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salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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we find that many of us commonly Muslims, we look at certain practices or certain actions.

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And we unfortunately begin to neglect

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other practices or other actions.

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We think that if we do certain actions, it will suffice us, or it is sufficient for what we are doing.

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And what I'm referring to is that many, especially in our culture, that we find that we do certain things,

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and we neglect other things inside our life. Some Muslims may pray five times a day, are vigilant about their prayers, but they have no element of kindness, charity, compassion and mercy. Then we find the total opposite. Some Muslims are very generous, reclined, very caring, very charitable. But unfortunately, they don't pray. They think that because I'm giving this charity, or I'm doing this good action, this good deed, this will save me or this will rescue me. Rather, we find that the Muslim has to combine both elements together. The Muslim has to know the rights which belong to Allah Subhana Allah, and the rights which belong to the people. And that's throughout the Quran, we

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find this combination of bringing the two together of doing spiritual actions and likewise the concept of belief and doing physical actions of helping other individuals around them. For example, the Quran mentions that those individuals who end up going into jahannam that there are certain characteristics of these individuals. The Quran mentions masala comfy soccer, what has made you enter into soccer, or soccer mean asthma? jahannam. Soccer is from amongst the names of jahannam than the siefert are the characteristics of these individuals are given? How come they've ended up landing up in jahannam callooh alumna camino mousseline Well, I'm not gonna remove miskeen work on

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Navajo Duma and ha ha in waukon. naka de boo Bo Medina, aterna Yaki, these are the effects of these individuals call Amna, communal mousseline, we never used to bother to offer the prayer or to pray. We never used to feed the poor individuals. So here you find the link between spirituality and physical action. The neglection of the prayer meant the neglection of social service of helping the people around them, does the end result. Unfortunately, these are companions of jahannam. Likewise, the opposite the Quran mentions who are the real believers, when the Quran talks about the moutoku talks about the pious individuals, it begins to mention certain characteristics of these

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individuals. And once again, we focus upon certain characteristics and we miss the other characteristics of these individuals. The Quran mentions in the tokina fija nothing What are you indeed, talking the pious individuals will be inside gardens will be surrounded by rivers will be in a state of pleasure Kadena takamura. Boom taking that which to load last lb Allah has given or bestowed upon them, in Nome can kubla De Luca masini, before the entrance into paradise. What were the characteristics of these pious believers? Can kubla Delica moccasin in before they entered into paradise? They were individuals who are doing good deeds. Can Allah mina layli Marissa Jeroen, very

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rarely did they sleep at night? So this is the spirituality of their personal relationship towards or with Allah Subhana Allah, what Bill us hurry home, you're stuck the road and the early dawn or just before fudger time we find are the last part of the evening. They are seeking forgiveness from Allah Subhana Allah, then comes the other characteristics that some of us may have forgotten, or feel unworthy him. How old is he? Well, my room and there is a right for the people who ask and the people who don't ask, they search for the macaroon. They go and search those individuals who have a right towards their wealth. These are the complete characteristics of the believer, focusing upon

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spirituality and giving the rights which belong to the people as well. Likewise, you find out sort of earlier marohn talking about the individual who was racing towards paradise. They're the individuals alladhina Buena Vista rah rah rah spending times of pleasure

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richness and in times of adversity and difficulties. Those are the real believers. So once again, Koran talks, these are the characteristics of the believers, whereby some of us will begin to fall short. When it comes to such characteristics, we begin to stay away from them. The Quran mentioned lantana lobera had to mimic to have a boon. You're never going to attain the real level of piety until you don't spend of the things that you love. And that's the Quran mentioned lacell barren Tuvalu Hakuna kibble kibble mashariki. Well, McRib is not piety that you begin to turn your faces towards the east and the west. Voila, Kindleberger, Rahman m anabela. He will Yeoman mela equity

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well kita bonda been indeed piety, will piety is that individual who believes in Allah believes in the last day believes in the books believes in the messengers and then comes the other characteristics where Allah Allah who be better person begins to spend of their wealth even though they have a love towards that wealth, any upon the will obaldia thermowell Misaki upon those individuals who are the downtrodden, the destitute, the poor individuals, those in additional state and then the if it continues until it concludes, Ola it can Latina sada Whoa, whoa, Ola, Echo, moo, moo taco. Those are individuals who are the true for individuals, and these are individuals who are

