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After praising Allah subhanaw taala and remaining with the words of Allah subhanaw taala whereby I find that the most dominant theme inside the book of Allah subhanaw taala is speaking about Allah subhanaw taala. And speaking about the return back to Allah subhanaw taala or the meeting Allah, Allah Subhana Allah Allah to meet Allah subhanaw taala that is the main theme of the Quran a more specific the theme of the 29th Jews that we're looking at at the moment and the 30 of Jews are returning back to Allah subhanaw taala the last day and so the Quran that we find that Bani Israel or Musa alayhis salam they wanted to meet Allah subhanaw taala or they wanted to see Allah Subhana

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Allah, but Allah said to him, Lanta, Ronnie, you're not going to be able to see me inside this dunya but inside Africa, you find that believers will see Allah Subhana Allah will do when y'all met even now, there are Ihlara BIA now Zerah on that day face will be rage it will be glowing, whereby they be looking and visualizing and seeing Allah subhanaw taala that's the theme of the Quran is a Raju il Allah going back to see to meet Allah subhanaw taala till eventually the Quran mentioned what taco Yeoman told your owner fee in Allah fair that they whereby you're going to meet Allah Subhana Allah or return back to Allah subhanaw taala. So as if the whole of this theme inside the Quran, the

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theme inside the 29th and the 30 of Jews is preparation of the believer to return back to Allah subhanaw taala the more stronger that conviction is in the return to Allah Subhana Allah, the more stronger the conviction becomes a meeting Allah Subhana Allah that a believer wants to meet Allah Subhana Allah wants to see Allah subhanaw taala but the more weaker the conviction is, the belief is a belief inside the last day, the weaker becomes the preparation and estate that the Yomi Rahim in preparation for the day of leaving this dunya that's the Quran has many times we mentioned begins and Adina. You may know when or below he be believer that those who believe in the unseen Why does

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the Quran begin in such a spectrum? believe in the unseen because that whole Quran is the unseen and ask her is an unseen Alaska is the ending what takes place after this dunya after this world, the unknown, but the more the person has that conviction about an earth era, the ending the final abode, the more the struggle becomes inside this dunya will lay sullen in certainly, Sarah, man would only have that with his strive. So where do you take it in the material sense of this dunya The more effort you put into this dunya is a common practice common sunnah. The more harder that you work, the more effort you put inside your business inside your work inside your career, there's going to

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be a response in general, there may be some time they may be some collapses, but in general, that's so not allowed. There's going to be benefit. And likewise the same concept in Alaska, which we don't follow the we don't have the effort of trying to strive more and more. While Lisa live in Sandy in them Sarah man would only have that which he strives for. oversee we know is a core inner element of belief and the Sunnah. autofeed mean, Allah Rahmatullah is the Mercy of Allah Subhan that gets us into paradise. But Allah grants don't feel God's a person, the ability to understand and to make that journey to return back to Allah Subhana Allah. So this surah is no exception of sort of her of

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the reality, the truth of making that journey back to Allah subhana Dannah whereby the previous sort of sort of ultimate spoke about those who reject the last day. So this sort of begins but speaking about the rejecters of the last day because it's common inside our society. There are Mala Donita photo Alain UberPOOL. Can Bella be that to Barcelona similar to Anna Burnaby momentum was there Nick and Allah He you see here that I'm a Latina, tuffeau Anna Uberto disbelievers. So they said we're never going to be resurrected. You know, sometimes we squabble and argue amongst us of looking at the world is becoming an atheist world agnostics and everything that they do and they believe it is

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no Astra there is no return live life to the fullest inside this dunya we'll call Luma hiya ILAHA Tina dunya. Number two, when you click on a ladder, what is life by play and amusement? And the only thing that destroys us is a desert. The passing the prevailing of time will take us apart. And Allah's Father speaks about inside the surah about what happens to these people who reject the belief in Allah subhanaw taala there is no bacteria, there's no signs of them. There's no There's only a few remnants of empires that existed before how Allah subhanaw taala squashed them how he destroyed them wiped out the total existence is left behind certain remnants certain Arthur, to show

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that those people who reject the belief in Allah subhanaw taala, who deny Allah subhanaw taala then who antagonize the Prophet, who rebelled against the Prophet fight against the Prophet, we have to do an MBA behavioral hack. And then they sacrifice they kill their profits without any justification. And those who follow the way of the prophets man 100 Naboo what they begin to do to them. These are these are rebellious, wicked people. And that's what these

