Abdullah Hakim Quick – Virtual Halaqa #2

Abdullah Hakim Quick
AI: Summary © The coronavirus pandemic has had a negative impact on people's lives, including causing people to be mindful of their actions and avoid touching things until they have it. The Prophet peace and blessings be upon for a 13-year-old boy, and the importance of praying with loved ones and individuals is emphasized. The need for individuals to take mercy and accept boundaries of their own lives is emphasized, and individuals are encouraged to pray with their families and partners.
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Rue de La Nina shaytani r rajim

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Bismillah R Rahman u Rafi.

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You Hello now via mean as we are on

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Welcome Ahlul hamdu lillahi levy

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Amati Mills faline as soon as he last longer

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa Taala is a little more saline while he was happy about aquasana Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. To my beloved brothers, my beloved sisters to our children. I pray that Allah subhanaw taala would protect you in this year of 2020 under this pandemic,

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I pray that along with purify your lives, we purify your homes, we protect you from any incoming virus, any microbes, that Allah subhanaw taala would send invisible hosts to protect us in these times.

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I mean, your ability to meet,

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it is reported from one of the companions of the Prophet SAW Selim.

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And that is, Abdullah, Abdullah he, even our best or the loved one, he said that one day I was writing an animal, a horse, or camel behind the Prophet Muhammad SAW salah and he said, Young man, I will teach you some words, be mindful of Allah, He will take care of you. Be mindful of him, and you shall find him at your side. If you ask ask Allah, if you need help, seek it from Allah. And know that if the whole world were to gather together, in order to help you, they would not be able to help you with anything except which that Allah has written.

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And know that if the whole world were to gather together to harm you, they would not be able to harm you except if Allah had written so the pens have been lifted, and the pages are dry.

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This is a Hadeeth report in the state of MIDI. It's very important tradition of the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him given to a 13 year old boy.

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This is what we need to say to our children. If further let your father remember Allah, He will protect you. Allow will be with you on your side around you. Allow this knowledge can protect you from above and from below. And remember that ultimately, whatever happens to us, happens by the will of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Another interesting narration of this tradition tells us that the prophet SAW Solomon speaking to Abdullah Billy our best he told him, be mindful of Allah, you shall find him in front of you know Allah in times of prosperity, so he will know you in times of hardship.

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Know that whatever past you could never have happened, and what happened, could never have been avoided. Know that victory comes with patience, relief with affliction.

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And with hardship comes he

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will learn under Nasir masaba. Why not Farage model club?

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Why? Number three, you saw that with hardship comes ease. This is a very important concept for us. That

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victory comes in the difficult times when we have patience in the time of victory. So that we need to actually have patience in the time of this Corona pandemic, to have patience with isolation, have patience with the things that we have to do, and that Saba is not a blind patience, but it is an intelligent patience. Also, we need to remember that the opening comes with hardship. And so the hardship we are in is for a reason. This is not happening. By chance, it is the will of Allah subhanaw taala. It is not happening just before Ramadan, by chance, we test it a lot is testing us with our faith. How we truly believe is in him is our faith based upon rituals, people would come

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out to the mosque, and they would not be there all year round.

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They would make hundreds of rockets and think that this protects them for the whole year. But no Islam is a complete way of life. And so we're being tested in the very rituals that we are doing and that we should know that with difficulty there is ease and so with the difficulty we are going through in these times, inshallah there will be ease for us ease in this life or ease in the hereafter. This time being with ourselves, with our families, with a few individuals. It gives us time to think introspection, and we need to spend some time with our self with our Vicar to Allah subhanaw taala to think about life, not in isolation to where we came from or to where we are going,

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but life is part of a transition.

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We are treads transitioning through this world into the hereafter. If we understand this, then we can look at the things that are around us. Those material things they can leave us on an instant. But that with which is with Allah subhanaw taala that is everlasting.

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And so the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him in giving us one of his

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golden hadiths, a gem of wisdom, told us lk yes mandanna nafsa emila Lima Baba mote, well, MK men at ba and of sahoo ha, what's Amanda alloy? Amani the province of solemn told us lk is met down at

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the intelligent person is the one who controls himself and works toward what is after death. And the fool or the idiot is the one who lets himself go. And then hopes that alone will forgive him in the end. This is a fool. And if you look at this very important advice for us right now, control yourself. That is our case. That's the intelligent person who knows that based on the circumstances, I pray in the masjid in the JAMA, I pray with my family. I pray by myself, I turn to Allah subhanaw taala whether I'm in a crowd, or whether I'm by myself, that's the way the religion is supposed to be. Prophet Mohammed Salah seldom getting the first revelation was alone by himself in a cave, in

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And for many of us, were in our caves as well.

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And so the isolation is not necessarily an enclosure. It's not necessarily a prison, it could actually be an opening. The isolation could be cash, it can be an opening to something that is greater, something that exists within us that exists in our relationship with Allah azza wa jal. And so the intelligent person controls himself in this life, and works toward the Hereafter, but it is the fool. It is the incapable amaco agias it is that idiot

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who lets himself go, and then hopes that Allah will forgive him in the end, just do it. This is now being changed, there is no more just do it. Even the people who are not believing in the last testament, they won't say just do it anymore. And so Allah subhanaw taala is now enforcing His laws upon the world. And this should be an opening for believers. This should be more proof as to the wisdom and the guidance that Allah azza wa jal has given to us, and that we are moving through this life into the hereafter.

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If we look at this world, as only temporary than the material goods that we have, they were here today, and they're gone tomorrow.

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Our life is like this. We were young, and now we're older. Our parents are here they are gone. generations are here they are gone. We are moving into the next world. When we pass out of this world, then we pass into

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the real reality that comes with the transition of this life into the hereafter. And so we pray that Allah subhanaw taala would bless us with give us that balance. Give us that balance that we work through this world into the hereafter. We pray that Allah subhanaw taala would protect our families who would protect our homes, especially our children or elderly people. May Allah subhanaw taala bring host down and protect us with Allah. May Allah take away the negative parts of the unseen and protect the believers all around the world. May Allah subhanaw taala protect his righteous places in Mecca, in Jerusalem. in Medina, may Allah protect the houses of Allah and keep them pure for the

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believers. When we in sha Allah will returned. And may Allah accept us except the things that we are doing, and give us the benefit of our prayers, accept our prayers, and give us that which even we didn't understand. May Allah give us the best in this crisis that we are in and protect us and accept those humble prayers that we have made? I leave you with these thoughts. And I asked a lot to have mercy on me. Anu was salam wa Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh our will we learn you mean?

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showing up on your own the

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this meaning learn a lot from World War II

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Allah Xena Dona

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la Vina del Da Hua Zhu de una home la

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de Gama gamma Zhu Li ko me him.

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saw the law who lovely

April 6th, 2020

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