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of the praising of Muslim Canada Allah and sending him a speaking and salutations when the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early will send them continuing a journey. Looking at the charitable actions

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are the good actions, the virtuous actions, the human being.

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And some of these charitable actions that we find, are being good or being claimed that some of us will begin to condense them. We think that only uncertain moments are certain occasions certain times, a person should be charitable,

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or charities only the deliverance of giving one's wealth.

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However, Islam lays out various formats of charity, some of them happen to be an obligation for the individual to carry on,

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not just once, but men near enough every single day of their life. That commandments that encouraging the individual to spend from the wealth that Allah and Allah bestowed upon the human being.

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And as we find inside

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mentions, or in general wherever a Salah is mentioned,

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it is comparable

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to soccer,

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which occurs together some 82 occasions Inside

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we find that many of Logan mentioned of Quran that whenever a woman that the Quran,

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prohibitions or commandments are emphasized center Quran to live

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shows the importance of continuously repeating something inside the Quran. With a slight variation of wording, or in the action Kelly made itself to show its importance. That's the corner is replete with about

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abstinence from schilke. worshipping only Allah Subhana Allah, never enough in every single page.

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And possibly even there enough, every single ayah in the Quran, it will return back to the belief in Allah, to remembrance of Allah, to the submission of Allah to the worship of Allah. Directly or indirectly, the verse will have a hidden message. If we take out the verse of Africa, even higher than Afghan that we find at times, we revolve around reflecting within the individual life of the individual, to return back to a loss of

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life when you find the foreign mentioned, certain forms of support. Certain charitable action that we find, are actually obligations, that Muslims have certain Toba we find

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them giving

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the giving of charity is an obligation. Then Pokhara in the eight categories are mentioned here. This is an obligatory action for an individual to deliver their wealth to give their wealth. That's why today's honey, and a fully Muslim sadhaka upon every single Muslim is to do a charitable action, whether it be the obligatory charity, or the list of charitable action that we find the prophet Elijah, this head to be charitable, as you mentioned, is a lifelong practice every single day, every single moment trying to find an avenue to be charitable, never contextualized upon one charity, or for one action, what we find that some of us are going to touch upon the headlines becomes at least

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I do this in my life, that this will be my gateway to paradise. This will be my ticket to paradise. This will suffice me to get into paradise. Rather you find through an agenda of many, many ways to enter into paradise. And every single way The first thing is to try to find some contribution towards one of those paths towards paradise and uphold the Muslim Brotherhood. How we are now Viola for millennia JD upon every single Muslim is to carry out a charity. What is the person is unable to do that young man via the fire round up so

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then the person work with his own hands, benefit himself and tried to benefit other individuals called lm eg the person doesn't have some means of wealth, or working or having some property, you're able to then have the man who then ate someone else who asked for some help, but need some assistance go and try to find and help that individual called availabilty person isn't able to help other individuals for a

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while you can

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Hello, Sandra

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Benson isn't able to do that, then that person

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or the the good, carrier, good action or the other people to do good actions. While you sit, Alicia, we stay away from any form of even

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combating evil, pulling into any evil yourself. And that becomes an ongoing charity for an individual and a fully Muslim sacaton upon every single Muslim is to give some charity that we find, because the giving of charity, shows gratitude, shows things, shows obedience to Allah Subhana Allah, that in essence, all of this is from Allah Subhana Allah. And so he's studying all those a Hadith, which speak about giving of charity, or the charitable actions, you begin to see a combines, whether it be the praise of Allah Subhana Allah, the physical obedience, and likewise, physical actions are all classified as charitable actions, acts of charity that person needs to do

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from other individual leaders we had in South Africa are equally that we live in South Africa, in every single DSP, saying how the law is set up in every single beat is saga, every single signal candle in a saga only gotta be fine. But it doesn't stop there. He highlighted the person who did a good and forbidding the evil helping another individual when we put a honeycomb saga and likewise in matrimonial relationships is a charity to the southern farm. So, some of the companions started taken aback by this,

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regarding this, this affair, this practice How is that? How does that become charity for the individual. So the appropriation explained to them by the water,

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Canada within the places themselves inside some form of heroin action, becomes a sin of blame for the individual person carries out in a halal manner, it becomes a form of charity, rewarding for the individual. In other How do you find kulu

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Allah He Sadako upon every single joint of the human being, at optimal mentioned level, as well before that, some 360 joints inside the body that we find every single day, person has to show gratitude, show thanks to Allah, for every single joint of their body, the head he mentioned to me.

