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Murtaza Khan
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the importance of belief in Islam, protecting one's identity and desire with the use of words like "has been" and "has been." The physical and mental state of individuals is also discussed, including physical strength and the need for unity within one's lives. The success of Islam has led to a deep understanding of one's values, and the use of "has been" in various ways is highlighted. The concept of "haste" is discussed, highlighting the importance of avoiding bad behavior and protecting oneself from attacks.
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of the praising Allah subhanaw taala and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam continuing our journey with SOTL father or completing the surah because the theme continues some sort of follow up into Surah NAS, for the completion of the surah. These two sources and more with attain is a completion of the Quran are the links with the beginning of Quran to the end of the Quran that how the theme of the Quran begins, it also ends with that theme as well. At least the honor to beliee Subhana Allah the Quran begins by speaking about year cannot Buddha year canister in You alone we worship and You along we seek aid and

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assistance from and this surah completes that same journey. As if the whole the journey the Quran, is seeking aid and assistance with Allah subhanaw taala or via those actions that Allah tells us to do. Was there in will be somebody was salah, seek aid and assistance via patience and a Salah, the virtue, the furball of Salah, the power, the impact of Salah in the Sonata can her and in fascia he will monka a Salah takes an individual's away from alpha which takes him away from karate from evil and likewise SUBUD patients. So one becomes a physical display of action, of perseverance towards Allah Subhana Allah one's prayer, and the other becomes the perseverance of one's heart. This what

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many of us we lack inside our lives, a concept of spirituality that some of us can maybe carry out the dogma and theology what belief is, but internal belief of conviction, and trust and reliance and total dependence and asking Allah Subhana Allah, many of us may be far away from this concept of true Kurobe Illa Allah He Subhana Allah. So the Quran begins by speaking about only worship Me and seek assistance from me and the Quran ends by highlighting the same thing called out to be Rob bidness. The seek I seek refuge with the rub of nurse of mankind don't turn to mankind human beings, because human beings can't benefit any individual. Neither inside is dunya. Allah, Akira had Cara,

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it is only by the permission of Allah Spandana that even the Prophet Allah is going to be allowed to do a chef era when you go down in a state of frustration and set its application will be bestowed upon him that he never knew before. That he said to him raise, raise your head are scared it will be given to you in to see that intercession will be granted. So even intercession of the Prophet is or is it open, that some people may perceive and think inside their lives that is over reliance, that by default by being a Muslim, that are go to Jannah? By default, being a believer in the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, I will go to Jana. This is a if you can use such words, a concept of deviancy

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trickling into a belief and into Allah to become stagnant in our actions. That because I'm a Muslim, so by default, I deserve X, Y and Zed should be given to me and they should be no, no effort upon this. Dunya when the Quran is replete with is speaking my adult individuals of mankind men and women can affair see. Now you stole when the Quran speak and those people are rebellious and wicked individuals. Can they be like the believing individuals or those who are real believers and those who disbelieve in Allah Subhana Allah, are they going to be similar inside this dunya or similar inside Hera? So we should protect our souls with the belief and the conviction that Allah Subhana

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Allah is the one with infinite justice and mercy allow certain calamities or dimension certain difficulties to befall an individual. And he mentioned that many Roma dementia calamities that befall the individual if they awaken the individual, does he read the wisdom of and fitting of trials and tribulations amongst the Hichem the wisdom Tafawa at the furball the virtues are fitted in trials and tribulation is to awaken the person is to awaken individual to return back to Allah Subhana Allah and as we find that these four external elements in SOTL falak These are dangerous in itself the darkness of the evening the wickedness of those who blow or knots and the hardships that

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take place these are external attacks or ailments that can befall the individual what is stronger than that

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is attacks on the heart and let the user switch to fi so do the nurse that's how many tournament proceed to speak about those are four external elements inside sortal falak but more dangerous and that is your is your soul is your knifes you know many of us our soul is in a state of America can be Sue. It may look a bit in a state of always inclining towards evil as Allah meant that sort of use it in the NEF, Salah American Bisou Illa marinara be

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You know slowly, it's always cooling towards, towards harm towards, towards promiscuity even the context of these ayat is about use of Le Salam and the wife of Aziz we take the name in some words with the passage zuleikha. The, the context placed inside the environment the soul will awaken towards these kind of desires, towards the desire the person is surrounded in that environment, the soul will awaken towards temptation such nature, like with other souls, a dozer a soul which is love Whammer

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which which I hope that many other sometimes in a way in a good state, sometimes in a bad state, are we always questioning ourselves, blaming us or the Why did I do this? Why didn't I do that? And the final goal being enough to meet my inner being in a state of total peace and contentment, in that which Allah has decreed for individually is dunya. And likewise, more so instead of Akira. So the governing of the soul, the working of the soul is real spirituality. What is the key him? Allah had mentioned three or four times inside the Quran that the role of the Prophet alayhi salam is to purify them? What does it mean what is the key him what is purification, purification of the soul

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read numerous Words of Allah even regiment humbly Imam Al Ghazali. AB Tamia, it became a job to read the works about spirituality, the manifest forgotten to focus upon the inner soul, because the human being isn't a human being by their physical strength. That's one element of strength, a movement of Korea Habu in alignment with a brief Akuma correlation, Dr. Solomon Bofill is goodness inside is the strong believer is better than a weak believe it is no doubt the physical strength that a person has. They should be of that nature. But somebody's physical strength that we have, we can remove the blanket to wake up for sloth and Fajr. We find it hard to pray five times a day inside the masjid,

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to force us to do righteous actually do good actions. But we could do all these other physical strength buildings inside our life that if a person doesn't go to the gym, every single day they they get they complain. I'm losing my strength. What about the spiritual awakening within yourself? How many days are you aloof from the Masjid? How many days you away from Jamara? How many days are you away from fajr

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that stuff you need to build your spirituality to strength? Look at some of the companions not only more physically strong, but they had physical Eman, spiritual Eman within them. That people were worried about them. Because the strength of Imam Omar Ramita is Romito Allah to Allah Rama the strength of Eman Quwata Eman has a great strength of great power. There's some of us we undermine that what is Salah in Gemma there's more important things What's so important about salah how would that give us strength inside our lives? How will that give us unity inside our lives? How to make us conquer again once inside our lives for see roofing.

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Look at the state of Gemma, a Salah Bill Jamara look at how many people attend the masjid when people flocked towards it, focus upon it inside their lives is visible. So by default the physical state of us Muslims is what it is. It's just a reflection of our own selves. That's the beginning point a reflection of our own selves is what why we're living in this turmoil and it's tribulation that we find and a lack of focusing upon our own souls in our knifes. That's why I'm Sabu decided to see mentioned as we mentioned, seeking aid and assistance is how the Quran begins and how it ends as well.

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And worshiping Allah has carved out the first commandment inside the Quran. Yeah, your nurse or Buddha bacame Allah didn't say oh believing individuals or Muslims. Allah made this clip up yeah, uh, you are ness to the whole of mankind. Oh 101 I'm Phil Quran. The first commandment inside the Quran is to the whole of humanity to worship Allah subhana Dannah. And the end of the Quran is speaking about the whole of mankind, yet occur an ECM a nurse. A nurse occurred inside suit the nurse five times six or yet five times Allah repeats the concept of a nurse mankind human beings

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to highlight that the human beings no matter what rank and whatever, whatever, whatever position they achieve inside the life, they are all unto me Fukuro Illa

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below will honey we are only state of impoverished state in front of Allah Allah Allah Allah honey is all rich does it need any of us doesn't need our a bada that some of us may think that I'm being some great service to Islam. That might be a burden my worship, my righteousness, my goodness. It has nothing in front of Allah subhanaw taala instead a hadith could see that we find just like you You dip.

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You dip like a finger or a needle into the ocean what clings to it.

