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invader akula with the atom dada, da da da da, da da da da,

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my dearest brothers and sisters, and children, I want you to imagine something for a moment. Imagine that you are on a race track

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100 meter race is about to begin.

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And you are there waiting to start, in fact, you are eager to win the race on your mind, you have the gold medal

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as the reward for winning this race. And as the trigger is blown, and you start that race, you see towards the end that you're about to when you cross the finishing line, you throw your hands up in the air to try them.

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And then

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you begin to catch your breath and you slow down. And as you're catching your breath, and as you're panting, you turn around, and you see a very frightening sight that someone has released a lion onto the racetrack. Lion has been starved for many weeks. And it looks at you and starts to give you chase.

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Now, in your mind, ask yourself, what would you do?

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You just ran

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a race in which you exhausted yourself.

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And you won the race. But now you see there's a Ryan, there's a line running for you. Most probably what any one of us would do is we'd get straight back up and we'd run again.

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But the interesting thing to ask yourself is would you run faster or slower than the first race? If you have to run another 100 meters? Would you be able to break your record in the first race with the second race?

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This may sound like a very strange thing to think about. But if you really reflect, you may come to the conclusion that you know what I think I would probably outdo myself when I was running away from the lion.

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What does that teach us? It teaches us that

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when you ran because of fear and fright.

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Ultimately you managed to achieve something you could not achieve when you are running for rewards and for pleasure.

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That in the first race you ran for the gold, and the second race you ran for your life.

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And this is why it's very important, my brothers and sisters, to understand and appreciate why Allah subhanho wa Taala and our Prophet sallallahu sallam, they spoke in so much detail about the punishment of jahannam.

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And about the anger of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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When people usually hear about verses to do with the Hellfire or a hadith warning them,

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they react in a very unfortunate way they say, Would you mind speaking about gender? And the rewards, please? Why are you scaring me? Why are you threatening me? Why does God want to scare his creation? It is about love No.

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But if you think about it, your your daily life doesn't run like this.

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You don't work. You don't live just out of reward. What motivates you to be a good person usually is the threat of punishment and consequences. I'll give you a simple example. Just driving on the road. How many laws and regulations are there that you must abide by waiting at the traffic light.

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Now hand on heart How many people would wait at the traffic light if they knew if they went through? Nothing would happen to them?

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And the people would keep to the speed limit? If they knew that none of these cameras work, and no one would ever find out that they did what they did.

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You know in in this city a few years ago we had the London riots. And people went crazy. And many of these youngsters they were perfectly law abiding citizens up until that moment came

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when they became like thugs breaking into shops and stealing things. Why did that happen? That happened because they thought in that moment, there is no authority and control anymore. I can get away with whatever I want. There are no consequences to my actions. And we saw that that type of mentality, it brings out the worst in people.

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And that is why it is so amazing that if you think about it, Allah subhanaw taala he threatened us

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About jahannam really for our own benefits to help us to make the right choices in life. Let me share one or two narrations from our Prophet sallallahu sallam, especially Muslim. He said you'll be Johanna Yama. He didn't own alpha Zimmerman, Morocco Louisiana, Maine, Sedona alpha mannequin Jojo Runa. He said that on the Day of Judgment, the Hellfire will be brought before the people and it will be chained down with 70,000 chains. And at the end of each chain is 70,000 angels trying to control it. So para la what an image

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I would always takes me back is one Angel, surely it wouldn't be enough to control 200

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but Allah said no, the person who said him said no 70,000 chains and at the end is 70,000 angels per chain.

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And when you think about a creature that's chained on a leash, in your mind, you think about a wild animal something out of control a living being.

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And as you go through the Quran, you find that Allah will describe jahannam as if it is a wild beast. For example, surah Kahf, Allah will say on the Day of Judgment, He will speak to jahannam herlin Allah, Allah will say, are you now full? This is after all of the gin and Ince that have disbelieved or disobeyed have been thrown into it. And Johanna will say, Hello Bhima ziet Is there any more Allahu Akbar

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as if it is angry and it is not satisfied. I want more. in Social Work Allah said, either oofy her semi arola share he co haha tofu. Allah says and when they are cast into it, they will hear its shape.

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And the shape is a sound that is hideous. Some of the scholars of the suit they say it is the exhaling and inhaling that comes from deep within the chest like an animal that is panting

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Well, he goes here to fool and it will explode. The word the for the arrows a photon map when the water boils over the pan.

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And a riot is called a fat Euro in Arabic arrived for people lose control, a lie saying that jahannam when people are thrown into it, it starts to rage and explode and lose control. Why is that? They say because jahannam is angry on behalf of Allah subhanaw taala as if jahannam is angry at those people How dare you disobey Allah.

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And so I want to punish you. I want to devour you. May Allah protect us upon Allah, some small descriptions.

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This is just a glimpse into what Allah has described it in so much detail.

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But going back to that first idea, my brothers and sisters, we need this reminder, we need to be reminded that there is a destination called the whole file. And if we don't fix up, we may have to experience is torture. So the last cell amatola.

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Let me ask you another question. Let's say you're at work. And your supervisor, your boss says, This is project I need you to complete. You have one month.

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And by the way, if you don't complete this project, there will be consequences. consequence number one, you will not get your bonus.

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consequence number two, you will lose your job. Now imagine you in that situation.

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And the boss said to you, you will not get your bonus show you'll be motivated to complete that project. There's that dollar sign is going through your eyes. You're like I want that bonus. But let's say no he didn't say that. He said you lose your job. How many of you will be more motivated because of the second option, as opposed to the first most of us when it comes down to it. The real reason we do difficult things in life is because we don't want negative consequences.

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And this is an act of mercy from Allah. Imagine.

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No one told you about the hellfire.

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It was kept from you. And then on the day of judgment because you disbelieve

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You disobeyed Allah, you are told this is your home.

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What will people say? They will say Allah, you never told me about this a lot. This is not fair. You should have told me that this is what will happen to me.

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You see, because Allah told you before, it is in, in essence, an act of mercy to you. I don't want you to go there. I don't want you to burn there. Let me tell you about it now. So you are so scared, you will never behave in a way that leads you there.

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In another heading is the process that I'm about to have border of your mouth and he said couldna man the use of the language to send them either send me an O. He said we will once with the profits are certain when we heard a word Java, we heard this crushing sound.

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And then the processor said

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rule number one did you know what that sound was? And the companion said along with a solo album. They said Allah and His Messenger know best. Look at the humility of the companions before the process of

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Allah and His Messenger know best. Today Some people ask questions, and they jump to answer them even though they don't know best. We have around us understanding the process. Some said How the hell

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did that sound is a sound over a huge boulder. It was thrown into jahannam 70 years ago, and just now it hit the ground alone.

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How deep is your handle?

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And what makes it even more frightening is that in the Quran, Allah says la amla Johanna Mina Genie what NCH man and Sora such that Allah said we will fill jahannam with men and Jen all together we will fill it up. Think about that your salon, something so deep it takes 70 years to reach the bottom ally saying we will fill it up to the top. May Allah protect us of how long

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thinking about the Hellfire is beneficial in on many levels.

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You know it can actually help you to reach out to someone in your life that is living a reckless life.

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Because you ask yourself you know at this point if he continues not to pray, if this person continues to be addicted to drugs, what is going to happen to him after he dies what is going to happen to her after she dies? Most probably they will go to the hellfire. I don't want that for them. Let me intervene and give them a piece of advice. Just like Ibrahim al Islam, his father, an idol worship. And he says yeah, a bit

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in me a half a second. Amina rushman effetto Cooney, Shea Pani William ensworth, Miriam. He said, Oh my dear father.

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Oh my dear father, I'm scared that the punishment of the All Merciful will sees you and you become a companion of shapen meaning you're gonna go to hell with the devil.

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See Ibrahim alayhi salam. He thought my dad he continues to worship idols and disobey Allah, what is going to he's going to burn. I don't want that for my father. And this is so important. We all have family members and friends that are struggling with the deen and sometimes you turn a blind eye. And sometimes you say to yourself, you know what is the life they can do what they want. But if you really think about what that means is you are letting them go to enter the hellfire. Would you want that for your family? Would you want that for your children? Of course not. So thinking about jahannam Subhan Allah can help you to act and to be someone who rescues another May Allah subhanho

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wa Taala make us of those that save people from the hellfire.

