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whoever's final words, Allah ilaha illa dakara Jana would enter into paradise. This Kalama is our lien

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is a grave word is immense word of the praising Allah subhanaw taala sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa earlier Sanlam we find that many Muslims are many of us rightfully, we approach the book of Allah subhanaw taala to protect ourselves or to alleviate ourselves or to spiritually uplift ourselves. And as many places inside of Quran, we were looking at whereby the person reads these verses or read the sutras reads the sutras to give them that protection whether it be certain follow up certain a certain Fatiha I could see the final two ayat of surah baqarah. Or the person reads certain specific sources, like the use of some

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earlier mentioned, which revealed during an when he was in the year of grief and sorrow, some automatic fussy dementia, when you read the Surah, that all sort of the Quran 111 verses, it brings about some form of alleviation. And some of these are substantiated and some of them are just following that people do, the practices that they have, the affiliation that they have to the book of Allah subhanaw taala and this whereby we have to make a distinction between those individuals who tried to follow the texts, the teachings of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and those who may, out of ignorance out of emotional feeling, they begin to can use such harsh words begin to deviate,

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because Riba is Toki fear,

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the worship of Allah subhana, Allah is codified, is restricted, is not based upon emotional feelings and a spiritual feeling that I read such a verse from the Quran, or I made a certain form of Vica remembrance and it gave me a spiritual uplift or help you're protected me. It is plausible and acceptable as some relevant mention. But to make that to become mainstream practice of Islam is what makes it begin to traverse the path of innovations, that now you're taking to people if you read this certain verse, you make this certain vicar or you read this certain Surah then such and such will be given to you or will be delivered to you. And this is what we have to blot out we have to

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stop because many of this is, is called to practices and some of it is at time based upon certain narration but as you're going to study in today's narration that most these narrations are weak in nature, but people because of the cultural practice and the spiritual affiliation begin to cling on to certain things that you find in this in this hadith in the cinema, Timothy in the condition ULb everything has a has a heart, but called Quran your sin and the heart of the Quran is Surah Yaseen, meaning the central focal point of the Quran is surah. Yaseen. Now, as we mentioned, many people have this affiliation towards surah. Yaseen. But the sad thing is that many people who read this

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surah read other Surah of the Quran, which are not substantiated, what do they know of the message of the surah? Is it just a rhetoric of mere reading of the surah that they think they will be alleviated? Even though that which is substantiated sort of fair to and other sources of the Quran? Why do some people still complain that they still feel certain ailments, certain illnesses, or certain issues? When alpha test is a Rukia is a form of alleviation for a person a form of spiritual protection for the individual.

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A person who reads excessive salutations upon the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is a form of protection from exhaling themselves. But why? Because a key element is a lack of understanding how many people understand what is Surah Fatiha? How do people know the meaning of sort of fat that is seven verses that recite at least 17 times a day? How do you have a deep comprehension what the surah means or even other verses of passage the Quran? So the form of spiritual uplift and protection understanding will come when a person understands the Quran. A fella yet had the Bruner Quran apollomon Oxford to her Don't they ponder and reflect over the Quran? Is the shackles chains

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as their hearts been imprisoned and not able to decipher break free? Because the Quran isn't just a book of tilava which is partially true there is a book of recital, but it's a book of tougher core. What a DE BOER is a book of reflection and pondering and action in one's life. That's what the album is because the color changes. So the Quran to change the individual had them in my opinion and the meaning of Calvin the Arabic language is Allah you call liberty to change that's what the heart had been called the heart because it changes it wavers. Like now we are spirit

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shoplift being on your mudroom as soon as we leave the doors the heart will change. So does the professor mentioned his

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Alma Sabir called the other day Nick? Just we we made this application here mocha liberal pollutes a bit pulp era Denecke one who makes the hearts firm make my heart to become firm upon your religion and the another version of wording that we find yeah Mousavi for loop serif Colby Anna potted, the one who changes the heart moves the hearts, move my heart towards your obedience, even for an affray early now sobre report down upon us patients with patients into a heart that's where patience is for sovereign Jamil inside Surah use that we find in verse 18 and 83 Twice is mentioned inside the because patience which goes into the heart is what gives the person the ability to do so many things

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inside their life. Because a key central factor of the human being is the heart. When a heart finds contentment, a pea finds peace inside sotera that we find antibiotic related my inner globe those who believe and have faith, they find peace and tranquility and then Allah may Allah be the gorilla, indeed in the vicar of Allah, but my inner Kulu hearts find peace and rest.

