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of the praising Allah subhanaw taala in sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was seldom, we stopped on salthill bayona whereby the surah begins to make the distinction between the people who believe and those who disbelieve without loss panda clearly highlights the beginning of the sore at these individuals, Moon for kena had to humble beginner, they're not going to give up their faith or their way of life, or their approach until a beginner comes to them. We highlighted albina amahoro Quran Kitab Allah Subhana Allah is either the book of Allah Subhana Allah, or the more deeper meaning as a surah mentions none other

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than the real soul the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Arnica seldom rasuluh min Allah yet Lucifer Muta Hara, as Allah mentioned, the surah that Allah mentioned distinction of those individuals in the dead in a Kaffir Rahman Al Kitab. Al Masha Cain, Finnerty Johanna mahali Dena Fie her, then Allah mentioned in the Latina m, and we're amela soggy head, and a surah ends with his distinction between the believers and disbelievers individuals. And the same theme spills over into today's surah be in the later islands that sort of zela whereby inside the surah Allah and I didn't speak about the two groups of individuals, Allah kind of speaks about the two types of actions of individuals who have

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it as an activator of goodness will see it, and whoever doesn't atomweight have a bad action will visit visualize it on that day. This is how the surah concludes about the free Made in America a distinction between actions of good people and bad people on that day whereby these actions will be weighed by Allah Subhana Allah, Allah some parent that gives the individual opportunities to build up shows he signs Subhana Allah before the coming of opium obit before the coming of the death for a person to begin to reflect. When a person begins to reflect at the time of death when the sun begins to rise from the west, there is no toboe for the individual, or the individual is leaving this dunya

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as I mentioned, so attorney service number 18 while I said the Toba levena Yama, Luna se yet had either had had or hadn't followed Allah in the tube to earn while in Medina Mugu puffer while I said the Toba Tila Dena Yama, Luna say yeah, there's no tober for those individuals who carried evil bad deeds, had the either had or had the whole mode when death comes upon one of these individuals called a new tube tool, and now I'm going to repent to Allah Subhana Allah, and likewise, those who disbelieve in Allah, and that is no Toba. For such individuals. This is a way of your own as Allah men, surah Yunus verses 91 and 92 and lockout outside them in public record contaminated muscadine

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n. Now you want to believe and prior to this use amongst the move CD, the rebellious the wicked individuals, folio Mona gkb, burden a kalita, coolamon halvah area when the kathira minassian area Tina, the hoffy Loon. Indeed, we're going to resemble you as a symbol as a sign for people to visualize the depth of Iran, that his body is going to be raised from the water people to visualize it. When the kathira minassian area Tina log off, you know, most people are unaware of the signs of Allah Subhana Allah de signs that Allah shows on this dunya as Allah mentioned, this this word is a blueprint is a copy of an Al Hara. The things that we have inside his dunya will exist in South

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Africa. And likewise, the calamities the ending of this dunya is a build up towards the hair after the signs that we see of a matter of rain, of storms of winds of hurricanes, or tsunamis that we find this is all a temporary image, a passing image for the individual believer to see that this is the build up towards an era. So here inside this element is either zillertal outdoors in Zaha when the earth begins to shake, this is Elsa that we find is the greater tremor that will take place on the final day. What I think kubla Dallek we find before that it will be tremors for us to visualize. But when when these tremors take place, some people still don't want to believe or it's too late for

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certain individuals, diseases that we find in the face of this earth if you if you study this geographical background about earthquakes, the anorectal scale verified anything close to seven is destruction, anything beyond that monitor so we're past the comprehend five to 20 seconds of an earthquake and destroyed 300 to 400,000 people in one goal, the tsunami in 2004 on a Richter Scale of between 9.1 to 9.3. Look at a testimonial Lena tsunami is is the earthquake of the earth and the ocean combined together that took place look at the destruction that to this day that you find islands inside Indonesia that you find you find

