Dont stop Tarawih at 8 Raka

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The speakers discuss the issue of praying in the aftermath of the recent protests in the UK. They mention that many people were leaving after the protests and that no one was praying while others were praying. They also discuss the issue of Sun chak and the need for everyone to pray 20 or even beyond the night.

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100 also that we set out to do that, you know, the other day Alhamdulillah I was blessed by praying in East London Mosque telawi and the dissertation, the environment, the environment was SubhanAllah. Amazing, amazing, very spiritual, very uplifting, as they say.

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Anyway, we prayed, as you know that they pray 20 Or we prayed a tracker. And then after that they paused because they know that many people are leaving after eight rockers and Subhanallah so many people left, especially Shiva. I can't say whatever, maybe one quarter of them or maybe 1/3 But a big percentage of people left the Masjid. Okay, I would like to say something. Brothers and sisters, let us leave this discussion to Angelica Etelka. What is the Sunnah because I think all scholars mentioned it, they talk about it, it is confirmed that the opinion of the gem who most of the Scholars is to pray 20 Like I don't want to get into this discussion. But I want to remind those

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brothers who leave after a thorough QA, yes, that none of these gods said that if you are praying behind them imam

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who is praying 20 raka you leave him and you pray the a tracker. None of the schools of thoughts said that if there is a single scholar, you need to find whether there is a number of scholars who have endorsed this opinion a check. Okay, as far as I know, even those scholars who say that the Sunnah is to pray Terokkar they never said that you should leave that Imam while he is continuing to pray 20 raka in order to pray at Raka and this is the Sunnah none of the scholars say that. In fact, the scholars say based on the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam when he said Manesar Imam here had died on site, the one who prays with his Imam until his Imam leaves as if he or she of

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course, pray that the entire night. So they say if you are praying beyond that Imam follow the Imam until the end. None of the scholars said leave after a thorough QA none of the scholars said it is sunnah to leave after the eighth raka brothers and sisters Ramadan is short Subhanallah we are coming towards the end of Ramadan towards the last 10 nights of Ramadan don't lose this great opportunity. prayer tonight. Yeah the Prophet sallallahu sallam said Whoever prays tonight of Ramadan Iman and mighty Saba Allah will have all his previous sins forgiven. Don't think that it is a matter of it is a matter of the number of rockers Think of how much a bad you are spending. Okay

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during cannot please brothers and sisters reflect upon this honestly, and seriously. Discipline our fellow

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