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But the thing that we need to approach the Quran to the whole Quran is full of peace and contentment and full of changing the individual. If we pick up other sutras inside the Quran that we find we Allah speaks about the heart continuously in Surah Kahf the fifth chapter of Quran powerful Quran Majeed if you read through the surah find numerous passages inside the man Hashirama Billahi Bhatia RB Muneeb whoever says Allah spent Allah regarding the unseen

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and comes with a pure heart.

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The Quran is always speaking at the heart being a pure element a pure substance

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coming to Altamira pure heart so Ibrahim Ali Salaam in Amman at Allah be Alban Saleem

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yo man I am for men and what I've been doing that day whereby your wealth and your children will not avail you, will not protect you not help you in men, Attila the Calvin Saleem, except for the one who comes with a sound heart, a pure heart. Also Allah then again mentioned Surah cough in a freezer dica lezzy Corolla mechanical Alban. Indeed inside this surah inside this Quran, this dhikr is for a person who has a heart or a son or who Shaheed a person who pays attention, a person who pays witness towards this. So this surah in itself and if you studied Surah Kahf, the fifth chapter of the Quran, what is the main theme of that is all about gender and nerve and the end return just like

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Surya seen, we're at sacral multiple hub. Then he came accoutrement with the head. When the stupor of death comes, the rattling of death comes that's what he was trying to avoid. That's what you're trying to run away from.

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And when everything comes down to present in front of Allah subhanaw taala and then it highlights about the punishment the people who go to the hell find those people go to paradise. So the Quran is a more Eva. The Quran is an admonition that Allah mentions how to put on your your nest, a jet comb, Merida tomb, all mankind Allah doesn't say Oh, Muslims are believing individuales says Oh, mankind. Caja Komori Satomura become what she thought only Murphy saw door. This come from your Lord and admonition ah, strong warning. Which is going to be a purification for you. Well, she felt a Lima fish so door to purify your hearts. Well, who done what Rama told him what meaning and a guidance

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and a mercy for the believing individuals. That's the end of sort of coffee finishes by speaking about further kibble Quran manuka fool worried for the kid will Quran remind people via the Quran many Hoffa worried Whoever fears that we're at the final punishment or find an ending or the final promise.

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And that's why a person should be the Quran so people ask how can we alleviate the problems inside our lives? How can we alleviate the problems inside the world? How can we alleviate our sufferings inside of us Euro? Is Al Quran.

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Has su camino Quran your relationship with the book of Allah subhanaw taala How much do you read in a day? How much you ponder in a day? How would you reflect in the day? How would you end your day with the Quran? How much do you wake up your day window Quran

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that's what a person that's what I that's what gives the spiritual uplift and the protection for the individual throughout their life for the permission of Allah Subhana Allah as we read Surah Surah Yaseen that we find the 36 chapter of the Quran where we mentioned many people that read this surah specifically, based upon that hadith, a Krahula a Quran Allah emoticon

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equal, we have seen an emoticon in various wordings that we find read the surah upon the dead individuals open the dying individuals and we can find is a customary practice in many of the masjid you go there after yomo Juma or after acid every Friday they read surah Yaseen, someone passes away they read Surah Yasin. And we're not we're not here to to question the intentions as we mentioned. We're here to decipher and to understand that as we began to how many people understand the surah? How do you understand the message of the surah? What is Surah contains and what we should be practicing on the surah inside our daily lives, we find that the surah that Allah subhanaw taala

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begins by speaking about some of the Fabiola be Surah that many people they cling on thing on to you find in the condition called the Cobra Quran he has seen everything has a heart, a central station, and a central focal point of the Quran the heart the Quran is Surah Yaseen woman karaya seen cootie Bella who be karate, Accra to Quran be Ashra Murat will read surah Yaseen will be given the reward of reciting the Quran 10 times over. Likewise, you find when Carajas in Villa hammock foreigner who will read Surah Yasin in the night will be forgiving the individual as a side point for continue all these narrations they are on week. They are all week. So once you listen to these narrations, and

