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smilla rahmanir rahim

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all the builder he mean surely unforeseen amin say Marina

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maniac de la who follow mo de la woman you lil fella had Yella

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y shadow

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Illa Illa long washing de hula Sherry Keller wash her do Mohammedan Duma solo

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America in the cul de sac kita Booba a higher Alhaji Haji Muhammad in Salalah alayhi wa early he was seldom was Cheryl more emotion data to her wakulla more data in beta. We're collaborating bola Latina. wakulla de la Latina rubbish Sara Lee sorry. Yes, certainly Emery work, data melissani of tahu Kohli

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of the press, praising Allah Subhana Allah and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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following the methodology

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of those individuals

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who live true to the teachings

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of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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a Serbia coonan A Walloon mineral mohair jurina avanzar

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will live in a room with sun the lower on whom what to do on

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the first and fourth most of those individuals who believed we submitted for amongst the Al mohajir own while answer

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and those who follow them in goodness. Last pound dad is pleased with them. And they are pleased with Allah Subhana Allah.

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Like was it last time that I mentioned about them? Somehow know what Allah Nakamura do lower meaning if you bear your own akata Shakira for alima Murphy obey Him.

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Indeed the last round Allah is happy with those individuals who gave the pledge underneath the tree

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for alima Murphy obey Him. Allah Subhana Allah knew what was inside their hearts inside their chest. He Ischia mean Allah Subhana Allah. This is a testimony of purification for these individuals from across counter Allah to praise these individuals. Likewise, we find the Quran tells us those who go against the path of these individuals will mean you shall be a sole member of the meta Bayesian alhuda or your Tabby virus abelian meaning no matter what level no sleepy Jehan Nana was, at masura wherever contains with a messenger differs with a messenger after the truth, the guidance has been shown to the individual while your tablet virus ability meaning and follows a path other than the

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way of the believers, money we know who are the believers, the believers inside this ayah and none other than a Sahaba body are locked

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in. Likewise the Quran tells us towards the end of the first Jews for in em and they miss the momentum de Vaca de todo, if you believe is they believed you will be rightly guided you'll be successful. So there is the path that each one of us needs to find a following the path of these individuals who came from various backgrounds, various nations and even various tribes that came together to become one oma

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and as you find Quran tells them and kills us as well afterwards are speaking to us. We're a pissy mood. We have the lady Jimmy and one of our Roku. What guru net Matala he Alaykum is quantum the lF urbane Apollo become for us to be near met IE foreigner or quantum Allah shefa for 30 min and nury for en cada Caminha

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hold fast to the rope of Allah Subhana Allah and do not divide do not differ amongst yourselves. Remember the blessing of Allah spandana you enemies towards one another for

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Back to mini Mati he a Werner and via the blessings of Allah, Allah you became bredrin

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you are at the edge the brink of the Hellfire we saved you from the Hellfire if you read it to see of this iron sword earlier, moron if I needed to see this is according to a Kathy amendment for serene begins to have a discussion that the tribes in Medina were also will have courage used to fight against one another. And that's when Islam came it united them brought them together. So remember that blessing of Islam uniting people together, that eventually the rest of the discussion begins to take place to separate are yet carrying the same meaning. Consume hydromet in acquisitiveness that Marina will Murphy within one I mean una bella, you are the best people ever

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raised up. You order the good and you forbid the evil you believe in Allah Subhana Allah. Likewise, we find the same surah Walter coming Kuma yet to own a little higher. We are Marina Bill Murray, and hohner and monta a rise amongst you, a group of people who order the good and forbid the evil.

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Who are these people ordering the good and forbidding the evil, before we begin to look at our own selves, or the Muslim Ummah, today, these ideas are primarily talking about the companions, they are the first and fourth most the whenever the Quran praises a group of individuals, then we find according to the principles of seer, that these ideas are talking directly primarily about the believers, the real believers being the companions, when you hear such a yet in the Quran in under the Nakamura Boone Allah so Mr. Calm that Allah mala iica to Allah subhanho wa Taala Daniel Webb Shirou bin genetti let me continue to do

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that we find in a Latina called la buena, la familia, calm those people who say I know these are lost Panda and I remain steadfast upon that. And you find indeed the angels come down upon them and say no fear no grief be upon you. These are yet once again, a talking about the believers, the beginning of sutala Allen firm that we find, talking about those believers who believe in Allah Subhana Allah and you'll find that when they remember last time that I know what he did, boom, we're either totally at adding to that. Amen. We're honored to be here. etowah Kowloon, those are individuals that believers that when they hear the Remember last Panda and awaji, that chlobo home

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their hearts begin to quiver begin to shake, and in the area, recited upon them, that whom he man increases them in a man were allowed to be meter coluna placed a trust upon on in Allah Subhana Allah once again, who are these individuals and none other than the believers? Allah ecohome almina how

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those are the view believers. So this is a primary understanding that we should all understand that when the Quran is praising these individuals, or praising a group of individuals, it is referring in general to the companions, who as we mentioned, came from various nations various tribes in came together to become the ideal Muslim oma, the ideal Muslim generation, hyaluronic acid corny to melody Nia Luna, from a Latina Luna, whom the best generation is my generation, those that come after it, and then those that come after it. Because primarily because of this struggling of Eman, the sacrifices, as the Quran mentioned, those who spent before the battle and those who spent after

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the battle are not the same. There's a clear distinction between those who strove in the days of Makkah, whereby there's only Eman and Cofer. However, in Medina, you find that Ninja, hypocrisy began to take place. So now there's a third element within the society. But that state, those individuals strove to the best of their ability are different from those individuals who submitted any offers, even though last And as promised goodness for all of them, all these individuals. So if Allah is selecting certain individuals and praising them, for the jihad, for their struggling for the striving, will lead the Naja hadoo, feanor. And the unknown, so bolena. Whoever strives in our