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Will you find a total alternation of a changing of the direction of the land by the impact of Xena and not too long ago in 2011 that we find inside Japan study? What happened to these people 9.1 on the Richter scale, these are all signs symbols from Allah subhana wa agnostic people, atheistic, atheistic people. We're not saying we shouldn't build bridges and structures or buildings to protect ourselves that is in the Allah bestowed upon Pete but the real aim and in a Sheree and Elmo Rouhani is the aim of recognizing this is Coca Cola. We can't challenge Allah Subhana Allah, because these individuals that when this took place inside their land, they began to boast, they begin to

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acknowledge that this is a power qudra Folk aka Dr. Tina. Mercado, my cadre, they don't estimate the Jew estimation of Allah Subhana dyana. They go back to the numerix. They go back to the digits, they go back to the architecture and say that these digits were wrong, the structure it was slightly out to a certain degree. So therefore we have to go back and rectify these digits. magnetar, for karoun. They don't reflect and think that this is from Allah Subhana Allah, Allah wants us to reflect their sin is Surah lament is either Zeus Zilla can outdo the zela this zelle on the final day private needs other earthquakes it's all a builder for us to reflect upon the greatness of Allah Subhana

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Allah that you find him I'm sure you decided to see he mentions that appropriate slum karate surah *ing killer riccarton he read the SU mo for Raka adara we mentioned madry hell nesea Oh for Allah Delica I'm done. And then the rate this is I don't know if the progress I'm done that intentionally. They read suit Zilla twice inside in such forgery. We know that slot will further as I've mentioned, carry with me It should be close to 100 iron in the recycle suit. But he shows that also to alternate because Amir of the surah the power of the surah had difficulty matzah, Fie Zay whalum was a Willem tagit and harika. Arabic Lang wonders language that no other language in the world composes

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inside the kalama. Inside the roof. Inside the structure the word is there's a technical name that slips at the moment linguistically that our language that contains contains the sound of something within the language is bestowed inside the Arabic language. So when people hear the Quran, when the Arabs used to hear the Quran they used to know they used to decipher and understand certain kalimat inside the Quran, the power and the magnitude of more than one Arab short out about that time when used to hate the Quran is to move them is to move to because they will close to the Arabic language for so how will Bejan close to the pure language? Does he find that 100 bad? Yeah, they say the

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people of the desert are the real people and Aloha. They're real people preserve the Arabic language even traveled to Mauritania, you find you find the most pristine language preserved in the desert, the Sahara, in amongst the Bedouin people that people think that languages in the hugger is that cities and dwellings, they still preserve the original language. And they understood the kalimat of the Quran, just that the Quran understood the language the Quran, it would move them or make them to reflect, alter the impact inside the surah prophet. So he mentioned that he is asked as he didn't say that we find he was asked about and Homer and asked about the horses and donkeys that we find.

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He said this is this excessive questioning encompasses everything. Whether it is an atom weight of goodwill, see whether it is an activator evil will see it or if it will be visualized, this surah Jeremy and fad that is a complete surah because the end of the surah encompasses everything about the human being. Whoever it is an atom's weight of goodness will see it where it is activated evil will see it it's all encompassed inside this final area, it suffices, the individual, the surah enter the surah as we find this surah Zilla era name is called as zela. But there's no kalama cells as mentioned inside the surah either outdoors in zela, as in zelle, is mentioned inside the surah

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but the common name is zela that most people are known this surah by Allah kind of makes these actions to take place in the face of this earth to awaken people to remind people of that final day beginning of Sudan that we find yeah your nurse to Taco Bell come in Zilla to sorority shake on a whim. Allah begin sukut Hajj the 22nd Chapter The Quran hodja you are nurse and he probably Jimmy in Basha he Jimmy enough, Rocky.

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There's certain dialects inside the Quran study Jawaharlal Quran, study the Jew to the Quran of Muhammad Ali. They certain Jews inside the Quran Lagerfeld Quran, Quran you heard tubal Bhatia, you

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insane Yeah, you are nurse. Allah doesn't say oh believers or Muslims. Allah says yeah, you are nice to all of mankind because you visualize all of this in nuzzles and at a certain shade on a whim. When the final day comes and the preliterate is something but it's something huge.

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When you will see that every single breastfeeding mother will leave her breast feeding child. And you see that every pregnant woman will drop her load. What are anassa tsuchiura 101 b so kerravala kin de la bella E. Latina de Bella shadid you will see the people in state of drunkenness, moose sukra dunya ye and moose kurata la hammoud not drunkenness of this world of drunkenness of alcohol and liquor that we find heavy man losing sight. losing focus. Just like drunkenness makes you lose focus that you find the unencumbered collusion aka becoming more common. Couldn't you say? Anything that clouds your mind for one summer?

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I know to avoid a tangent cigarettes, tobacco, shisha all these things anything that clouds your mind what kind of clean and if we say a Muslim mascara, Kathy ruffo mascara Kathy Rosa lilu haraam whatever intoxicates you inside small amounts is haram in large amounts. That's the study of Allah subhanaw taala. But it's drunk on that day, people's will be in a state of hallucinations last will no one be Socotra or Latina either abolish or deed. But if they're not drunk, this is 10 punishment of Allah Subhana Allah and a strange thing inside this surah Allah is panda number 10 speaks about mankind, about about Bashar speaks about them about the human beings. Yeah, you know, in quantum

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theory, the mineral bathy in the same page, or mankind, if you any doubt about the resurrection, then on our list in this whole of this page beginning of certain Hajj, and likewise certain moon lays out the stages of creation the human being in the end of the human being. But what concerns that lamented yet you a nurse, once again, oh mankind if you're in doubt, about advance about resurrection in front of Allah and Allah. Also Allah mentioned the same page. There's people who did argue about Allah behavior element. They argue about a loss of data argue about the existence of Allah. They attribute a loss on that which is not defeat him Subhana Allah. So we mentioned that

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these signs of Allah that begin to reject them agnostic people, atheistic people, they call it Mother Nature. They call it a natural phenomenon on the face of this earth. They can't see these are yet al konia sallim ala Tina airselfie Wolfie and fullsteam had yet to be yellow and no luck. We showed him our signs around them within their own souls to establish this is the truth wafi unfussy Come fly to see rune and I mentioned other places on the show you signs within your own self Avila to see rune inside the end of Surah alibre in NFV. We have this summer worked he will already work till the lady when the her lie yeah Tilly and burb and Latina yes Guru nanaka Yamanaka, Rue de

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Miranda Jr. will be we are difficult if you're healthy somehow it will rub banana haha babila Subhana tasaki Nirvana This is the end of pseudo Ali embrun long passage speak about two of the believing individuals from Ghana in Ghana summit Nam una de una de la a man an army Nubira becomes a man believer that those individual hear the call and the respond to the call. Believers are those individuals who see the alternation the creation of the heavens and the earth the night and the day. And what do they say they ponder they reflect Ramana Maharshi aka Bob Taylor. You haven't created out of vanity, food fatten up for her symptom Anima hola como como la nella to Jeroen for medical

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do you think that Allah created this vanity? What are

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what are 30 Bala bomb was to add what I do what a lot what

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is that what people think what he said that guy only this being created foot further just happen to be a pasady Allah decided to create the heavens and earth created the human being there's no accountability there's no life after death. One o'clock to dinner incidentally a boon are created a human being and the Jin Leah de la jolla. We are Buddha Allah to worship Allah Subhana Allah as we find over the top Oh will amor filled Quran. You find the first clip up inside the Quran the beginning of suitor Baka your nurse? Yeah your nurse to taco.

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Oh man can worship your Lord and Lady Hola, como la la la. Quinta Khun

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Once again Allah addresses doesn't say believing individuals. Allah says yeah you are ness itakura back home, oh man can say your Lord, the one who created you and those before you the one who sent down that the rain created the heavens the earth set down the rain place the place you upon this earth. And then Allah mentions oh well I didn't Allah places this challenge that if you're if you're doubting about when come to the right the Manasa Allah abdeen effect to be surah timid miss me what Lucia had come call upon your witnesses besides Allah, Allah Allah in quantum saw the pain.

