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Hello ala ashrafi mbi well mursalin wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Asma in

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hypotony Villa will see come pick up Allah He as xojo was some Eva da

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from Matt.

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Not be called a as xojo granule Hakeem.

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Well it took me a while to Kabir La hawla

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wala Allah Khun Tesco rune, Hakuna Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. La ilaha illa Allah. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, WA Lila Hill hummed. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds. We send peace and blessings on his final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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The abandoned sisters salaam aleikum, wa rahmatullah.

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We'll begin by Allah Calum, I lost my glasses on. So let all of you complete the past the time period of fasting. And then let all of you mentioned the greatness of Allah for that he has guided you. And so perhaps you may all be grateful. So we say in response to that lies our greatest allies, our greatest allies the greatest, there is no God but Allah, Allah is the Greatest allies the greatest and To Him belongs all praise and gratitude.

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So here we are button sisters, unbelievably,

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after completing 30 days of fasting after the month of Ramadan, and I still remember Subhan Allah remember when we were thinking even a couple of weeks even a few weeks before Ramadan came, there were all kinds of apprehensions inside us as believers as to during the lockdown of this pandemic as to how we were going to cope with fasting now arriving people are thinking I'm not gonna be able to do it, I might not be I'm already in a difficult situation, etc. Subhan Allah, but you know, brothers and sisters, look, Allah made it after a few days of going into it, the apprehension often is from a distance but when he when this blessing month comes and the heart becomes full of Eman.

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Allah smart Allah opens the doors as he opens the door of paradise for Subhana Allah and you know, in many ways, it's been a unique Ramadan. And for many of us, I hope it's been a not only a unique experience, but Ramadan to remember. Remember, for all the good things in sha Allah have been able it's been it's really as I said to some people, it's been a bit like being in Africa Actually, I know he's not able to golf technically it's not i'm not saying that but it's been like being a hubs or confinement is the idea that you can have now of course it depends on what we do with that time in that but in many ways more chance for reflection, self reflection about our life and where we're

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going this Ramadan has given us closest to Allah as a family listening to reminders together having static etc those have been able to and more chance with many of us with not doing any work and or doing work from home etc, etc. Of course, they no doubt I don't ignore the negatives of this period. I mean, it's not a time for fun enjoys it really have the lockdown and of the infection itself of people being ill family members being not being able to hug and meet family members, elderly parents, etc. and other family members and not being able to go to the mosque, the mosque being closed, not having geomatica not having throw it together. Yes, those are all the noise

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out. But you know brothers and sisters, despite all that, it is so true in the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when ombre moving as of now which I mentioned some weeks ago I asked him about the the town or about the pandemic or epidemic on infection spreading for the believers he said, Li Salaam

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wa Jalla en la hora buttonville momineen. And Allah makes such a thing, trial and tribulation as a mercy for the believers as a mercy for the believers Subhana Allah. So even when we indeed it is, indeed it is because even for those who are going through physical and emotional difficulties and trials, not just those who would love to love lost loved ones, but the ones on the front line as doctors and nurses and others

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teachers and I could go on.

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But Allah is mercy still there the mercy of them running away with the rewards. And Ramadan came to fill them up more with the man and strength. Isn't that the case? Subhana Allah. So coming back to the shocker, this is the day brothers and sisters of gratitude. This is the day of shocker as the last one is

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a day and we have so much to be grateful to Allah subhanaw taala for do we not brothers and sisters, and you know, brothers and sisters,

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gratitude and a suburb, shocker and suburbs, such key elements and key qualities of believers. And when I say shocker and gratitude,

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of course now they've done scientific research to say be grateful and you'll feel better and have a better psychological makeup and a better life in that sense. Now I'm not talking about that kind of soccer, although that's according to the fitpro No. When when the disbeliever says gratitude, gratitude to who they don't mean gratitude to God just mean be in a state of being gratitude, the gratitude I'm talking about the shocker of hockey,

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the soccer, field hockey,

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the real gratitude and real gratitude primarily and in reality only B belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala I love the haka sama what he will our double Huck, Wah hoo Wah, wah hoo wah wah who will Allah subhanho wa Taala real gratitude only belongs to the Creator who created the heavens and the earth, in this truth. So the truth requires us to realize our very subservience in fact a realization of existing of being human being only brings from us immediately the attitude of humility and utter dependence on our Creator as we're sitting our dependence and brings from should bring from our hearts and our tongues gratitude to our Creator, Allah Glory be to Him. So that's that fundamental

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shockcord without gratitude to Allah, to God Almighty, the creator that is no other gratitude, know the gratitude greater than that. So sugar is a very fundamental first step.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says,

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well above the

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local man al Haig, meta anish, Guru lil Moroni codify in school NFC, when men get our offer in now law on me the law says Indeed,

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we gave Look man, wisdom.