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People who will be dealt with firstly and lastly by Allah subhanaw taala that they will be the ending of these individuals will be a crippled society will be demolished society will begin to take place to begin to fight and rebellion rebelled against the laws of Allah Subhana Allah, this certain forms of rebellious Ness that a person is looking upon their own self morale, see what volu sins that a person commits, they upon oneself. They want internal personal sins. But when a person begins to spread sins inside society invites people towards sins, encourages sins. In the medina you have Buddha and Tashi and furniture to fill Adina Manu Nomada boon and even for dunya on Astra Stranges

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Allah placed this ions are so to newer, a new Surah to new the 24th Chapter of purity of Ischia of God wants chastity, honor, dignity, preservation, loving one's gaze, staying away from for waggish, illicit sexual misconduct, bad behavior, that Allah had mentioned this in the Ladino head Buddha and the CHE and Farish adults who love to spread vise, love to spread evil monk Herat went for wash illicit behavior, haram things inside society. What is Allah say about these individuals know Martha Boone Elliman for dunya and akhira. There's going to be a chastisement for them inside this dunya. Inside this dunya and inside an asset for these individuals, to the believer isn't one who begins to

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spread vice spread sins, and guide people towards sins because we have enough sins as it is on our plate as they say on our mind, on our heart and our soul. No sins that we have, and we want to carry the burden Oza of other people, the sins of other people carry their sins inside our life on the day that we meet Allah subhanahu wa Allah so Allah Subhana Allah awakens to believers inside the surah that awakens us to remember to rectify our record, that in our return back to Allah Subhana Allah is going to be a record that's going to be displayed in front of Allah subhanaw taala. So the more the person focuses upon the record, Allah gives a descriptive nature. Just what we find is in terms of

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exams at the moment, people are going through that struggle, and that worry, and when they get the end result, her omocha Aki Tabea they're going to people and say, look, look at my record. Look at my results. Look at what I've achieved by the permission of Allah subhanaw taala that same the Quran is speaks to the psychological dimension of Naga linguistics that we understand a life that we live in Quran isn't far away, some of us that we think Quran is a faraway, distant book that it doesn't it doesn't matter, you have people in sun, it doesn't address human beings. It doesn't address our daily lives. Because you know what, the main key element of this is a weakness of understanding of

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the Arabic language. That's why Michelle to be said, Kulu Makana, Yahoo, local Arabiya, Whoever understands the Arabic language, that that person is strong in their belief, strong in the understanding, this is what Allah Allah is telling me to do. Quran let's get this clear cannot be translated. You can't translate the Quran. You can't translate certain words of the Quran because the Quran has a certain demeanor, certain context that it has inside the Quran, you can't shift that from one language to another language and said this is a replica of the Quran. Mr. Hale, it's impossible once the Quran has its context of the language and the wording that it uses for muscle

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Albus BA, that people translate as hatred. That's not the context of the Quran that you have hatred towards people. That because hatred in English means hatred of causing people harm going towards them trying to affect the do something towards them. But when the Quran says that is Ba, ba ba in in our banal hatred in the context, we don't accept your way of life, your faith, your idolatry, your worshipping besides, Allah doesn't lead to become an animosity toward the person harming physically, according to them becomes a form of hatred. I'm trying to oppress and harm people but that's not the meaning of the Quran. We follow these individual people who are taking the laws about the Quran.

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This this they claim to be specialists about Islamic law. Just next time stop them and ask them read super fat to read the Quran.

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How can a person who doesn't even know salt and fat that doesn't know deep Arabic languages understanding begin to say this is what legislation is and begins to impose upon us This is the meaning or the interpretations of Quran. So we understand the context and the language of the Quran. And Hadees penetrates being able to drill into the language of Quran to understand and decipher what Allah has pumped Allah is telling us to do so Allah give this depictive nature Well, ASTRA of the last day of good deeds was going to be given to those individuals and then the opposite. That unfortunately is Doom inside the Quran. There's doom and gloom mentioned inside the Quran to awaken

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people. That's what Allah mentions. Certain things inside the Quran was the Quran be a year Milla, remind them about the days of Allah subhanaw taala days of returning back to Allah Subhana Allah Al Quran bein eternal he butter he obaidul Al Bashir, what Nazim Quran is between give me the encouragement and that wounding the glad tidings. That's what the person needs a human being needs that incentive that this is why reward will be

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given to me that this could be the punishment of good faith inside an Astra and all this for what purpose is simply just to awaken the individual to return back to Allah subhanaw taala. So inside is sort of similar to

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the sort of suited hacker with other Imam firozabad He could Silsila get inside. It's I mentioned about people replacing side chains shackles, Submariner Iran first Loku 60 cubits long, then it'd be dragged and thrown into foot Mahima salute and be dragged and thrown into jahannam. So he gives it his name, but the most common name isn't her.

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And aloha is one of the names of Yama, Yama. So inside somewhere in my collection, I'm going to be clicking some at different names, some direct names, and those names are inferred from your piano. We find and have a Tama. I saw her and Korea and Harsha and PM. And whilst they are, these are direct demos about Yeoman, you haven't mentioned the credenza and yomo yomo Did your mom your dad, your turban? These are all forms of reminding us about the last day about coming in front of Allah subhanaw taala Why is Allah started giving all these repetitious nature's or His Word format inside the Quran for what purpose? To remind the individual by Allah.

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The reality, middle Huck, is the truth. This is something no one can deny that every single individual will have to face Allah Subhana Allah and Allah subhanaw taala inside this surah and it's changing the relation between this suit and a previous column as we mentioned, both the suitors have 51 and 52 verses follow the same suit. And likewise the Quran begins to speak about those individual who destroyed in some sort of column how to destroyed when they were arrogant, towards the laws and regulations of Allah Subhana Allah And likewise, this sort of speaks about their what they said about the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, what they attribute it to him in such subtle column. And it

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is what I mentioned, that you're not carrying, when I met you and you're not assumed say you're not a mad individual. So the same theme it continues from one surah to another Surah that we find and then Allah speaks about these individuals that the reality what's going to take place upon these individuals were not at the Rock him and her I will explain to you what I'll have is, you know, Quran is unique so they say for long until Arabiya may it occurred focus Allah Murad. You don't repeat something beyond three times it loses its value. So whenever ALLAH speaks about certain things, it's and of course he mentioned it the maximum three times and then it gives it descriptive

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nature was going to take place warmer or darker. whenever ALLAH said it's the Quran warmer at the Rock then is a descriptive nature is given of what's going to take place or what's going to happen but when Allah's Palace is warmer you Rica The undersaddle Taku arriba will expect well now you do recall that the hour is very close but there's no definition given there's no explanation is left at that woman are you recollect your zip code into so to answer that we find this is a deep inference inside the Quran that there's certain reasons why Allah would say women are the rock a woman you Rica, it changes a whole dimension of perception the Quran had mentioned many times even had a will

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have Wahida one letter, one letter can just change the whole concept of the Quran. When Allah mentioned so to Zoomer speak about the people of paradise had to enter into Paradise, and how people have genuine entropy, there's only a difference of have well, one one small letter, one haircut that changes the whole depiction of what will happen to people a practice and what will happen to people hellfire. And that's what the Quran is at the sweet, old funny, and a display of what will take place inside to ask her to awaken our souls and our minds. And for some of us don't seem to wake up. And it's an inside of works on top of it that we find. Whereby what what I had mentioned, a

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professor would read this surah really sutra into sutras. About the authenticity of this hadith we find generally Surah Al Mufasa. The middle schools that one is common practice for the Prophet alayhi salam to recite this, the sutras inside their praise on a daily basis that we find. So we find the surah speaking about a coup but Allah speaking about the punishment of Allah Subhana Allah Well, Accra, and about the last day that will happen to these individuals who began to reject the last day, Allah mentioned in a cluster of I had five different types of individuals, the people of add the people, the mood people of Musa while more difficult, the people loot and the people of

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newer, five generations, five different people in a cluster of just two to three iron speaks about them. Because in the previous suitors, it's a suit a lot of other places. It gives a long depictive nature about what these people have began to do. But we know that the Macan slew the makansutra is inside the Quran. That's what most of enema go through this Mactan Surah it has something to say to certain ayah that could be Medina and is the theme it is destruction of those individuals people existed before. Why does Allah trying to speak about these people who existed before to remind the Quraysh to remind us that these great empires that people believed in