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paths, we will guide them to our paths. So these various individuals that come together to make the initial first Muslim oma, obviously, is going to be very difficult to go and look at all of the sacrifices, but we're going to focus on one specific individual journey this individual made sacrifices that he made to become

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a Muslim. And what he offered this Muslim Oh man, how the Prophet Mohammed son began, you need to

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Praise this individual, as we mentioned in the Quran based on the Quran, yeah, you have

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in common Daiquiri Monza. When you're under commercial Rubalcaba, elita araku. In a chroma comenta, la, Coco, in Allah, Allah Kabir

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Are you believe all mankind here you find a publicness of mankind, indeed, we've created you for one male, one female. And we made you many nations and tribes, for what purpose? Is it to boast over one another to say, my tribe, my lineage, my family has a greater rank over yours, DITA IRA who just did try to get to know one another, mutual understanding of daily things that concern us. No one should give it a preference over another individual in a criminal command de la he at the most noble amongst you in front of the last panel data? What is the criteria that allows users to see who is a better individual? Is it the texture of our skin? Is it a language? Is it a culture is a people

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the criteria in front of a lot panda Allah is whoever is the most noble, the most fearing of Allah Subhana Allah is elevated in the rank in front of Allah and Allah. And if Allah, Allah wants to place that rank upon you need this dunya as well. So panda who what, Your Honor, that is the criteria that you find, if you read through the life of many of the companions, you find that there were those who were elite individuals who came from noble tribesmen, and parties and divisions, and those amongst them who came from the meekly, humble, poor destitute individuals. And you find that their rank is extolled or raised because of their belief in a conviction, primarily in a loss from

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the Allah and then the servitude and the obedience towards the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. So you find that in Islam, here, configure helia here complete Islam either *y who the best amongst you injure helia is a best in Islam. Either at home, the person understands the deen of Allah, Allah, naturally find the goodness of good non Muslim may have with inshallah, in general lead them towards Islam, if they are sincere, and thus they will even become a better individual, a good Muslim, if they understand the deen of Allah, Allah will increase their rank. So hey, does it mention that specific group of individuals is better than another individual wherever has that

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understanding of the deen of Allah Subhana Allah that will raise the ranking of the individual. And as you find some Hadith, go into Amara Aleikum abdon habashi Even if you find an Ethiopian Abyssinian slave, and it becomes your leader, then you need there is supposed to be a summer What are they supposed to be any obedience? Hey, some of the Renoir begin to discuss, is it just a metaphoric speech, but it was taken literally what is the intent, whatever the dissection, ahaadeeth may be, but it's clear, whoever is placed upon the authority of the Muslims, then that person has to make obedience to indeed that individual irrespective of the color of their skin, etc. So you find

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an individual that we want to discuss who moved who traveled from a life of rags to riches, as they say, from a lavish life to a published life, an individual who journey through even different ways of life, different ideas and different religions, till eventually coming to the Orthodox way of Islam. We find that any an individual prays by the prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, whereby he mentioned and he can have a soul Yeah, Camilla, who who fubon Albanian, the prophet Mohammed, Salah Salem used to carry immense love and taleem honor and dignity for his individual YT Rahman Kabira men's respect was shown to this individual when this individual became a Muslim. We find that the

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Prophet Muhammad took his advice in building a trench and he around Medina, we go back to the secret of the Prophet Muhammad to suddenly find the day and he observed in January 33rd chapter Quran in the Confederates the various groups that came together the Arabs that came together to attack the Prophet Mohammed ism that that which is known as the Battle of the trench, who is the one that displayed or mentioned that idea in the to the Prophet Mohammed Salah Selim, whereby you find you heard him Jay koresh was at Fern and Medina minha eg her you find at least two Arab tribes attacking Medina in the fifth year of the stomach calendar from outside. What baina you heard you know, Cora

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Eva Mina, docile and you find that the Jews

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From within when we're attacking from within, we find from the outside and from the inside, this attack was taking place. And Allah describes this attacking that was taking place upon the believers. It will come in for women as fellow men come, where exerted absorbed wabanaki COVID hana Jarrah. watoto noona Bilodeau una una Lika tullian. Me noona zellen shanita. When they came from above you, they came from below you, you find that indeed the eyes are full of rage, are full of unique anguish of fear. And the hearts reach all the way to the top of the throat.

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just describing the scene

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and what happened to these individuals, that some of them began to think. What about Luna biLlahi Luna began to have doubts about Allah Subhana Allah. That may be we may be left today.

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But those who nanika

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if truly Amina in his insulin shader, this was a station whereby the believers were tested to the ultimate. What did the believers say? Had I done a lot of water sudo who was sada calahorra sudo This is what Allah Allah promised us and Allah is messenger have been truthful.

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So this whole station is Eman didn't make them fall, to lose all their Eman to waver. This increased the IMA knowing that this is something that alone is messenger have promised and it will take any place any any upon us.

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Just like we find Moosa at a salon when the river is in front of him of the Red Seas in front of him. And behind him is the whole army of your own. What did the people say color in a mood recall in moody.

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They said mood raccoon we're going to be mood raccoon, we're going to be overtaken color color in America be say Dean, Sydney, indeed remains My Lord, he's going to rescue me, it's going to deliver me. So we will believers

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are those individuals, at times have tests and trials, the man is lifted even more. And thus you need to find that

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those individuals being surrounded by the prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam that the difficulties that were going through genius baths and if you go back and refer back to the Sierra, you find that even at this difficult stage, glimpses and glad tidings of given of the future of this Muslim oma once this battle is taking place. So it wasn't just the Muslims, or the companions that were suffering. Even the Prophet Muhammad was suffering. Well, but no, not assuming

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that his own blessing stomach is covered with a rock with a stone, to show that he is also going through the affliction in the hardships that his beloved companions are going through. And as we find that strength and courage, and foresight is given to these individuals, by looking at the etiquettes and the behavior of the Prophet Muhammad, Salah Salem, that's amongst the most famous of verses, which praise the Prophet Mohammed has placed inside the sphere. A place inside this context of talking about the Battle of a lacquered cannon a computer sued in a certain Hashanah, imechanica, Judah Yeoman, what the Kerala kathira indeed for you, to emulate, and to copy, the prophet Mohammed