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If you any doubt about this, this message that comes to the messenger, you ended up being one one sooner like unto it.

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Then Allah mentioned for a length of Allah, Allah, Allah. Allah mentions five failed empty for you cannot get well and Allah didn't say you can't do it. Allah says you can't do it and you can never ever do it. Mm hmm. Actually, if you're cool under the land or the

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land for eternity, you're never ever going to bring something like the Quran. You're never ever going to be able to challenge Allah subhanho wa Taala you're never gonna be able to question Allah Subhana Allah. So this is the this Xena is zillertal outdoors in Zanna were Aphrodite or do as kanaha then Allah will bring out the US called as called the manor a second, a sucker lane, and Ginny well in a lot of bring out the human being and the jinn. Because these Sakhalin These are the people or this is a creation, your issue on Earth, or a people that live upon this earth it's a matter fuzzy dimension. This is amongst the one of the meanings that when Allah brings out this

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circle from the earth, Amarna, Sonic,

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Romani. So imagine a Lucy, he says when Allah brings up clues, clues of the earth when it comes out of the earth, the gold, the silver, the uranium, that comes out these natural elements come out the earth, what about them call who had

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become the earth the villages which are dug underneath the ground existed before, but Pharaoh will hardly have you find the people of add, who are buried there, you find that the village will be resurrected once again brought forth this old when the Earth would bring out his treasures to bring out the people existed before then people had these insights a Muslim that we find people will say and he had a couple. Is this why I fought it this way I slayed it this way I like it is why I cheated. This what I done upon this earth what

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we're calling an insane new man.

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Man will say what is the matter with you? Man is going to say to the earth that what is the matter because we as human beings, we don't seem to understand that almost added things which are stationary. In animal objects. Allah can make them speak. Just like Allah made us speak on takanashi Allah, Allah can make anything speak. definitely find inside surah See, when the nuns begin to question Allah Subhana Allah, then Allah will make their own limbs speak, make our limb speak, testify against us. That's what this earth will begin to do amazing to have

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within to disclose information, this earth will testify against us. This earth that we traverse that we travel upon, that we find in some narrations that my mom told me that you find a melter Qaeda, Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda, you done this and this on this day, at this time, this location, and the earth will speak. Allah will grant you the right to speak and to testify against us this what you done. That's why there's more and more limited Ronnie that we find the half an hour preserve the earth for inoculum can own preserve the earth because it's true, like your mother is going to be your returning point, just like in pseudo Korea that we find for mu how we are you're going to

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return back to your mother.

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So he goes back to the mother here and here is his jahannam your meaning your final abode. And likewise, he preserved the earth because the earth is like your mother you returned back to is going to speak about you is going to disclose the information about you whatever you done upon the face of this earth, it cannot be freed. That's why you find some elementary from abducted Allah sama will

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not miss things as soon Doohan that the earth and the heavens won't cry what we for disbelieving individuals will call relativity for seed words will say x. What am I say that the opposite the earth is a weep and cry for disbelieving individual but the earth and the sky will weep Lehman, the Mothman therefore weep for believer because unimodal

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fuller can is dude, he used to prostrate on such and such location. So the earth misses that person you find out in certain artha the earth misses the person frustrating for you. Why is that we find that when you make center when you pray, read your worth and your sudden move in location. That's what you find that certain people when they pray, they're soon in the water they move around inside the machine move around. When can I have these bife even a heavy dive? Well I can ask them you can understand the concept. That concept they want the earth to testify for them, the more places we have performed so dude will testify for me. That would speak for me as we debate then closer to

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subdued because that's what we become a people of semantics and linguistics and texture reading that even the head these days they increasing in their sunon and then no one Phil, what do we increase in? We increase in nothing but gentle in argumentative behavior towards people. Those people want to pray soon and want to read them over we become an obstacle to them. We spend hours on end speaking inside the masjid outside the masjid about everything and we disturb those people who want to offer this soon and then nowhere Phil Hey moon Elena is a blame upon us. That will become a hindrance and disturbance towards people and even kabyle Cobra even greater sources of things of success that we

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find all lies

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that even cooler to me to let go to any sort of sudden or be the coolness of my eyes has been placed inside three things. Woman hoonah Asana Asana, the prayer I saw it go to to liberate great things that Philistine Manhattan bisola have we talked about great liberation. We can't liberate our sleep. Because I sleep You can't liberate our beds to come for Salah to forget to join the Gema to pray in congregation to be worried to be upset that we miss a lot to Gemma to weep Sahaba used to think this is no joke. They would hide in the crevices. They will hide in the woods in the Miss jamara you will hide that no one see them.

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And we think nothing of it. We think that this isn't success this is this is the real success. This is a real success. That we when we as an oma we feel that loss. We feel that shame. We feel that dignity we need to be there. Not for the sake of the people sake of our own Eman for the sake of removing our own hypocrisy, because chants and slogans. They're just empty slogans. empty cans make a lot of noise. They make a lot of noise, they have no impact. The real struggle is the everyday struggle. That's the real struggle. The real gi that's the real deal that every single day that you have to make that therby a ton of striving against your own knifes that you find and seeing what

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you're doing on a daily basis. And the earth Don't get me wrong the earth will testify about how like FCB because muscle XL and more Candace, you find that you find that the Vimal cadastre from purity that you find is land is a pure land don't think that this this earth is unaware this will speak out on that day about the atrocities of these people what they carried out on the on that land embrace it, learn what they've done to people, you're going to have to

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be under Rebecca Oh Ha Ha Yo, Allah bionda Rebecca Allah your Lord will inspire it. There's various forms of ye inside the Quran. And this inspiration of letting the earth to speak. Just thought the bees are given inspiration Maria was given inspiration is separate from the pure revelation of Quran but this inspiration that will speak and what will happen that is earth that every single individual we expose in our day, Yama either your student nurse who I start a little armello home people that day will pull out a Staten Gemma add motor for routine to see the to see the actions. Good people bad people believe is disbelievers Muslim cafes. Also so people all be pulled out on that day. Just

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like inside the Quran Allah Mensa su two lane Edna Surya Kumar Schecter only there are various degrees, various things that you do on that day that people will be separated then you will come on that day in front of Allah Subhana Allah, Leo mela home so you can see your actions.

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So as we mentioned that a man isn't just about too many as we mentioned, let's say a man with bittermann knee. A man isn't just aspirations isn't just hopes. A man is asleep. We'll listen

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out a stick will call me when not they will listen you will I'm a big Java. So a man is his belief inside the heart conviction inside the heart we're not been listen and to attract with your tongue.

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Well, I'm Melville jawara. And to increase your action by your limbs while he man Yahtzee do a young pose. A man goes up and down. This is the key, the sooner this will the belief is so as we live in his in his Muslim world that people say that Allah knows what my email is, of course, Allah knows what your email is. Of course Allah knows what your email is. Because there's certain symbols of Eman which are displayed.

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The display of shadow of Salah as you mentioned is a symbols of a Muslim. They show your Eman. They show your devotion, they show your commitment. These are symbols of Allah. Allah wants to see that as most of you are carrying out these symbols. Then Allah mentions whoever doesn't activate of goodness will see it then whoever doesn't activate of evil will see on that day for my year one was called other Ratan Hydra Yahoo. Whoever doesn't activate of goodness will see it on that day. And a strange thing inside the Sierra Club this idea that Allah Subhana Allah. In the previous if you find that the SIOP the context, or the use of the language, the Sega Moby is in a past tense either.