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Everyday by the sunrise, they show your gratitude, obedience to Allah Subhana Allah, the bailiff naming so don't

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don't think that is praising Allah. Allah is the only form of Sahaja Samadhi. Therefore we become, we become a new society, we become away from society, we become everything use the word, liquids in the monks in our own format.

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Sleeping in a form of Allah in a monastery that we live in that we have no engagement in society, the people around us turn into pain. If

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you jump between two people, try to be fair, try to take away their problems, try to find a solution for them is a form of sadaqa for the individual. Likewise, if I want to assist a person to climb upon their writing beach, to give them the utensils to give them their luggage, is a form of sadhana for the individual and

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to say a good word to another person and Miko define cuckoo chapati in a machine with a set of teeth. And every step that you take to the machine becomes a charitable action for the individual, raising you in one step and wipes away a set of the individual. Then it continues on to meet other added coffee. So

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to remove an obstacle from the park, a branch, something obstructing the vehicle becomes a form of setup for the individual. Over this becomes encouragement for the individual to find ways of doing charitable action every single day inside the life. Korea the viola from a Lamia Jin, O Prophet of Allah, what if one of us is unable to do that is unable to do a charitable action and that money will be handy for you and

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the person work with his own hands and instinct from that wealth upon other individuals work on and do not depend on others. And as we find that as a society, the moment that we find, as I mentioned, a society that becomes dependent leads to unnecessary obedience. When you become reliant upon a government, on a regime on a trust on funding on a charity on handouts, you can rely on, as I say the hand that feeds you very rarely the person raised

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Rise Against that is common human psychology, the hand that feeds you takes care of you, very rarely Will you speak out against it, very rarely Will you rise up against it, because they're the ones that feed you. They don't want to control you. So you find that many new people this era, they never subservient to anything. They only own wealth, they live their own life. That's what many of them they want. They stay away from people who govern and rule over you. Because it only be a matter of time, that those who feed you will control your mindset will make you individuals to issue verdicts. verdict to suit the Muslim world, or to suit their own selves.

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Don't be surprised, don't be thinking about and think Well, that sounds strange, it's visible in front of us, really this verdict of the verdict are given to solidify, solidify a Muslim cause and Muslim protection to solidify one, that bonds can be broken and innocent country convincing their threat to us and neighboring country, they're fragile, so bomb them to the ground, because we feel they may rise against us buildings are given real

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question and you need to be vigilant about their lives, to see what takes place around them. That just because people see that doesn't mean that we respond to everything a person is shown in the parameters. To speak their mind in the right way just for manner doesn't mean rebelliousness doesn't mean that a person is pulling towards destroying a regime that society the people, it means highlighted.

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And this is something which is intolerable inside our society, that people should be suffering, that we find that we cannot think that hand cannot bite the hand that feeds you, as they say. And because many of us live in a state of many values that we find hardly any skin. Any ability that we find the upper hand is better than the lower hand. Hopefully it is goodness, no doubt.

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They are content. They are happy with the snippets that are given to them. The benefit is given to them. The small nega element has given the history of people in need, there's no doubt we'll have that. But why is that Meantime, a common practice for our people that we just take these snippets of the government I will never like that is how we expect

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the rising of Islam.

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Even before that, how we will see amongst you, what would children see amongst you that choose expression, this is what my father is. My father relies on benefits. My father relied upon the people. And then you take him to rice. He sent them to become individuals who have a power, the dignity of Islam within themselves, yet they see ourselves when they see us as role models. And this is the type of people that we are. And as we find that we become unfortunate triples society, society, which is crippled, that is coming inside a society crippled society, there is no vision is no aspiration is no awakening, there's no thinking that we speak about golden era. You know, you

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study the golden era that you find it was in an era that you find that there was hardly anybody who needed wealth. That's what the golden era was that people go for one person, another person to have a charity. And they

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say we have enough wealth, we have enough property. How did one come to that golden era of belief and conviction and striving and struggling in a way of a loss and the other at the same time? It's not necessarily masses of wealth. It's not massive, it's not quantity, quantity. It doesn't have to be millions. That it doesn't mean that this is the benchmark its quality. That's what the perfect mentioned, was speaking about is all boils down to the intent of the individual. For the sake of Allah, Adam, for the deliverance from the fire. Does

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the Muslim save yourself some time Philip?

