Ismail Kamdar – Tafsir of Surah al-Waqiyah

Ismail Kamdar
AI: Summary © The Surah's weighting and themes are discussed, including death, afterlife, and the Day of Jgment. The importance of reward and the use of the Surah as a tool for achieving success in good deeds is emphasized, along with the need for reward and gratitude in the face of failure. The Sun statement is also discussed, along with advice on choosing the right way to live life. The segment ends with a recommendation to read reassurance and a discussion of the importance of choosing the right way to live life.
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which is paired with Surah our schema. So in the Quran you were going through our schema and inshallah a walk together one after the other. And the way these are twin Sooners, they are twins, because they share overlapping themes, right, the themes of Allah here and the themes of aroma, they are the same. So for example, both of these students talk about the power of Allah subhana, Allah, and all of the amazing things he has created. Both of these students talk about gender, giving us a very detailed description of gender. Both of these students give us a description of Johanna. And the unique feature of both of these rulers is that these two sewers divide Jana into two categories,

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right? There's the highest agenda and there's the gender of everybody else. And both of these students talk about it. So soon I'll walk you through la rama they shared similar themes, and in the way they function together as twin students. In many piercings like this in the Quran. We want Surah as mentioned after another, and they function together as a pair. Another example will be Surah Al environment, Shura, Toba, the two Jihad Surahs In fact, many Sahaba consider them to be one surah. Right like was to Doha and alumna Shah, the true surah is about dealing with depression, they come one after another, they have similar themes, they have similar styles, and they have similar

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messages. So Surah a walkie I'm sure a rough man, they fall into this category of Surahs that have overlapping themes and they appear together. Now, there are specific virtues Novated basura waqia. But there is a difference of opinion or whether those Hadees are authentic or not. Right, underrated anyway, you can decide based on you know, asking them all about whether you want to follow the Hadith or not. But basically, it is narrated that the profits slowly some might have said that whoever recites Surah waqia regularly, will never be touched with poverty, meaning that the surah causes Baraka in one's wealth protects just one part from poverty. So some of the Allama have said

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this hadith is weak or less than enthusiastic, Allah knows best. But what I want to focus on today is the core message of Surah aquatopia. The core message of the Sunnah is about afterlife, and debt in that order, afterlife and their debt. Because our lives and our debt should be in preparation for the afterlife. The afterlife is the main thing, that's the most important thing. And soon I'll walk here it goes to this or they'd start to the day of judgment, and in Paradise, and then how and then reminders about the power of Allah and he ends with the topic of debt. And so it is preparing us to live our lives in such a way that we are constantly focused on the Day of Judgment. In fact, the

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name I'll walk you up is one of the names of the Day of Judgment. Right? It is one of the names of the last day. In the Quran, Allah has given us many different names for the last day. In the Surah, we have three primary descriptions of the Last Day is a workout in the app, the day when the event will occur. And what they are means the inevitable event, the event that will definitely occur, lazily work at the academy, there is no denial of the token and it will definitely look up to see the meaning of a walk. Yeah, it is a day that is what suddenly going to happen. The Day of Judgment. Allah gives us two other descriptions of the day of judgment in the Sunnah, hopefully, the door off

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the coffee that the day when people who have high status in this world will be humiliated. And raffia, the day when people who have the most of status in this world will be raised up in the ranks. And what this tells us is that there are many people in this world, they enjoy prestige, they may be famous, they may be wealthy, they may be powerful, but they must use this they do not use in a way that is pleasing to Allah, they are arrogant, they do not take care of the rights of others. On the Day of Judgment, those people will be humiliated. And then they may be people that nobody knows, the hidden only up the righteous will nobody knew they existed. The most pious of people who

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would basically not bow to society, and the day of judgment, their status elevated, and everyone gets to see them for who they really are the true shining stars of that day.

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And so we have these three descriptions of the Day of Judgment, I'll walk you out, I'll call feed up on Rafi All right, it is a inevitable occurrence. It is a day when the highest of people are brought down and humiliated. It is the day when the average person or the lowest of people in this world in worldly sense, are given a high status because of their piety. And then the main message of the surah is that when it comes to receiving your report your book of deeds on the Day of Judgment. There are three types of people when it comes to receiving your book of deeds or report on the Day of Judgment. They are the

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Three types of people. And when you pass within these two types of people, right, those of the right hand and those of the left hand, those who pass those will fail. But this surah actually divides the people on that day into three groups, those who pass those who fail, and those who passed on a grid those passes like us. So Allah separates between the average person who passes the test of life and gets into Jannah. And he separates them from the only from the macabre goon for those who are close to Allah and learn the higher ranks of Jana. And so Allah gives us three categories of people was humbled me, mother, ma Gu Mima, the people of the right hand was hobbled much karma must have been

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much among the people of the left hand, meaning you get your book of needs and your right hand you pass you get in your left hand you feel but hold on, there's a higher country we should aspire to be amongst. What is that, as the owner survey own hula eco macabre. Those who are first those who are foreigners, those who are racing to do good deeds will die.

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who don't are the ones who will be closest to Allah, those are the ones who will be closest to Allah subhanho wa Taala on that day. So Allah is telling us even from those who pass the different levels and grading of passing the test of life, some people will just get by the good deeds will be just outweigh the bad deeds and be enough for them to get you to gender, but others will excel, and they will reach the higher levels of gender. And so even the description of gender in the Surah is divided into two categories, there is a description of the gender of

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the gender or the only or the gender of the righteous. And then there is a description of the gender of the average Muslim, and both descriptions are beautiful. But Allah is giving us two messages. The other one is to aspire to be amongst the macabre boon to aim to be from those who are close to Allah to work our hardest to be righteous, right. And the other is, even if you can't get there, you get these paths. If you still get this, right, there's still a sacred price. So if you aren't able to be righteous, but you still try and don't want to the other levels of gender, then you can get to

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and now there's a beautiful description in the Surah which you know, very functions like a, like a prophecy, right? Allah knows best one of the interpretations of this description is that it's a prophecy of how the human will grow. So Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the sutra, about the righteous, He says, Sula, tominaga oh one in our colleague Illumina laugh up. In the early generations, there'll be many righteous people, towards the end of time to be very few. But he told us about the Muslims about those who pass the test of life or those who get to Jannah. He says sudo the terminal Oh, well, Lina was from the terminal if you read many of the early generations, and

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many of the later generations, and so some scholars have said that this is an indication that towards the end of time, there will be more Muslims, more people getting into gender, but they'll be less pious people less over the years people reaching the highest ranks of gender. And so in a way, this is a prophecy that the ummah will grow in number, but the level of piety of the later generations may not be that until early generations and we know this that the early generations the Sahaba, Davina AbuDhabi, we cannot reach the level of IoT, right, and the very few people in our time who can reach that level of priority for the Ummah are many numbers today, many people who

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inshallah will be saved on that day. So the Ummah grows in numbers, what this tells us is we should aspire to be from that few, we should try to be from the few who are more collarbone, who are close to Allah, who are still be on racing to do good deeds, right, who are rushing with each other doing good deeds. You look at the Sahaba they had this attitude of being from those who raised to do good deeds, your Alma Rajala Hannah was one of the best examples of this. Omen Roger I know, he said, I used to raise to double Welcome to do good deeds, but he always used to beat me to it. Right? And he said, One day, I brought half my well to give a charity I'm about to grab on his wall. That's when I

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realized I can't compete with this man. And he had a similar attitude towards the old brother. Right? Many people aren't aware of this, but over the blue hot tub and the older brother named Zane even hot dog who accepted Islam before him. And in the famous battle of Yamama, against the false prophet New Salem, Arkansas, Zane even Honda was martyred. He was one of the shahada of the day. And Omar Raja Lama when he hears this, he said, may Allah have mercy on Zane. He beat me to Islam and he beat me to martyrdom. He beat me twice, right? He converted to Islam before me and he became a Shaheed before me. So they were competing in good deeds, right, who's going to be first who's going

