Ammar Alshukry – 4 Powerful Lessons From Surah Al Burooj #03

Ammar Alshukry
AI: Summary © The loss of Islamist's reputation and reputation in the recent struggles with Sub ultrasound led to a woman losing her reputation to a man who attempted to destroy her. The King of Afghanistan tries to convince the Magician to keep the monk in the fire, but the Magician refuses. The book bossy suggests that the woman had a problem with her own actions, and the struggles of men and women with their actions lead to sadness and negative experiences. The importance of forgiveness and love in Islam is emphasized, and a statement about the importance of love in Islam is made.
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Okay, so that being said

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hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah. I want to speak about the people of the ditch. And this is a story that Allah subhanaw taala mentions in Surah Telugu Raj, but Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam details it in an authentic hadith reported by Muslim. And he describes in a lot of detail, but I just want to give you a summary of a sort of loss of Allah to send them says that there was a king who lived before us meaning before the sahaba. And it's understood that it was after the time of the 70 mediana. So in that period, between isa it is said um, and Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, there was a king who commanded people to worship him.

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And he had a magician, he had a court magician, and that magician was getting old. And he told the king, he said, Listen, if I die, all of this magic that I know is gonna die with me. So go and find me a boy who I can teach this magic to. And so they do, they find a smart boy. And the magician is teaching him magic. And this boy, when he would be coming to the magician, there would be a monk that he would pass by. And he liked what he would hear from the monk. And so he would stop by. And he would ask him questions, that edition by Timothy says, and he would ask them about Allah subhanaw taala. And he would get delayed at the monk on his way to the magician. And when he would get

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delayed, the magician would beat them. And so the boy complains to the monk and he says, Whenever I get delayed with you, this guy ends up beating me. So the man told me he said, if you get delayed at the magician, tell him that your family delayed you you got delayed at home. And if you get delayed with your family tell him that the magician delayed you either way, both sides try to avoid the beatings. And the boy does. And on one day, as he's walking down the path that he always takes, the path was blocked by some terrible beasts, the province satellites and doesn't mention what the beast was. But it was something that was scary. And so the boy said, and the path had been blocked off,

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nobody could pass. The boy said between him and Allah subhanho data he said today I am going to know who is better the magician or the monk. And so he said, Oh Allah if the monk is better than kill this beast, and he threw the stone

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and the stone killed the beast. The boy then went and he told the monk what happened and this boy has not even reached the age of puberty yet. He was prepubescent. That's what the word Fetta means in Arabic. And so the monk says something incredible. He says to the boy, this boy that he himself had been teaching this boy who didn't know anything about Allah subhanho data until the monk time. He said he recognized something that indicated incredible humility. He said, today, you are better than me.

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He says to the boy, today you are better than me. Well, and Nikola Tesla, you are going to be tested. And so if you are tested, then don't inform anybody about me.

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The boy begins to perform miracles.

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He would ask ALLAH SubhanA data to heal people. If people came to him the blind and the leper, they would come to him and he would tell them I don't heal Allah subhanho data is the one who heals but if you believe in Allah, that I will make dua to Allah subhana data and he will heal you and he would do that. Long story short, the King finds out

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and he begins to find out who are the people who believe and he kills the monk and he tries to kill the boy a number of times, and the boy every time Allah subhanaw taala protects them. The details are in the Hadith. We don't have the time for now. But eventually the boy tells the king after surviving multiple assassination attempts, he tells the king and he says Listen, I know

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A way for you to kill me if you're really trying to get rid of me. And that is you gather everybody gather everybody in the town. And then you crucify me. And then you take a bow and that arrow, and where everybody can see you, and everybody can hear, see, in the name of the Lord have this boy.

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And then and only then will your arrow be able to strike me. And so the king out of his desperation, he did exactly what the boy told him, he gathered, everybody, everybody witnessed. And then everybody could hear him, say, in the name of the Lord have this boy, and he let the arrow go, and it killed him.

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Now when everybody heard the king, say, in the name of the Lord of the boy, they said, and

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they said, We believe in the Lord of the boy.

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This was exactly the nightmare that he was trying to avoid. And so now he had a bigger crisis than the boy believing the entire society believing and so what he did was, he now resorted to a desperate tactic, and that was to build trenches and to fill them with fire, and who ever refuses to recount their belief or to recant their belief, then they will be thrown into that fire in those trenches. They will be burned a life

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and people didn't recount and people were thrown into that fire. And the problem hammer cellulitis at them concludes by saying that there was a woman with her child and she hesitated

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because of her child, and the child spoke and said, My mother, be patient because you were upon the truth. These people were all killed. It was a genocide that happened. It was a stain on human history. And I want to share with you just four points of benefit from certain gurus that talks about this episode. Number one, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, potatoes, how beautiful dude, Cursed are the people living with trenched these people who committed the act. And then Allah subhana data says later on in the surah, he says woman come Amina home, in law, you know, Billa Hill as he said, hunted this is amazing. Allah says the only reason why they were hated is because they believed in a

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lot of that disease. At Hemet. Many times we don't pay attention to the names of Allah, we just kind of memorize them at the end of the verse, but Allah subhanho data mentions two names. Number one, the mighty number two, the Praiseworthy, the mighty, indicating to us, the scholars mentioned, indicating that he had the power to stop it.

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This was not because he was unable ALLAH SubhanA data could prevent a genocide in Gaza today he could prevent massacres in Sudan today, ALLAH SubhanA data could present could protect massacres in the Congo, ALLAH SubhanA data can protect from murderers and ustun Allah subhanaw taala is not overpowered by evil.

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He is an disease and he allows for it to happen and he is an Hamid he is praiseworthy in allowing for it to happen. He is praiseworthy. How is Allah praiseworthy in allowing for it to happen? Because the consequences are praiseworthy. When that person is killed, and they are a martyr and they enter into Jannah that is a praiseworthy consequence consequence. And when the criminal

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has been worst of crimes recorded on their ledger, so that they meet Allah subhanaw taala with that, that is a praiseworthy consequence. Allah subhana wa Tada says when I accept when Medina CAFO and nama know me loan fail on the unforeseen. Allah says do not think Do not let the disbelievers think that we are giving them respite we are giving them delay, we're giving them rope we're giving them time, out of goodness for themselves. It's not good for them. In them I normally law homeless dad with Ma, we are only giving them that time so that they can increase in their sin, we are only giving that time so that they can add more crimes to their * history. So if they could add to

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that the bombing of hospitals and the killing of children and the killing of mothers and the killing of journalists and all of these hideous crimes that you could not imagine that they were capable of doing. I'm giving them respite so that they could fill it with all of that with Oh, my dad wouldn't win and they will have painful punishment. They will have humiliating punishment. So don't think that that delay is good for them. So number one, Allah subhanaw taala tells us that He is mighty and that he is praiseworthy. Number two ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says and levy la Omen Kusama words he was asked, Allahu Allah Aquila. In Shaheed, the word who turn belongs the dominions of the heavens and

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the earth. And Allah is a witness over all things. Even if there's a media blackout, even if there's a media blackout, even if nobody knows, even if they won't tell. Even if you've been able to get them to sign a nondisclosure agreement, even even even

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Allah is a witness over all things. And that is comfort for everyone who has ever been wronged and is unable to share unable to speak on

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unable to articulate, unable to get their dignity back unable to get their justice in this life, Allah subhanho data as a witness over all things, and ALLAH SubhanA data says

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in the livina arm and while I'm jumping through the surah but the third points here is in the Levine and laminal slide had Lahoma Jana and TGD main data and how Vertical Food kebele Allah subhana data says those who believe and do righteous deeds, they will have Gardens underneath which rivers flow that is the great victory. And it's interesting Allah subhanaw taala doesn't mention at Folsom Kadir, the great victory anywhere else in the Quran, except in solitary budaj. After describing this episode that I just described to you, Allah subhanaw taala calls it the great victory even though on the outside it is the great loss. It is the great loss of life.

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It is the people who have been exterminated. It is a cause of sadness every time you read about it in the history books every time you see it play out, but Allah subhanaw taala is not dealing with the dunya Allah subhanaw taala is dealing with the dunya and the hereafter together and he is telling us that that is a great victory. As long as you are able to exit out of this life and be told to enter into paradise, then you've won and it is the great victory.

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The greatest victory is that a person experiences the pleasure of Allah however it is that they experienced the pleasure of Allah whatever it gets them there. I will work on all the Alana has a beautiful statement he says that they get a First Lady and by the way, not with a shovel if he shoveling by the hill Jana, he says there is no goodness in any goodness that leads to the hellfire. And there is no evil in any evil that leads to paradise. And the last thing that I mentioned from sort of the the blue just for the oppressor themselves.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Well, who was a fool who a dude, that's an amazing pairing. It's incredible. Allah subhana dialer says, He is the forgiving, and he is the loving.

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What if I am the one who did wrong? What if I harmed someone? What if I call someone incredible grief, what if I call somebody incredible pain five years ago, 10 years ago, 20 years ago, however long it was, and I've repented, and I worry about the effects of this sin. Allah subhanaw taala says he is a little fooled, he is Edward. He is the forgiving. And you know, when we forgive human beings, it might take us a very long time to forgive somebody. And even that may require a lot of work a lot of therapy, but Allah subhanho data says, and to be able to love that person again that's that's really hard to forgive, I might get there but to love again like it never happened. And so

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when ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says that he is the forgiving and the loving. That is an incredibly inspiring statement. So let us all know that there is no one who is alive. This is what we believe there is no one who is alive on this earth right now. Who is not only beyond being forgiven by ALLAH SubhanA data if they turned to him, but there is no one who is beyond being loved by Allah. He is a little fooled into a dupe, Allah is the forgiving and the Merciful. And so we ask ALLAH SubhanA data for his love and the acts that will garner us His love, and the love of those who he loves. And we ask ALLAH SubhanA data for His Mercy will Allah that said, you know how much said I'm gonna have to

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love it.

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