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The conversation covers the impact of actions on society, including pride, arrogance, and hate towards individuals. It also touches on the concept of geringer, where individuals can choose their own actions. The speakers emphasize the importance of practicing Islam to overcome negative emotions and avoid negative consequences, and stress the need for strong individuals to control one's anger and avoid harms. They also discuss the importance of practicing Islam and avoiding harms, and the success of Islam as a source of peace and happiness.

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of the praising Allah subhanaw taala and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we find them Fortunately, the impact of certain Sins of certain actions begin to have a domino effect upon the individual and upon the wider society as well.

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to such a degree that even the sin that was committed in the heavens, the impact of that sin has been upon this earth. That's the order mentioned, overland gerima fish summary of engender, the first sin that was committed in the heavens, or inside paradise was uncovered was pride, arrogance, we can see the impact of pride and arrogance upon the face of today that some people unfortunately, as you can see in the wider domain, that will slay and they will kill.

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And likewise, you find even on a smaller scale that individuals but there's one similar amongst another individual or another individuals, another individual, will take another individual's life on the pretext of arrogance of pride that a person spoke to me in a certain way. And it's quite sad to see that a deep element of Jahangir has gone even beyond that. For some people, it isn't just he spoke to me in a certain way is he looked at me in a certain way, so I have every right to take his life. This concept of pride is nothing but the way of shade bond of the devil. As you find out kibber is classified as we'll call them now. arrogance is classified as the fuel of hellfire. Thus,

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you find stern warnings that even a person has a mustards, atom or atoms Wait, a mustard seed grain of Kippur arrogance inside the hot layer.

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That individual will not enter into paradise. As for what concerns us today, oh will gerima.

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The first crime that's committed on the earth is a cotton is killing. Actually, prior to cotton, you find this an emotional feeling that exists before a person actually goes and kills another individual. The main theme of the story, we're going to look at what is classified as a first murder is a sort of murder that we find some verse 27 to 31 or 32. Or so speaking about the two sons of

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jealousy, rage, is what led one brother to kill another brother. That's the beginning of killing.

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And thus we find that even inside our own society, you find that you mentioned one is arrogance. The second element is jealousy, jealousy define hate to use such words but few titles, stupid things, that a person may dress in a certain way or speak in a certain way, or what we find unfortunately, lives in a certain postcode a certain area, this his own concept of geranium ignorant practices, also known as the any cannula alaba, the law of the jungle, that's what it is his quote, as far as the Sharia is concerned. And obviously people might twist to it and say it is about survival of the fittest. Either he will take out and shank me or I will take it out and I will take his life. So the

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critical man who draws the gun who draws the weapon takes the other individuals life. And some of us or if not, some of us, all of us don't seem to understand the repercussions. the repercussions of taking an innocent individuals life or even just taking an individual's life, whether the individual be a Muslim or non Muslim individual. So you find that this story of heartbeat and copy that we find inside of unmentioned sort of Magadha were about last time that I mentioned what you are a member of named Adam a bit Huck the rate to them the to the story of the two sons of Adam with truth. Here in general rhythm of the first see like the theme of poverty mentioned two sons are Habib and kabhi is

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some deeper intricate studies that some people have done and said, That's not the name of the two sons, but you have what is common practice amongst them of the pursuit of common practice in our society. And even in according to Biblical sources, the two sons of Adam were able and capable Abel and Cain. These are two sons, any of Adam that we find, so the Quran mentions the rape to them the story of the two sons of Adam, Bill hoch, without any alteration, narrate to them the truth about what took place between these two individuals, and the Quran as a general theme,

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narrate things with the truth to the natural austro alayka as an apostasy Bhima or hyena in it, we're going to read to the best of stories are likewise fine. In nonfiction. Our movie Robin was at Namco Dahlia young boys who believed in the Lord and in the adventure that speak or write their story about

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The truth about these individuals. So the Quran narrates what took place between these two individuals. It's called Robert Coburn photo cobalamin at the Hema wollombi Taco Bell minute,

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whereby Allah subhanaw taala told him to offer a sacrifice. It was, it was accepted for one of the individuals, while on mute a couple minutes, acid was not accepted from the other individual caller up to the NACA, I will now slay you and kill you call it in number, a couple of lamium ducane Indeed, Allah accepts the pious individuals. Now here what is the story of what took place between these two sons of Adam, and Islam, as we know that progeny are genealogy stems from the father of Adam Edison, and many, the rest of human humankind is taken from that lineage, we find at that time that the children are born to add them and somebody McCarthy mentioned, I'm travelling studies