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think that we are trying to support the view of reading Surah, as in these are the common narration that exists inside society that they follow, to try to prove their belief. That's the reading of surah. Yaseen is some form of alleviation Mankato Surya. Cynefin, Leila iptable, our Julia goofier, Allah who will read Surya sin seek in the face of Allah Subhana Allah, the individual will be forgiven Mandawa Allah karate Surya seed, whoever continues in a practice reading Surya seen that individual who dies that night will die in a form of a martyr. Another word that you find a synonym of poor yet know who your scene is, for whatever purpose it is read for. So whatever purpose that

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you read it for, it's there, it will help you this this, this narration is not even a narration who are more do earn la Snana, who, as Imam Sokka we mentioned, there's no foundation for it. There's a distinction of people of hadith is not just a visual display of hadith is trying to encourage people to decipher what are the correct words of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, to read certain Almo two out of every Josie have a collection of weak fabricated narrations which have been attributed to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, as a Muslim in studies Nakatomi mentions that this this deen is a form of a manner, a man a form of trust, that every one of you see whom they take the dean, their

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religion from, as a mystery dimensioned inside there, that if we didn't follow the concept of following the concept of following men, the generations of men, we would follow any individual. That's what you find chains of narration of falling difference. companions to follow us to follow us to follow us to find the authenticity are these really the words of the Prophet Allah is like to sit up, because we find that man cares about earlier Mohammed and folia Turbomeca Rumeida now, whoever attributes a Lie to Me, let him take a seat in the Hellfire is not trivial that some people say oh, what is it could possibly be a hadith it has a good meaning as a good spiritual uplift. The progress

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of the wound that whoever attributes to me a statement and it's a lie, it's a fabrication is not true is not authenticated. Let that person take the seat inside the hellfire. And that's all that we're entering to encourage the different in manda clerics that follow a path of authenticity, a powerful authenticity of the Quran and Sunnah. Look at how many non Muslims that come towards Islam, do they come to Islam because of the our cultural practices? Now they don't? Maybe a few may be enticed by a cultural display of our language and our food and a certain dress. But most of them come to Islam. Why? Because they see the purity. They see the orthodox Islam they see they see the

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light they see this would have been searching for people have been in Christianity for 3040 50 years lost, engrossed in trying to decipher this shirk, try to decipher it they don't understand it. What does it mean? The Trinity the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost are yet one. Or Jesus died for our sins. They lost in this we don't want to display that message. We have the Quran we don't want to promote it to them. We want to promote a cultural understanding towards them. That's what when they just even trinkets of the Quran what happens to them. So even Quran mentioned that people can look it up when they hear the words of Allah Subhana Allah, Torah or you doing to feed them in a web map

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out of mineral Huck. You see that see that the eyes begin to shed tears. They begin to weep read the story of Najafi in Sahih Bukhari

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leader Abyssinian read about him this individual who became a Muslim and appropriate some preyed upon him the only Sonata Luca, the only absolute funeral of absence that a professor ever prayed his life was for the kingdom, the church of Naja of Abyssinia

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that the impact of Quran even then the Quran read it. He only had he heard the Quran in Arabic was translated for him.

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One of his followers translated the Arabic to him and he wept at the impact of the Quran. And imagine a person understands the book of Allah subhanaw taala impact upon the individual, other such fabricating ratio that we find whoever recites the Surah comes to the graveyards, and recites the SUTA HuFa annum Yama added or cannot be added man fear has hunted whoever comes to the graveyards and recites this Surah it will become a form of alleviation for those dead individuals according to how many inside that graveyard so you could see why people flocked to the graveyard. They read Surah Yasin at the graves, they read it on dead people. Another narration or another word to get

