something. So now they decided that now I'm not going to carry out this bad deed. Maybe every may be prepared to carry out this bad deed. But the event is over is awoken. That's what you find. Sometimes it's very interesting. You find non Muslims sometimes. If you read through the lines and look at their

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life, some of them live their very bad life. They wake up in the morning and they look at themselves in the mirror. They look at their life and say that's enough of this life for her the careful biller, that's a disbelieving individual who's become tired of their life. Oh, sure. Bill hammer. Was Xena halmahera Muhammad while for whitish

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drugs, alcohol abuse, fornication, adultery, wakes up and once sees this, what am I doing in my life?

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I wake up in the light either caffeine, Allah doesn't believe in Allah.

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Buddha babina a llama Mata for how long inside your life? How when when will they wake up, day in and day out, carry on their daily lives. around back around back the harem monitor Sahaja Yoga, we can imagine how long the masses of youth, the Muslim youth are doing at the moment. We can't even imagine it. But some of them still don't awaken. Don't see that what their life is surrounded by. Not

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a vumat not this darkness, darkness is upon darkness, that the end result would be nothing but the ultimate.

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The ultimate guru MK Phil kobori what will fit inside the grave and inside the

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Yamato What does what do we do? The faces will be black and on that day. That's a message. Unfortunate messages about youth I head into that direction. We have to awaken them. remind them about Allah Subhana Allah. Just like the non Muslim they awaken and they think that's enough of their lives. Why don't these individuals awaken? Why don't they awaken? remind them about Allah Subhana Allah because that is the success from an hunmanby say.

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A person intended a bad beat. Everything is prepared for them. Everything to do that haraam person wants to commit and sinner

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once you've committed everything is prepared for them. remember Allah. Remember, Alanna? I'm staying at the Halawa to Eman sweetness of Eman beauty of a man that drives the zeal passion within him to drive them away, changes their own way. Their own vision of life. That's what he meant is that you find Allah with an email person ah to ever go back to prefer that it rather be thrown into Hellfire that you go back to do haram things inside the life. wakulla kolyada stop Fulani welcome when he gave me a misdemeanor for stop through in order for him

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi masaka be Sonata yo Medina, another from an AMA we have ceratin Amira, Bihar Amira, President tenza good deed and carries out that good deed carries out into the life then Allah Subhana Allah will multiply that good deed many times over. And if the individual intends a bad deed as we mentioned, and doesn't carry it out a lot gives that individual one good deed and a person in intensa in Oklahoma BIA Pamela intense, a bad deed, and then carries out a bad deed. cuttable loads, attend Well, I hate that and look at the mercy of Allah. Allah only writes that bad deed as one bad deed. There's a

00:40:49--> 00:41:33

multiplier. There's a magnified only do it as one bad deed that the servant of mine has done. Man jabil Assa t follow our show unfairly her, whoever comes with what is it a student of the Quran, whoever comes with a good deed and Allah will give likewise 10 good deeds, individual woman, J IBC. At ala Miss La, la, la moon, whoever comes with a bad deed, they will only have the recompense with exactly similar to it, that one bad deed will be written down for the individual and no individual will be oppressed. And as we find his early math concluded, extraction was howdy that we find it buried near the input is a one intention inside their life, that a person should should always

00:41:33--> 00:41:40

question him. So what are they doing inside their life? in every aspect? What are those things that everybody speaks about?

00:41:41--> 00:42:06

Me? Well, God, people speak about every person called the intention. Look at their life. What is the intent? There is another lesson that many of our youth that was the intent about evil, find fallible enemy. What is the intent of seeking knowledge? Is it to make people look foolish? Is it to make people look people look down upon people, or to show that you have some kind of another person doesn't have

00:42:07--> 00:42:18

to mean an enemy in the arena. You've already been everywhere you get a small amount of knowledge, as I moved to LA sulamani had every right to say that I'm the most knowledgeable person on the face of this earth at the moment.