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Tafseer, as well, they were bought in pairs, a male and a female, every child was born with deliveries given in pairs. And so, so, to continue the concept of lineage, this is something which is allowed in the Sharia at that time, obviously, today's is forbidden of that time, it was forbidden, whereby the son of one batch would marry the daughter from the following batch, because obviously, life had to, had to continue upon the earth as they say. So this was something specific at that time, that one child would marry, if we can use linguistic was a biological sister, but it will be from another another pregnancy another delivery. So they marry opposite sides will marry one

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another with specific at that time. So we find that unfortunately, at that time, we find that the hubby will sister was not very beautiful, and plebeian sister was beautiful. So according to the law, at that time, happy was to marry our being sister, and kabhi was to marry a big sister. So have been,

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have been sisters not was not beautiful Bobby, it was it was beautiful. So he wanted to marry her for himself. So he didn't want to follow the law that was placed. So he argued with his father and his father, other man Islam, that I don't want to carry out with this marriage. So Adam being being a being a father obviously, gave in to a certain degree, but said that now we have to offer a sacrifice, to to, to Allah Subhana Allah. And when Allah accepts that sacrifice, we will know who will marry that daughter, and assign for sacrifice being accepted at a time, when you place your sacrifice on the tip of the mountain, the peak of the mountain, and firewood come with the lunar

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firewood come and eat, the sacrifice or whatever you present it to Allah Subhana Allah was something specific at that time as well. So you find that have been, he bought a sheep and he presented it a copy, he bought some food produce and placed it there. So Allah Subhana Allah fire was sent and took burn the sheep showing a sign that happines sacrifice was to be accepted and he was the if you can use the words the winner, and he was given the right to marry the sister of COVID this would happen is enraged him even more enraged of him, because he's right wasn't given to him. So this rage should be fine. He then said this rage of jealousy and anger and accepting the truth, all the way up to the

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neck. I'm going to now kill you.

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We can see this today how many times arguments will will spill over will boil over petty arguments that you find even people playing playing games spills over now I'm quite quite shocked that people over comments, anyone on Facebook or on Twitter or even messages, people are going to kill another individual because he made this comment about me on his social media. This is all goes back to the beginning because obviously this is in our blood system. As they say, the impact of our behavior goes back to the way that these two children behave Adam and a sudden, we find that jealousy also spills inside the Koran numerous other occasions whereby jealousy enraged family members whether we

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look at use of any Center, where we find that he's bredrin once again became jealous, because of the love and affection that the Father yaku wishing to use of La Silla likely find jealousy towards the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and generally find jealousy towards at the moment if you can speak in a general sense, jealousy towards Islam as well. Allah innama at the Kabbalah luminol macduffie in Allah only accept from the pious individuals. So this is the criteria of any action being accepted by Allah Subhana Allah is to be sincere, to be sincere to Allah Subhana and be devoted to Allah subhana wa Tada. You know, duck coin itself is a deep subject. It is a path of success when you duck

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under your low massager, while you're Zukerman hens today

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My coworker a lifer for high school with a phrase Allah Subhana Allah and Allah will provide a way out for that individual. And as we find out in these gatherings or moments of trying to defuse situation amongst individuals, we have to advise them that consciousness of Allah Subhana Allah, because when the heart contains consciousness of a loss of panic, fear of a loss of Canada, a person can abandon many, many things, can walk away from many things, because now the consciousness of Allah subhanaw taala overrides the ego ogre overrides the mind, make gives the individual ability to move away is what we need to fill our hearts with a person's heart is filled with double loads of

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100 the other person will walk away from so many things. You know, a person may think that you know, maybe I'm belittle in front of the eyes of people, as they say my street credibility is taken away, etc, fine, but in front of Allah subhanaw taala everybody, any individual who humbles himself for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah raises the rank of the individual. And even for us practicing Muslim posts we find the elements of Jamia will will come out many cases that we've been involved in whereby a practicing Muslim on face value see them to be a good Muslim, etc. And then abroad breaks up or fight breaks out. On this one occasion gunshots were even fired towards another Muslim. And it

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came out eventually discussion this individual whereby this individual supposed to be practicing Muslims said to me that nobody messed about with me and Jay Hillier, so no one should mess about with me now. Now I'm a practicing Muslim. What kind of practicing Muslim are you?