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Apolo Cody had asked for lolly welcome Marissa and will soon for Sophia who inaho Rahim.

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Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala MD mursaleen Nabina Muhammad in while early he was so happy about

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kewanee the professor said he said something amazing. Especially Muslim. He said lol talamona Allahu la Pashtun kaladin Allah baccatum casiotone He said if you knew what I know, you would laugh less and you would cry more.

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What does this mean?

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It means that my brothers and sisters sometimes

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we are trying to live a life. Oh you're always pursuing that which is

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Fun, and makes our life enjoyable.

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And if you really break down your day, your activities in your day, you will find that you try to fill your day with the things that make you hate this about

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watching TV, playing games, sports, some of these things in the right dose, not a problem. But when your whole day is full of activities that make you forget about the era, this is a big problem. For the promises. Some said, If you knew what I know, then you would laugh less. And you would cry more. the wives of the Process Center would say when he was outside, you seen smiling and laughing with his companions. But when he was in the home with us, we would see him crying many times alone.

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This is not telling us that we must be people who are always sad. People that are always frowning. Oh no, no, this is about balance in life. This is about having a habit of sitting by yourself and thinking well what is going to happen to me after I die? It is a habit of looking in the mirror every now and then ask yourself, Is this person going to Jenna? Or is this person going to Johanna asking yourself a tough question like that. Every now and again to keep yourself in check.

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Another benefit of thinking about them is that you will make the art to Allah subhana wa tada it will inspire you to raise your hands and to beg a lot to save you from gender. In the Quran. We find many who are like this, memorize them or have been or still have an agenda. In other

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sort of recon. Allah tells us that a bad man

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is people whose other slaves have the Most Merciful Allah. They make dua to Allah. One of the two hours is what our master turn away the punishment of jahannam from us, indeed, it's torture is very severe.

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What is amazing about this, is that it's coming from people who look at Allah as a rough man.

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You know, many people they go to an extreme when it comes to the mercy of Allah. People I hear them they say this a lot so merciful. You know, if I do a few bad things in life, he will let it slide stuff for

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me, maybe I will change when I get older, one foot in the grave. I will make those changes. Allies before Allah is Rahim, I don't need to a job. Sister says Allah is forgiving.

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Allies forgiving allies also shared easily afar visible. Allies also severe punishment. Don't let shavon delude you about the mercy of Allah. Here in the Quran, Allah says people who worship a lot knowing that he's a rushman. They asked him a bonus riff on

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our master, save us from the punishment of Jana. This is one lesson that we must take away from this footwork.

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Another benefit of whiny

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about thinking of jahannam is that it gives a person reassurance in their heart, that the criminals in this world will not get away with what they are doing.

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Many criminals out there many oppressors out there, many people who hurt others. And it seems as though they have gotten away with it. No one is there to take them to account. Allah subhanaw taala will not let anyone escape his punishment.

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And when you think about that, sometimes it makes you calm down.

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I would love to correct this person. I would love to stop this evil but what can I do?

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This person is getting away with it. No, no, no, he will never get away with this. She will never get away with this. Allah subhanaw taala is not unaware of what the volley moon do. May Allah subhana wa branches understanding, we ask Allah subhanaw taala by his beautiful names and attributes, that he makes us people of gender. You ask Allah subhanaw taala by his magnificent names and attributes that he saved us and our families from the fire of jahannam. We ask Allah Subhana Allah that on Yom Okayama we are granted our book in our right hand and not in our left hand or mean, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala that on your meal pm when the parthasarathy is brought before

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us, we are able to cross it like the bolt of lightning Aloma mean

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opennebula and fusina Willem

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de Kooning, aloha serene openocd Kannada jahannam inada Coronavirus Rama Urbana habarana mean as well Gina was the Ria Tina parotta

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mustafina semana para tuna dunia hacer la fille Fira de hacer una Joaquin Alba na Joaquin masala