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That's why many of our Muslim youth what life do they live? What did we say? Let me enjoy my life. You know, when I get to your age poster, I'm seen was sitting with some aid. When I get to the end of my life when I've done every single haram thing in my life when my bones are tight, my life is tired. I'm sick and tired of it then on October in Allah.

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But you know, strange is that not just some, how many of them never make it to that Toba of the praising Allah subhanaw taala and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early was seldom continuing our journey and is blessed today of yo mo Jumeirah, whereby we find that numerous sources are recited on this blessed day, we stopped on the 18th sort of sort of gaff of the surah that gives light for the individual from one Friday to the following Friday, and somebody wired an extra day and other narrations extra three days are granted to that individual

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making a total of 10 days for that individual of light for that individual. So, on his blessed day, we find other sources as well which are recited in the beginning of SoTL fudgier that we find

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and fill out the budget that we find the reading of Alif Lam Meem as such that which is today's Surah

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coupled with Surah Al Inserm. These are the two sources which are recited on this the morning of Fajr that we find. Also we find so to Manasa code. So tomorrow as recited in actually the Friday after the Friday sermon at the narration mentioned sort of an at a level of harsh shear. This all shows the importance of this blessed day and His blessing sewers. Because we look at a common theme inside all the sources. The main concept is a concept of resurrection or returning back to Allah subhanaw taala and make a distinction between people of Paradise and the people of the Hellfire. So the surah mentioned we have mercy wrongness we had the Yom Ummah, Elijah know, in Elana, that the

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end result of people if we look at these stories in great detail, is either they're going to be people of paradise or people of the Hellfire. And this is a theme that runs concurrently throughout the Quran. That reminding us whether we want to be people of paradise, or you want to be people of the Hellfire as Habu Jannetty, whom will fare his own the people of paradise again to be successful individuals from an Zee her and a nerdy we're all the female gender rocket furs. Whoever is rescued from the hellfire and plucked out of the Hellfire or prevented from the hairpin thrown into paradise funfairs that is the most successful individual inside us hero. And here inside a flat meme, a

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Sagitta lament is a for mankind movement and command cannot see or is individuals of believing individual, like a person who's a person who's a rebellious individual full of mousy was the norB, full of Cofer was Schilke. So we have to understand this concept of belief that we need to make a distinction between believing individuals and disbelieving individuals. Because some of us unfortunately, we cross over that line. We begin to make disbelievers close to us, and we begin to push believers away from us. And this is against the Creed and the Sunnah, belief and the Sunnah. If we could just learn a basic concept inside our life, the worst Muslim, on the face of this earth is

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better than the best care for the face of this earth. That's what belief is simple. We don't need to enter into dogma and theology, about people's belief and the academia. It should be simple for every single Muslim, that the worst Muslim on the face of this earth is better than the best Kaffir that's the message of the Quran. of mankind movement and command can affair support the one who believes because at the end of the day, no matter what happens to a believer what happens to a Muslim, the end result of a Muslim will be paradise. And the beginning and the end of a disbeliever will always be for mercy room, Eleanor, the end will be the hellfire. You don't make excuses for people who

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disbelieve who are clear disbelievers. You don't make excuses for al Qaeda. The excuses are made day in and day out for Muslims. And this concept has been twisted around that we're always making excuses for disbelieving individuals. And we rarely make excuses for Muslim individuals who may even be living or we may even have even died. That's why I never mentioned when when a Muslim dies and the person shouldn't speak ill of them shouldn't be evil should should praise and speak well of them. Unless there's some academic reasoning that person speaks about certain mistakes, discrepancies but even in a person is vigilant about the tongue and what they say about individual

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because this individual now is a Mattila.

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is under the Mercy of Allah Subhana Allah is not under our mercy is not under our discrepency it belongs to Allah subhanaw taala how Allah probably judges individual and likewise we begin to sort of insert in the abdominal caffeine in a cellar Scylla was learned and was very raw. So we cover these two sort of lamb in surgery find various linkage between these two sources. Why these two sort of the recited in the beginning of slaughter Fajr evil started Fudger along with Juma you find numerous narration that mentioned that that is something praiseworthy, to catch Fajr in JAMA on your mood rumor that a person comes under the protection of Allah subhanaw taala that's the beginning of

