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After praising Allah Subhana Allah and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa earlier seldom, it is a great blessing of Allah Subhana Allah. We continue our theme of the series which is on man we specifically begin to speak about thought in other

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words, when my annual thought recorder that we find is the decree, the night of power and glory and decree that Allah Subhana Allah has granted us Tofig on daufuskie illa Billah

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or tofi can abilities only via the permission of Allah Subhana Allah that He degrees decrease certain things we praise we thank Allah Subhana Allah and His blessing month of Ramadan, we get to speak about his words. We find in some narrations, that if Allah Subhana Allah, He wants he loves his server, he wants to select a server and your staff Mila who begins to use them in certain things or you need to know that he can make the individual to leave this dunya upon that. So we pray We ask Allah Subhana Allah, that his blessing man for Ramadan to make us amongst those people that are lost and are uses them to serve his Deen to proclaim His Deen and to encourage other individuals to come

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towards the deen of Allah Subhana Allah and the deen of Allah Subhana Allah the core element is none other than the book of Allah Subhana Allah does the previous hood where we spoke about sort of Allah, whereby these first five verses are the whole sort of American sort of the first five verses specifically speaks about the revelation of Allah subhanaw taala coming down. And I will say that same theme of the Quran and Ramadan continues inside SoTL other

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and just like we find the first five verses total up, it is no coincidence that Allah Subhana Allah also inside sort of others also contains five are yet as well.

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And the same theme begins to continue the one of Ramadan, the one of the Quran, the one of the power and the glory of Allah Subhana Allah. So the Muslim avails this opportunity, this reminder of Allah Subhana Allah of coming close to Allah Subhana Allah in the no fee Laila lucado This is a night of power of glory of decree that we sent down the Quran

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when Olafur, aterna Sabina sore kubla ha the surah before it and this surah is the relationship between Quran and a birder.

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We're inside the previous surah Allah completed the surah mentioned Candela totake who was stood walk him

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down a bay this person as you mentioned, amongst the people of courage or civil dilemma people begin to derail you away from the path of Allah Subhana Allah was good work terrain remain in your power and your obedience ensued where Abood Rebecca had, to kuryakyn an endo SoTL hedger that we find continuously worship Allah Subhana Allah had yet yet to tell you're keen, until eliakim come to you not certainty be Martina. And mote

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the movement rebel rabada is continuously in a state of rebel de la Subhana Allah and he may be good as we mentioned, a certain individuals they flock around the month of Ramadan or yo magium or there may be some privileges and some goodness in these people that we don't want to question. But we should have condensed our life or making it uncertain moments inside our life. That only yomo do matter. We begin to have this this zeal and his passion that he overcomes as I need to get to the machine I need to offer my prayers or in the month of Ramadan ways the rest of this Anelka belay Subhana Allah, with the rest of this relationship with Allah panda throughout the year, throughout

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our lives.

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That is what Allah subhanaw taala wants to see the impact of Ramadan, it is work to do to heal. Just like we changed our physical concept of eating and drinking and matrimonial relationships. There's a more hidden meaning of Ramadan, La La Quinta code, the spiritual uplifting, of proximity closeness or dakara Illa Allah Subhana Allah, that's the real meaning of Ramadan. That's the real meaning of the Quran is taqwa ly Subhana Allah was good work for him. Go in a state of frustration have a bad day and come closer to Allah Subhana Allah and inside is the surah as well Salah moon peace, and some of the early method for sera Salah vimana Jenna

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Jenna paradise, Willow Yeah, Drew Illa Daddy, salaam y demon your shirt will shut off the most

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takim inside surah Yunus will know yet the Merida daddy salam, Allah cools you to daddy Salaam wa darussalam in asthma in Jana. Allah isn't just talking about Jenna alive well no Yadu Allah is cooling us, encouraging us will know your you read on your toolbar and then you call Allah wants to accept your repentance once you to repent, once you turn back to him Allah Subhana Allah says this is the monk Shahada, Allah Subhana Allah, the amount of Allah the month of the Quran. The amount of opportunity that's this opportunity led through cada is a one time opportunity in a person's life.

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Because as the Quran mentions hieromonk l Fisher is better than 1000 months, and the numerical format of 1000 months is 83 years and four months. While Elmo in de la Subhana Allah Most of us won't live to the age. Lena because most of the average age span according to prophetic traditions, is veinous 18 was submarine is between 60 and 70 years that's the average span of this community of this world. If it goes beyond that, hacer una Omarosa tala Ramu the person who increases in the age should increase in a goodness is a blessing from Allah subhanaw taala increases the age for them to carry out more good deeds, not to follow a path of disobedience apart powerful change of returning

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back to Allah Subhana Allah. So the Surah Al Qaeda is giving us that one time opportunity to avail the opportunity to turn back to Allah Subhana Allah in the no fee Layla pill cutter. We sent down this book inside the month of Ramadan in a little corner and as we mentioned, the first is a sort of Accra more serene, said Accra. Miss Mira beaker lady holla This is a set down inside Ramadan and set down inside a little corridor. This is the beginning of the Quran. That's aboubaker ajah. Inside is the seed a sort of a seed he mentioned that this is a month of Quran of a bear that a person is listening to the Quran reciting the Quran, the double Quran, person shouldn't be wasting your time

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and our culture even a person reads a juice a day would have completed the whole Quran. And the person follows the EMA for 29 or 30 days would have completed the Quran listening to the Imam and the use of modern technology person driving to work going to school whatever it may be listened to a juice cut acmella ad would have competed three times the Quran. Allah called shea

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butter man many of us are avoid of this. Because we spoke about last week we don't understand the magnitude of the words of Allah Subhana Allah as we mentioned yesterday with me how wrote 220 pages speaking about a Quran Miss Mira big Allah, the HELOC and the impact they should have inside our lives the book of Allah Subhana Allah in De Anza no fee Laila to cover. We sent down this revelation inside the night of Laila to other

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so people have these weird beliefs that will cause it would change your destiny destiny will not change for any individual.

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Destiny has been prescribed and destined for every single individual. I will say mahalo, Allah Subhana Allah Pelham, the first thing that Allah and Allah created is the pen, some irlam have occurred begin to differ, well I had the pen was created by Allah Subhana Allah and said to the pen octobe right. The pen said What should I write? Right What will occur

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from now until the end of time right they prescribed it all that all of us our destiny will be written by Allah Subhana Allah. The only thing that happens a laser cutters mm su t begins to describe and other erla as well. That you find that for me lo Hellmuth Yun zil Illa sama dunya they are the commandments are where the commandments for that year will descend from the guarded preserved tablet, and will descend down into the lowest heaven. And then those instructions are placed there for the angels for this year. So and so will die. So and so will live so and so will be born soon so will become poor. So So individual come rich. So and So individual suffering affliction

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is calamity, they're going to bring these this down hashtable Hajaj mm show Kenny said fertile COVID mentioned has will have according to the need, it will come down upon this earth that is likely to cover what sumela will cover later when for the greatness of this night and conquer the destiny that as we mentioned going to go into flow on this night, unlike other ever mentioned because of the number of angels that will traverse and flow on this night that will come and descend

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upon the earth,

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the magnitude of angels who descend upon this earth all shows the glory of this one night that Allah Subhana Allah sent down the Quran, Allah to other one will explain to you what lay little cover is this night of power and dignity mmct lists numerous narration speaking about the previous combinations, they had many a long lifespan that they had. So this oma as we mentioned only has 6070 years. So Allah subhanaw taala gave this one night when cannibal McCall we had a hadith that is some discussion about authenticity is a hadith where we can see this as some form of element of blessing because our lifespan is shorter than the previous years, or the previous omim the previous nations.

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So Allah Subhana gave us this extra encouragement that if you focus on a burden is one night it will excel. It will give you those extra 80 years of your life in terms of a bar that will be given and destined for you have a person who focus in his night towards Allah Subhana Allah. And as you mentioned, many scrupulous narrations that people begin to fry around a person should follow a path for authenticity. Many of the the hopa an email Agila there was mentioned so many different things, even about Ramadan, but some of these things they are questionable. The intention is good. We don't question the intention but a dean McCall, a local Rasulullah Sahaba as a mammal Karima josiane is

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works of new Nia he described in lines of poetry, whereby you find these numerous narration people say a willow Rama, also to mark Farah, it could mean a nerve the beginning of Ramadan is mercy. The middle part is forgiveness and the end is deliverance from the fire when can a man and Hadith Sahih even though Hadith The meaning is sound, it's a good it's a good meaning. No one differs about that, but the whole of Ramadan is Rama. The whole of Ramadan is Mark Farah, the whole of Ramadan is it could mean a nerve in a heartbeat I find that Allah Subhana Allah every single night,

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he delivers next, escapes them, rescues them from the pantry find us every single night.

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So we need to look at the spirit of Ramadan, over encourage us to do inside our lives have a bed or focus towards Allah subhanho wa Taala and not to become individuals who become in a form of numeric format that people begin to quantify. Begin to do accountancy about documenting that if I do this 1000 record most of these are the if the only is a Hadith, which go into his excessive numbering format. They are highly questionable because of Islam. Daniel Hanafi somehow Islam is a pure pristine orthodox simple way of life. It's a simple way of life, it doesn't have this concept of I read 1000 hours in the night and such and such when given to me how the shock

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This is something which is difficult for individual to do Allah subhanaw taala lays out simple things easy things, avail them do those things. Even later, what we find study that narrations simple things that we find when our Isha asked the prophet Elijah some boys What should I make da Ll to cover? What was the response This is the Dalai Lama in Dakar Hoon to hit Buddha for a knee that's it simple, simple Dora read the Quran make genuine as God remember those founder call upon Allah and Allah will call up Buddha Rooney StG Blackcomb call upon Allah Subhana Allah. And he mentioned in the car called the ion of Ramadan, were either set up a barrier underneath her in the crib, or the

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Buddha with a dare either their own fall yesterday bully will, you know be your own shoe. You want to be rightly guided, you want to be rectified in your affairs. You want your sins to be wiped out. When you want your life to be extended, you want good things to be given to you. You want a good family, good children, good progeny, good genealogy away from shift from innovation, a good life a good ending. You want Jana Kuhn who has a laser buried and the laser candidate and only sort of far away, is not far away from Allah Subhana Allah, the problem is with us

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that we don't want to ask. We don't want to implore because Allah subhanaw taala wants the money of a bad external to come in and in a state of impoverished state of begging of asking that's what a bad day is. That you're imploring and you're asking Allah subhanho wa Taala min Allah Subhana Allah, even kalama robina Africa Allah and I mean Si, si, si, si, si COVID amor, yo yo, when you speak to a person, you're commanding them their duties octobe ikura edulis you command them. You can't command Allah Subhana Allah, even inside Sega to armor you had the Tulum

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Minal Bashara villa in San il Allah Illa Allah He subhanaw taala is a request that you're presenting to Allah subhanaw taala and request which are presented to Allah Subhana Allah are not turned away requests inside this dunya can be the piece of paper that you present a ton of that you present to be placed on a pile pace and the bottom of the pile could be rude, removed could be misplaced, could be unheard of could be neglected by Allah subhanaw taala desert neglect any individual why the solitary bed underneath any curry? Any servant of mine this what the problem is that we live in slum we've coded for this time we booked Islam we think Islam is a is a personal identity within Ghana

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belongs to me it is a belong to anybody else. And unfortunately, that's what we preach inside society. Jenna is wast

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Jenna is vast. Gender belongs to Allah. It doesn't belong to any individual. You have the pneumonia shower, Yong Fuli mania, warrior Harmonia, sha Allah punishes whomever he wants, he forgives whomever he wants, he overlooks whoever he wants cutterbar a bukem Allah nfca Rama Allah has written it down upon himself to be merciful.

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He threw for him a row for Rahim mean in our me for the believing individuals. That's what every Muslim in Ramadan is doing.

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is trying to become the individual of imploring asking Allah Subhana Allah, so person shouldn't make a sub accountability and say that if I do this and Allah will give me this person worshiped Allah Subhana Allah basura upon foresightedness upon understanding that I have to exert my efforts

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as Allah is laid out, these are the things you need to do in this dunya person can't just stand in and Allah give me all that give me children maezawa just marry

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as it is give me what doesn't work does it make an effort? This is what we become inside our inside our society, a lazy society. In nulla you Hi you Roma. Be calm in Hatha Yoga, you might be unfussy him a lot doesn't change the condition of a people until they don't change your own condition. They don't have that feeling inside their heart, that zeal, the passion, I want to change. I want to change myself. I want to be a better individual. The impact of every single one of us makes a better society makes a better Muslim oma, that's what it makes. And it should upset us that when we see people disobeying Allah subhanaw taala. Even on the way here that we we see Muslim sisters wearing

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Hijab smoking a cigarette in Ramadan.

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I'm not, don't we fit Allah Subhana Allah, even if you smoke, even when you're not fasting, whatever it may be, don't you have these feelings the month of Ramadan al anon, openly you disobey Allah Subhana Allah openly. And then we complain about why is there Why is the tyranny? Why is the punishment? Why is the power or why is there hardships? Why is this hardship upon his Muslim Ummah? Because this could be one of amongst the many reasons that we care less about Allah Subhana Allah we care less about his Deen about his dude about making that effort to turn to Allah Subhana Allah. So this one night that we went at three years and four months, some of the random I mentioned that this

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is min min duster to move on have access to this tool, there is just excessive speech. It is necessarily mean 1000 months it can mean far beyond that mean that you need to exert yourself in this night of a birder, you find in Hadith Sahih Hadith in Bukhari Muslim.

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Her role in Tommy Sue Nobu, Nobu, laser cutter in Asheville, I work in Ramadan, all these different narrations, the derivative weddings, seek search, fine, try to exert yourself to find laser cutter in the final 10 nights of Ramadan. That's the climax of Ramadan that we find the professor would go into state of seclusion of a decaf which occlude himself would tighten his loincloth.

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That mean he would stay away from any matrimonial relationship was fake or the other one wake up his family to encourage him to make the art to call upon Allah to pray.

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That's what led me to the climax of Ramadan is of making dua and calling upon Allah Subhana Allah. And it's quite sad time and time again we have to mention is that's all that we find that takes just going around that what what what is this person? What is the ruling of this person? What's the ruling of this? What's the ruling of going to dismiss it What is the matter with us?

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What is the matter with our people

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that we

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don't seem to understand basic things inside Quran.

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Life is only once. Life is short as we can you if you can use such words, life is limited. So sorry to use the expression about the foolish individual will be the one who doesn't avail the opportunity to Allah gives the opportunity as we find inside narration urashima and Fu abdeen made a note of the individual being rubbed inside the dust.

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You agree to Ramadan for long Oh kumbhakarna Allah Salatu Salam ugric Ramadan comes to Ramadan doesn't have his or her sins forgiven, doesn't have them forgiven. May the individual nose be rubbed in dust? For what purpose? They didn't avail Ramadan. They didn't take the blessings of Ramadan turnersville melodica to raffia Be it near a beam the angels they descend and not just the angels Here we find

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that they could have costs but Allah mentions a roof Whoo hoo algebra in LA some descends in his blessing night

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to see who is in a state of a burden calling upon Allah Subhana Allah. As they describe it as Baraka Baraka blessings they descend on this night

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angels they descend writing down who these individuals who in a state of a birder

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that's the type of person that we want to be that the age that Allah Subhana knows but the angel return and say I found my such and such service calling upon you making us go reading Quran remembering you first qurani at core commerce guru Li Well, I took freuen remember me and I remember you watch guru Li wanna talk? freuen be grateful, and don't be ungrateful.

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So this is what the believer is. He the believer is able to see all these this whole this dunya

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is just an a form of distraction. One will hire to dunya ilimitado Guru to derail us away from Allah Subhana Allah derailing doesn't mean haram things. It can mean even the things around us that we don't focus in our lives. That sort of thing could derail us from focusing appropriately towards Allah subhanaw taala because fit in are many, many fit in that a person is surrounded by fit into man, when Allah will add an enema. I'm Welcome. Welcome fitna and even your wealth when your children at times can become a fitna for the individual doesn't mean here that some people begin to abandon the family etc that we find but it's highlighted in a min Ed about ohana so a person needs

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to avail their life as they say be selfish in certain moments. That this is the one only chance and we can all we can all document we can all see were the loved ones who were there last Ramadan who don't who are not with us today

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that we thought that maybe it will not happen. Where will we be the following Ramadan? We don't know. So a person should should should be within themselves. asking Allah Subhana Allah just like we prayed Allah bellick now Ramadan, Allah get us to Ramadan now inside Ramadan in the crux of Ramadan give us tofi give us ability. Because when Allah Allah wants to show goodness to a servant, as we began when he guides him towards good things, guides him towards good actions, guides him towards pa that's what Allah Allah does an assignment Allah kind of deranged a person takes him away towards trivial matters, trivial issues, takes him away or her away from the path of Allah so parents out of

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obedience and makes him to become busy with other things. So this is what we should be praying and asking Allah Subhana Allah for, to give us a tofik and ability to reach lady to Qatar, to be amongst those people who are worshiping and calling upon Allah Subhana. Allah doing his blessing at night, as we mentioned many individuals and not to belittle them or trivialize the understanding that we find it begin to flock around certain numeric formats. Or they begin to flock around the 27th of Ramadan being laid to father

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even though they are strong statements that lead to lukather falls in on the 27th night but likewise is equally strong statement such a Muslim of a being on the 21st night of generation siki inside the 23rd night. So there's an amount of concrete that it alternates every single year. So a person shouldn't condense. As we mentioned their life on on a one night A birder that people will flock just on the 27th day you'll find that to make omura. On the 27th night, there is no extra Fabiola virtual shake. And our famous metal la mentioned side is the futures ama that people will flock to finally some extra virtue of performing power or performing camera on the 27th night of Ramadan. And

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likewise we mentioned that these numeric formats that people begin to make certain as God as they say this gene is blessed at night it will increase the reward etc. There are no strong evidence for this. But we have to accept that it could be a strong inclination towards

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The 27th that you find a menu enema discusses a write about this. But as you men you shouldn't condense our lives upon this, as I'm shocked at speaks about laser cutter occurring three times inside this surah a laser cutter contains nine halluf nine letters. So nine times three he deduces that could be possible possibility that 27th 27th night could be late to cover. And some of us may think that sounds strange even if because he recently said he mentions that you count the tele mat inside so to cover Salah moon here, you come to the pronoun daumier. Here, he are referring back to Layla to cover the night a power of Decree where he is the 27th letter inside the surah it could be

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just a mere coincidence, but this will show that some have gone to that view to go through towards the 27th. But what is the more appropriate statement based upon the Hadees in Tamil Nadu legendary furtherfield Asha are working on lubu lanesville colorful Asha our hair seeking in the last 10 nights and Imam Razi, the great professor begins to discuss that is a sin in the reason of why it's hidden, that a person has that urge, that desire for every single night is exerting themselves in cooling and imploring upon Allah Subhana Allah, that's what really a bad there is that the impact leads the individual throughout Ramadan for the last 10 nights or Ramadan, and that becomes

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difficult. Seek it in the odd nights, the 21st, the 23rd, the 25th to 27th had they even the 29th. And I had these insights a Muslim whereby the prophet SAW me saw a dream. And he was shown level two coverage prostrating inside mud on that night. And at night it rained, and mud was in his blessing face and they said this was the 21st night. But a knowledge of it was removed because people were disputing and this is sit inside there because when oma who loves to dispute amongst ourselves so this knowledge has been grace taken away from us has been lifted from us because of our excessive disputing amongst ourselves that our last panel knows that is not beneficial to disclose the exact

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to not disclose certain things. As you mentioned that Islam is there not to to open certain things in a sense that certain certain individuals they're deserving of certain things. Allah leaves it generic. Leave this most of all my generic as we began will know Yeah, Drew Illa daddy salam, Allah Coons toes daddy's shall I'm calling everybody, every Muslim, every Muslim calls them towards paradise. And that's what we should be praying for those individuals who have left this dunya our loved ones or family members and even every single Gen Muslim that Allah Allah inshallah them with his mercy and forgives them and pardons them and overlooks them. The reason for that is because

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maybe someone could come that when we leave this dunya that they make that dollar for us. That is why we should be imploring and ask them last time for for reprimand for forgiveness of those individuals, that some would come along and make the art for us equally as well that when we leave this dunya and as we find that those actions we mentioned of Laila to cover of reciting the Quran, making the Eloi Subhana Allah, asking Allah to forgive our sins, peace that they will exist until the beginning, or beginning of the day, or the rising of the sun, and it's quite strange. Some of them I've even mentioned that little corner frequently shower when Canada colione McCool memberhub

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even though some of the early my reject this time and a half the laser cutter beans are every single number some of the mentioned is that little quarter egg travels in every single month.

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And there could be a possibility of essence in this, based upon this hadith that Allah father descends every single night.

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So it's not just enlightenment. It's not just Ramadan is no every single month it's kulula. Every single night, Allah Subhana Allah camellia Coby, generally Subhana Allah descends.

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What has been even is the one who is seeking forgiveness, seeking Toba except his tobuy they want to see given this I may forgive him is the one who's asking Sunday I'll give it to him. This is every single night. This is the last third of every single night that's there for us. But as once again that we find that emotionally just Ramadan we attach to is there for all of us every single night. Allah is there for us. Allah is there every single moment inside our lives.

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Without a book a big alarmingly lobbied your law doesn't oppress any of his servants. His doors are open as you find her data inside when when Ramadan begins. A mentioned foot he had a web within the foot the admin does that mean she got to move banner huh? It doesn't just say for the hat of 40 hat. It says footie hat they are swung open the door the pattern has swung open there.

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Open Why?

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That there is opportunity available opportunity to turn back to Allah Subhana Allah, the night of serenity of tranquility of peace. While a little cada is the Allah tada describes this night of blessing that we find. We find a in conclusion and this should be inside our minds and our hearts that all of us our destiny has been decreed by Allah Subhana Allah. We cannot change destiny as they say. It's been decreed. We need to exert our efforts in trying to come closer and closer to Allah Subhana Allah. Unlike God, you find that in this blessed month for Ramadan that we find an Al Quran Ramadan shadow Quran and this is the month of the Quran.

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Al Quran jetten Alico projekten hodja to look on a Quran is an evidence for you, or evidence against you. And some strong narrations that they mentioned, rubber cord, or in rubber hammer Quran, or Korean Quran yondu aka McCall. Allah is not to say perhaps a person who's carrying the Quran recited the Quran yondu Quran is cursing him.

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That's what is sometimes your Baraka inside our life. The Quran is cursing us because we're not doing what the Quran tells us to do. The Quran names are suited for condemnation you say what color a fool European nakoma Khurana Madura the message you say oh my lord my people have abandoned the message ban abandon the Quran

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and instituted Baccarat Allah mentioned Kitab Allah wa unknown Lai Allah moon. This was some of us that we do we from the book of Allah hunter behind our betters, if we don't, we don't know. We don't know the book of Allah or the media that we don't implement the book have a lot of data. You don't need to be a deep, intricate individual in sciences of Allah Subhana Allah you mentioned, Islam is simple and easy. There's the do's and don'ts inside the Quran, the all of us that we can do, all of us we can live by these regulations. And these regulations they bring what four person inside this dunya Allah does not want you to live a life of wretchedness, of being upset, ba na and zelner Allah

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coronelli cashcall read Surah Taha twidium pseudo Quran Manzil nanoco coronelli Tushar, we didn't send this Quran to make you feel wretched to feel upset.

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This is a remembrance from Allah Subhana Allah in Ghana Quran Sunnah tra colon Sakina Quran is is is heavy, is deep when a person reads the Quran, Quran ponders over the Quran it is heavy in his substance low Anza nada Corona, Allah jubelin righto Hershey and Mutasa minha Shatila wa tilka I'm 33 while in nursing no matter for karoun Quran is deep

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brings mountains down to powder to dust

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by the real measure Quran Allah

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that's why in this month Ramadan Pando with his iron nanometre Dhaka rude. rude. rude. Rude Yes, her mood tough her moon, the Mazda? Why is this all inside the Quran? Why again again inside the Quran, Allah speaks all these uncertainties 80 or 90 of them fell inside the Quran. Why does Allah mentioned so many is speaking about his mercy, about his forgiveness, about pondering about reflecting. What typical am fellow these are the I'm telling Allah Allah is one, Guru I ll Allah moon. These are the only the people intellect can begin to understand.

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These these Ayat of Allah Subhana Allah. So a person should be praying in his mind for Ramadan, praying and lasercorn Allah give me the ability to understand your words.

00:33:51--> 00:34:34

These words they should move us. When you hear the words of Allah Subhana Allah as you move your hearts, Allah mentioned beside beginning of Surah Al Anam enamel noona levena believers are those individuals who when they hear the Ayat of Allah Subhana Allah, either to the alum area to the tomb, amen. When they hear the verses of Allah and Allah what de la kulu boom their hearts begin to quiver they begin to shake it begins to move them Don't you see some I'ma when I read in the Quran, why they weeping? Some may be weeping out of imitation or there may be some day of that is a genuine weeping that you find why, while hard is a man weep, how does a grown individual physically strong

00:34:34--> 00:35:00

weep what makes them weep? It's the Quran. How do you think that should be dealt with the Prophet, someone who used to read the Quran, you could hear the weeping of the boiling of a cauldron coming from his chest. So when he would read the Quran, he couldn't see that weeping. He said to Abdullah he must read the Quran. He said I was in Accra. I like to read the Quran upon you at one zero Allah Quran has been recited upon you. He said I want to

00:35:00--> 00:35:04

hear from other than myself. As you find a person who is proficient inside the Quran

00:35:06--> 00:35:37

was so to Jamil mela meta Hannibal Quran Felisa mina weathersby beautiful there was given by Allah had a good voice that a person is able to travel through. And it says a make you begin to visualize in a sense of getting a winner that is stuck with that is fair that should travel. But some of us won't gain that fair. We may have some emotional feeling because a man it could be changed in his voice. But if you want to penetrate those I understand the book of Allah subhanaw taala understand those if this is what my robe is saying to me,

00:35:38--> 00:36:15

as I'm called to be mentioned that people who respect the Quran we don't question the intentions because what many people I think I would question the simple terms inside our life. We don't we're not against people who kiss the Quran, who wrapped the Quran, a green cloth who give it a Jew reverence. We're not against that. Mmm cool to be said that this could be something which is good and something beneficial. But he says the server or reseller, Maalik, memiliki calm. I've let her come from you're paying for me Amira, consultado calm that comes from your king and you kiss the parchment. You kiss the net and you place it on a high shelf. And you say to all your family

00:36:15--> 00:36:19

members, this is from our king, our leader, give it reference don't turn your back to it.

00:36:21--> 00:37:03

Don't turn your back to us give it respect. This is the letter from our king. Lackey, ma Keira rusada manga Dr. COVID, Salah doesn't read the letter, there's an implement the letter, add the reseller to law. This is a letter from Allah Subhana Allah. This is a message from Allah Subhana Allah we can't decipher it. We can't read it. Because implement that's all that we do. So we haven't really understood we haven't really given reverence, reverence. We haven't given due respect in Allah subhanaw taala. And if we find that when we return inside a grave, the question will be asked all of us we know the answers. All of us we know what the answers are. Likewise the Quran will come

00:37:03--> 00:37:10

inside the grave. Quran will come and intercede for the person and say I kept this individual up in the night.

00:37:11--> 00:37:16

I kept him up inside the night that the two things that intercede were individually. So yamakawa Quran,

00:37:18--> 00:37:40

your fasting will intercede for you. Your Quran will intercede for you. So that's why we need to be people who are an absolute adopter of understanding the Quran, learning the Quran, implementing the Quran asking Allah to deport the Quran into our hearts, to give us the ability to understand the Quran. And to go far beyond that we say to those individuals who learn the Quran,

00:37:41--> 00:38:11

read and ascend. And wherever you stopped reading will be your final place inside Jenna. And his world around us that we find are people trying to push all type of agendas that we find that this is a supplement to to Islam, or this is encouraging people to come towards Islam, and now she or whatever it may be. These could be certain good things, but it won't be sent to you in a day a judgment ekra or Taka will be set to sing this and ascend in Jannah. It won't be said to any individual.

00:38:13--> 00:38:32

So why are we foolish individuals? White mesmerized white why tarnish Islam a pure deed? You know, Christ the new Quran the new the impact of Quran read that the sea resort the najem the 53rd Chapter The Quran, read how the whole of the Quraysh went down in a state of sajida

00:38:33--> 00:38:38

one tempted Hakuna Matata you're laughing and rejoicing what are the goon

00:38:39--> 00:38:50

one two Sami dude and you're Sammy doing Managua, Habesha Managua, amongst the Arabs that we find existed, Sammy Dune is, is singing and wasting one's time.

00:38:52--> 00:38:55

First you do laywer abou as we saw the same thing

00:38:57--> 00:39:15

is worship Allah Subhana non Muslims are searching for Islam. They don't need these trivial things that some of Muslims that we think these trivial entertainments they've gone far beyond this. They've gone far beyond they don't need this trivial thing that this will enter the building. This is a this is a something some form of alternative towards music.

00:39:16--> 00:39:18

Look at the music world look at it.

00:39:19--> 00:39:34

Look at a musical you find not millions, you find billions. You find billions of watching of certain musical tracks and an mp3 Billy as it goes into. So don't try to think that this with this small song that you sing will entice them

00:39:35--> 00:39:40

and how somebody is individually heard the book of Allah subhanaw taala it rips their heart apart.

00:39:41--> 00:39:59

It mesmerizes the mind and the heart the impact because this is kalaam why Subhana Allah and this is a month of Ramadan, the month of the Quran that we should be on the forefront in encouraging ourselves in coming towards a cupboard, in a Quran coming towards the book of Allah Subhana Allah May Allah under give us all

00:40:00--> 00:40:24

tawfeeq inability what remains of Ramadan to to spend it in a time of a burden of worship and sear and fear and Roku and soju and encouraging ourselves around reminding ourselves was defined as the kratom fragment meaning remind one another remind our family members remind our children remind our parents remind everybody around us that a people are coming to the machine and wasting their time and speaking about this and that or that does remind them

00:40:25--> 00:40:41

the Sahaba which enters at the mercy you just had nothing but the buzzing, the buzzing of people chattering, the buzzing of the Quran, the reciting of the Quran, that's what it should be a month of reciting the Quran, reading the Quran, engaging with the Quran. May Allah grant that for all of us.