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The success of one person is crucial to achieving success in Islam, with the rate of success decreasing due to negative emotions and desire. Success is achieved through various factors, including desire, motivation, and desire to achieve success. The success of Islam is seen as a temporary period of time, and individuals are measured in contributions to society and their ability to achieve their goals. The success of Islam is viewed as a temporary period of time and not a permanent one.

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I'm trying to live my fantasy fantasy, but we still live in thankfully, down to earth like gravity Imagine me trying to turn my dreams to reality and I

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snare Hannah Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. In this series, we will be talking about 12 qualities of successful people. We have been searching this topic the qualities of successful people for long periods of time. And we came up with those 12 qualities. Now, the first thing that we need to discuss here when we talk about the qualities of successful people is the definition of success. What is success?

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I like to quote what Zig Ziglar have said about success, and he is one of the most respected experts in this field, the field of success, he said that, that success cannot be defined in one sentence, and different people have different perspectives of success. And whenever you see, or whenever you examine the definitions that are there about success, you will see that most of those definitions are motivated by certain motivations, either political motivation, financial motivation, and motivation, social, and you name it, everyone is looking at success from a different perspective. Recently, there was a shift, and a shift from defining success in a very metric materialistic way,

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whereby the focus of success was fame and money, or power and money to,

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to maybe other aspects of success. And that's why they started to question successful people, whether they are successful in their business, but what about their personal life? And there are so many studies about to that success and satisfaction,

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success and happiness, success and helping others. How do you define success, as we said, different perspectives. But one of the best definitions, in my view, for success is achieving your desired goal

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or achieving your desired goal. As you can see here, that we are not talking about success from an Islamic perspective. And this series in sha Allah, we would like that it will benefit everyone.

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It will benefit Muslims and non Muslims, we are not going to focus on success from an Islamic perspective. Although when we talk about the 12 the qualities of successful people, we will find out those 12 qualities, all of them are Islamic qualities. This is amazing. However, I want everyone to benefit from this series. Now,

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if you go and search for the lists of successful people, you will have different lists. And as I said, each list is motivated by certain motivation. For example, Michael Hart when he wrote about that, the top 10, the top 100 influential people, he included different people from different backgrounds, not necessarily Westerners, as many lists have done.

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Hee hee hee included or he considered that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him as the most influential person. The second influential person in his view is is our Kanoon tin. Jesus was the third one, Buddhist or Buddha, sorry, the fourth one,

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and so on. And each time is one of the most successful people according to him, and you can see in that list many other people as well. Okay, now.

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Other lists include politicians. For example, many lists included

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Nelson Mandela as one of the most successful people, they included Abraham Lincoln, Churchill,

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and so on. Some other lists, for example, they were including, they incur included Messi as one of the most successful people. Yeah, because he was he's successful in football.

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Some list included Agatha Christie as a writer or, or an author. Anyway, we see many lists.

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It is very unfortunate, I have to say to this, that most of those lists focused on Western people. They did not include Chinese, for example, or Indians, let alone Arabs, Arabs, as they don't exist, Muslims, apart from Michael Hart,

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they did not include any of the Arabs as one of the most successful people. Anyway, as I said, I wanted this series to be beneficial for everyone, Muslims and non Muslims, I will be speaking about success from a general perspective. And I will also compare success from a general perspective.

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With an Islamic perspective, I will, of course, mentioned some elements of the Islamic perspective of success. And when we discuss the 12 qualities of successful people, we will find that all these 12 qualities are Islamic qualities. And I will explain that which shows, as I will mention now that Islam is for success, Islam motivates you to be a successful person.

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Now, when we,

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the conclusion of what we have said is that success cannot be defined in one sentence, everyone looks at it from a different perspective, however, we can say that, generally speaking, success is achieving your desired goal. Secondly, we said that most of those lists that talk about successful people, they were motivated by certain motivations. Now,

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they say that the person who doesn't want to be successful,

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then this person will be bought. And it is very likely that he will live a very bad life, the quality of his life will be very bad later on that he will have suicidal thoughts. And they say that success is actually one of the key things that make people happy, when they feel that they have succeeded in something, then they will be happy. However, if they feel that they are continuously failing, then that demotivate them, let alone that they don't want to be successful. And I cannot imagine a certain person living in this life without wanting to be successful in a shape or another.

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There are some studies that confirm that now, because of desires, and everyone is talking about enjoying their life, the rate of success, or desiring success is decreasing. And previously, you might find the children, they want to be successful. They want to achieve something. But now many children, they just want to sit in front of their mobile phone using social media. And that's it. Success for them is just enjoying their life. And that's it, but enjoying their life for a short period of time. They don't think about the future. Yes, many philosophers have defined success, enjoying your life. But when they spoke about they were talking about enjoying all your life, not

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enjoying the moment and forgetting about the consequences of that enjoyable moment as we see it with so many young people. Now, this is very unfortunate. And this is actually one of my motivations to record this series. Okay.

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From an Islamic perspective, Islam is a religion of success. Islam wants us to be successful. We find the word Fela or AlFalah, which is equal to some

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Access was mentioned in the Holy Quran more than 40 times and I will fell with again another term for success was mentioned as a infozone Alene. Alpha was will give it alpha will Mubin was mentioned so many times that great achievement and 1000s of him, yeah, and no many Allah Allah Allah Allah mentioned this URL 1000 of them when people are granted paradise and Allah is specified or Allah mentions some of the qualities they are going to get in paradise. Normally Allah Allah Allah Allah calls this as alpha,

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alpha, l kavir. And Delphos l mobian. When the person is admitted to Paradise, or kept away from hellfire. In brief, God wants us to be successful. From an Islamic This is from an Islamic perspective. That's why you see, as we said, the word success is mentioned in the Quran in different ways. In fact, the second page in the Quran, we have the first page is the first chapter surah Al Fatiha

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even Surah 10 Fatiha is talking about what is talking about success. Alhamdulillah Hello, Bill. And I mean our men are in Medicare only the AI cannot do a year can stay in ADNOC. Robin was the team guide us to the right path, say Lapa levena I'm telling him the path of those who you have bestowed your favorites on which means that you want to get that success by receiving the pleasure of Allah, Allah Allah, the whole point of this life of Roman Islamic perspective is to be successful. They define success as where you will see that you are saved from the punishment of God from the anger of God from the anger of Allah and you are admitted to his Paradise because he was so pleased with you.

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This is the definition of success from an Islamic perspective. And we will be talking about that. Now.

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Again, as I said, so this is the first chapter of the Quran. The second chapter of the Quran the first the first page of it which is the second page of Al Quran, we see the beginning of Surah Al Baqarah and if lamb in Delhi Calcutta will have a Buffy who then will mattina Lavina

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Manasa Tony Mara as of now mute your phone while letting you know you're gonna be mountain Zilla in a call mountains it I mean public will feel like you whom you okay don't Allah, Allah Allah listed certain qualities for some people. And then Allah, Allah Allah said, Hola, Erica Merapi. Whoa la Iike homonuclear home they are the guided people and they are the successful people in Quran we feel we see that Allah is pushing us to be successful. Sadhguru wasabia Ilana Filati mirabito Morgana in Abu Hassan Allah to Allah do aside your amines be so hasty in achieving the pleasure of your goal? The pleasure of your Lord, His forgiveness and His paradise Sam, people compete? Yes, compete, raise

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one another in order to achieve the forgiveness of your Lord and the paradise also we see that Allah Allah Allah in the Quran in surah Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah mentioned us how will they mean was how will you minimize how will they mean the people who received their books by their hand writes because they were successful in paradise. They were successful on the Day of Resurrection. And what else have we Shimon, those who received their books, their results, their certificates by the left hand which indicates that they have failed the exam of this life. And then not only that, Allah Allah Allah Allah mentioned, those who come in the front was Serbia, Pune save your bone. They are

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the most successful people among the successful people.

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So this is from how Islam motivates us or sorry, how Islam sees the importance of success, how Islam sees the importance of success. Now,

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what is success from an Islamic perspective? I will leave this

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I will leave this discussion for later. But what I wanted to say again, is success is achieving a desired goal

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For us as Muslims,

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because we believe that we are going to die, everyone believes that he is going to die, and we are going to be resurrected after death.

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And the life after death is the everlasting life, it is the most important life, this life is nothing, even if we are going to live in this life for 100 years, we are going to die after that, that life, the quality is totally different. And the length, this is the key thing, we will be living there forever 1000s of years, no millions of years, maybe trillions of years forever. So the real success is not to be successful, as we said about young people now in your temporary desire or what you are doing in a short period of time without looking at the bigger picture, or without looking at the consequences. Success from an Islamic perspective is wider than enjoying your moment.