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And what was the wisdom, this goodwill, so be grateful to Allah be grateful to God be full of gratitude to God?

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And then when I score for in the MySQL enough, say whoever is get grateful to Allah, they are grateful for their own benefit as human beings. That's our dependencies brothers and sisters. Yeah, we're men kaptara. And whoever is ungrateful lasagna uses the word gopher. gopher its meaning is in gratitude. reject God is to be the height of in gratitude. So woman Kappa whoever is ungrateful than Allah is all rich above all need. Yeah, and all praise worthy anyway, all praise worthy of and all gratitude is old, old to me whether we are grateful or not a lot of the need our gratitude, we need our gratitude. We need the gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala brothers and sisters to make us realize

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and full of humility and read because realize who we are where we come from where we're heading. Yes, all that is a powerful meaning of gratitude of sugar. This is a time you know

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Sugar as I said and sub are a key quality for believers, brothers and sisters they are and they need. The need has to be they need to be practiced. They start from inside but they need to be practiced. Not just lip service, not just lip service but practice. So this month of Ramadan which is to develop the suburb, which is the month of suburb, is it not brothers and sisters suburb is fortitude patience, steadfastness, never giving up continuing step by step foot by foot, in good works in in patience and endurance and trusting in Allah carrying on started stalking and the day it ends with the day of April 5 are brothers and sisters, we break the fast, the day of gratitude is

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the great day of gratitude and shocker, the great day of gratitude and sugar. And so, hence,

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hence we on this day, mentioning a lot greatness and thanking Allah subhanho wa Taala This is the day Allah swatara says,

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What is that as an Arab bukanlah in Chicago to Malachi

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Walla in cafaro, Tom, in the law, the law says, And your Lord has announced law in Chicago tome that surely if you are grateful meaning to him, if you are grateful, Allah says last even the company will increase for you. As a vendor, I will increase for you meaning and increase for you in good deeds and blessing our good deeds and giving us the tofik the strength and ability to do more good and and to multiply and good deeds and I will increase for you means in forgiveness and mercy subhana wa Taala Glory be to Him. And

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how much are we in need of all being grateful to Allah everything we own and all is to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala when in doubt, do not Mata la Hey, la sua. If you were to count the favors of Allah you will never be able to count them is that so brothers and sisters, when in doubt, you will never be able to count them. So

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when Allah subhanaw taala mentioned favours I mean, when I saw that I mentioned therefore, after completing the festival, it took me a while to compete Allah Allah, Allah Allah contest Quran

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the as I mentioned before, so complete the time period of fasting and mentioned the greatness of Allah for what for he has guided you, and so that perhaps you you may be grateful for the response of the believers, as I said, is mentioning the grace of Allah.

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But look how it ends when we do the liquor. La ilaha illAllah Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar wa Lila Hill Hamed and To Him belongs all actually hum doesn't just mean praise. Mad or Santa can mean praise in Arabic. Hamed is a beautiful word and the only real world word for our last rather, Hamed actually combines in it. Praise and Gratitude. So we say we're responding to perhaps they will be grateful perhaps you will be grateful by saying to Allah burial belongs all gratitude and praise for all that he has guided us and given us. So

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counting the famous artists have had the greatest of his favors. Allah enlightened our lives and our hearts are made as believers, brothers and sisters. We need to appreciate being believers. We shouldn't be believers just because our family are Muslim. Know, each one of us have to wake up and make the choice, a real choice of reality and pray a beggar lots of Allah with Allah to enlighten our lives. So we have got not we have got so much to be grateful to Allah subhanaw taala Allah Mata centered his light through his Koran and through the prophets and Dunham final messenger Muhammad Sallallahu you're sent as a mercy to the whole of creation. Yeah, so we begin our gratitude brothers

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and sisters. Yeah, and the pinnacle of our gratitude is gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala creator we can never never sent a last word on praise him enough. Isn't it interesting that the Quran then opened with handling he robbing me? I'll hump to all praise and gratitude actually that's what we're saying when we say it belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala belongs to Allah Lord of the worlds so because

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The first step we take, that is the step to Eman Shakur is a step towards humility and Eman whereas in gratitude is a step towards Cofer, the opposite the opposite. So we begin that and actually, our last one is to believe as we're staying open ob Sabri was Salah. So seek, seek help with Southern which I mentioned as a key quality of patience, fortitude, and steadfastness. And Allah says, Seek help with Salah Salah is its essence is sort of Fatiha. Yeah, which is unharmed, which is praising and showing gratitude.

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So, but the sugar doesn't stop there. And that's what I said, after messing about parents, and that's what I said, and a school really, really well he de la yell must see. So be grateful to me and be grateful to your parents, brigade for your parents. And to me is your return Subhana Allah Don't forget brothers and sisters,

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about gratitude to parents.