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the pious individuals. That is what we want to remind ourselves about. The path of piety is not how many of us we seem to see that path of just doing certain external actions. There are more deep and hidden actions of Muslims to develop inside their life that we find inside of Quran clear commandments and teachings where Buddha Allah, Allah to Shri kuibyshev worship only Allah Subhana Allah and associate no partners towards Allah Subhana Allah were bill Worley they need a Cerner. Any student of Quran understands the concept of the worshiping Allah founder, Allah being sincere, being devoted, comes the second element of showing goodness and kindness towards one's parents. Then the

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ayah continues, that something which may have become hidden from many of us, will be the corba while your term while Mr. Keeney you shall goodness to the poor individuals, those who are close to you, there must suck in the destitute individuals and the often individuals. That is the theme of the Quran of bringing the element of spirituality and the practical implementation of living that life or showing that devotion towards a loss to Allah towards other individuals. Likewise, we find the Quran mentioned or write a lady you can do further you can let the doctor on your team. Have you seen the one who rejects the last day? The belief in the last day? How do we characterize how do we

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recognize people who don't believe in the last day, they are those individuals who begin to repel, who begin to push away the often individual can level to criminal team and need the support of those individuals or those who don't show nobility, generosity, kindness to the orphan to the poor individual. For Amalia tema, Fela dukkha. As for the orphan, don't push the orphan away. Don't be repulsive. Don't be a burden. Don't become an individual who makes the orphan feel in a regretful state for asking for wealth, etc. Likewise, you find for Dr. Hamill, aka mama Dora camel acaba, will tell you what is the the difficult path, the difficult path that a person has to tread upon their

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life to live and you find your team and their Makarova. That's a part of difficulty of fleeing this, freeing the slave of finding the orphan the destitute and going out and trying to help those individuals. So many of us we tried to find the simple path, find the difficult path, whereby that path is not really difficult. But indeed, the reward is immense for that individual who tries to seek that path. So our task is to begin to try to combine these elements of spirituality, and likewise the practical action of taking care of a charity or taking care of an orphan etc. Just like we have these actions in the depths of the night of seeking forgiveness. And praying in the in the

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night, we're vigilant about such actions, these actions will help us but Likewise, the other actions are in secrecy, the person spending of their wealth, sponsoring and often taking care of an individual. These are all actions that also accept the individual inside the earth era. And we all need to store some element of helping people and helping these individuals. A loss pounder has laid the blessings upon us, given them to us for a reason, that we may begin to use those blessings to spend them appropriately in the correct manner. So we find that in the surah, the case study of the surah that we find both of these elements are brought together inside so today I want to just have a

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skim reading and a brief seed first to become familiar with the surah whereby the element the Quran, focus upon spirituality and likewise brings, the sooner the

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practical implementation of what the prophet Muhammad has and went through in his life is being displayed inside the surah the Tafseer. So to do that we find the morning light, the radiant glow, what many of us are searching for, of that tranquility, that peace, that light that will help us inside this dunya and even more so inside.

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So you find that this surah being a makansutra in the final juice of the Quran that we find some 11 A yet we find that the reason for the revelation is Surah many element the first series of talks about various explanations, some of them happen to be weak, that revelation they stopped for a short while so they sort of came down. Some of them say they happen to be a dog inside the house of the Prophet Mohammed some inside underneath his bed. That's what Revelation it stopped and other reasons have been given as well. But that which is possibly the most accurate reason which has been given inside the Hadith inside the city of Amman Bukhari Muslim is a woman one day made a comment to the

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Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem that what has happened to your to your shape on trying to say that revelation is from the devil etc, we have seen is not coming upon you in these last few days because the Prophet Mohammed some did not get up for one or two days to offer the prayer or revelation to not come to him. So she was trying to rebuke the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and indeed you find an ayah it came down to sent down upon the messenger what to her? Well, lady, either such a man or a book or a book a woman of color, a revelation came down by the dawn by the by the morning light by the night as it covers, envelopes, spreads, individual node has not forsaken you shame that loss

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panda Allah is still there, helping and aiding and sending revelation down upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam. So we find that this, the work of Buddha that we find is very important. This is the beginning, sir, I'm inserting the heart all sudden. Now here is the main beginning of the data you find after slot and fudger when the sun has risen by 10 or 15 minutes you find the beginning of the dawn. And likewise the last part of the art takes an oath by many things while fudger while also while Lael was chumps

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find different offs have been taken inside the neuron by the morning dawn by the by the night by the chumps was chumps will come out by the sun by the moon will answer by time, what does all of this lead on to firstly you find a lost Panda and that can take an oath by anything he has created, Subhana Allah because Allah, Allah is a creator, so he has every right to take an oath by whatever he is created. As for the human being, we can only take an oath by the name of Allah Subhana Allah is not allowed for us to take an oath by the night by the day etc, only allowed to take an oath by the name of Allah Subhana Allah, the second series, the second hidden element we find inside these

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time spans is to avail one's time is to benefit one's time, everything inside the Quran hear these words, the dawn, the night, the evening, the sun, the moon, the fudger time, the answer time, it's all perspective of time, that a Muslim is the one who is vigilant of their time, unless panda is placed at night and the day limit or other and yet Sakura or Radha shakoora. Night and day has been placed there, whoever wants to show gratitude, whoever wants to pay heed. So the Muslim is the one who is vigilant of their night, their day, their time, everything that they're doing upon this earth to gain the maximum benefit. So that could be a hidden factor. Why a lost pounder animal in the

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lives of panda Allah has used these elements of time and day for us to ponder and to reflect and to avail this time. And likewise, on many occasions, it talks about people once in a time of Baja are playing in just an amusement and then they're totally destroyed. Likewise, time of Musa la Sallam he told the people to come back when the time of Baja is a prime time that people gathered together possibly because the heat of the day is not so immense at that time, so it's easy to gather the people. All this is said hidden factors are pointing towards the importance of the work of Salatu Baha, which is not a spiritual concept that's similar to what we find with something which is

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emphasized and mentioned by the prophet Mohammed Salah Salem find a hadith at every single joint of the body of the human being has to offer some form of sadaqa How can we offer a form of sadaqa for the 360 adjoins of not mistaken each body contains How can we offer that he mentioned to Raka of Salah to baja will suffice will cover you giving a form of sadaqa for every part of your body in the Hadith inside Sahih Muslim likewise for the messenger hatha salatu wa, he encouraged his companions to perform Salah to Doha, because for many of us average Muslims are those of us who become very technical life for us becomes a technical aspiration at times, go back to being a simple Muslim.

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Doing these simple practices which have been encouraged inside the sadhana is a path of success. Does you find such wording such such a hadith that you find the hadith of Abu huraira radi Allahu Allah and who also

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Sally Sally bestseller thin, indeed my comrade, my beloved, my friend, close, intimate friend, he advised me with three things that I should do inside my life. Amongst them we find was a performance of Silla to Baja, inside the hadith of Bukhari Muslim he advise another companion or Buddha or Sani Habib habibie bcls in, he said, My beloved, advised me to carry out three actions, once again amongst those three actions was the performance of Salah to do her, the likewise we find, to pray with and before one in ego goes, goes to sleep. Another companion in the Hadith the Muslim that we find a Buddha says also Neha Habibi, my beloved oh Bibi Salatin, the one that I love, advise me with

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three things, amongst advice that he gave to this companion was to pray Salah to baja that we find in various a hadith we find various wordings a minimum of two to four to a maximum of eight record of solid to do what a person should perform, which begins after work to any horrible shampoo, Polo or shampoo the beginning of the rising of the sun till we find until just before you need the world walk to the wall by maybe half an hour or so before the sun comes to the middle of the day etc. Then we find last time that I mentioned my darker book a warmer color after talk about the night and the day that we find indeed your Lord Yanni. Now what Dhaka monitor aka America, your Lord has not

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abandoned you know, as your Lord forsaken you warmer color, and no does your Lord warmer or bajada your Lord does not despise you or hate you or disliking you. So maybe the revelation had stopped. Or maybe there was no, no contribution, in a sense of ye so maybe the Prophet Mohammed some felt that maybe I've been forsaken. But the Prophet Mohammed says and is the best creation of Allah Subhana Allah, the Most Beloved individual to Allah Subhana Allah is the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. So Allah is not going to forsake the messenger is not going to leave him in darkness is not going to become absent is not going to become away from the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, I have been

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hunting a female now Allah Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam, the most beloved of creation to Allah Subhana Allah is the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. 102 highroller kameena Lula, indeed we find that what is late letter is better for you than the beginning. The latter here is quite obvious. The here after a double era is better for you than a higher to dunya than the things that are dunya that's the messenger sallallahu Sallam was always striving for the earth era never really lived for this dunya elements of the dunya were presented to him were given to him. But he persevered and continued his journey to meet Allah Subhana Allah to return back. Why are Buddha back to Kenya

