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The history of Islam is discussed, including the use of symbolism and words to describe people, as well as the struggles of Muslims to warn of legion and the fear of persecution. The message is not just a general statement, but a series of powerful phrases, including warning of consequences, punishment, and injuries. The speakers emphasize the importance of acknowledging actions and not giving up, and stress the need for individuals to call upon Allah to see success and happiness. The segment also touches on the use of symbolism to highlight the danger of harming others and the importance of not giving up.

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After praising Allah subhanaw taala and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early we're sending them continuing a journey looking at the second final Jews of the Quran giusta Barak, whereby the previous Surah refined the concept of South Korea, of mocking the prophets are mocking the last day of questioning or asking about the existence of the coming of the last day.

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This theme of mockery or questioning the last day spills over into Surah Lu, whereby now Allah's Panther gives a decisive answer for those individuals who rejected last day are those individuals who reject the prophets reject the messengers, when a person begins to fall apart for more Cree of jesting and joking that you find, as many earlier mentioned, leads towards Cofer towards disbelief that we find that the symbols of Allah Subhana Allah, or the Sunnah of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam ala this desert will be Sunnah decofurn Whoever makes a joke about the sunnah or a joke about the symbols of Allah subhanaw taala will mean you ask them sha Allah if a Nam In duck will collude,

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magnificence glory, glorification is given to the Shah at the symbols of Allah Subhana Allah, whether it be the house of Allah Subhana Allah, whether it be the again the call of prayer, whether it be a libs the clothing that Allah kind of tells us to wear or the dress, or that foodie food or eating whatever it may be about the slum anybody who makes a mockery or joke about it takes something lightly something very very harsh upon the individual to begin to pursue that path because eventually leads to total rejection that we find inside of Quran that these hypocritical individuals couldn't know how to do another Abu just playing passing time amusing ourselves in making these

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comments we never really intended this will be lady T What are solely consumed as Desi own inside sort of toe by you making a joke about the idea the symbols of Allah about the Prophet alayhi salatu salam

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lotta Teddy Rue kufr to bat the email, Nico rig, no excuses. You have committed disbelief in his words that you utter. So to mock the prophets to mock the Gambia and we saw recently as well mocking the family members of the Prophet Allah Islam, Islam isn't something trivial. It is something like that we should take it. At the same time we should learn from this. That a person the path of Allah subhana data is a difficult path. It's a long tedious path, Wanda syrupy Mustafi man for Tibet rule in South Sudan, um, that we find Allah mentioned, this is a long path. Wanda Soroti Musa Tieman is a long path to Allah Subhana Allah Anna, and you will have seen this either you find that I'm

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delivering my route he narrates he mentioned that the professor he drew a long cut, they don't line in the sand. And he drew other shorter lines. And he said the end of the shorter lines, nothing but the Sharpie in the shape on his way to the end these lines. There's no shortcut to paradise. It's a long difficult path just like in such total marriage you mentioned as well, it Nomura, who were either with Rahu curry, but they see it far away but we see it close by then he highlighted all the traits of the believers these are the actions you need to do to get to Paradise. And likewise inside the surah to get to Paradise is a suburb is patience. In the path of Allah Subhana Allah many of us

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we want instant results, instant results what we look for inside our society because holy cow inside them in Agile man has been great the state of hastiness wants a quick fix everything to be fixed immediately in front of them. But a path of Allah's panda is a long, tedious hard path first became a Sabra as the middle Rosenfeld at the strategy level for spear karma sobre el asmita. Russell, have that patient that resolution, just like kulula Azmi, when he will ask me comes comes to five prophets that we find quoted as me nor Ibrahim Musa Issa wanna be, you know, Mohamed Salah Salem, why these five specific prophets have been selected to be chosen to mention inside this ayah about

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Allah Subhana Allah. They the Syrians are some of the relevant they mentioned that two of them had a linear path or linear choice of how they conducted it of like Ibrahim Ali Salam, and Isa and a sinner and to them at moments they were harsh, like Musa A new Khalifa maybe feces or the surah of cooling or destruction of the people what he was up to him because they advocate the Ummah and WhatsApp is a Prophet alayhi salatu salam, by the Terhi butterhead obeying a machine when a deal is appropriate and so there are certain moments use harsh to his people. And he said a moment we'll leave it to these people put these all five together you get ordered as being mean or Rasul. You get

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a five glorious prophets, the prophets with the longest and strongest resolution inside their paths tests us to test that we find why did I bring him or a boo boo Calumet in vitam Mohan Ibrahim Ali Sinha, he was tested one after another one after the another factor

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Mr. Hoonah, every time he was tested, he competed Ibrahim alayhi wa for every single test, every trial, every tribulation, everything that was asked to Abraham and Islam, he completed it. And that's Allah said that we're going to make you a believer. We're going to make your Imam and leanness we're going to make you a leader for the whole of the world, the whole of mankind. Look at the billions who responded to that code, standing the barren empty valley land, no one was there. And he called out to the people and didn't even Nursey call out to the people. No one was there. No one was there who heard that call? But he was told to make that call. Look how many not millions,

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billions have responded to that call. And I call his wife Sora. Who was there? First, she began to question why you left behind his barren land, that you sent him all low America behavior. Did Allah command you to do this? He said yes. Then she said that, then Allah will not let us go to waste, He will protect us. This is a difference that we find in in our in our creed and I believe that we find the concept of terracotta Allah, of devotion, of commitment, believing that Allah will will give success will give dominance. It's this written down. Allah has promised that He is going to give victory to the messengers. Victory is going to give it to him and those who follow that manage

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follow the path of the messenger, that victory will come to them on the face of this earth. Sometimes they may be physically and visible that victory and other times later on. But as long as the person knows that they planted those seeds of that victory in the path of Allah subhana Dannah that's Allah ministered sauted Bucher this testing is trying that we find, um, has implemented Hello, Jana. Well, I'm Maria Tikka Masala, Lena Holloman publikum Messiah Tamil Sal with the rock was Zulu. Look at the people who came before you. Do you think I'm have a symptom and tactical agenda? Do you think you're just going to stroll into paradise? That's what many of us most of them

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we think by default, we're just going to walk into paradise. Has not the parable come with the people that came before you must certain will sell what the route was Zulu. They were trying to afflictions, adversity, difficulties hardships, was Zulu and the earth began to shake underneath them till eventually even a messenger and though the Williams had Mata Nasrullah, when they will have victory for Allah come Allah in Nasrallah, he hurried, indeed a victory for life close by what didn't kill a young new there will have been a nurse these early days that we alternate a day for them a day for you. But a real victory is always with the believing individuals that know how they

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should be persevered is that is powerful preaching to his people.

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950 years, he preached to his people and continuously preach that to somebody to begin to calculate that How old was new Halle Silla? What was his age raise a call that we find that we preached for 950 years, and many those prophets or people that time have given an extended life. He could have been even have had to supplement 1400 years old he could have been is a view that existed at 950 though that he's preaching to his people day in and day out. This is a lesson for us inside our lives that what efforts are we making? You know, we've become this part time Muslims over the weekend, yo mama or when I feel like giving Dawa or when I feel like getting to a certain

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environment. That's not what Darwin is. Dawa is your whole life. You are a data yourself the way that you walk. You conduct the way that you behave. You don't clock in and clock out of that world. You don't do that. That's a Christian concept that you're you're preaching on a Saturday you're preaching on this day you're preaching it no you you can't clock out. By default. We've Allah has placed us on this earth. He's made us the OMA Walter coming Come on man. You're the rune and in Hive or yet motorable my roofie when how gnarly monka he's made you this OMA made us that OMA that nation to order the good and forbid the evil. Then again, Allah mentioned quantum Hydra ematic oak reject

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liveness Cameroon double mal roofie with and hold on. monka you're the best people ever brought forth in existence. This OMA the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, what is the key role of his ummah? Is it a passive OMA, tacit OMA silent Omar that we find? No, your nation that comes at all these are good and forbids that even what took me noon or Billa and you believe in Allah subhanaw taala that's what the Holy Surah Surah nor the 71st sort of the Quran is nothing but though heed, if you look deeply into it, is speaking about the Oneness of Allah subhanaw taala in Ursula new Han Illa comi and under Alma coming probably at home or that would live in

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had to have the Kalama in Rocky Sue. Look at the Quran certain places that the Quran Allah begins certain sewers within the indeed we have in our cleaner can co author. We gave you a gopher in the lofi. Leila other look at these sorts of you ponder over them. They're deep, powerful suitors because they pop into is that you turn towards look what Allah subhanaw taala is saying to us. What is he addressing to us? That we have

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to pay attention to order in Louisiana Decra we're in the novela half moon, we sent down the thicker the Quran and we're going to preserve the Quran. So we have to pay attention when Allah is calling out to us that this is a grand topic that we need to focus upon it that New LA Salam will send to his people to call to spearhead the caliber nor some of the early math they say that know how they sound goes back to what? Nah, Nah, don't be mad like yep, tikka Thiele, he wept for his people is one of you that earlier mentioned. He was concerned about his people. All of the messages were concerned about the subjects were Mercer Naka in LA Rahmatullah Alameen. We didn't send you except

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for the mercy to the world, to World of jinn and mankind. That's what the messages are. They're full of compassion, mercy, they're worried. The end of SUTA Toba locka Jaya Cumbre Suleiman and fusi come as he is when Allah Hema and it Tumhari sunnah Alikum ballymote many there are awful Rahim Sefa to Nebby Allah He set up to Salam, the endo su two Toba a message a worries him that people are coming towards guidance. He overburdened them it troubles him. So no la Salam is Abu Bashir, the father of mankind the father of the Gambia to as one view as early my go to because he was the first messenger they could there was a break in between Adam and a cinema they were other prophets but none of them

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had to come out to warn the people because people can unnatural Allah Almighty noir hate the people upon one nation, one belief. Then Allah sent the messengers to warn people that really message the first message or to warn the people who knew how they Salam that people began to drift away from Tawheed drift away from the Oneness of Allah subhanaw taala so he won't begins by warning his people You have called me in the lacuna zero Moby had to have a hip hop. Yeah call me he didn't say I'm a warner to you. He didn't say that. He said y'all called me for her that he had the attorney but look, when Maha Chaka is love, compassion, care for his people. You have called me my people, my

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comrades, my brethren.

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My tribes men he's calling out to them in the LA community room will be unable to Allah with Taku him I'm sorry, he said it's the season this this is this the path of success. And it Bula with Taku that just worship Allah, fear of Allah and Tao obedience, and obey Allah and obey Allah subhanaw taala and by default, obey the Prophet alayhi salatu salam that said three things. You don't need to acquire massive amount of knowledge inside your life in order to live worship of Allah Subhana Allah, fear of Allah Subhana Allah dua to Allah obedience towards Allah. Allah rasool Allah insha Allah Islam, because he's the mechanic, the show we're in a position of legislation telling us what

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to do. Whoever obeys the prophet or Islam does Allah Jana. Whoever obeys Him enters into paradise. Woman Asani taka of duckula fitna, whoever this disobeys me, Whoever disobeys me goes to the hellfire, it goes towards Jahannam That's how simple Islam is. Allah makes a total hash of the 59 chapter, verse number seven, a woman a telco rasuluh for who woman How come and who Fanta who whatever the message tells you to take take it whatever it helps you stay away from stay away from it. So this message is warning his people as we find out oh well and he wounds them, gives them the warning with the kid will be a year Milla. Remind him about the days of Allah because sometimes you

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have to warn the people. That's why yomo Juma is MACOM have a more either of admonition of warning of telling people, not every moment is a moment of warning give exaggerate to the people. But this is the moment that knew how to warn these people begin by warning them that you've been drifting away from the path of Allah I need to warn you about the punishment of Allah subhanaw taala. And what does he say to his people? Or what did he say cholera be any Daro to call me Leyland Wanda Hara Europe? Europe I called my people day and night.

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I personally have given him doubt with every time I gave them Dawa in secret in the open. Every time the opportunity I'll give Dawa to these people from a structural Estrada Bibiana who phiaton in secrecy. I gave them Dawa, where I learned to the home again openly Dawa gave him Dawa in the morning in the day throughout. Whatever I could do, I won't these people. But what happened to these individuals? These individuals they became arrogant for the pride arrogance. jaadu SRB on the other name was Doug Shanthi. Yeah, but what I saw who was stuck Bostick Berra, they thrust they fingers

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be mana juice, the fingertip the frosty fingertips inside the is grown men. Then on top of that took the outer got the garment and placed it over their heads and said we're not going to listen to

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You look at his Supriya this mockery, you know Allah Pantaleon in some 10 Different places speaks about new Hyundai Salaam.

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And so to Lisa if I sorted out of Surah, who delivered the longest discussion of the story of new Hyundai Salaam is there inside so to me noon, as well, whereby I mentioned I began to make sorry of him mockery, joking. They said, You're a spat and a doubt about the container be here. Are you? Are you now a carpenter when you used to be a prophet before? What's this you're building this ark, the ship that you're building and his punishment You're warning us about? He had to bear that in his life. You know, as a Muslim you have to be these things are so Korea, they will mock up believers, they will look at most vulgar Muslims, or dresses, or character or behavior. What I mean by that, I

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mean, look at his people backwards, people how they dress, look at their beards. Look at their hijab, look at a garment, look at the unit. Look at the look at the drink. Don't be surprised. Even amongst Muslims, you find so clear they mock as we began with the mock Muslims, they look down upon Muslims. Muslims are a symbol of Allah, you find this type of Allah if you broke a brick by brick, it means nothing in front of Allah. Even if the house of Allah, it means nothing if he's dismantled. One droplet of blood has more value in front of Allah Subhana Allah as a believer

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in not only Allah Allah hopefully Allah in one hour, the noon Alladhina amanu can with the goon only of Allah, those people who trouble them, who have them, who affect them. These are the friends of Allah, beginning with the Gambia, beginning with a messengers. But doctor of Allah who Ibrahim Mahalia, Allah took a break with a Helene as an intimate friend, Allah He took two messengers to prophets to be close to him. Subhan Allah Allah, Ibrahim, Elisha, the Prophet Muhammad Ali sloth Salam, he took them close to him Sukarno to Allah for what purpose? And likewise Musa alayhis salam, a condom Allah Musa Colima, Allah spoke to Musa directly and a Salam. These are grayed been cried

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individuals that we've minimalize these individuals These are big the icons of life of a believer. These are the icons these are role models that a person should cluster around inside their life. That's how I read Castle Quran. Read the stories of the Quran, read it that you find that the story is the Quran, man who's a b2b for Arabic. Allah says this will strengthen your heart. Washington for your heart is the journey of the Gambia the journey of the messengers, what they went through, but no Elijah was still told what the call to stop through the back of indo Canada Farah. He still remind these people that you know you're up you're Allah subhanaw taala he's sort of MK Farah, full

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of forgiveness. Allah still wants us to come to the path of forgiveness gives us the opportunity. What is tickford do look at the forgiveness of Allah Subhana Allah for call to stop through the book of indo Canada Farah, you will see the summarily commit Aurora Allah will open up the heavens for you

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open up the heavens for you give you children give you wealth give you gardens give you rivers in paradise This is the action inside inside this dunya of a stick furred that for why are we still far as so many mmm hasn't bustling asked his question somebody came to and said to him, we're suffering from drought which is suffering from a lack of rain.

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What did he say to this individual said seek the forgiveness of Allah. Another interview says that I'm barren and I truly did seek the forgiveness of Allah another person I don't have well we did seek the forgiveness of Allah. His students said that each one of these came with three different scenarios and each one of them you said to them exactly the same answer he said there's not Allah say inside the Quran for good to stop come in no Canada Farah you'll see some Malik Madura or indeed can be I'm wearing my bunny wanted nothing wanna Hara this the Allah promised that, that you make Easter far this. This is the most ultimate day of Easter far of calling upon Allah subhanaw taala

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imploring upon Allah subhanaw taala of making Toba Raju Illa Allah Subhana Allah so He warns his people tells his people give them the benefit and the benefit of the earth and the dunya that Allah has laid out upon for the people but still, some people don't want to listen. So now the warning has to come on no Robbie in in isone news it oh my people these people have disobeyed me. They don't want to follow the right path. They want don't want to leave the idea of the statues and the gods. Well, I tell you don't know what don't tell us where and what are your Huthwaite rukh our Nasra welcome at the lucassi era. These five names are mentioned inside the Quran read the tafsir Cathy's

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majority of ultimate efficacy they mentioned these these are five righteous men look at * creeps into our society. Five righteous men who existed before and when they

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have passed away, shape on time and whisper to them various different narration exits I've worked with fuzzy but just to condense them. And to summarize them. They said, You know, these righteous people just do some form of reflection about them. He never said Worship is it just build some reflection about them, there may be build an image about them. And after one generation to another generation to another generation, eventually what happened, then somebody automated a change the statute is it has to be resembling certain animals. And people began to worship and began to rely upon them.

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So this concept of what leads to shake up people say, Oh, no, but it's no harm in coming to a grave. Maybe there may be some elements that there's no harm if a person comes to a grave. But what does it lead to? What do the masses of people when they come to a grave or shrine, what do they intend? What do they intend not what do a few intend?

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It is the most ultimate clearest path to ship with lei Subhan. Allah Allah that you come to shrine of a dead individual, there is something in the moment say that even to raise your hands is too big to our face in the grave. And if people do have interrupt people around you don't raise your hands.

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Don't raise your hands, because there's ignorance rampant inside our society because some people may think you're actually physically praying to the grave. It may sound strange for many of us in a Western environment, but people do I've heard people standing next to a grave and saying to a dead shrine, a dead body, give me a child, I don't have a child.

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I've heard with my own ears, praying to a dead individual in a grave and when people say this is trivial, we should be relaxed about this. How there is no ship belay. Subhana Allah, this is the essence of ship belay. Subhanallah Anna

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and Ted, you really need them. You make up social partners, who are Hala Kaka, and he's the one who created you water soccer and he provides for you and He sustains you madman your rub.

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What are the man you love that we find is a long list of him. So the even the simple atrophy my fingers is similar to the dangerous action which opens up avenues that you see for see rueful ad. What is the Muslim world full of is full of * biller? And the opposite. What is it full off, a shout out. Two things destroyed this Muslim Ummah, a Shewhart was showered. We need to tackle both of them inside our lives, not just come down and people coming should look at Shaohua look at desires. Look at level designs which have led to the symbol these five items what we find inside the Muslim world at the moment. You find pictures depicting regimes people, as if you have to bow down

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to wherever you go plastered all around the Muslim world. It's a medieval barbaric practice. That even in western world is a practice that that people that leaves a plaster all over the world all over every building plaster show reference to them, you just make a comment. You're thrown to the dungeons to the gallows, medieval practices, were supposed to be a developed nation of people. This is a Muslim world that we live in, that people try to hide behind. No, it doesn't exist. It's a political climate. It's not a political climate. It's a reality. It's a fact. It's a fact that we live in that we are living surrounded by Jabarin to really cool people around us who believe they

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want to play God with people. That's what they want to do. And as far as we're concerned, I believe we are about to no subject only to Allah subhanaw taala is what we do. That's the meaning of Tawheed. There he doesn't make you a passive individual.

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That they they descend dissemble the symbols of Allah, the logos of Allah, the belief in Allah, the people lift the symbols of Allah that you dismantle them, you trivialize them, you harm them if you began with it. As we began with, we should be worried about this as a society that those people are taken away, the voice of the people are taken away, or they silenced for what purpose for the Shadow Word, for their own intent for their own purposes. So this leads on to have reverence in such a site you never praise people so much. We don't worship you that as soon as a sonata salaam, the man of immense love that we have towards the Prophet so we're not Mohammed we don't worship Him. We follow

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his sunnah. We follow his teaching, we're a Sufi messengers amongst you we follow his life. Call In Kuntum to hipbone Allah for Toby Rooney. Say you claim to love Allah Spadina follow the Sunnah of the Prophet Elijah from inside your lives. That is a powerful success. So these individuals are destroyed. They pray to Allah destroy these individual

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don't need any of these individuals. That's why Elon Musk said that he had every right to after 950 yet he had every right now to say to to Allah spam that ask Allah destroy these people.

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Because he's experienced these people. As far as what do we find inside our society? Every other day they specify who are ba alone Jai who learn more today, their own cat, our cat, our cat, our cat that we find, by what I wrote a PDF. I'd sent a text I wrote this article. I spoke to him there. I met him there and then this day he doesn't

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This day, this Muslim society that we find

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to spit out a nurse 950 is persevere with people. We can't persevere nine and a half minutes with people

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wake up at nine and a half minutes without family members with our loved ones people around us in society or this person is no hate that person. He's going to the Hellfire he deserves to go to the Hellfire he should be the hellfire. What good is he anyway, this is what we are. These are slogans. This our society what we do with the people around us, wherever we should be people perseverance, resolution, as you mentioned, made it it's not for us to send people to paradise or to the Hellfire is not for us to do that.

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is already upon us to to convey the message to remind people in Annika Illa Allah upon us only to warn the people members of the team of record for Odyssey lunar and because of the sins of these people and devices that are carrying out Allah Santa Ana made him to enter into a punishment and enter into the fire. That's what the majority everybody mentioned is is is a proof about a double cover the punishment is at the grave. And just to remind you that is to say the surah is full of belief that he the Oneness of Allah subhanaw taala believe in the last day, the reality of the last state and the beginning of the last day begins with the with the grave. Members of the team are

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grateful for all the Siliconera affair and phobia immediately. As soon as they enter into the grave. They're thrown into the fire as soon as they die, they entered into it. So many elements said that after olarak after they were drowned the people of New Orleans have done a couple Harrach their work but then they burn. They exposed to the fire inside inside their graves. They expose it before I didn't know their judgment or shutdown either. And more severe pantries are the anchor will be given to these individuals. That's what you mentioned that we should be. We should be worried about what are our Masiyiwa nd we'll be where we are we get where that destination? Which path are we heading

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in? Where are we heading towards? Are we heading more and more May Allah forbid towards the Hellfire are we heading towards that direction as we mentioned, one sin one voice leads to another voice another sin that a person begins to traverse a path of sins. Notice that a person cannot turn back because difficult, difficult individual when they when they play so much sins upon their heart and their mind for them to break those shackles and to return back to Allah subhanaw taala or do we follow the path of hate of goodness that he showed us every single day? The symbols of Allah subhanaw taala and then we find a big family. Oh Allah forgive me and my people of the day. Yeah,

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women duckula Beta men and whoever entered into my home whether it be a believing male or female. This there are many elements it used to have. And you start to have the DUA that says recommend to use this euro to call upon Allah this way the ciphered look at only two as a deer inside the Quran. When asking Allah Subhana Allah Tina for dunya Hassan rockburn Avila and fusina connect the two as Li Si de two hours. See the benefit of these are the supplicate specialists bless your day, on a day of Arafah which is falling on day of your mudroom which is very rarely, rarely once every 10 years or so it falls upon the day of out of a comes a day of Yeoman Juma what a great blessing it is the

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great day that your will out of that when the day that Allah is gonna deliver so many souls. So we next he delivered and rescued him from the fire Allah Subhana Allah camellia Luke will be generally Allah's product what befits His Majesty descends, he descends and he calls out.

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And he knows why those servants are gathered. He asked the eight Why are they here?

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Better than you do, and what do they want? What Why are these people come in, in his disheveled state, in his weak state, giving up everything at home their family ever? Why are they here? For what purpose? While in Edmond, ALLAH SubhanA, he knows. But he wants to show that there's going to be there's going to be people on itself, who will remember Allah subhanaw taala, who will call it but not even the people went look at the amount of people who went or the few people who went

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we met some random people that you wouldn't even imagine that this person has been selected to go because these are the guests of Allah. Do you for Ramadan, who've been cooled by Allah subhanaw taala you could exert every effort to be there but you never get there.

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And if Allah as they say, if Allah cools you, you will be there in an instant. You will be there in front of the house of Allah is packed up to these are blessing individuals who are there, but we're blessing is where we take this opportunity that we call upon Allah, Allah Bosa look at my service. What are they asking for? They ask you for my forgiveness. This Day of Arafah that we find we should be there praising remembering ALLAH SubhanA glorifying Allah. Imagine there's no place on the face of this earth. They'll never be in the face of that and that one same day, that millions of people we implore call upon Allah.

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What God would od stative local, you will always call upon me. Call upon Allah Savannah. Tiana implore Allah is part of what what is the benefit of our life? What are we

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Let inside our life, that we can't even do a basic thing that on this ultimate day, this blessed day, that we have become forbidden from calling upon Allah subhanaw taala. What a great a disgrace is that. What kind of disgrace a person is don't give it don't feed to worship call upon Allah or the day of artifacts to foster the Day of Arafah to employ and ask Allah and imagine millions who are calling upon Allah. Allah wants to see that don't think that as we began, this Muslim Ummah, is in a state of destruction, this Muslim ummah will never be destroyed, is a promise of ALLAH given to the Prophet and reflection and will never be destroyed, never ever will be destroyed. It will always

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be successful. We have to be positive inside our life, no matter what that the troubles in the world around us. That we are successful individual, the psyche, the beginning of success lies within oneself, believe in yourself, I am a successful individual.

00:30:56--> 00:31:01

Believe that when he that's the beginning of success, when you fit that there are books about success,

00:31:02--> 00:31:06

about success and we read them we marveled at them. The book of success is the Quran.

00:31:07--> 00:31:08

In the Quran, yes.

00:31:10--> 00:31:29

This Quran raise these people. And it defends other people said ahead, it's a Muslim. When you become people who hold fast to the Quran, stories of the Quran lives of the people of the Quran and B of the Quran you hold fast to them. You see that success inside your life? Where that success we may ask where is that success? See Kulu become inside your hearts

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that's the beginning success inside the life of a Muslim is inside our heart is total Tibet Nina, total serenity, peace tranquility rest. The world is is a mad world all around us. But a person finds comfort, solace inside their heart. This is all mean Allah so Ibrahim Allah is somebody entered in the fire even Debian came Satan Helene de Cahaya Do you want something?

00:31:57--> 00:32:03

Ibrahim said if I'm in Canada from you, I don't want anything this Jupiter Elijah I don't want anything from even use your brain Elisa.

00:32:04--> 00:32:06

Husband Allah wa nettement were killed.

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Now Carlo Abraham and a sample every my subset of that data is thrown inside the fire and likewise with the Prophet Sam said when he made the Confederates make the groups are the people trying to attack them on that day. That's what I created, I believe should be regarded believe in pristine orthodox belief in cooling on only upon Allah Subhana Allah. May Allah Allah granted all the traffic and ability to pray for the situation for our own cells, for our family members or our children, for our loved ones for our parents for this Muslim Ummah, that we ask Allah to change his status, most of them are leading to the path of success and glory. Take away these trials and tribulations and

00:32:40--> 00:32:46

difficulties and absurdities and hardships that we face on a daily basis lead it back to the path of success.