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Murtaza Khan
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want to build a miniature ovarian fusina woman say, Lina

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or may your little fella

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was Wash,

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Wash had

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terrible law. While hieronder Buddha Buddha Mohammed in Samadhi, he

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was shot

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death in VR, for putting a bit

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of the phrasing and lots of cansada.

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Continuing our journey

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towards the end of times

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where we mentioned about the coming of

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the exiting of Antichrist.

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Amongst the major signs, or monster tendencies, major signs of the day of judgment

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and a preview to these 10 signs that we find

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some 90 odd minus signs that will take place upon this earth.

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mailbox can be either facilitated sometime in the future, to go through all these 19 minus signs that occur upon this earth.

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Major signs do not occur

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until these minus signs have appeared upon the earth.

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in somebody's mind, the signs are close together, whether it be expansion

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or the close proximity of marketplace is being put together

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excessive wealth,

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excessive drinking fornication, adultery,

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that will take place excessive women on this earth

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all of this is closely linked to record the blessing of this earth being exposed to being opened up for the world and in specific what is Muslim Oh man.

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What can we find we need

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individuals to play an amusement

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and a destructions. That is in general how the Quran describes when

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I opened up avenues unfortunately,

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we see for to the Iron Man a general description for the masses to waste their life

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to squander their wealth

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wasting one web

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as the Quran describes

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do not

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squander waste your wealth

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in Vienna can be one of

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those ways a wealth of the brothers of the devil

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wasting their when the league afford to buy your T shirt that is a virtue the blessings of Apostle Canada under bestows upon whomever he wants.

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This is a great big must only a responsibility

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of wealth and a junior being given to each and every single one of us.

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Not to say that the surely it does not encourage a form of using it inquisitively entertainment or relaxation that we find in South Africa.

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In the parameters of the three of us would have either, as already mentioned, the principal Fukushima integer would have had to have been double. Anything that goes beyond its limitations, becomes automatically become the opposite becomes how long, we're in Canada isn't even officially something which is permissible. Excessive eating, drinking, sleeping, playing amusement, if it takes you away from a loss of hunger, and it automatically becomes sinful. for that individual.

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We find that the companions

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are one companion by name of Kampala,

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once in discussion of a book or recipes,

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for the a lot are sitting with him. And they highlight they mentioned that when we sit with a messenger, and he said that was salam, as it will be visualized paradise with scared about the head fire

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manager in Atlanta, we return back to our family members, to our businesses to this to

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that same level of demand isn't remained in. Maybe this is a small element, or an element of nifa of hypocrisy. That's when they began to argue that this could be hypocrisy. Some of us today we don't see hypocrisy.

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We see it as something trivial that you find

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As a side point of rude as I'm going back to him he says that the is believable. The rebellious individual is the one when they commit a sin just sees it like a fly on the tip of the nose and wipes it away, flicks it away. And

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when he disobeys a loss of him, the other sees it like a mountain on top of his head, about to crumble. That's the difference between a believer

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of hypocrisy what else you know, disobedience. Now if the moon be the newbie, you don't care about the sins. Just say everything is what we find in today's society. It's only a minor sin. We the Sri Lankan deity,

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cultural survive, to

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mention excessive practice of minor sins is classified minion cavallier is classified as a major sin is Demerol. murase continues in disobeying apostle county either. In Canada mina savatya even happens to be a minor sin to stay committed kebaya becomes amongst the major sins. The confession is continuously disobey most laws,

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that's already mentioned, that can be managed is no major sin when it's different, wipes it away. What else Selenium Cimarron, they don't mind the same if a person continues to practice inside their life, there is no wiping out the same for an individual. So the believer is the one who tries to stay away from any form of disobedience to a loss and the other man he has a keytab in a u haul he was so v rotten. Whatever can be written in the sofa, or what do you do marami Luke How do you find this What is the matter with his book? That's the descriptive wording in the Quran mentions man will say what is the matter with his book. Now you will use the one that can be written this record is

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left nothing small, or nothing big in the Sahaba except for its prescribed it is acknowledged it is written it down. And every single individual find a carrier for dystonia. While I have the more of buka or press any individual, everything will report out for every single individual. This is their level of understanding.