00:42:19--> 00:42:20

I surfy Soraka

00:42:23--> 00:43:07

subhana wa tada Paddy bunny moves to LA Salaam send him to hater. Send him to cater to go and go and learn knowledge to understand the perception of knowledge, the meaning of knowledge. Does he find an L shaped on appeal? And the real meaning Imani? Allah Allah will mean Allah subhana wa willen and in Miss for the fear of Allah, but a devotion towards Allah is not to take juice yet. And to mesmerize people look down upon people and to belittle people to belittle in mud that we find yummy and that is what we find people come and they ask people have a right to ask kakuna Mm

00:43:09--> 00:43:18

hmm, there's no good inside that we citation the Quran. Well, I can remember a tip. He is the Imam of the masjid has been appointed by the people.

00:43:19--> 00:43:28

You have to pray behind the Imam. You have to follow the email. Don't Don't go against the Imam advise the people around select a better Imam present another Imam

00:43:30--> 00:43:45

that this is me babble in me that people will be appointed a person should respect that. Not try to make critique not to find faults. Find ways of entering the hearts and the minds of the people and reconciling rectifying the people encouraging people

00:43:46--> 00:44:25

to answer in some person forgets. person doesn't know doesn't have certain knowledge didn't know certain add to the room, remind them encouraged him. That's why if I do have to give gifts to one another give a give a gift of a book of a reseller of a treaty something good to the Imam to remind them about something they may not understand. That's a higher Oh goodness is not to walk out. I just said that is a mom doesn't know anything is a mom is like this. What is your intention inside life intended to be to reconcile, to rectify to better people, to better individuals to disappoint me

00:44:26--> 00:45:00

as much as we mentioned, Bianca to Rahmatullah Allah Abadi. The mercy and compassion of Allah Subhana Allah upon upon His servants, that we should be compassionate towards subjects towards people around us. And likewise, the pardoning of Allah Subhana Allah, that if a person carries out a major sin alone, he writes it down as one bad sin. And then we find that Allah and Allah to wipe it out and wash it away. Then who are we to hold grudges towards people? Who are we to judge other people? Who are we to box other individuals inside their life? These are lessons that we

00:45:00--> 00:45:35

To develop inside our life, I've tried to become sincere and devoted, committed to Allah Subhana Allah and to take our intentions and to carry out our intention of doing whatever goodness that we can do, to gain and seek the pleasure but lots of Canada Allah, Allah, Allah tofik in ability to serve him appropriately upon the face of this earth, except a good deed and to multiply those good deeds on a day judgment, and to bring them in front of us on a day whereby we will be no need or will be in dire need of nothing but our motto salejaw of righteous action that we carried out upon the face of this earth, that they are multiplied by the mercy and blessings of Allah Subhana Allah

00:45:35--> 00:46:23

in Allah wa mela ecodiesel Luna Allah nabby, Edina Manasa Lou la casa de muchos Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Allah Allah Muhammad gamma so late la Rahim Allah algebra Amanda hematoma je Allahumma barik ala Muhammad wa ala Muhammad Ibrahim Allah ellebra manuka honey to Majeed robina tnfa dunya Hassan Clara de hacer una joaquina Robin Robin algodon fusina Willem takfiri Luna Luna Kona nominal Casa de rubberneck filon Alejandro de de nos lacuna v man wala alpha lubaina Hillel, Edina Manu Ravana in Nakuru for Rahim, Robin Africa, Elena sobre, la subida codominant Senado como cafe de la parada, de pollo bonobo de tener una Milan kurama in Atlanta la hub, Rob Donna habla nominee as well

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Gina Gina kurata yo la mattina Emma Renata kopelman nine Nakata Samuel Adams watauga Elena Nakata tabo Rahim subhanak vichara believes that the phone was Allah, Allah mursaleen al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen como de sala de como como la

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