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ism is the ideal thing to do. Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, and whoever remembers Allah, Allah abundantly, this famous ayah, which I'm sure that most of us are aware of this ayah go and look at the context of this verse, is context of this verse isn't just a general context that we understand today's we implement today to follow the Prophet Mohammed some is something sublime and something good. The context is placed inside the Battle of

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the Confederates. That this is the prime role model to look at all stations, times of goodness, time, the difficulty, times of hard happiness, times of sadness, that the role model, the benchmark is none other than the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam industry find that many miracles were shown in that day just to touch upon some of them gentlemen, Abdullah mentioned that the sheep and some bread was bought for from that day, and more than 1000 individuals ate on that day from that one sheep, and that bread. Likewise, you find a woman brought a handful of dates, and the Prophet Muhammad and preyed upon those dates and dates began you need to increase for everyone to

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enjoy those dates. And likewise in a situation of digging, digging and hunt up this trench

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You find the Prophet Mohammed some came or the companions came upon Iraq that was obstructing them no one was able to break this flock

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except for the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem

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the strength that was given to him as you find that mmm Timothy mentioned some unique strength of 30 men is given to the Prophet Mohammed some some even going into further that 100 men but those narrations are diary for a week, but at least we can include the strength of 30 men sharing the strength and the blessings given to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. So he struck it the first time

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and the whole of Medina was illuminated, low, awkward, or three Timothy Ferriss did have been given the keys of the Persians. Now imagine this strange scenario being surrounded by all of these different enemies. And yet the Prophet Muhammad is talking about victory in the land of the Persians hits it for a second time you find second strike and the rock is broken, indeed, I've been given the keys of our room,

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the Romans, the land of the Romans, once again, both these lands haven't been conquered, have not been conquered by the Muslims. So, how can the Prophet Mohammed make such predictions? Then we find

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strikes it for a third time

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and you find a given the palaces of Syria of scenario Yemen, Syria, misurata, Iraq etc, are different wordings that we find and you find that this individual any Believe it or not live to see all these conquests

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these prophecies that this this station, which one would find out very weird

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that how can an individual make such prophecies? You find that this individual lives to see these prophecies and this individual, obviously, that we're afraid with none other than some man allphotossee sell man in the Persian buddy Allahu Allah.

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So you find that the answer I would say about him, Solomon Minda, he is from us. Al muhajir rune would say he is from us. Yet the Prophet Mohammed doesn't say Solomon Min ahlulbayt is from us is our family member. He belongs to us who this individual is located in Edina in the area that they have a V Raja luminiferous or call me Abner Faris had to now wonder who had a bit of a Muslim that we find that Eman or Islam was replaced a three year period according najmi is a cluster of stars or a star that you find inside the sky Eman or the Dean was to be placed there there'll be an individual leather have a big loom in Ferris a person from the Persians would go there to that lofty

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position to go into be able to seek this dean of knife or his hat Tata now one who is able to gain it this hadith is praising self manufacture see as we're going to look at inshallah journey struggle he made to gain that amount again you need this Dean, like was another Hadith in Sahih Muslim if I either Nazareth Allah He surah to Juma hottie, Fela makara Arena men whom Allah ma Jacobi him when these is some sort of Juma was sent down and you find that those other individuals, those who have not yet joined him, we'll meet him at a later stage. Colorado man holla Who is this is going to meet at a later stage man hula Yasuda la marathon Omar watain once or twice he poses question for fitness

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and manufacture See, amongst us you find Selma and Farsi are the local and who is sitting there for what are Nabhi you yet the who Allah Selman to ma con la Cana Eman in the thoria Lana Allahu Raja Raja Raja Raja Ruben how he placed his blessing hand on the shoulder of Selma fallacy, meaning hinting these ideas are talking about him segmanta fantasy and he is the one who's going to come in afterwards and have that imagine that any conviction so what is the journey of this individual that the Prophet Muhammad some is praising this individual made the struggle of this Jew who to come to the final journey of Islam inshallah, hopefully you need to inspire us to remain committed upon a

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journey for many of us Islam has been presented to us on a plate, and many of us don't want to come towards Islam. And look out at the individual have to search to make that intense journey, difficult journey to avenge define the blessings of Alicia, come to Rosalyn min, Ali, as

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I was an individual from the non any of the Persians of the land of currently Iran that we find. My father is a well known, respected, esteemed figure of property and estates. And my family were devoted to Medusa they were Megan's they were fireworks.

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chippers the restrooms that was that was their belief. They worship the fire is a belief that even exists you need to date some people that literally they worship the fire. So for his family, his father being the custodian, it was his task to make sure that the fire is never extinguished, that the fire is always burning, that is the the bear that you may even find remnants of that today, in Hinduism or other forms that you find in India etc, you may still find it today it is practice still unique continues of people directly worshipping the fire.

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So you find that on one occasion, his father sent him to an estate to go and collect the wealth for the property, whatever it may be. And on his way, he went by a Christian Church.

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So this impressed him what he saw that I gave an MRI to insalata him Hiraman de Nina. So when I saw their worship, and they arrived, and the playing of the bells and the hymns, and they praises this amazed me, and found this to be better than my way of life, because obviously just lighting a fire and standing there doing nothing wasn't much of a bother. So seeing Christianity. So this is a way of life which is better than my way of life. So yes, they may be spirituality, they may be humbled worship, they may be devotion, they may be hymns, it may be good feeling, and healing etc. But there are still many aspects which are missing, inside the way of Christianity, there is still a lot of

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corruption, and a lot of deed and even change of the pure Dino sent down upon resolving Miriam, la mesilla.