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When you're 30 individuals the list of the names will give you the data but you're not around to the individual who knew the names of the code. You don't want to say that I'm a believer in aroma just walk away. He rushed to him and he asked him is my name from amongst the hypocrites. The Saga he asks Is my name for the monks the hypocrites? No two individuals today will differ that gates of Paradise will call out and swing open after the messenger will absolute Falcon laser cannon and the best of creation of Allah and Allah is the messenger and the best of creation after him is on Boxing Day. The aroma no individual different gates are proud of the call out for such individuals. But yet

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he has some doubt some food inside his mind that possibly I could be listed amongst the hypocrites and we walk around on this earth for two seconds Saku Saku Allah Mubarak taco, never train sanctity for yourself. A lot of times I know those that are pure individuals. They used to think that if I am the last individual, if I'm the last individual who doesn't make it, who will individually be we today we think we're the first of the individuals who strolled into paradise. So when he went back to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, they expressed their concerns.

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He said if you remain inside this state, angels will come down from the heavens and begin to greet you begin to shake your hand give you greetings. What are Kenya? I'm Vanessa Martin, what's up? Oh hamdulillah there's a time to rest. It is time for a birder does he prefer to tradition, the longer you're resting does not contradict the Quran and the Sunnah, that rest becomes a burden as well, to rejuvenate you to bring you back in a form of devotion commitment towards that wasn't counted either. So that is encouraged inside Islam, to enter into forms of recreation, of sports of activities that refresh the mind the body and the soul to become more devoted towards a lot and the

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other does you find a movement away. I have bought in a live in a place apparently and I'm in one minute by

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a strong believer is more beloved to us during the week but Eva, and even though they say both of these individuals, but a Muslim is strong in all of the aspects, with the character with the Eman with their wealth with their mind, with their body with their soul, nourishing every aspect of their life to become a strong believer

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Likewise, the Quran talks about playing and amusement in a good way. And a story of use of any sit down that we want to talk chapter four, or a similar manner, yada yada. It said when these are the use of and he said, I'm going to mention to you our own, release him, we may go in, rejoice, being a state of contentment begin to play in this amusement we're in love with that have evolved. I mean, he began to preserve and protect our brother. Here we find

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the word or the verb to play, and the whole of our discussion can be extracted from the Koran. How the Quran describes how the Quran describes the various formats of play and amusement inside the firm. Unfortunately, finding this greater goal

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upon this earth that we find, or we can describe this as a great big playground, or a pitch of plain amusement that we find Muslims on a daily basis, what are what is that life become? The sports grounds, recreation facilities, aerodrome, the Superdome that we find which are built upon the face of this earth, rally ground which are created upon the face of this earth that we find a lot of buildings as well. The building of the buildings is amongst the main or the minus sign the day gentlemen, and the famous hadith of gibreel that we find one professor, Arun after, we are sure if the tower Luna filopodia you find the band 14, destitute and some aerations error bedrooms. It's a

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power Luna filopodia. We get to compete, we want to lend skyscraper buildings. What we visualize today, the Middle East that we find these amongst the miners under the judgment in the realm of having mentioned these heavy hitters have been in baptism me is the mean is blameworthy, just highlighting this is amongst the minor signs of the day judgment. But we can see what begins to take place, and the building of a building that we find in many things that we build as a Muslim ummah. And just laying in, have no value, no reviews, have no new purpose, millions are spent, billions are spent. And we find there's no real purpose in the building of these buildings that we find.

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Lying is a form of waste. And just not to sound political, we find that these individuals, they have certain stances that they take, even when it comes to sports. If they don't agree with a regime, or a people leader, they won't entertain them for coming to this country, or playing cricket with Zimbabwe, because they don't agree with President Mugabe, the BBC is not allowed to enter into that country is being done. So they have their own principles, what they're believing, if they don't agree with someone, they will not entertain them in sports, they won't entertain them, they won't mix with them, they won't socialize with them, they will boycott them. But what we find is the

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opposite for many of us, we think that the way forward with the wider world for us is to enter into these sports is entered into this entertainment in a percentage level is probably a 1% benefit for his Muslim Omar to get involved in a global level of sports that we find or maybe some form of delta 1% maybe. So the rest of the 99% of these efforts are just wasted, that people may think that is a benefit, and bringing these individuals to come over in the bodies to Canada either to bring these individuals closer and closer to Allah subhana wa jharna does referring to go back and to understand how the Quran describes play and amusement. A loss of control means a woman Filipina somehow what a

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woman by no man Yeah, I mean, we do not create the heavens and the earth as a may play, or there may again to take it linguistically in other places, or another country elementary woman, summer working with a number that maybe once again we don't create the heavens and earth. And whatever it is between the two as a game was a form of play, or the form of amusement, muscle up number

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one are kidnapped. Number one, we will be created for a fact or reality. Most people don't have the knowledge or the understanding regarding this line qualify the heavens and earth

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have been created for just mere plays what these people they think,

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and obviously that we find that the creation of the human being is also merely played amusement, just done it without any necessity. And that's the core attributes this as well. As I said to Anima Filipina Kumar Vasa, one na como la de la Torre, do you think that we created you Albertson, without any purpose without any intent, and you don't return back to us that you find there's a focus inside the Koran, of creating the human race, when we're gonna put in our insert in Dahlia Budo

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Don't create the jinn and the human being, except for to worship Allah Subhana Allah in abovementioned Li ye known to singular, only 140 Bella, to become a movie to become monotheistic inside your belief, and your devotion towards a loss apparently, that's the point in the modern world where these sports personalities have become idols. Because either they're not just statues that we find people that they worship them, that he could worship as well, to love and to hate them, to love the things that they love, to hate the things that they hate, to dress like them, to walk like them, to emulate them to eat and drink what they need to speak like them. This is also known as

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a burden. This is also a form of a burden of worship. And many of these individuals not to sound derogatory, and dumb and all I have to be tonja. When these individuals have no knowledge, even a worldly affairs, they don't have no knowledge of even worldly affairs. But because they just have certain traits which are given to them, people begin to glorify them, begin to magnify them, begin to praise them, begin to look up to them, begin to want to emulate them. And as you find it and begin to drift away from the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, I don't see him as the good one. I don't see him as the example, that he is the one to be emulated inside our lives, or 10. I will happen.

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I'm contaminant AB. So that's even the message of the messengers becomes play and make that statement and you come with it. Are you just one of the players? Are you just testing? Are you making a joke? It is hold a gaze on a selfie or overly details of the ancients. These old myths, these old fables when you come and remind us about his own ancient tales, or you want to be individuals who also want to play the games, enjoy the games. That's the point it's deserve more cream and joking that we find junk food become common inside this massive omada we find that's the beginning of our talk about a story

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and a story on Baccarat the whole Surah Al Baqarah is named after the story whereby they mentioned all at that time.

