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smilla rahmanir rahim in an hamdulillah in a monastery known istockphoto when our old to be Lehmann Cerulean fusina men say Dr. Medina de lo philomel dilemma. What may your little fella Delia was shadow

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the hoonah Sherry color wash shadow, Mohammed Abu hora solo. I'm about to fit in a cul de sac eater below hiren Buddha Buddha Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, or Sharon Morimoto said to her wakulla mo desert in beta bucola bit attend Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah.

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Rubbish roughly sorry for your silly Emery locata melissani of Kodi after praising Allah subhanaw taala and, and sending him his greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as we enter into the climax of the end of Ramadan, whereby find the ultimate blessings of Allah subhanaw taala descend, we find that some individuals and even had the kotoba some of the Imams to begin inside the sermons beginning in the beginning of Ramadan, the middle of Ramadan end of Ramadan to begin to quote, such quotations which they believe is the authentic hadith of Rama, or also to mark Farah who it could mean that the beginning part of Ramadan is the mercy of

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Allah subhanaw taala the middle part is the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala and the final 10 nights It

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is to be delivered from the punishment of the hellfire. So as we mentioned, many people will quote this but this unfortunately is not authentic hadith some of them have classified as dire, even some even classified as being monitored as being something which is totally rejected. But the meaning in its totality could be something which is acceptable, meaning the whole of the month of Ramadan is a month of mercy. The whole the month of Ramadan is the month of Mark Farah and the whole the month of Ramadan is it convenient not to be delivered from the fire. So a person can take this meaning and try to focus in this whole this month of Ramadan is asking the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala seeking

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the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala and asked him to be delivered and rescued from the fire. Because the whole intent of the human being being on the face of this earth is to rescue oneself from the punishment of Allah subhanaw taala as we find the end of surah Allah mirandola mentioned from Nzr and inner, what would you feel janitor for God, first woman to dunya indomitable Kuru. Wherever is delivered from the Hellfire and thrown into paradise, that individual is the most successful individual woman higher to dunya in the material world. What is this world except for a great big deception that this world is? So we find that the world that Allah, Allah, Allah can fill

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out the most common one Metatron Allah when Allah subhanaw taala has placed us upon this earth for a set amount of time and to avail that time and to avail the opportunity. So the earth for us is a bridging gap between this world and the Hereafter, and to use the moment and the time on this earth to come closer to Allah Subhana Allah, so does Allah. Allah chooses certain moments places certain moments, praises certain places, certain qualities, certain times, that a person should avail those opportunities to come closer to Allah subhanaw taala as we find inside the Quran, that Allah, Allah will let the other day live under her hillfort element. arada and yet, the Radha Shakira, Allah,

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Allah has placed the alternation in light and the day whoever wants to reflect and ponder upon that, or rather shakoora or to be grateful to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. These are all moments or places that have been placed there, or the celestial bodies as they say for us to use them to come closer to Allah subhanaw taala. Like how do you find your mama? This? There is a time and your Majumdar whereby the daughter of the individual is answered, what do you need to cribben are inequal Some even go There's 40 different statements about when is the right time but the most appropriate time and when when the last time that it seems inauthentic is the latter part of salata acid,

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whereby the DA is set up to st Jabba the hour of response for the individual, that day of arafah that we find is of his chosen location and place and a time on the plains of arafah. A person avails the opportunity to call upon and ask Allah subhanaw taala the last third of the night person usually the opportunity to call upon Allah Subhana Allah Beynon attorney will affirm between the attorney and the farmer in the New Zealand matar in the time when the rain is descending or coming down person uses all these opportunities to make their ad to Allah subhanaw taala. So in this month of Ramadan, Allah Subhana Allah has placed any certain moments inside Ramadan the person needs to avail

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and also we find the 10 days without hedger, also the 10 blessed days that we find these 10 days are the best days on the face of this earth. And they would have even excelled if a Madonna summer's over