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So he inquired what is the origin of this faith,

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the origin, this faith is in the land of Surya, the land of uni, a sham, Sham that we find to go to that area whereby you find the pure concept of Christianity would be there. So he expressed to his father, I want to go there and join these individuals. So his father obviously doesn't want him to give up his faith ties him up, places him inside change, rebukes and how can you give up the faith of your of your forefathers and go to new faith. So when people today, we can't give up some cultural practices inside our home that we think we're making a big struggle, this individual is moving, walking away from the way of life of his forefathers, his father changed him up. And he did

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not allow him to leave the home mini etc. But we find that when a person is coming to the truth, then a person will overcome whatever obstacles they are to find the truth, to make whatever sacrifices it may be, to escape, and to eventually come to the truth, if he happens to be escaping from their loved ones. So you find that he managed managed to bribe some individuals give them some money to let him to escape, and he traveled with a caravan unit to Syria, whereby he met one of the bishop, the leader of the Church of Sahaba, kaneesha. And he lives with him, started serving him praying and learning from his Bishop from this from his priest. And you find that if you search for

00:28:09--> 00:28:29

the truth, eventually will become apparent falsehood and truth will become apparent. Anybody who's searching for the truth or less data will highlight. The truth is that an individual may be at times that may be tainted, as we mentioned, had a genuine person needs to take. But a person who's sincere a loss to Allah would highlight the truth for every single unique individual.

00:28:30--> 00:28:59

However, the bishop was not faithful and used to gather money from the people to distribute it, but he would keep it for himself. So this corruption of wealth is not something new. If you look at the most richest religious organization, inside the world, you find is none other than the Catholic Church. It is the richest religious organization has a saving of something maybe approximately 10 to $15 billion,

00:29:00--> 00:29:44

that is the savings of this religious Institute. So you find that a new leader is placed, who is more pious than this individual. When this lead is about to die, this priest is about to die. He says to him that he asked him where should I go should go to a man in Mosul and Mosul is a an area. Even today, the same name exists in the land of Iraq. When he goes and meets this individual, this priest is about to die. He says to him go to a man in Nishi been into this area go to this area and go and learn from him benefit from him. When it comes to that individual learns from him, this individual about to die. And he says to go to Maria, Atlanta, the best in times Byzantines that we

00:29:44--> 00:29:59

find in the Roman area possibly go to that area. So when this individual, he comes to me he's learned everything from him. This individual says to him, that they will appear a profit on the pure creed of Ibrahim

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He will migrate to the place of palm trees. And they are three signs this individual. So this is now Christian priest who's saying what the three signs are. Remember I mentioned era funan komatsuna Abner home, they know him like they know their own sons.

00:30:18--> 00:30:38

They know the signs of the Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem. He said the first sign is he does not eat anything that's presented to him as a form of charity will not eat for me. If you give him something as a gift, he will take it. And he's the only shoulder blade you will find there be a seal of prophethood that we displayed upon his blessing buddy sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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So caravan passed by on that day, which was heading towards the Arabian Peninsula. So he said to them, I give you these cattle and sheep of mine in return for your taking me to your land, sacrifice everything that he's earned. Remember, he's still searching for the truth. He's not giving up, he's still yearning to somehow get to that final truth,

00:31:02--> 00:31:05

that spiritual holiness that he's still searching for,

00:31:06--> 00:31:46

take all of this wealth. So I may bring me to this place at any location. So they brought him to wear the qura to a worthy evaluation area. And then they sold a mini to a Jew in a modern form, what we find today, trafficking of slaves etc. They sold him off, rather than letting him being treacherous to him, rather than getting into the exact location. They sold him somewhere on the way. So he thought, Danny, I thought I was at the location of the advent of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam but it was not to be sold. I was bought by a Jew, a veggie from Bernard Cora. And then he came to Medina. So even when he got there first he wasn't at the right location, he thought he was there.

00:31:47--> 00:32:23

And Nathan remained the first tribe by North Korea early on, lived in Medina and the outskirts of Medina is bought as a slave, one of these individuals and then he was brought into Medina, a one day while he's on top of the palm tree, his job was his task was to take down the days etc, and bring it down being treated as a common slave. He heard his his master and cousin discussing the Advent or the appearance of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem. So when he heard them discussing that the Prophet has appeared, he said that I almost fell down.

00:32:24--> 00:32:27

Because this hearing is imagine all his life you've been searching

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to come to this individual. And he's about to collapse. Something overcomes him. So he climbs down.

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So obviously, when he comes down, the master sees him coming down. It's not your time to come down. And the master slaps him and tells him to return back to your work, get on with your work. What do you have to do with this discussion? Why are you taking a break while you're coming down for now. So Samantha does he he continues with these tasks that what he's doing, but at nightfall, he slips away and he wants to go and meet the Prophet Muhammad sallahu wa sallam. So he offered him some food, any as charity. The Prophet Mohammed, some did not eat it said to the people, kulu Bismillah, In the name of Allah Subhana Allah, he refused to eat it, because it was given as a charity.

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Then the next day offered him food as a as a present.

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And he accepted it and he ate with him. Then you find that the Prophet Muhammad was returning from a burial. And he had two garments over him, one which is carrying upon his shoulder, and the other that he was wearing around him. And you find that he bent to see the mark in the upper part of his back to see the seed of profit or the size of the pigeons, pigeons egg is some of the early masirah mentioned.

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So the Prophet Mohammed some knew, obviously, you've been given an insight into many, many things. He uncovered in shoulder to shoulder some men fantasy, that this is what you are looking for. So he said, I staggered towards him. And I began to kiss him and I began to weep. This is the individual that I've been searching for all my life.

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When I became a Muslim, in slavery prevented me from taking part in the battles of butter and

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so what could he do? So he advised that go into terms with your master for him to set you free. So he carried on working etc, till eventually, companions assisted him with wealth, etc. And Allah, Allah freed him from the concept of bondage of being a slave made him a free individual.

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This is how the Muslim society is. That at time this type of social work very rarely exists that people who do become Muslims, how many times do we create an avenue and environment to help them that's part of the struggle as well as many Muslims.