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This is nothing once again, but Kippur arrogance that nobody messed about with me when I was an ignorant individual foolish individual. No one has the right now to do that. Now I'm practicing my Deen. No, your deen means to wash away everything. To wash away anything to do with India. person only gets enraged for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah gets angry only for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah, and that these things of the dunya shouldn't really worry the individual. If you think that this is a sign of weakness read through the Sira of Hollywood elite on top of obey the jury for the sake of these individ individuals have, as they say, nobody messed about them in jania. And nobody

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messed about with them inside Islam. But they never took advantage of the strength or the advantage of the mind of the of the ferociousness and begin to oppress other individuals, because it's not cold defined that that's what Islam does codifies the individual to use their force if they have to, or use the angle channel and the right direction. What is the response of the threat that was given to her being? Because rb, he threatened him, he said that I'm going to give you the response of what I mentioned the impossible a young doctor, Dr. Nima, Anna vivocity,

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de la Kelly, a pull up in a car for me, if you stretch out your hand, to kill me, I will not retaliate or not stretch out my hand to retaliate against you. Indeed, I fear Allah Subhana Allah, the Lord of the words. So this was the conscious that entered into his heart of you, somebody could say no, but you know, Jacob have every right to retaliate. They done this, they done that. But most times, from our studies, most of these things are nothing but to do with pure and Islamic practices, whether it be in street warfare, that you find trafficking of drugs, trafficking, of when weapons trafficking, haram doing haram things. That's what in general, it revolves around. So people think

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that this is a retaliation, which which is justified, or, you know, they got my boy after we have to go here, therefore, this suture here, that's what is ignorant, the person should have been involved inside these things and should move away from these things. If they know that their friends are involved inside, this will only be a matter of time. Because every individual once in their life, they think they're a bad man. Everybody thinks at a certain age of life, that they are the prime of their age, and untouchable, and no one can get hold of me. But remember, there's always going to be a smarter criminal, a smarter individual, or even a more cowardly individual who will catch you at a

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time whereby you least expect it inside your life. And as you read through the life of certain individuals where they've been caught, at a time, the least expected by the person is expected to took their life. And that was the end of the individual who could boast and brag that they were untouchable and no one could get hold of them to do anything in it to them is a lesson in itself. And likewise, we find that the strong individual Alicia, this should need the strong individual isn't the one who who is able to wrestle another individual and put them down to the ground. The strong individual is the one a lady young enough so and then a strong individual is the one who's

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able to restrain themselves at this at the point of anger. That's what you look at you know, if you look at people who are involved in combat sports, you find them very rarely getting involved in brawls outside of their sport. Even though it's a it's a very gruesome somebody's sports are very good.

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You find outside, you very rarely find that they will, they will hit someone, because why they know that the impact of their punch, the impact of them attacking another individual is going to be lethal. So they are able to control the anger. So that's something point in case was to think about a strong individualist one who's able to control their anger is able to know that the repercussions or the impact that could have upon hurting another individual. Likewise, I mentioned that suffer masini and characteristics of the believing individuals or even beyond that, that devoted individuals, those who are observant Allah Subhana Allah, Allah mentioned will Cal demeanor lahave

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What are feanor and a nurse will loan you hiwassee Nene care of the mean aloha ease literally means those who swallow the anger swallow it down their throat. That's what the Quran does. It literally does the literal translation you can make, that when they get angry, they swallow the anger. Then on top of that, they go a step further, while our feeder and in as they pardon mankind, they forgive mankind will know you have been receiving a lot of the dose of God. That's what real taqwa is. That's what the Quran inscribes within us. That is we believe that you're able to swallow your anger at the same time you're able to forgive and pardon other individuals, like are defined in the

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prophetic traditions either the word Muslim Ernie, we say for him or for the party, no one told you find if two Muslim individuals, they take out the unseat the swords, and they begin to fight with one another for total walmartone Filner, the one who is killed, and the one who is a killer and Hades inside Sahih Muslim both of them were going to the fire.

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Obviously the companions posed this question as well, we can understand the individual who's the killer?