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mentioned, whoever reads it comes to the parent their parents grave and read surah Yaseen will be a form of alleviation for their parents. As the most famous narration of you mentioned, read Surya see an emoticon for her the WHO aqwal Hadith, the most strongest Hadith meaning the strongest of all these that we've made, we've mentioned, but it's still it's still not authentic. It's still not authentic, but we can just accept this one word they will this one Hadith, that to recite Surah Yasin Allah moto comm to recite it upon your dead what does it mean either moto comm

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many of the Anima go to the View Allah moto calm as a mama now in Phaedra, dimensions, Fi wachten mode that read this surah when a person is is dying, and even then if you began with if you recall, we said these are personal preferences or practices, even if ethnic theories are mentioned, the Imam Ahmed mentioned it read this surah when a person is leaving his dunya and also mentioned but maybe come may become Allah Allah a form of alleviation a form of Rama because what the surah what it contains. So once again, if you do this practice, you cannot say that this will definitely alleviate the suffering of the dead individuals and even Arabic language motel compares the meaning when

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appropriate, and somebody mentioned lucky new motel comme la ilaha illa biLlah in our head, Allah give your dead individuals there are remnants of lair in Isla, not your dead individuals, that dying individuals that when a person is dying, remind them of the tellem of la ilaha illa. Allah

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the Hannah Montana rucola Mihaela Illa Allah, Donna Jana whoever's final words, Allah ilaha illa Dakota Jana would enter into paradise. This Kalama is Alim

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is a grave word is immense word. If Allah said inside Surah Ibrahim, you submit to Lola Dena M and who will call the Sabbat Allah will give affirmation to those individuals who believe we call the Sabbath Imam Saturday inside the city benches Colusa rabbit who account

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in the in the mall. That when you're dying, that your heart will resonate with love in their head, Allah, your mind will resonate with law in the law, your tongue will resonate with line of law, your heart will resonate with that. And then when you're lifted, you're taken and your whole body will resonate with light and they won't resonate with people chanting night and law around your grave around your body. That won't alleviate you. But when your own soul, your own body or mind, that's why you find a bed that maybe Tamia mentioned is that a bed is when you submit yourself to Allah wholeheartedly via Iran. We're both in an externally and internally, you've submitted yourself to

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Allah, that is a birder a tether loon to degrade yourself in front of Allah Subhana Allah because Allah Subhana Allah does not oppress the servants. Allah Subhana Allah knows that he servants who submit to Him who remember him, first guru nee as guru calm remember me and I will remember you. Do you think Allah subhanaw will forget those people in the Latina Kaltura buena low for Mr. Como those people say I know these Allah Subhana Allah for Mr. Calm that understand why the evil mela aka to under Tahoe half who doesn't know why I'm sure we'll be generating that he can come to our own. Do you think I'm not going to forget those individuals who sit in the lobby Nakamura bounnam law? I

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know it is Allah Subhana Allah for Mr. Camuto they remain steadfast upon that that understand why the human manner Manna acre to Allah taka who Allah doesn't know angels will descend upon and Satan don't fear don't grieve? What should have been Jenna have glad tidings of paradise for that.

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You've been promised to you. This is Allah subhanahu wata Allah. Allah Subhana Allah He knows he's a bed. That's a fine one Hadith mentioned that person could be full of so many sins.

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And then one Parchment is bought one strand of paper one today's a scrap of paper is bought. And a person says what is this scrap of paper? What will this do for me? My sins are so many the skeins have been tipped towards going towards Jahannam this pan party will be bought and I'll be told to open this parchment. When you open this parchment it says bla bla, paste on the scales and we'll do a tip it towards the path of paradise. That is the law that even a person may have lived a life of mercy and the noob and sins know that we encourage that but when that person has that conviction has that belief. It will go a long way in bringing them closer and closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala so

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we find inside the surah that we find the main concept is about birth one new short about resurrection about the taxa shaytaan upon Benny Adam, about Jana one now, this is the main theme of Surya seen that we find. So Allah mentioned he has seen while Quran Al Hakim, as early may begin to discuss what is your seed mean this makansutra The 36 Surah of the Quran to the end of the 22nd June filtering over to 23rd Jews. Some of them say that yes scene is amongst the names of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah said that you are seen is the name of the prophet Elijah to Salah because after mentioned in Naka laminal mursaleen and also based upon inside Surah Manzil Nanak Al Quran and he

