Murtaza Khan – Morals Series – Episode 02 – Honesty

Murtaza Khan
AI: Summary © The loss of the US military and lack of trust among Muslims have caused the loss of trust among Muslims. The loss of the military has resulted in the loss of trust among Muslims, and the importance of moral values and holding onto one's characteristics and behaviors is emphasized. The prophecy of Islam is discussed, including treating passengers with false behavior and avoiding false behavior. The importance of finding the right person in a culture and finding the right person in a relationship is emphasized, as it is the way of a woman to fulfill her goals. The segment also touches on the negative consequences of lying and deception, as it can lead to social acceptance and negative consequences.
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of the praising the loss of Canada either sending salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who came to refine the characteristics and the behavior of mankind, rather all of human beings on America in documentary, the Halloween, we don't send you except for is a mercy to all of the words that's been counted on various passages

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with a key him that he purifies them, teaches them purity and teaches them to sadhana or refines the characteristics and their behavior. And that's kind of the under tension about him, a lot

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of him, indeed your characteristics, or your character is Sublime is manifest is lofty. And likewise in the Hadith and modified family, in every thought you would have a member.

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And the sole purpose of being sent on the face of this earth is to prevent noble manners, characteristics and behavior. And that would be a journey. We later learned the following a hobby.

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The following 40 a honey speak about good morals and values. And this theme of 40 ad that we find, even though Elisa concluded that such narration to speak about the preference of 40 a hadith or memorizing them or preserving them, they're not authentic. But in general, we find an essence of abode of acceptance amongst the other to create these ahaadeeth for the benefit of mankind, whether it be in Babel,

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or in a phase of stepping jurisprudence, or belief theology, or Terbium, when a market is ready to help better society, that is the intent. There is no set set number that it has to be 40 odd, about moral virtues and behavior. But what we can focus upon is moral values, the values that a Muslim needs to focus upon characteristics of believers, that unfortunate times are beginning to slip away from us. And certain symbols of Islam may be displayed. But core elements of practices, of honesty of trust, have good values, unfortunately, beginning to diminish away from our society. And as many of them have concluded, society, is based upon his moral fiber. morality, what judges the essence of

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a society, the essence of a nation, the essence of a people,

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of creativeness that you can hold on a second, you're the best people ever raised. You ordered a God and you forbid the evil. Then Allah mentioned to me, do

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you believe in Allah Subhana, Allah sharrah that all the good and to forbid the evil, to be morally upright is in essence, deep beneath conviction.

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They sell through and to hold you accountable and maturity

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is long passages versatile. So the Baccarat that we find what is what is pretty easy to turn towards the right or the left, or to establish their prayer or to give them or to do these good deeds. But piety is far deeper than that. piety is to take care of people, to show goodness to show kindness to forgive, to pardon. Those are the really pious individuals, as classified by Allah Subhana Allah, and likewise inside sort of Enron, that it is those individuals who carry out in society, what are feanor and Enos who pardon and forgive people below your head but more sitting before that will count the mean and don't literally say swallow their anger, swallow the anger to positive forgive

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humanity people. Indeed Allah loves those individuals. This is the path of fine traits and characteristics that was embodied by the prophets of the lesson throughout his life. The first characteristic that will focus upon that has become neglected. or indeed you find prophecy that amongst the first things that we lifted from his posting Omar in his head either on the phone or on the Olive Garden, the first thing that we lifted from the oma or from the people will be honesty.

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And Amanda, if you'll be fleeced overnight, only drugs, shades of honesty remain upon the heart of a human being, then the person will rest again and even though smooth drops of it.

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st would be taken away. You won't find hardly any honest individuals, or anybody to do what his dealings with is a property of the profits in the long run, he seldom does we find people engage in business with one another, but they will hardly be any policy person amongst them. And this is a prophecy amongst the prophecies amongst the minus signs. The treatment by the commanding officer in between 1890 Sunday find the minus sign the day gentlemen, then hardly there'll be hardly towards the end of time. Hardly any honest individual people will do business transaction.

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Today, as many of you mentioned that a person excuse the expression, usually linguistically, the Islamic God may be due, but the interaction and

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the transactions they conduct, their behavior is far away what Islam is trying to penetrate into our hearts and allies. And you suddenly see something maybe person prays in the first role would have to

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taberna but when you treat other people is messed up inside their life, the way they have financial dealings with other people, is to take away people's rights, take you away belongs to them all to decide that I'm a practicing Muslim, because we have more rights. But we find that Sherry i divided rights to Canada and the rights of Allah Subhana Allah, that he can pardon and forgive your people, or your immigration, punishes the mother he wants, forgives whomever he wants, that is shadowed by somehow the data that is a lots of data, called a young man who officia in everyday. Ghana is in an affair of party of forgiving, overlooking, that is

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supposed to be falling short, it's a life. Allah will forgive the individual.