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make that journey become Muslims, but then after is no one to take care of them. And sometimes it could be even more easier to convince a person then to take care of a person afterwards. This genuine understanding that I have, that I found in my small experience of life, that taking care of people afterwards is a lot more difficult initially to, to encourage him to take the steps to any of Islam.

00:35:25--> 00:36:09

So if I know all of that, he was told you need crystallize all those you need, who troubled him the Bernal coryza, the conquering of lands, everything was crystallized in front of him as an 800 F in the Prophet Muhammad mentioned all that came clearly in fact, any of his eyes. So you find a great flourishing of his life, richness in again. Yet a simple, simplistic individual did not fill his life with the riches of this, of this, of this world. In his soul. He said spirit with riches, kept the soul simple. That was a key element of many of the companions, that even when they did gain so much of the dunya you find them being simple individuals simple life, the wealth did not distract

00:36:09--> 00:36:34

them, after all of the hardship, that allows them to bless them with so much you find did not distract them even look at the life of cyber Rumi, the way that he he became a Muslim. And you find all that Americans are concerned about look at you You came as a poor individual you came destitute, you had no wealth, you gained this in Macau, you gain this wealth in Makkah. You had all this desperately worried about even today non Muslims worldwide that is the wealth.

00:36:35--> 00:36:37

So what did you say to them? What do you want?

00:36:39--> 00:37:18

They said, We want our share, we want the money given to us that you spent your time in Makkah. He said okay, I'm telling you that my wealth in such and such a location at home, go and collect it, let me go free. You know what they did? They let him go free. Because what are they worried about is the money he could have even lied to them. But the news truthful, so in their greed, for for, for, for for money, etc. They went back to collect the money and he's made his journey to the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salim who mentioned that we have sohaib Robbie has sohaib successfully sohaib he's profited with a great profit with a great transaction he's made.

00:37:19--> 00:37:24

So to us, it may seem that he sold everything, but the Prophet Muhammad some is praising him,

00:37:25--> 00:37:29

that he's made the best transaction lantana Liberata

00:37:31--> 00:37:36

he never going to attain piety until you don't spend on the things that you love.

00:37:37--> 00:38:04

What may you kushwaha nuptse for Ola, eco human mafia, whoever removes the greed from within themselves. That is the most successful individual Yagna Adam unfill own bucolic, oh, son of Adam spin, and I will spend upon you. What is it? Most of us that we fear? It's poverty, isn't it? loss of wealth. But if we really deeply believed Who was

00:38:05--> 00:38:08

he is a provider, he's a sustainer. He's a nourisher.

00:38:09--> 00:38:28

But obviously, once again, it goes back to a lack of conviction today, in comparison to those individuals, a lack of a struggle today, in comparison to those individuals and lack of perseverance in comparison, those individuals, that's as simple it is a loss panda Allah, in if it's possible to use such words has not changed.

00:38:29--> 00:38:38

So not Allah, He will have his summer, soon of Allah and Allah upon the earth. And in the heavens, above the heavens is the same.

00:38:40--> 00:38:56

Whatever last time that I promised us, your Latina woman, in terms of law, you submit Dr. McComb Are you believe in terms of law, your shortcomings, Dr. nahko are you believe if you help Allah, Allah, Allah and that will help you and make firm your feet

00:38:57--> 00:39:32

a lot pandoro sent down angels to protect you, to aid you to assist you. So what has changed as the promise of a loss pantalla change? What the length of the promise of a loss paradise true was changed our element, we have changed. That's what it is our sacrifices, our struggles have changed, that it no longer any form, every informal struggling and sacrificing like these individuals. And as you said, Fine. It was said that he said to me it was because I also I own so many things.

00:39:34--> 00:39:59

sign him up because he said he looked around all I found was a water pot and a vessel ready to eat. So he's complaining I Oh, I own too many things. started looking around. What does he own? What is it that he owns that he's complaining about? Is something for us to ponder about. So you find that any relative who taweelah decay, yes Sunil Huck his journey.

00:40:00--> 00:40:42

was a long journey to come to the end result to discover or to come upon the truth. And our journey doesn't necessarily need to be a long journey. Because most of us hamdulillah Islam is right there in front of us in the Drina, and de loi and Islam, the way of life in front of Allah. Allah is Allah Islam. So we should be quickly embracing that life and not trying to go through a life of struggle to find Islam. Obviously once in Islam, there will be many struggles will be many trials many tribulations to see those individuals who are going to be sincere that steadfast going to remain committed. Alif Lam Meem has evenness when you throw in your cooler Amanda homelife tahnoon walcot,

00:40:42--> 00:40:58

phenylethylamine publikum, Philemon, Nala, Hola, Dena sada, who can add? Do you perceive that you just can just say you believe and you're never going to be tested? Indeed, we did test the people before you to see those individuals are the true for individuals and those who the lies.

00:40:59--> 00:41:09

Like wait for another passage that sort of dakara that we find has seeped into the origin. While it may take a methadone ladina Holloman kubla Khan, Masato Macbeth, sir.

00:41:11--> 00:41:17

Zulu hatay akula Rasulullah didn't matter natural law and international law he

00:41:19--> 00:41:29

has implemented How do you just proceed you're going to walk into paradise? Has not the parable example come with those people that came before you must determine certain

00:41:30--> 00:42:15

hardships difficulties, adversities came upon them was Zulu, and the earth shook underneath them, till eventually even the messenger and those who were with him, said materna sola. When will the victory for last pantalla come Allah international law he carried indeed the victory of a lost bandanna is something close by. So you find that these long extended years of difficulty to arrive to the truth. The truth is right in front of us, many Muslims that journeying through various religions, he may be attracted to them but we know today there's no attraction. Does we know that Islam is very a harsh perspective that the person leaves Islam becomes an apostate. And as you find