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They were thriving and they were living on. Look how Allah subhanaw taala destroyed these individuals the end of these individuals today but some more do Adam will you find the people of for mudra because they rejected a Korea you mentioned is the last day, this violent storm with his violent sound that will come and destroy and wipe out people because they've been denied or rejected. So not ALLAH, any any nation who rejects Allah Subhana Allah, then there's destruction and various forms of destruction. It doesn't have to be this, this destruction that the Quran depicts at times, it could be destruction abroad, by diseases that are spread inside society, or to fun plague,

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a torture to men unrest that we find in such society that there's all forms of other. So don't think other business when a meteorite or something striking a people. There could be things within society that create this within people, unrest within people, there's no rest inside their life. There's always this color please be inside their life because why they are rebelling against Allah Subhana Allah rebelling against his teachings rebelling against what he told us to do inside their lives. So we find that Allah Subhanallah mentioned these five tribes with these five people, for us to ponder and to reflect that on the Quran, who studied the Quran and study this element, we extracted the

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stories of the prophet that we should read, and you mentioned cosas will Ambia of efficacy. read the stories were to strengthen our belief to see how Allah SCADA wiped out these people and what was the sins? What were the vices, what were the reasons what these individuals carrying out upon the face of this earth from Massimo do have a little bit here. As for people of the mood for Hooli COVID, pa here beside her as Mr. Bharani mentioned, this a total one total destruction was imposed upon these people. And as a starting point, this is the only place in the Quran that Allah mentions Talmud Kubla had mentioned the people of the moon before I know miss the opposite. And it could be a series

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of beyond and some relevant deficit have discussed. But the main theme being how these individuals that were destroyed by Allah subhanaw taala, and to show the Quraysh, that people are some mood they are they are the, in the Shamal in the north of the Arabian Peninsula in that direction. And other people have added the Juno in the south, that from every single direction. Look how we destroyed these people, they're not far away from you, or people flourish, that they are sad the remnants are still there. And look how still some of these remnants still exist today. Whether it be the pyramids that we find are the Petrides or Jordan I find that Odin that we find these are still remnants to

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show us look out Allah destroyed these people. Maybe somebody may argue with these should be these relics should be destroyed or whatever may be but the court in an element is Allah lets them they're less than they are to show us look at these people. For our inner these flounder existed before study even how one Pyramid was built, looking size of one rock, how to build that that sign is left there to this day to show that this is the end of these people. There's no essence left to these individual Allah wiped them out, just left certain remnants to show the rest of society that we find were murdered for over liquid in sub Saharan art here. So the people of add they were destroyed with

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a wind they've been so sorry and bury that a strong cause cold wind. So it just isn't a normal real as a strong way to call with a bitter when that came out here, Lara. Fear there's no there's no compassion, there's no mercy. It's a wind that just came and scorched them and burnt them and took them all away how Allah destroyed these individuals. Then Allah continues his depiction of these individuals, Sahara or names of Allah and was amounted to a Yemeni assume,

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seven days that we find are seven nights and eight days. Oh Suman, Moto, taljaard, Moto, Tabby and continuously punishment of the punishment on these people. You know, sometimes when the wind is scorching, when a heat is so much you want some rest, some rest to be given but Allah expose them to continuously. And then Allah describes in his interview, the pungent flutter or OMA fear, Sir Joseph knuckling how we are, sir Abby Martin a moto, as dead. Coops is laying on the ground.

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Like palm trees, which have been uprooted, uprooted from the ground, they've been lifted in his throat on the earth, just lying there. That's how Allah destroyed you look at that people call me loot that now inside of society, be a tolerant society. Look out, read the read the Bible.

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Leave the Quran for scientists was read the Bible. What does the Bible say about Sodom and Gomorrah? What is it what it what were these people doing? It's not something hidden until the Bible speaks about it. And so the Quran mentioned as well that these individual look the the river that we find inside inside Jordan at the moment the Dead Sea was the history of the Dead Sea. And the angel came and picked up people from underneath underneath the sea underneath the ocean or the sea underneath the Earth. plucked it up and just tilted it over. That it remains there.