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Why? Why is he going to go to the Hellfire from abandoned module? Why the killed individual, the one who's been slayed? Why does he go to the Hellfire and the answers given in no Kenda Harrison Allah kotli a CD, he had an equal desire to kill his brother. So if he if he survived, he would have killed him. So the Hadith mentions that both of them irrespective what the outcome is or what the end result is, as far as the Hadees is concerned that both these individuals may Allah forbid, are going to go and enter into the Hellfire, but the both of them equally wanted to kill any one another. And thus we find that many of the young Muslims are not able to channel the physical

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strength, their frustration, you know the verbal abuse or you know, whatever it may be a physical abuse not able to channel it inside the right direction. You know, we need we need role models to show us the role models that many of these people they may look up and many in our, in our brief study of these people have what is known as the underground world or the or the gangster world or this rap industry and musical industry that you find what is it promoting to people? It promotes them this is the lifestyle. And you can see if you study it even look at look how foolish it is. West Coast rapping against East Coast rapping taking one of those lives that we find. What is this?

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A singing about one another abusing one of the mothers, parents, daughters wives family members? What does it lead to killing one another slang of one another supporting one another is nothing but jania. And this becomes the icon image of even that we find amongst Muslim youth as well. They see this this dream world, this fake world and they want to live up to these expectations, as they say live by the gun and die by the gun. And that's what's going to happen that you're going to live by the gun and die by the gun. But as long as the Sri Sri is concerned that that is a very evil death that a person involved in signed Haram, doing harm and dies is classified as soon hakima is

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classified as a bad ending. Because all the signs are there of doing haram things and a person's life is taken. Obviously the end result only lies with the loss panda specifically, whether that individual will be will be forgiven and not be forgiven. That's not for us to judge. And that should be a general rule that all of us should remember no one should be judgmental about another Muslim. No one should condemn another Muslim to go to the Hellfire for eternity. Even they killed someone a lot a judge but we have to vote or as they say we have to scare ourselves remind ourselves create fear mongers This is the end result in general for those people who carry out this even action. Like

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we've had so many other heads we speak about fitting and trials and tribulations can what should a person do? Be like can can be added be like this The son of Adam who never retaliated. Here we find a time of fitness automatically found out we find that as the uprising began to begin and he advises followers around him Don't retaliate, don't do anything. Likewise, other narrations mentioned that stay inside your home Don't come out.

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Personally, I believe anybody coming out after nine and 10 o'clock at night in the evening, in this day and age shouldn't go out. And as a coming for HR, they're going to get something to do some errands of the house, because we know in gentlemen, we know in general, the type of people that are out about on the streets are not the best people. As you mentioned in your module, as well there shall we not use of, of Jinja ins, there are devils amongst mankind who walk around, want to rampage we just want to do even. And as they say, if you go at a certain time of night, you're only going to find that type of crowd, a sensible individual won't find that type of crowd. But if you're involved

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in that type of crowd hanging out with that type of crowd, eventually, it will lead that you could be at the wrong place at the wrong time. And I know numerous individuals who have been at the wrong place at the wrong time, and their lives have been taken.

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Their lives have been taken for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. But as far as I'm concerned, is that you was with the wrong people. If you're a sensible individual, or if you're an upright individual, or as many young people use such language, I just caught with so and so. That's the language that people use. But if you're coaching with people who are involved in heroin, then they may have enemies, there are people who don't like them. So when they come and they retaliate, looking for them, and you happen to be sitting inside that environment, and then your life is taken, then obviously this question marks about yourself, as well. Why do you seclude yourself or placing

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yourself in such an environment, person shouldn't put themselves inside a doubtful environment or be research individually whereby, you know, obviously, if someone's we think is some form of ego to be with certain individuals, or to move about with certain individuals, we think it's a form of respect, whatever it may be, but a normal individual, it's not a way of life for them, that they should be surrounding themselves. These many these people, they are broken homes, broken families, they have they have no parenthood amongst them watching over them. You know, the whole system is against them. The law is against them. Everything is against them. So they think what they have. But

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most of us handler Muslims, we come from good good homes. We come from good families. That's what I find strange. You know, there was a few individually, I remember growing up, some of them, they were literally millionaires. And monitoring began to traffic drugs. I used to say to them, you're already a millionaire, you live in Millionaire's row. Why are you trafficking drugs for because it's just an ego thing. They weren't poor, they were impoverished. They'd have hard times had a good life. But just because just to the made the wrong stigma to be known that I'm trafficking drugs. They wanted to do that. And that's how even some of us most of you become that. We think that this is what we

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need to do to be given some street credit ability to be given a good life. And I don't be surprised, even elderly people, this people my age that I went school with, who thought you know what everybody's doing it. Let us go and serve drugs. At my age. 37 billion pounds of heroin traffic inside this country. Now serving 19 years in prison at my age, they're going to come out and old man walking stick and having any money to them. Remember the trafficking of drugs, and you find it in tax evasion studies country, these are two things. They strip everything away from you. Right down to your class II Giorgio Armani underpants will be taken away from you. As far as the law is

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concerned. This is all haram money. It's hard money, you haven't earned that money. So they strip everything away from you. strip it away from you, and place it in a small bag. And after 20 years, you're alive, you can come out and collect your bag and draw your money probably be out of fashion by then anyway. That's what's going to happen. This is what happens in this country, this the system. But obviously some of us we think, you know, I'm the smarter criminal. I'm a smarter individual. That's what some of us most we think we think we were extra smart. You know, we can do these things. You can't be outsmart Allah Subhana Allah, there's always going to be repercussions.

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There's going to be repercussions are going to take place inside your life. Another young individual, we grew up inside his community known for trafficking drugs, his daughter died in front of his hands.

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He said he said to me Shame on you. For me to give up what I was doing inside my life. He didn't need anybody to preach to him because he was a Muslim born Muslim he knew when that happened to him he knew that was that was the end tahini analysis and draw a line that allies got happy what he's doing inside he's like you know remember something loves Muslims. Allah loves you don't think of that doesn't love Your love will always keep on showing signs of the signs of the signs reminding us to remind him to bring you out from this because I'm not just want to take your life and you're involved inside this that's what that's what maybe some non Muslim may think that because they lose

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hope of god they think that you know God put me in this state or you know, so amazed with carry on living a life like this. No, that's not the case. I'm most proud of and and loves everyone gives every opportunity. It is another individual I knew in 15 years of taking cocaine, broke into a machine and he broke into the machine and he fell asleep in the machine. And he fell asleep in the machine and dream he saw himself ascending up steps for

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steps going into gender. And from there he became a Muslim and he walked away from it all 15 years non Muslim cocaine addict, belief conviction, he man, you know, sometimes these workshops and you know, the cold turkey and we're right maybe go to certain degree, but the most biggest impact is email. When a man hits your heart, you can walk away from so many things. So you find even amongst the companions that we find a hammer that was addicted to intoxicants, when the ayat came, this is on the lips, just straight away, walked away from it, because a man penetrating the hearts need to revive a man inside a heart, fill our hearts with a man, a person's heart is filled with a man

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nurturing the man. Obviously, we Everybody makes mistakes inside their life. But a swift individual is when he learns from the mistakes of others, one who sees society around them, sees the end the people what's going to happen to them, and think I'm not going to make the same mistakes that people make around us. And if we allow society to make the same mistakes, and we're none the wiser as well. If we turn a blind eye to what many of the Muslim youth are doing, and what they're involved in thinking and just leave them alone is going to have a big impact upon all of us inside our lives. So if I didn't have a lot of anatomy say that I fail Allah Subhana Allah then we find the warning is

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given in neora and web where it may or

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may not have been Nevada allocated cell body mean you want to take just your sin, you're going to carry my sins of killing me and you're going to be become amongst the oppressing any individuals. For what no one of Sukup suka FIFA Katana who prosper homina Casa de so he sold created this design with him that is right for me to kill him my own brother for us. So he killed him for hamilcar city. And he became amongst losing any individuals. And that's what we find that shape time begins to do, he says that, you know, just go and do this action, repent afterwards, or friends may say look, just you know, just do this action, just to carry this out. And that's when you really find who your real

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friends are. When you're under six foot three and seven, or inside your grave, whatever. That's when you begin to realize who your real friends are. who really cares about you, who's really going to come out and look after you at that time. So we find that shake hands wish but go and do this for us but hamilcar serene became amongst the losing individuals. And likewise you find even killing itself you studied the psychology of killing it traumatizes people, we studied the what they classify the war veterans, the soldiers who returned back from war, this special medical condition at the moment these people are suffering from they're traumatized. Because when you've killed innocent