00:42:15--> 00:42:57

it's very very rare that a person will leave Islam very rare. In in history fine, very rare. Yes, person may ended to sins and disobedience or something else. But very rarely do you find a person will abandon Islam or openly announced that I'm no longer a Muslim? Because we know the consequences and we know the deen of Allah and Allah is not a joke. It's not a game today that we find it many people one day become a dude in a Christian and taste and that and that and make this that niada but as once you're Muslim, that there is no need to look at other ways of life. anything good in those ways of life has been placed inside the Quran. anything good inside the Bible. anything good inside

00:42:57--> 00:43:37

of Torah has been extracted and placed inside the inside the Quran. As the Quran is where Mohammed and La Koran stands the testimony over all of the previous scriptures, so whatever good Hadees inside there is placed inside the Quran. person just wants to make mercadona make comparative religion and study to specialize that's something else that should not be open the doors for every individual. To do that. We should be busying yourself in studying the Quran understanding the Quran. Likewise, you find another lesson from some of these companions specifically in some alafasy that we find is abstinence from the world. Where we find today too much indulgence saw the word begins to

00:43:37--> 00:44:18

distract us. Obviously, we can't make the sacrifices. Unless you find a hadith and Muslim of Imam Ahmed fineshade, one will come prevent a person from making any making any form of jihad or struggle, saying to him you need your wife will be taken away from you should be remarried again, children become orphans or wealth be taken away from you if you spend it etc. All these obstacles. Why? Because indulgence of the world creates that, that a person begins to worry more about the dunya than the extra like cause you find that these individuals went through hardships and trials. So they could enjoy a time of ease as well.

00:44:19--> 00:44:35

But hardly ever do we go through any hardships or trials. It's always a life of ease, we're always looking for the comfort zone, looking for the easy any option. Likewise, we find any the concept of sincerity that these individuals they had inside their life.

00:44:36--> 00:45:00

That level of sincerity was at a peak level. And obviously at times, unfortunately, any lack of sincerity is visible unfortunately, a lot protect us all out in the open at times but in private etc. So person needs to focus upon these elements. That if I want to follow the footsteps of those individuals who are believed that they are the ultimate generation, they're the people we should be following the methodology tried to follow that in every

00:45:00--> 00:45:39

They came with exerting yourselves in trying to do whatever they did to the best of their ability. That's you find a head musalla he was coming home, a person loves the righteous ones in the way not from amongst them. But indeed in some form of emulation in copying person is attributed towards them is how many relevant described it. So we love these individuals. And we know that we're never going to reach that level of these individuals because they've been selected. As the lead minister, we mentioned that everything has been selected by the last panel the last time that I selected the Prophet Muhammad from the whole of mankind to be the final messenger selected the area of Makkah to

00:45:39--> 00:46:19

be the final book or the final land of Revelation, then look at the hearts of the rest of the human beings selected the companions to be the men and the women around the Prophet Muhammad's Islam. They will be selected, but at least you can begin to have some way of emulation. reading about their lives reading by the sacrifices should be a key element of reading. After reading from the Quran reading to see reading Hadith, reading, Sierra, we should be reading about the life of these individuals to see the efforts that they made, maybe we can tap some of those glimpses inside our own life. last paragraph, guess all the traffic and ability to rectify email after a struggling

00:46:19--> 00:47:06

abstinence from this dunya to be focused, to be sincere and to work to the best of our ability, it akuna Kalamata La Jolla earlier to make the word of Allah, Allah to be supreme and lofty robina fildena when guanella Dena sybok una bella email what attach it to luminosity. Linda Dena Amano Ravana in Nakuru for Rahim robina, alumna and fusina wild lamb toffee Lana water hammer, an akuna Maha serene robina Tina Fey dunya has Santa Clara de hacer una working under the nerve of Bernardo lambdin fusina wildomar fildena tarhana an akuna Namaha serene Ravana Africa Alena sobre was a bit awkward Amanda when shenana pomi Catherine Robin Ella to the kulu bonobo de tener will hablando de

00:47:06--> 00:47:23

dum terrafirma in NACA, Antigua herb robina, Taka Nakata Samuel Helene watauga Elena Nakata taba Rahim, subhanak vichara, believes that the phone was Salam ala mousseline hamdu lillahi, rabbil, alameen, por que lo fi.

00:47:26--> 00:47:59

We must learn to learn and better the question that if you're from one area, and he came there, how you've managed to speak to them, he could have learned the language he obviously was a skin skillful individual. So obviously, in his journey, he learned if he's living if he went to Syria, the Nanda Sham, it must have been well learned the use of the Arabic language there. So obviously don't think the Arabic Arabic language restricted to just you need Arabian peninsula, the Arabic language was spoken to a vast degree in different places may have a slightly different dialect, etc. So Arabic language was there, even before the Prophet Muhammad or some Arabic language there at the time of

00:47:59--> 00:48:44

who is married, is married and Islam, the son of Ibrahim, he learned Arabic language from whom God from the tribe from Yemen. That's centuries before the Prophet Muhammad's Islam many centuries will not tell him how many 1000 maybe 1000 years ago so the Arabic language was there was prison and likewise you find a for profits in the midst of a hurricane or if no industry had done one to two generations anyhow, we'll learn you find a for profits who are pure Arabs that profit any profit who would profit solely and which other profit was it profit should aid and the Prophet Muhammad Some were pure Arab prophets spoken pure Arabic language? So it's married was Mr. Arab, he became an Arab

00:48:44--> 00:48:57

by learning the language but his Arabic was as good as the Arabs. So, he could have learned Arabic language and mix with the people even today doesn't take long inshallah to mix it the people and the language.

00:49:03--> 00:49:16

Sisters when obtaining knowledge, if a scholar gives a hadith Do we have to verify that they that these are the authentic are looking in the books of hidey holes, verify information with another scholar.

00:49:17--> 00:49:20

Trust, the scholar giving the information is correct.