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As a sign Ireland as a sign for people to reflect and people to see but people go there and they bathed it they take the mud for for whatever medicinal purposes they don't see the SR. Allah described instead of going to see the ending of those people look for your own palace for Yoma noona DECA be bud Anika little corner lemon sulfa when the cathedra Mina NASCI an 18 and a half the Lord Allah leave the signs not to marvel at leave the science was to to awaken ourselves to reflect Luca Allah destroyed these people time and time again. Man Asha Domina, Kuba, same words, same cliches who's more powerful than us on the face of this earth? They existed many nations many people before

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who said exactly the same words that were powerful nation were a superpower. were powerful people. Tell Avenger if I was under a book human Allah. What did he say? Hon como Allah, Almighty God, you have no other deity but to worship me was the end of this individual how Allah destroyed him. And the Quran is strange. Wherever he boasted about the diet flowing in front of him, he boasted about his palace, how the river flows in front of him, Allah destroyed him with the same water that he boasted about inside the ocean, the Red Sea, that he boasted about this came after the new to Dan, that's a person should never they were the crux of the issue inside of mussels life is attackable

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arrogance, pride, that we need to sift through our life, we may speak about the ultimate level of pride, pride of Giroud belongs to reject Allah subhanaw taala but we have elements of pride amongst our own self.

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All elements of pride that we identified a person's misconduct or robbing Kibber whereas an atom's weight of pride lie yet Hello Jana will not enter into paradise atoms wait. And we said a keyboard is formats various formats that we have that we should be worried about that that's why the whole concept of an Accra person is worried about themselves? What will happen to me? How is Allah going to make he several man Nakisha concludes diva whoever Allah begins to question begins to ask for cut off the base punished. we spending our life on his word everyday asking about people.

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People what are people doing inside their lives? Let's try let him be most cited. You don't want sent over people to worry about people. You're not the profit attribute yet you're in allocating that but just to convey just to encourage people just say, Don't become so frustrated. So worried that I reminded him I've done this I've done that I've done that I've done that I've done that knew how they Salam Alaikum Senior Airman he preached with people 1000 Except for 50 years 950 years he had a right to say Carla Europe be in New Darrow to call me late and Wanda Hara I call my people day and night in the open in the secret everywhere call them wanted by the Dakota. A few minutes you

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called people this person doesn't listen, he's like this. He's like that he's going to jahannam he's going to be punished. He's gonna be like this. He didn't have what religion is this? What Dean is this? Is this what are we studying about? Euro? You find on the Day of Judgment, the profit everything Salam Salam rescue as risky as Allah on the Day of Judgment, profits are going to be saying that profit is going to go to this profit, go to the falling profit, go to the falling profit, go to the falling profit until they come to the best of the Prophet sallallahu. And he will send them there come to him because he's the one who is a leader of all of this world, all these

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worlds, the world of the jinn will ins the world of the prophets, everyone. That's Anna law, who has the right of the prophet Elijah to set up and what was his life full of what his life would have of immense compassion and mercy and worry in a right way towards his people. You know, sometimes you read through his theory you find strange things, how you forgave people, who, who literally who wanted to assassinate him, and attempted to assassinate him. But yeah, this greater vision inside his life, you know, day in, day out, we we deal with such petty things, such petty things that we find, don't want to speak to this person because he might pray in this machine, or he'd done this or

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he said this or he'd done that. This shows the state of the Muslim ummah, because petty people petty rivalry. They don't have a greater objective than shaitan keeps them busy with the small things, they don't begin to see the greater goal of achieving of saving his Muslim Ummah, bringing his Muslim Ummah away from destruction, even though it's Muslim, I will not be destroyed is the daughter of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam that Allah promised that I will not destroy this Muslim Ummah, but he's going to be people who are going to drift away. And as we need to awaken ourselves how the Quran give this depiction, that if you still don't see the signs of Allah subhana Dyana 10 events

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you didn't Allah is proud to begin to then mention that after I've been mentioned that about for either Newfields Have you sold enough cotton Wahida if that doesn't wake you up, have We destroyed those people, previous people that will be the first blowing of the trumpet.

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That then you should begin to reflect and think about that the last day. That's enough to send shivers down a person to reflect about the final day. Well, who may not do well gee bell for Takata

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Cut them we're headed there when the heavens in the earth and they will be carried and they will be grounded like dust one by one, just like in South Sudan forget that we find the end of this world in this dunya for your mighty walk out in well.

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On that day you find Allahu Akbar once again the last day. The reality is established in that day, and the heavens and earth that is split open that we find, and you find the angels in Allah's pantalla will come on that day that we find the almighty law firm in Coffea, or that they everything is going to be exposed.