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clean, carry on worshipping Allah spandana until eliakim comes to up mana mode. That's the life of the believer. If there was any individual who was able to abstain from the ritual practices that we offer on a daily basis, it would have been the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, but he persevered. He was devoted, he was committed, while Kali luminary baddie Shaku, Emmylou Allah, the Buddha chakra of Alameda would show gratitude, show servitude, indeed few of the servants of Allah XLB down are grateful. And as you find the best of the Grateful servants of Allah Subhana Allah is none other than the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem. So that's forgiving you and reminding you, that

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the Hereafter is better than this dunya well, so for your ticker, a book of a turbo, indeed, we are going to give you something that will make you content that will make you happy, here you find different a coil of the polymer, what has been given to the messenger that made him made him happy, made him pleased, has been given to the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem, amongst the things which have been given to him or cleator in order to Hamsun indeed, I've been given five things have been given to me, which are never given to any, any messenger before me. We find amongst those five elements just to refresh my memory is fears being placed in the heart of the enemies by a journey of a month.

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Second, we find the whole of this earth has been made a place of a prayer whereas previously prophets had to pray in a specific location in a specific area. Yes, for Muslim the best place is the masjid but if it's not permissible or it's not possible, then the whole of this earth is a place of prayer for Muslim which was only given to the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem, like we find the honeymoon the booty, but we take from warfare, the blessing the warfare previously, the message is told to burn burn it to destroy it, not to keep it but as for the messenger is allowed to take the honeymoon take the Akana has been permissible for the Prophet Mohammed ism and this oma as well. The

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fourth thing that we find is a shift

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intercession the greatest intercession is given to the Prophet Muhammad on the Day of Judgment, and likewise you find the fifth blessing was being given to him. He has been sent to the whole of mankind. One Mercer Naka Illa Rahmatullah Allah mean, we do not send you except for mercy to the whole of mankind. Mama Ursula K le fatale nursey Bashir Romana de la la la Kinnock Varanasi, Liana moon will not send you except for Warner to the whole of humanity to give them glad tidings and to warn them, but most of mankind failed to understand this. The second blessing which has been given to him that made him happy and medium content, as the Quran mentions will attain NACA sub amin and

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Bethany will earn and Alvin will attain NACA indeed, we've given you the seven oft repeated verses and we given you the magnificent Quran, the seven off repeated verses which have been given to the Prophet Mohammed Surah Al Fatiha has been given and bestowed upon the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. Likewise, you find in our clinical co author, indeed, we've given you our diner giving you the blessing of the river in Paradise, likely given to you Shahada to Rasul Allah Almighty, that his messenger has been made as a witness, as a testimony upon all nations, and this nation as well, which is a blessing given to the Prophet Muhammad, Salah Salem. Likewise, if I'm mahkamah Mahmoud,

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the lofty position the rank of Shiva, have opened the doors of paradise. These are all amongst the blessings which have been given to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah Mujica your team, and

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they will not find you, as a team as an orphan. We can even take this linguistically, this refers to the Prophet Muhammad Selim, his father passes away before his birth, his mother passes away at the age of approximately six years old. His grandfather, Abdulmutallab passes away at the age of eight and he's been taken care by his uncle obatala. So his life went through, he physically felt the need of somebody to be with him to take care of him. This is once again the hidden factors a lot pounded into place, the prophet Mohammed was such an environment, that then he can begin to understand the feelings of the people around him begin to understand the orphans which are around him, etc. So you

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find that the Quran mentioned for our it is not mentioned for our worker that we need made you took you away from the state of being an orphan, even though it's addressing the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem. But to complete the context of the the rhythm of the ayah that calf that hip hop is removed, complete the context of the ayah and secondly, that there's going to be other people who are going to be orphans that were they're not orphans and we gave you contentment gave you richness, we gave you happiness, we gave you a better life, that this nahoko B's for all of us, that those people in that state, it is our task to go and try to help these individuals that we find from Sakura Sonia

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team, what will miskeen wipe over the head of the orphan and feed the poor and the destitute individually even this hadith is not even a Muslim admit, but the practice was there, that the Prophet Muhammad would wipe over the head of the orphan individual what is authentically proven, and our carefully your team know who only he can attain? Will Ashura be suburb but he will Wooster he said I am the person who takes care of an orphan is like these two fingers, how close they are together. That's how closest individual be with me on the Day of Judgment. So some of us may think once again is we began with different actions. Why don't we think about such actions? You want to be

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close to the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salim then begin to become one who takes care of an orphan and you will be disclosed to the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salim on the day any of judgment. What What did they

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learn further? We found you that us misguided and then we guided you. What is it mean? That we found you misguided? Obviously we can attribute misguidance to the Prophet Mohammed ism is just a linguistic meaning of misguidance that you did not know what the right path was. It was a blessing of Allah spandana of highlighting the right path and guiding the Prophet Mohammed system to the path of Islam as I mentioned, waka Delica, a hyena in a Kuru homina Marina Malecon trata de mal kita Whelan, amen. We're the ones that guided you. You didn't have knowledge of Eman or of the book, but we placed it inside your heart and we guided you to the straight path. So this is the meaning that

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you was misguided us astray. You didn't know what the right path was. And likewise, every single one of us we are misguided if we are not guided by Allah Subhana Allah, that's the ultimate blessing upon a Muslim as the Quran mentions Alhamdulillah Allah de Haddon and he had one acuna, Lena Tatia Lola and Hayden Allah, Praise be to Allah to Allah guided us to this the name of Islam

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We are not being guided we would have been amongst a straight individuals. So this is another blessing, direct blessing to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and likewise to the rest of us as well. That we have all been guided by Allah subhanho wa Taala or what did he learn?

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We found you in a state of poverty, and then we made you rich, we take the literal meaning the richness that we find of Islam of wealth, wealth was given to the Muslim Ummah wealth was given in the conquest of Islam to the Prophet Muhammad Salim even at buderim I mentioned works at the first scene is weak because this would have been a makansutra the conquest of opening foot to heart of the Islamic world and the Empire in the world happened inside Medina. But still we can still take that meaning literally. That contentment of richness of wealth has been bestowed immensely upon this Muslim oma, even today. But if we take that hidden meaning, what is the real richness that the

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Muslim is searching for in El Mirage? below Hina Muna cleaner knifes the meaning of richness is the richness of the soul, contentment, cleaner, peace, spirituality, contentment inside the heart. That's what an individual is searching inside the life The so called unmentioned, the person who believes whether male or female, and does righteous actions, for no fee and no higher than paper will give that individual a good life. The Quran mentions alladhina amanu. In New coloboma, decorilla, Allah biddick relay pertama in Morocco, in need the believers those individuals searching for peace, for tranquility, indeed, in the dhikr of Allah Subhana Allah do hearts find tranquility

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and peace. So this is the real richness we have within our hearts that allows pound Allah if you find that inside your heart, hello to imagine the sweetness of faith. You've what is the sweetness of faith as described by the Prophet Muhammad's Islam, you love Allah and His Messenger more than anything else. If you have that feeling inside your heart, you're not so worried about the people around you, or that you're seeking is a pleasure of Allah Subhana Allah and then the pleasure the Prophet Mohammed's view and the level of sweetness of Eman like what you love your Muslim brother only for what for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah, there is no worldly interest or exchange of

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wealth or property. It's only for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah. And thirdly, you find that you hate to return that to cover or like the life of jelenia or becoming a Jew or Christian, etc, you'd rather be thrown in a Hellfire, if you have that feeling within yourself. That is hello to the man. That is Dharma, that is a sweetness of faith inside the heart of every single individual we should be searching for inside our life. So this is only the state of poverty and then we made you in a state of richness. So now what should a person do in return? If the person has been bestowed with these feelings, and with these blessings, now we begin to take the practical steps the Quran begins

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to tell us what we need to carry out doing inside our life. familia, tema, Fela dukkha. As for the poor individual, don't push the orphan away, don't rebel, don't repel, don't push him away, don't make him go away the orphan individual. So practically, you lived your life as an orphan yourself, you're Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, and likewise many of us that we may live a life whereby we have richness. Now what should we do with the riches that we have inside our life, we should begin to show kindness and goodness toward these individuals. Likewise, you find what I miss Ella Fela, turn her as one who asks, don't push that individual away. Don't refuse that individual. Here the circle

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could be the ones who asked for a man or Tom asked for food, asked for wealth. Don't push these individuals away, you should give to them a sign a document? Yes. And in the site, it could be personal ask about knowledge as well. So how should a person adult people have knowledge? How should they interact with the people the subjects around them? A person who's got richness? Should it become arrogant to the woods the people who are below them? Should a person who've been given position become arrogant with the people below them? person so when should they become arrogant with the person around them? These are all hidden factors that some of us Muslims fail to understand.