00:49:24--> 00:49:27

Babe Oh, well, and you have to understand how

00:49:28--> 00:49:59

to have the best of affairs or the middle affairs placement on Waka delicata, Elena, Matan was Sato we made this made a nation it is not any obliged or applicable for every single individual to go back and check every single narration. This is is something difficult. First, and to believe that every time an email a sheriff mentions a hadith that somebody needs to go back and check it and verify it, and then we need to act upon it. This is something difficult for an average a worm person with a general message

00:50:00--> 00:50:34

To do so, if the person that shares that image is known that he quotes from the Quran Sunnah, he makes references to authentic books. And some people do go check what he quotes or she quotes and finds as inauthentic narrations is acceptable, then that becomes a general evidence that the person is a reliable individual what they what they narrate. That doesn't mean they won't make mistakes, make mistakes, they will make we do make mistakes, people do make mistakes, and people have the right to correct that does not mean that the person is to be taken away from their from their rank of knowledge or the rank of understanding. So we begin to push it every time someone quotes

00:50:34--> 00:50:58

something, we need to go back and verify it. But if the person is known that they don't quote from the Quran, the sooner or they misquote or they have incorrect quotations, or a quote from weak sources, or the fabricated sources or they change the truth, then the opposite applies. The safest thing is not to take from an individual that is the safest thing you need to uni in Sharla Hello Ireland

00:51:09--> 00:51:43

they have some asking a question about pursuing a degree in Islam but University in our left a university and a good 10 years ago if you go to the website they had they didn't have a website when I was there. There was no such thing as a website the university so if you go to the website and do a search google search in the website International Islamic University all the details inshallah will come up how to apply accepted different faculties and facilities that they that they have available there. It's improved a lot now they have a separate sister section, and facilities, hospitals etc. So I'm not aware of currently what's taking place I've only met a few the teachers

00:51:43--> 00:51:48

since I've left. So I don't know a lot of investments to go to the website and to take it from there.

00:51:53--> 00:51:55

The odds when it comes to the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu

00:51:57--> 00:52:13

sometimes, sometimes people say some things are the Sunnah, but are actually customs of the Arabs at the time of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and he did this. For example, having longer hair, eating with the hands etc. Is this similar regardless of whether it is a customer of the Arabs?

00:52:16--> 00:52:58

They were here we find a person needs to go back and understand the meaning of the word son according to various jennyfer kohan Allah mentioned you know, what is the meaning of the Sunnah. In general, if the Prophet Mohammed ism Mr. abishai if he commanded us to do something Salalah Salim said we have to take it. And if he did, would you a commandment of the Prophet Mohammed sysm entails an obligation that we need to fulfill a person does not do it for us him, that person is a sinful individual. So here eating with the right hand isn't an Arab custom, we will find the Hadith la Taku Mishima finer shape on yakushima. Don't eat with your left hand, na Taku la nahi any prohibition.

00:52:58--> 00:53:36

The Nam is not for Danilo explanation is ligna. He is for prohibition. So don't eat with your left hand. So this no longer becomes an Arab custom when the arrow custom made me to eat with one's hands etc becomes irrelevant now irrelevant. What the Arab custom is. It is Islamic practice the person eats the right hand does not eat with the left hand finish. As to something else whereby the Prophet Mohammed grew his hair. At times he shaved his hair at times there are no wordings which mentioned he commanded us to grow your hair. All if he commanded us to do the time of hygiene, Amara to shave one's hair and pray three times a day individuals who shave the hair so that's become more

00:53:36--> 00:53:52

rewarding. So this becomes a custom now. So anything which has a commandment, and there is no exception, there is no Kareena there is no exception to it, then a person takes that as a commandment the person needs to implement irrespective of whether it happens to be an Arab customer or not.

00:53:53--> 00:54:06

The Heroku customers what at that time to grow their beds. Now using this logic, what should a person have done in that state? Should a person have grown a beard or shave debate? Using this logic? What should be done?

00:54:07--> 00:54:44

and wish was the answer what should be done according to logic a shave the beard, isn't it? Because the arrow customers to grow it? Then the Prophet Muhammad has come and just tell us to do what to go against them. But because they're following the natural fitrah are they following the original sources of Abraham and a salon of Musa and a sinner? Then they praise for that action. So this month, this logic is a dangerous one. That everything is a custom. Everything is not a custom. There's many things inside Islam that maybe people are doing it and customizing methodology, or doing it because of the influence of Islam or living with Islam they begin to do it. They they are

00:54:44--> 00:54:59

rewarded for it meaning that Muslims who do it will be rewarded for doing this action. They may be rewarded, they may not be rewarded, but they're following the natural fitrah. So we should try to follow the natural fitrah follow the natural teachings the commandments wherever the Prophet Mohammed told us to do something we should try our best to implement it for taco

00:55:00--> 00:55:00


00:55:01--> 00:55:25

as much as you can, it is clearly something which is so Nola discussed and mentioned this is only a recommended any action etc person then at that stage can indeed that action or only do that action when it is any applicable. But remember the golden rule anytime you find a prohibition or commandment telling you to do something, then the safest view is to implement that law.

00:55:38--> 00:55:44

Sisters it was mentioned before I will back up and could have recalled the army loves the army.

00:55:47--> 00:55:54

But didn't as a prophet SAW Selim had previously ordered the army to continue to what extent can the Holy Father change the practices of the prophet SAW some?

00:55:56--> 00:56:31

Here we find that this practice of abubaker for the a lot of Lamb who is completing the Sunnah the commandment of the Prophet Muhammad's Islam he gathered some of his aid at the age of 1920. To go out and lead this expedition. You find some of the companions not happy other people complaining his lack of expertise, lack of skill is lack of abilities. He's immature whatever it may be, we'll learn but the Prophet Mohammed ism selected him Carlos mfine, Kosh no discussion. So aboubaker knowing that this was something that the Prophet Mohammed some had instilled and wanted to do, he could fulfill that so he's not going against the commandments of the Prophet Mohammed he's completing it.