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Everything's going to expose on that day. You know, you read the Hadith about the last day when appropriate, so to speak, but I lost a mother Aisha his wife, Diana, she said that will people be looking at one another in a state of nudity and circumcised standing on that day? A natural human psyche concept question, will not people just look at one another in Asia, in the medallic, there are faced far more severe than that, for person to be worried about who's next to them, how they dress, whether they close or not close, everyone is there standing upon their own self. That's how Allah Allah Allah will return us back in the natural format. In the beginning, the way that we were

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created or the way that we placed upon is of bring us back in front of him to make he served with us in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala and then Allah then mentioned for a moment oto Kitab will be a meanie, the person who's given the record inside the right hand for Kulu her Makoto kita beer. That person is given the record inside the right hand form of success.

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Karate Tabea come come. Diallo Houma come look at my record. Look at the record I've been given in my right hand. Fo Italia read my book in me going on to Annie Moloch in Hey Serbia Vallentuna Lisa B Magna of London. That I thought I'm going to meet my record gonna be Martina Yochanan I knew for a fact because we said that one is one of those words in Arabic language that alternates between certainty and doubt. But this context is certainty of you began with the believers have a certainty in new gun volunteer only Moloch in a survey I knew I knew by the ritual that I'm going to meet my accountability meet my account. So I tried my best inside this dunya for who uffi reshooting Robbia

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that person will be the initiative Robbia will be in a state of Felicity aroma of her Jad fee. They begin to discuss it fear Reshet Arabia doesn't just mean just enjoying like you said surrounded have surrounded by pleasure total pleasure. Total pleasure for those people who stove in a wave illustrata Feagin net in Alia and lofty gardens and unlock the garden for these individuals who had died near you find that the plants or the fruits that are near turn, they just did begin to collapse. That just by your mind, telepathic thought that you want the fruit to come close to you. It begins the branch begins to lower income comes close to you. That's how some animal described

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works at the facility that the fruits are going to be close by Broderick close by for the individual Kulu was shabu Hani and Bhima has left off in a Yemen Kalia

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Kulu will shuffle now now eat and drink now enjoy your life you know that's why in this dunya certain things are haram for person to stay away from things but a strange thing that curiosity kills the cat we go to those small things. Maybe should will come and fee for wine, maybe drink of alcohol. It has a good taste of good life maybe drugs maybe this maybe that somebody they enjoy their life taking these swings even though no it's wrong.

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But does have curiosity and begins to play upon a person's mind to look these people are enjoying themselves. They're enjoying their life. Maybe there's some goodness inside this. The eating and drinking that we have Kulu shabu honey and Bhima asna fulfill AR Mahalia that struggling you down inside this dunya that you avoided these things inside this dunya now your reward is hell. Because as we began once again, what is it is one simple thing. A fillet shall confirm to the summer, what you will earn the problem is us. We have doubt in the conviction in what Allah has promised us.

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This is a core essence within NASA, we have a doubt we don't have a conviction that if I do this, Allah will reward me with this. We have a weakness. We can't perceive it. We can't understand it. That there is going to be this reward given that that's what we begin to drift away. We begin to wither away because that conviction it began this week that we can't because we can't see that. There's a nature to human being he only strives and works on what he sees. The fruits are given him in front of him. He plucks the harvest. he plucks the money he takes the profit he takes the reward. He takes what already sees it and he enjoys it. But Astra sometimes is given this dunya and most

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times given inside an era Kulu worship or honey is left to fill a yarmulke Alia enjoy and rejoice what you carried out upon the face of this earth.

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Have one moment OTFT terrible be Chemin de that a person will be given their book inside their less time for a cooler yell at them outta kita beer while I'm angry my Serbia yeah later how can you cardio

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merliah Hello, can you sue Tonya? The person giving the record in the left hand? He's going to say Oh, I wish I never had my record.

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I wish my records they will give it to me that I've not been exposed on this day. Or when I carried out upon this f what am I doing Mahi Serbia? Yeah, later can I do cardio? Oh, yeah.

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Yeah, like, Oh, he's had existed. He never came forth. Because they do. No, you never believe in the decree that Allah is going to bring it forth. Now you're praying you're asking that don't bring it into existence. Don't expose me inside on this on the earth Kira today. On this day, ma Asner and Nima Alia blame, you know the words that I strove for that start to carry out in summer Magna. Animalia your wife will not avail you to stay. Hello, can you sue Tonya my power, my strength, my entourage, my soldiers, my troops, my army, my people, whatever it may be. Hello, can you sue Tanya SUTA no power, no power, nothing left of the individual.

