Murtaza Khan – Gems of Guidance – #03 – Pillars of Islam

Murtaza Khan
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smilla rahmanir rahim hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi omentum a succubus, una de la yo Medina and my bad. Welcome back brothers and sisters to our discussion or explanation of gems of guidance of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, in his third segment a third Hadith, looking at the foundation of Islam, which we touched upon the famous Hadith, of gibreel la Salaam. In this hadith we find booneville Islam or Allah humps in Islam is established upon five fundamental principles, Shahada to Allah, Allah and Muhammad Rasulullah the testimony of faith that none has the right to worship, except for muscle panatela

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that indeed, Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is the Servant and Messenger of Allah Subhana Allah and then to call me Sala to eater is occur to establish the prayer to give the zeca Mahajan Beatty was Sonia Ramadan, to perform the annual pilgrimage to perform the Hajj and to force the month of Ramadan. In other wordings of this Hadith, we find Allah and you had the law to single out only Allah Subhana Allah for worship, another wording of a hadith that we find that to worship only Allah Subhana Allah and to reject any other form of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala and that's, as we mentioned, in our previous discussions about the importance of establishing our faith, coming towards the guidance

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of Allah subhanaw taala and the implementation of Islam. This is a great blessing of Allah subhanaw taala as we mentioned, we touched upon inside, so 200 of those individuals who became boastful regarding their belief, and Allah, Allah mentions Indeed, it is the favor of Allah Subhana Allah, that he guided you and had documented Imani in quantum saw the pain that he guided you towards a man, if you are true for individuals, guidance from Allah subhanaw taala is not a blessing, the ultimate blessing upon the human being for mejora de loja Yahoo. Aisha sobre hulin Islam, whoever Allah subhanaw taala wants to guide he expands his chest to Islam, meaning opens up his heart and

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his mind to accept Islam or menurut in the law, who also drew the yocan Hara Janka Anima Yes, sir doofus sama, and we're about last count Allah wants to misguide or send a stray, then he sends the individual as if that person is traveling in the altitude, that their chest or their life becomes restricted away from the guidance of Allah subhanaw taala Allah Subhana Allah iesha sodre hooghly Islam expands that person's chest, to accept Islam, to be filled with Islam, to be filled with love and devotion and commitment towards Allah Subhana Allah and thus that expansion of Islam or that building of Islam, it needs to be firm. As we've mentioned, a person needs to know the Pillars of

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Islam and the pillars of Eman. Allah mentioned inside the Quran a Thurman assessor banyana, who Allah tahquamenon, every one of you seen the individual who makes the foundation, the pillars to be strong to be based upon taqwa of Allah subhanaw taala. And to gain the pleasure and the reward from Allah Subhana Allah. So here we find the example of a firm an assessor banyana, who, the one who is established his building. And this is exactly what this hadith is speaking about. booney al Islam Allah hum sin, that Islam is based upon five pillars, the foundations of Islam, the foundations of the building, they need to be concrete, they need to be solid, they need to be deeply rooted. That's

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why many of us at times may begin to drift away and worry about the other elements of the building, how beautiful the windows may look, or the curtains, or the furniture, or whatever extra designs of paintwork there may be of the building, which don't get me wrong are very, very important to beautify and to look at, but if the core element of the building is corrupt, the foundations are weak. The mutandis

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is not strong. After some time that building will begin to collapse, will begin to evaporate begin to drift away. So the stronger the foundations in the belief in Allah subhanaw taala The Pillars of Islam, the stronger that faith will become. And as we find in numerous traditions, the prophet alayhi salatu salam, speaking about our own deeds, speaking about a man to Dean speaking about the pillars, the foundations of faith, the foundations of Islam, to focus upon them because everything else will rest upon the rest of that in their journey towards Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that's refined Shea what I mean, like you mentioned that this bunion, this building is a shade a covering

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for the individual, whatever is external, internal, it will prevent the individual. So the more a person solidifies their faith solidifies the Islam, it becomes a form of protection for the individual of their attacks that may come from externally, about the doubts about Islam, the questioning about Islam, and the attacks that may come within the inner self, from one's own lust, one's desires, or from the west West whisperings of shaitaan, to lift a person away. And as we find that this questioning, from shape on has existed, from the beginning whereby he comes in, he asked the individual such questions, that who made this who made that who made this etc, that eventually

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makes a person to ask this question Who created Allah subhanaw taala. placing this doubt in the mind of the individual, when such questions they arise in the mind of the individual, that person should reject them. And look at the creation of Allah Subhana Allah, look at the greatness of Allah subhanaw taala and reflect upon that and delve in such intricate questioning that we find, which is at times the Western philosophy that a person should only believe in those things that they can appreciate, or their senses can feel can touch, touch, or visualize, etc. This concept is an alien concept to Islam, because Islam is based upon conviction of belief in the unseen, does Allah

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subhanaw taala when he begins his book in the beginning of sort of Baccarat, he mentions alladhina, you may know Nabila ye be those who believe in the unseen these are the characteristic of the righteous, pious, believing individuals, as if a given a Shara a sign that the rest of this journey is a journey of the unseen things inside the Quran that we will never ever comprehend or understand, but their reward, and the entity will be disclosed inside the hereafter. Whoever believes in the unseen and is committed to me a lot subhanho wa Taala. Likewise, in this hadith is five pillars of Islam, some people try to exert an extra element of striving and struggling in the way of Allah

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Subhana Allah and Allah have, we can use such harsh word rejected this concept. These are the main five pillars of Islam, that a person needs to uphold other teachings of Islam, they may be at certain moments may become legislated a person needs to do them. But these are the bare minimum requirements for Muslims to carry out inside their daily life to show the devotion and commitment towards Allah subhanho wa Taala. We find that many of us this building that we want to erect we want to build, we were very hasty, as you mentioned, want to look at the external factors of the building and we don't want to spend enough time and focus on the grass roots of strengthening our Eman are

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doing the daily rituals, that daily practices that we find that for some of us have become not just a ritual, but becomes something burdensome. Allah, Allah mentioned in the beginning and sort of Baccarat was in ob Sabri was Salah, we're in LA Kabira to Illa Allah Harsha he seek aid and assistance with Allah subhanaw taala via the prayer and patience. Then strangely, our last point that I mentioned, we're in LA Kabira tune in the alhaja in this is going to be something very difficult for people to offer their prayers, except for those individuals who are devoted to Allah Subhana Allah. And this is the first pillar of action of Islam the mentions of this Hadith, after a

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noticably Shahada attain after uttering the two testimonies of faith, of belief in Allah Subhana Allah and belief in the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam Allah then mentioned or this hadith mentions, to establish what balmy Salah to establish the prayer. And here we need to focus upon the language of the Quran. To establish the prayer means to fulfill all the rights and regulations of the prayer before the prayer begins. In preparation, the prayer and it was a person enters into the prayer

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When a person leaves the prayer, not just to offer the prayer in any format, or in whatever format they believe is something which is acceptable, but the whole psyche of the individual, the whole life of the individual, it revolves around the prayer. Not that we place the prayer at some moment inside our life, or what we find in the Western world at the moment, that whenever we find the time, then we devote and we commit ourselves to Allah subhanaw taala. The believers life should revolve around a Salah, that time management should be around the prayer times, as Allah Subhana Allah mentioned, in the Salah to cabinet Allah me, Nina keytab, and more makuta prayer has been prescribed

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for the believers at set times, their set times for prayers, that the person needs to follow that inside their life. Because many individuals have written concepts of time management and theories of time management. When the theory is there, the more a person is focused towards this devotion towards Allah, Allah, the rest of the time will automatically automatically be filtered. A person asked the prophet Elijah Islam, what is a habit among Eliza panatela in the laser panatela what is the most beloved action in front of Allah Subhana Allah, or to be done to a loss of towards Allah Subhan Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah to Allah wa t her to offer the prayer at its right time, at its

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beginning time it is appropriate time is the most beloved action that Allah subhanaw taala loves, and wants the individual to do to come close to him. And that's we find that these actions of Islam that we find, are very Paramount, because some of us we can call a tree a tree, but it is an incomplete tree of the leaves. The fruits are not visible, of that tree is just the name is there. And sad to say and not to sound too harsh that many of us are just Muslims by name. And it says we have a Muslim name, some former Muslim identity or affiliation, or certain rituals and practices that we do, but we haven't really submitted to Allah Subhana Allah Allah in a total devotion,

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commitment of doing the things that Allah Subhana Allah wants us to do. And the things that he wants us to achieve was a short stay upon this dunya. So as we mentioned, the importance of the prayer that exists inside Islam, we find that the companions never saw any action of being an action of disbelief, except for the abandoning of the prayer. And that shows a severe

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punishment or severe warning for Muslims who abandon the prayer. We find the Prophet Allah so some he mentioned, he warned us about the banning of the prayer, whereby he mentioned

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femen, taka taka, whoever leaves the prayer has indeed committed disbelief. Then the Hadith he mentioned lF de la de Bain and are they known as Salah, on the same Hadith. So the wording is that the covenant between us and them is the prayer. Whoever abandons or breaks a covenant meaning does not carry out the prayer, then they have committed an action of disbelief to such a degree that some of the hardest Islamic jurists who discuss this hadith have even gone to the view. And this is just a view, it doesn't mean it's the most authentic view, but just to show us the grave danger, that if a person even abandons one prayer, then that person has left the fold of Islam. That is how severe

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they took the leaving of one single prayer and some of them have discussed even a timeout Josie and his famous books speaking about the one who abandons the prayer given various evidences of the person who abandons the prayer has become a disbeliever. Amongst the amongst the discussion existed, whereby he speaks in other animals spoken about that imagine shaytaan a police

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he was told to bow down in front of them and Islam. And as a side point, this bowing was a bowing of the srif of honor and dignity and was not a bowing of a bed of worship. So this bowing, the only angels were to offer in front of Adam alley, Sarah was duck Baraka animal Catherine, he refused to bow down in front of Adam and became haughty and proud. And Allah subhanaw taala expelled him out of Paradise and classified him as a disbelieving individual entity because of just one simple illustration. Put that in frame of mind of a person who does not pray. If Allah has done that, to a police. May Allah forbid, what could be the end result of a Muslim who does not hold fast a prayers

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does not pray five times a day and here

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The only word that one can describe is an element of sickness that exists amongst some Muslims, that at least I'm doing something, at least, I pray. At the end of the day, at least I pray when I get the time, at least I pray your mama, at least I'm doing this action of fasting a month of Ramadan, whereby we find this cliche of becoming Ramadan warriors of only becoming Muslims, or devotees in the month of Ramadan. The splitting of the pillars of Islam is once again dangerous, as for mentioned discussing this Hadith, that whoever breaks apart the Pillars of Islam, and there's only does one action abandons other can be classified as a disbelieving individual, of only practicing

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what they seem to be befitting to them and their lifestyle. So the prayer is a part of Muslims life, there is no exception to the rule, to such a degree that Allah Subhana Allah inside, a place of warfare inside sought to Nyssa Allah subhanaw taala has qualified and told us how to offer our prayers, once we even are marching out in the way of Allah subhanaw taala we cannot abandon our prayers. Amongst the final words of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam that he said a seller, a seller will murmur look at a man who come the prayer, the prayer, or whatever your right hands possess, showing the importance that arrived to the final moments of his life his realm of Hadith mentioned,

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these are classified as amongst his final words. He's reminding his community to establish the prayer establish the prayer and not to abandon the prayer. So we find that this concept of only becoming Muslims who come on Yama Juma or to come on the final Juma of Ramadan is some explicit privilege, they may possibly may be an extra reward or an extra blessing that could lie there secretly when Allah subhanaw taala being the final Juma of Ramadan, but there is no real authenticity, that just to cling on to a certain element, that the the final Juma of Ramadan, or the prayer just in Ramadan, and then outside of Ramadan neglection of the prayers or the other duties

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that belong to Allah Subhana Allah, the Quran in the beginning mentioned speaks about this type of belief, effort taught me to be lucky to be put up for una be bad. Do you believe in part of the book and reject and another part of the book, obviously, the context is speaking of Africa, as well, Mr. fissara mentioned, you take the meaning from the generality of the words, and not from the specifics of Revelation, that this is what we as Muslims have become today, we believe in part of the book. And we reject another part of the book, meaning we take those teachings which suit us, or which are comfortable inside our daily life, rather than to grasp or to take the teachings as the way that

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they should be. And as we mentioned, that our Salah, whereby we find that people have a Salah when it suits them, or offer certain moments of the prayer and leave other moments of the prayer inside their lives is something which is very, very dangerous for any individual to carry that out inside their life. And that we find that we should be careful about these pillars of Islam and hold fast to them, while it does occur. And given what it is, and the giving of a soccer that we find whereby Baccarat siddik fell so harshly towards this, whereby a certain group of individuals said that this is soccer the giving of the arms giving the giving of this sadaqa the giving of this, this charity

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or this this fundamental principle of Islam, it belongs only to the Prophet Mohammed Salah son was he was living. So they refuse to give as a care when it was due to the halifa Abu Bakar acidic and then he said that he will wage war or fight against them. And Omar hapa was taken aback the How can you use such harsh words? These are people who are supposed to be externally who are Muslims. They pray they do the other actions. So why are you our Baccarat? sabich Why are you going to fight against these individuals who are not paying their soccer they are possibly sinful individuals. But he told Omaha Baba said to him we'll learn a little kotlin manifattura cabana Salatu was okay. I

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will strive and fight against those individuals who make a distinction between a salah and zakka. Both these pillars whoever abandons a pillar has entered a path of Apostasy of rejection of belief in Allah subhanaw taala even there to prevent from giving the reign of a camel or the string of a camel, a strand of a camel. They will do

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prevent that from giving that to me, then they have committed apostasy gone against the teaching of Islam and I will fight them until they deliver and they give that and that is whereby, at that moment in time on top, he accepted the notion of blockers addict. This is the right view that we cannot split the Pillars of Islam, which is, unfortunately as we mentioned, a common practice amongst Muslims in the West are Muslims in January find that they have this concept of doing certain actions, when it fits into their life, what had * and to perform the pilgrimage to the house of Allah subhanaw taala. While he now he Allah nurse, hyjal baity Minister por la sebelah, inside

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surah Allah Allah mentioned to Allah subhanaw taala belongs the right that needs to be fulfilled, to visit his home to visit the house of Allah Subhana Allah, whoever has managed the bar, la sebelah wherever has the power, whoever has the ability, and here the element of dissected ability means person has the wealth has the health in general, to go and perform the Hajj, not to go and perform it, as some of us perform it towards the end of our lives. When their life has come to an end. They fulfilled all the chores of raising the children of taking care of the world that now is the time to return back to Allah subhanaw taala. Not to say that's a wrong intention, or that's wrong for them

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to do that. Maybe that may be the only format that they have. But it's become common practice, that we delay certain actions inside our life, when we think that we have the ability or when it suits us to carry out these actions. So this is what we're trying to channel our mindset towards, is don't follow the rational of our own mind. Or when Islam suits me to practice because rational has its limitations inside Islam. We find in a statement referring to leave and you'll be parlayed that he said that if Dean was based upon the intellect the rational, then we would wipe on the underneath of the underneath of our leather socks underneath of our socks, and not wipe over the top, whereby

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islamically we've been told to wipe over the top of our socks and not from underneath. whereby we know that practically it's the underneath that could get impure, the elements of, of dust etc. Could be on the bottom half of the foot. But yet we've been told to wipe over the top of our of our socks, that shows the limitations that certain things that we cannot understand. Will lohia now move on to Latin Mo. Allah knows and you don't know. And another version of Coronavirus Ponte I mentioned what I said and to have Bhushan, overshadow Lacan, perhaps you may like something and it is something which is which is bad or wrong or evil for you, it does not benefit you. And perhaps you may dislike

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something and it is something good for you and Allah knows and you don't know. So Allah subhanaw taala laid out these, these pillars of Islam for our own benefit. Just like the building needs to have foundations and needs to be qualified. The human being needs to be qualified and needs to follow these teachings to benefit themselves. The final part of the Hadith and mentioned was Samir Ramadan, here, a discussion begins to take place amongst earlimart. Why does the Hadeeth mentioned Ramadan at the end, or Ramadan is something that should come before Hajj. And this is a technical study that exists amongst other cities, other wordings that mentioned Hajj should be at the end. But

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what concerns us is the broad fundamental principles of these five pillars of Islam, that each and every single one of us need to develop them inside their life, beginning with the Shahada attained the two testimonies of faith of belief in Allah subhanaw taala, then belief in the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to establish the prayer to give the Zika which in monetary format is two and a half percent of our money and then for every for every cattle herd is various rules and regulations that belong for that, and likewise inside so to Toba. If I'm not mistaken, verse number 16. So speaks about the eight categories that is to be given to those individuals. And then as we

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mentioned, the performance of the annual pilgrimage of Al Hajj and finally, their fasting of Ramadan, these 29 or 30 days that we're in at the moment. So we mentioned these five pillars of Islam, these fundamental principles that we need to develop inside our life. We mentioned that sometimes you can give the name the title of a tree to a tree, and it doesn't have the appropriate branches or the fruits of the flowers to not disseminate from that tree. And Allah subhanaw taala mentions the parable of the tree in Surah Abraham the 14th chapter Quran of describing how a tree is a stew her saboten were for over the summer to

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cooler cooler near a beer. You find that a slower sir between fill out that you find his foundations are deeply rooted in the ground, and his branches are wavering inside the sky and it gives off the fruits every so often that benefit, benefit human beings benefit people. And that's what the believer is that they believe. The conviction is strong, the fundamentals are strong, a belief is firm, and they give out the fruits, the fruits of La ilaha illAllah the fruits of a Salah, the fruits of zakhar the fruits of Hajj, the fruits of Ramadan, and Allah Subhana Allah mentions the opposite a person whose foundation is weak. mela Herman kharar, it has no foundation. It's weak. So

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it's quickly uprooted. A person doesn't know their faith. Then they quickly they waver from here to there. One day, they're a believer next day not a believer. One day they're following their faith and next day, they're not following their faith. And we can see this unfortunately inside a society whereby people quickly rush into the faith and quickly they gush out because they haven't focused on the fundamentals of belief and conviction. And the last 100 and mentions here use a bit bold Edina Amano we'll call it A bt Phil hayata Daniela

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ojo de la Bali Meanwhile, you're loving, Masha. Allah subhanaw taala, you submit to Lola Dena mano gives steadfastness conviction, belief affirmation for those individuals who believe believe in Allah subhanaw taala believe in the correct statement. The correct statement here is a mom Sadie inside his Deaf series, he mentioned our therapy sabet who Apolo

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ilaha illAllah. Nan has the right to be worshipped except for Allah subhanho wa Taala. There is a loss of power and a giving affirmation. So that we find inside the grave the person will be able to respond to these, these basic five teachings, or the concept of belief, whereby a person will be asked Medina, what is your faith? How is a person going to respond? We all know what the answer is or

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what is what mantra book, prior to that, as you find who is your Lord?

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What is your way of life? What is your religion? And who is this man that was sent to you? All of us that we know that our Lord is of our Deen is an Islam. And the person that was sent to us the messenger of centers was none other than the Prophet sallallahu sallam. If all of us know these answers, why will they be unfortunately some of us individuals who won't be able to affirm that inside the graves May Allah protect us from that, and give us tofik and ability to utter the right answers inside the grave. But why will they be certain individuals they will be because why? Practically they did not implement these teachings did not live by these teachings. So Allah will

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not grant them to delfy as we began with whoever Allah subhanaw taala wants to show goodness to He guides that individual to Islam, expands their chest to accept Islam and to follow the teachings of Islam. And wherever Allah misguides he makes their life to become a wasted life, or wretched life. So Allah subhanaw taala in the grave will give the individual the tofik the ability to give the right answers, according to the practice of faith on this dunya and that is a blessing from Allah Subhana Allah, now that person becomes reliant upon the actions person understands, internally as we mentioned, that this is a blessing from Allah subhanaw taala that he is granted the individual the

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ability to carry out these actions of faith and to show devotion towards Allah subhanho wa Taala and the ultimate devotion to Allah Subhana Allah is a person of base Allah Subhana Allah, not via the external elements of an Islamic country, or Islamic law and governance, or parents of friends, or Masjid or the spirit of Ramadan. This could be something which encourages and beneficial that some of us need that encouragement, but the element of belief or devotion is the person within themselves, wants to worship Allah Subhana Allah wants to obey and submit to Allah Subhana Allah is the most strongest of foundations of faith, that a person cements that inside their life, inside

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their heart, wherever they go, they will be in a state of devotion and commitment and obedience towards Allah Subhana Allah and that's a Lost Planet Allah mentions so to Baka Latina Manu Are you believe, or the hollow cylinder fatten wala

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a tablet or whatever it is shaped on. Oh you believe Entente Islam, total submission. Allah doesn't say some of us we think that, as we mentioned time and time again, I pray in a certain day I already do good deeds in Ramadan, or Yama Juma or when I get married or when I get elderly, when I settle down in my life, there's no Allah saying Subhana Allah, Allah is saying do as much as you can enter in a total submission to Islam to the best of your ability. Another place in the Quran for duckula, Mr. Tata, unfair Allah subhanaw taala as much as you can, try your best, don't just waver or wither away or do the bare minimum, try to enter into Islam. That's the Quran mentions that believers are

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those individuals who are called loose and

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we hear and we obey, don't become like those individuals. Call us. We're assigner we hate we disobey, how sad it is that some of us Muslims become that we hear. And we disobey Allah Subhana Allah, we hear the call of prayer Haier la sala, halal fella, come to the prayer, come to success. And we turn away, turn away from the prayer turn away from success. We have the wealth, and we don't spend it in the way of Allah subhanaw taala. And this is the real change the change of the personality, the change of the individual, which has a loss and a longing effect on oneself, one's family members, and the wider society at large. There are certain teachings that exist inside the

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Koran or certain methodology inside the Quran of how change will be developed, how change will become visible in such society. Allah subhanaw taala mentioned twice inside the Quran slight variations inside the wordings that we find inside so um, if not mistaken, or sorrel unfurl about what concerns us more inside Soto rod, a 13th chapter in the beginning, Allah subhanaw taala mentions in de la la Yokoyama via COVID, Hatha Yoga you may be unforeseen, Allah Subhana Allah will never change a condition of a state of a people until they do not change their own selves. So this is so not Allahu Allah. This is the son of Allah subhanaw taala upon the earth, as soon as is laid

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out, that change will only take place, the state of the state that we're in, in a pitiful state, in a worried state, in a lost state. In a state of lack of glory, a lack of conviction, a lack of strength is all down to our own hands, the corruption, the vise, the sense that we find around us, and we find at the moment, the hardship that we're facing, is all down to our own selves. In a nutshell. Allah mentioned the huddle facade, Phil burry will be Makassar but ad nurse, do the combat the lady Emmylou, let alone, your your own corruption is appeared upon the land and the ocean because what man has sent forth with his own hands, he may taste the fruits of his own actions or he

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may then begin to repent back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So here we find the core, the core element of belief in Allah subhana wa Taala in change is to change ourselves, change our inner selves, to be devoted and committed to Allah subhanaw taala to take the Pillars of Islam wholeheartedly, that this is what will benefit me, make me a good individual, a good personality and a good Muslim. And these are the teachings are five basic elements that the Prophet Alayhi Salaam, he instilled within his followers that you find some narrations that they mentioned that if I just carry out these actions, and I don't increase or decrease upon them, will I enter into paradise? And the Prophet Allah said

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some he affirmed Yes, the person will enter into paradise. Maybe for us it sounds very trivial. That praying five times a day giving up zeca performance of Hajj, fasting a month of Ramadan, something easy, something simple. But look how profound the words of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam that he knows and he understands there is going to be people who fall short. So the least that you can do is hold fast to these teachings. And you will buy over the permission of Allah subhanaw taala will have a pray place in Paradise, just as we began with in the beginning with the house, that you can beautify the house as much as you want. And that's what Islam is that once you focus on your

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fundamentals, you begin to beautify that building via the sunon via the supererogatory. via the noir fill the extra actions you begin to do the extra teachings, all of that to beautify your house.

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That's we find that we have appraised at 12. So nine a day, that individual will have a house in Paradise, the two before the fall before the two after the two after the two after issue, these 12 record, these will be a person who was fast and will have a house in paradise person may ask the question that how many houses in paradise will a person have no the person has will be increased will be excelled and more beauty will be placed there. So likewise these teachings of Islam, the more a person upholds them, the more person follows them, the more stronger their faith becomes, the more beautified the building becomes, the more rewarding the actions they become via the permission

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of Allah subhanaw taala. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to give us the strength and ability to build strong foundations of Islam of Eman and our practices of Eman to strengthen them, to make them to become accepted but in front of him in front of Allah Subhana Allah, that he begins to multiply the small actions that we do to give us a huge reward for those moments of few minutes in a day that we separate from our worldly life, to devote ourselves to Allah Subhana Allah and as we find that these actions will never go null and void in front of Allah subhanaw taala of moments of devotion and commitment to Allah Subhana Allah and we take these moments of devotion, commitment to become more

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focused inside our lives become better servants of Allah Subhana Allah, may Allah subhanaw taala facilitate that and grant that for all of us. Baraka lofi come from that one and in hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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