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zillertal argues in zela What are harder to outdo a scholar Allah speaks in the past tense, what will take place even though either adapt to sharp hair carries the manner in a Kayden lasme and heathman which will begin to take place but speaks about these things in the past tense. By Hey, eliminates for me, yeah, ml cc gothel madora speaks in the present tense. Why does Allah move from the past tense to the present tense inside a sutra which is predominant, speaking about the past tense? This is a snoogle Quran that we need to know Rocky's Allah, we do focus upon the language of the Quran. Can Can the last panel you hear that those are things of the past? Are they going to take

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place at a later stage?

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What I like and yet I'm Bill Amel. And it's upon you for a young man that now that all of this is going to take place in the past is going to take place in the future, you may be there you may not be there, but you how they run you now at the moment from a young man should be doing actions. This you see the of the Quran This is what man of him this is what we don't understand we don't comprehend that the language of the Quran is leading to his actions. All these are all these for these 37 odd thoughts inside us I'm mad that we find and a good 10 or so suitors inside Jude tabara we find all speak about our hero for what purpose for a purpose of of building ourselves up to

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actions, carrying an action that last day, whoever doesn't atoms wait and early my head begin to discuss the Rama Maharani azura Kayla barudan. a mosquito killer who is the is the dust that dust particles that you see when a light shines. And you see that dust article that part that's what it is wakita I know. It said that it is the the red and because it's the smallest thing that the Arabs knew at that time. him I'm sure he decided to sit he mentioned it goes beyond that inside surah felt that I had mentioned whether it be something greater or less than adara Allah knows about it. Now for what the filter women shave we never left anything out from the book of Allah Subhana Allah. But

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this was a language they understood. And a language a wicked understanding not any atoms Wait, any small action? That's what when people speak about it's only a minor sin. It's only a small action. What's the weight of the small action in front of Allah Subhana Allah? What's the weight of this bad deed in front of Allah Subhana Allah This is a common theme. Or we can use if you could use such a word, a common belief amongst many of us that what what is this something small. It has no impact you find numerous narrations of the prophet Elijah to sound that you find that stay away from the from the minus sins from a small sins. Don't look don't despise the minor sins because you're just

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me and yet they come together. They come they compiled together and they become destructible upon the individual. Now the heavy the fine the progress of the muscle. He gave an example of people going out to the desert on a journey where cool new TV show called will happen. Every person comes with a twig or a branch or a piece of tree and they put it together and they ignite the fire.

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And he says this is Hades This is the parable of small seeds that when they come together clustered together they become one great big fire one great big destruction. That's the focus I've mentioned.

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Let Kabira bile is differ. There is no major sin viar toe why tober is deferred there's no major sin, any major sin person repents turns to Allah Subhana Allah

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what a Sufi Ramallah steamroller

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and I saw he said no longer become severe I'm gonna suffer my steamroller steamrolled by continuous repetitious nature a minor sin in the FOCA to the middle cover.

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A minus in done repetitiously becomes a major

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Just sayin. Just our folk have understood it of the meaning of major and minor things that some of us we find this to be something trivial Pay no attention towards this and as we find that this concept when a young man with color Ratan Shara Yahoo whoever does atoms of goodwill said quote is acting which are evil see it on that day NAMM So you decided to see or Doodle doodle man thought begins to make narrate so many narration speaking about good deeds even not just a date, half a date, the skin of a date, the actual date seed the skin of the day that thread of the day giving that internal code that we find in charity all this for what purpose why why such um third given

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inside a hadith that will even half a date it takuna wollombi Sheikh cutomer fear the fight even while half a date so if it's something trivial Why is the prophets I'm saying this protect yourself from the fight even why given half a date charity towards a person because these are ways of protecting the individual mm 3030 to 50 measure under the iron terebinth armor This is the final I had suited zodra after he will Amman our encouragement to do actions with him and he shall and a warning to stay away from evil. That's what the impact of these it should be yamatai do not mean hiring on that day. That whatever goodness that you do we present a day board for for that day. Well

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my I may have been shoo in to what do they know what they know? I'm Adam barreda well you have zero qumulo nafsa well no no from binnorie bed. Well I put on our Jeep

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or snuggle Quran Naga to Quran.