00:31:14--> 00:31:35

As he meant us what a Ferrari that they thought they when they go when they go to the next world. That's what they they bury their treasures because they believe that we go to the next world will take and will be the foreigner will be the fifth round inside Gemini as well. We're going to take these treasures inside of Accra. And it's the same thing on a mini on a mini course what we believe in I'll take these things with me inside of Accra.

00:31:36--> 00:32:17

The only way to travel inside of Accra and there's some benefit benefit left with your wealth benefit left for the people around you who for Hulu football James solo, snatch him taken and then throw him inside Johanna for this interview. So Johanna from fees in Silicon Valley, Sabrina, that was a brunette Vera first Loku that take him down, put him in fetters and chains. Which length is 70 cubits and drag him drag him towards disgrace him drag him towards Jahannam inside the evil punishment. Then Allah mentioned what's the symbols? What's the symbols of these people? What are the actions that they do? Do we should focus upon it inside the Quran? Because it's a great deeper

00:32:17--> 00:32:56

concept many of us fail to understand. We think that Islam has certain practices, certain things. In Canada, you may not be laid out in a woman doesn't believe in Allah subhanaw taala. And when they reject Allah subhanaw taala as him I'm sorry, I'm sorry to see you mentioned that Rama compassion, kindness is taken out of their hearts. Well, I could do that too. I mean, Miskin doesn't feed the poor people. So believers in some of us that we think that I have this right belief, but it's compassion. But if it's compassion to subjects to people around you, you don't enter into the decisive word whether a person is allowed or not allowed. A person who has compassion inside their

00:32:56--> 00:33:37

heart, they symbols, the traits read through the Quran. See hockey, there's right in the world. This certainly well my room. People who ask who don't ask, is a third of the of the believing individuals inside surah. Allah Allah mentions that they spend of their wealth for survival in what Bara in the spirit world, in times of richness and hardships, adversities they spend their wealth. Those are the real believers, likewise, they sell better and who can read these ayat inside the Quran, how Allah depicts not just weaving, I do want to free action. That's a sign of a believer. Because many of these, these extra things Are these real things. We don't do them inside our life. We don't believe

00:33:37--> 00:34:14

in social work. We don't believe in helping people. Allah has given us wealth, time, property, mind, education, health, for what reason? For what reason Allah could May Allah forbid, and we should never could have flipped the coin could have placed us inside Philistine could have placed our families that Syria could have placed us inside Iran could have placed us inside Kashmir. It's just a flip of a coin. It could have been there. So we need to be reflective about this and thanking and praising Allah Subhana. I've been given this inside my life. So now I need to show that one Robinette material because the Hadith I need to display the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala

00:34:14--> 00:34:22

towards these individuals for Nacional Yamaha. Hoonah Amin and that they have Mimi's is a close bosom friend a close friend

00:34:23--> 00:34:32

there's going to be no one on that day to help that individual on that day. This depictive nature doesn't just stop there whereby then Allah's product begins to speak about these individuals when

00:34:33--> 00:34:59

they slain in cinema begin to discuss what wrestling is a dumb when the blood and the pass and the entrails of the person that comes out that's mixed together becomes the term becomes the food for the people of Johanna Fila yaku l copy and then eat except for the wrong doing individuals. Then Allah mentions fella oxy Mahima to zero Ramallah to zero there are many takes it oh find that which you see that what you don't see it

00:35:00--> 00:35:33

As we began within the surah we see we don't see in the Quran mentioned that let's make an oath but that which you can visualize, and that what you can't visualize in Nola coluna Sulan Karim. That this is the words of a Noble Messenger, whether it be the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, or Gibreel is bringing the message of Allah Allah Allah bringing the Quran to the people as we mentioned, South Sudan column the theme is the Quran. Allah speaks about the Quran, likewise here in South Sudan help us with ends by speaking about the Quran, because the more the person believes inside the words of the Quran, the more the belief inside an Astra inside the last day that you find a woman who have