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I mentioned but the only reason that Ramadan excels beyond the first 10 days of the hedger if you read it the CEO of SoTL fudger olfactory villa in Arusha, or chef rebel water, greed, the fear of Nicosia to see a more deeper understanding of the various evidences of praising those first 10 days of the hijab, but the reason that rubberband excels even the first 10 days or the first 10 days of the hedger is because inside Ramadan, you find a night, which is Hiram L. Fisher, and night which is better than any 1000 months. So this gives the preference or from a bond over any other moment, on the time on the calendar that we find for the individual Muslim to focus. Inside this month of

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Ramadan. We find numerous ahaadeeth that we find mon sama Ramadan, Eman and YT seven oh fear Allah who met a condom in the B will foster a month of Ramadan will have with a man and Sam. Sam, once again carries many meanings but a generic meaning that we find is hoping for a job with sincerity to gain that reward from Allah Subhana Allah men karma Ramadan, Eman and mighty seven whoever stands in Ramadan did the night Priscilla to try we held the hunted Akiyama lane with Eman and hoping for a reward from Allah subhanaw taala that person sins will be forgiven as well. And then whoever man karma Laila to other whoever stands in nightblade, other will have that reward as well. So here we

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find this this emphasis of availing the month of Ramadan, to carry out righteous actions to come close to Allah subhanaw taala. So as we come to the end of Ramadan, or the final 10 nights of Ramadan, we find an exertion on extra effort that a Muslim needs to make to come close to Allah subhanaw taala because no individual knows whether the opportunity would ever come back again. So as we mentioned that this night is better than 1000 months, 1000 months, which basically approximately in numeric format is 83 years and four months, which we find that most of us won't live for the age because you find your authentic narrations, that the average age of this most of this oma will be

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bainer 16, or 17 will be between 60 and 70. Some go to review that anything that goes beyond that becomes a form of any hardship for the individual. So thus it's been the wisdom is the life of the individual between 60 and 70. Obviously, people could die before that people could die after that. But this is the average age of the oma that we find. So most of us are not going to live for at three years and four months. So the person needs to avail this opportunity find this blessing month or displace at night of later other which occurs in the last 10 nights of Ramadan, the prophet alayhi salatu salam, when the last 10 nights would come and he would, would would would excel in

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order that he would any fast and his his his his or his lower government as a form of a speech of saying that he would absolve himself from any matrimonial relationship or being intimate with his wives. And he would also spend the nights awake and he would awaken his family members to come and join them in the prayer. So these were the steps of the prophet Elijah left Islam. Also we find that the focus of making a ticker of going into a solution in solitude inside the final 10 nights of Ramadan to focus on in a bad day so penetrate and also we find that a better insulated under doesn't need to be restricted to just excessive praying etc. Define a record that people may have say that

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you know, if a person reads 1000 record once again, this goes back to this we began with authenticity, that people have these weird wonderful views of excelling whoever reads 1000 Records out on the night of Shaban or reads in a certain light relate to other or read certainly floss 1000 times this is the reward that will be given to me this week guaranteed for them. person should be wary of such narrations which speak about massive amount of reward and narrations which are not authentic or the sound skeptical person should be wary of them stick to the Sunnah of the prophet Allah, Allah to Islam. If I numerous narration about him advising his companion advisor, even his

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wives, one of the wives making Vicar all morning all the way until the rising of the sun or until both time and he said if you only said these certain words, then this would mean suffices to have been sufficient for that. So the advice of the prophet Elijah saddam should be should be a should be taken and person should implement that when our Isha mother asked the question, what should I say on the night a little other and he responded and said to say this, the Allahumma in naka foon to hibbeler for fire for anime Aloma in naka foon for fire for some duration mentioned Aloma in NACA who would carry him on. Some of them have had these have made a critique about them. But the

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authentic narration is a llama in NACA For one, the head would offer fat for anime. So this is the art that a person should be excelling in making it during the last 10 nights of Ramadan when he's standing in prayer towards a loss of power know what their honor

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We find that the the the exertion, that the person should be doing Judas mount for Madonna and focusing towards a better delay Subhana Allah, like what you said that doing this needs to be restricted to a person just reading external warfare we find reading the Quran in my Malik Rahmatullah alley, it was known that he would abandon all forms of teaching and only focus on the Quran during the month of Ramadan. And even some people posed the question Should the person read Tafseer, etc, in the month of Ramadan, and some are even going to review even that should be avoided and make specifically this month of Ramadan of terror recital, and pondering over the verses of