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They said are you taking this as a mockery as a joke? when Moosa and Islam commanded me certain things told him to do certain things, they want you to make a joke about it, just about it. The lesson is there just like we find today person is told something is halal or haram what we want how Why is it like this? Why is it not like that is the modern world it should be like this, it really means this it really means done. these

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are these are characteristics of a yahood to always ask questions that define the companions or nmfc dimension of delivering ambassy mentioned the companions only asked about 12 or 13 questions. They document inside the Quran every time in terms of yes aluna Can they asked you about this? Yes. aluna in the company while Mason Yes. aluna Cannery Row. Yes. aluna mahane Yes, aluna Anika hinden. They asked me this question that we might not honorable shade is only 12 or 13 occasion inside the Quran. And if you study these questions, it is fine either not for them benefit for this Muslim woman. They ask questions to benefit not just themselves to benefit this Muslim woman. We find our questions

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become trivial hairsplitting, many of us we know what's held I was held on but we sit there trying to find a clause. Try to find some avenue to justify what we're doing inside our lives to make it harder as you find to make something you sit down and shame to make something which is heroin, which is something which is forbidden, which is what Amina Kava is amongst the major sins to begin to legalize something which allows others made forbidden that'd be fine. Yeah, you're Latina woman. That doesn't testicle Nadine. De Novo Musoma Eva was hired to do numina Latino to republican one confirm Oh, yeah. Are you believe don't take those individuals who've taken d. a way of life as play

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and amusement. Don't take those individuals as your friends and your allies. That religion for them is a joke. is just is played is amusement in a Latino public home, just like the people of the book that came before you will confirm earlier. Look how accurate the Quran is. The Quran says disbelieving individuals are only our friends and allies towards one another. Not a patient of Quran mentioned while can see Runa who move on the moon or anchez and carefree who move on the moon. The biggest apprentices in the face of this earth are not Muslims. One can't be rude, and levena You mean who would have been nice to handle Diana who for the moon? That's the final

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word you will leave

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Inside a society or is being pushed its Muslims is Muslims? Who are these individuals? Is the adult inside the words of Allah under under for answers well poofer they are only here by the whom

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they are friends and allies towards one another, and what they want to gain upon the studio they want to do. They are volley moon safer to the AMA, in general, they are individuals who oppress and persecute people upon this dunya on top of Allah, and many say, of course, you're truly believers. Why then are they to in a Sunnah? When the code of prayer is given, it does not mean that it can be undone.

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When a cooler prayer is given, they take the other literally the cooler prayer as play and amusement, their little Vietnam Cambodia, because there are people who are devoid of any internet intellect of belief, towards a boss who cannot

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and does define a lesson and a warning for many of us that we find

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these colorata we find these channels that we find, take a break for cooling the other and return back to music. return back to the drama, returned back to Cofer. We turned up the ship returned back to pillar which ended up mixing we turned back around. We've taken a break for that Adam, this is mockery. This is a joke, the Quran is saying when the call of prayer is given, then less than if everything returns to a standstill, as the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, when you had the other call of prayer, he would leave everything inside his house. He wouldn't know his family members. He wouldn't know what he was doing. He leave the house and walk to the masjid. These are symbols of

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these individuals that we find when a call of prayer is given. This just returned back to another game or another there's another that make a mockery and then as soon as they finish what they're doing, they're haste and that common cause inside is Muslim woman that we find derailed from devotion towards the loss of Hannah with the other does we find this religion unfortunate for some individuals just mere chanting. That's the Quran it describes FM in her that had the detachable you know many people that Marvel they started to get very surprised that food words they don't want to hear Quran and Sunnah. They want to hear entertainment, they want a chanting, they want to hear

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music. You only hear good things, something that they say alleviates their heart or their heavy detachable. Do you marveled at the statements of these individual individual presents in front of you? What does a corner what is good? In you are busy laughing in Merryman what a boon and describes that love in this dunya but inside the alpha, there will be a long lost in weeping and crying. That's where the believers will be fine. They will laughing for the individuals for Yama. levena mo domina goofily yet the harpoon and an hour inky Jamboard has to be by

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alone. This article on describes when he was on that day will be there was off now. And as you know the famous proverb he lost, lost lost the longest or lost the best. That's the believers will be added our role will be upon the reclining couches, looking down upon these individuals has to be able to follow Matt can we have your recompense in your reward? Yeah, you will be given to you what used to do upon this dunya that's the V laughing of the believers inside the neuron. Likewise in this center, what are we finding people talking about entertainment? The Quran mentions for now is fine say that the fire of Gentlemen, I shall do her bra is more powerful in heat. Don't worry about