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That is that is after Allah PanDa has given everything on the face of this earth to every single individual or person become the best value

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individually face of this earth, or wicked individual, it has no impact upon the Dominion and the power of Allah Spandana that is pulled out to be robbed bidness seek refuge with the with the master the rub of ness of mankind. Don't seek refuge from people don't seek protection from people don't turn towards people.

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And as we find this completion of the Quran beginning to emerge Josie also highlights this great deep relationship between SUTA 30 and through to Ness. When Allah says Koolau the bit of bitterness, if you flip it over to sutra, Fatiha Allah says Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen All praise belongs to Allah Tada, Lord of the Worlds by default everything in the world in the heavens and the earth, human beings mankind the unseen what all of that the most is who pull out all the bynars foods into mankind as well. going out of business many keenness then law says after a verse it's up to the fatty have Maliki young me Dean that Allah is the king of Corrado many key or Maliki the king of the

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master the Day of Judgment

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Illa he nurse elementa Elementor shorteners suitor Fatiha year cannot Buddha year canister in the day at of mankind the one that needs to be worshipped and Allah says to the Fattah worship only me. One Mahalo to genuine insert Illa Leah Buddha one already created the Djinn and the human being except for to worship me to worship Allah Subhan Allah subhanaw taala were called even a birthday you were he doin? To singular only Allah subhanaw taala for a birder.

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That's what the human being is, had been designed and programmed for. When Allah said to every single one of our souls alleged to be Rubicam call Bella. Allah said to every single one of our souls this if you use the computer this program this chip inside our body is programmed, that before we came out in existence or production of the human being, every single one of us was asked this question in the heavens allow us to be rough people. Am I not your Lord called Bella Shaheed dinner? All of our souls testified that yes, our Lord indeed Bella affirmation Indeed you are Lord. Lest you say on that day when you return back to me in CUDA and heard the awfully less you try to say on that

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day when you returned back to me, we were heedless. We were unaware we never knew.

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The fifth or fifth throttle Lifehacker a NASA Allah Allah Sabina the Hulk killer. The future of the human being has been programmed

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to recognize Allah Subhana Allah to serve Allah Subhana Allah, but it's the external environment that drags the individual away from Allah subhanaw taala even though deep down inside their hearts will be unphysical Alpha tube sera Simone is even their own cells. There are signs to prove that Allah panda is one that needs to be worshipped and to be obeyed. So does the surah are these two suitors. We mentioned the Fabiola using these two suitors to protect our soul from whatever external elements of evil and internal elements of evil that may attack the human being. And as you mentioned last week, sometimes we think we're beyond you know, some superhuman beings or, you know, a person

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can't fall ill or fall sick or communist state have some form of oppression or depression or being upset or being worried or being sad. There's nothing wrong with as a human being. That's the nature of the human being that doesn't in Allah Maharana aboubaker of Sydney the profession said to him, don't be sad, don't grieve, don't be upset in Allah Myrna, the companions in the coming of the pilgrimage. They all were upset they refused to offer a sacrifice. Because by human nature they felt they're going to go enter into Makkah perform the pilgrimage, but the Prophet so he went, and he offered a sacrifice to show them and then that lifted their spirits sweet understand human beings,

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the nature of human beings, there are moments in human beings life that they're worried they're upset, but how do they alleviate this depression? Or this worry? How do we really alleviate by turning to spiritual cure? And likewise you mentioned do not ignore the medical cure as well but turned to spirituality. Turn to Allah subhanaw taala the progress or maybe mentioned that hadith Bukhari this individual ability when Assam al Yahudi, this individual Sahara Nabil La Silla Buddha magic upon the Prophet alayhi salatu salam for Sita to show her for six months that we find the Prophet Sam was was disturbed, in a sense that he never knew when he attended Tempe, somebody

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minutes I never came to them. What about that more recede on him? I've seen it right that he began to do some elements of his hair and his sickness in his way.