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And this will tell me and more ominous, dealings transaction with people's humanity. Some of us will undertake judgment we say Oh Allah, forgive me. That's not how it will be dealt with. Under the judgment. It will not be said that go to Allah, Allah, see your wealth, your property, your right, your forgiveness, you've taken something away from another individual, it will be sent you go to that individual, get pardon him from that individual. How will the person see pondering on that day judgment? How will it be what will be the path to exchange on that day, the exchange will be goodies and baddies. That's what the exchange will be, that my good deed will be given to another

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individual. And in the bad deeds, the individual will be transferred over to me. So I become a lump of in a morphus. I bankrupt individual and money movies. The book as we mentioned, you know who the bankrupt individual is.

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A person has no no pound or dollar to the name, has no she has no wealth to the next phrase, a bankrupt individual. That's not the bankrupt individual, the judgment, the bankrupt individual one comes in today, gentlemen, mountains of goodness, mountains of good deeds, while I'm in Santa Monica Wakanda.

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He has this individual, he revealed this individual into the right of this individual. So what will happen on that day, the good deeds will be taken away and bad deeds will be transported upon the individual. So a person needs to be worried about the way they conduct themselves as to shame.

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The most healthiest thing on the scales and that they can be will be

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good character. Good Behavior will be something we do in a day, gentlemen, for the scales of those individuals and carried out does he find this heavy on a publicity for innocent people? Yeah. In a while bill, yeah, the agenda

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should be always be honest. Always be truthful inside your life. Because sin end

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sin leads you towards good actions, piety, to other good actions. Wayne and bira. Yeah, the Elan jannetty and Bill needs eventually to paradise. And it was a good thing you see, in the Hara. Basically, it has impacted the line should be one person continuously repetitious, they become one who's full of honesty, speaking the truth, to an adventurous individual is written with Allah Subhana Allah as an honest and truthful individual. Likewise, you find the opposite way. Yeah. And Kevin will open you while Canada In Canada. Yeah, the one for Julia.

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Will you stay away from lying from being distant?

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Because this honestly leads towards for jewel, rebelliousness, wickedness more things will end.

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And this leads you to eventually come closer and closer towards the fire as it continues to become a dishonest individual, while you

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concern is written with lots of panel data as a continuous liar, a dishonest individual in front of a lots of kind of data. And that's the Quran is replete with ispt by honesty, about truthfulness. You live in an urban Tacoma well muscled up in some sort of a fine or you benefit alone when Kumar saw the pain in your life, be with a true for individuals don't go through for individuals. Like when you find these characteristics, it's actually Toby speaks about the effect of a no mini many meaner and meaner. Mood applecart speaks about the trends. And this is something strange about a certain location a lot of beginners speak about traits, characteristics of believers and

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disbelievers and hypocrites. And then we find that and then the passages of the Quran suited as a waiver Allah. Allah speaks about various eight or nine different characteristics of the believers in the Muslim in our Muslim well meaning Amina one carnitine or partita or Santino Saliba. Allah speaks about the believing men, the Muslim men, the Muslim women, the believing men, the believing women.

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Those men who are competent, observant,

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women who are observant, was saw the facade upon those men who are truthful and as women are truthful characteristics, they continue to be individuals. And eventually, I mentioned at the mouth

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for a lot as prepared for these individuals, a great reward great recompense, magnificent reward for these individuals.

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And it's I wish we stopped and we look for is possibly

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the reason of Revelation is that we find because of the man in general when he speaks to us,

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yeah, you are you believe all mankind. Therefore the company's approach was

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weak in the language of the Quran, weak in Arabic language, no Koran.

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Speaking about men, speaking about believing men, the Quran says all believers speak in both men and women. And maybe possibly even one verse Muslims could see that in Sunday mine. So

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Amina mother, wife of the Prophet. So listen, she asked this question on speech about believing men speaks about this way Is there something specific about believing women, and especially as you mentioned, this is in the in the Muslim in a Muslim man, one minute one minute becomes specific now, at preference that believing men and even women, every individual is going to be judged according to their own self is going to be rewarded given for both genders. Men and women fulfill these characteristics. You will equally share the reward as if you remain sorted as you find numerous other passages inside the sutra speaking about citko speaking about truthfulness, in the beginning,

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we find a diverse number a nice dinner and suddenly, we're going to ask the truthful individuals honest individuals about the honesty and the dimensions, mainly MENA region Sakuma de la de la familia,

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de Minar, many regions sodoku for amongst amenda there are believers who are honest, in the devotion and commitment to Allah Subhana Allah, they don't change in the slightest, in the honesty, in the devotion and a commitment towards Allah Subhana Allah, the young fellow saw that in addition to him,

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that Allah May reward recompense the truth and because of the honesty, and punish the hypocrites because of the dishonesty, every study this is what it means to Toba. Are you meant to get your living

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sort of

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the other thing so to return to Jihad Sudha is also nothing but jihad. But ownership in Jihad that we find in warfare even struggle, look at the emphasis on

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on character on behavior. That's the essence morality of the human being is based upon their moral fiber, the way that they conduct themselves. And that was the end of the sutra

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Tacoma Conan sadita are you

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I say the right statement, even though I did read about Conan Conan sadita

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something specific that

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the most accurate statement is either in the bar, but in general if you look at the context of these, these verses, Colin said either means any honesty, truthfulness, to be totally truthful inside your life that Allah will forgive those individually wipe out their sins and this can be taken from the context of the area because you look at a context of desire come before you let me know

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for Barolo

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don't become like don't individuals who harmed most Elisa, we did the CDs versus at the seat in the caffeine, mousse and insulin

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had a beautiful body beautiful individual musalla couldn't be

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a senior Avandia

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all the profits you read back the alarm you find externally your beautiful men, your good men and internally do the best of characterises individuals. So

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what is the base is the base in secrecy

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is bathed in secrecy removing bait in secrecy, so no one could visualize it. And more

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more modesty. shyness covers the outer coverings of a society based upon to display themselves in such a way that the moment that we find

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on a ship

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if people complain it's hot when it's like this, say to them and fire them is far more severe.

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To conceal yourself to cover yourself not to reveal except for me for you to

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allow me to reveal in order to

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follow the traits and tigers in society around them. But

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come to the present day wearing shorts but many of them they should go above the knees

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and break your prayer that once it goes above your knees

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are effective a benefit to negative carbon to go below the need to consider why do we have to pray your teacher is moku in the home counter is allowed statement that is based upon certain things it is not accurate but you can understand the understanding of standing in front of Allah Subhana Allah in the correct manner.

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Yeah, but he added

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in the Kumasi

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to add them to your beautiful garments you come to them budget, adorn yourself appropriately in front of a lot some kind of data. But if we salute somebody they pray, and and back of the auger the back begins to show

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be broken. So I've been broken up I've been lifted, the back becomes exposed your prayer has been invalidated. So that you find

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a nice place to where we are known for doormen when they offer their praise to make sure nothing is exposed about their body because the band breaks their pay and they don't even know and this will be something difficult for them on a day gentlemen, that apparently invalidated or been accepted. Like was our tsunami Saddam was the most modest of individuals. Canna Johnson was adjusting his ambition was lifted up slightly and he

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was covered with the government. But entered his remaining remainder of mandate he sat up straight, upright and placed in comments down I saw this action Why do you do such an action my father say you may see that man or woman can you make that manner of man up and you can put yourself put yourself appropriately is it shall not be modest or shy in front of individual in the ages become shy and

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modest distance from even not what they preach in society to be from point about your mustering upon you find a strip club I mean, conceived, conceived himself. So people began to pray they some sickness when he stayed with his body, there's something wrong with us.

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We have certain characteristics we hold faster. we uphold them. We live according to them. These are symbols of humanity, symbols of maturity that we find so bad, he said the brain moves and so one day we took out, took off his clothing. He placed you in a rock. He went to kill himself. When he came back. The Rock began to move, and berakha began to run away with his folding musasa began to chase it Hey, buddy.

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Staff, bunnies are visualized, and they saw the grandeur of the beauty of his body, the skin of his body, and then it will be revealed to them there is nothing wrong with moves.

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Don't become like dumb individuals who play nothing. What is it that we find calling Sadie big money honest, being transparent, simple individuals. That way most of them honesty leads to success a lot protects honest individual, but

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doesn't become full of deception doesn't become.

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The more transparent Muslim is, the more truthful a Muslim is, the more you find the A, the assistance that

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comes upon those individuals, and at the end of the sort of conclude equally about honesty, in a manner that

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we expose honesty, trust, to the heavens, to the earth, to the mountains, they refuse to take it for humbler, an insane human being decided to take it. So in the context of all these I have defined a sin is anything in general, being honest inside one's life, honest interaction that we carry on. And as we find paradise for those individuals, called Hello Heather, you saw the interview said, this is the day that he finds it in this or that you find Allah will benefit the trooper individuals with the truthfulness. In the end of social media that we find.

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Calling in a fee here are on the low, I don't want to do it. For them, we'll be gone to the practice will be given to these individuals. This is

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where Allah speaks about his truthfulness. And his mother

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was a truthful woman. All the odds against his mother,

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the baby, a woman will not be married inside that life brings the fun of society.

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Before you mentioned that, what will the people say on

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social media? One for me? If all yours are the identity of forgotten individual, how am I going to approach the people with this baby presented to the people?

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I've never been married in my life, while I'm young person, no man that have touched me. Actually, no man has ever entered into metal and see me that if I went and entered into the harem and visualized her, she said to get away from me, including your pious individual, how do you enter into my preset? In my private environment? How do you enter these are Rocky, Rocky

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sisters, about characteristics of believing women, about money and how they set up even today the statue that depict money,

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how they depict money

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covering on what you see, because deep down inside, they know that modesty is the way of a woman. It's a way of a woman.

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Look at sisters, look at more fiber. HR is being taken away more and more. It just becomes a skimpy stock.

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And it's become vigilant This is

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what modern.

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Islam is not a modern way of life. And it's not long

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or short as principles has conditions that a person fulfilled inside their life to get to the end goal. The world could go from here today. The world could change various seasons. But it said the principles that remain inside society remain inside Islam person needs to fulfill that it is a move away from pizza burgers. Because now that we live in a different surrounding on a different environment or for leisure enough for the benefit of the people or for the world to preside over the world to look down upon us. They will rarely be any individual that by us spreading perversion they will be drifted towards Islam. Very rarely one in a million maybe next to each other in the

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background. And they begin to study the other and sort of message the people they will enjoy their life and spread them

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spread them

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in toxic what will happen 510 years towards our G our generation. Our people will be dismantled will be fractured individuals for sea roofing come in at

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the moment how many Muslim lands at the moment that the lads are fluent in Arabic language. How many people have traveled to the Arab Arab lands. See how many people are fluent inside the native language of Arabic

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Very few. Because why 100 years ago, this had to dismantle us. integrated within as a systems language. The language is not the right language of the world. It needs to change. You find a more viable Muslim is larger than Arabic. You find an easier way. Move to the south you find the way that we Converse. The way that we live our lives was the Arabic language is strengthened our borders to get a normal Koran. You begin to dismantle the language, people drift away from the language stripped away from the Quran, drift away from Allah Quran drift away from characterises

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and look at the west of their sophisticated individuals to dress in a certain manner to eat in certain manner to make eat and drink with a knife and a fork that hadn't been done, but some way to codify ourselves. This way, we should codify the way we are simple individuals honesty is what gave us the success on an individual a sitcom Allah. Allah Subhana Allah, a sigma food

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Islam badness, truthfulness towards the people, the islands of Indonesia that we find the highest populated Muslim islands in the world at the moment. What do they share with the Arab people? What do they say in terms of their language, the dress code, their culture, their life, their food they drink? What do they shave?

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But when the Arabs tamed him, what was the penetrating point that changed all of these islands? To become the most populated nation of Muslims is to Islam is a pool of Islam.

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And the characteristics their behavior when you're down to the shores, people will mesmerize people taken aback, people take it about what type of individuals are these

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individuals, that they impact the long lasting legacy that they had upon the nation of people, and that is the type of people that we should be a seed from Allah Subhana Allah Subhana dilations elevate your rewards for the oddest individuals and couples at the same time with dishonest individuals to begin to measure what happened to people are full of dishonesty, from an unknown human,

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what can never be said.

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In general

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muffling carefully told individuals, when the truth comes to them at the path of honesty, a shoulder is delivered to them.

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And they begin to reject the lie or turn away from it for the individual if I lie number three, for the individual there must be nothing back for a little bit.

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But it is fully integrated. Then.

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Then Allah mentioned the opposite. The honesty show the truthfulness is shown to them. And then they follow the honesty inside the lie that these are the pious the moutoku the truthful individual.

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And as we find that don't individuals, true for individuals, as you mentioned it needs to Jenna, what is the end result of those people who are going to be inside gender, but we pray the 17 times a day serrata levena and Anthony, the power for those individuals and land that you have conferred your blessings upon them. Who are those individuals who have been conferred the blessing of the loss of pen Adana, as we travel to certain yourself based on certain words,

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that he explains that those who have been conferred the mercy of the blessing of Allah, Allah, omen for owner Mr. Medina, Allah, Laura Lee Min and

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Tina was Shahada masala he wants to know who the Prophet is the conceit of those individuals who have not confirmed their blessings are those individuals who are the prophets, who will be with a prophet stupid individual.

00:29:01 --> 00:29:20

Searching for individual, you will be with the Shahada, the martyrs was sorry he will be with the rights of individual what has another layer of equaliser best comrades is the best friends. So troopers need you to be with the best accompany these individuals. And as you mentioned the truthfulness or

00:29:21 --> 00:29:27

truthfulness towards Allah Subhana Allah to the messenger and in the people around us that we find and

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describe, honesty is to format just to be began being internal and external, the external entity the person has purposes only externally it leads to social acceptance.

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00:29:43 --> 00:29:59

is written down as a true for individual acceptance for the individual, that people begin to recognize that individual social diseases begin to diminish or lessen. When honest individuals look at society in general, you find that lying, cheating

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Stealing forgery, deception, trickery is all common traits at the moment why? Because a lack of honesty. So when people become ponies inside the conduct, you find dishonesty begins to diminish, is taken away. And then the internal honesty that we find, which leads to them is a true furnace with a lot and everyone use

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that dakolo fear Allah is internally internalized, and externally is to work to find the people, to overlook people to help people or horrible, horrible person, that you find two characteristics. If an if a person is a bad he can follow it up with a good deed. Because he is a good deed what somebody will call goodness, before looking them up the people engage with the people who find characteristic. So once again, the relationship between belief and characteristics of the human being that we find. And we find that as we began with the moral fiber, the character of a Muslim society is paramount. It develops the future, It impresses upon the future. That's what the Muslims

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need to begin to focus once again homed in an intimate characteristic that we find and we mentioned color is replete with numerous themes of characteristics. What it means or suited is wrong, so common that we find so drawn inside the Quran, and the Quran is continuously homing in on characteristic behavior that we have. As we began with a statement today from we compete with what

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are the undermentioned often mentioned the words of the Prophet some of those that when he mentioned that there was a time when I don't mind dealing with any one of you, I paid no attention, because

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he was a Muslim, then his religion would keep him upright. When planning a salon, even if he was a Christian, then the halifa then the me because there are laws and regulations will keep that Christian upright will stop him from oppressing stop him from keeping stopped me from life. So when I was growing up with that life, that I was living at a time, we never really worried about transactions and dealing with the people around us, because everyone had been governed, everyone was an individual. But yet we find that now, today, except with such and such individuals, that now in a moment in my life is ending my life, I can only do certain things individually, and this is more

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than 1000 years ago, but 1400 years ago, there is progress on

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the progress of prophecy. Now he physically began

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with a few individuals I cannot trust most of humanity. And it is in the book of Allah Wolfington of sudden emergence. The chapter speak about the trials and tribulations and trials and tribulations. And is warfare ending of the war that we find many of you study the defeat of his own faith may have to do with moral degradation.

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To morality begins to take place. Should we'll have a drink of alcohol, listening of music, not being honest, cheating, lying, deceptive that we find being treasured, only face that we might become traits of blue, and fortune Muslims begin to have these traits. Now those projectiles fall into feet and ability return back to the appropriate traits of the variable, or the believing men and a believable way to live those things, to be symbols traits to deliver those traits, to express those things to be honest to strengthen characteristic that we could share that common very common practice and then spills out to the wider community around us that have pushed him as an honest

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individual. And Muslim is a trustworthy individual. These are the symbols if you study the issue of Muslims incoming in Islam, this is a symbol so as Muslims were classified as Polish individuals, so people say 50 years later what we find out the calculation average Muslim what we find Chabad

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is in prison. Getting a life trophy of deception that we find is a sad fact that we find the highest populated individually the highest minority living inside this country, his new Muslims, who's involved in crime in her own thing, in deception, when 40 years ago, he was at the most elite of society in a sense that we must find his own characteristic that was fine as an individual. But what has happened, because the focus of our characteristics as dripped into a pile that we think nothing often

The importance of honesty in maintaining a thriving society.

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