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this heat that we find around us upon this dunya the people get worried about this he wants to reveal their bodies and take their clothes off for worry about their fire inside the

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passenger andonian Saga, Muslim sisters in our region as well. Out of the madness, out of Oman, in front of another man out of a woman for another woman is all justified according to Sharia. We find in today's closing of men as well, tight clothing that we find to be region defeating for men too with such type of clothing, touch with our demands, older becomes exposed. A woman's older becomes exposed, or region one Nisha lives to whom

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the clothing is to be reused and to be baggy. That's the Sharia. That's what it teaches us that they are not exposed inside the society that we find or anywhere inside society. One concern you don't and you're busy playing in merriment and amusement in these apps that we find. First you do the Lady wapato prostrate worship Allah and Allah. These is the end of the sutra najem the 53rd

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CHAPTER FOUR on reliability perceived dimension when these were recited by the prophet alayhi salatu salam, when he's recited outside the Kaaba

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00:25:11 --> 00:25:57

why he turned me over us to me, every single individual who is standing at a moment who had this idea from monster Muslims from the courage, they all frustrated except for one individual, all of them frustrated with the power the magnitude of this is in response to busy playing and enjoying yourself, once you prostrate and be in a state of obedience towards Allah Subhana Allah and look at the response of some individuals when they insult them. layup una una fudo wonderlab look at the response of those moondancer code. And some of us Muslims today when they asked what is this that you're doing? If you ask them what are you doing inside your life? They say we are only know who we

00:25:57 --> 00:26:34

are. We're passing our time and we're playing it's amusement. The Quran describes domains you would have been there you it you are sorry, the status you own. Are you making a joke and a mockery of the symbols in the science of Allah subhanho wa Taala we hear this time and time again. And I hate to express it on the member but so and so individual. He made the Torah before he went in the ring. Or he done said Germany scored a goal. What difference does that make to this Muslim Ummah? Yeah, I don't understand what's in the mindset of people. If a person raised his hands and he prayed and he done something

00:26:35 --> 00:27:13

for him, that is a become a symbol of glory of His Muslim Ummah, person schools of thought next frustration is for the own good. That's the own minimal understanding of devotion towards a lot of data, or look up to the heavens, or raise their hands or send them home to dinner, heard them in a law. That's good, that's fine. What impact does that have upon this Muslim woman to think this becomes a source of avenue that a person does. This is a source of richness for us. This shows doctrine. It shows weakness inside that email is good for an individual it's science or individual, that a natural filter, that they begin to praise the Lord. We don't blame them for that. But it's a

00:27:13 --> 00:27:38

weakness of our Eman to justify to enter this world and to praise certain things to think that this is a cause of bringing Glory to the Muslim Ummah, once again, you afford to buy a new home, brand new excusive you've committed COVID after entering into a man, that's fine. He's individually deceived, and he's done. He's been deceived, but he's individuals. That's the Quran mentions whether in

00:27:39 --> 00:28:20

the novella Ebola will corrupt woman hayata dunya avoid those individuals deceived those individuals, that their life has only become play and amusement upon the errors that we find and learn enough does not od no one will ever hire to dunya those individuals as well as to see them is life when it becomes complete amusement that you find on and then describes the Yeoman himself Camilla super yummy, yummy. When I can be a teenager do we forget them? Like they forgot this day of ours? And indeed these individuals were rejecting assigned of us who kind of Allah and as you want, the most explicit is on the foreign woman hired to do

00:28:26 --> 00:28:38

a load indeed this world is talking about playing and amusement upon this kind of what a hero, indeed, the home of the hero, hey really need to get the food answer that

00:28:39 --> 00:28:46

is best for the pious individuals, if only they could comprehend and begin to perceive and understand this, why am I here?

