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Could lumen and I have fun?

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Every single thing on the face of this planet in his universe will finish with die. Why up couch Rebecca vajilla Diwali crop and the only thing that will remain will be the sublime face of Allah subhanaw taala I don't want that remains in boiler that in Wakulla boiler let him finish

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of the praising Allah Subhana Allah and sending him his greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early who was seldom we mentioned that many of us rightfully seek from the Quran or read the Quran to gain a spiritual uplift and emotional feeling, conviction and devotion towards Allah subhanaw taala we concluded that there's nothing wrong with having that feeling and reading the Quran. Providing a person doesn't believe that certain specific verses or certain Ayat will alleviate them unless it's been prophesized or stated by the Prophet Muhammad Allah Allah Hardison, them so we find it the Quran. Easy to Eman the Quran increases the Eman of the

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individual. As the Quran itself speaks even the verses of Allah Subhana Allah are reciting recite it upon them that the term Eman increases them in Eman in other places are the Quran mentions that it makes the hair on their body stand up, stand still. Because of the nature of the Quran, the ayat of the Quran the impact that it has, and likewise makes individuals go down in a state of frustration, whether it be the physical frustration inside the Quran, the kinds of 15 locations of physical or spiritual frustration of the heart, submitting to Allah subhanahu wa taala so we stopped on Surah Yaseen, whereby we mentioned as people read the surah for spiritual uplift, or the lifting of the

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soul from the human body. We said there could be some element of authenticity towards that, that this surah contains the concept of death or returning back to Allah subhanaw taala Anna, but as for to specifically state that this will alleviate the soul of the dying individual is not a strong proof in itself. Inside his soul, we found how the man was so the cosmos alone. This is what a rock man has promised. And the messengers that been said to us have been truthful acknowledges as well. Even though the SIOP the context of this ayat is not speaking about Gemini speaking about the punishment that Allah has pumped and is still using hardware malware, Abdur Rahman, this was a

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Rahman has promised, before we enter into the Mercy of Allah Subhana Allah, we want to highlight the evil in the name or recommend the use of Batman inside the Quran, a still contains a sense of power, a sense of punishment, a sense of justice, because as we mentioned previously, that many of us we listen to certain sources of the Quran and we begin to think this may be the message or some of us unfortunate don't even understand the message. We just let it play that we find in many of the shops in our community find that in the morning, they just play Surah Rahman, just play the surah that they find is a form of, as we mentioned, spiritual uplift or Baraka, or earning the Rama at the

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mercy of Allah Subhana Allah, if only the and is understood this surah that isn't just sway between the Mercy of Allah even as a large portion, that is sort of focus upon it also speaks about the punishment inside the surah of Rahman that we find that Imam sad is that is to see really makes the fear of Adam, our other Rockman from Surah. Yaseen. He highlights this point that Allah is using the name AR Rahman. And this is what he's promised for the pantry the going to face. It doesn't just carry a concept of leniency, paraphrasing the words it goes a far more deeper meaning. And then he numerate various verses from the Quran to prove what he's trying to highlight and more cuyama Anil

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hubco Rahman, the milk the kingdom ship, the domination of power on that day would be the Rama will be belonging to Allah Subhana Allah. So Allah uses the name Subhana Allah Rahman. In surah Paha wa Shatila swore to the ramen fella to smell in the hum sir. Well Harsha to the US word you find that the voice is will become humble become silent, will become submissive towards a rush man fell at the smell Illa hum sir, you're only going to hear whisperings. When brings a people I know shallow voice of people because no one can speak in front of Allah Subhana Allah without these permission subhanaw taala and even these are yet even this whole Surah surah Taha it has a spiritual dimension as well

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if you read the surah and see how the surah begins, how it ends and how every Aya ends with Elif MK Sora and prior to that we find Surah Meriam inside Surah Merriam you expect the story to be speaking about the Mercy

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Allah subhanaw taala and a strange thing inside this surah Allah Subhana Allah mentioned some 16 times uses the word for the name or Rahman inside is makansutra and the Quran is quite unique because these more bits of information helps you to understand and dissect the Quran or Rahman is only used inside of Quran in the beginning such subtle Fatiha and an only once inside certain Baqarah verse 163

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That he's Allah R Rahman Rahim that he is the one and only Allah R Rahman r Rahim is only use that sort of bucket and you traverse the Quran.