00:35:33--> 00:36:11

you only share it kalila mattock Minhwan is not words of a of a poet. Halima took me no one can attribute these words to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, that may be the soothsayer Kahin kalila Mata the corrode, he's a soothsayer fortune teller. He's a mad person. He's a person who's full of making up these false claims. So Allah subhanaw taala rejects all of this always praises the Prophet alayhi salatu salam concealer Mirabella and Amin This is a revelation from Allah subhanho wa taala. That's what this Quran is revelation from Allah subhanaw taala is not from the Prophet Allah is not to set up. That's replica theory is that he tested he mentioned he goes through that these if the if

00:36:11--> 00:36:47

the impacted Oman, Qatar, if you don't remember him and he mentioned the beginning of surah Taha are those are those first 49 impacted. Omar Abu Qatada Villalta annual but it's plausible, they could have had different ayat of the Quran than when he heard this ayah this this, this Quran, woman will be coalition I'd call it a mattock mu because they were poets. They were experts inside the language. They understood that this this Quran, the repetitious nature of the Quran, is that SIAC of the Quran, the language of the Quran, that the poet's at that time they were left, flabbergasted, were able to respond to how the Quran how it depicts or says certain things. This is in poetry This

00:36:47--> 00:37:26

is far beyond that. That's what this Quran is. What are they call it Kehinde call it a matter that corrode and it's not a statement of a soothsayer made up fables, ancient myths, the Quran wallhack what the Quran states is a truth is a reality is a belief or conviction that we need to have inside our lives. And then Allah gives us gives us severe warning that even if the profit is almost to attribute something to Allah Subhana Allah, it will not be accepted. So Allah mentioned well Oh, Taka wala Elena Abaddon, aka will, if used to attribute say something from himself, the prophet Allah says and we would take him to retribution. That's when the Quran mentions inside the Quran

00:37:26--> 00:38:03

speaks about either of us to commit ship well on a ship, like Bhutan, the AMA look, even you the province of this commission will make your absolute become null and void. Not that is plausible. That is plausible for the province to commit ship is a warning is such a it's a warning inside the Kuranda any individual what happens with the best of creation does something which goes out of line out of imperfection, then that person or that person will be punished will be punished by Allah subhanaw taala because this is Dean Allah. This is the deen of Allah Subhana Allah. Allah panda is one that legislates that commands and tells what people want to do or told the messengers what to do

00:38:03--> 00:38:40

inside their lives. As we read to the message when they made those split decisions. Would it be Eunice Allison splitting away no and Islam making that dua that supplication Allah rebukes them rebukes and reminds them that you don't have a choice in the affair. You don't have a choice you follow that which Allah Allah has commanded you to do, ya know, let us get to a little more talk in that is Quran is Kira. This, this Quran is a reminder for the pious individuals just at the beginning of certain Baqarah who doesn't takim doesn't really discuss that. Why don't some people why their hearts not open up via the Quran? Because they don't want to be talking. They don't want

00:38:40--> 00:39:20

to be Moutoku and they don't approach the Quran. They want to take further benefit from the Quran, change themselves with the verses of the Quran. There's always people asking what's the best way to change yourself inside your life? Read the Quran, study the Quran, see what Allah Allah describes inside the Quran tells us what to do. He doesn't say the Hadith and say Muslim in the heart of Quran Yaga kwam. This Quran raises people wonder don't answer it and it defames others that simple. You don't need a great degree of study in geopolitics of the world international law, whatever it may be simple solution, simple solution for all of us Muslims, that this Quran how we observe the rights of

00:39:20--> 00:39:47

this Quran, we live this Quran we implement this Quran we try to be people of the Quran, then that's when it's OMA will be lifted. And then we begin to drift away there will be setting aside retrieving the Muslim empire has said that empires they were destroyed to certain degree not totally wiped out, but they are thought or there would be the Mughal empire that we find other empires that we find all the way across the globe. And undiluted that we find is that it's all there to show us the signs.

00:39:48--> 00:40:00

The signs that when you drift away, when you drift away from the Quran, and you begin to get so engrossed inside this dunya and worried about this dunya that we will shift you slowly away and then

00:40:00--> 00:40:18

To remind the other people come after you. May Allah make us amongst those people who take benefit from the Quran. The Quran awakens our soul and our mind and gives us yearning to return back to Las panda to strengthen our actions as a man a conviction and to remind encourage all of ourselves that we are all a bad Rama and servants of Allah countdown in his journey to returning back to our ramen.