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individuals, it will haunt you and traumatize you. There's a difference between a person may be going into some form of battle or whatever way by psychologically person is, is equipped or ready to fight the other enemy or the soldiers or whatever it may be. That will point the person by why they won't be so fatal, just going and killing an innocent individual taking their life or traumatize the individual. There'll be repercussions because we're human beings. We're all human beings, whether Muslim or non Muslim all share certain elements of the DNA system within ourselves. We don't like blood. We don't like killing we don't like slaying. We don't like evil. That's That's shocking human

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beings are. When a person kills an innocent individual, the soldiers kill innocent individuals, you find that is truly traumatizes them inside their life, the system around them doesn't really care any much about them. Anyhow, what concerns us is that then the last one that I mentioned, for the low Robin, you had to fill out a last round of Denson, a crow, among Tafseer mentions it likewise McCarthy as well, that Alison akro. And what happened with a crowd that too close to black crows, they came and they fought with one another, and one killed the other one. And then they began to dig a hole and then push the other crow into the hole into the hole that was done. And then covered up

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with Samsung. Others are the market of seed mentioned that one crow just saw a dead crawl on the floor and made a hole and buried inside a whatever it may be. But I mentioned that I CRO was sent and killed the other CRO and the sun that we find here, when felt remorseful. He said I don't even know what to do with the dead corpse of my own brother. I don't know what to do from because this was the first evil cinders committed on the land was was killing when and even to kill him. If you read it. The seed is quite graphic in detail we just just mentioned it. Just you can go back and read it in your in your own in your own time, spare time that he didn't know how to kill his

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brother. So he tried to shut down when he tried to strangle him or shed time came to him and took an animal and placed it on the floor and took a rock and smashed his head to show this the way you kill another individual etc etc in various forms in tafasitamab mentioned how he can so he didn't know what to do with his brother

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shavon quickly then ran a wonderful facility mentioned this ran went to the mother of the son

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The wife of Adam to our la Salaam and said that you need your son, your son Javi has died. She said what is what is dying mean? Remember, they had a long life at that time no one had died. They didn't know. She said, What is dying mean? He said that it means it's not going to eat and drink and be the be awake anymore. So when she understood that she began to weep, she began to cry. So when Adam Allison, he returned, he asked her that what is the matter with you, she didn't respond to you didn't respond to humans. But then he said that is going to be the son of women. We'll learn about authenticity. But we mentioned the form of just to look at works of diversity is going to be the son

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of women to they're always going to weep. we appoint excessively upon death, etc, that we find anyway, this is partially true, that women do become emotional. I mean, some of the studies that I've done watch, if you watch documentaries of, of young children, their lives have been taken look at their mothers, look at the mothers how they are traumatized, traumatized about the death of their of their son, traumatized they are, we know, this makes no difference whether it's a Muslim mother or non Muslim mother, whether there is a mother, who is in state of bereavement regarding her child, a 16 year old young boy 17 year young boy at a boy whose life has been taken, and he's expecting him

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to return back home and next minute, just finds a knock on the door by a police officer, this has happened to your son. And like, likewise, we mentioned that many times, most of us we are we are aware of who's behind this. And all the police know that as well. But sometimes we don't sound politically certain things that allowed to pass that remain inside the community. And so I'm sure that many people do know. But because of the the street credit of not being whatever words, they may want to call it not being a snitch, or being a grace or whatever it may be. But remember, if you save someone's life,

00:31:46--> 00:32:08

if you save someone's life, you help save some of you have you helped change someone turn away. We need the grace, the grace in Gemini sweet. worry about that grace, don't worry about grace of the dunya worry about the grace in general, that were given to the individual because the end result of the of the punishment were given individually find out Dr. Nelson, Nelson Goodman,

00:32:09--> 00:32:44

any person who kills anybody without any justification, except for that the share of that killing will go to the son of Adam, because he was often the unknown character or woman centered pattern because he was the first individual to carry up the action of killing a local fine, wherever it is a good so now we have the reward of whoever carries it out. That's when Islam we find something very, very accurate inside Islam a person. We're not saying people shouldn't commit sins, people will commit sins, that's going to happen, the son of Adam has his fair share of sins. What Islam says is keep your sinning in private.

00:32:45--> 00:32:58

And likewise, don't encourage other people to carry out sins. That's what Islam says. So if you read works of forecast, I'm in juris. If two people are drinking alcohol,

00:32:59--> 00:33:17

then one person in the office just given this description of understand our football, discuss these things that we see in these environments. One person offers a glass of wine to another individual. He doesn't say to him, bottoms up. Cheers. Enjoy yourself. The sherea says you should say to him, what should you say to him?

00:33:20--> 00:33:56

feels strange, isn't it? Surely is is the use if you happen to be drinking, and you happen to be drinking with your friends, you should still do what remind them about a law because why the person may abstain, that fear of love might enter into their heart, make them leave it but today we find what we find brother with smoke drums with his own brother with his younger brother with his own family members. Sit down for them it might be normal for them when I was growing up that I remember my my non Muslim friends, you know that their parents would say to me, you know, get out David going buy your own cigarettes don't pinch my cigarettes. That's delta delta delta attitude. So it wasn't

00:33:56--> 00:34:20

about him stopping smoking. I said don't pinch my cigarettes by own cigarettes and smoke. Don't take it from me. That's the that's the culture. That's a lifestyle. We have we have to accept it. That's the way they nurture that's the way they brought up. But that's not the way it is for us. And our parents my love for the age of 7080 don't smoke in front of their parents at the age of 70 don't they parents don't know they smoke. They don't know they smoke to this day.

00:34:21--> 00:34:56

They may even die and nobody knows that they smoke but for us is become today we find you on the street people are gonna have shaved no more if if we're walking in the street and moms are walking in the street. People just carry on smoking. When we was growing up it's one of the somebody was male never been smoking was a group of smoking anybody Oh babe walk past you burn your hand. You literally burn your hand to hide the cigarette but today is become a way of invoking passive income we come out of Juma we see so many young people smoking and now this new shisha phenomenon that we find. You know people I'm surprised and practicing Muslims. If you want this tutti fruity sweet

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

flavor got me chewing gum, or ice cream or whatever ice cream

00:35:00--> 00:35:37

Why do you have to shuffle? It does contain it contains an element in toxic ation it's been proven, it says on the books is not to be given to people under 18 why if it's just a harmless substance, just humbly public, whatever it may be, then why is it Why does it say? Why is it says it on the label? Why for what reason? And secondly, I'm gonna warn foolish individually we know the whole culture that surrounded by and what people are going to do obviously is supposed to be a stepping down stone for people who smoke cigarettes, but it's worth the opposite. People who don't smoke they take shisha now is becoming a great competitor. I don't smoke, shisha. The whole point of is to

00:35:37--> 00:35:59

downgrade you obviously we don't agree to but also you have to accept that they may be joining genuine things nicotine patches, other things you need to take to come down to the substances that we have to accept them in society. But it's become the opposite, that this becomes the norm. So you find people with big beards, with these, whatever they are doing some filtering and whatever. And a big puff comes out of the car, whatever it may be, and you look and you just use your Muslim brother, I'm taken aback.

00:36:00--> 00:36:14

I'm literally taking a backup time because I'm thinking what de nebulin I was going to eat salad just two weeks ago. And as parking my car brothers with big beard, having a final cigarette, just before getting into eat Center, a

00:36:16--> 00:36:20

day of sacrifice, they're remembering Allah Subhana Allah have a quick fact.

00:36:21--> 00:36:58

Before going to read our Salah with thobes with beds, everything. So I question the what is that Islamic outbreak? What is that stomach teaching? Or do we think we're a smart individual, you know, as usual, advice only macro or certain scholar in some Island said is allowed etc, or whatever it may be. But deep down inside your heart, you know, that's not the truth. It's just lust and desire, and trying to justify what you're doing inside your life. So whenever it becomes an encouraging another individual towards a sin will carry the burden that sin, an element that sin were given to individuals of sight. For example, may Allah forbid, a person should be very worried inside their

00:36:58--> 00:37:42

life. If a person takes drugs, and you encourage another individual, and you give up drugs inside your life, that individual carries on taking drugs, the individual spies, another individual inspires another individual, and they smoke drugs for the rest of their life. May Allah forbid, every time they smoke drugs, or whatever they take, whatever they do, a share of that sin will be given to you was given to me, doesn't you think about that, if I send I make a mistake, I should try to conceal myself and just keep it within myself. But if I have now opened the doors, even though I've given it up in my own life, I should be worried that every individual I open the door up for

00:37:42--> 00:38:02

them to enjoy them. That seems good to me. And I call the fine. I've said it many, many times that you know, we can avoid the bullets on the street and whatever it may be. Now these days, drug dealers and you know they have walkie talkie to tap into the police tap into everything. You know everything that they know who's coming for them. And I think you know, I can avoid all these bullets on the street and the people.