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And Imran and Nisa Admah in the Al Anon, all the way to Surah Yusuf about the use of Allah never uses a rough man never uses it. Quite strange is that Allah Allah never uses his name to Panda, Rama and in all of these sources, which are predominantly Medina and Saurus. The most usage of Rockman is inside the MK consumers. That law speaks about AR Rahman and you see the Manassa before our ramen you find surah and comer, speaking about the Day of Judgment, that the moon has been cleft asunder

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F Tabata, Sir, one shot on

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the hour has come close.

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And the moon has been left at Sundance we split apart. And some early I said this is a proof of the side of the of the Prophet of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam that he split the moon in half, split up invisibly is a visible mortgage is a miracle that was shown to those people at that time. There's a read Imam, and by hockey's de la luna booga, about the prophet hood signs of the Prophet of the prophet Elijah some written eight volumes, handwritten, printed in four volumes. Read Imam soo T's work speaking about the miracles of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, you know, this is something that we lack inside our lives, it's just it just theological reading.

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You need to read about the Prophet right some to place these ayat in context, placed where he was strict with people where he was leading with people, when he was upset when he was sad when he was happy, where he strove where he struggled, the words he used the way you interact with people. We don't have that in our lives. We don't have that in our lives because we just read things black and white. And we were very quick to apply. Apply upon people apply how the profit is from he applied in his life. That's what that's the sooner many of us luck inside our lives, because we don't we lack wisdom. Without wisdom and understanding his practice. He had a far deep insight that any of us can

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ever imagine. At times, we find moments of leniency manotaur, so we're being lenient towards people even rebelling against Him. People say we're only going to read X amount of praise. We're only gonna do X amount of actions. But he had that for us. So the incident from their loins from their people is only going to be a matter of time that we're Eman clicks into the heart and their mind, they're going to come of words. They're going to come in troops in groups, towards the faith of Allah Subhana Allah, that's what we need to persevere, doesn't really my spoken about figured out a way of giving Dawa to people. It's not about begging people stand still in front of you and making them

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acknowledge right there. And then and and to walk away from them. It's tarbiyah of the soul, the mind. There'll be a way that you interact with people to fill their Eman and that's what the surah fills people with Eman reminder of Allah Spanner. So the MK consort that you find is a bath when you show what Arcada what Jana Werner is to fill people with Eman with the final day resurrection, believe in Allah subhanaw taala agenda winner because when that fills into a heart of a human being, it's simple. It's simple how the hell are we have the Haram is simple for a person because their heart wants to serve a man. So they can abstain from so many things inside their life, but they can

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carry so many things. But if it just becomes the display of Eman and you impose upon people this what a man is, it will only be mattered and a person begins to collapse towards Allah Subhana Allah and as Allah mentioned, in the Matakana feed genetic one, aha it's a disorder before Surah Al Kamara, 54 surah. As we mentioned here, Allah concludes the sort of I mentioned a believing individual gain to be inside paradise, the gardens and the rivers flying with them. And then he mentioned the Makati said okay, in the Maliki Muqtada. They will be sitting on the truffer couches.

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They'll be sitting on the places of Thrones to be sitting there in the Malik in Moqtada. Sitting in front of whom and Malik who Allah, the powerful Allah Subhana Allah then Allah begins the following Surah by saying a Ramadan and lemon Quran who is the one that you will be rejoicing with that you will be in front of

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It is a Rahman a Allah who are ramen and lemon Quran, that if you want to gain the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala the key beginning thing is what? Allah man Quran, he sent down the Quran upon us. That is the Mercy of Allah. There is a blessing of Allah that we should be rejoicing in that he sent us a book guidance that you know when many people ask this question day in day out again, give me some whip, give me some ticket, give me a sign, I pray to Allah to give me a sign that Islam is the truth. These are Muslims. Maybe non Muslims can pose that question they can rightfully may be asked that question but most of them give me a sign the sign is dead, the Quran.