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Allah Subhana Allah and trying to exert in making hotmelt Quran in the completion the Koran during these 29 or 30 days of Ramadan. And if a person can do in the last 10 nights to exert to even make another, another completion during this month of the final 10 nights of Ramadan that we find. So we find that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, the inside the Quran that we find is the encouragement of finding lentils, as you mentioned a little further you need the surah 97th surah of the Quran that you find in and Sanofi laylat in other indeed we sent it down in the night of laser cutter. Now what is later other referring to it is referring to the night whereby the Quran was sent down imams duty

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speaks about this, the Quran was sent down, it was placed in the lowest heavens and local metaphors in the garden tablet. And then from there, it will go down over a period of 23 years upon the chest of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam so this is the night of the Night of Decree The Night of Power the night of honor glory is the night whereby the Quran was sent down and the night of other is no doubt inside the month of Ramadan as Allah Subhana Allah Himself mentioned such sort of Bukhara Shakira Madonna lady, when Xena field Quran Buddha leanness will be united minute Buddha well for the month of Ramadan is the month where we sit down to Quran, on Zilla field, Quran houda

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leanness will be united Min alhuda one for con, that the month of Ramadan is whereby the Quran was sent down guidance for mankind and a criterion to establish the guidance and to distinction between that which is good and that which is bad. That is the Quran. So from this verse, we find that little powder is inside. The coroner center inside land cover and land cover is inside the month of Ramadan. The reason why I mentioned this is because some people tried to show some evidences from soul to the Han, the 44th sort of the Quran about speaking about in Anza Novi, Laila Timo Baraka, indeed we sent it down in the blessing night. And here they try to use this as an evidence This is

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referring to the 15th of Shaban, which is another blessing night to a certain degree to some narration to speak about it but as for to congregate and to make it a big Papyrus etc. This is going away from the Sunnah of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, ne our concerns as they try to use this verse from soul to the hand, to prove the authenticity of the 15th of Shabbat. And this, not just technically is a flawed argument, but even linguistically, if you study that the ayat in great detail, it's referring to the Quran. And as we mentioned that the Quran is sent down inside Ramadan. So this letter and mubaraka is blessing night is none other than night of late lucado whereby the

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Quran was sent down. And even as a side point practice later, further refined is sort of Anak a karate smear of bitter Lady hornak whereby that we finally said to the Prophet, Elijah read, recite, who created you from from the clot, etc, that you find and these first five is of sort of

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Allah code that we find before certain color and the relationship there between the two sources and relationship of the Quran there is quite evident that can be taken extracted from this. So later, as we find it in narrations occurs in the odd nights of the last 10 nights. Now, obviously, we need to emphasize before we delve any further, is we should try to exert itself during all 10 nights. Because obviously, we did it with the with the difference of opinion regarding the calendar, when did Ramadan begin etc, to be on the safe side, so person you've tried all 10 nights, and if they're not able to, then they should try the odd nights, the 21st to 23rd to 25th to 27th to 29th, they're

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able to do that and we find the latter part, the 25th to 27th and the 29th. So this is all a form of therapy of encouragement for the person. At the same time a person shouldn't base their life on that one night of a bed. This is what many of us Muslim, unfortunately have become known for that the only one day or the one moment we base a life upon that. So we find the final Juma of Ramadan, maybe there could be some blessings about it but I haven't personally come across any Hadees which speak about the defining Juma of Ramadan is a blessing Juma and all other previous Ramadan but let's say for

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argument's sake we accept it. That is there's some element of blessing or a gathering that we find as going to be in the final drama for Ramadan. Do we now base the whole of about that I have to make sure that I'm there for that one Juma to gain the extra reward. Likewise, certain days inside Muharram that we find into hedger that we find that we become compartmentalised our a birder that uncertain moments that we rush towards it, and then we don't follow that through out for the rest of the moments of the day or the rest of our lives. And that's really mentioned that signs of Ramadan of a person being accepted for the individual, and the fruits of the Ramadan being visualized are