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He was upon him. And one night he in a sleep an angel came at the top of his head and another he came to the bottom of his blessed feet. And it began to discuss the what is wrong with the prophets and so they said that he in no uproot, but Pluto he is he become getting the right numbers for that he's been bewitched that magic has been done upon him. And it is how had he done that magic. This individual Where is where is the cure for his magic. They took the blessing Hey of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and took the comb and intertwined it and and buried it inside a when placed inside of went underneath a rock and placed it there. So when the professor he awoke, he told me a

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bit poorly but Pharmasave Zubaydah with a worm and another company to go there. And pluck out this this this de su Swedish magic from the wind. And something they write that for 11 knots replaced it for every single not read one ayah from the Quran, sutra falak being six iron uncertainness Being comes to a yet being 11. And from every note as being taken away, the magic was being lifted away from the prophet and a solid lead returned back to a normal state. And he mentioned last week this is something that Orientalist can use to prove that the Quran was a revelation, or is a hindrance in Revelation. It's only really my unanimous, agreed it never affected the Quran. But what it shows us

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is the impact that there is there is evil in the world. That's what we're going to speak about a second about magic about the ranks of those people involved in medical machinery Kuhn, you we should have four children and we find amongst our own selves in the Muslim communities, but how many every other individuals speak to there's some involvement in magic oh seven, on hazard alliance that we find rampant inside our society. And some people they believe in just a quick fixing going to another individual. This is Rukia Sharia. This will Rukia is to read and 30 her to read I too could see to read an F nurse and follow up a nurse the purpose of every single night would read it three

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times and blow and place it upon his body. But when he fell ill and sick he told Ayesha, a mother and you're gonna to do that upon him. Why is he doing that inside his life? Does he fit any human being? Does he say anyone is worried about any individual but it is a symbol to teach us how to protect ourselves protect assets on a daily basis and protect our children protect our family members. So that's elementary school algebra bidness many keenness inner hiddenness means Sharon was worse in harness from that from the evil of a nurse.

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They find that her nurse is one that comes and goes the enter that comes and goes definitely find it some remain go to read is the name of shape on him. So the company goes he enters his mind and he leaves the individual and whispers into the heart and to the mind of the individual to direct them to take them away from the path of Allah subhanahu wa Tada. So the seeking refuge. As Imam Ashanti decided to sit he mentioned this verse of seeking refuge from Allah subhanaw taala is similar to suited and an amp towards the end that we find inside but Surah Al Anam the sixth chapter is Surah Tauheed read Surah Al Anam. The sixth chapter of the Quran six Surah of the Quran read the Holy

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surah is nothing but the heat another name is surah is Surah Tauheed. Speak about the Oneness of Allah subhanaw taala could only have been well Hora buku Lee Shea, he said this, this verse could be Robinette is like this I answered the Quran should I turn seek another rub besides Allah subhanaw taala while we're poco Leisha and he is the Lord and master of everything.

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I should not be turning towards anything else inside my life. I should be only turning towards Allah Spandana and a strange thing that is this idea is 163 I should Anam then Allah Allah mentioned are mentioned before it sorry mentioned before it. What does Allah say before this call in na sala Tiwanaku Chioma Hiya, Yahweh Mati desirable and Amin lashari killer who will be there and he got me to an hour long Muslimeen look at the Quran, a bones itself together,

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that your prayer, your sacrifice, your living and your dying, is all dedicated towards Allah subhanaw taala. And then Allah mentioned that do should I seek another rub besides Allah, Allah, Allah and He is the master over everything. So we find that Allah subhanaw taala is telling us to be weary about these elements of hardship that can befall upon the individual.

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When Sharon was worse in hardness Sobremesa This is like the vessel was Switzer in a shape on shape on came in for worse wasa. He came in he whispered in someone who earned them off the sea to begin to discuss the Linguistics of what Switzer was was, is the rubbing of your good clothes, your garments together that soft sound it makes. Meaning this is the intricate detailed format of shape on of how you whispers

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The individual

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just delicately whisper something into the mind of the individual that was going to say on the Day of Judgment fall Otterloo, Mooney Walu and Fusa comb InterSolar Ebrahim shapers gonna say Don't blame me.