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The Quran is a that is the everlasting miracle for believing individuals. So Allah says a rough man and Lemma Quran he's the most merciful who taught the individuals the Quran and then the spiritual remedy inside his Surah

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out of 78 verses, Allah continuously mentions to be a or b Kumar to calorie burn 31 times from 78 verses Allah repeats this will be a

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Europe B Kumar to Kenzi burn and demand a near term, the blessing which of the Blessings of Allah are you going to deny for view the jinn and the human beings? Allah is repeating this again and again this concept of chlorophyll Quran just by in Surah comer Welaka just suddenly Quran Allah vicar Farhaan me Madatha four times, Allah mentions that sort of Amara, we made the Quran easy to learn if you don't want to pay attention to this, so I recommend and lemon Quran Quran is easy. It's easy, is to uphold the Quran is difficult. To live by the Quran is difficult to practice the Quran is difficult. So the Imam has a bunch of meant Mr. He said that a note could be put under note Quran

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Allah makes it easy to recite the Quran to read the Quran. But the implementation of Quran is something which becomes difficult upon many of us. So this surah AR Rahman the only time that Allah the name of Allah is used. For sure that is 55th Surah of the Quran 78 verses a Makhan surah Allah username R Rahman is the only place inside the Quran as Surah begins with the name of Allah Subhana Allah, other Illuma said that there is a crucial Quran Arusha Quran that literally means bright or means the beauty of the Quran is a remember this duration but if gender is very weak, people call the Quran Arusha Quran. What is more authentic and established is inside the Son of Man, Timothy, is

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that this the name of the Surah Surah Rahman the prophet shall be called a Yeoman. He came out one night and he read or one day came out and he read sutra man with a Walia in Korea. He read surah man from the beginning to the end, and the content companions for circa two they were silent.

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He said, paraphrasing the Hadith, what is the matter with you? Well, yesterday I read the surah algin. I read it to the jinn. And every time I came to for bat, let Robbie Kumar to cut the burn. Then you find that the gene that they responded to Allah subhanaw taala responded to the Prophet Allah Shea Minette Motyka Robin and Lucas the Pelican hummed the ginger that we don't reject any of your blessings, you herb. So every time it was said for be a net you're a big Kumar to can demand they responded. They responded that we don't reject any of the blessings. And that's what this repetitious nature of this, some Malema said one is repetitious nature to remind us

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of the blessings of Allah and other Redeemer they said that every time is mentioned look at the context as if it is subject in itself, that look at his blessing of paradise. Are you going to reject this blessing? Look, if blessing of these fruits, are you going to reject Him? There is blessing of this brocade of sin of ornaments of garments are you going to reject them. So every time is made as if it is a phrase in itself. Being a hijab on the person's linguistic they say that the person said that they do not do this for you. They do this for you and that and that and that relisting each favor. So there's one other menial Furby, a lady Ravi Kumar to catch the burn. So you

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find that Surah a Nan the 16 pseudo Quran the other name that some other Mata Farsi they call it is Surah Nam and naturally speaking about the be the 16th chapter Quran but read the 16th chapter read the surah is a name is just blessing after blessing after blessing bestowed upon the human being. And if you just set the Quran it's nothing but blessings upon the human being. So Allah Subhana Allah mentions I recommend that he's the one and lemon Quran that he's the one who taught us the Quran. As I'm sad he says, I've seen some Sukira now you do LU Allah Rama T

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Then Allah chose what is His mercy or guiding us to His Mercy of Allah Subhana Allah mentioned is by entry into the Quran and how the servants can gain this blessing of Allah Subhana Allah Emblica theories editor see dimensions and know until Allah battle Quran warrior Surah hifter who were Fatima who? Element reima Whoa, that this Quran, Allah Allah makes it easy for that individual who wants to come towards Allah Subhana Allah to remember the Quran to preserve the Quran to understand the Quran does he find out the Quran is is like a like a cabin,