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not actually in Ramadan, the certain degree they are, but the real impact of Ramadan is after Ramadan that the person has changed. The person has developed a closeness relationship, in a bad way towards Allah Subhana. Allah takes him out for the rest of the year, until they come to the following Ramadan again, and then whereby the Eman may have less than to a certain degree, they begin to thrive once again in a bad and obedience towards Allah subhanaw taala. So this is a sign of the sweetness of Ramadan for the individual, it gives them that that boost that encouragement to carry out more a better after a month of Ramadan and to be committed and to have that feeling of

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concentration devotion towards the last frontier Allah after this month of Ramadan. Now we find that many of the common masses that go to the view that later other falls on the 27th of Ramadan. Prior to this, we find a hadith inside a Muslim, whereby the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he performed a burden on the night whereby he said that he saw himself inside a dream prostrating in in the mud. And in the following day, when he after it was complete, it rained and the process of some was, was he had frustrated and there was signs of the marks of mud that was on his on his phone and he's blessitt forehead. And this was the 21st night of Ramadan, the 21st night it was. So this shows that

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it's not necessarily going to be the 27th night, any of Ramadan. So it can be the 21st the 23rd 25th to 27th 29th and we're going to do it can alternate every single year it can alternate, that we find that some of the early may have written some works about shadow solder felides the other half in Iraq it has written hardly any a whole treaty whole reseller speaking about an expansion the chest regarding Laila to each other. So we find that it can alternate every single year. And there are some narrations speak about just a 27. But like we said that authenticity is questionable. And just to base it on the 27th to make it the 27th is something which is not totally accurate, as some of

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them trying to make a mystical approach from the Quran and try to dissect that it is the 27 for example, the kalimat little powder, they contain a nine letters and letters will color comes in sorted order three times. So nine times three equals 27. So, the 27th night is led to other likewise, as I said, if you count all of the, all of the words that you find and you eventually come to light or other

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fee, come to the word fee her you find that there that is the 27 of words. So that is the fee have refers to none other than Laila to other and being that night, these are all mystical approaches that we find and indeed authenticity is obviously not one that one can take any based upon these type of dissection or this type of approach towards the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam one should stick to the authentic narrations, as we mentioned, and try to practice that inside their lives to gain the full reward from Allah subhanaw taala. And as we mentioned, that in the Hadith in Bukhari as well, that their knowledge of it was actually given to the profit or

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something, but it was because people began to dispute and asked about ask about it. Then it was lifted from the profits Alison regarding that night whether that night was actually that was a night have led to color. So this is a hikma that lies with Allah Subhana Allah and that's why there are many rulings and injunctions whereby certain things are not crystal clear mentioned inside the Quran and Sunnah or the specific details not mentioned for what intent for us to better our a better for us to exert ourselves. That is what Allah Subhana Allah wants to see from us. Now if our lobi adepticon What does Allah subhanaw taala gain via punching us? in Chicago Edmonton McKenna, Lucia

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Karen alima last panda Allah wants us to show shocker and he man that's even a Mojo Xia mentioned that an email nice for sugar,

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sugar and half of it is, is being gratitude grateful to Allah Subhana Allah one is for supper and the other half is being patient and that is a life of believers of person patiently tries to obey Allah subhanaw taala and obviously it's difficult the days are long, long days of fasting etc to find a person is in a normal climate with the current scenario the moment so a person needs to exert themselves inside the industry as we find that as this is the final moments of Ramadan. This is like as they say the sum experience the winning horse that not that

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Is because all horses have the same amount of strength that they have. But it's the final moment is to find a lap is a final instance of final few yards, whereby the winning horse will just edge that bit forward. And that is what we the Muslim should be the winner, the winning horse at the final moments of exerting themselves to gain that maximum reward from Allah subhanaw taala in pushing themselves that just to exert myself more, because the luxuries of the dunya of food and drink, they will still be there for person lives that person can can rejoice with them, etc. But the returning of Ramadan, no one knows. And even if we if we study this point carefully, who amongst us would

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think that this Ramadan will be sitting in a lockdown? Who would ever thought that the massages, massages will be closed, there'll be no a bad there'll be no Salah there'll be no tarawih there'll be no etica there will be no congregation there will be no opening the fast together, then massage it, there'll be no t calf, no, not a single one of us ever dreamt that we will be sitting at this Ramadan in this manner. So this is the way we need to approach Ramadan that next Ramadan, we may not even be in existence, we may not even be here. So this could be my final Ramadan. So I need to be as they say, I need to be selfish person needs to be selfish and his final moments around the Lord to

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lock themselves away from everything and just focus upon a bird that lillahi supernova and, and not to be derailed. And likewise is a world of, of media and technology etc. that you find and, and Facebook and messages etc. These, in all honesty is a point of disturbance. Obviously there's much higher and goodness inside them. But when a person is in state of Nevada is quite sad that all of us fall prey to this as soon as July is finished. The first thing that many of us will do if we take out our phones, and check the messages, check the messages, check the conversations in this this is a moment whereby we should be selfish and try to derail ourselves away from the from these gadgets

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and try to focus in a better laser panatela to gain the maximum reward. And we know that the time span and concentration span of people is not much. It's not a long time span that we find and what they said to him. The the the encouragement or the strength or the Z or the passion is is weaning away is becoming weaker and weaker of people. People just want a fast track to gender. There is in all honesty, there is no fast track to gender, there is no fast track, there are certain things that are lost count as placed there that make it better for the individual. So even the concept of a person dies in your module, the person dies in Ramadan. The person is a blessing individual. But

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that still as a side point does not guarantee paradise. It's a blessing for the person who dies on the night of Yo mama is a blessing for person who dies in Ramadan. There's no doubt but that doesn't guarantee paradise. Obviously we should go more to the mercy of Allah serpentines month of Ramadan. As we know that Allah subhanaw taala has opened up all the doors of Paradise and sealed the doors of Johanna. So this is a great blessing that all the doors of Paradise are open for us to try to exert ourselves to enter into these doors. The doors of jahannam are closed and we find that the sheltering the devils have been chained up. Some people still pose the question to how comes a

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person's people still do evil or they come towards evil. And various interpretation of them I've had these have been given is that the main central the leaders of the devils have been chained up and a small, smaller sharpener is still out loose to do what they want to do. Another interpretation is that this wickedness is from the person themselves that if the person in number one does not avoid evil, does not control himself. This is from those of the cottonelle blame shaped pot, they can only blame themselves. And that's the Prophet Isom he used harsh words and very rarely to use harsh words against this Muslim Ummah, whereby he took steps or he said, there are certain certain that we said

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I mean he said I mean three times and the companions ask the question you done something very strange by saying mean to certain words. And the Prophet I some he said main part is Hades inside save him a Muslim and likewise in the collection with me, Jose Ma. He said in the Jabra era Sammy came to me and what concerns us three things he said I mean to but what concerns us here at this point, that a person comes through the month of Ramadan, made a person's nose be rubbed in dust or made that person be driven away and be brought closer to the hellfire. The person comes to Ramadan and they're not able to save themselves. They don't rescue themselves they don't gain the reward

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from Allah subhanaw taala that person in other words, may Allah forbidden to use such words is a wretched individual has lost the opportunity of the blessings of Ramadan and coming close to Allah Subhana Allah. So this is a moment in time that you lead into Emmylou and full circle Allah coonara save yourself and save your family members from the Hellfire remind yourself and remind your family members to exert themselves during this plus it. Find a nice 10 nights of Ramadan. Likewise find subtle karate mentions alikum and full circle like a guru Mandela

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The datum upon you, and this is a moment whereby we can apply this verse is to focus upon yourself to take these final moments of Ramadan, to exert your efforts inside these final nights to become close to the last Panda and pray to Allah, Allah to accept our meagerly actions, and likewise to grant a snowflake to continue after the month of Ramadan. As you mentioned, the signs of Ramadan be accepted as person carries out actions after Ramadan. And as we find encouragement, whoever fasts a month for Ramadan, and then follows it with the sixth so chawan Garcia Ramadan is like the first of the whole year. So how does it work out to be the first of the whole year, we find that one day of