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Allah says that fear that day where you're actually brought forth on that day good action, bad actions. And a person will aspire to is going to be between him and his actions. Am Adam by the great big distance between my bad actions and myself? Well, you have zero Kumamoto nafsa who Allah Himself warns you Allah warns us about these actions that are going to be detrimental for us. But look at the Quran. Allah mentions will loader often be repaired? Unlike merciful, pitiful, kind to the believing individuals? Can I Are you Shere Illa Rahmatullah Subhana Allah under insert and the Mothman you're cool, you're cool costs Iran. The believer will be deficient, will sin will earn but

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the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah, your Koolhaas will mean for a believing individuals. That's why the believer you find that Allah mentions are deceived these ayat that if Allah subhanaw taala speaks says to the person amilcare de waka waka you done this you done this you done this is a different way Nikesh, Manu, Keyshia vaca Rosie but whoever is questioned, and it says Why did you do this? That's destruction. But if Allah says to the person you done this, you done this, you done this, and a person remains silent and acknowledges their wrongdoing. Allah mentioned setup to have a dunya was totally off Hara I concede your sins in the dunya. I'm going to conceal them inside an

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era. That's Allah Subhana Allah, so to be altered, but the man recognizes the human recognizes their loss, the distance from Allah that fear that deficiency, does he find femora tutori me of the people that day, the minimal as you don't understand from amongst the biggest fruits of Allah tauheed

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is that the belief in tauheed will wipe out your sins, when I was saying is a definite fact. But it's a huge chance. There's a huge on the person who have the right acquired the right belief that the sins will be wiped out by Allah Subhana Allah, Leah no eurocities Allah Malika Tila Tama yakushima, Mohammed Ali because the person is focusing upon the knowledge of Allah Subhana Allah, which is a greatest knowledge, sharing the law and no law in

00:34:02--> 00:34:08

Allah is right to him so that I am the one and only one man that he could call a mumble stealer in

00:34:10--> 00:34:12

that he is the one and only Allah Subhana Allah

00:34:13--> 00:34:34

and azizul Hakeem, that's what the Quran is when Allah spoke to musala salaam. When mu summit Allah, Allah said to moose and I said, I'm asking me so Natalie's decree, Allah said established his Salah for my Vicar lay solid nacoss being a nurse letter to the Salah it unreal Hurry, don't come to Salah to look at other people.

00:34:36--> 00:34:42

Come to Salah Aki military victory. Come to Salah to remember Allah when Allah Akbar

00:34:43--> 00:34:59

the greatest Vicar hoonah. Salah is of Allah inside Asana, in Asana to tenha and infest fashi well monka Thank you for even remembering a loss panda inside Asana that we find and then these actions I share what they mean sorry to see to begin to discuss these actions.

00:35:00--> 00:35:44

What will happen on the day of these actions held to them and among will their actions be weighed? held throughs and a sahifa. Ama? Will the parchments the record be weighed or have chosen an iron will be enough See? Or will the action Person person be weighed? All these three interpretations are all plausible. And Allah will Wade the actions of the person they judgment or Allah will will weigh the parchment the record of the person in the famous had never had these papapa that we find the Hadith of the parchment, whereby you find a person who come on the Day of Judgment, and they since the scales have tipped towards destruction towards a nerd towards a sucker towards a jehane a

00:35:44--> 00:35:49

jahannam. The scales are tipped towards the Andes one parchment comes

00:35:50--> 00:35:55

i'm not mistaken in a pseudonym I'm Timothy person will think this trivia Allah What is this?

00:35:56--> 00:36:00

What is this one piece of paper is parchment going to do for me on this day?

00:36:01--> 00:36:05

When it's opened this parchment for fizzy cola Illa Allah

00:36:07--> 00:36:18

belief in Allah subhanaw taala we placed it on the scale and we keep the whole scales for yet Hello Jana Montana through Camila Illa Illa de hola Jana.

00:36:19--> 00:36:35

The other third meaning tos and I am in the person will be weighed on that day. Based upon the Hadith, Abdullah bin Masood Abdullah is climbing a tree and a companion soil and so his shins they saw his legs and they said look at him a weak individual.

00:36:36--> 00:37:10

Weak miski look at a weak individual. He doesn't have the core. He doesn't have this strength. What is appropriate is I'm sorry about this. Abdullah throw that on the ultra numa What did he say? That he seems to be weighed in the day judge will be a heavy scale. So here we'll have deduced that the person himself will be weighed and the day that they actions become weighty. So person shouldn't minimalize actions and a person shouldn't minimalize people because that's what will become will come up people who scoff at religious Sati we scoff at religious people we look down at religious people this is I

00:37:12--> 00:37:25

want to acuna libido alpha Aiko, you're only given risk by the weak and the muscle kin. And these people that you look down upon these people that you make these Aqaba? No mutawa is a religious cleric a person religious person.

00:37:26--> 00:37:28

That's all that this person's life is.

00:37:29--> 00:37:32

But with these people are solly hoon.

00:37:33--> 00:38:13

that these are people that we should look at aspire to these individuals. That is the people who revive people who remind people about Allah Subhana Allah, remind us day in and day out for the year man with all of the rotten hiring Yahoo. Whoever is an act of good we'll see on that day. What is the activity of evil, we'll see on that day. But unfortunate conclusion that we find that it will be some people all the signs of Allah Subhana Allah, that even if mount is a mood from their place, the world is moved from his place, some people won't reflect. Some people won't see the signs in which we should find Allah subhanho that we're still living, that we see the signs around us. death,

00:38:13--> 00:38:23

destruction. It should awaken us. This is so not Allah hikma to live baliga that's what we say time and time again. All these atrocities, this hardship, this oppression.

00:38:24--> 00:38:56

This is not just a wisdom is a great immense wisdom of awakening us, awakening us as a nation as a people to reflect that what have I prepared? What have I done for that day? Because all of us on that day will we're going to be asked that what did what did I do specifically in preparation for the last day? So all of us should leave behind a legacy? No, we don't aspire to every single person becomes a *y becomes an early becomes a scholar You know, that's what we should aspire to.

00:38:57--> 00:39:20

But an average person Aspire because many average people would reach lofty heights. They will be sitting with the messengers. As we read about it, we dream about it, there will be average people who will read manasu ambia manners in mousseline manners will show her manners he saw the hey there reached that stage how how they're going to reach that stage.

00:39:22--> 00:39:59

And hulu's fee aka team fee Kenobi him sincerity inside their hearts, their minds, their actions, devotion, their commitment towards Allah subhanaw taala. And that's the refining conclusion that these people who've been worshipping Allah Subhana Allah wants to show them now. Once you show that these are these are my servants, these are my people. These are my religious symbols. So now you need to show respect to them. Just like I show respect to them. Why I think I'm on the morning show goodness. Just like last show goodness to us to all of this, this dunya around us.

00:40:00--> 00:40:10

Cool luminaria fan is going to leave what's going to remain of the individual? He will remember you for a year for six months, three months for a month. And that said,

00:40:11--> 00:40:20

you want you What do you want the people to remember you by? What do you want this earth to remember you by to testify for us, as I mentioned, and Elaine tashahhud

00:40:22--> 00:41:05

what will Arthur said was sonatas had the heavens, the earth, the skies, everything, the sun, the moon, everything testifies for us, our own life, our own body, while Quran had yet to knock over the Atlantic Quran will testify for us will intercede for us, Shia mukim that went by will testify for us or against us, will help us that's what we should pray and ask Allah. These if they penetrate our heart and our mind and make us people to begin to prepare for the last day when we meet Allah Subhana Allah and even we fall short in that preparation, but we find a standard for colombina preparation inside our hearts and our minds to change within ourselves is a great agile in itself.

00:41:06--> 00:41:08

May Allah under facilitate that for all of us.