00:28:48 --> 00:28:51

What is this world except for play and amusement? In other places? No.

00:28:54 --> 00:29:22

No can we or the moon indeed the hereafter. One is the home of eternal bliss, of eternal happiness, the afterlife living for eternity there is no death. No can we are on the moon if only they had knowledge and understanding regarding this in the manhyia to Daniela in Malibu, indeed this word is nothing but plate and amusement. And like what an endoskeleton Hadid the 57th chapter four and that we find

00:29:23 --> 00:29:59

a number higher to Daniela was enough of knowledge and his word is nothing but play and amusement was enough. beautification, whatever from the no comb, mutual posting amongst yourselves with your counselor. And while he was boasting about your children and your wife can math and algebra is a part of a given inside circle Heidi, about this dunya is a range of models that a former star started that the rain coming down waiting for the forges to come down and when they produce it comes out, then is produced it turns yellow, it withers away and nothing is left out.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:23

of this produce of this office. That is the parable of the spoon. Yeah, this dunya escalates this high level, but and eventually his junior comes to an end and nothing is there for this dunya everything upon this dunya will perish will be removed and the only thing that will remain will be the sublime face of Allah Subhana Allah or Buddha calling her that was so little lovely, wonderful. Bali Jamil Massimino for selfie we know we'll go for Rahim

00:30:33 --> 00:30:38

al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Sunday we'll send him a hard and humble

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he was a big woman Thomas circa we submitted a yo meeting.

00:30:43 --> 00:30:58

We take the linguistic study of this ayah from Susan Hadid and we find a number higher to Daniela who have knowledge and his Earth. His world is nothing about play and amusement was Xena tones and beautification.

00:30:59 --> 00:31:38

And I call the fine whatever phone a muted boasting amongst yourselves. In a rivalry of collective of children and wealth. If you study these four broad categories or stages of the human being in general, the first stage of the human being is lottery is played many young individuals winding stone to play. And it's nothing, no harm in South Australia, because for each person to carry on playing to the age of seven or 10, that we find, to enjoy themselves, and then they're taught certain things inside their life. as well. Unlike the more than that, we find a time to start learning an age of three or five. We can see this indoctrination at times and mesmerizes the brain,

00:31:38 --> 00:32:22

which actually encourages leave them alone, in play that they should learn. And as we find this natural feeling inside the heart of the stages of the human being of love of play, then a player moves into level as that distinction between play and amusement, as we want to find activities to pass their time, activities that have an interest in amusement parks or whatever it may be, or sports a fine person enters into that is the next stage of play. Then the third stage is enough. Isn't is chasing to beautify what they're doing inside their life. And in general, it comes at the latest stages of your life, to justify their play, to justify their amusement. And in taking that

00:32:22 --> 00:33:06

beauty you're taking that word for that position comes a full state isn't showing their strength is boasting about their wealth, boasting about their lineage boasting about their children. And then it says understanding the following stage is the end of the individual in a mutual rivalry and boasting about ourselves and what we possess them what we own comes a disruption and the end of the individual for the room yahuda will leave them alone, to play and to enjoy themselves and talk is nonsense, how to love your mom will love you adored until they meet that day, which has been promised upon these individuals as well of believing individuals that we find person to become wary

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about a loss of calendar Allah does define what has been known. even sleep in movement is a burden. If a Muslim sleeps on time in the evening to wake up to selecting virgin is what you call one of the best forms of a better person pray in Jamaica with the selected Isha praising Jamaican congregation. And again praise with Alfredo in congregation with ever individually prayed all night, whenever I individually prayed all night, and sometimes we don't have objectives in place. We're talking about big objectives inside our life. These are the biggest objectives and hurdles that many of us that we face, because a person who misses silicidation or delays it or no necessary reason for hunter Sara