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Yeah, success is looking at the future and taking into consideration the consequences of what you do. Okay. So therefore, Muslims, they consider the desire, the goal is what is paradise, the pleasure of God, and being away from the punishment of God because you achieve his success. This is from an Islamic perspective. However, we need to understand that that doesn't mean that we do not we fail in this life, no, not at all. In fact, if we understand Islam, comprehensively, we will see that in order to be successful there in the second life, you need to be successful here. However, success here is not limited to desires, it is not limited to fame is not limited to gaining money,

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it is wider than that it is far bigger than that. Yeah, it is serving humanity. First of all, so they recognize the purpose of life, the purpose of their existence, and then once they understand the purpose of their existence, they will be successful in their second life. So the most important success here in this life is to help humanity, their entire humanity, to understand the real purpose of their life, and to that, once they understand that, that will change their life completely. And then they will also they will work sorry, they will be working for their second life. Moreover, once they understand the purpose of their life, they understand that this life is a temporary period of

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life is a temporary period of time. So they are not going to cheat, they are not going to kill, they're not going to they're not going to harm others. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the Muslim that a Muslim is the one who's others are safer from his evil acts. He doesn't do evil acts to others. And Muslim woman Solomon was the Mona Lisa and he he weighed him and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam considered the best of people is the best for people. Now, as of now, Abraham, Allah, Allah said one of the great Muslim scholars, he said that the best thing you can do is to help people to achieve or to know they have, Lord, and how are they going to know their

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Lord once they understand the purpose of this life. Moreover, once we understand the purpose of this life, we will not be so materialistic, we will take it from materialism, what is needed for our social well being, we will not be competing to achieve more materialistic life and then we will become materialistic people. And we will forget about the our spirituality, and hence nothing, nothing can fulfill the gaps that we have left or materialism or materialistic life have left, which is what which is connection with your Lord. So successful Muslims. And that's why if we look at the early generations of Muslims, we will find that they were successful in this life because they built

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The strongest civilization at that time. And they had wars with the Romans with the Rome's with the with the, with the Persian civilization, and with the with the rooms, okay. And they won both wars with both civilizations with the Romans and with the Persians, and they almost destroyed them. And they built the most successful civilization that provided people with the most element that they need, which is what enter satisfaction, and they provided them with justice that they need for their day to day life.

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So, and that's why the proof that their civilization was successful, is that it was either the most powerful civilization in the world, or one of the most powerful civilizations in the world.

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For the first 650 years, they were either the most powerful civilization or one of the most powerful civilizations, and then when their civilization was destroyed by the moguls. In the seventh Hegira, essentially, after 650 years

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of being, as we said, one of the most successful civilizations,

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they managed to rebuild themselves and to establish another civilization, that also lasted for almost all more than 600 years by the Ottoman caliphate or the Ottoman Empire. So, that shows that they were successful, it is very unfortunate that many young people now they understand success, as success in technology only, or success in medicine, only, if they see that this civilization or that individual, he did not achieve in those areas, then he did not contribute towards civilization. And this is a very limited understanding of success, let alone those who understand success as money and fame. Now,

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when we go and look at those Muslim civilizations, they provided their people with whatever technology that is suitable at that time to maintain success. And they had a balance between materialistic life and the spiritual life. That's why they manage to to have a huge, huge can trees Okay, or a huge area that that had so many countries, so many cultures, so many religions, on their their caliphate system, and this is a proof for their success. As for individuals, we will see that so there are so many amazing individuals and from the Muslims, whether in in military or jihad, or Muhammad, in fact that for example, he managed to open CONUS tentpole why, when he was 1221 years of

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age, and there are so many examples, I don't want to listen to so many of those big commanders, leaders who managed to achieve success in a very short period of time. Now, after seeing these achievements by Muslims, I again, I don't want to focus on make success as an Islamic topic. I want everyone to benefit from that. Although I believe that Islam provided us with all philosophy about success, concepts about success and tools as well about success. I think this, this, the whole series will be very enjoyable for all of us. May Allah Allah Allah enable us to continue this series and to provide an insight to it to provide an insight in those equalities of successful people.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah still

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Stay tuned to Islam 21 See, to catch the front row for the online

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