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Blame your own self. Only I did is I called you I whispered to you first touch up to me, then you responded to me. So blame your own self. Don't try to blame me inside your life, for I just done the the whispering inside your heart and your mind. And let me was face to face. So do a nurse who whispered right into the chest, the hearts of mankind? Does he find that the heart is the most powerful and it's a discussion about what is the moon, the apple, what is the mind or what is the code that contains the instructions the human being? Well, that can be referred to the AMA is generally the heart

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is the heart as we find the impact of the heart is too dangerous inside one's heart.

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Too dangerous, that your heart becomes full of them. There's destruction for the individual and they both fall into your heart that has the deadening of your heart. Oh well and a shoe had

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doubts about Allah subhanaw taala a Felicia coinfected is somehow worth he will show her doubts. Muslims come and ask this question. What if Allah is really the Creator? Why does he allow this? Why does he do this? Why did Allah ordain salah? Why did Allah tell women to dress like this? Why is the Quran doing this? Why was Islam set down in the sixth century? Why was it given only these people? Have the assail Amina Muslimeen this question of Orientalist. These are Muslims inside our society asking such questions because sure how to shoot that creep into mind of an individual. Either you read junk, you watch junk, you study junk, or you're influenced by junk around you full of junk. So

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obviously we had Muslim via a breast so with the right knowledge or whatever person teaches us or preach sister or sister was so shallow individuals, so shallow individuals, what do we got to do replacing Christmas lights inside our homes? Christmas trees inside our homes, giving Glad Tidings individuals we mentioned previously, what is this day, a day of them and the only Rukmani one or the

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they attribute a son to Allah that's the prime belief of Christians let's say indented to semantics that some Christians don't believe in it. majority of Christians believe this they believe why are we going out of our way and in creating Shabbat is Abrahamic faiths. It's all faiths meeting to God there is no faiths that lead to God except for Al Islam. Hartman Allah Shimon learning costs feed Alec there's no discussion about that. Oh man. Yep. Does he really slam bidding and filling you? Well, I mean, whoa, whoa, whoa, fill at mineral costs serene. Allah said inside the Quran. There's only one way to Allah. That is an Islam. Wonder her the syrupy, mu Stockman for blue one tactical

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super fighter for rokkaku and severely very commercial computer code. There's only one path to Allah subhanaw taala. So when we find inside our wider society that your Muslims are pushing this agenda, they sold a global journey. They're all of us. Lacombe Nukem Walia did that let us celebrate Christmas with them, they will celebrate eat with us. What kind of mentality logic is this?

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Pseudo caffeine is a refutation towards it. There is no mixing of ideas. There's no mixing of religious beliefs. Yes, there could be mixing of cultures or sharing food of dress of etiquette of life. There's nothing wrong with that. But it's no sharing of belief. You don't divide believe up and say, yes, we'll do this on one day, then you do this on another day to that show the same affiliation towards us. The second sickness that enters into the heart is a shower

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is desires. That's what people say, Oh, look at the world. There's many Muslims in the world. They're not what they believe is. So what's destroying the Muslims at the moment then, is a shower your desires,

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your lust and your desires, and all these come together as your ego, then you can see the destruction of face of this earth.

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When your ego becomes your Illa your deity you can see the destruction on the face of this earth, of what these people extend that they'll go to, to harm to kill, to persecute, to oppress, to to imprison people, for what purpose? To show that we are powerful individuals because when your ego becomes your inner becomes your deity.

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It's a very difficult journey to return back to Allah Subhana Allah and that's what we began with to focus upon oneself the inner self, the soul of making a pure to turn to return back to Allah subhanaw taala that then you can not react to Illa Karina, I'm going to derail most of human beings mankind, of the progeny of

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add them in the kalila except for a few of them

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another place in the Quran going to come from from there right from the left from behind from in front of them, while attempting to access them share theory, and most of you going to be ungrateful. This has shaped on this a bliss. You know sometimes you may you may have an enemy that enemies in the world that we go to war in a certain state the enemy may may rest may or may pause, build up more troops

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have some form of any alleviation or peace contract.