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They're like a football team UTM inertia. That is a virtue in a blessing but last panda Anna he gives to whomever he wants. The more that you possess, the more responsibility the more of your position, the more your responsibility The more you are in the more your responsibility. That's how simple it is. person doesn't become the opposite, with their wealth, becomes arrogant, becomes tyrannical. When a position becomes arrogant and tyrannical with the knowledge becomes arrogant and tyrannical. What as in the mass and the low elite show goodness, just like Allah Subhana Allah showed goodness to you. Those are the symbols of a real Muslim of a tall order, humility,

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humbleness, recognizing within themselves that these are all nothing but the blessings of Allah Subhana Allah that you read the famous Hadith documents or reorder Salahi talking about the three individuals person

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from, from from no hair on his head being a bold individual person suffering from leprosy, persons suffering from blindness, we had to refresh our memory, what we find two of them becoming arrogant about this is something which have been we have every right to have this wealth we inherited from family upon family problem family, what does that poor individuals say the angel in disguise was, you know, such and such individual was, you know, such a poor individual. And then he was bestowed with this, they became arrogant, they rejected it, but a person who's humble individual, recognize his blessings, what did he say? He said, Take whatever you want to take, leave whatever you want to

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take all of this is from the blessings of Allah, go and tell your two friends that they failed that test. Indeed, you have become the successful individual in responding to the right understanding that a Muslim should do inside their life, then comes the conclusion of the sooner that you find, well, I'm being immature because I had this as for the blessings of your load, you should begin to enumerate and make mention of them. Obviously, we cannot count the blessings of Allah Subhana Allah, when

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you try to count the blessings of Allah Subhana Allah, you can enumerate them, like you find inside Surah Rahman, some Etude is 36 or 37 is once again saying what for b a, or a b comma to get the ban, which of the blessings of the Lord, will you both reject both view human being and Jin? How can you reject the blessings of Allah Subhana Allah, so one way of rejecting the blessings is by not mentioning them by praising and thanking Allah Subhana Allah, so Muslim is one who's always thanking Allah Subhana Allah for the blessings bestowed upon us. So remove Nam Allah, Allah shucks, all of us have blessings upon us. Whereas some of us we may not be able to recognize those blessings, we have

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those blessings just by being here, being able to see and to visualize and to comprehend, and to understand, is probably one of the most ultimate blessings after the blessings of Islam, like oh, it's fine. What should we do? After mentioned making Vicar of these blessings, we praise the Lord Panda, Allah with our tongues, we make mention of them, and we thank Allah Subhana Allah then becomes the physical action that we're trying to hint at. Some of us could just say, Alhamdulillah, I have these blessings. But the real mentioned these blessings is the individual, the moqtada ne and Tamil moqtada had hidden anioma or helenium, a person begins and Tamil begins to show physical

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action, physical work, physical contribution with the blessings that Allah has given to that individual. That is what we're trying to hint that from extracting from the surah that don't just follow a path of spirituality of becoming those individual do certain actions don't become the other half of the other Muslim that we find who just do charitable actions, but have no life of spirituality, because some of those individual millions of pounds, for them to give 10,000 pounds or 100,000 pounds. It just like flicking a dime. That's what it is. For them, we may think it's something immense, but for them to physically to start or spiritually to begin to start praying five

00:33:04--> 00:33:39

times a day, to avoid the Haram to stick to the halal, it's something very, very sharp, something very difficult for those individuals to do. And it's very easy for them to give charity in the way of a loss pounder. But that doesn't mean we're demonizing them or saying we should not give charity, we're saying just that you want to save other individuals, try and save your own selves. And just like you want to try to save your own self, try to save other individuals as well by the blessings that Allah Subhana Allah has bestowed upon all of us. So it becomes incumbent upon us to show gratitude verbally and practically as we find in the statement which has some that have some

00:33:39--> 00:34:23

weakness inside it man number scoring Pauline mieszko Cassie, whoever doesn't thank small amounts, boom, thank in great amounts. There's no point thanking in great amounts. If you cannot be kind and gentle towards small amounts. and say hello defined era nominal. Murphy, don't despise any form of charity. Whatever it may be, whether you meet your brother with a smiling face, whether it be half a date of charity, the Muslim does not despise it. The Muslim is one any Avenue, as you mentioned of doing good, because we know that atoms weight of God could be what could rescue the individual to enter the individual into paradise. The atoms weight of evil could be unfortunately Allah forbid