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that you have to hold tight to the cabin that I had when I first read chapters of of Hadith speak about holding fast to the Quran. That every time if you release the Quran, man you don't revise the Quran you don't read the Quran, it begins to walk away from you begins to go away from you. But the more that you hold fast to the Quran, the more that you preserve it the more it becomes into your mind into your heart. Then you also have many relevant dementia going back to sex somebody told me

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that what matter if I do that it'd be an agenda to Western if he suddenly woke him walking my enemies ever do to me? What can they ever do to me? And agenda to boustani? Fie, sorry, my gender my paradise lies here inside my heart. Rocket fu siru What is he referring to? He's referring to the Quran. As long as the Quran inside my chest there's nothing these people could ever do to me. They could break my bones they can do whatever they want to do to read the Quran inside my heart. I'm still in paradise. That's what they said my mom yet cool. Janitor Daniela miracle janitor Earth era. Whoever never enters the paradise of this world will never enter the paradise of the hereafter. What

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does that mean? There is no paradise inside this dunya. So why they're making this statement. If you don't enter paradise of this world, you'll never enter the paradise and hereafter is not speaking about paradise of materialism. It doesn't speak it that's not what it means. It means that the concept of spirituality inside your heart,

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the contentment inside your heart, you've entered paradise, your content, whether you're rich, you're poor, you're young, you're old, you're sick, you're healthy, whatever it may be calamities, other calamities, hardships, adversities, difficulties richness, whatever it may be, person is contained inside their heart. That's That's what belief is. That's what is it enter into paradise. So then when a person then this can moves from one platform to another platform, it becomes an easy transition. Then you just move from this world into the real world. Welcome fill up the Mr. Kern one Metallian Illa Hain is Allah said the biggest source of Bukhara, you on this earth Mr. Carr short,

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temporary time, what Metatron Illa heen and then provision for eternity will will be given and that's what the surah the main theme the surah begins to revolve around is about these blessings of Allah subhanaw taala but prior to that Allah mentions call upon insam

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We created this human being limita you notice we were going to ask about Why did Allah create the human being? As Muslims we don't we don't need to pose these questions. But these are questions are posed in our society around Why did Allah create the human being? Allah said it's that sort of area, the 51st chapter, verse number 56. What Mahato Jinnah will insert into the aboon are created the jinn and the human being for one purpose. Leah boo,

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boo boo nanny to worship only me to worship only Allah Subhana Allah ibn Abbas he said to you why he doin?

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To singular only Allah Subhana Allah for worship, via to insert a custom insert. The intent of placing the human being on the face of this earth

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is to remember Allah is to praise Allah in the beginning sort of Bucha look at the angels. They're disputing you're asking Allah Spandana at that moment, are you going to place upon the earth? But yes, we could Deema who's going to spill blood look at the world around us. Look at nature of the human being what did they do? Give him power? Give him my given a force what did he do spill blood?

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Well, yes, we could Deema spill a better picture that is asked a question how did he angels it works? How did the angels see this foresightedness that people are going to do this

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and is mentioned as gin resided upon the earth the gin lived upon the earth and they spilled blood. So the angels saw that or the agent had this foresight is understanding this human being is going to come and begin to spell blood. But yet Allah gave preference to the human being

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in the Allah may Allah Tala moon I know what you don't know that this human being is going to become the best of creation

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Best of creation, why Leanna who be actually because by his own submission his mind, he's going to choose to submit to Allah Subhana Allah, the angels will never ever disobey Lao Tzu. Nagahama Manomaya fallu Aluna maroon, they never disobey Allah. They're being commanded to obey Allah they will obey Allah subhanaw taala for eternity