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What are we

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even know it by hoffa date. Deliver yourself from the fire rescue yourself. So in the end, is it tiny? Does it have to be massive of worth a penny a pound, whatever it may be with that right intention that this is trying to deliver me from the punishment of Allah, Allah Allah that may be this way, by intercede for me They helped me they deliver me from calamity and they say inside you will protect the person from any calamity that may befall them change destiny as well, even though this will be testable and may weaken the economic outcomes upon the individual failure. Color you're in the hands of the man who was the person is not able to work

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to spend their wealth, then go and help another individual or people who have been going out then do some social aid. Don't be a human at the individual inside society. Mm hmm. Josie mentioned Russian

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the student of everything, Josie, I mentioned that my shed my teacher, this what he would do, he would go out, and he would see people to try to go and help them and help these individuals we went into into these people, I know if I help them, then Allah will help me. He takes some he told me, he would go out to search for people who need help, who want some help given to them with the internet, when I hope these individuals

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Allah in the age of seven, and don't get the sermon is the aid of his brother. So unlikely the age of the individual assists the individual, the individual searches to find someone to help avoid helping the individual by

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helping them with their problems, helping them with their life, helping them with their issues, is the agent assistance of Allah Subhana Allah, find a meal for a

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the person is able to do that, that the auditor good and stay away from the evil and they're

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the one

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who does the action. You know, we have to sometimes accept and recognize our limitations. Maybe some things we cannot do, we cannot achieve inside our life. But at least we can encourage someone else. encourage someone else to do a good deed. Encourage another person to stay away from a bad deal encourage oneself to stay away from a bad deed, Manson nothing Islamic. So Nathan has done a good deed inside Islam, which has a precedence. Then of course, we have the reward of whoever follows that individual. You remind people about an action you encourage people to do action, give charity, you're given the context, as Heidi is speaking about the giving a charity as early math had the

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dimension that you find that some poor people came in from the pockets of the low Selim and they complained of the weakness and the poverty and people being reluctant to give the wealth televisi someone stood up and gave somewhere. And that led to a precedent everybody's seen this action, they began to give their workers mountains of wealth mountains of food for their

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Whoever it is a good deed encourages a good deed and other people begin before it becomes a rewarding for the first individual and then each one. So you find sometimes doing a good deed you do so practically encourages other individuals to come up with a good deed. And likewise the opposite. Whoever does a bad deed introduces a bad deed does about the encourages Abadi will have the wisdom, the brain the same over follow the individual all the way into the day judgment. So let's say a Muslim need to be very vigilant inside their life

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in order to good and forbidding the evil.

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They know that for example, a person smokes inside their life and you introduce smoking to another individual, they impose it to another individual introduce another individual, it becomes a domino effect. Somewhere along the line, you may give it up some smoke inside your life by you by introducing this individual

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to this heroin will carry me a lock of it the wisdom

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will carry the sin into the day judgment regarding a person since they should try to codify their sin to embrace the sin upon their own self. You know may sound strange

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person person asked the question

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usually an estimate

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when I'm smoking they allow me to listen to the sounds of my reporting. How good doesn't even ask that question when it's smoking? Can you listen to them

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from a different dimension, then there is some hype inside you. There's some hiding sorry, you want to listen to the thing is haram. But I don't know, maybe

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some verses are

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awakened, you may understand the language of God awaken you to the eventual abandoning doesn't mean this becomes a ruling for everyone to do. But it's showing the understanding that they the person knows their sin, keeps it to themselves under convention, that when when Muslims are drinking alcohol, mela will be drinking common. When a person pauses the cause to another individual.

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Do they say that the society teaches or encourage you to enjoy your life that you can drink as well. Once you say to the individual,

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you will be taken aback by what they say for God mentioned. If you present drink to your brother, say to him,

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Satan face a BA.

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If you present it to him, you're sitting and drinking together. Remind him to face Allah

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Perhaps he may abstain, perhaps he may give it up. It doesn't say that all of us join joining together. Yes, there could be an element of him. A policy is not a person words and actions, but his height, His goodness, some belief, some conviction inside their heart, that they may awaken the individual. So

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odd good and forbidding evil become charitable, becomes rewarding for the individual inside their life. Why that charity is among the most important factors of Islam, an important virtue of the individual, whether we're indoctrinated by materialism, that every man for himself, every person needs for himself that his people are suffering, or people are impoverished, or people have difficulty. You know, that doesn't mean it shouldn't really bother me inside my life. You know, sometimes, you know, we like to read works. We claim to follow for the seller as they claim people claim to see an Ebola 24 you've been speaking about the life of Ebola. Don't be read about their

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lives. It's not just about him. It's about how many people get upset inside their lives.

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When difficulties were being posed, with the people around them hardships, people suffering people in a dire state, you trouble them, restless night's sleep, become overwhelming, physically become vigilant upon the basis in the world for the life. People don't pose that question. Wouldn't even pose the question people would recognize. There is somebody being oppressed, is somebody being tortured, is somebody being harmed. It is some room being done, that somebody has written to them, let them know this is oppression that's taking place it will travel them. And that is how Muslims should be. That all becomes charity for the individual, to remind oneself remind other individuals

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alike will find a visible expression of one's love and devotion towards Allah Subhana Allah, to spend, the things that we cherish are the things that we desire, the person as the Prophet, so the lesson about charity, what type of charity is best. He said, practice charity, when you are healthy.

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Practice charity, when you're healthy, when you're implying that you are inclined towards, that you may is toward stinginess,

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that when you have the wealth inside your hand, that's, that's the best form of charity. Likewise, when you're afraid of poverty, you should give the charity when you think you're going to live long. And you're going to be wealthy. When you think that when you know nothing's going to happen to you inside your life. That is the best form of charity. And charity isn't that when your deathbed that you say given to such and such individual. Because you know, at that moment in time, as mentioned,

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it already belongs to such and such individual. That's what we cherish. Charity is when you're rich, you enjoying life, as you say everything is going in your favor inside your life. That's the best charity, that's the peak of charity, that when a person falls sick, when a person loses their job, then give sadaqa maybe some burrito could come to me, even though that's good. Olympus is about to die, leave this dunya then begin to write and give this money to such an individual, it's already been handed out to those individuals, give it at the prime element of your life is the ultimate level of charity that you find lapcozy advice as a bit of a backup system from the local, don't shut

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your purse. Otherwise, a lot of how to withhold his blessings from you. Spend as much as you can afford in a handy boy, don't shut up.

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In today's wedding today, don't don't show your money. Don't throw your money away. Spend as much as you can, and your ability to other individuals in helping other individuals. And this this becomes the impact upon society that we find upon the individual society around us. Many of us will give purpose to charities or given a personal gratification that people give me even if they give wins there's no doubt about that. As we begin with them, they rely upon that and I'm a charitable individual.

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We some of us Muslim begin to rely on that as well. Thinking when I'm giving charity that this will be my gateway to paradise. Likewise, when the other opposite extreme that I've done my prayers, I've done this good deed that this is my way to paradise doesn't need to find old methods. old ways of Paradise does it shouldn't just rely that I've given his work. And this will be my ticket to paradise, as we mentioned,

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we mentioned is just to help us to understand because it's a it's a global world. It's a world full of technology that we find.

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But you know even the phones that we use the Apple phone that we use it even

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About the life this individual that found them after that we find Steve Jobs who died at age of 56.

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When he died some years ago, he valued about $10.2 billion

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from studying his final speech, if I was to die tomorrow, he concludes and recognizes death is going to overtake him.

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But he wanted to leave a legacy. He wanted everybody to see that this is what the brand is what is behind, that will be solidified, that will be charity. That's his aspiration. That's his life. That's his hope. That this is how people remember me. That's how these people their mindset, think about gives it to them. While

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whatever you strive for,

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when you strive for the individual,

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we should look at the level of Muslims, the level of those whose things and what they do with their wealth, what they did with their wealth, the amount of wealth that we put that isn't anything short, but the wealth that maybe non Muslim may possess.

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If you begin to study the amount of wealth that is owned by Muslims,

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or certain individuals or certain families that we find, even at times $1.4 trillion,

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of wealth that existed of certain Muslim families existed. So Allah bless this booster coma, but it's all about finding the heart and the mind and take it a step further, to use their wealth. Thus, we conclude with two examples about how those individuals were with their wealth, I will find the beginning of the fourth truth of the Quran, in Surah alamanda, define lanthanum.

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You're never going to attain piety until you don't spend the things that you love. If you read in the sea, of these verses at the cerium, you can see that we find if I tell her that I'm sorry,

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that he had a garden, that he rejoiced in this garden was directly in front of the machine or pop is

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known as a membrane.

00:27:11--> 00:27:15

That if I even approach it from the data and drink from the stream, drink from the water,

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when you

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are here, this first lengthen

00:27:22--> 00:27:25

you're never going to retain piety that you don't spend what you love,

00:27:26--> 00:27:36

is no match even though you knew about my garden, you're going into my garden, you see my garden, yes, we enjoy the water we eat from the fruits of that garden, is that when you think I should place it

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mean that when should I just give it all away?

00:27:41--> 00:27:57

All his garden, just give it away in such charity is you know stole some of it for your children and your family members that don't just give all of it away in the way of loss of data. That's how they understood life when they heard passages from the Koran,

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never going to attain piety, really believe conviction, and then you don't spend the things that you love. The second individual is

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Adam, sorry, as I mentioned,

00:28:15--> 00:28:21

as you can see, when the levy, you create the load up to lock up the messenger for you,

00:28:22--> 00:28:58

who is going to give a good loan to Alice pandadoc. And multiply that loan of the individual. Because he mentioned that this individual, once again, had a great big garden. And he asked the if I give this loan, or give this current wave of loss of power, I wouldn't be multiplied. We won't be given to me. Of course we will be given to you. In other words, that we find different wordings different collections that we find, we find is an orphan child. And it's often child. He wanted to build a wall around his parameter around his Boston around his garden.

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But there was one tree that was an obstacle inside his garden. So you have to build a wall around the tree. So he asked this individual who owned that one tree that many trees

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give me this one piece I can build a straight board so I can show my garden. I'm an open child, my father's passed away, I can preserve my sanctuary, this individual who own all of these trees, he refused. He refused to give just one tree to this open child. This oftentimes you complain to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and called this individual and as the need is correct. He said I don't want to give him this tree.

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if you in this one, three. I will guarantee you a tree inside paradise and tree in pandas that we know will take

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swift Ryder just across the shade 100 years

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later, nothing gender. You never dreamed that paradise for Africa. He refused. Why do you refuse? You know, because some of us our mental psyche, we wouldn't think that the dunya Don't be surprised people existed yesterday today. same mentality. Some of us we don't want gender, we talk about you. We don't want that we want tangible assets. We want reward given just comfortably inside this dunya when you physically see it.

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I'm saying to this individual, he doesn't want a tree in paradise. Other than standing there. He approaches this man. He said, Do you know about my garden? He said who doesn't know about the garden? Who doesn't know about the 500? odd trees? The orchard? The fruits of vegetation, who doesn't know about him?

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He said when you give me that tree

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would you give me that tree? And I will give you return the whole mind garden?

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that this individual is mindset clicks.

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He said the only people that are you a witness to this is it. We're all witnesses. That if you give all these gods this individual he will give you that tree

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that is signed off. I will

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do that with you. Am I not guaranteed a tree in paradise? He said yes you are. You've been guaranteed a tree in paradise. He walks back to his garden. And from outside the garden. He shouts out yo

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aqui demeanor booster

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shouts out to his wife come up the garden. For our

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fizzy for that my husband cooling me from outside the garden

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is not his normal.

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He doesn't know media calling me from outside the house and even

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to your family members that don't show up them. So she found it very shady how they shot even outside the house.

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So she said what is the call to booster?

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He said I've sold the garden.

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Man. He told the garden What do you sell it for?

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I sold it for one tree

00:32:23--> 00:32:33

azshara fildena. I sold it for one tree in paradise. She said you have done the best sale you have ever done in your life.

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You've done the best sale you ever done in your life.

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She walked out the garden. Today we're still eating some days, they plucked out the amount of fruit back in the garden doesn't belong to us anymore. They didn't belong to us anymore. We're searching. We're looking for one our tree in paradise. This is what charity is. This whole life of these individuals was that not like many of us become overweight because we shouldn't be worried. But this is what there was this perception that you find that many of the companions if you look through to the end of their life, they were rich individuals.

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They were very rich individuals from the life the waiting began and the end of their life. But none of them that richness, contaminated the heart

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and never contaminated their heart they knew what to do with their

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own inability to become charitable individuals. our use of property for the sake of Allah becomes a source of evidence for us and our evidence against us.