00:34:23--> 00:34:59

that individual travels into the path towards jahannam. So don't think always that lofty goals. Think about every goal. Every opportunity inside your life is a taco robe, Allah Allah Subhana Allah is a way of coming close to Allah Subhana Allah woman, Ramesh Khurana Islamia karela, in a hadith that we find authentic in the Hadith that we find in sort of mountain muddy, wherever doesn't thank people. This and thank Allah Subhana Allah. That's how simple it is. We try to separate the elements. I'm a good Muslim, I have a good creed I have a good belief to choose expression to help with the people. Why should I bother about what's happening the Muslim world

00:35:00--> 00:35:35

At the moment, maybe they've done something wrong lady, maybe the car is corrupt, maybe they're full of innovation. Maybe they've done this maybe done that? Is that how Muslim is? Is that how Muslim sees things? Do you think those Muslims see it in that manner? Do you think these orphans? Are these children? They are? They want to be in that state? Do you really think deep down inside your heart? Imagine if it was panned out? turned it around for us? How would we react, we could enter into a realm of maybe Kufa of disbelief of ingratitude of complaining to the editor, why have you put me in such a position, at least some of these individual patients, they think last time that either And

00:35:35--> 00:36:13

likewise, we are only given success and victory via What? via the application of the poor individuals. That's something to think about. Sometimes you may think that maybe certain individuals, we need this, we need that. It's only by this application, the poor individuals were given success and victory once again, imagine that inside our lives, brothers and sisters, of doing some good actions, either life, and leaving this dunya or not knowing who these individuals are. Imagine difficulties we all face difficulties inside our life, this poor child, this poor individual prays to last Panda and whoever sent that wealth, whoever aged me we were sent that food, whoever

00:36:13--> 00:36:50

supported me, whoever gave me clothing, or Allah bless that individual. Imagine that. Don't we own one such as application inside our life, that this application will go direct to Allah Subhana Allah, that a person in a dire need in the state is praying for us. That is something that can help us throughout our life. Likewise, we find all of our actions come to a standstill, except for ongoing charity that we do. These are all charitable causes, we leave this dunya you want something to benefit, you, then try to get involved in some form of charitable service. Yes, some of us may not leave behind righteous children, some of us may not leave behind some knowledge. But all of us

00:36:50--> 00:37:26

have avenues of sponsoring a child. You know, if you go and look and search, it possibly only cost at times, maybe five pound a month, to take care of an orphan. That's not much. But those small actions that we do, would be helping that individual and be helping us we're in this dunya and inside the earth, as well. So May Allah give us all the trophies and ability to understand the rights and regulations that belong firstly to Allah Subhana Allah, and then to visualize those rights and those regulations in a practical sense, to see the rights of the people around us and to begin to take care of the people around us. It is an ultimate form of data of entering into the

00:37:26--> 00:38:05

hearts and the minds of the people is by a serving the people. Whoever serves the people, is indirectly serving Allah Subhana Allah, that will be sitting there judging whoever gave water to a person, then a person be given water on the day judgment will be fed a person whoever clothed a person when we get given better clothing, better food on the Day of Judgment. We know the food and the coding day judgment. The water drink is something unimaginable that a Muslim can never imagine. Like Will you ever give shelter protects a person will be given protection and shelter? Where inside the earth era? Why do we want to seek that protection? Why don't we seek that shelter? Why do we

00:38:05--> 00:38:41

want those blessings? Why do you want to cling to the blessing of this dunya and fall short inside the Akira somehow lost contact us all adelphia inability to strive and struggle until the day that we meet Allah Subhana Allah and we see the meagerly actually due upon this dunya they are multiplied for the sake of Allah, Allah to become an immense reward for all of the individuals behind the scenes who are hoping that the item helping the poor individually destitute individuals, showing kindness and spending their time their wealth and their money for the sake of Allah, Allah that they are unaware to us. We have just become people who are aware inside our community, those who are

00:38:41--> 00:38:54

unaware bless those individuals raised their ranks, and our rank is our rank in front of Allah Subhana Allah, which counts for all of us. wakulla Kali Harada was stuck for lalibela come when he made muslimeen of istockphoto in November for him