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someone MSA Baja the 20 of Chapter Quran is the name of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is one view that existed, but and others say that yes see the mat and a local Habashi as me Kathy Edmondson mentioned Yeah, in San

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Imam show cancer, Dr. Rajan. And there could be some element of truth in this because most of the ayat inside the sutras are speaking to the human being. But the most accurate view about what is your seed mean? Buddhist letters mean that we mentioned time and time again it shows a Jesuit urn, the miraculous nature of God and whenever you find these heroes, your seed

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of sod and IFLA mean her mean you find in general, everywhere that these letters are used, it speaks about the Quran except for two places or the Quran my memory serves correct it's a sort of Amica mood and so to room under that throughout the Quran whenever these letters are mentioned, it will speak about the Quran. As if this is a challenge to the people that tried to create something that the Quran but we took the view that you are seen, as he says past you to speak about the human being or setup towards a human being that we find we Allah begins and speak about speaks about the human being our mural in San underclocked. Now may not fatin does not the human being see that we created

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it from semen for either who are Cosima moonbeam

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look at the language of the Quran. Allah says that does not the human being see what he's been created from for either who Ocasio Mubin and it begins to become an open denier open rejected open one who tries to Challenge Challenge forget about humanity is trying to challenge Allah Subhana Allah

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and Allah lays out these challenges that his human being makes, and we could decipher inside the surah Allah mentioned Subhanallah the Holocaust as well as your Kula her glorified Bella's countdown created everything in pairs member to metal abdomen unforeseen mommy mela Allah moon, you know sometimes we think the Quran is away from the modern world. Just read the Quran, study the Quran. The Quran says when they said the Quran can own in such surah and Imran Allah says the man is not like the woman has learned because she's no need to debate and discuss with the people read the Quran know the book of Allah. The Quran says the man is not like the woman. There is this great

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distinction. There's a distinction between the man and the woman, Allah Hey, inside the Quran says glorified Allah subhanaw taala, who created everything in pairs, from the world of botany, of plants, from your own cells, and that which you don't know, the essence of a human being the essence of animals, the essence of the plant world is a relationship or the development between a male and a female. That's it.

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That's as simple Islam is we don't need to go into other elements if we if we know the book of Allah Subhana Allah and strengthens our belief is strengthened what we believe in the world may place these attacks upon us that know that the man can change over to a woman the woman can change to a man and the person can be a no identity at all all of this that we find inside the world around us. But the Quran gives a simple

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will answer. Glorified Allah Subhana Allah who created everything inside pairs and in this human being woman Nora Amir who nakasu no naka su Phil Hulk. This human being that we we traverse him on this journey. We give him this life noona Kisu Phil Culp the human you've had all this ample time to live in this dunya Isola cologne. And what happens noona Kisu will Hulk be man above that? Will you follow your life as a human being? From being in a state of weakness on the beginning of birth, to how you develop inside your life towards the end of your life? It's all a symbol that were prolonging your life or giving you ample life for what I felt. Yeah, alone. Why don't you reflect

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and ponder over this? Because an intelligent individual is one who sees the mistakes of the world sees the mistakes of people see the mistakes or the wrongdoings around them. That's what you call up in dust we call an intelligent individual who doesn't follow the same path that we're everybody else may be following.

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If you are in if you obey most of the people on the face of this earth, you DeLuca and Sevilla if you follow most people face the earth, they will take you away from the path of Allah subhana Dionis exactly what Allah Allah mentioned about the human being I had in a Camilla Benny Adam, and that that Buddha shape on was you know, given the warning was your tell give me the covenant that you will not worship shape on shape worship shape on does it mean here that you worship the devil that some people do? It means that Imam sat inside see dimensions to follow the path of shape on to follow sins, to follow vices you've been told not to tell you about these things. In no nakoma do

