Hasan Ali – Ramadan 2019 – Reminder 6 – Feel the Hunger

Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of staying hungry during the month ofFinancial, as eating too much foods is causing digestion. The speaker also talks about the struggles of people with digestion and the fear of going on a digestion spree.
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Now we're going to have a another thing about food, okay? Food is a major thing. Now one of the things that Muslims do see is the is they spoiled the whole of Ramadan because of the food that we have. We Indians have brought to the table of Ramadan, we bought some ocers pakoras you know, kebabs she kebabs the ram kebabs the you name it, the fried foods, the pizzas and whatnot right? And all of that has to be given and has to be eaten because we're fasting in the month of Ramadan we eat, right? This is a really bad thing for Muslims. If you're eating more in Ramadan than outside Ramadan, you're completely spoiling the past completely spoiling it. Why? Because one part of

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Ramadan is to actually make ourselves be disciplined with food.

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What is the point of having you know, what is the point of staying hungry? Why is the point the point of staying away from from food all day in Ramadan and staying away from food and we eat so much between mercury and Soho we eat so much that you don't get hungry for the entire day. You don't get thirsty for the entire day. You just don't feel like any food entire day. What was the point of fasting?

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Allah wants us to be hungry a little Are you gonna die series if you're a diamond dog fast? Allosaurus that don't fast. You realize that the sooner that people take what is the sooner way of eating?

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Do you not even think that the biggest sooner the profits or losses I had before he ate was hunger.

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His biggest sooner is hunger. Then he has some food. I'm not making this up. You go through the roof. He has sometimes you know three days without food sometimes two days without food sometimes a whole day without food. Okay, sometimes he had the lunch but he never had the supper. Sometimes he had to suffer he never had lunch. It's very clean. Either. Tasha when he used to have you suffer he'd miss his next day lunch when he would have lunch he probably misses Mr. supper. Okay, sometimes he had both very rarely had both Okay, I showed the law Hannah she says that three whole full moons have gone by nothing was not the stove did not even the stove was not even lit and three moons are

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gone by two whole months. They you know without food. So they said What did you What did you survive on she said Voltron dates. That's the household of the province of Allah awesome. So the first thing is he had a lot of hunger then he had some food we have a lot of food and a little bit of hunger that's the total opposite and the next thing we do is you know all these foods that we put on the on the plate and especially for a start with killing ourselves the inner how unhealthy all that food is how bad it is no wonder most of us are ending up in the ICU and I'm saying there's so much fat and so much stuff that's going down that you know people think oh that is that is you know big thing of

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Ramadan here Mashallah Ramadan is coming you can have loads of food we're gonna eat so much before we're gonna be half dead by the end of Ramadan Why in the world is this you know you have fruits there you have foods there you have starches that you have biryanis day you have to pull out that you have the you have the you know the royalties that you have the nones that you have the salad then I was just a first round then you come for round two after travi then around three or so who time then you got loads of cups of tea before you know the end of soul and you basically build yourself up you're feeling tired. You feeling tired? You don't don't feel like being too much of a

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bother you feeling a little you know, you know to digest all that food is going to take time you complain even during taraweeh that is you know is is painful. Of course it's going to be painful. All right? Half the people can't even keep the booboo because you know you're let something out. Either your bird comes out or some gas comes out right? One way or another right? So you're losing you will do as well. You're having a painful Terai having a painful life. And what for because he just wanted to over stuff yourself for the reason that you're hungry during the day when Allah azza wa jal wanted us to be hungry. Because when you're hungry, then you're awake. And when you're awake,

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you can connect your mind to Allah. That was the reason why Allah told us to be hungry, that you go eat now now that I've taken foods away, you haven't got time to prepare the food. You don't have to worry about the food. You don't have to worry about the lethargic

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No reaction you have in your body and now that you're actually awake, your mind is sharp. And you can actually think about me and you can think of it better. Okay? So that's that. That's another thing about

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