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as a human being Yeah, he has a choice is a choice where he wants to submit or doesn't want to submit and Allah knows what the end choice is. So that's Allah gave the preference to the human being. And likewise Allah hand side is Surah mentioned that he created the human being Hello Colin sentiments on Salim Khalifa har. Allah created human being from clay, hollow clay, hard clay, read works with the fasciola created Adam and Islam took the Torah took the earth of different elements of this earth, red, yellow, brown, black mud, whatever we mixed it together made and in sun, that's what we come in different format. Some of us are harsh, some of the leading some of the brown some

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of us a yellow whatever colors we may be, that's why just like the Earth, we're all different, placed it together in a person, this hollow substance is clay body stood there, as a primitive as he dimensioned that then shaitan IBLEES he came and he entered into the human being some say that he sneezed and he said Alhamdulillah but again what is required but what seems to stand he when he saw the human being he saw this clay body.

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He said this is Jeff, this is a hollow body

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is going to be easy for me to overcome him.

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So easy for me to enter into His lusty desires, his mind his heart control him

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in a bad day coming home will Mokra seen

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except for a sincere worshippers of Allah is going to be difficult, difficult for shaytaan to attack and to overcome the individual

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who controls the knifes controls their mind that you find that a shape army. That's why leave that's why it doesn't need people say why don't non Muslim commercial correct Cofer because he's left me lost already.

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He drains them already inside the subsidy in this haram. He just diverts them. He doesn't need to make any effort upon them. He needs to make F upon the Muslims.

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He needs to make effort upon the Muslims. That's why every single day, they find he sends out his troops. He sends them out. He sends his soldiers out every single day. And they report back in for our shoe Alma and they report back to me they say that I've done this, I've done this, I've done this. I made him do this. I made him do that. He said you haven't done anything.

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One comes back when this combines and set him I made him divorce his wife.

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He taps him on his back he said you've done when

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you've done when? Why

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the rest of them are old vices and sins and and things that a person does. But why specifically did he praise this? This comrade? This soldier this platoon, why did he Why does he praise Him? Because He knows that now he's destroyed a family. He's destroyed an alma he's destroyed a community.

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He knows that. It so you find that person you rock this as to focus upon those core elements inside the home inside their family upon themselves, to protect themselves when histol Muslim to preserve and protect oneself from this onslaught of thought upon the human being. And NEMA who will buy this human being look at Allah describes us. Allah will buy and Allah gave a speech and fissara and Blanca

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gave us ability to speak prose. Address ourselves, speak, express our emotions. Allah mentioned sighs inside another so to najem

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that he's the one that makes you laugh. When that makes you cry, makes you weep. Gives the human being these emotional feelings that's what that's what human beings are. Emotional Tiger Hatter and insan Arlen when a man look I mean owns the human needs love, affection, compassion. Pa a partner at the Malaysian was roaming around in general he was lonely chasing a jeep. He had everything in paradise. He had everything yet he was lonely. How could he be lonely inside paradise? So let him talk from the rib of Adam hmm and made created however it is said that he could have a companion inside paradise.

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That's what human beings are. They need companionship they need love, they need affection.

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They need the world around them and that same word is transported again. Inside paradise when they enter with Allah subhanho wa Taala Then Aladdin speaks about this human being to a greater creation. A shampoo well coma was shattered

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The sun, the moon, the trees, that the museum the scale, all of this has been placed there by Allah subhanho wa taala. As I mentioned for me, let your A be Kumar to get the band The first beginning of this 31 times inside the surah that which of these blessings? Are you, human beings and didn't? Are you going to reject of Allah subhanaw taala that day in and day out, that you're breathing you're living and we can all see the world around us. You can see the attacks of even upon these non Muslim as human beings we should feel affection. We should feel affection to these people who are suffering and hardship they're going through and saying that we can't leave our country you can't exit we

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don't know what's going to happen to our children.

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If that's why, why does the professor mention Letterman no Laker or do we come? Never ever aspire to meet the enemy, never aspire to meet the enemy. But if you have to go to if you have to then remain steadfast?

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What if demand is destruction to them become orphans, women become widows. Nobody aspires for war that some people take this fringe movement of Islam and said Islam is all about war. It's not about war. It's not about war. There's only certain times that war comes into play. For the protection, Muslim sanctity and rights and regulations, or when an Islamic empire comes to that stage

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of spreading its parameters.

