Murtaza Khan – Khabib & UFC the Truth

Murtaza Khan
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a boxing match in Las Vegas where attendees are prayed for a win. They also talk about a former sport and how it has impacted their mental health and success. The speaker suggests that attendees should focus on their goals and accomplishments rather than just surrounding themselves with "weird stuff" and "weird people."
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Sometimes a for further we noticed a couple of extra people have turned up. I don't know why they turn up. You know why she why they turned up because there will be a boxing match in Las Vegas going on.

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Because we know who normally prays inside the machine. But because it's a boxing match today for further obviously lambda is good. They're praying the future and they're going to watch the match. But they up but the rest of the time. No one's there.

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But you know, at least we prayed.

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Oh, you know, at least we've got a beat was a great MMA fighter that is a mecca halaal brothers. So to break your vessel to break your heart,

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he's a rare commodity. He's a rare individual. That doesn't mean it becomes handled the whole the whole showdown of everything that's linked to to MMA

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is just one word. You know what that one word is?

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Maybe doesn't want me to say the one word

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that one word is

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okay, that's what that one word is. No one is out of the minute is going to rise and become a a sports personality like him.

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That bothers get all excited about it, you know, at least is is a Muslim fighter. Yes. Alhamdulillah praise brutalize as it is a good Muslim in that sense, but what he's gone through to get there. Do you want to go through that? Do you replace yourself in that surrounding, in the environment, everything that goes with it. And you can read between the lines and know what I'm referring to. But people just think you know, this is something which is what achievement to be inside life.

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That this is what we want to achieve inside the lab. This is this is the goal.

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We should we should be beyond that.

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This is just a world of entertainment, as they say

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of derailing people away from them.

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