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fasting a month of Ramadan is equivalent to 10 rewards, so that it becomes 30 days, take the six days of chawan that becomes 36 times that by 10 becomes 360. So these 2930 days fasting along, coupled with the six days of shower is as if gasometer as if the person is forced the whole year. Look at the blessing of Allah subhanaw taala that small actions that allows him to other places for our benefit as we began with moments in the day moments in the evening, moments in a month moments in the year moments in a person's lifetime, that a person avails them that will multiply the reward of the individual and give the individual more chances of being entered into the Paradise by the

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permission and the blessing of Allah subhanho wa Taala so we mentioned we began women sama Ramadan, Eman and we're happy Serbian men comma Ramadan Camila is either a man or 87 is all a chance for the individual to come closer and closer to Allah subhanaw taala. So that's in conclusion, a person should take any of these moments inside lead to other seeking ladies other in making the art of Allah subhanaw taala for themselves to remain steadfast to be committed in obedience with the last Pantheon to stay away from any form of the noble mercy. Pray for their parents, for the loved ones for the brothers and sisters, their family members, because everything is in the hands of Allah

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subhanaw taala no one should think, Oh, I'm asking too much. This is an incorrect concept that we have. We should excel in asking, asking even more Allah Subhana Allah gives and response no one compels Allah subhanaw taala and no one can think that Allah Subhana Allah will not answer the door and especially the door of the believing individuals does we find that inside the whole car the context of Ramadan inside inside the sort of Baccarat numbers 183 onwards I find the whole page and a bit the following page inside that you find when he's speaking about the concept of Ramadan and the fifth of Ramadan and some rules and regulations Ramadan and the sending of the Quran we find the

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most powerful verse regarding the inside the Quran Why is the solitary body underneath any theory? Oh gee Buddha dairy that the answer yesterday believer you know be let alone your shoe Don't worry, the solitary body underneath the servant asks about me for any query that I'm close. Now you need to study this verse in great detail. Because there's many passages inside the Quran whenever the Quran whenever the companions whenever people ask certain questions, yes aluna. They asked you regarding a rule that the soul they asked you about a hammer will mace it they asked about wine about gambling. They asked you about the women's menstrual cycle they asked you about Anita Hill, they asked you

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about the president. Look at the answer they asked you about Allah. Allahu Allahu Ahad, the answer is always all. This is the answer say to them, this is the answer. This is the only unique place inside the Quran. Where it has a bad The only the servant asks about me, Allah subhanaw taala does not say for coal in the Quran. Allah does not command the prophet Elijah to say to the people that are lies close, Allah responds himself by saying for any period, I am close by, Allah doesn't say I'm close to a person who is a good Muslim, and far away from a bad Muslim, or Muslim like this or Muslim this category. Allah says for any parade, or G Buddha with a Derrida and I respond to the

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call of whoever calls to me, whoever calls to me, I'll respond to the individual from yesterday bully Will you know be sure to let them respond to my call ask of me and then I will write the guide them. This is the key element, Allah Subhana Allah wants us to call upon Him and ask Him and He will respond. And even as a side point, if Allah Subhana Allah does not respond amongst the wisdoms of the art that we find that that reward for the individual will be stored inside the array, or that we find that some calamity that could be before the individual will be taken derailed from them of their color. And this really isn't a change of address. Some people say that the night of destiny

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changes my destiny the night of destiny does not change your destiny. The night of destiny, something already as you began has been decreed by Allah subhanaw taala and everything that you do has been decreed. All that happens is how some random have described it is that on that night, the commandments

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For the following year of who's going to be born who's going to die who's gonna become rich or poor, those commandments are bought down they just bought down from low health food, the guarded tablet, the destiny has been sealed and placed for every single individual, those commandments for that coming year, I just bought down by the angels. So when people have this concept that the night of other is a night whereby I will change my destiny or destiny will be changed no one's destiny will be changed. In this complete format, small omens of destiny can be changed which has been mentioned certain Hadith present a certain action but as for the final ultimate destiny, is been destined by