00:26:29--> 00:27:06

But with the world that we live in, we need to tackle on the ground the things that we're living in, rather than speak about abstract issues about the world. Tackle what's around us at the moment, while people are going through the spiritual belief that people need to be developed inside their life. So for B A, or B Kumar to cut the burn. So which of the Blessings are you both going to deny? Most of that really matter? First, you say first of all into virgin, these blessings will give it to the jinn and the human being. If they are sure inside the city goes to another view. He highlights it refers to the Muslim world taffy, Allah is saying to the Muslims and to the non Muslims,

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addressing both of them to be a rugby Kumar to cause the ban, which is a blessing do you reject? Not just you Muslims but you disbelieving individuals we've given you best yes well, acid or ramen.

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We want to go to linguistic Rama and they said a rock man is is for is for everyone.

00:27:25--> 00:27:30

We're here, Rahim. Lil Momineen what can I build me Nina Rhymer

00:27:31--> 00:27:41

and Rahim is only for believers Rama Rama Tala. As for our Rama and mercy of Allah to everyone on the face of face of this earth that we find it belongs to them.

00:27:42--> 00:27:49

A lament a rough man who is he called lumen adding a fun way of coach Rebecca will generally only Quran

00:27:50--> 00:28:02

could lumen Alia fan after all, his blessing of Allah, Allah we rejoice we enjoy in and what he's given us Allah mentions, you know, this is the context of the Quran every time he speaks in our blessings, it remind us the end

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end of everything that we've become so bogged down into this world is is filtered into our blood into our veins.

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Couldn't do man and I have fun.

00:28:15--> 00:28:32

Every single thing on the face of this planet in this universe, we'll finish with di wire covered should have bigger buccellati When it Crom and the only thing that will remain will be the sublime face of ALLAH SubhanA I don't want that remains is Allah.

00:28:33--> 00:28:35

Allah says it is Surah

00:28:36--> 00:28:41

Yes, aloo they asked him subhanaw taala called the Yeoman who officia and

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they asked him every single day they ask Allah Subhana Allah and he responds to every single individual. He responds to them gives him their blessings. And Allah Subhana Allah feels no no fatigue to do that. Yes, illumine fissa my word you will earn everything in the heavens and earth they ask Allah. They asked a rock man they asked him Subhana Allah Kula Yeoman who officiating in every single day he's responding and responding and responding.

00:29:10--> 00:29:42

Whatever the affair of the person it may be Allah response to them, that you want Allah Subhana Allah, that's what we should understand is that using an Earth man inside us applications, you know, as human beings person may get tired of asking and asking, asking, and they had eaten sooner, I'm Timothy. And then Abdul Rahman in Santa it Allah Miss Allah Hi, yah, Ali, that if you if a person doesn't ask Allah Subhana Allah, Yes, Baba Allah He. Allah gets angry with the individual.

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Why are you asking me? Why you know asking Allah rush man, as for me,

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first of all, ask Allah Subhana Allah, ask Him and He will he will respond. That he's a rock man, the one who answers

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Allah Allah mentions that certain other places are the Quran that Allah subhanaw taala could call it Allah or the rough man. A Yama third Ruffalo will a smell Hausner

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asked by Islam Allah, our man, whichever one of them you call by, he respond to you following a smell Cosna To Him belongs it was beautiful names and attributes. So to know that the name of Allah is more generally Allah as we mentioned, and how you are you and they as well is a ramen to implore to ask Allah subhanaw taala to respond to our needs and what we want. And then Allah President begins to speak about the last day and the punishment people will be facing. Has he Johanna malati you can do we have mercury moon, as you began with a rock man speak about mercy and blessings. It speaks about punishment as well. Because Quran is Bane and what are the world worried ouabain agenda

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to Nury Quran is between the promise and the punishment, we in paradise and hellfire. So Allah reminded those Moogerah Moon they're going to face this punishment you have to foon Urbina, Urbina hammy Minh and they're going to get from here today, baby Amin N. Some say how many men and women and right now the punishment will confuse you and we Manohar

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severe punishment. Severe boiling punishment will be giving to these individuals who disbelieve in Allah subhanaw taala and then comes the Rana Waldman half of mcomber Abhi this individual is Jana tan,

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whoever phase the standing in front of Allah Subhana Allah Allah gives the individual to gardens to Paradisus. At the end of the Quran, Allah mentions that a person individual one, man Munna, NAFSA, and in Hoher, for inner Ginetta el met where whoever controls the last they sold the desires for them will be what agenda there'll be paradise. This is a key element of the human being they control the lesson desert, people want paradise on this world.

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That's what non Muslims they want. They know that the statement is cliche, just just enjoy your life. Enjoy what you have in this world. Forget about forget about concept of resurrection and being bought for in front of God. And what's happened with this godless society trinkets amongst us Muslims, you know, let's just enjoy live wave free and horror. I'm free to do what I want to do live my life how I want, do what I want to eat. What I like to do is my body, my right and this feminist movements that they say is my body's my right. I do what I want to do with it.

00:32:50--> 00:33:00

We don't have no rights. We have the rights of Allah. That's what we have. That's what Allah speaks it in surah and for Khan

00:33:01--> 00:33:32

that ask Allah Subhana Allah is a ramen and he mentioned that his Surah that then the keys mentioned who are a bad rap man what a bad rap man and Medina yum shown and out of the Hohner way the hot amo J Luna Kalu Salah Marie de sia COVID At the end of SoTL for con a bad rap man who are able to recommend you don't become servants of Allah and obey the lip service. Later Eman will be determined me what are the heavy Eman isn't just aspiration false hopes and statements does not what a man is.

00:33:33--> 00:33:50

A man is is struggling is hardship. Overcoming one's desires. Gearing up for salatu Fajr as you traverse into the long summer days, see the number of people who can fudge it now in the winter towards the summer what's going to happen is going to trickle down and down.

00:33:52--> 00:34:20

Maybe once in a while steep may overcome an individual but it becomes a regular practice. Person is to question their Eman. slot in Asia becomes difficult harder nobody doubt enough. I No one's saying that. Islam isn't hard. There's certain things that are difficult. But the preference of he mentioned give glad tidings to those individuals who strive to come to the US press the to duck press A mache ina belaid of Ebola. Those who come walk in the depths of darknesses

00:34:22--> 00:34:31

give them the glad tidings. Why they forsaking their beds, their time, their energy. Why? They have a belief. They believe in our ramen.

00:34:32--> 00:34:36

They believe the arachnid Allah Subhana Allah will give me my jewelry award

00:34:38--> 00:34:42

just like you have this belief and is well that you will be paid at the end of the day

00:34:43--> 00:34:51

28th Of The Month all of us going to check our bank statements have not salary come in. We don't fall for it. We believe in it.

00:34:52--> 00:34:54

We're lacking color our hair Shall we falter Allah.

00:34:55--> 00:34:59

We question of law. That will Allah give me Will Allah give me reward

00:35:00--> 00:35:10

If I pray I false I do when Allah give it to me, where is it? Because it's a quick word, a quick fix, I want my reward now I've done this so Allah should give this to me.

00:35:12--> 00:35:13

Why should Allah give it to me?

00:35:15--> 00:35:58

Why should Allah give it? No one can question Allah subhanaw taala home use alone. No one can ask Allah Allah will ask us we will be asked for what we done is the wisdom of Allah Subhana Allah that He delays, he hastens, he places certain things for a purpose that hit Matoba he Banega immense wisdom of Allah as we began with we can understand with that for us, I was given to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam that he understood who was a Rahman he understood who Allah subhanahu wa Tada was, they will come to the main lobe that most people what they read, so to Rahman is paradise. And as we find a whole page or so, in concession is mentioned inside the surah speaking about the