00:56:31--> 00:57:07

Likewise, if I'm Sinatra we got the Prophet Muhammad wanted to bring people put them on the first night they prayed behind him second night became more the third night became more the fourth night he didn't come out less they may become an obligation. So once the Quran was completed, sooner was completed on what did what he revived the people back to the essence. And even if there happens to be an action, which let's say we use the word linguistically seems to be contradictory to the son of the Prophet Muhammad so even though it never will be you find the Hadith any Allah community also not in qualify Rashid in Alma de la Habib, nobody's upon us to follow my son and the sooner the

00:57:07--> 00:57:23

rightly guided cola hold fast to eat with your firm teeth. So this had these becomes a precedence that if at times they do say certain actions and it becomes acceptable, but obviously one needs to understand the fear of certain actions that they do when even our firm or the allotted admin

00:57:24--> 00:57:52

requested another addon should be given for slot to Joomla because why people were busy etc that then was given way in the marketplace. So people could hear the other and get prepared and come to to the machine that does that second edition or the first one does it apply now and even if it does apply based upon this understanding you should be giving the other way in the same machine where should it be should be out in the in the marketplace?

00:57:53--> 00:58:09

So he's action has a precedence what he done even on face value may seem he's doing an extra addition but he's doing it another location becomes something which is acceptable based upon well learning this idea that anybody else cannot come and instigate anything any or change anything that the Prophet Mohammed says when he came along Ireland

00:58:19--> 00:59:00

was awesome asking a question about three categories or he may be trying to check moto hadimba believer Marquis de shala the three categories of of the heat that we that we find any lemma any bit the turbos dekra from continuous repetitions nature studying books, the Quran, if either in generally three broad categories of Toshi, that we find any AI inside the Quran talking about lust, Panda, Allah will either be talking about the Ruby of lust panda under the Lordship of Allah, Allah, we find Allah Allah will call amatola panda belongs the creation and the commandment of lust Panda, Allah is the Creator is the Sustainer the provider. The second concept that we find of uni of

00:59:00--> 00:59:38

obediah oluwo here of worship belongs only to Allah Subhana Allah, new Messiah inside the Quran Paulina Salatu Suki oma yo Mati Linda hirable. alameen after that we find and 35 the heat of any other smart will suffer the Beautiful Names and attributes of Allah Subhana Allah This is a whole unique discussion in itself to go through each one of these and to understand them and implement them. This is a knowledge which concerns every single Muslim to any study they are here to study their belief to know what they believe in, and obviously the most important knowledge and knowledge regarding last panda Allah. Quran tells us farlam and no la ilaha illallah wa stuffily them big la

00:59:38--> 01:00:00

mina minute of knowledge none has a right to worship except for Allah Subhana Allah. Likewise, you find the beginning of Surah marohn shahidullah no la la la palma de la casa call a mumble is La Ilaha Illa de Ville Hakeem last panda bears testimony none has a right to be worshipped except for last panda Allah and the angels and men of knowledge

01:00:00--> 01:00:14

Understanding. So the most important knowledge for person to note is a knowledge for those pantalla malefor to lace pantalla to heed the need of loss and data in memory of shallow Herman a baddie those people feel lost hamdallah

01:00:16--> 01:01:02

who know about the names attributes are lost time to Allah who know understand the oma Aqua enema como la habima karma Luna bossy Allah panda what is over you wherever you are sees you knows your action know your inner thoughts, etc. Likewise to any protect the pure creed in Islam away from any form of the hairy deal well at MC what are the key words of Mr. V the works of a little worse a three year term morial hum we are keytab Eman kita Sheva, how we are that we find out what's more than De Lima explanation for Imam Muhammad Abdul Wahab kita Buta Hello, Ollie shovelhead cashew shuhada find Allah Allah works over our idle our backs at all these works personally to these works

01:01:02--> 01:01:08

and you should have had to benefit and to correct them to hate and a belief for long island but the lucky

01:01:13--> 01:01:47

it was awesome question how can a person make a class stronger or later in the shell to shape any lol shucks Johnny most difficult things mainly for God mentioned to rectify Is there a flaw sincerity, there is no simple answer to that person you should continuously pray to Allah Subhana Allah to purify the action purify the heart, purify the mind, as the most difficult thing for personal gain inside the life in the moments of sincerity are very rare in a person's life. So person should focus upon that and pray to Allah to Allah to give the person the ability to be sincere. Some of the ways that some of the aroma mentioned do actions and secrecy of reading the

01:01:47--> 01:02:14

Koran of doing good deeds where people are there etc. That will strengthen the persons in a class like quest to go out to perform Hajj perform Amara away from any people that you know etc. to be in a state of seclusion got to stay over at curve the final 10 days of Ramadan to be away from the hustle and the bustle always in prayer in the night etc always have you need make strengthening a person's a class towards Allah subhanaw taala woman tofi Hakuna Illa Allah subhanaw taala

01:02:16--> 01:02:16

so let's

01:02:19--> 01:02:27

say when is occur you need for the new I live in my parents but I do work as well recently, maybe find that here the person reads any the point of

01:02:28--> 01:02:44

of nisab the value of the curve you to go back and see what the current value is once a person goes beyond that threshold, and they've saved that money for beyond a year then they become obligatory if they happen to be living with their parents. So you have your own wealth saved up. And he then you become

01:02:46--> 01:03:11

obliged to give you need desica so you need to come back and consult with the machine etc. How much money you have saved up or maybe to do a search in the various websites to see how much money I've saved up. It's gone beyond the threshold, then you need to pay the government upon that has been saved up for beyond a year and in the untouched wealth, which has not been touched for a whole year becomes illegible for the person who keeps occur

01:03:19--> 01:03:53

but also in question was the ruling of saying the newborn baby here you find some made to be any father who maybe shakiness in Alabama has made a direct call darlin. So some have accepted it and some have you need some have have rejected it Martin de la at this stage you say what is the most any accurate? Any practice to make what is common that most of our people do is obviously to give the other in the right area and to make the the common the left table as far as last call reading that some have made those bodies to be weak so maybe you can research that and present that to us next time inshallah