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to be the one gets closer to Allah, who's the one who's going to do more? This should be the attitude of the believers we compete in good deeds, not out of ego, but out of trying to please Allah out of trying to get the highest ranks of China. You know, in this competition in good deeds is so embedded in our Sharia. Then the books of

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fixing that if there is a gap in the soft light and you praying salah, you shouldn't give somebody else a gap, you should take it because you're supposed to be competing in good deeds. Many of us didn't get other good medicine thoughts well, so you go no, Hugo, but the books are quick action. So you should step forward. Why? Because you're supposed to be competing in good deeds, you're supposed to one that fragile you want for yourself. Right? So this is this is something embedded in our Sharia that we are supposed to be competing in good deeds for the sake of Allah, I want to be closest to Allah, I want to get more reward, I want to do more good deeds, I want to be the one to

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give the charity, we see this with the Sahaba or Smartraveller he the way he competed with the other Sahaba and giving charity as well. We see this in many of them. That there was this competition. One of the best examples is the battle of Wuhan, when Rasulullah sallallahu, alayhi wasallam was injured, and the sahaba. Literally were arguing with each other over who's going to get the reward of pulling the arm out of his face. And I won't be there to help Walker, it's my job. You want to ask you at first so many things, let me get this one at least. And he pulled out the the armor that was stuck in the profit loss of his face and ended up moving towards his thinking process. But for

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him, it was a competition to see who's going to get the reward of helping Rasulullah Salallahu Salam at the time of kneeling. So they had this attitude of wanting to do more wanting to be first wanting to be the best. And this is the primary attitude that the surah should revive in our hearts, that we should be competing in good deeds, we should be trying to be the best we should be aiming to be from the from the pecan lagoon from those who are closest to Allah subhana wa. And if you can't get there, inshallah with at least make it to those whose book of deeds are in the right hands. The Surah then gives us a beautiful description of Jana talking about two types of gender, the gender of

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the people on the right hand and before that the Journal of the macabre goon and then Allah describes Johanna, he describes the hellfire, and he gives us a warning. And he tells us some of the qualities of those who will end up in the hellfire. And

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he talks about how they rejected the Day of Judgment, and how they they arrogant and how they allow the luxuries of this world to distracted. And then Allah subhanaw taala in the next part of the surah he changes the topic of it. He talks about why we should worship Him. Allah Subhana Allah talks about why we should worship him, he talks about his blessings that we take for granted. That doing a think about how every aspect of our life is from Allah. Allah mentioned four blessings that we take for granted. Our origin, our food, our water, and use the word fire we fire meaning light, right? The DOS days people use fire as like nowadays we have electricity but it's all from Allah.

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Allah is the One who gave humans the ability to invent these things. Allah Allah question about all of this.

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And he asked, Is it a tomato noon? Do you not see this liquid that comes out of you? Why are you the one who gives life funded liquid, right that you will need biologically, men have a liquidity produce on which people are created, right? Allah creates people through this. He said, Do you ever think about that vertical, that you came from a drop of liquid Allah gave it life and turn into a whole human being with all of the qualities that you have? And then he talks about the crops? He says, Do you not look in your crops? Do you cause it to grow and Allah cause you to grow? And then he talks about what he says do you cause it to fall from the sky or that Allah wants you to fall

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from the sky? And Allah says if you want to do you could make this the water salty, once you're going to do about it. If Allah made all of the water on Earth, salty, what can you do about Allah is reminding us, He is the one who has given us all these blessings. And then he tells us, follow that Ash rule. Would you not be grateful? This is the message will you not be grateful? You see the A levels of worshipping Allah, they are those who worship Allah Allah via but the highest level of worship, the level of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was to worship Allah to gratitude. Should I not be a grateful servant at lust wanting us to be from the people of gratitude in the

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Sunnah We ask Allah to allow us to practice what we have learned traditional Arabic Arabic in dental school was the level of saline but how to

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how to do that why that was selected.

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For Colorado dollar 200, the Jeep I don't want to be like in actually talking about gene Falola in Nevada for the people who want to hit the road.

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I mean, from what I can lead to,

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after giving us a description of His power and His blessings that we take for granted. Life, food, water light. Allah then tells us about the Quran and it's an it's a global said the Quran is a revelation that is meant to be followed

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And then the surah ends by telling us about the act itself. And it links the topic of death with the with the topic from the beginning of the surah. So the Sunnah begins with the Day of Judgment, you have this the macabre board, you have the people of the right hand, you have the people of the left hand, the surah ends with the time of debt. And the people who are macabre warned the people of the right handed people that the left hand at the time of debt, right, so Allah tells us in a very powerful description, and he says, For Lola Isabella Harding, whom were unto Hina interneurons, when he lay him in Kumada, Killa to zero. He says, When the soul reaches the throats, when you see

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someone is dying, you can see the soul leaving the body. Well, I'm to Hina in that room and you are watching you are there you are present, you can see the soul is about to leave the body will not know Allah.

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And we are close to him, but you cannot see you cannot see the Allah and the angel of death, and

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all of the unseen, that they are closer to be, right, well, they all are incontinent. Nobody need 3009 go to Saudi King, Allah gives a challenge to this believers, they if you think you're not going to be held to account on the day of judgment, bring this all back. Bring this all back. Allah challenges human beings, they view the view and control if you think you are the greatest thing that exists, you try and prevent that. And that moment when the soul is leaving, anyone can tell you, our doctors can tell you humans can't do anything once the soul is going to solve the scope. Right? The soul, as Allah says, No one can control the soul. Your time is up, the Angel of Death is there it's

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over. Allah is reminding us from that moment will be powers all that matters or that moment is which of the three categories do you fall into? So Allah tells us well Amma incarnate in a row who are referred to agenda

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if at that moment of debt if you have from the mortality from those who are close to Allah from the old er from the righteous, then you'll have happiness you're going to have flowers you're going to have God and you're going to have gender your debt is going to be a beautiful debt. You're going to have a beautiful ending right

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for Amma in our economy is how will you mean for salon will love them in us? How will you mean and even if you are from the people of the right hand, meaning even if you weren't from the pious but you have Muslim you try your best you worship Allah you did the best you could for salaam alaikum in us how will you need you will have peace you will be greeted by the people agenda. You will be greeted by the people of Ghana when you still getting into Jana. What am I in Ghana may not be not boarding but if at the moment of that. If you were amongst those who'd rejected the Day of Judgment, those who are misguided for newsroom in HMI waters near to Jehane then you will be welcomed by the

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hellfire and thrown deep into the fight.

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In the huddle of Hakone again for sub base me Rob because him This is the true uncertain world. Show Say Subhan Allah glorify God and Allah subhanho wa Taala begins to suit up by telling us that there is definitely a day of judgment coming. Otherwise AI is inevitable it is going to happen. You decide which of those three groups you want to be in on that day by choosing how you're going to live your life will you be from those who are close to Allah will you be from the right hand will you be from the left hand and the end the surah by reminding us that when the time of death comes, it's too late to decide which group you're going to be and when the time of death comes. That is when you will see

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the first taste of what is to come in the afterlife based on that decision. The purpose of spirits like this is to prepare our hearts for the afterlife. So we live our life in a way that is on Iran centric, we are focused on the afterlife. Our vision is always on Jana, it is always on the pleasure of Allah and every decision we make in this world should be made in a way that brings us closer to Allah. It should not be done in a way that is all about this one all about ego is all about greed. It should be about gender, it should be about Allah subhanho wa taala. So take the time to read the sutra and I highly recommend at least reading translation of the description of gender in the Sunnah

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and do something that will reflect on the Sunnah. And let us be from the people who are focused on the afterlife who love this life for the next show when the moment of death comes. We will be from the macabre goon we will be from those who are close to Allah. And if we do not make it to the lagoon, we will at least be from the US. How will you mean of the people of the right hand? Robert Artina Vitani Hasina will already has now worked in our Governor Robert nanometers watching

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the Iron Triangle. Mr. superhydrophobic anomalism St. Paul was salam of Brazil in 100

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