00:35:58--> 00:36:41

blessings that Allah will give to the people of paradise. And as we mentioned many times that reads a Muslims Kitab agenda or Sefa tuna Aimia were earlier the book The chapter speaking about Paradise, and the blessings the people of Paradise, and those who would have a more deeper reading read it will tell you my Josie is a new Nia. I'll see the two new Nia 1000 lines of poetry 1000 lines of poetry about Akita a felucca to Nigeria and inside the whole hundreds of lines speaking about what is paradise was for Jana is called New Nia because every single line of poetry and Lemma will burn Allah gave the person Albion for Saha every single word ends with the letter known throughout these

00:36:41--> 00:36:48

1000s of lines of poetry and a whole section speak about Paradise. Allah Tala manger fie him or a nanny Nigerian

00:36:49--> 00:37:34

is going to be two rivers flowing inside paradise for the believing individuals. And I call the notice for formats of rivers inside paradise that we find rivers a pure water of honey, of milk, of pure wine. These are rivers in parallel with giving to the believing individuals for him a mean qualifier to Enzo Jan. Every types of fruits impaired we were giving to the believing individuals were gentle Jana, tiny Dan, if that is to guidance done in a manner that will just be there. person's going to be able to pluck the fruits or some element of as he mentioned, a branches will bend down. You think about it in your mind. In this digital world that people speak about, you're

00:37:34--> 00:37:38

able to give signals to things around you and begin to control them.

00:37:40--> 00:37:50

Now, this could be the pretext of this thought that signals are given to the branches and they will come down to the inside paradise. Welcome via mat tester he and Fuso comb,

00:37:52--> 00:38:28

tester he is what your what your soul desires, what you want, what you think about whatever you think will be brought to you, it will be given to the believing individuals and unlike while we find the other blessings inside the surah Allah subhanaw taala has mentioned then Allah mentions Al Jazeera al Hassan Al and Exxon what is the reward of goodness except for goodness? Meaning that you try to do this goodness inside this dunya you exerted yourself that Allah will give their due goodness will be given inside an arc are given to those individuals. Then Allah begins to discuss another form of Paradise is mentioned inside inside the surah as well we can go back and read the 78

00:38:28--> 00:38:59

verses to refresh our Eman and as we mentioned many times we're not here to make people feel sad we're here to awaken people awaken the Eman awaken they believe, awaken that conviction and awaken that this is what Allah Subhana Allah will give me if I traverse this powerful belief and conviction action towards Allah subhanaw taala to about a customer because in general even a Quran unless ends by completing the surah that glory belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala Anna

00:39:00--> 00:39:37

that's why the person even finished it the salah they make it similar to us application is mentioned to ALLAH SubhanA Ghana because even the blessing of coming to Salah the blessing to be able to read Salah you know that's what we hear it many times at admission people say Look how many people don't come to the mission. You know, we should we should thank Allah Subhana Allah is granted us that don't think that ability, yet even arratia mentioned our persons are sinful individual. He just comes and sits at the back of the masjid just takes part. You know, sometimes companions or like us individually poses a question, you know, this person what's he doing in the masjid? After we make

00:39:37--> 00:39:44

those remarks? We look at a person that we know that maybe didn't the best of individual whatever it may be. And we think that what's he doing in the masjid?

00:39:45--> 00:39:59

That's that's our human nature unfortunately. But look at the Hadith it mentions that even this individual comes and sits in a gathering remember last time to Allah, where that individual will not be wretched. With Jesus saw

00:40:00--> 00:40:44

The team in a gathering of righteous people away this angel to surround that gathering. That person will not be wretched, that person won't go away. Feeling wretched a person would go away with some spiritual Eman as we began with some droplets of Eman drops of Eman inside there inside their soul inside the heart. You have to be like a doctor giving medication. Trinkets drops that purify the heart, purify the mind, till eventually the heart becomes pure or the heart wants to burst out the heart yelling that I want. I want to return back to Allah Subhana Allah that we should place within ourselves in our hearts and our minds that we were yearning to meet Allah subhanaw taala to return

00:40:44--> 00:40:45

back to Allah subhanaw taala