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In Nola calm or do Mubin there is no contract. There is no waiting. There's no giving you a day off. There's no giving a week off there no agreement that's made between you in shape on a bliss

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and know your outcome when high school athlete Oh no, he sees you from where you cannot see him. But he sees you and he carries on carries on carries on attacking you day in day out. Fi unphysical Wi Fi unworthy comm Wi Fi Abner ecom, Wi Fi Billa decom in your own self, and your worth, your property, your children, your land, everything continues to attack the human being. Because he made the often a promise that I'm going to go after these human beings. I'm not going to leave them alone. But a solution is their solution is there for believers. That Allah subhanaw taala is the rub the most of everything. So when a person turns to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah is the one that will

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protect his believing individuals. Bring them out the realm of darkness to the light of Allah subhanaw taala read the Hadith which speak about making these asker Chapin stands at a door and said What can I do with a person who's been to the name of Allah Hunter, there's no there's no entrance in this person's home. Then a person says Bismillah was eating the food. He says there is no there is no home and no food for me tonight, you know we must have defined is trivial.

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Making a car in the morning in the evening of the each Shala all this is protecting the individual. It makes it hard for an individual. There is someone who enema they write about their Syrah and their life that when sometimes the gene is exposed, and it begins to speak.

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And it says that this individual I tried years and years and years on end to try to infiltrate this individual. Well, I can tell the whole who is one could see, but around him as I could see day in and day out that protected is individually for me for penetrating into his heart and his mind. Because it's early Malachite is a world of the unseen we only believe in what we can visualize and see and then we believe in it. But Allah says the believers are those individuals Alladhina you know who believe in the unseen have conviction unseen in Allah, Allah will protect us from the elements of the unseen let us be Sufi story nurse, the one who begins to visit or enter whisper into the

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hearts of mankind. Does he find a prophet or somebody mentioned Mammon come in there Karina mean come with Kokila be Karina they don't ever one of you except what is a Karina shape on or your comrade has placed upon you that may entice you to lead you towards evil, except for the Korean of the Prophet as I've only commands or tells the professor to do something which is good, because he has conquered over his Kareena that is only the prophet Elijah at some other night as we began with the soul, that you find that this this this this battle that takes place within our own souls being good and evil, that there is a whispering towards goodness. And as a whispering towards evil that

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begins to take place in the heart and the mind of the individual. That's even as some of us are tasked with worse, excessive whispering within ourselves. Some of us it becomes such a difficult moment inside alive, it's really taking a person away from a Salah there if I were with a performance excessive will do performing it again and again and standing inside prayer and figured a person's prayers been broken etc. If this is a continuous disease for the individual did earlier mentioned, begin offer your go to perform your to offer your prayer and that your prayer is complete. Especially if it's a regular element that takes place inside your life. That is going on a

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regular basis. Every single slot every other slot shaper is attacking the individual, as we know the shape on this attack the individual inside a cellar, or why this direct attack or via whispering to disturb the individual about the amount of rocker that they offered inside the prayer. So we find a shape on ER G Mini B or the matura Dum shaytaan runs inside the veins of human being just like blood flows through human beings. And in Nicosia inside his seed. He highlights the full context of this hadith.

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And you could see why the reason is highlighted is not just about his concept of the attacks of shaitan. He says what is the full context of his Hadith the perfect I suppose instead of a t curve. And he would come out to the doors with a teacup and his wife would meet him the one occasion Sophia around the corner she meets him and she combs his hair and he's

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speaks to her and two companions when answered they're walking past and they begin to scoffer walk quickly. And he says to Mallory, Snake Kuma, BIA is be arrest, indeed is my wife Sophia that I'm standing with. They said, Subhan Allah glorified Allah, or we can't think anything, either of you. Even if you're the Messenger of Allah, we're not giving anything wrong, but he's warning them. That if a person places themselves inside a questionable situation,

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then they can only blame their own self.

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Just for the hadith is trying to highlight. So here we speak about when a person is working in certain environments, or surroundings of a certain environment. I'm not speaking about entering the mall, or going shopping or being in a library just by by chance on the bus on the train that someone of the opposite gender happens to sit with you. We're not so extreme in our interpretation of these Hadith that the Western world tried to portray about certain people in the Muslim world. We're speaking here about specifically on a daily basis, that a person is with the opposite gender on their own,

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with working with them, etc, that we find person should be wary Why is it because he placed the full context of this hadith unless he was fish to fish to do reverse because this way begins is a whisperings inside the heart and the mind of the individual. And some of us may think is extremely how many cases the Imams have dealt with that because of relationship of friendship with their work colleagues is destroyed their own home is caused problem with their own homes. So we should we should be wary about these texts. And what the Quran and Sunnah it teaches us about the free mixing of genders and as we find this new so called Islamic world, people are women working around them.

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For what purpose are they say it's a modern world, and maybe modern world for these individuals, but the dangers are their person tries their best for Takuma Musto talk. Don't say Allah as much as you can, inside your life. If you have the means and the ways to be in a better environment, try and exert yourself. For what to protect yourself, from the whisperings of Shavon that we find meaning at Unity oneness and is wish to be the shaitaan and not just the jinn or a shell bead is also from human beings. That's our Bucher decided study to see he mentioned and Shayateen will NCI Shadowman Shayateen gene

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he says that this Devils of human beings are far more severe than a devils of the shayateen they far more severe another It remains to see that I mean a genetic we're not a nurse, or Rafi cusu is a bad companion. A bad friend is a devil.

00:32:41 --> 00:33:01

Just what the holidays a bad friend is a devil. Because your friend is one who leads you towards remembrance of Allah Spandana just one a day a Jedi once again the person's got the sense that suited for God whoa upon me. I took such and such individual kalila colleague means your intimate your close bosom friend.

00:33:02 --> 00:33:30

What did you do? Look at the Liliana decree by the journey. He took me away from the guidance of Allah subhanaw taala when I was upon the guidance, he directed me away from the path of Allah Subhana Allah. So Allah mentioned raka Danica Jana and equally Nabee in or do what sharpener jindee into a gin. You Hey, bottom Illa bottoms Zuko for Cali Hurrah. Allah says not just a gin by human beings, deceptive and lowering inside this speech

00:33:31 --> 00:34:13

that are going to be inspired inspiration is given to them, a form of inspiration go out and to become what? to plunder to loot to harm the world to harm people upon the face of this earth that we find. And me Ashoka and inside fertile cathedral begins to speak about turbo shape on how to reject shape on push away shape on by making a scar shed most of us are doing sorry sera just a man just ain't two volumes. He highlights 20 different moments inside a person's life or 24 months that a person should use to protect themselves from the whisperings and attacks are shaped inside their life. May Allah protect us all little feet and ability to understand these IR disorders of the

00:34:13 --> 00:34:52

current use of in a daily basis. That's what the real intent should be a shift I will say mean Rama to lay inside the city manager the intent of these is the simple IRD simple sewers are just ama is about spirituality is about seeing the lessons about drawing close to Allah subhanaw taala and as we find it somewhere and you begin to complete your work that the proceed with forms of ideas application ramps up this long supplications to recite after completing the Quran. There may be some element of authenticity towards that or not. But Imam Chopin inside his theory concludes the Quran amongst one of the most spiritual completions of the Quran read his completion of Quran was

00:34:52 --> 00:35:00

spirituality that you find inside there. And that was the intent of all these people who traverse the path of making the seed of the

00:35:00 --> 00:35:09

Quran is trying to understand the words of ALLAH Spandana and to live by those words to implement those words and to change oneself

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