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moonbeam indeed is a clear enemy towards you. When it Bodoni her the Scirocco, Mr. Kane and worship only me worship only Allah Subhana Allah, this is the straight path. And then Allah mentioned that this is then this human being. Well Dorabella Macedon Wondershare Han Aho. He tries to make this parallel between himself and the creator oneness. Johan Kony forgets his own creation. Once again, CHALLENGING GOD around us that we find and Allah mentioned or denying the final day, call me up a llama. We're here Amin, who's going to bring life to the dead bones when they're rotten, the dust

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that we find these cliches in the world around us, even among some Muslims that there is no earth era. There is no last day. That's why as we mentioned many times, most of the Quran is at birth when not sure. Most of the Quran is about resurrection. Even when the Quran speaks about sending down the rain and giving vegetation to the plants and the heads out Surya seed. What is it trying to refer to is speak about a concept of resurrection of giving life to the dead. Can you even lady and a Willa Mara say the one who gives life the first time is going to give it life once again.

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Another patient of Kurumba who I want to allay is something simple and easy for Allah Spandana at the end of the surah couldn't fire Khun B and it is no one should think that they can they can escape Allah subhanaw taala. In essence in one narration I mentioned from Bani Israel, this person who said that if Allah spatters to resurrect me, you punish me so much.

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So he said to his tomb that when I die, cremate me when I die cremate and this is an evidence for cremation, if you speak about Bani, Israel, a golden rule of Hadith whenever it says that somebody from Bani Israel done this action, there's a become Hajah doesn't become evidence speaking about them the action that they're done. So he said that when I die, cremate me and then take my ashes and throw them on the edge of the ocean of the shore on a windy day.

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Do this to me, so Redonda to this individual. And Allah brought this individually together

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and said to him, awesome, why did you do this, even though it was panda knows why done this, because I said, Your punishment, that you're going to punish me in such in such a manner, so I fear you're going to punish me. But if this individual become drops of ashes,

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and Allah has brought this individual together and brought him forth, no individuals would think that they can be Scout free, or free flee from Allah subhanho wa taala. One nucleus of his soul. They're not describes the hereafter for either one minute adjustment in our Bamyan saloon to come up with a death come out there aboard in our beam, Yun saloon, any extra road they come racing towards the Lord, we're new FIFA is sore. When it trumpet is blown. That's the end of the world.

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There's two planes that trumpet the first plug in and the second is the end everything will be destroyed. khulumani aleja firm will have covered Europe because the agenda and even the Quran everything will perish except for the sublime face of Allah

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subhanaw taala call Yahweh Elana member Asana member Kadena her other people could say who brought us out the graves?

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Why have you come out the graves? heard them? What are the rough man who was sada Callamard. Saloon as for the believers, they said this is what Allah has promised a rough man has promised. And this is what the messengers they highlighted as well.

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Everything about the individual Wakulla in our say, now see Imam Mubin everything about the individual fee imam in moving the mount Nikita Mubin. Everything about our life is documented is a scripture. If a person makes Toba then is blotted out. Some narration mentioned a person commits a sin and in within six hours a person repent to Allah Subhana Allah is blotted out. person thinks of a sin and doesn't do that sin Allah gives the individual a good deed. Look at the mercy in the forgiveness of Allah Subhana Allah. So if May Allah forbid if a person is doomed on that day, they do because totally of their own their own actions, that Allah says if you sin and you seek my

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repentance, I will wipe it out. Since the angels blot it out rubbish out. If you think of a sin, and you don't do I'll give you a good deed.

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But if we still begin to try to earn sins, then who can we blame?

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At the kind of an upset person can only blame their own stuff? If a person doesn't work in the morning person doesn't enter career. They're seeking education at the end of their life? Who can they blame? Who can you blame? You can't blame your parents. You can't blame your family. You can't blame the society around you. If you've reached the end of your life. And you haven't achieved anything inside your life, whether it be things of the dunya you can only blame for lotto moolah in the necec. Don't blame except for your own server. Likewise, even more so instead of Akira that person can only blame their own services shooter is trying to highlight and some people may think

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that maybe I can conceal myself. Allah says Alma nothing more and if we're in him, what to eliminate ad him what a shadow or genome be Matt can we actually born on that day Allah will make the bodily parts to speak

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and to testify against him. So personally, I think you know, I'll remain silent. When I stand in front of Allah and be silent. Allah says that you tried to be sited on that day, then your bodily parts will testify speak against you. Everything about your body will speak about you. It may sound strange, but it's not strange. It's not strange, because Allah will will will change what we see as normality and it's Earth to be something different. Allah, we've dragged people in the face to make people walk on their faces to jahannam.