00:38:03--> 00:38:05

But there's one bullet You can't escape from

00:38:06--> 00:38:12

not the bullet of death that's going to come to all of us. But another bullet, the bullet of a daughter of a mother.

00:38:14--> 00:38:31

That will is a very difficult bullet to bear. Then you got some poor child addicted to drugs. And that mother that Father stands up at night and curses you revives you and prays that made the curse of Allah be upon the individual who introduced drugs to my child

00:38:32--> 00:39:09

that will haunt you for the rest of your life and you don't even know who that ghost is. You will never ever be successful. Mark my words you will never ever be successful inside your life. Because there could be some poor mother or father out there that you've now taken the child's life or you introduced him something wrong that they will pray day in and day out. And person that's what we as Muslims should we refresh it man see the repercussions? And in conclusion, we find it I mentioned ending I mentioned with HD Delica contemnor Allah Bernice rahila A nomenclature enough some delay in absence of a certificate number Caitlyn, Caitlyn NASA Jamia woman,

00:39:10--> 00:39:49

NASA Jr. And because I've written it down, whoever kills one innocent individual is as if they've killed the whole of humanity in a society where the Bible mentions exactly the same verses when whoever kills one individual is as if it killed the whole of humanity. And whoever saves one individual is added to saved the whole of humanity. That's what Islam is. saving yourself, saving your family members and saving humanity. Change one person then the benefit is there. And in conclusion, find anybody who shows a person a path of guidance or just by the permission of Allah Subhana Allah will be given a hadith of anemia be Pollock will be given a price commodity. The price

00:39:49--> 00:40:00

commodity will be what a red camel or red horse or what she camel in today's language would be a Ferrari, a red Ferrari will be given to an Indian

00:40:00--> 00:40:19

vision. So wherever because a person come to the path of guidance, that's a reward. That was a prized commodity at times that's what we should be thinking about. If I if I say if I fixed myself up and I help another individual and can you come towards a path of a loss and the answer is going to be reward for me better for me and it will give you a peaceful life

00:40:20--> 00:40:27

you know hamdulillah I can walk around three o'clock four o'clock in the morning in any country in any place at any time. I don't have to watch my shoulder

00:40:28--> 00:41:05

I don't watch my shoulder I don't need to carry a piece with me or or something with me I don't need to worry my life in somebody may some in a foolish endeavor they may try and do something because I'm being a Muslim that's irrelevant point. But I don't need to worry about anything my life and that's how Muslims should be that whenever you go out if you do need to go introduce it there's nothing for you to worry about inside your life. person is at peace at rest. That's what Islam is personal state of contentment. So what I mentioned, whoever finds that contaminated piece will be the individual for hire to give the individual a good life. A good life isn't just riches and wealth

00:41:05--> 00:41:38

and property it's a nice contentment is peace. That's what the world is searching for. That's why as we began with some of these people they they killed in a state of rage and in the state of any whatever honor killing or in a rage of their father someone if you starting to study it sounds strange, but some of them there's no fatherly figure they're enraged within himself. There's no fatherly figure to to watch over them to discipline them so they that's the only way they know how to take out their rage because the mother can't controller if you study in general. This in general you studied you find the most young boys who carried out these these evil, noxious crimes you find

00:41:38--> 00:42:16

there's no fatherly figure watching over them or the father is not there. So the child becomes free to do whatever they want to do. And that's for us the Islamic unit family plays a big role in disciplining our children disciplining ourselves. We love kinda place these words in Amazon have has placed them also inside our hearts in our mind to abstain from any evil practices and those who may be inside even practices that lost contact opens up their heart and their mind to drift and drift away to enlightened their heart and the man for the sake of Allah and they give them a good ending in this world and more so inside the human body, how there was stuff when Jimmy muslimeen First of

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