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our day of drama drama isn't coming to the Friday prayer, the beginning is slotted Fajr or the beginning is even after maghrib and he stayed dead, and actually that a person rational inside their mind is preparing themselves for yo Mazuma. And even before that in this western world that we live a person prepared himself that all of us we know when our holidays when our time is, but somehow we just slip in your mudroom and someone has to be slipped in. We plan everything of our lives accordingly. Why don't we plan your Mazuma that drama is there that we have ample opportunity to come there to prepare ourselves to come to this blessing today The best day Allah subhanaw taala

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completed creation is when Hadith in Sahih Muslim Allah created the heavens and earth Omar Bay Noma for you sit at the ATM in six days. And on the final day, the sixth day that we find a lot of creative very Adam created Adam and a Salam placed him inside paradise were expelled him from paradise. And we mentioned previously that yo mo Juma is the day of your money he served the day of reckoning the day of return for the believing individuals and in such total insanity we're going to come to a latest state you find a whole page a whole page speak of an agenda a whole page speak with these are sewers of places Sakurada we to read inside our lives, because not all doom and gloom read

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through to ramen to 55th Chapter The Quran was given to the believing individuals read the 56 chapter sorter well Kara read through to insert this whole page or soul or what will the believers will be given to these individuals. This revitalizes the Eman of the individual. And he said many times many of us don't have a lifespan or notice or derogatory a mental capacity to read certain things inside our life because of work commitments life whatever it may be, not everyone is to be boosted to be a valuable in or student of knowledge or to become a scholarly individual. But certain things that all of us are WE CAN WE to strengthen our Eman reach a Muslim the beginning Kitab Eman

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just read that through your life. Then we towards the end kita Pooja now safer to nahi Mia apne her and read the book on Paradise and the descriptive nature of people of Paradise and the blessings of the people of paradise. If you read the inside your life you know what your Eman is, you know what Halawa Eman is you know what the sweetness of Imam is? Do you know what your belief is? And you know what the end is going to be for the believer to strengthen the believer. This is what Allah Allah will give to the believing individuals. And we all need that inside our lives. Because that's what the Quran is being utterly bizarre he'd in between giving us this encouragement to do these actions.

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For stop equal highroad race with one another in doing good actions was in a mark for the mirror have become race with one another challenge with one another compete with one another run with one another Hastin with one another, towards what towards paradise, which has been prepared for the believing individuals or is paradise was with is like the heavens and the earth that we find another narration which is questionable, but just to extract its meaning. We find his narration Accra in Surah two who do Mazuma read surah Hood, the level of Chapter The Quran on Yeoman Juma and the reason why we mentioned is because there are certain wordings inside it that proves we go towards

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the reading of elephant meme such that and reading certain insan because he Allah mentioned yo yo t let the condom una Ellerbee his knee he on that day every individual come, the soul will come with a day no one will speak except for why the permission of Allah Subhana Allah for minimum Shakti Yun was aid. Once again this comparison will first and movement is going to be Shakti Yun, a wretched individual was a dawn a personal state of Felicity in bliss in happiness, then I continue to speak about the reward that were given to those individuals. Who are the Shakti Yun was these wretched individuals, what's the reward? Or what's the end result of these individuals and likewise the

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opposite. For the believer individually the reward given to them are poor and hated modules. There's going to be upon which earlier described as a gift which has no ending when

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You give a person a gift in some way, you stop gifting them. But Allah says I thought in a later module booth, this gift it continues and continues and continues for people of paradise, who are the people in a state of bliss and devotion towards Allah Subhana Allah. So this surah airlifter mean as such, or just known as, as such the olive la meme, tansy loan, and this distinction of calling an elephant I mean a Sajida because it's one of the only resources inside the Quran whereby biddies with Elif lambing, and there's such that inside this surah another place how mean as such a sort of full sealer. And some rhythm I mentioned at the same place inside the sewer, as you had mentioned,

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is to increase the blessings of Yeoman Juma that when a person goes into such a becomes an extra such that Azuay that extra show of belief towards Allah subhana gratitude and thanks to perform it on your mudroom and then he makes a great long discussion. The if not this surah read any surah and Yama Juma which contains a center to show that that that belief in submitting to Allah Subhana Allah these this map can Surah 30 Is that we find every Imam Ashoka if so I refer to earlier he mentioned that sub the first three or five suitors or first three or five is the surah and Medina nature. But the most strongest without the whole of the surah is a Merkin Surah as many of you mentioned a