00:32:48--> 00:33:32

We're used to seeing people walking on their feet, we think there's no morality, by the saddle after everything will change. So bodily pause will begin to testify against the individual. And then a contrast of paradise and Hal, Allah will say how the Johanna melotti Quantum to adorn, this is the Jahannam that you were promised is no Hayama Bhima quantum tech phone is slower on Hulu, Allah, Allah say enter enter into Johanna, because of your disbelief, your rejection and you'll be evil action towards Allah Subhana Allah. Then Allah mentioned the opposite in US herbal genital Yom fish sugar in fact he horn people are proud of will be rejoicing will be state of happiness and Felicity

00:33:32--> 00:33:53

Kala, Julio Jana kala later Komiya and a moon but it speaks about the three individuals or the surah there's two messages received from the third one this individual is then killed or harmed and he's entered into parents sent him to the cooling gender entered to paradise. Alma he said this paradise is a paradise of Earth era.

00:33:54--> 00:34:12

This paradise taylored holy Jenna, call a year later call me Allah moon. This paradise is where in the debris inside his grave that to me is to learn that a punishment or grave agenda we're not is not an earth era. agenda we're not fill above

00:34:13--> 00:34:55

paradise and hellfire begins for every single one of us inside the grave. We find that Allah Subhana Allah we began which speaks about the Quran being a more either being an admonition and for reviving the souls and reviving the hearts inside his sword Allah's hug I mentioned in her in the Vikram Khurana movie in India this this Quran is nothing but a vicar and a clear explanation of this Quran is Leandra McKenna Haiyan, where he called colo Alkaff he read and it is a reminder for those individuals of warning without individuals when Kana Haiyan as we began to soar with one who is living one who has life so we can safely conclude that the Quran is a guidance for the living

00:34:55--> 00:35:00

individuals. There is no harm in going We're not here to denounce a person

00:35:00--> 00:35:41

shouldn't go and pray for their parents or they want to remind you read some Quran I personally feel they want to read some Quran, but I'll take that as an Islamic evidence that this is something a legal practice to do. But we should visit the graves of our parents visit the graveyard to remember reminders about death. And we should make the rubber duck Filipina with one in Alladhina Saba Kona Bill Eman. Make the Alpha brethren who've preceded us in faith make dua for them like when we in our Salah rabbit journey maki masala tea women for Rio Tierra Bernardo Cabildo Arabic filly when he while he de Yeah, well meaning yo Maria como he served by default you're praying for your parents.

00:35:42--> 00:35:49

Every day that you pray this way people say they always come and also give us a real give us a zikr give us something from the Quran that I can help my parents.

00:35:51--> 00:35:52

That simple answer.

00:35:53--> 00:36:13

Leave a path of obeying Allah, your daily Salah 17 times a day at least you are praying for your parents. You're praying for your parents, that you find that as we mentioned, nothing lately is left behind for individually except for what Allah do. Who in a hadith mentioned when Allah admin tests be

00:36:14--> 00:36:20

your alert or from your earnings, your earnings, you have your empire you have a property you have the world

00:36:21--> 00:37:04

hate me your cost is the wealth, your customers, your children, your lineage. If they are Solly hain, if they're righteous children, then by default every single day, what will they do? They will pray for you. Every single day they would be by default, praying for you in their daily life. That's what we need to nurture inside our lives. That yet just like we began, we nourish everything in the world nourish our souls, the soul is nourished the heart which is nourished, which has the Quran inside there. They will go a long way even people memorize the Quran. People say what's the point in memorizing the Quran a young age, most children don't know what they're doing. But many earlier

00:37:04--> 00:37:21

mentioned, because their heart at the moment of isn't receptive their mind isn't built to understand by just learn the Quran. Because the majority of people who learn the Quran, who studied the Quran, who were taught some elements of Tawheed, the majority, those people will always return back to that

00:37:23--> 00:38:06

somewhere along the line, it will return them back. Because that's the power of the Quran. That's the power of belief. That's the power of the prayer of one's parents. Once children, Allah has kind of respond to the call of those individuals. And as we find a similar meaning 10 Zeeland as easy Rahim, that is Quran is a is a revelation, he told DiRocco Marondera down for him coffee Lord, that his Quran is a warning for those people that came before and you individually as well. And a person when they read the Quran, and we mentioned approach to Quran that Allah changed my situation helped me inside my life Give me affirmation, established my mama Eman, my faith, my tribe, my tribulation,

00:38:07--> 00:38:09

my difficulties, my obstacles, my hardships.

00:38:11--> 00:38:18

The answer is dead. Allah says in South Dakota in Nama amuru, either Radha Shay and Enya Kula who could for your own

00:38:20--> 00:38:36

Yes, it could be a times tedious. It could be hard journey. By Allah knows when is the right time going for your Khun B and it is that's it. Sometimes Allah may make a person traverse a long difficult path.

00:38:37--> 00:39:16

And for some may be just a short path, but Allah will give each individual that each individual can see we speak about spirituality see sufferings in their own life hardship in their own life, how Allah brings each individual out whether it be temptations or trials or hardships. That when a person has that contentment with ALLAH SubhanA brings him out for Subhanallah the Beardy Melaku to cliche while he toward your own Glorified be Allah subhanaw taala that everything lies in his hands. When you lay he towards your own, everything returns back to him. And what is it for us to do in inside our society? And is Surah mentioned what Marlena Bala who will be in we're here to just

00:39:16--> 00:39:54

convey the message. We're not here we're not here to condemn people or to defile people, or to throw people in the Hellfire which is becoming a cliche of many of the young individuals. That's all that their life is about. condemnation, damnation facing people here and dead. That's not what the message of Quran is. There's no way your life should be in Annika endl Bala for you just to convey just to remind the people to encourage the people that we find when the more that person does the right form of advice to people that define a coalminer color we can

00:39:55--> 00:40:00

advise from from that from the heart goes into the heart that's why and see how even better

00:40:00--> 00:40:16

linguish To me, where everybody goes, I gave the person advice what is no see her. Now Cha on call is something which is pure, like honey which is pure, it's a form of honey which is pure, that your advice is pure, he would hire you and good for the for the individual

00:40:17--> 00:40:56

is not there to defame people or make people look bad inside their lives is there to encourage all of us in that journey in that return back to Allah subhanaw taala. And to help each every single one of us that the good things that every person possesses inside the light being a Muslim, is that we rub off and we learn from one another. We learn from one another, we benefit from one another, to become better individuals, that we rejoice in this world, as birtherism rejoice inside an Earther as brethren. We don't want to be those individual rejoicing in Africa. And we asked where is so in Seoul. There are some runner mentioned when a soldier when they when they meet, and they asked where

00:40:56--> 00:41:12

is so in so they say he died. He died some time ago. So the soldiers they conclude, they say if we didn't meet this individual, we didn't see this individual. Then unfortunately, the conclusion is that this individual is gone, were going to jahannam

00:41:13--> 00:41:47

has gone to jahannam that we didn't see this individual. We don't want to be those individuals that we're heading towards that path, we end up into that path. May Allah kind of give us all a trophy capability to be able to understand the book of Allah Subhana Allah to recite the book of Allah Subhana Allah to implement inside our life made the Quran to become a form of intercession for us inside our lives. As we come to build up of Ramadan a person should develop their word of the Quran, their daily recital of the of the Quran that when they enter into Ramadan, it becomes something easy for them to read at least one Jews, one Jews every single day by the end of Ramadan, they read the

00:41:47--> 00:42:09

whole the Holy Quran, or they read in a language that they understand that they completed the whole reading of Quran as we approached Ramadan and I can safely say unfortunately, there are many of us probably haven't touched the Quran since last Ramadan that some of us may pause we have not touched the Quran since last Ramadan and it's only a month or so to go and Ramadan enter upon us once again. We are not trying to give us all the