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Allah subhanaw taala. So destiny Allah tantalize destiny, but Allah that opens up avenues for the person that are persons who are destined for the for paradise, that Allah allows that person to begin to do action the people of Paradise person is destined for the Hellfire, they begin to do more and more actions of the people of hellfire. So we ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant us paradise in the highest level of Paradise, give us the tofik and ability to excel in these final moments or Ramadan to do good deeds. And then to top that up, we ask Allah to accept these these actions in Nima at the local minima in Indeed Allah subhanaw taala only accepts from the pious individuals and

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also in conclusion the actions are sincere and in accordance with the Sunnah as we began with many people follow any horrified any baseless narrations, innovative practices, and they rely upon them and give them a preference over the authentic narrations? And even if a person goes towards weak narrations?

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Why are we going to have weak narrations when we have authentic narrations on what we need to do? That is what we need to fulfill inside alive rather than tearing ourselves and doing excessive actions which have no basis. And may Allah forbid there could be rejected by lost count on a day of judgment. So that's the two criteria that person every Muslim should have inside their life is one to be sincere, and secondly, to try to conform all the actions to be in accordance with the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and that will increase in the actions they reward in front of a Lost Planet, Allah La Yes, do

00:32:09--> 00:32:48

you find that a to Allah Subhana, Allah goes, the good word is devoted to him while I'm going to solid Yahoo. And the good actions, push it up to Allah Subhana Allah. So just to say that you believe in a natural is not enough, the person needs to show that conviction via actions. And that's what many of the average Muslim become that we just do lip service online to other we do lip service in the month of Ramadan, etc. The impact of this night the impact of Ramadan should lead the person towards change, stake, taking them away from the harem into the heroin, taken away from Marcy in a bar, from disobedience to obedience from

00:32:49--> 00:33:27

food in a taco, that's what it should do to a person that should be the real impact. So if accidentally as a person enters in late other than if the machines were open, making the art, but if they were sincere, that they can do a lot I want to change, then that could be a changing point for them. But if it just becomes a cultural gathering, as many of us that we have a cultural getting together and just a gathering inside the machine, but the impact isn't there, then there will be no fruits, neither for the community or neither for the individual. Because Islam isn't about masses of numbers. It's about purity. It's about devotion. It's about commitment. And this that is what we

00:33:27--> 00:34:08

need in this Muslim Omar to be devotee, observers of obedience towards Allah Subhana Allah does Allah mentioned the Quran in two different locations slightly different wordings but inside Soto rod in the 13th chapter that we find Allah mentioned in the law, law, you will euroma be a common Hatha Yoga you may be unforeseen, Allah will never change the condition state of people until they don't change their own selves. There is no secrecy. There's no secret revelation, there's no secret solution, the secrecy is change yourself. So allow will allow to change take place on the earth. That is as simple is my last pantalla give us all the tofik ability to change ourselves, to make

00:34:08--> 00:34:43

ourselves become more observant servants of Allah Subhana Allah to become a better man servants of Allah Subhana Allah in our a birder in a worship in our daily life, and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to guide his Muslim Ummah to that which is correct and that which is strong, and to unite this Muslim ummah. And likewise, in conclusion to take away this calamity, the sickness disease is Coronavirus that we find in the COVID-19, the lockdown to remove it. That is we don't really find that, in even amongst Muslims are saying that this is something aside from allows me to repent back to him and ask him even the non Muslims, very few of them have even acknowledged that we need to

00:34:43--> 00:34:59

pray to God and ask God to alleviate from the suffering. Everyone is using their own their own mindset, their own words, their own scale the technology that we will come out of this, we will not come out of this except for by the permission and the decree of Allah subhanaw taala and we pray we ask a lot of it

00:35:00--> 00:35:14

This calamity and this difficulty away from us that we may return back to the massage and to exert a man and rejoice a man to be inside the houses of a lost parent I'm praying and calling upon him with earthly without Werner, Anil hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen