Tom Facchine – Ayah Series #01 – Guidance From Allah – Surah Al’Anam

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how Allah's actions speak of his beliefs and how he underestimated people's beliefs. He believes that if Allah was not the right person, he would have been in the wrong situation, causing mistakes and negative consequences. The speaker suggests that if Allah was the right person, he would have been in the wrong situation and made mistakes that made him look bad.
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One idea from the Quran that I've been thinking about a lot isn't sort of an iron. I suppose Allah says, Allah Hopper calorie. And he's specifically talking about prophethood. And he's talking about the belief that

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that Allah would not have sent revelation to any prophet or not have said revelation at all.

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And what blows me away about this is that a lot of brings it back to people's beliefs. Right? They actually believed in something that was

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that wasn't beautiful enough. Right? They underestimated a lot. They didn't they didn't

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give a law who's do

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law ties that belief in prophethood, or the lack thereof to their belief in Allah, saying, if you're saying that Allah didn't send prophets are allowed, then send revelation, then you have underestimated a lot himself.

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Which is amazing. Because yeah, it makes sense. Think about it, if Allah exists, if he's merciful, if he loves us, if he wants us to succeed, how could he leave us without instruction? How can he leave us just wandering blindly to figure it out on our own?

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So it's curious to think about a person who believes in God, but doesn't believe in Revelation? What kind of God Do you believe if

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you believe in a God that just playing some sort of cruel game or you know, just sets us up to kind of

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be wandering around blindly making all sorts of mistakes, horrible mistakes, sometimes they affect other people's lives? And he didn't really show us what was the right way.

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Allah says, no matter how little comedy, so they underestimated Allah, they didn't give him his due, right? If they had

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given Allah has do right and realize that Allah is perfect that Allah loves us that Allah is merciful, that Allah is has goodwill towards us and wants us to succeed, and they could only have come to the conclusion that he would want us to do the right thing, that he would want the guidance that he would give us guidance that he would make the guidance clear, so that we could follow it and be successful.

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