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makansutra is all speaking about creed, about belief about an Aurora and birth one new shore resurrection being put together. Accountability. That's a foundation of a man that a person builds inside their life that there's going to be your mooches a young man hey sir, yo Mateen a Dave accountability a day of reckoning a day of questioning a day of accountability in front of Allah subhanahu wa taala with find the full boil the virtue the surah that we've finally been documented. The DE OLIVEIRA meme Tenzin, as such that Yama Yama, we find that the surah will come on the day of judgment and his other authentic strong narration mentioned that the Quran is an intercessor will

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intercede for the believing individual, the person who recites the Quran, the person who memorizes the Quran, that at least by the Quran, the Quran will come and intercede that you are in Ramadan, the Quran will say that I kept this person awake because they were busy reciting the Quran studying the Quran. These are things that we should believe in the concept of intercession and you studied in great detail. Its reliance upon your own soul via the permission of Allah Subhana Allah because the concept of intercession that we live in is we rely on other people, that someone else will read the Quran and transport that reward to me when I die. When I leave this dunya or someone else read the

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Quran and go towards my accountability in South Africa. We don't want to enter into the the rhetoric and the dogma theology about this discussion, but the nutshell, it's false. This is not the belief of the majority the Roma about reading of the Quran, Shang Ramadan under the onto the field, Quran houden leanness obey United middle who double for con oran has been sent down who done leanness see, has been sent down for guidance for mankind, they said is May 18 Or on isn't set down as guidance for dead people. That's where the accountability has stopped for these individuals. Only those actions that their children may do on their behalf, or the praise of them or certain actions they

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left behind will benefit them. As with these type of actions. That person believes that if I read the Quran, and I transport the belief towards my parents, my loved ones, it may sound very harsh, but the majority conclusion is unacceptable. We don't need to follow this pattern of belief inside our lives. So if you want the Quran to intercede for you inside the grave inside of Aurora become so hyper Quran become a companion of the Quran. If a person can memorize the Quran and our culture, Yahoo person beans, the Quran, the professor mentioned a person and let the manual Quran person who's who the man here who is a specialist inside the Quran, he will be with the with the blessing

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angels and the person who who stutters on reading the Quran, what did the Prophet li some say about this individual? Did you just leave him at that station? He said follow a G Ron, that person have to rewards. This is encouragement that most of us we know that we can't read the Quran appropriately, because in the way that we've been brought up or the world that we live in by look at the Agile that a person who tries to read the Quran, that person will be given to rewards by Allah Subhana Allah and like what if I didn't the mullah Malou alone how our team the ending of every individual is upon and how our team is the ending is the final moments of their life. Find a spell of their life.

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That's what the ending is what counts in front of Allah subhanaw taala. So this surah will come on a day judgment and have two wings and it'll begin to enshroud and shade this initiative.

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You the whole, Sabine addict less severe alake We say to the angels or punish wherever there's no path for you to enter on this individual. When Ken hadn't had even this hadith authentic wishes trying to highlight certain virtues that aroma have collected about the surah there is no way that you can come towards this individual. Another word that we find a CRO surah. Muna Jia, read the surah which is the rescuing surah the surah that will deliver the individual we're here Alif Lam Meem Tenzin, and is this Surah Surah such the 32nd Surah of the Quran and an image of individuals many sins. Because the rupiah many sins this individual has but Cana initiative, Harrison Allah

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karate had the surah that was always reading the surah on a regular basis, which has been established. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam would recite every single night before going to sleep, he will recite Alif Lam Meem as such the unsuitable milk. He recite both of these sources, which is authenticated as late as check Malaysia now. So the Alberni Valley hadith is a son of Imam Mehdi and Muslim Imam Ahmed, that every single night, the prophet Elijah would read these two sources. And if that meme Tenzin, the 32nd Surah of the Quran, which has 30 a yard and I was surah. Allah has 30 Is that we find certain Arthur that the 60 sins or 60 gradings of Sins of the individual, or 60,

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excelling to the individual and wiping out Sins of the individual be granted the individual and they said, hey, the heated element could be if we combined both of these two sources together 30 plus 30. Make 60 is 60 verses of recite is another word in that we find which is vive la Troopa. Houma, love is suffering, what I've been harboring, the providers have never left these two sources, whether he was traveling or whether he was resident, he will every single night he recite these two sutras and if the la meme as such, and had utter utter insanity or solitude to mold, who recite them every single night before going to sleep in other narrations, where there's no doubt about them in such in

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such a Bukhari and Muslim that appropriately sermons we mentioned that yo mo Juma he recite this surah and to get it right with his Surah Al insaan. You recite this surah. So why would he read these two sutras? Why specifically these two sutras are read in salatu Fajr or yolmer. Juma as they be Tamia Ramadan, and he highlights the hikma the wisdom behind this, because these two sort of speak about the creation of the human being, and speak about the end of the human being as well inside the surah and why you started Dyneema your cone. So and also prepares helps the individual yesterday Ulema yakun for the person to begin to prepare what will begin to take place. So Allah

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talked about Makkah, what existed before, before the creation of us rest of us human beings through the creation of Adam La Silla and what happened to Adam and what happened at the end of time and an encouraging us, for us to prepare for that day in front of Allah subhanahu wa Tada and likewise, define Imam Assad inside intercede, he mentioned. This is a completion of the creation of the human being, or your Muslim I just saw the beginning of the human being is mentioned that both of these sutras as you mentioned, the completion of human being took place on your mudroom and various narrations that we find that Allah has carved out then on the on the Yeoman Jumeirah, he took a

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demon earth, he took the the earth the various forms of the earth. As for her why Maha was suada, he took the the various types of soil on the face of this earth. And he put them together. And they they from there, you fired up the Buddha, Wahhabi to her, the good and the bad of the soil and put it all together. And that was the human being. So does he find it from the human being, if I'm taking over Wahhabi, through her does he find from human beings those who are good in nature, and those who are bad in nature, unfortunately, because the soil is of various types, that's when you begin to construct buildings that dig down into the earth, because don't look at the surface of the

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earth. They look deep down into the extracts of the soil to see the if this is the soil strong, will establish a building upon it. And as we find throughout the Quran, Allah Spanish always speak about the establishment of the soil of the ground of that being strong ground, strong impact of that ground, whoever builds upon it are the main Setsuna Ibrahim, that that that corrupt soil that corrupt earth that corrupt lawn manner mean Arar, it has no establishment, that when the heart becomes corrupt, when a heart deviates away from Allah subhanaw taala. And as we find that we add all throughout our lives, this concentration upon the heart, the soul, the heart is the key element,

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that that diverts a person between a home for him cholesterol habito Ebola, Jabba cartripple hubbies for Takala Yun Al Bab and Ser Allah and Allah mentions that those which are pure and impure are not the same. Why can't some of us see impure

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things because there is a report. There's a shrouding. There's a veil. There's a seal upon our side. Notice on our side, Allah says there's a side or there's a ceiling on the hearts caliber runner and Apollo Bhima. Can we accept moon? Nay indeed is Iran an alum of the fussy basement headin towards the cinema Timothy, the Ron is a is a rushed, is a rush that comes on the heart of the individual. Every time a person sins, a black dot A Nocta comes in the heart individual and he sins again and another dot comes upon the heart continuously seems until the heart is seen and it becomes difficult for a man to penetrate into the heart of the individual. The heart becomes a heart which is harsh.

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Amongst the first examples in Santo Quran. Allah speaks about the rock. Why did Allah speak about the rock about the harsh of his various types of rock? But then even then Allah concludes that from these rocks, the rocks that do what they say Allah minha Shatila Allah speaks even a rock shape or German, an inanimate object. Allah says a rock face Allah and Allah begin to dissect this this parable saying that is a rock a hard substance can begin to become one that submits to Allah the what is wrong with the heart of the human being. And Amelia Dena aminu and Tasha Kulu musically live Amanda Zilla minute Hawk, Allah says certain Hadid, the 57th chapter Quran Hadid Ming the iron,

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strong metal you know if you study your Quran in great detail you find certain is placed in certain location where you cannot even imagine a human can't imagine why Allah places certain verse certain Kalama in certain locations. So the person would think about this surah speaking about the benefits of a hadith which rightfully mentions, but right inside that Surah mentioned about the eye and the inside there, has no time come for the believing individuals, that the heart becomes submissive and focus towards Allah subhanahu wa taala. So inside the surah quit,

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look glory or look in the Surah various Ayat inside the surah just to help us to give us a rough rendition and to build upon our Imam to go back and read the surah that we should be reading on a daily basis elephant I mean 10 Zero Kitab Allah begins speaking about Alif Lam Meem we mentioned in on in general, the Quran whenever it speaks about Alif Lam in various really matter first he tried to dissect it means this it means that but most strongest view, which has been documented by Shutterstock every time and is Mukunda mafioso Lee Tafseer he said these were these haruf Elmo Kuchta a be presented to, to the Arabs, he has an Arab given as a miracle to these Arab individuals

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that take these Heroux take these 14 letters that come in various formats inside the Quran Alif Lam Meem Alif Lam membre mean thought katha. Yeah, I installed Hamin etc. Take these various letters, because you are people for Saha or bellezza of rhetoric of speech or poetry to mesmerize people with your words, in a hadith, right in the middle biryani, let's say Hara from your speech is magic. They are able to indoctrinate people with a speech that these individuals that they had. So Allah says take these, you know, you know, by aid, you know far away from these haruf This linguistics and his language and his letters use these letters to compile something that the Quran for mosquito and you

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know, able to do that like what the Monza Mashery so hibakusha before me he highlights exactly the same meaning that these are these letters are a challenge to mankind, or bring something like the Quran then Allah mentioned about the book, which is the general nature of the oldest hero that Allah establishes the strength of the book, because whatever comes after is going to be easy to bury the once you have that conviction. These are the words of Allah subhanaw taala, tansy, Lupita billary, Buffy may have been Alameen These are the words of ALLAH Hunter sent down. Now right Buffini there's no doubt about this mill rock mill Allah mean from the Lord of the Worlds when a person has that

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beginning as we mentioned, Surah Baqarah was the beginning. Now why does he know down? When your belief in the Quran strengthens your conviction? Then you can begin to understand what the journey to Quran is that we don't find these questionings that Muslims present. Is there really a day of judgment? Is there really paradise? Is it really helpful? Is it really defined decreed? Is it really this? Is it really here after it was a really a messenger will really the bedroom Arabs rise once again when Islam really become conquered? Really conquer would it rude? Will it be an Armageddon? Would it be an Mohamed Cobra is the antigen is it your juice? Is it my dude? This continuous

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question comes from where at lack of kiloton famine Quran is a basic concept is the lack of reading the Quran studying the Quran, because Quran is Debian and he couldn't be shame. The Quran is explanation of every single thing in terms of belief. So the less you read the Quran, the more these doubts come into your mind.

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The more this question comes into your mind, I mentally said we don't need to go to great theology. You read through the Quran and the answers are placed in black and white, what Allah tells us to do inside our lives. Then Allah mentioned Allah the Hala kasama what you LaDonna Pena whom if you sit at the ATM for Mr. Wang and ash, Allah Tada, you want to create the heavens in the F one my Bay no Houma and whatever is between them in six Days to muster where an urge to manually could be generally subhanho wa taala. In seven places inside the Quran, Allah mentions footmaster wa ala. And this shows the concept aloo loftiness highness of Allah subhanaw taala made bearable fitrah will

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occur when new souls from Texas have the person's belief in the natural fitrah that a person when it called when they implore upon Allah subhanaw taala. They raised their side, they raised not even in fact they raised their body, they raised their Kullu il Allah subhanaw taala Ilahi your fo mo Sala to Allah subhanaw taala goes to good words, your follow, it's lifted to Allah, it travels to Allah subhanaw taala that's the belief what Allah, even children, what was their belief? When you ask them in Allah? Where is Allah? What's they believe? They look up to the heavens? Is the natural fitrah that Allah Subhana Allah is above the seven heavens upon his arch come ionic will be generally that

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befits His Majesty, that's the belief the creative and the serenity when gemera and Allah mentions his seven plays inside the Quran. So person should have question about what the Quran says about belief in Allah subhanaw taala that we mentioned that more a person knows about Allah Spandana even though person will never know Allah will my booty 2 million in me Illa Kalina personally know certain references that Allah is going to highlight inside the Quran to bring the individual close to Allah subhanho wa Taala they only can only Mulcahy AB was shahada and Aziz Ibrahim, that is Allah is the One who knows the seen and the unseen that Allah mentions Aziz Rahim. Allah is Allah Aziz a

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merciful you know, even the names of Allah is probably inside the Quran. Why does Allah sometimes say Aziz and Hakeem Allah for Rahim, R Rahman AR Rahim, even that is a unique science. There's a reason behind it. Why alternate? Because we couldn't be McCann, only Colima calm or equally Aya for every station every place every if there's a reason behind it, that we can't seem to understand. Inside the Surah it becomes evident that Allah is Al Aziz and likewise, he's a Rahim Allah shows his power and dominance and save them He shows His mercy inside the surah that what he will do to those individuals who disbelieve and what he will give to those individuals out of His mercy towards the

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believing individuals and let the asin Akula shine, the one who perfected everything in Calais, in creation, what better call call insert even clean, I made the human being from claim that Allah mentioned that he made the human being me Matt in Maheen and some people got to say is despicable water, but other animals say mean Matt in Bife they look at the water of the human being how this individual becomes the so called powerful individual. And in such short insert remind you read these two surah Allah said inside the beginning that Allah created the human being from the from the Nautica, that which is mixed with the man and the woman. And then from the if an exiting of the

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human being that we find that we gave him sight. We gave him the ability to speak or to hear and sight we given this individual for what purpose for a person to be in Masha Theron Oka fora that Allah gives us these faculty to see whether we're going to be grateful individuals or ungrateful individuals towards Allah and Allah. And Allah mentioned what Allah was some LM Surah when as either kalila matter screwed, Why did Allah create the human being? Why is he giving us faculties of seeing and hearing and perception and feeling and okul for purpose? kalila matter scroll literally is that you give Thanks to ALLAH, these faculties that Allah has given us, for a to us have been given

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placed for us to give thanks to Allah Subhana Allah does he find every single faculty can undo much smaller in the sum our bus route further in the faculties of hearing, seeing intellect, all of this is going to be asked but Allah not on the Day of Judgment inside so to move that will be mentioned recite every single night ALLAH SubhanA manger the same thing put will let the unshare a comb my hair with a difference of he's the one that who created you bought into existence and gave you sight and hearing and seeing that you may become grateful to Allah subhana damages What did they say? We'll call it a banana will or be in Luffy Han injure deed the rejection of returning back to Las

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Hamdallah. Either dollar know that if we become dust will come scattered become lost, meaning that the body of the human being a decomposition becomes part of the earth.

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Are we going to be resurrected once again? Once again, this cliche that the world that we live in that enjoy life to the best of your ability

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There is no hereafter. There is no reckoning, there is no resurrection. That's why many of our Muslim youth what life do they live? What did we say? Let me enjoy my life. You know when I get to your age poster scene was 16 or 17. When I get to the end of my life, when I've done every single haram thing in my life, when my bones are tired, my life is tired. I'm sick and tired of it, then on October in Allah,

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but you know, strange is that not just some, how many of them never make it to that Toba? How many of them never make it to that Toba? Because Sonata lob, that's the son of Allah, Allah upon this earth. That the ALLAH SubhanA knows those people who really want to move towards inside that direction. He knows them Subhana Allah, so he grants him the Tofik He grants them the ability to turn to Allah and Allah then Allah give this clear warning towards these people agnostics atheists and to us as well. Cool get the welfare co medical motility killer become familiar or become toward your own. Say that the Angel of Death

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Coolio Falco, medical mode, this angel of death that stands over all of us in some asset that we find the Angel of Death comes to everybody's home, five to six to seven times stands outside the home stands there is not granted permission until Allah has given permission without the Angel of Death to enter to take the Cooley agilely mucem Every soul has appointed time that would be snatched and taken away. You can't escape in a no matter Coolio, Drake Kumamoto, welcome to fi brugia Musha. guida wherever you are deaf will come to you. Wherever you happen to be in a fortified palace. strengthen yourself in a palace. Go to wherever you want to protect yourself from def def come or

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come there and another place for a no moolah t

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it will meet you wherever you happen to be on in a motel editor for Runa Minho, you know Allah Quran is deep rhetoric language the Quran is very deep, called a nonmotile editor for Runa Minho, that depth you try to run away from all of us. We try to run away from death that's what the Quran said that death you're trying to flee away from. For it no moolah people, it will meet you in your faces, it will meet you eventually appointed time comes for you to be lifted returned back to Allah subhanho wa Taala then Allah mentions will alter our image remove the nerve tissue su see him if you only to see these Muturi mean

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these these criminals on the Day of Judgment Nevsky su cm, you find that their heads are lowered in a state of humility debased, feeling upset about their life upset what took place, and they will say Our Lord give us time. Let us come back to this earth for jedna nochmals Solea and in Kenwood how many times we find that inside the Quran, they say Allah let us come back to this earth. Notman Sala Han so we can do some good actions. In Mookie noon, we're going to be full of Yaqeen and believe in such sutra may noon, the people they will say let us come back to this earth. So we can come back and do righteous actually same thing by Allah says love Canada in Kalamazoo a PA elucha These are

00:33:13--> 00:33:59

empty, vain words. These are vain words. You had your ample opportunity. warming water. I'm perusahaan Illa Yomi Yoba iPhone, there's going to be a buzzer a barrier, a shield. Remember once you cross this dunya you got to split the buzzer and you enter across the other side the buzzer no one comes back to live the story or tell the story. There's no returning when you leave this don't go past the buzzer. You've gone into the interspace a bunch of is the interspace Bane muy bien dunya. What Accra? What Bama painted dunya was Jannetty one now. The buzzer is the interspace between this world and Paradise, this world and Jahannam uh sorry, US Soccer. That's what it is. The

00:33:59--> 00:34:07

interspace don't think that Jenna wanna is buried. You're clear my day judgment begins when you entered the grave.

00:34:08--> 00:34:39

Don't think is far away. When you died, you've entered into paradise, or you've entered into the hellfire. That's just the beginning. Because the blessings inside the grave are just a shadow image of paradise that will come from the individual. And the punishment inside the grave is just a shadow image of the punishment of come continuously for individually inside Accra. It's a subtle move. We're calling oh goodness mo na Illuma could Nafi us have a look at excuses. If we had internet we could hear

00:34:40--> 00:34:59

look at a man of intellectual people who don't believe in Allah Panda, no matter intellectual people who back down to shrines and statues who worshipped their own selves who worship female private parts, who stones rocks and it came to the intellectual, spiritual uplifted individuals that we find the world is surrounded by

00:35:00--> 00:35:43

Why should we why should we feel? Why should we feel upset about a belief such as simple belief, bowing down submitting no images, no depiction, a simple belief bang down on the sand wherever you happen to be submitting to Allah Subhana Allah, you know, even though it creates a man in people who see visualize that when they see the submission of a Muslim to Allah subhanaw taala, it creates a man inside their life. And the problem is our problem, because we don't allow them to see what Islam is, we deliver to them a cultural depiction of Islam. If we showed him there's really monotheistic belief in submission to Allah subhanaw taala. So then it is excuse to be taken away, that the

00:35:43--> 00:36:19

intellect would lead them to Allah Subhana Allah, and we're surrounding them at times from coming towards Allah subhanaw taala in other places in the Quran is because he remains what I would do like a duly man who and who were in Nome, look at the board. When they say let us come back to this earth. Allah says that if we brought them back to this earth, and we let them stay upon this earth, they will return back that we should be prohibited from doing what they normally tell the board and they're liars. They're lying individuals, then strangers, Allah says straight off into what called in here in the hatred of dunya woman, no Bhima boo, Thien strangers that Allah says straight after

00:36:19--> 00:36:55

this verse, that they say, What is this? This is life and enjoyment. We're never going to be resurrected in front of Allah subhanahu. What do we find that Allah kind of speaks about the believing individuals and the reward given to these individuals that that Jeff had, you know, whom I didn't nobody had the honor of being home from Obama. These individual those who forsake their beds, give up their sleep, and they call upon Allah subhanaw taala in the depths of the night and they spend the wealth that Allah has given them. Here you find a coupling of spirituality of belief and physical, physical display of the obedience towards Allah Subhana Allah, he finds ways to begin to

00:36:55--> 00:37:34

describe what is this forsaking the beds at night, somebody says pm will lay a slot to lay that we find other said is coming to fajr prayer for Isha prayer, waiting for these night prays that they forsake their beds for sake they sleep for sake, the rest, but most conclusive view is that they at nighttime, that forsake their beds in the extra obedience, and coming close to loss contact, so every Saturday, Imam Saturday's editor said he mentioned that's what the reward of these individuals is hidden. Because the actions are hidden from mankind. So the reward is something we can't imagine. So the reward that Allah gives to these individuals is what No, I don't know it has heard and what

00:37:34--> 00:38:13

no individual could comprehend and understand Jessa and be McAdory or Malone, rewarded what they used to carry out upon the face of this earth. And there's numerous narrations mentioned about this as a way of the Salinda righteous individuals were defined in a narration mentioned an individual asked the Prophet alayhi salatu salam about asked about paradise How can I be inside paradise? He said and if not missing the Hadith more either be Jebin you asked about something so so grave, so so magnificent, ya know your zero lemon yes sir Allah Allah who is going to be easy for whatever ALLAH SubhanA makes it easy for that individual and inside along the Hadith and mentioned various actions

00:38:13--> 00:38:49

till eventually mentioned those who carry out this action of praying to look around for the darkness and then it mentioned the reward paradise as we mentioned for these individually these iron read so that in turn when you talk to him and get him in fitted in, you read the whole page that you find there'll be there'll be around them, young young boys coming around them who come with him and give them drinks in God bits of silver were given to these individuals. And like one or two for adding we'll learn Mohana dude, if one is young boys becoming approaching them, presenting these gifts to these individuals, we need to read about this to strengthen our Eman in belief in what Allah has

00:38:49--> 00:39:32

given the believing individuals and a hadith good today for added to labor this Salafi malar Anakinra What are Odin on some yet what are what are called be basher are preparing my my believing sevens what No, I have seen what no eight has heard. And a concept understanding is under no individuals human beings capability while less prepared for the believing individuals. We find it read the hadith of Musa alayhis salam it's a Muslim, whereby he asked Allah Subhana Allah, who is adna Rodolphe Jana who is the most least person inside paradise safely, Yara, give me the descriptive nature, the least person inside paradise, Hadith such a Muslim, Allah Subhana Allah says

00:39:32--> 00:39:59

that, you know the person that the king on this earth and Malik Malik dunya what the King may possess and own in the face of this earth. Well, I've got Mytho who you're going to have like that. It doesn't stop there. What mismo what Miss Liu what Miss Liu will miss the home until the fifth time person says ready to era that says I'm satisfied. If you give me what the king of this earth what they own and five times

00:40:00--> 00:40:39

over what they possess, I will suffice to that. But Allah increases it to what to 10 times over how the adna Rodolphe agenda this is a least personal agenda for masa Illa, Allah Allah, Roger oficina, then you ask who's the most highest person in general will be given to the individual and are mentioned I'm going to give the individual the I've planted the trees with my own hands. I've conceived for this individual what No, I can completely understand. This is a blessing that Allah can give to the person, the highest ranking individual inside any an Astra all of this is a form of encouraging of individual search for what is His blessing of Allah Subhana Allah. Then in

00:40:39--> 00:41:16

conclusion, the surah once again speaks about the ending where coluna Mata hadn't met who when will this victory come? Or when will this punishment come just at the beginning? Well, this this, this concept of resurrection, or questioning the prophet as I'm questioning Islam, the end of the surah as well, that the question when will it come? And Allah wounds these individuals, that on that day when the opening it comes, it will not benefit those individuals who disbelieve in Allah subhanaw taala what to whom Yun Varun founded and whom 1/3 year in Norman Tagi rune, turn away from these individuals who don't believe towards Accra, and let them wait. And we will wait and we'll see what

00:41:16--> 00:41:53

the end result will be. And as we said that to these agnostics and atheists and people don't believe in Los Angeles, wait and see what the end result would be that way when you die, then you will meet your Lord. Then when then you can then you can question Where is Allah? Because when you die then you can then you can pose that question words Allah will mean you're here or remain who's going to be who's going to give life to a remain to the death dust and bones into the end of psoriatic who's going to give it life. Allah will then show this individual what the end of the life would be an endo sort of insert in Allah allimand Hakima your Lumia shelfie Rama T will fall in Mina Abdullah

00:41:53--> 00:42:36

Omar Durban Alima and also people who are pressive individuals, those individual in the LA Cana Alleman Hakima. Life is all knowing and wise. As we began with judgment lies with Allah subhanaw taala he knows what to give to each individual. And Allah mentions your Lumia shelfie Rama at the end of sort of insert as a form of Babel to receive that Allah enters whomever he wants into his mercy and then the warning what Bali Mina Abdullah other been Alina and those who are the oppressors, the oppressive individuals, then Allah has prepared a super severe punishment for those individuals. May Allah Allah lead us towards that which is an eternal blessing inside this dunya

00:42:36--> 00:42:42

eternal blessing inside of Accra eternal blessing inside the grave and inside an Astra be doing himself without any accountability or reckoning.