00:33:53 --> 00:34:04

to Jenna, you find this needs to be clarified, strong, strong opinions of the alcohol that we find little region for men and you suddenly and you sell up. Do you

00:34:06 --> 00:34:16

pray in the massage you pray in the masjid don't pray that women inside the homes. Prayer for women is inside the homes only Sherif

00:34:18 --> 00:34:59

Ali supererogatory prayers a man praises on the home ama region among men unanimous decision amongst the fuqaha that we find men to pray inside their houses of Allah subhanaw taala as we find fine, but many of us have all these excuses in play and amusement in doing this. And yakun young and middle aged men one day in a month, one day in a week, but on a regular basis every other day. They'll leave and they'll leave me every other day. You seem to visit the masjid and I asked myself this question. Question yourself inside your heart. Question yourself. In every other day you miss Asia you miss pageant.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:06

Question your heart deeply? What am I trying to achieve on the face of this earth that you find in this plane amusement?

00:35:08 --> 00:35:12

era? This is what a believing individuals are like. I mean,

00:35:13 --> 00:35:14


00:35:16 --> 00:35:21

you find that these people during the early morning, when games are taking place while

00:35:23 --> 00:35:42

they're busy playing during this time? What will happen to these individuals are Amina Cora didn't seem content, happy, please address, there was a play in these games, that the destruction of a look, I could come upon these individual as I am in Houma, LA for a while.

00:35:44 --> 00:36:25

The only individuals who don't worry don't care about loss of angina, or the lost individuals, believers in those individuals throughout their lives, always worrying about a loss of data that a punishment could come through could be destroyed, will be taken away. So the Quran describes nations of people of a village of destroyed, that was enjoying the games they play, we wipe them out. We took the whole city we took the whole creation, we took them away. This is not the way the life of a Muslim even though we don't use it will never be destroyed in this manner, but a person to become where we inside their life, that my life is not become all about play and amusement. And we need to

00:36:25 --> 00:36:45

become real players, real players. And what we mean by that we mind that we mean his prayers in our Deen. You want to play a game with these individuals, then pray for God. Pray for that team. That's always victorious, because you find that there is wanting Allah in his book.

00:36:47 --> 00:36:52

Whether joins the group, the party, the team have lost under Adam, who

00:36:53 --> 00:36:57

will always be successful. And whoever joins the team of shape on

00:36:59 --> 00:37:38

the road will always be losing individuals. Become players in your team. Play for your team. Use your mind, intellect, your Eman, your faith, your conviction, your wealth, use it all to play with the deed linguistically to create or to help the deen of Allah. Allah Allah don't become an individual who begins to destroy the deen of Allah and Allah, the last 100 years all adultery inability to serve Allah, Allah upon this earth for the use of our wealth for the use of our human use of our use of our lives. Use it in a way to benefit ourselves and the people around us in the long term woman it could be soluna and and nebby. Yeah, you will live in San Diego and he was ending

00:37:38 --> 00:37:52

with this female along with me earlier Mohammed Mohammed Emerson later on, Rahim Allah Allah He may knock me to machine along maberry Tada Muhammad Ali Muhammad Kamara Chiara de nada.

00:37:54 --> 00:38:20

From vanilla Tina Fey dunya hacer una Warfield, Sierra de hacer una joaquina on urban urban algo Amnon nanfu cerna, while dum dum fildena What are an akuna nominal for Siri? I'm gonna fill in every one in Alina Silva. He man will tell you to go to the novel Delhi, Delhi in Amman, from Ghana in Jaco, for him for Africa. Elena Sagara was a bit of

00:38:21 --> 00:38:35

national pharmacare theory of Canada to the Toluca and everybody had a tenner or have let me let him Khurana in no can't tell what's gonna happen. I mean as virgin Tina kurata you're

00:38:37 --> 00:38:37

talking in

00:38:41 --> 00:38:44

New Delhi or to Canada

00:38:45 --> 00:38:46

to Canada, pick up

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a phone

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