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Murtaza Khan
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of the praising Allah Subhana Allah Allah and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early was seldom in his journey of speaking about sources inside the Quran, the prophet sutras, or the prophets Surah series that we find of discussing various prophets inside the Quran.

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And the intent of this discussion isn't to speak necessarily about their life.

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And about the seed or the challenges that took place amongst them as some of us may be thinking because the title of the sutras but rather take glimpses of snippets from the life of verses inside the sutras that relate to us, or that relate to that time in strengthening the belief of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam does, if you look at the suitors named after the prophet, and you began with Surah Yunus, then who would then use of the Ebrahim, and if you take Luqman to be a prophet and coming to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam that is a possible seer. As already mentioned, these names, topi, fee These are names which are revealed by Allah subhanaw taala.

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Regarding the names of the soldiers, that inside the soldiers they must be, if we can use such words a hidden message inside the soldiers. Because the whole Quran is miraculous, but a certain places inside the Quran that is placed there certain verses a certain area to strengthen the immersion of the believer, even the beginning as we find out of them will Surah Al Quran the greatest Surah inside the Quran is Surah Al Fatiha, the beginning of the Quran these first seven verses we're not going to attain Naka subterminal Muthoni will Quran Al Azim we've given you the seven oft repeated verses at the glorious Magnificent Quran are the Missoura filled Quran Surah Fatiha. Wow, the

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malaria and the greatest iron inside the Quran. It is a total Baqarah verse 255 AYATUL kursi is a greatest verse inside the Quran. And likewise, many of you have collected all different verbal virtues, or certain verses certain suitors inside the Quran. For the purpose of strengthening our iman that we focus on certain sources, we can begin to develop our iman and this Surah Surah Hood is no Surah that doesn't do exactly the same as what the previous suitors do, or specifically what sort of who would was speaking about. Also the universe is speaking about the concept of belief. The concept of messengers came before. That's why many renmei speak about the certain sewers inside the

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Quran, which are physically twinned together, whether it be SOTL, falak, and Surah tunas, or you find in prophetic traditions, or Bacara, or early Imran, the second or third chapter together. Oh, and third what Toba? These are twin together suitors and his other suitors which are spiritually put together, or because the theme is exactly the same theme. For example, sutra man at work, they are the 55th and the 56th chapter is as they are twin suitors in a theme that they speak about Paradise, and inner Paradise and the hellfire. And likewise, this surah as well as twinned with Surah Yunus that it's speaking about the concept about belief about concept of Tawheed, the Oneness of Allah

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spent about a bath when Noah showed about resurrection coming in front of Allah subhanaw taala and touching upon some of the messengers inside the surah as well, and as we mentioned, plausible to go through every single verse inside the surah because Surah Yunus is 109 Odd verses Surah Houde is 123 verses. So the use of his 111 verses is not possible to go through every single verse, and the time span that we have, but we can snip it certain verses from the sources to strengthen Amen exactly what the surah mentions. When Allah I mentioned inside the Surah, speaking about the believing individuals, or highlighting the prophet Elijah Islam were kulana Cousteau Aleikum and by Russell,

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man with a b2b for ADEQ. We narrate the stories of the messengers before you for what purpose man with a b2b for added to strengthen your heart because a number of Kurata mentioned that these tools are Mac consumers in general and a Mac compared with a period of difficulty of hardship. So these suitors are sent down to the Prophet RSM to give him this image. This image we look at the people that came before look at the messengers who came before you and could zebu they will deny it they will rejected they will oppressed. And there's never mentioned inside the Saudis it's not about mass numbers. That's what some of us that we think that Dawa is based upon numbers or in today's language

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about likes and dislikes. So what viewership is, even if you should go and study with viewership is that after 30 seconds, 45 seconds, one minute, people have clicked off a video. They've gone off the video so a million views doesn't really mean much. And even a million views inside their stomach word isn't much

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because if you compare it to what is really taking place, because sometimes you studying Hadith, we may click to search a certain Hadith just type up certain let it have been something to find that hadith.

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And what comes up, you find sometimes a arab song comes up just one song of many songs, which has hit 450 million views. That's the real world that we're facing we get all on full of ourselves that way is spreading and people are turning towards Islam. That's the real world. And some sort of non Muslim songs have hit billions, billions of viewership that were hit. That's the real world. So it's not about viewership. It's not about what how many people are out there. It's about the quality of what we're preaching to people and what's being delivered to the people the quality of change that's what the dot res dot why he's changed that why isn't entertainment that some of us may think we can

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week out? It's about what impact is $1 have upon my life? What impact does the Quran have on my life? But Kula nakasu aleikum Amber it also man who's a b2b for additional reason while we sit down these ayah to strengthen you yah, yah, yah to suit Allah, the hardship that you're going through being expelled from Makkah, the torture, your wife passing away, it's just too many enemies. See that sort of use of is revealing Amil who isn't the year of grief of sorrow of the Prophet racism that you've seen that you went through hardship, you feel you went through difficulty, look at what happened before to all the messengers came before you and specifically use of and a setup. And

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likewise, we said that a prime theme of the sutras is belief is still aid was stuck in come out on merit, remain steadfast, as you've been told to do. So there is no shortcut to paradise. There's no shortcut to glory. There's no shortcut to conquering the world. We're not here to conquer the world. We're not here to build empires. We're here to build legacies. That's where the mucem fell short read history. We tried to build empires. We tried to build palaces, we tried to build an entourage we tried to build people will look for us and give respect to us read history, it all collapsed. But when you follow the path of building a legacy, it remains my Indigo Mian, furred were my in delight

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back. What is with you a parishes, it comes to an end, what remains with Allah, it remains there. There's a look at the Companions, look at the vision, look at their life. Look at what they wanted to achieve. They weren't worried about this world and the journey. What today we're going to touch with AES to weep. They used to weep if the word was given to them. They used to weep that maybe we've been given greater digs in this world, we're not going to be given the anchor, whereas we as a Muslim Ummah, the opposite. We're more and more just searching for this dunya searching, contentment, peace, tranquility, whatever it may be stated inside this dunya and lost the goal, lost

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a vision that we find was talking him come out amid remain steadfast to be told to do so it's primarily upon Tauheed upon belief in Allah Subhana Allah and that's the surah begins, Allah taboo in Allah. The Surah begins by saying, only worship Allah Subhana Allah and the Sunnah ends by highlighting Fabu what are what can early worship only Allah subhanaw taala and place your trust upon him. And he should be a lesson about what he studied there. He isn't just reading through Scripture that some of us that we think read the ayat inside the Quran, what the high level real belief is, Allah highlights it's assumed that the beginning descriptive nature of the believing

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individuals, and Athena either lucky or Allah Waje that Kulu boom, when a rumba, Allah the hearts begin to cover, why they're too late to that to Iman, when is recited upon them, they increase them in Iman, many first we marveled at that. We want to be those believers. But many of us failed to understand what is Allah subhanaw taala say next, we're allowed to be him, yet our cologne, they placed their trust in upon Allah Subhanallah that's what real Tawheed is. That's what we believe is that this word Muslim was facing at the moment is not textbook is a textbook so weeping about the Quran, that when you make a decision when you want to do something, we are not being met our karoun

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you place your trust in Allah subhanaw taala you don't be malicious. You don't be malicious to anyone or any society. But you have that deep conviction that if I'm forging the path of Allah Spandana there is going to be Nusrah there's going to be victory. So inequality these are the three dimensions we're stuck in, come out on bed remain steadfast, the only way to victory will come for the Muslim ummah, as he highlights inside is the theory because he at the studio Quran Allah azim. He said the only way victory will come is when you remain steadfast. That's the way that's the path of success. There's no other path of success. There's no part of the dunya that will give us success

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is remained steadfast upon your deen upon your belief upon your conviction upon your actions. You remain steadfast upon that, that you know you're going to meet Allah subhanaw taala so as we mentioned is Surah Surah Hood, the 11 Surah of the Quran 123 verses all Merkin except for a few if any Imam shall carry insightful coded mentions walking me Salah to terrify you in a hurry.

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Missoula Fermina Lane he said that these are, these are at Medina ayat, but in general the holy surah is a Moroccan Surah we find that the surah named after hood and a Saddam one of the one of the prophets. In some narration mentions if Quran, certain hood Yeoman Juma in these Hadith a questionable read surah Hood and your Majumdar, but that which is more authentic and more acceptable that Abu Bakr Siddiq asked the Prophet as well as made your hair go gray. Why have your hair turned gray? He said she but knew who didn't want her where to her. What has made my head go great is the Surah Surah who would walk away to resist the suitors have made my head go great. I don't know if

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you mentioned a minute or two Never. I'll work there. So to talk with that we study all the sewers, you can see what the suitors contain, they contain about coming in front of Allah subhanaw taala so Abu Bakr decided to feed young called Animam could to be feet of Siri mentions that and further and further scared we have become escape the fate of the last day. It brings about graying of the individual.

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That worry definitely moms you decided to see you mentioned when this verse Who said that was stuck in karma omit when this verse was set down, he started to see Dolman thought he said for Maori or dahican Salah Salem, who was never seen laughing ever again in his life. If he wasn't just smile, he will never love opening his mouth open when this was was said that serious business that's centuries ago. That's 14 and a 44 years ago. And we're still worried about entertainment insider lives. He said show you but knew who didn't walk away to these, these sort of the made my head go gray, the impact of these verses what is versus what they contain, and that we should be pondering over this

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insider live pondering over the suitors. Because how do communities stop your share of Islamic your share of the Quran? Your approximate proximity to the book of Allah Subhana Allah, your relationship to the book of Allah Subhana Allah, how much you read it, you ponder over it, you reflect upon it come to tobiko How would you implement it inside your life? That's what your relationship of the believer is. That's what our focus should be inside our lives, focusing on these ayat, so ALLAH SubhanA begins this is speaking about Himself subhanaw taala and this is common inside the Quran, that many suitors they begin by speaking about Allah subhanaw taala many law Who is Allah subhanaw

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taala because that's the beginning for him and no La Ilaha illa Allah was stuck fairly them because many in a minute, have knowledge that none has the right to be worshipped, except for Allah Subhana Allah, then what would you do with that knowledge was stuck with hidden big and takasi they have to lie Subhana Allah, the person the more they excel in the knowledge and they believe in the conviction, they don't become arrogant. They don't become arrogant. It's the opposite. If we're becoming arrogant, we have learned knowledge because the Quran says we're a bad ramen Latina yum Chanel out behold,

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a bad rap man with a walk upon the face of the earth. They walk in a state of tranquility in peace. They don't harm people. A person becomes more debased now in front of people more debased in front of Allah subhanaw taala Well, my ot two minute enemy Illa kalila my knowledge is minute. My knowledge is money. Why am I being arrogant inside my life? Why am I being arrogant towards other people? Is this question Is this the intent of knowledge? Is this the end? Is this the quest for knowledge? Is this the quest of a better delay? Subhanallah Anna, is first to know Allah Subhana Allah is seek forgiveness for one's downfalls. One discrepancies, one's mistakes, once lack of

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conviction or devotion to Allah Subhana Allah. So Allah begins many suitors inside the Quran, these muka Dima to highlight us Who is Allah subhanaw taala whether it be certain Fatiha Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen r Rahmani Raheem, Maliki Yomi Deen Mukunda Matt de les Subhana Tiana introduction to who is Allah subhanaw taala and Hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen Who will play praises belong to only Allah Subhana Allah Rahmani Raheem, Maliki Yomi Deen then Allah says iya cannot booty what year canister in that's what the servant says.

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We only worship you alone in you alone do we seek aid and assistance from the st Hadith good see that we find because some to say that the baby was obeying you obeying Abdi when he Abdi my son have divided a Salah hula Celebi man and Fatiha between myself and my servant. I've divided up when My servants is and hamdulillahi rabbil aalameen call Allah subhanaw taala Hamadani Abdi My servant has praised me my sermon and has extended me my my sermon has glorified me. Then when the servant says you cannot move to a year canister You alone we worship you alone you seek assistance from inner Serato Mustafi and Albania Albania Abdiweli Abdi masala This is between me my servant and my server

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will have whatever he asks for.

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And 30 138 Do I suppose

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Attention. You're standing there, you're imploring. You're calling upon the last part of your beginning by firstly praising Allah Subhana Allah, it's throughout the Quran. So to death, Allah mentioned the hamdulillah and let the and Zina Allah Abdul Kitab Olam, Your

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Praise be to Allah and Allah sent upon his servant. A book which contains the crookedness begins by praising himself subhanaw taala well who will love the color customer? Well it will add, He is Allah subhanaw taala Who created the heavens and the physicality a yummy food, Mr. Anil Arash, then he ascended the throne. What can you say you can, Leah blue, or you can ask the new ama Allah, Allah, Allah is going to create the heavens and the earth in six days. What kind of our shoe anima and his throne was upon the ocean. And then Allah mentioned Leah blue accom A you can ask son, where am Allah to test you which of you is going to be best or good in actions? So Allah had mentioned at the

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beginning, speaking about Himself, that Allah created the heavens in the F 50,000 years before the creation of mankind

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have created the pen and said to the pen, octobe Pen said What should I write? said write makadi was somewhere where it will add right whatever will take place in the heavens and the earth.

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Everything is written down with Allah subhanaw taala. That's why because even studies of CD mentioned, there's a purpose of the creation of the heavens and the earth. And he narrates numerous I add, this word hasn't been placed for pomp and pray and amusement,

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and entertainment Allah has placed His word for dunya one man, Mr. Maxwell Adama obey no Houma bar Pilla. We haven't created the heavens and earth Bob Dylan, in Vanity, we do need Causton what Allah without any purpose or any intent that food fatten. This is the belief of the people reject Allah Subhana Allah, that God just decided something just happened is a big bang, and is whatever existed on the face of if it came, it came place on the face of this earth. Allah says We never created a head with a Bob Dylan in Vanity without any purpose. Then it goes on to lead in a Cafaro that's the conception of belief for those who disbelieve in Allah Subhana Allah that's what Allah warns them

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that I'm Allah Dena tuffeau Allah you can Bella or be that tuber sunnah. Similar to number one Nabi Muhammad to medallic Allah Allah He, you see Zamyla Deena tofu Allah you bass who disbelieve all day we hear that there is no last day there is no resurrection, there is no paradise, there is no hellfire, there is no reckoning. And as crinkling to some Muslims as well, we will see so for NARA, let mana mood when we die when the hereafter comes, we'll see about what happens inside the last day. It's all a figment of the mind is will imagination. This gender winner is imagination of the mind. That's all it is.

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Allah refutes that concept, that those people who have that belief, he's going to bring them forth, make them become resurrect them in front of me subhanaw taala was there Lika Allah Allah You see, that's so simple for Allah subhanaw taala to bring the whole of the Creation back in front of him subhanaw taala and other places in the Quran Allah mentioned in the end of social minimalism, you can see the highlight of the Heron symptom and nama Falaknuma Abba, we're not going to Jeroen Fatah and Allah Malik will help.

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After her symptom and nama Falaknuma burthen you think we create you in Vanity, no purpose. Allah just decided to create the heavens in the earth mankind human beings just decided to do that. That's not the purpose. There's a purpose beyond the human being is Allah mentioned inside the Quran in such sutra there yet the 51st chapter verse number 56. When my product to general insert into the bourdon

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cost wide,

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one single purpose while you're breathing a living on the face of this earth, one male HELOC to general insert elderly Yeah, Buddha would have he bought the Cotabato facility why he doing? Going back to our Basara delta and Houma for Signia Allah and Allah for worship.

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And when you reside upon this earth, Allah said Leah blue accom A you can ask the new am Allah Imam because he mentioned Leah who come to test you while you're on this dunya you're on this dunya is just one if you can use such words one great big game one great big performance, one great big play.

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That's all it is to see where you going to go. And that's what this is the whole test of living upon this dunya as I said to see which of you is going to be best not best in actions, but good in actions pure in actions. As you can see the highlights there's only one way or two ways you're actually accepted by law that full of sincerity.

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And secondary find is according to the Sunnah of the Prophet Allah is not to set up as he highlights inside is to see and also in Mombasa, we side with my einmal Tenzin another morpher Sinhala is exactly the same view.

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These are the two conditions we are actually to be accepted by Allah Subhana Allah to be sincere

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So Allahu Allah the halal motor will hire Leah blue welcome a you can ask and what Allah created death and life Lima the customer and moat and a higher

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Why did Allah present death before life?

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Because we were dead, non existence, Allah brought us into existence. And the other meaning remember I said that this happened last month and Nikita mood is a definite factor. Once you come into existence, you're going to die. So Allah is highlighting the definite article that you def he created death and life to see who of you is going to be best in action. And that struggle of being pure inside, inside alive do you find this the biggest challenge?

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The biggest challenge for every single Muslim, whatever level of Muslim that you are, the biggest challenge is sincerity.

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And that's what Allah inside the surah highlights. Montana you didn't hire to dunya was the net to her new Wi Fi lm acmella home whoever wants this dunya and he only wants the beautification this world will give them this action inside this dunya fear won't see her law you because soon nothing will be diminished from them. Everything they want from the dunya will be granted to them.

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Alisha Illa ha this is something that really matter. First, you go back to me the best isn't and the higher the higher on Z that Lily as herbaria This is sitting around people who show off about the actions.

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The most difficult thing of a person to fight inside their life is the act is the intention

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in Nevada, to be near everything rests upon your intention and what that will tell you but even your word you you may say to Word to someone who had a salon when you give salam in a derogatory manner. Allah knows what your intention is. Allah knows what the intention is that you're forced to give salam to somebody else. Allah knows deep down what your intention is. Nothing now your Salah is che nothing can be hidden from Allah subhanaw taala but can you read it? Ginetta whoever wants to hastiness of this dunya agenda, no fear Manisha we give him the dunya

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you want hastiness when it's done Do you want to do need to be given to you will given to you another patient of Corolla mentioned Montana, you had to sell Clara. Whoever wants the cultivation, they rewarded the Acura Zedong fee her fee, we increase his cultivation. We increase it the more the more the person wants an Acura we give them more preparation for Africa is given to the individual and whoever wants to dunya then we give him this dunya and then Allah mentions when man Allahu cara de min nosleep

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but as for Accra, nothing is going to be given to this individual who's only pursuing this dunya and then Allah gives this warning material for the tiny world boss here.

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The two individual not the same person who is blind and a person who's who can't hear who's deaf. They're not to the same individual. Hello yesterday Yanni masala I follow you to the Karuna fella Tada karoun

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Are these parodies parables the same people who are blind

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and people who see people who are deaf or people who can hear other equal this is a common theme inside the Quran. And always highlight this so GIA this concept appears those who believe as a natural Misty Mina carmudi mean Malcolm cave attack comun Are you Are we going to make muslims like criminals? Malcolm K for DACA moon, Allah doesn't say a certain type of Muslim. Let's get this clear from my mind now, because many of us have this perception that yet Islam means this type of Muslim, you're no one to judge. I'm not one to judge. Quran is open. Quran uses generic words of a natural misdemeanor called mudra mean don't try to twist it. It means this type of Muslim. That's not what

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the Quran is saying. Quran says any Muslim is not the same as a criminal person come through via their disbelief is apparent. Their blasphemy is apparent, their sins are apparent their life is apparent. Why are you creating people who believe with those individuals, Malcolm K for that comun as if we need to go back and read what aqidah is, as we began with a son because we don't know what it that we don't know what belief is. We don't really understand what the real belief is of a believer. What are symbols? who are believers? Who are Muslims? Where does loyalty belong to? Where did this loyalty come into place? Loyalty always comes towards Muslims.

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It always comes towards Muslims. No matter what type of Muslim they are. You want to champion a code of ethics. I've been Tamia read his works. Read his history, how many people he signed lined with? They may not agree with him. But he said But Anna How will they hola Meenal kuffaar They're more loving to me than a disbelieving individuals. That's just gonna stop me Tamia that medulla you fought against many deviant corrupt individuals in his life. He fought against many individual against them. But yet he knew he had the intellect to understand what is occurred what is believed where they draw the line.

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Am I going to now split that line leaving in the western world

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where Muslims are Kalia in a minority, a small number challenges every single day of atheism, of rejection of whatever other isms that we find inside our life.

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These LGBT attacks our children, our society, the crime, the violence, the poverty, the hardships. They showed we don't understand what Islam is. We're living in a bubble world. We live in a bubble. We're trying to transport Islam here and attacking what live what we're surrounded by. That's what he only learned that when you read suitors of the Quran, because every single messenger look how we equated with these people. Look how we live with these people. Look how we engage with these people. And look the message that he gave to all the people around him. Well, I could answer no, no Hanina Comey knew how he came to his people in the lacuna zero mobian I'm a wounded towards you. And if I

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the largest portion of discussion of know how they set up is inside Sudha hood. Some good three or four pages read it's the most depicting image that a person could ever see inside their life inside the Quran. When Allah describes about says to the earth, come out, says to the heavens send down the rain and you find that everything is covered in rain that we find a storm is coming in and you find there is no honey Sarah

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and he's the ultimate love the ultimate affection. Ultimate affection. New Alison cool that Allah subhanaw taala that he's my son. He's my son he calls out and this is my son, who's about to be drowned for high libido Houma and moj

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I think they came between them a great big wave came between them and the natural love that you had to his son. He calls out to Allah depict all this in your mind is an imagery inside the Quran highlighting look, look at the hardship, the difficulty nonetheless I'm calling upon upon Allah subhanaw taala This is my son. What is Allah say? In no lace? I mean Alec in Cameroon, okay, you will Saudi you have to draw the line somewhere. Allah says to new highly Salam in normally some in Africa. He's not from your family members.

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He's not from your family, but he doesn't believe he's rejected it No, I'm sorry, wash your hands away from him. He's actually the impure. He doesn't submit. Why is this all the time mentioned in the Quran? The wife of Luke and I said I'm the father of Ibrahim Ali salaam, why time and time again? Why do we get so emotionally wound up when we say that some people amongst the prophets I'm didn't believe when the Quran is replete in telling us look at many of the messengers, what they faced, and how their family members didn't believe in them and look at the screen. Look at a mocking of what they've done to know how they set up. hold you up people believe in him some 80 or so odd

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individuals from 950 years of preaching. And many times you said that we go run nine minutes a PT to individual condemning this person condemning him to * he's a lost cause he's this he's a deviant he's a corrupt individual. He's going to the Hellfire

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nine and a half minutes

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950 years he preached

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950 years he preached to his people are being needed to call me Leyland when a Hara a pitch for people day and night. As you began with that, why is it on the weekend or when you feel like it when you feel you got some spiritual uplift to go run and bully people?

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That's not that way. You'll Allah Subhana Allah, Tao Dara, Daniela suburb, with the humble forbearance of seeing the greater vision of understanding of perception, people's empathy, people's feelings, people's hardships. Now just paint things in a certain in a certain depiction that this is 123 what Islam is, that's it, whoever doesn't fit that Islam, there must be there must be a good Muslim at all. There's no for us to judge inside their lives. So Allah warns about new array some of these people that knew how to talk about who there is some and he's measured. He came with the people with the mood that Ibrahim came with Bushra then loot la Salam, all these continuous profits

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that are mentioned and only like financial aid. You find his mocking is taking place upon them. And Nicola Anton Halima Rashid,

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they said to shea butter, some yo, yo, Oh, calm, soft, generous, nice individual. Why you're doing the good and forbidding the evil.

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Why don't Why don't you stay inside the masjid and we just Salah don't think what the modern world or the Muslim world is saying to us at the moment is something you read the Quran they said it centuries ago. Just worry about your sinner.

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Just worry about making thicker brother. Just worry about saying this to people about forbidden

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for a while and Zika is just the window when the door is being smashed down and the building is collapsing. You don't want to talk about that. Just talk about football. Just talk about vicar. Just remind people about that. The foundation is corrupt the foundation is collapsing you to build a foundation once again.

00:29:59 --> 00:29:59

And a strong belief

00:30:00 --> 00:30:34

In Allah subhanaw taala that's the foundation of every single Muslim that we need to come to. So that's why this Shukria of mocking believers, don't worry about these things. They leave, leave politics, don't speak about politics. Don't speak about politics and it's not for Muslims to speak about politics. What do you mean don't speak about politics? Politics is Islam. Politics is your life what you live in, just because you don't like the word, the link English language where the politics by inside the Quran is there about what Sharia is, what the law is, what is the law? What is the governance, that's what we should be focused on the law that governance is the book of Allah

00:30:34 --> 00:31:14

Subhana Allah, that's the core essence. Don't get drifted away with terminologies that we fall into. Now this terminology means this Rasul Quran, who will hook will Quran the essence of Quran is the ruling of the Quran. Why do numerous Allah Mustafa said what did they call the books they call the camel Quran, ba as they call it rules and injunctions, the Quran, why to teach people how to live with the Quran, to govern with the Quran, to legislate with the Quran. That's what the intent was. We're drifting away from that intent. It is a tertiary reading is a tertiary blessing is a tertiary recited of the Quran, which is beautiful and nice. But that's not the core element and a message of

00:31:14 --> 00:31:50

Quran a message of the Gambia then Allah subhana speaks about the two types of individuals as defined which is common inside the Quran speak about people of paradise and speak PIL of hellfire. Hey Allah, Allah mentioned yolmer yet Diletta, Colombo nevsun Elizabeth Lee, on the day no soul will have any right to speak except for by the permission of Allah Subhana Allah for minimum Shakti Yun was salaried and some individuals will be wretched on that day. And some individual will be the state of Felicity on that day in a state of happiness. So the results of this dunya that we find on the action is dunya will give the end results. Anta Shakti, you're either going to be a wretched

00:31:50 --> 00:32:14

individual, that's what if I ever mentioned that to to wretchedness, and are brought together if a person had some hardship inside this dunya there's going to be no hardship for the individual inside the Astra. And he decide point that is certain this visual visual things of hardship that exist for every single human being. They don't penetrate the heart and the mind. That's a read surah ba the 20th chapter the Quran PA and the nickel Khurana Nitesh call

00:32:15 --> 00:32:37

PA We haven't said these verses upon you to make you become upset or wretched. Does anybody Surah three times on the mentor with this Quran? Does it lead people to wretchedness or misguided thus, it makes people upright. Whoever follows the guidance of Allah. Allah delu wala yesh, Pa will follow the guidance of Allah will never be misguided and never be really upset.

00:32:38 --> 00:32:43

Some upset do is normal, loss of life, family members money, property, whatever it may be, that's normal.

00:32:45 --> 00:33:05

But it doesn't go so deep into the heart that they lose their senses and the mind they still have an objective leaving upon the face of this earth. That's what Islam is. It gives that success it uplifts the individual inside this dunya and those individuals that we find that Allah mentions, I'm Melina Shaco for visionary, Ella from fear, the fear and Masha here.

00:33:06 --> 00:33:10

Those individuals who are going to be wretched in the village they're going to be inside now inside the fire.

00:33:11 --> 00:33:51

They're going to be making those sounds wailing and crying inside Jahannam that's a reading Sakura depicts people to enter into Jahannam Holly Deena Fiamma. dama is similar to resigning for eternity is normally the heavens and the earth. They remain in the Mushara book. In our bucket for Adam Lima, you read, and your Lord does whatever befits His Majesty subhanaw taala that those individuals who don't believe we turn away from them, that's going to be the punishment. One ballerina so a duvet will Jannetty Holly Deena Fiamma. dama de Sama, what will up and then the opposite. And those who are suited do those the state of happiness, salaried happiness because of the actions, they will

00:33:51 --> 00:34:00

reside at Arabsat. Mat dama is for eternity, will retire, retire for eternity inside paradise, as long as your LORD wants a thought and Mazouz

00:34:02 --> 00:34:48

a thought and a gift, which has no ending. Paradise has no ending. Reward has no ending inside paradise. It continues and continues. That's what paradise is. This dunya ends. Goodness It is dunya you enjoy it for a short span of time. Even people who involve in monka asked him should will cover UCLan macabre drinking of alcohol, taking of drugs, whatever it may be, every time I'm never going to do it again. I'm never going to do it again. Do it all over again. This is the last time this makes me sick. This isn't worth it was happening to me every time. The sooner Allah that's a student of Allah upon this earth, but as well Accra is eternal. eternal peace, eternal rest, eternal

00:34:48 --> 00:34:49


00:34:50 --> 00:35:00

That's what Allah could swallow. Yeah, the ruler daddy Salam, Allah * towards paradise, which is eternal bliss, eternal happiness that we find. Then how do we become people to pray?

00:35:00 --> 00:35:35

Does the answers given inside the surah for stalking come omit, as we mentioned, remain steadfast as you've been told to do. So establishing what establishing the prayers, walking me salata terrify you in a hurry. Zula Fermina Layli when the her established a prayer part of the day fitna, hurry Missoula for Mina lane, part of the day and part of the evening. That's the way to Paradise. And what happens a lot I mentioned in Al Hasan at you'd hipness a year there Lika dikenali. There Corinne good deeds they blot out, they wipe out bad deeds, efficacy studies to see heal is so many a hadith.

00:35:36 --> 00:35:40

Speaking about that good deeds, wipe out bad deeds.

00:35:41 --> 00:35:54

Because we never know what they're speaking about somebody. They speak about the real world. We're all full of mouths. He was the new they were upon the leader of all the animals, the Prophet, I like some he's addressing his people. He said to his people, if he was living in in front of a river

00:35:55 --> 00:36:14

and flowing river, you bathe in that river five times a day. You wash yourself five times a day, would you find any filth upon a person's body? They said no. Gallica Salawat. That's the that's the impact of the prayers. They wash away your sins. After a bad deed, followed up with a good deed it wipes it all out.

00:36:15 --> 00:36:27

A Salah Illa Salah while Joomla and Joomla Ramadan Ramadan, Farah to Lima Bina Hoonah one prayer to another prayer, one Joomla to another Joomla one number to another Ramadan a wipe set your sins.

00:36:28 --> 00:36:52

This is Allah Subhana Allah Rahman Rahim that we should be encouraging amongst Muslims. Allah forgives Allah pardons Allah overlooks you have to make those steps towards Allah Subhana Allah and He will pardon overlook whatever you're trying to do inside your life, and then at the end of the surah that we find as you began with what is the purpose of all of this? What couldn't the nakasu alayka mean embarr illusory man with a b2b for other what geography had the how

00:36:54 --> 00:37:37

we send the stories upon you for what purpose to strengthen your iman. And in this is come in this has come the truth, even Ambassador he had the surah inside the surah inside Surah Hood and similar sutras as come the truth meaning lessons about stories of the previous prophets for you to develop inside your life how to become steadfast individuals were more ADA tune was the Quran mumineen an admonition and a reminder for the believing individuals. While Allah Hi boo sama what you'll add, Wi Fi, your camera Kulu to logs are the belongs the unseen affairs of the heavens and the earth and every friends back to him for a blue water what color la worship only Allah is trying to place your

00:37:37 --> 00:38:19

trust upon him without a book a big offering, Amma Malone all is as a shout out to what's going to come next. The next journey is the journey of Yusuf Ali salaam Nakusoo alayka escena casi Bhima Ohana Anika the Quran when condemning complete, laminin Allah feeling Allah is a coffin. But you are messing us off. You don't know these stories. When arranging these stories to you to strengthen your Eman. The stories of all these prophets of Yunus of Hood of Youssef. Then come to Ibrahim to strengthen your Eman. Strengthen your journey. That's what you read these stories inside the Quran to strengthen our Eman to come closer to Allah Subhana Allah, may Allah Subhana Allah grant orders

00:38:19 --> 00:38:34

first the Tofik and ability to drink from the fountain of the Quran to understand the book of Allah Subhana Allah to understand the speech of Allah Subhana Allah implement that inside their life, to make our Eman to become stronger actually to become strong and alive to become strong in that devotion commitment towards Allah Subhana Allah

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