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We can't again, thank our parents enough. Of course, we don't remember the years that they spent changing nappies and sleepless nights and feeding us and looking after and giving all their lives and attention to us. And I'm talking to all ages, and especially the youth and don't and I'm not excusing the teenagers, because they're teenagers, and they're, they behave badly. No, they don't behave badly. That's something that just been spread around and the kind of society that we live in. Yeah, you need to realize, I need to appreciate and show gratitude to your mother and father. Yeah, you know, and go out of your way to show gratitude, all the way up the year, every moment and every

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day, how they've looked after you and brought you up, don't just grow automatically. There's been a real care and love and effort being put into it. So showing gratitude to parents, after gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala is a key quality of a believer, key quality of a believer, brothers and sisters that we mustn't forget. And you know, however,

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granted, that's not to say that the on the other side of the equation, the province Aslam said about appreciating young boys who are parents of the guide guidance for parents as is reported in the Hadith intermarry. The prophet SAW school and said Lisa Minda mellem Yara hon Savi. Rather, what Yeah, or if shut off, cabbie Ilana. They're not from amongst us, those who don't show mercy, that mercy means mercy, love kindness

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to our young ones, and those who don't appreciate the honor and the right of our elders. They're not honorable and respectful wisdom. They're not from amongst us. So both equations are about most of being merciful. The young ones are the guidance for parents, brothers and sisters. And furthermore, about parents, you know, as we are children, and we're still young and growing up to 16 1820 were utterly dependent on our parents with a few exceptions. But as the parents get older, if we are looking to have the great opportunity to look after them, advice for parents, especially then is that to appreciate and to be grateful to their children. Yes, I'm saying that Yeah. Even though it

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is our duty to look after them. Don't just throw it and that gratitude is because because the tear as parents we need to be grateful to our children, brothers, sisters, Allah the prophet SAW Salaam said

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la Yes, Kuru la harmala Yes, Coronavirus in a reasonable doubt and thermally publicized from said, the one who is not grateful to other human beings, is not grateful to Allah is not grateful to Allah. So this human beings, it's nothing to do with whether they're Muslim or not. When the parents are Muslim or not. You need to be grateful and good with parents, whatever religion they are, and that goes with the rest of humanity. So now we're coming to parents being grateful to children. And if you find in elder age, that

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there's some child who is looking after you constantly all the time, then be grateful and make dua for them. Yeah, be grateful to them, thank them. Those words mean so much as well. And if some child looking after you just a few hours and giving you a few hours a week, or one hour a day, or one hour a week, then as parents be grateful for that. And that's a message for all people take appreciate what people

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able to give you that glass is always half full. That means you are grateful, that is sugar, that glass is always half empty is in gratitude, it is not a quality of believers. So I say again, parent, and if there's a child not looking after you a child's abusive or child who's that you don't see for a long time, then I say to parents, don't curse them and make the law against them because you'd only hurt yourself. In the end. Yeah, but make the law for them and offer their forgiveness. So now sugar and gratitude beyond that, brothers and sisters, let the wife and husband be show gratitude to each other. Yeah, precisely and say in one way is not grateful to other human being is

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not grateful to Allah. Well, before you jump out and look at the rest of humanity and environment, that's not right, what's under your nose, and we forget this. So let the wife

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not just verbally but show gratitude to the husband and not just verbally let the husband show gratitude to his wife, spouses being grateful to one another. And let the family show gratitude. And it families have already said about our children about brothers and sisters about why the family being grateful. We we need to show gratitude beyond that to our neighbors to our community.

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I say again, this is not linked with religion, religions between them and God. Yeah, but our gratitude, and especially in preseason, let me say when we mentioned about the day of gratitude, beginning with Allah, and Allah wants us to be grateful to all those who are especially at the frontline. Yeah, and the doctors and the nurses and the key workers, the NHS will, who are we know what they're doing? So showing gratitude to them, thanking them, thanking the postman, the delivery people were the sisters, the people, the other key the teachers, so many other key workers. Yeah. And again, gratitude but we do something more than that. Do we not brothers and sisters, it is about

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clapping hands is fine, and making a noise to join in that but more than that, is how we treat those people, what respect we give them and gratitude. With the other we do we make dua we make we pray for them. To the one who controls God Almighty, we pray that Allah rewards them. We pray that Allah guides them enlighten their lives, through His mercy. And this is really important. So brothers and sisters.

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I've said plenty. And I say to you, all of us go away with the glad tidings of Chevelle of this day brothers and sisters the day of the day of happiness when we break out fasting, and we pray that Allah gives us also the second time of happiness as promised. In the Hadith, the prophet SAW Salem in the day we meet our Creator with our fasting, glory be to Him who made us believers. May Allah sorta keep us enlightened or throttle Mr. Hakim? Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar La ilaha illAllah Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar wa Leela Hamed even side on aid Mubarak Kabbalah min now I'm in Colombia like SAP from us and from you are Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh